2014-02-08-Imprinting Upon Life Energies


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Topic: Imprinting Upon Life Energies

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are so delighted to gather together to receive from you today, not only your words of upliftment, but also the personality essences that you share with us to help us grow and to become more like you in thought word and deed. We open ourselves to you now in faith, trusting in what you provide to us to help us grow and to become more of who we are as children of the Father. We thank you for providing us with wonderful brothers and sisters of spirit to assist us on our journeys. We open ourselves to you and to them now that we may receive in your will, through your love, and receive what you wish to share with us today. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. Take a few moments to relax and to breathe mindfully, preparing your bodies to receive what you Mother and I wish to share with you. You have made yourselves available to us, and that is all that we ask of our children—all of our children—no matter on what world they live or what type of personal being they are. We simply want you to come to us and to share in this tremendous experience we call LIFE.

Your lives are precious to us, and there is a type of fragility to the human experience. Over the long years of evolution we watch how humanity has progressed. And sometimes life seems to be discardable in terms of how short your lives are in the physical realm. But yet underlying this, there is this powerful driving energy that some of your traditions have termed the life force, and it truly is the primal energy that comes from the Paradise Father, and it is part of the plan, the design, and outworking of creation.

Today, we invite you to open more fully, receptively to this primal life energy. It exists within your bodies at levels of which you are hardly conscious. Yet at times you can experience this, absorbs this and amalgamate this into what you, overall let’s, call a working base of knowledge to help you in your overall satisfaction in your life’s journey. It takes you into a place of trust—trust in the Father, trust in the divine plan, trust in the watchcare that you are provided by your Mother and me.

So, as you open now to imprint upon this LIFE energy, we invite you to have that desire to be in the place of trust. Let yourselves open and relax, and if you feel any tension rising to the surface of your consciousness—in your feelings or your thoughts—take some deep breaths and relax. Allow the tensions to dissipate as LIFE imprints upon you in the way the Father wishes you to receive. Let us begin.

If it is helpful for you to focus, simply see the word LIFE in your mind’s eye, and let your heart open to what it wishes to imprint upon you. It is safe. It is loving, and your Mother and I desire for you to embrace this more fully. Do your best to welcome its presence in you as we move in you now. (Pause)

You cannot escape LIFE. This is the primal motivating energy that comes from the Father. Power is fueled by the Father’s personal affection for each individuated part of creation—personal and otherwise. So many children of this world have fought to escape this primal energy not understanding its constitute components. But you, my children, who have awakened to the presence of the Father within you, who have sought the truth, who have entered into the dynamic interplay of life, are learning to trust in its outworkings more and more.

Today your Mother and I wish to imprint more deeply upon this LIFE energy, that you may follow it more whole heartedly, trust it more faithfully, and enjoy how you are unfolding your personality gifts within it and upon it. Do you recognize what delights you are to your Mother and to me, and how we relish watching you move in this momentum of LIFE? Yes, we see you struggle at times, and we know this is part of your gaining your own, let us say, footing in this momentum. LIFE is so much bigger than you—an individuated part of the Father, and yet when you learn trust, you relax in this momentous trajectory towards Paradise.

There is change within your consciousness. You began to, as you say, live in the flow that is the natural grace that is a part of life. And now you are at that point of your consciousness, not only in your personal development but in your planetary consciousness, where you are beginning to learn the ways of LIFE, and understand the underlying principles upon which LIFE is built. You have much to learn and far to comprehend yet. You are only in the beginning phase of this. Continue to receive and continue to imprint upon what we are sharing with you. Allow these words to settle into your minds to help you open more trustingly to what we wish you to receive. (Pause)

When you find yourselves in conflict in your relationships, in various situations beyond your understanding, remember that you have a companion in life in me, not only as your Father, but as your brother Jesus. You may certainly ask for our minds to correlate with yours and to deliver into your thoughts and feelings the perspective that will help you see whatever you perceive as a conflict in a larger way—the way you might call the solution or answer.

Recall that I embraced life fully, and at some level of my human life experience, I opened fully to the Father’s WILL and trusted it in that. You can benefit from my human experience. Each one of you is being called into this divine adventure, and you are growing in that childlike trust each and every day, which is what I developed as a human. Remember this about my human life, my children, for it is available to you, to help you, to escort you along your journey coming into this much more enhanced alignment with LIFE. When I said I come to give LIFE and give it abundantly, what did that mean? What does that mean now for you more than 2000 years later? The message is still the same for this is the human journey of life experience.

Take a few moments now and focus on the Father’s presence within you. Let the Father speak with you to help you see a more open and direct, let us call, a plan of trajectory for your human life. Simply hold that question in your heart, “Father, how may I cooperate more consistently with you on a daily basis? Where do you wish for me to focus my attention to help me open to you more and trust you more, in this wonderful outpouring of LIFE?” Take a few moments to focus on this, my children, as your Mother and I continue to move in you. (Pause)

My children, I call you into the banquet of LIFE to take your rightful place in it. There is so much for you to taste and enjoy. In opening yourselves up now, we desire that you feel this urging with more gusto and hope and faith in where LIFE is taking you.

I will leave you now as your Mother prepares to address you, as the Father within continues to imprint upon your streams of consciousness. Take it all in. Take it all in and use it wisely with the divine guidance you have available to you. It is after all created for you! Not exclusively, of course, but you are all part of the Father’s plan. Claim your part in it. Play your part in it ,and know you are deeply loved and cared for, each and every day, and each and every breath. Good day, my children. Thrive in our LOVE.

NEBADONIA: Hello, my precious beauties! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Continue to drink in these energies of LIFE. Let them do the restorative unfolding in your being as this energy was designed to do. Let yourselves relax more fully, deeply, restoratively in LIFE. This is my gift to you. This is providing you with the primal energy you need. This is food for your soul and fuel for your bodies. Drink it in. (Pause)

My words will be few today as I desire for you to experience this energy more deeply in your cells. But know that I am indeed speaking in you through this energy. So if you would consider tuning your hearing faculties to the inner voice of LIFE and invite yourselves to open to that, it is as if you are allowing mobility to restructure the very particles of your being. Experience this now as I speak my words of LOVE and LIGHT and LIFE into you, my precious ones. (Pause)


My children, you have received much today, and it will take some time for this to integrate this into you each one of you under the faithful direction of the indwelling Mystery Monitor. Go about your day with renewed hope and joy and the power of LIFE. Know what your Father and I make available to you. It is our gift to you, as you are our gift to us.

As you come into a deeper appreciation of LIFE, it will whet your appetite for more devoted service to your brethren of this world who are still hesitant about awakening to what LIFE has to offer. Show them the better way, demonstrate to them how beautiful and joyful LIFE is. Let your lives be that inspiration to embrace LIFE, as Jesus was to you, and know that we will be with you. We are in you. We invite our children to join in this adventure of LIFE through your efforts and devoted service.

Enjoy your journeys, my children! Know it is all part of the greater plan in Father’s mind, and it is ever urging you forward to obtain new levels of living your destiny. My blessings are upon each one of you as you go about your day. Make it a fabulous, memorable one, my children. Good day.