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Serena is the Chief of Staff for the Magisterial Mission. Her lessons can be found following this link.

Self Description

I am the pro-tem Chief of Staff of Monjoronson. My primary functions are appointments and assignments for those who will come in with the permanent staff. I come from one of the orbiting planets of Uversa. My assignment to you, to this planet, to Monjoronson, to Christ Michael is the participation of Orvonton in a small way in the establishment of your Correcting Time and the permanent staff of Monjoronson…I have preceded the permanent staff in preparation for their arrival.

I can speak with you as I am today, from a distance, though I am materially manifest already on your planet. I have been interviewing—what I call interviewing—many of you on your planet to see who will be workable, and who will not be, in this mission of Monjoronson’s. Who of you can be paired with members of the permanent staff; who of you can be relied upon to pursue similar goals without extravagant, ecstatic or extreme behaviors because of your association with the staff? I have met some of you already; a few of you have recognized me; none of you recognized me immediately, though some of you have thought you were in the presence of someone who was extraordinary. (1)