2016-07-26-The Master, Tibet and India

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Topic: The Master, Tibet and India

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Samuel of Panoptia, Teacher Aaron of Urantia

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “In order to come to an understanding of the rare and unusual strains of a vague Christian-like flavor to a belief system in Tibet, you need to take your mind back to what you were shown in July of 2007. This is your Teacher, Samuel.”

George: “I saw an image of David Zebedee in Roman garb of that time, he was busy, bent forward, possibly over a bench top. Then there was Cymboyton, standing very tall, imposing, and in deep thought, dressed in fine dark red-blue silk. Next I saw two teachers from Tibet, all the way on foot on a long trek to Persia They were wearing clothes made of hides to keep warm.”

Aaron: “This is Aaron here. You, in fact, got two different visions of the men coming from Tibet. The first vision was of the two, still on a snow-covered glacier between two mountains. Here the younger man was slightly in front, as was the custom, since he could react more quickly to the danger of snow-covered crevasses. In the second vision the somewhat older man led the way down the foothills, almost perfectly due West all the way, as spirit had told him. They were still months away from their destination.

“Both men, teacher and student teacher, would meet the caravan conductor, Joshua ben Joseph, at Cymboyton’s Urmia to hear the Master of Truth give his initial lectures. And these two men were still on the main island of the Urmia salt lake when the Master returned to make good on his promise to lecture during two whole weeks on the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of the Creator of All.

“These two were most diligent listeners, who, more than most, took with them the very essence of what they learned and they allowed it to persist to this day in their cult and in a way so realistically as to in their minds and speech place the Master Himself in the Tibetan lands. Handing the ‘mike’ back to Samuel now.”

Samuel: “Samuel here again. A somewhat similar circumstance was evident in India, where some of the Master’s teachings survive to this day. Jesus’ companion of a lengthy travel around the Mediterranean, Ganid, was in part responsible for some of the Master’s teachings being found in India specifically and in the Far East generally.

“Also, keep in mind that traders in those days rarely traveled at night, life was slower and much could be learned from those in whose places they stayed. However, if you re-read your text that deals with the years of Jesus’ travels and you do your sums, you will find there was no stretch of time during which He could have either traveled to Tibet and back or — for that matter — to India and back.


“It remains to me to advise you that whatever another believes, Tibet visit or no Tibet visit, India stay or no India stay, you do not get embroiled in words about how it was. It’s not important. And you should make that crystal clear if specifically asked.

“We’re done here, my friends and students. I am Samuel.”