2014-03-22-Q and A with Michael


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Topic: Q & A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this opportunity to come before you to receive from you in the various ways you provide yourselves to us. We open ourselves for your imprinting, for your words, for your guidance, and for your personality energy. Thank you for protecting this circuit and keeping it aligned in your will, and thank you for all the helpers you provide us to imprint upon what we need to grow in your grace and through your love and will. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my precious children. This is Michael. Take a few moments to focus on me as your Father, and give me the pleasure of sharing myself with you, and help you repattern yourselves upon my personality integrity. During this call today, I invite you to focus on this word INTEGRITY. What does it mean? What are its implications within your beings in terms of your integrity as a child of the Father?

I submit this word to you today to help you broaden your conceptual understanding of the integrity in which you live—the wholeness of being that you are as a child of God. Your human words disclose certain meanings. But beyond what they mean in terms of your own definitive states, there is a spiritual pattern—a spiritual concept, and it is in that context today I invite you to share in the wholeness of what it means to be in integrity as a child of God.

Allow me to share with you more of who I am, and as I do this, I encourage you to contact your own indwelling Father Fragments and ask for the greater integrity and integration contained within that word to move into your thought streams now. Relax. Focus in your hearts, and take your time as you make contact with your Spirits as I move in you now, my children. (Pause)

There is cohesion within this word. Its function is to unify and harmonize, bringing the various levels of your being into this greater wholeness. There is quality of strength, of unity. It is, you might say, an assemblage of the various constituent parts of your personality that are being brought into greater integration to form this more completed depiction of your self.

One of the mandates of my seventh bestowal as a human was to construct this personality integrity from the raw human nature to the expression of the soul moving, living, serving on the earth plane. You are all on a similar journey, and you are learning through your own life experience more about this personality development in coming into a beautiful depiction of the wholeness of who you are as a child of the Father.

It is not something that can be forced. You develop this naturally and gradually over time. But it does require your conscious assent and participation. It is helpful, then, to appeal to my human nature as Jesus to assist you in your own inner striving to bring your personality into more integrity. And of course, the Father’s presence within you through the Adjuster circuit is designed to help you achieve this.

I bring this to your attention today that you may be more aware and attuned to what you are achieving now, that you may enjoy this process as you journey on this path. It is beautiful to witness your progress, and as we have encouraged you so many times, it is in doing this that you become a shining light of hope, of love, and encouragement to your brothers and sisters, who delight in what they see and may wish to obtain this for themselves.

Continue to receive for a few more moments. Allow your Father Fragments to continue to minister to you, and allow this word INTEGRITY to leave a more indelible impression upon your souls. (Pause)

Thank you for receiving me, my children. If you wish now you may address me, or if you wish, you may continue to imprint upon these energies of INTEGRITY. It is your choice. But you may speak when you feel so inclined.


Student: Michael, with this teaching a phrase came to me that is very similar to a phrase that I believe you encouraged your apostles to follow: “Be as sly as a fox but as peaceful as a dove”. Does this fit in these teachings?

MICHAEL: There are many ways to regard this phrase of effectiveness with your brothers and sisters. When you become more integrated in your personality gifts, you acquire wisdom through your life experience. Your overall personality credits operate more synergistically. You become more balanced.

There is a type of reasoning within the human mind that takes on the qualities of the Adjuster. You are beginning to use these circuits of the Father’s thoughts. So this renders you more capable of assessing how to respond to your brothers and sisters, and to have a type of internal sensing ability to adjust how you will respond to them—to know when they are sincere, to perceive when they may be hiding something from you, or outright lying or being somehow purposefully deceitful.

It is important and significant for those who are developing themselves in this spiritual manner to be cautions with your brothers and sisters. You know how damaged they are emotionally. They are scarred with many negative feelings, emotional traumas from their past, and of course their ancestral influences deeply buried within their systems of operation. So, in being wise and yet gentle, you are then able to handle their personality energies better. You begin to develop certain types of communication with them. This is all done under the over-control of the Father Fragment. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes it does. It is at times very difficult to be wise when you happen to be emotional, angry or upset.

MICHAL: This is very true. This is one of the factors that impede human spiritual development. Therefore it is important for you to be healed in the part of your being that you know as your emotions, so that you are essentially unassailable by another person’s reaction to you, or your own reaction to something that is not going your way.

When you are in these states of emotion, it is very helpful to say to Father, “Father I am feeling ‘such-and-such’, and I know that this is not your will for me. Please convey to me that which I need to have to bring this situation more into balance with your will.” You will practice this many times until it becomes more habitual. But you do not have to retain these emotional inconsistencies for too long. Recognize when you are feeling upset, frustrated, angry, confrontational. Take a few breaths to remove yourself as best you can from what you are feeling and ask for help.

So few humans do this, and therefore you see the results of human communication fraught with misunderstanding and discord. In developing this greater sense of personality INTEGRITY, there is the natural repercussion of perceiving more emotional balance and equilibrium to steady you at those times when people will fling their – let us just use the word – ‘stuff’ at you.

I appreciate you bringing this question up. Do you need further elaboration at this point?

Student: Is this how you as Jesus learned how to remove yourself from being controlled by your emotions?

MICHAEL: It is one of the techniques that I used. I was brought up in a home where there were many rote prayers. Sometimes when I was feeling particularly out of sorts, especially in my younger years, I would resort to reciting these prayers or scriptural verses to help me gain that sense of composure.

There are many ways to regain this. Sometimes you must experiment with different techniques or mindal tricks to help you achieve this. As I grew and developed more awareness of the Father’s presence within me, it did become easier to go to the Father and confess what was on my heart in order to receive his loving correction in my mind and soul. You have every access to this, just as much as I had. Does this help?

Student: Yes. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Are there any other questions for today?

Student: Hello, Michael. Thanks so much for the direction and words you’ve provided to me recently regarding the turmoil in the Ukraine and how it affects O and just the whole country. I’m wondering if there is anything I can further do or say to her to help reassure her during this time of chaos that I’m finding out from her, not the media, where she can feel more safe, secure and a new feel in this way, and also with regard to our relationship and with her familial connections that I sense that she is struggling with, not wanting to leave at this point, which is understandable. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Thank you for your question, my son, because these are the times and conditions that can stimulate one’s spiritual potential in a very vigorous way. There are words to convey to your beloved about getting closer to Spirit, to commune with Jesus—my human personality, as well as to talk to God about her problems. But, what I would encourage you to do, is to spend several stillness moments during the day, sending her love from your heart center to hers. Use your visualization you received the other day during your session: that you are both held in my heart, and you are sending her heart energy from me to her. Do this throughout your day so she is in a position to receive and to gain strength in what you are providing to her. Then the words of comfort and counsel that you convey to her can be more readily discerned and acted upon.

Encourage her to pray for courage, strength, hope and guidance as to how to conduct herself through her country’s political instability.

Also, tell her there are many people praying for this region, for indeed they are, and there are certain things happening behind the scenes that you are hardly aware as she is as well that will bring about change into this region. These times are not easy for the masses and it does require certain spiritually motivated individuals to “take the helm”, you might say of the situation, to bring about the new way of relating to this crisis from a higher level—in the spiritual way.

Encourage her that she is not alone, that she has angelic support by her side, and that God’s presence in her heart wishes to provide her with peace, and comfort and hope. And encourage her to take those prayer breaks through the day to ask for what she needs from the Father dwelling within her. Does this help my son?

Student: Oh, it sure does. Thank you, Michael, and thank you for protecting her from the melee that she would have been at or near this last week.

MICHAEL: She is loved and she is carefully watched, so have no fear. But know that this is an opportunity for both of you to gain greater stature in your spiritual comprehension. And be in my peace, my son.


My children, my beautiful children! Center your thoughts on this word INTEGRITY today and in the coming days that you may continue to move and grow in what this wishes to provide to you. You are all so deeply loved and cherished. And we desire that you come into the fullness of your personality credits, to be here on Urantia during this tremendous time of change in helping us of the celestial realms to build the necessary energies for this world to continue to heal. Grow in grace and beauty, my children. It is all there awaiting you. Good day.