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Topic: More on Starseed

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Greetings my friends! You have enjoyed your session this evening. It endears those of my order to those of your order to witness your sharing the joy of living, the delight of laughter found in the friendship that we share together with our Source, Creator, the God of all creation. We endeavor as your elder brothers to encourage you to recognize this cosmic dimension of the simple gospel of the family of God that our Creator Son taught so well while living as a mortal of Urantia.


You have shared experience in and with what could be called the interior dimensions of this gospel, the very intimate and personal dimensions. Of course, you are familiar with the larger repercussions of such sharing at least as it is occurring in your world, not without the attendant forces of inertia working either for or against you, but in both cases, working to remind you that you dwell in a larger body of those with whom you share this adventure, and I am most pleased to be one of these, to be joined with you in this session of sharing, these seasons of inquiry and exploration of the dimensions of this kingdom of heaven, this spirit reality that dwells within you so deeply, that as you have articulated this evening constitutes the heart, the core of your very being. Thank you for bringing some questions to the table! It encourages me in my capacity as a teacher to enlarge your capacity to function likewise for all of us are students if we are effective teachers. We remain forever as students in order to expand continually this range of our Father’s function in and through us.


The first question: How and when do various Starseed discover their identity, their preexistent experience that precedes their entry into the mortal frame and into their experience of living out the life of a human being in the course of the ascension scheme? First, let me draw your attention to the fact that the entire universe is engaged in this ascension process. The fact that I am a Descending Son and you are Ascending Sons simply constitutes the basis of this stirring of the human and divine. Within this larger framework of cosmic ascension, we can then explore more meaningfully the ascension of any one member of this cosmic family. In the case of Starseed i.e. those who have participated in the Lucifer Rebellion in whatever manner as a celestial being and who have elected one of the many options for being restored to service in our family which had been disrupted in the course of this “war in heaven” as you may know it. In the case of those who have elected to ‘re-enter’ this family as a mortal of the realms of evolutionary origin do so by means that are not known to you. However the means whereby these personalities become personalized as human beings as any human being becomes born upon your world and grow as do all human beings, all beings whatsoever, increasingly conscious of the gift of their own unique identities.

Eventually they become conscious, if they are able to ascend to that level that allows them to forgive all that has transpired, and frankly not many do (during mortal life) because this oftentimes takes longer. From the mortal perspective, in other words, the course of ascension of any mortal being, a morontia soul evolving through the human experience or the experience of the various morontia worlds, eventually brings personalities to a decision of a final nature; to bring their souls to bear upon this memory that has, by this stage of growth, become so prominent as to be unavoidable. There is typically a struggle, a struggle of acceptance, a struggle of forgiveness, for is this forgiveness that is needed to heal the wound of rebellion in Nebadon.

This is the means whereby personalities come to be not only recipients but transmitters, those who would bestow this love as does our Father. It is at this stage that memory becomes possible to be accepted, it becomes feasible for the soul to wrestle and come to terms with the past, and in truth it is not unlike any of you coming to terms with an episode of your lives that you are not most proud of, perhaps you regard it as a mistake, but seeing it from the perspective of advancing maturity, you understand that mistakes have to be allowed, certainly the potential for these mistakes must exist in order for an evolutionary sphere to function, and so typically these personalities who feel the pain of remorse and regret, upon remembrance, they are simply re-membering the family of God.

I would draw your attention to the incarnation of our Creator Son as a mortal of your realm. How did he become conscious of himself as a Creator? Simply by living; growing as do all beings in and through living experience, and gradually, and unfailingly the truth is accepted and is found in its proper place in the perspective of the particular personality. The important element in the case of Starseed is the deeper meaning of remembrance.

The scars of Rebellion bear witness to the fact that we are truly free, that this freedom entails risk that is very real, at least from the standpoint of time and space. In eternity there is no risk, but what is being woven here in these realms of time and space is the union of the finite and the infinite, the temporal and the eternal. So these Starseed bring to our family experience simply another dimension of re-constituting, reconstructing the membership in the family of God and thereby become a very effective lesson from which we all learn, for in truth we are learning from each other and with each other, each having unique signatures to affix to this larger narrative. This leads me of course to the next question, and one that is very personal because I am asked what I have learned from you, my friends, in the course of this time together that in truth we have only begun.

There are others who are part of this conversation that you do not know and they too are learning. But to answer your question, I would say that I have learned more about you as a unique soul ascending, each of you. What this means to me has bearing upon everything that I do as a teacher. Each of you bring to me opportunities that are born from your steady, stable, and grounded approach to this process of exploration. I am encouraged a great deal as are others who wait to address you. The jocularity you evince, the liberty of your love, the lightheartedness of your natures that nonetheless springs from a very deep and profound place that when we dwell there in silence, we know the truth of who we are, we feel it resonating within us. I am with you in these moments, many of them, I share these with you, and what I learn from you is in fact what you are learning from this point of our origin. For to me as a teacher witnessing students such as you are, learning anew from within the framework of your experience however limited it may be, is nonetheless in each of its moments unique and irreplaceable. To witness such learning, progress, and growth is to witness creation unfolding in all of its majesty. Have I seen this occur elsewhere? Of course! Do I witness it everywhere? Of course, for it is the theme of creation, the trend of our family. However, what makes each episode so significant is the fact that it is altogether new for each of us in every moment. That you bring your discovery to me sharing it with me, inviting my own participation in this process is an encouragement to me as a teacher. What more do teachers desire than to share truly the love of learning with their students? So I would encourage you my friends to look upon all of your adventures in learning, in teaching, in proceeding in this course of faith adventures, to see every moment in each persons’ life for what it is, and to know that as any share with you, they are sharing the treasure of heaven; and you, like me, are witnesses, and you learn likewise. This is simply the shared feast that our Father has prepared for us.

We each have our “places” at the table, we have our “positions”, but they are ever changing, ever growing, and plans are afoot for things being changed altogether in time, and especially with the graduation from time. But relatively speaking, we have a long way to go before then, but in each of these infinitesimal increments, there is treasure to be savored, taken into the heart wherever we find it, and as we do, we are then liberated to share likewise. It is this admixture that has been referred to as the “soup of Supremacy cooking on the fire of Paradise,” and we are all part of it. Some of us appear to be a larger island of space in this stirring stew, but each are exquisitely unique, contributing certain savory gifts to the taste of this presence that we share.

What have I learned? What you are learning now, and if you would allow yourselves, you are doing likewise with me, and you will be surprised in time to find a wide range of personalities all alike sharing their treasure, dimensions of light whose tones have not been heard upon Urantia but whose culture cries for this gift that you are preparing, our Father preparing in and through you, a gift of this generation to future generations. These moments will be found in the annals of history as a moment when we made a bold gesture toward the remembrance of the fullness of our family healed by the mercy of divine love manifested in the lives of many diverse types of children all reentering this stream of God consciousness flowing now freely upon your world.

No longer are you caged animals. No, you are free, though perhaps in reference to your earlier conversation, living upon a prison planet where sharing spiritual experience that was deep and personal was risky. It is actually the mainstream, and you are in this stream of morontia ascension here upon earth. Accept this truth that you are and live out your life more freely. The doors are open, and there are no rifles pointed at anyone who exercises the freedom to exit, to enter the fields of our Father’s creation and there to explore the flora and fauna of a blooming spiritual civilization. As you do, you mix these seeds and pollen much like the honeybees, and you simply enrich every season that follows. But encourage your friends, those who may be remiss in walking out from these chambers of isolation, afraid perhaps of what they simply do not know.

Ironically, there is a dimension of your world, you might say the gatekeepers that have held the locks firm; they are making a lot of noise these days attempting to dissuade from what you know is true, that fear cannot hold you any longer. Your faith has overcome the darkness of this world!

And so as you witness the world around you that is pictured in your media focused so intently upon security, simply know that is the cry of desperation from those who would not surrender to the truth that all are beloved, even the “evil doers”. Yes, there are those amongst you who know this well, these Starseed who know they are loved regardless of their past, and you know also that those that are forgiven much tend to love very much. So go and do likewise, forgive your fellows, invite them forward into the joy that you share so readily with each other and me.


Good night my friends.

Good night and thank you very much for sharing with us.