2011-07-24-Love, Forgiveness, Unity


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Topic: Love, Forgiveness, Unity

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Michael Xavier



MONJORONSON: Brothers and sisters, this is Monjoronson. You have quite an entourage of celestial personalities with you today that are being encircuited on this call. Please allow the spirit to work through each and every one of you as you open your heart to this LOVE that is being poured out this day. (Pause)


When there is seemingly so much going on in the world around you, so much confusion and chaos, so much heartache and pain, it is ones such as yourselves that concentrate your collective energy through the planetary consciousness that will raise the vibration of all the ones stuck in the lower levels of consciousness. Let us afford each and every one that is seemingly trapped in darkness, that is caught in the delusion of being separated from the Father, an opportunity through this love and energy that we will be expending and collectively co-creating down upon all of the ones today.

The Melchizedeks are working with the planetary grid in a way alongside all of you today, with the archangels, pressing down upon without overly exaggerating energies that you all are co-creatively focusing on. Open your hearts to the words LOVE and FORGIVENESS as we become encircuited more and more for the planetary unity, consciousness of all. (Pause)

Thank you for your efforts and your work, for all of you in this aspect of light working. It is very important for the times that we are now in. MERCY, GRACE and FORGIVENESS is being afforded to all to be embraced by the understanding and love of Michael and Father. We will be utilizing this energy alongside of you and multiplying it as well, through our intensive focus as all those that are not privy to understand the ascension process and the chains that seemingly hold them down in fear and confusion, to break apart this aspect of consciousness. The Paradise Father and the Eternal Son are affording their MERCY and LOVE and energies as well. The Supreme of Urantia is also affording the energies of herself from the inside outward and from the outside inward, alongside of all of you.

We do wish to focus on a few areas today that have been brought to the attention of my staff. In accordance to everyone’s free will, they have a choice whether to stay in confusion and fear, or to be afforded GRACE, MERCY, and the light that is being so readily provided for all on Urantia at this point. The United States government is undergoing many trials. It is separate because they are seemingly divided. This to us is an issue that needs to be addressed. Simply focus your energies of LOVE, COMPASSION, LOVE FOR ONE’S FELLOW MAN, regardless of race, color, ethnicity or creed, to see all as equal as the Paradise Father sees you all as equal. If it is in line with the will of those who work in the government, this energy is provided to break the chains of ignorance and entitlement. If you could hold your focus there for just a minute. (Pause)

So many are ready to move on into the light but do not know how. They are stuck in a level of consciousness that does not afford them the opportunity to even recognize the light that is being poured out, shown, and being provided. It is our hopes that everyone acknowledges this light that is being afforded to all, to become understanding that we are all in this together. That every Urantian—every Earthling—is a part of the whole. When we separate ourselves into classes and creeds, we separate ourselves from the divine knowledge of one--unity. I wish you all to focus with the Melchizedeks now working with the grids on UNITY. The word UNITY, as those energies are being utilized. (Pause)

What hearts all of you have that are working so laboriously in this work that so many are unaware of! I tell you all now that it is very important that more and more are coming to the light, based on the acknowledgement of this higher level of consciousness that is now in place.

(This is the T/R: Monjoronson wants me to convey to you what I’m seeing. All of this energy is being utilized now. I can see it coming out from the center of the Earth around the grid and from the grid down into the center of the Supreme. This is very powerful energy.)

No longer, my brethren, no longer I say to you, should any child have to suffer. So many suffering are in ignorance of divine LOVE. Suffering will be removed from this sphere. As we provide the energies for FORGIVENESS, MERCY and GRACE, this will afford all of those who are stuck in suffering, that are unable to move forward due to dwelling on the pain of the past, the acknowledgement and tools to be able to break free of the suffering that so many are in bondage to. We wish for all of you to hold these thoughts of FORGIVENESS OF ONE’S SELF as we provide FORGIVENESS from on high.

So many are waking up, my brethren. So many are feeling the freeing, the letting go of the past. Michael and Mother are waiting with their arms open for all of those who are ready to experience PEACE and LOVE.


Thank you all for being on this call today and for offering your energy, your intention and your focus. I wish you all a good day.