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The Oxford Premium Collection includes over 175 titles, updated regularly with an expanding range of key titles in the acclaimed Oxford Companions and Oxford Dictionaries series, plus the Visual English Dictionary, the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and new heavily illustrated natural history titles such as the Encyclopedia of Mammals. This means a total of over 1.4 million entries, including longer, in-depth, signed entries with bibliographies.

Subscribers to the Premium Collection also benefit from improved search functionality which makes it easy to choose between longer or shorter entries from subject reference titles, definitions from English or bilingual dictionaries, and quotations.

The Premium Collection is updated regularly with new titles, new editions, new entries, full-colour maps and illustrations, timelines, weblinks, and bibliographies. Preview the following samples from the Premium Collection:

  • Sample images from the Visual English Dictionary
  • Sample timelines
  • Sample entries (including maps)

The Premium Collection includes access to ALL the quick reference titles offered by the original Core Collection PLUS a whole host of additional material such as:

  • Over 55% more titles, 75% more entries and more than 142% more words from an expanding range of in-depth reference works by big name authors ; for example Margaret Drabble on English Literature, Colin Blakemore on the Human Body, Ted Honderich on Philosophy, Stanley Wells on Shakespeare, and M.R.D Foot on World War II. The Premium Collection also includes the Oxford Dictionary of English, the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, an expanded version of the World Encyclopaedia, the Visual English Dictionary, new heavily illustrated natural history titles such as the Encyclopedia of Mammals and other key titles from the Oxford Companions series.
  • including over 6,000 superb and fully-searchable illustrations and diagrams from the Visual English Dictionary (see samples from the VED) in the areas of Astronomy, Earth, the Human Body, Arts and Architecture, Energy, and Science.
  • 47 Timelines linking over 2,560 key events in 20th century history in the areas of Art and Architecture; Performing Arts; Literature; Politics and Government; Society; Science, Technology and Medicine; and War. Timelines covering the history of individual countries such as the UK and US are also available. Each event is linked to a carefully-selected article, making research and discovery quick and easy.
  • Over 775 full colour maps &endash; political, geographical and locator &endash; for every country in the world. Flags are also shown for each country.
  • Over 3,165 weblinks
  • 36,000+ invaluable bibliographies
  • 167,000+ bibliographical entries
  • All content reviewed and updated regularly
  • Links from selected entries to related entries in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online, the American National Biography Online, Grove Art Online and Grove Music Online
  • Enhanced search results options mean it is even quicker and easier for users to find the information they need