2011-03-23-Coming Cataclysm


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Topic: The Coming Cataclysm

Group: At Large


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Paul Conklin



My dear child, this is your mother Nebadonia. My children are awakening. My children are experiencing a growing awareness of me. As I have expressed to you many times you are in me and I am in you. There is an intimate sharing that takes place. You are borrowing my mind for a certain period until I pass you off when you leave the confines of the local universe. For now be in my peace and in my love.



My dear child I need to speak with you about the coming cataclysm. There will be an earth-wide shaking. When this occurs there will be no doubt that something extraordinary is occurring. When this occurs so many of your brethren will be panicked. So many of your brethren will feel hopeless. Remember too that there will be a great loss of life. Those left behind will suffer extraordinary losses. They will have to cope with the deaths of their loved ones. They will have to cope with the loss of their jobs. They will have to cope with the loss of their homes. There will be food shortages and famines as a result. Do not think that these things are coming from our Paradise Father. These things are natural occurrences. But even though these things are natural occurrences the celestial team in place is speeding these things up so as to minimize their effects.

Prepare yourselves now my children. These words are urgent. Please do not misunderstand the tenor of these words. I do not want you to crumble in fear. I do not want you to panic. I am telling you these things so that you will be prepared. What parent would not warn its children of coming dangers? Such a lack of warning would betray a lack of love. I love you all deeply my children and I want you to be ready. If you prepare now you will indeed be ready. When these cataclysms take place you will be ready.

So many of your brethren are unaware of these coming cataclysms. It is not as if they have not experienced cataclysms before. All mankind has experienced these things frequently throughout their almost one million year history. But this time is different. This time will result in a massive loss of life. Some will claim that God has visited calamity on mankind because of their sin. My awakened children, let your brethren know that these things are not so. Our Paradise Father would never visit calamity upon His beloved children because of some perceived sin. You will be at the forefront of informing your brethren. For this you have been prepared my children. There are so many heroics yet to play out on this world. Some of you will go down as a permanent etching in the history of your world. What you are about to do will never be forgotten. What you are about to do will forever be sung about by my beloved and holy angels. All of your feats will be sung by them on high.


This is the time when it is imperative that unconditional love holds sway. There is no use in hanging onto old grievances. You will all do better if you learn to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. This is what is needed my children. This is what is always needed. But imagine at such a catastrophic time what will be needed. You will be called upon to do things that you thought not possible. You will step up to the plate and you will deliver. You will help to deliver this world back in the hands of the Eternal One. These cataclysms will be massive and unrelenting for a time, but such cataclysms will actually speed up the process of spiritual growth. This will speed up the process of spiritual growth because mankind will be forced to come out of their comfort zones. They will be forced to look at things in a completely different way. What I mean to say my children is that your circumstances will dictate that you look at things in a completely different way. Gone will be the old paradigm. The new paradigm arrives.

Can you imagine it my children? Can you imagine a world that is truly dedicated to the Father? A world where every word thought and deed reflects the will of the Father? For this you have been longing for. For this you have been prepared for? For it is you my children, you will bring this about. I will help for sure. Your celestial family will help for sure. But you will all do the leg work. It is because of your work and your dedication that this will come about. It is because of your undying love that this will come about. I am so proud of you my children. My heart is bursting with pride and with my love. I see what you will do. I see it before me. I am truly and deeply touched for I know what you are capable of and what you will do.

When mountains themselves crumble into the sea you will be there. You will be there to pick up the pieces of broken mankind. You will be the glue that will mend the broken hearts of so many. Your love will be contagious, your heroics admirable. For this day you have been prepared. Go forth and make it so my children. Weld back the broken pieces of mankind’s heart. I shall raise you on high. Even though you are living on the earth I shall watch as you soar with the angels. One day, one day in the not too distant future, this world will reach the opening stages of light and life. And you my children shall have been instrumental in such an eventuality. When this world shakes know that you shall not be left alone. Call upon me at that time and I shall strengthen you. You shall be a healing balm for all of your brethren. Forever and always, be in my love.