2021-06-13-Holding Planetary Consciousnes in Divine Justice

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Topic: Holding Planetary Consciousness in Divine Justice

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Paradise Trinity, Divine Parents, Magisterial Son and Planetary Seraphim, we are grateful for this opportunity for collaboration with you to continue to set that intention for more spiritual energy to bathe the circuits of human mind. Center us in your presence, Father, that we may be guided by our Indwelling Spirits today in the areas of focus using our heart energies to construct these dynamics of love, light and life into the planet. Thank you for connecting us as one through these circuits of Personality, Spirit, Soul and Mind, and thank you for your WILL prevailing through what we focus on today. We are deeply grateful. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, beloved brethren! This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to this forum of conscious collaboration with Spirit. Many programs of upliftment are being prepared for implementation upon your world. Urantia is poised for a great change. Today, we invite you to participate with us in this momentum and trajectory towards Light and Life.

But first, before we begin, I invite you to take a few moments to make contact with the Father's presence within the higher reaches of your mind. Feel that need to commune with the Spirit, allowing your heart energies and your mental energies to become more calibrated to that which your Spirit wishes to direct into you. This will enable your focus to become stronger and steadier as we invite you to focus on the planet’s system of consciousness. Take these few moments of inner quiet and reflection communing with the Spirit Within in whatever way you are being guided. (Pause)

Some of you are under the impression that sudden changes will occur within the planetary cultural environment. While there are many plans for this world's upstepping, do not anticipate that things will suddenly improve. Rather, you will see over time a more gradual dawning in collective mind of this yearning for Spirit. This is an upstep from what you might call a desire for a more positive future and a better way of life. It is a deep inner awareness and yearning for that which you know as the divine—that which is Godly, perfect and acts as the source of all patterns for all life.

Humanity has long been separated from the conscious awareness of this. Yet within each individual there is a Spirit presence and that presence is ready to help that individual perceive who and what that is and its meaning and value for human life. Take a few moments more to connect with your Indwelling Spirits, and then we will move into our collective focus for today. Invite the flow of LOVE that begins with our Creator Father to open you, to flow into you, and out through your heart as we set up this field for our collaboration today. (Pause)

While you maintain that flow of LOVE from the Father in and through you, I invite you to shift your focus into the planetary collective circuits of mind. Each inhabited material world has a divine purpose. Urantia’s divine life plan, as you know, have not been able to fully flourish due to these rebellion influences.

In today's collective focus I invite you to merely envision the globe in your mind's eye before you see it held in the words URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN. Focus that love from your heart to flow into the world as you see it before you. Let your love flow into the words of URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN as it embraces the planet in an energy field and invite Michael's PLANS OF CORRECTION to commingle, to imprint, to gently pulse upon URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN. Let us begin here and we will lead you into other levels of focus as we progress in the seeding of these energies deeper into planetary circuits of mind. (Pause)

We ask you to hold a variety of focal points today as we continue to build these circuits into various places of planetary mind and memory. One of the memory circuits is related to how Urantians relate to the planets’ divine life plan. To assist this remembrance, I invite you to focus on the words: REMEMBRANCE OF URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN; to ask for it to be woven into deeper circuits of memory.

As you hold this focus of REMEMBRANCE OF URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN, feel that intention and the desire for this to awaken more people to help them come into that place of awareness that there is something greater for this world and greater for them to participate in. If you wish, you may use that familiar counter-clockwise rotational spiral of language to imprint upon the planet: REMEMBRANCE OF URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN. But more importantly, we ask you to tap into that deep place within you for this to spark new life throughout all circuits of mind, and we begin with you here: REMEMBRANCE OF URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN moving into Michael’s PLANS OF CORRECTION as the world is held in this now. (Pause)

As more people awaken, it will be as if they need to rub the sleepy sand out of their eyes to orient themselves to what is truly underway on this planet. To facilitate this deeper awakening, I invite you now to focus on the words: COURAGE TO FACE TRUTH, COURAGE TO FACE TRUTH, COURAGE TO FACE TRUTH. If you wish, you may also spiral that into the planet. As these dynamics continue commingle, harmonize, and move into circuits of mind, facing what has occurred on this planet is not an easy thing to ask because the deception has run so deep within human mind that it is almost incomprehensible for human mind to fathom what has occurred.

Therefore, it is COURAGE as a spiritual dynamic is what is needed now to help the emotional attitude within the human heart to see what is being revealed. Hold this as best you can as we continue to weave these energies into interplanetary mind through your heartfelt intentions and through your motivations for more LOVE to stream into this world. (Pause)

There are innumerable lessons being learned through this phase of Michael's correcting time program. It is an important and significant time on the planet, as you well know, and it is challenging for many of your brothers and sisters to awaken to the truths that have been shielded from them. B ut you who have awakened and know the Father have tasted His LOVE. You can be those anchors of stability and serenity for your brothers and sisters as they now see what you have observed through your daily life.

But you do not do this alone for we are here to support your efforts, and through this foundation of DIVINE JUSTICE and Michael's SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY, this provides the environment for these changes to occur. So, invite these energies to move deeper into planetary mind, into memory that more people may remember the divine plans within them, not only for their lives, but for the planets as well.

This is truly a time of awakening and remembering, and it takes a while for people to orient themselves to a new perspective of life. So be patient with them and yourselves as you minister to them in the ways you best can. Continue to maintain that focus and all these energies for REMEMBRANCE OF URANTIA’S DIVINE LIFE PLAN in COURAGE TO FACE TRUTH as we evolve and weave these through the circuits of DIVINE JUSTICE and Michael's SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY. (Pause)

For your own edification, I invite you to look at this period of planetary change as an adventure. What you are doing is evolving the growth of the SOUL on this world—the human soul adding to the collective soul of the planet that more may participate in the growth of evolving deity termed the Supreme Being.

What you do in collaboration with us is highly significant to us, even though you may not yet fully recognize the extent to which your participation is valuable. But we see its worth and we appreciate the faith and trust you provide us for human volition to turn towards the Father and His plans of the evolution of His GLORY to be reflected upon this world. For truly one day, this world will exist in a state of Light and Life in His LOVE, whether or not you recognize what you are doing, you are contributing to the future period.

So, remain focused on what you have been allowing to send forth from your heart of the REMEMBRANCE OF THE DIVINE PLAN OF URANTIA going deeper into memory for more people to have COURAGE TO FACE TRUTH as we hold this in our DIVINE JUSTICE and Michael's SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY. (Pause)

There is one more infusion and now we ask you to envision the words: the ACTION OF THE PARADIST TRINITY to spiral around the globe counter-clockwise north to south poles. Thank Father for His plans of evolution and thank the Paradise Trinity for their action now bathing this world with their great LOVE and MERCY for all life here. Let that stream forth from your hearts as best you can: the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY, the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY, the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY infusing planetary mind in the embrace of the Father's LOVE. (Pause)

Invite this energy to engage into the very energetic core of the planet where Urantia’s Divine Life Plan is domiciled. (Pause)

As the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY continues to bathe planetary mind, thank the Father, the Eternal Mother Son, and the Infinite Spirit for their presence prevailing here for truly Urantia is always held in divine LOVE. It is only a matter of human recognition of this, and you are assisting in this awakening recognition of your brethren. Take a few moments to be in communion with the Trinity through your thanksgiving as these energies continue to integrate interplanetary mind, especially in areas where it is most needed and vital for transformation to occur. (Pause)

Circuitry weaving and integration is underway. On behalf of the heavenly host, I thank you. Thank you for your trust, your dedication and all that you generate from your heart of motivation and intention for divine WILL to prevail here on Urantia. Many of you look forward to the day when this planet will be settled in Light and Life, but you do not have to wait for that time to live it now. Settle yourselves in Father that you may be more aptly guided each day, rendering yourself more spiritually fragrant, trusting in the divine over-control of all life that you may relax into who you are and knowing that all your true needs are being met by Father.


This is a time of great, while the words are not quite adequate to describe what is underway of change and transformation, it is a time of great spiritual potential to be manifested and achieved on Urantia. Who will be doing this? It is you, and as you accept more of your personal responsibility you will mature and grow in self-mastery and you will be inspiration to your brothers and sisters.

As more truth bathes the planet be courageous in the midst of it. Stay focused on the Father Within, communicate with your Divine Parents about your concerns that they may support you and render you more stable in their LOVE, and together we will build these days of Light and Life one day at a time upon this beautiful world, so beloved, so cherished by the Father and by all citizens of this universe, and those that are aligned in Father's WILL for all life.

So, as we leave this forum and I take my leave of you in this way, know that I am available to communicate with you when you are in need. And remember to call on your helpers as you go about your day and experience challenges in whatever circumstance you face, use the support you have by your side and grow in your ability to perceive the hand of Spirit and its GRACE moving upon Urantia. I leave you in that GRACE and LOVE, my brethren, and I look forward to our next session in two weeks. Good day. [[Category: Center for Christ Consciousness]