2011-02-20-Message for the Heart


Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is your Father Michael. As you grow in Spirit, you will discover many new facets of living TRUTH in the universe that become a part of your very being. LIFE is here for you to enjoy and experience, adding new fibers of consciousness into your soul. We encourage you to relax more with your life, to stop and enjoy the beauty around you, to appreciate the small things you experience each day. The key is to enhance the quality of your life by slowing down and letting the day share its wonders with you.

The busyness of your culture has stimulated your energy systems to the point of distraction—shifting focus from being centered within to an exacerbation of those conditions in your world that bind you in fear and chaos. It takes a singular focus to go within and “seek the stillness” of the Spirit where you will find the peace and solace you desire. This is why we teach you to quiet your minds so that the divine sounds of LIFE around you can be discerned.

You will find this inner reality rich with information on how to craft those facets of universe TRUTH into grounded real life awareness. You will be trained and taught ideas and ideals that will gladden your heart, refresh your thinking, and renew your body. Slow down, my children, and allow what is inside you to resonate deeply, and flourish in the inner truth that is gently guiding you into life abundant.