2010-08-28-Long View Project-Dialogue 27

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Topic: Dialogue #27

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu




LVP: Good morning Esu. I ask for this time together to consider what is current and the directions that are feasible in the days ahead.

Esu: Good morning. I’m glad you’ve set aside this time to dialogue once more. Here is an essential problem if you will, the lack of time in human consciousness devoted to consulting with what you term higher intelligence. There is a broader frame of reference available to humanity but this resource is little used or not at all. It is as if humanity were driving a vehicle through a trackless barren refusing to look at the map sitting on their dusty dashboards! The map of higher intelligence is not a crystal ball, a predictor of things to come, but We easily see the trends that dominate human and planetary life from the highest perspective and can assist your forward movement with that perspective.

LVP: My own reticence comes with the many timetables and predictions that have been offered through various individuals with little sign of impact or effect.


E: Here is a confusion between seeing trends and taking these possibilities into account in your planning and daily activities or taking these trends as predictions which foretell the future. It is not a prediction to say that the actions of the corporate oil companies in collusion with your Federal and State governments have created a toxic abomination in the Gulf of Mexico. The culture of deceit that is the trademark of your governmental and corporate partnership and their owned media voice is doing nothing to illuminate the terrible situation in the Gulf.

The oil spill is huge, far larger than any of the publicly provided estimates, and is continuing though ruptures in the sea floor. The addition of the neurotoxin Corexit, which was and is still being added to disguise the extent of the spill has only far worsened the condition by chemical additive, inducing the dispersed particulate mass into the deeper sea column which your current science has discovered is the key interlock between the surface and deepest sea life and the essential link in the food chain of the Gulf and the oceans in general.

This poison Corexit is creating a holocaust in the deeper Gulf waters, the results of which are showing up as massive fish kills in various estuaries along the Gulf Coast. However, the more profound and important issue is that the plumes, or columns of this toxic brew of dissolved oil and its many dangerous chemical components along with the neurotoxin dispersant are destroying the possibility of interchange in the food chain between the deep sea and the surface. This is a horrendous condition for the life of the sea, a life that humans feel they are only losing in terms of their immediate harvest of fish. However, humanity is far more dependent on this food chain and life cycle than fill for their dinner plates.


LVP: There are a few courageous outsiders who are continuing to provide real information, and the scientific community, though largely silenced by government and corporate financial pressure, is taking its ponderous turn in revealing true conditions in the Gulf. However, like many such revelations, won’t they be days late and dollars short like other government cover-ups such as 9-11, the invasion of Iraq and the continuing war of resource aggression in Afghanistan?

E: Here is where the long view comes into play and the broader perspective is vital. Thousands upon thousands of human beings were made aware US governmental deception in the black-ops 9-11 attack on New York. There was government collusion at the highest levels, with several nations involved plus “independent” bad actors in various roles and resources. The forensic crime scene was destroyed by Presidential order and the 9-11 Commission was a farce but through it all the foundational pillars of trust in governance were eroded, in tens and hundreds of thousands. The short term view would say that the bad actors achieved their purposes while truth and justice proved futile in response. However, from the longer view, there was a significant progression in awareness, not the final revelation, not a complete understanding, but a progressive opening to the despicable contrivances of their government and the international collusion that is repulsive to people of good intent everywhere.

You lost a good friend recently who served as a teacher in a local school. Did her life of service in the cause of awareness and compassion overturn the government or corporate edifice? Would that be the appropriate measure of her life and devotion? Hardly! You’ve witnessed the outpouring of the many students and colleagues she influenced, and even those who did not know her were touched by her spirit through your recent poetic depiction. Whatever the human estimation of her life’s worth may be, it is infinitesimal in comparison to the love she knows from Christ Michael and the Celestial Corps from which she journeyed to her mortal life and to which she has now returned.

Correcting Time

Everything cannot be weighed in balance by immediate effect. The causality of the Ascension cycle reaches far back into human history and pre-history as you know it, through the precession of the equinoxes and the travel of your planet and solar system through the vastness of space. The determination to remove Earth from the governance of God has been a bloody and horrific epoch. Those who want to characterize it as simply a “learning” are suffering from delusion. However, it has proven to be a “learning” for many, in the path from the dualistic nature that has dominated life on Earth to unification with the Father and Mother of All; leaving the ego filled isolation of the Luciferian age for the life attuned cooperative unity of the state being born and realized through the Correcting Time and full ascension of Gaia and all Her inhabitants.

The long view is not an avoidance mechanism, a fantasy by which to anesthetize the human populace against their suffering and criminality. It is the perspective of what you term higher intelligence but for which I would simply remove the adjective and say that beyond the conflated and compressed environment of mortal life on Earth is just Intelligence, pure and simple.

LVP: With this long view in mind Esu, what do you see as productive steps for the individual and the collective?

E: I would encourage the individuals who read the Dialogues to explore and create their own next steps! I’m not putting off the responsibility of My council by advocating personal exploration but ultimately this is the path of creation which each one must follow. One of the biggest problems people face is how easily they are discouraged. There is a latent desire for instant gratification, immediate realization, which is accentuated by the foolishness of your advertising and destructive consumptive behavior that poorly influences your sense of timing and outcome.


Establishing intent is an initial step in the creative process, then there is nurturing, preliminary steps of every sort, before the foundational work of the actual creation begins to manifest, followed by the structure, the weatherproofing, the furnishing of the house your being has created. The act of creation is not intended for an instant, and the work you are doing to promote truth and understanding may seem futile in comparison to the odious predatory actions of those with evil intent, but don’t underestimate your effectiveness! Every act of love is an act of power and every act of power finds its way into an expression of value and worth. Start small yes, taking real and practical steps; beware of tangential fantasies yet also allow yourself to think large and to follow your faith.

The old adage that Rome wasn’t built in a day applies particularly to this time, especially when so many of you are working in the primary stage of creation which is the energetic field. You may not see the effect of your actions immediately, but you must know that the effects are being known in the Earth and the population as a whole. The revelations may appear to be slow to your mortal time oriented vision, but from Our perspective this cycle is moving very quickly and the realization of a renewed and uplifted consciousness in humanity is very much in progress and quite close to the next step in the evolutionary ascension.

LVP: And collective steps?

E: There are collective endeavors being formed worldwide, most of which are on developing lifestyles cooperative in nature, in harmony with the Earth and the creative principles of Life. There are information networks growing on the Internet that provide matrices of connection allowing new understanding and communities of spirit and intent. Alliances are being formed between those of good faith and actions taken based upon that faith. Given the apparent dominance of the corrupt overlords in your global culture the works I am indicating may seem minute or of little effect, but like the Goliath in your Biblical legend, there is a fatal weakness in the looming strength of the Beast and the pure heart and clear mind of what may seem a small and insignificant creature is surely taking aim! I suggest that one of those smooth round stones is being placed in the sling as you type these words and will soon find its way to the vulnerability of the supposed powers that be. Keep the faith, and in fact further it, enrich it with your love and devotion to Christ Michael and Gaia. It is your faith that precedes you and it is your good intent that will guide you. Take heart for I am with you and together we will not be deterred!

LVP: Thank you Esu.