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Topic: Focusing Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Human Condition, Time

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to this group once again, I am Charles here to offer a few thought patterns for consideration. After your discussion I would like to bring up the alternate perspective about your consciousness, your level of awareness, your degree of attainment, your position in the scope of your ascension career and I would like to point out to you that during this unique phase of your ascension career, this beginning point, you have been reminded that this once in a career time opportunity is indeed quite limited, is indeed very short in perspective with your eternal career that stretches out before you.

It is literally almost a flash in the pan of your eternal career, this splash you make on the scene as you arrive as an individual and take your place as one among the whole. In the strictest definition, you are composed of what amounts to an allocation of your resources, your resources being your attention, your focus, the time that you allocate and donate to any one thought pattern or truth or reality. You are in fact the sum total of repeated choosing to fill yourself up with either this or that; but you are in a race against time and in fact have little of that in one life here on Urantia [and] to allocate your resources here during this time can be seen as very limited and small.

Your time in a wakeful conscious state is smaller than that, your time with focused attention is still even smaller than that. That is what makes your directed and focused attention so incredibly valuable. It is in very short supply in this life, therefore it becomes increasingly important to one who is in awareness of this truth to utilize every moment to its best effect, particularly every moment of thoughtful consideration, of directed focus, of divine prayer. These are in short supply in such a life as a mortal has on this world, therefore they should be cherished as the gems they are, they should be utilized to their highest extent and they should be guarded against being wasted or channeled inappropriately or even destructively within your inner environment. This composition that you make, your inner world, the sum total of all these allocations of yours, your limited resource, this is what is to be cherished about such a life on such a planet, what it is you have managed to put in this treasure box, in this data bank, in this carry on bag that you will take with you.

And so I invite you all to see choices made in this new perspective of how precious they really are, what you will bring to your garden. Will it flourish? Will it bring peace and joy and love, those things that you wish to plant and reap the fruits of? Will it be compatible with all the rest of the truth contained and will such a choice be a help or an obstacle in the process? If you start to look at things with this criteria of definition, then you will begin to fall easily and readily into the choices of not devoting your resources to those things which don't serve you and reallocating your time and your energies to those things which are greater, which are bigger, which are more divine with each and every choice. I offer you this perspective this morning so that you can consider what it is and how much of it will you allocate your precious resource. That is for your internal environment, but now let's move out into the real world.


The very same principles hold true when in relationship to you and your relationship to all the others in your circle. Those in your sphere of awareness are equally confronted with their allocation of resources and energies as you are and so to those who are in awareness of the magnitude of these choices, it is incumbent upon you to bring the light into the equation, to show every aspect and dimension with a different and higher light. It is not that you are trying to sugarcoat reality, or in denial of its existence when it is substandard and inferior, but rather your acknowledgement of any such substandard aspect of being must be couched with such a positive influence of your light that it is transformed. It becomes better just as it passes through your perception of it and even in the dimmest of circumstances, you may present the glimmer of hope.

This represents a great challenge, for as you have observed, you are surrounded and bombarded by negativity. It sells, it is popular because it grabs ones emotion, it wrenches your attention. It literally steals from you your intention as you become sucked into the version of truth that it would display. And while there may be these nefarious versions of truth that exist side by side, you who are in awareness are aware enough to know that side by side with any such evil there is divine nature, divine pattern and spiritual truth. And so, which one will influence the other? Which one will be the greater influence in your choices? They exist side by side, parallel universes, goodness and what we would refer to as evil. This is the great opportunity before all of us, is to choose a line that reflects our priorities, reflects our choices, our allocation of resources.

Thank you for allowing me these words this morning. It's always a pleasure to come and enjoy the company of this group and attempt to offer perhaps an enlarged perspective on the power of choice and choosing and the allocation of individual resources. I now step aside to allow this floor for others, thank you.

Focus, Light

Light: [Cathy] I have a symbol for the healing you discussed, a spotlight shining down and encompassing the person needing healing. I have mentioned before that you can reflect and concentrate the light for use in healing. The result is a beam like a spotlight concentrated in a small footprint around the person in trouble. You only need to make the choice to focus the light, you have the capability and the power is provided by the system in place. The request is all that is needed to begin the process. Love will be the guide to placement, it is only for you to begin the process with your caring and intention. It is a limitless resource to be used abundantly. The results can be fantastic and life changing for all involved. You are encouraged to proceed as guided. I am an enthusiastic participant with you in all attempts. My connection with all in the group remains strong and useful. Let's go forward together.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning friends, Jonathan here to invite myself to the group and to the group activities. As we have just heard from Light, I too am an enthusiastic participant. I have taken the liberties of inserting myself around your circle and I feel as though I am welcome to do so, thank you. Truly, in my observation, this first mortal existence is so very much like operating in the dark, groping around and trying to find what works, bumping into other realities and choose and seeing if they fit or they are compatible or it feels right. This kind of fumbling around in the darkness of mortal existence is such a unique opportunity because [in] this you are in the womb and unable to see the big picture and grasp for what is around you to make sense of the environment.

One of the things that you miss as a mortal of the realm are these very real and observable, to those with eyes of spirit, events which occur as a result of your directed guidance and focusing of the light. It has been suggested here for purposes of your ability to perceive it, that you visualize the beam of light from on high enveloping the individual and I am here to say that with the eyes of spirit, indeed it appears as though a beam or a shaft of light. It is however, outside the sensory range of mortals of the realm, but the fact that you are willing to engage, you are willing to believe in its existence, you are willing to donate your valuable resources, you are willing to make the choice to exercise your faith to that degree, is what is important. It is not so important to see the beam of light which actually encompasses your loved ones as it is to know of its existence in your hearts and to believe it with all your being and to trust and have faith that it is so.

That is operating in the dark and using the light. That is having mastery over this light and bringing it to those in need. Do not forget my friends, that this light that you are gaining mastery over every day, is not strictly to be indulged in when there is distress. This light is available to all, at all times, for all purposes and is appropriate in all circumstances. You may bring it in and have it wash over a gathering of friends and uplift all those in that circle. You may access it on your drive to town, you may guide and direct and focus it onto others or you may decide to take a bath in the light yourself all because you are willing to believe and exercise in faith that this truth is so. That is the benefit of a life spent without the eyes of spirit and developing those very aspects of perception within. You will have plenty of time in your career before you to have the eyes of spirit and to see the wonders of divine pattern unfold before you, but in this life, your light, your perception of light, your connection to the light must be established through sheer force of will and desire and faith. This is your golden opportunity, for when you arise, the eyes through which you will perceive your environment will ever be expanded and it will be truly as if you have been born into a new reality.


I love you all in this circle, I am one of you, merely on my side of the veil. I am here because again, you exercise the faith that allows my presence. You have given me space in your consciousness and I am grateful for that allocation of your individual resources. I join you in your projects of health and healing for others and I expand them to include us all under the umbrella of the light. So be it, now and always. Thank you for the chance to join you once again my dear ones. I now bid you all have a joyous week in celebration of your awareness, thank you, good bye.

Michael: [Cathy] I want to hold you all in my light, each and every precious one of you. Please take to heart the section (and) read concerning the Father's will (({193:0|UB 193: 0.3-4])], it was my lifeline in all the dark circumstances of my time on your world. If you are able to expand your vision to encompass living the Father's will, it will bring you forward in spiritual growth and peace. I will bring you certainty as you grow into this way of being.