2008-02-24-Growing in Awareness


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Topic: Growing in Awareness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Machiventa, Serena, Margul

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Good morning, my friends, this is Elyon, ...


a group where so many spiritual ideas and spiritual ideals abound to be used and woven together into the tapestry of a greater understanding. In my observation of your various observations, I would pull out one thread that runs through most of what was discussed here this morning and will play for a moment with the concept of your relative positioning to all that is and all that goes on around you. As you have discussed, most circumstances you encounter are external to your individual environment and therefore must be interpreted by you and assimilated by you into your context of awareness and understanding. It is at this point that you make your determination as to your point of reference in your observation and subsequent analysis of that which you perceive in the moment. You are growing in awareness that your position in relationship to all that you observe is determined by your degree of spiritual awareness.

What may at one point in your spiritual evolution appear to you one way will at another juncture in your spiritual awareness appear to you quite differently, even though the event or circumstance in question could very well be exactly the same. You are growing in awareness that all that is outside of you is just as it is, and what changes throughout your ascension is your perspective and your awareness on what is out there and all around you. Seeing through one lens it appears to be crystal clear in your assessment of what it is you are currently viewing, but seen through a different lens that has been achieved through more polishing or greater awareness, this same event holds more value and different content. It is not necessarily that the event has changed, rather has your capacity to assess the event using more enhanced tools, perhaps the finer lens.

As well your context of any individual event changes in relationship to your exposure and experience surrounding any perceived event. When you have more experience with it you will see it in a different light, and it will have a different meaning to you than it did when you first had contact with it. These factors are constantly in flux and change, and so it is quite possible that you will look out from your internal domain and never see the same thing twice if you allow for the changes in perspective and awareness.

These are all your internal changes and your internal growth and have little or nothing to do with the circumstances that you are observing. You also are aware that you are the creator of your perspective; you are the polisher of your lens, and as such you can tint your perspective with preconceptions, prejudices, doubts, uncertainties and, worst of all, fears. If these characteristics are incorporated in your observation of any external phenomenon, they may well color your accurate perception by virtue of having clouded your lens. Therefore, as you are becoming aware, it is increasingly important to free yourselves of such obstacles to your accurate perception and allow yourselves to see out through the most clear lens that you can create.

Anyone who has observed objects through a telescope knows the importance of having clean surfaces to observe through or else your vision will be obscured, and the result will not be accurate. Likewise as you go through life you find yourselves needing to clear off the debris of life's circumstance, the dust of experience, so that you may get an accurate view of that which you are attempting to assess and interpret. This of course is an ongoing process, as the simple living of life and encountering of experience create this dust of your journey. You must be ever mindful that, while it is good and proper to build an experiential base from which to make your assessment of that which you are experiencing, likewise it is important to ever make sure that your lens is free of unnecessary obstruction and polished to the highest degree that you are aware in order to afford yourselves the most accurate observation of that which you are focused on in the moment. It is true, as was stated, that in order to change what the world looks like it is also as simple as changing your mind, changing your awareness to a different state. The one who looks through the telescope in ignorance does not understand that which they view; they are simply in awe of the sight before them.

The astronomer who looks through the telescope with greater awareness has greater appreciation and understanding for that which is reflected through the lens and into the consciousness. So there is both the instrument to be kept polished and free of obstruction, and as well there is the awareness of how the relationship plays out between the observer and the instrument and the object being observed. I will draw my remarks to a close with this imagery and allow this forum to be used by others. Thank you once again for your invitation to come and join this group of friends. Farewell.

Machiventa (Jonathan): Machiventa here, greetings. You know well the phrase, "be still and know I am God". As it is translated from the original language it is appropriate to express it as, "Be still and know I am", for being originates in God, and to know that presence removes the need to indicate who that is. This is a profound experience the individual soul undergoes and transforms the life of that individual. But there is a corollary and that is, "Be active and know we are", and herein is the entire socialization experience of Supremacy. Any one of us is not dominant; we are collective.

I would illustrate such inter-connectivity by pointing to the design of your drum. If that skin is properly tensioned equally all around the rim, then the tone is pleasant and stable and equal wherever you strike that skin. That is the "we are", the value of each individual in harmony. But that illustration is not the "be active", the dynamics of your interrelations.

So, yes, I would in effect contradict myself by saying there will be times when one or another is dominant and others are lesser, but it must be understood that it is dynamic and the roles change. Error occurs when one attempts to maintain a leading role and suppress others into subservience. We in the melchizedek universities teach the value of give and take. You know of our teaching approach of passing on to those who seek what you have gained as you look up to others who have gained what you seek. But there are valuable situations wherein you learn from those who know less, who have experienced less than you. It's an inverse reflection which can teach you much which can render from your already attained experiences new truths. When you go to stillness, you can say, "be still and know I am God" to know Him, the Cause of all. But when you get up and enter your day, tell yourself to "be active and know we are" and accept the expressions of one another and give equal honor to your own expressions as one in the family. You will teach and you will learn and others likewise. I will also let others address you at this time.

Serena (Mark): Greetings, I am Serena. I join you on this fine day as any day that you have is fine when you are gathered together and creating such beautiful circuitry as I observe. As you know I am keenly involved in the creation and establishment of levels of circuitry, and so once again I arrive today with the intention of further upgrading what I observe to be a beautiful and serviceable circuitry. It has been discussed that it is largely a matter of choice as to your position and relationship regarding everything you observe. I would promote this ideal now in this moment and request that you with active intention choose to become closer, as you would view it, to each other through the mechanism of this circuitry.

By simply so desiring this and choosing it you are in effect flipping a switch and sanctioning the efforts of a personality such as myself and each of your individual personalities to support and uphold this ideal. By doing so with your sincerity and intention you literally activate these potentials. You create the avenues whereby these may be brought to life. So by now having spoken of these intentions and having each one individually internally made a choice to support such an activity, we have all individually flipped the switches to enable this to be. When our individual switches are all in alignment, then automatically the master switch is thrown; the circuit is activated and charged by virtue of our intent to make it so in this moment.

I invite you to pause briefly in this moment to make it so with me. These intentions and the subsequent actions are your calling into existence and putting into play your creative prerogatives, and there is no more potent force in all the universe than for you to choose and decide and act in accordance with your desires. Then literally does the universe await your decision so that it may activate your choice of course. When you function in this capacity collectively there is even greater powers to be harnessed. Thank you for your gift to the Creator, your act of creation. Your act of choosing and then of making it so are all a reflection back to the Creator of divine pattern. This is your purpose; this is your privilege; this is your gift that you bestow upon the First Source and Center who has created the pattern. Thank you for your energies and your attention at this time. I will allow space for others as well.

Thank you.

Margul (Jonathan): This is Margul. I have a few words. Once upon a time a beautiful tree of life flourished which is Urantia. And then the chilling frost of rebellion swept through and turned the leaves of vitality brown, and Urantia began to enter a cycle of winter. This time has not been a time of death, for Michael has sent his administrators and ministers to prepare for the next bursting forth of vibrant life.

At this point much of the leaves that have fallen have been raked up, and they are in the compost of rejuvenation, and your Magisterial Son is here assisting in the pruning of the branches and even of grafting into that tree morontia elements that would have been attained had not the chill which diminished the light of spirit come across your world. It is the hope that these grafts will take and you will be able to grow into these attainments and not lose them.

The ground is being cultivated, and the tree is being fertilized, for that springtime of a new dispensation is here. But I address all of you who are part of this Teaching Mission, Correcting Time. Be patient. Look not now for the fruit. Look for the buds and the flowers, for that is your task; to bring about the warmth of love and care for one another that Urantia may once again draw the vital fluids of spirit into its being and burst forth in new growth. The tree of life that is Urantia is emerging once again in all its beauty and splendor. I take my leave.

Tom: It was mentioned, "Be still and know that I am". There was "be active and know we are". Is this part of a triangle? What is the third leg? If this is the service triangle of God, self, and others, could "be still and know I am" be the self? And perhaps the third one would be "He is"? Am I off base here?

Machiventa: Machiventa returning to address you. I am pleased to witness your endeavor to find the third element to my expression today, and I must leave that to you, as my intention of my presentation was more of a dual nature, a restatement of the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. But I know how flexible truth is and how it will coordinate with my expression and your pursuit of insight to derive a third element, for we know our universe is projected by Trinity. While much of your world is dualistic in nature, that triune element does underlie all of what you experience. I will then, as a good instructor, allow the classroom to discuss the ramifications.


Tom: If the Fatherhood of God were the "God" element and the "we are" is the "others", that by practicing the gospel I would empower myself to be a serviceable aspect of this triangle. As with any triangle, when two corners are known the third one can be studied.

Mark: I was reflecting if "I" and "we" don't correspond to "you" somehow. Know that I am God, know that you are God, and then know that we are God.

Paul: There's the great mystery. You can see the picture through a telescope, huge bands of vision.

Machiventa: I accept all your expressions and find them beautiful and thrilling. I will acknowledge your insights. Both phrases I gave used the verb "be". You are the conjoining element of the Father and all the other children in the family of God. You are the pivotal point for the recognition and realization of the presence of God and of your inter-connectivity with all the other children of God. By you being still and you being active, you allow for both those experiences of God and others. Truly it is a joy to experience your investigations, and I encourage you to continue with such reflections.

Mary: Referring to Elyon's talk about looking through lenses and polishing them, ... others and unification of all by polishing your lens with virtues such as tolerance and honesty and service. In The Urantia Book when they talk about the fruits of the spirit it is not just service, it's loving service, not just tolerance, it's forgiving tolerance. As we grow in spiritual awareness we can apply a finer grit to our polishing cloth and grow from service as a duty to a loving service, from practical tolerance to a true forgiving tolerance based in love.

Paul: Concerning the observer and the observed, there is the "you" that you see, the "you" that I see, and then the "you" that truly is which encompasses that which you will be. It's the same for the individual: the "me" that I am, the "me" that others perceive, and the "me" I am becoming. Somewhere in the past and present and future the duality becomes a triangle. How that works is a mystery. We are like children beginning to see. Some mysteries will become clear with experience, like the astronomer.

Jonathan: There's the thing observed and one who does the observing. But those two are packaged into an observation which acknowledges both. Observation then implies what else that is not being observed. What am I missing around me? Be still and know, be active and know, I think of the "know", extending yourself to know more, seeing beyond the observation episode.


Machiventa: I, Machiventa, also am proud of all of you and overjoyed to have your responses today. I will let you go to recess and thank you greatly for your participation. Farewell.