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  • ..., and any other pages where the information might be useful including talk pages. ...he text is apparently complete and mostly formatted, but may still contain errors in content and formatting. Use this if:
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  • ...2001, Wikipedia has grown rapidly into one of the largest [[reference work|reference]] [[Web sites]]. ...s Wikipedia|other editors]] are always around to advise or correct obvious errors, and Wikipedia's software, known as [[MediaWiki]], is carefully designed to
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  • ...dictionary (Second Edition, 1989) was 20 volumes, comprising 21,730 pages, with 291,500 entries. ...rom the time of the earliest records [ca. 740 AD] down to the present day, with all the relevant facts concerning their form, sense-history, pronunciation,
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  • ...human experience. It is hoped that the editorial character of this online reference would value the investigation and accurate representation of textual source Assuming that this is all in reference to the removal of the Urantia business, I should notify you of the concept
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  • tattooing, and if we consider that human memory develops and transforms with the appearance of writing, it is perhaps not absurd to consider that this a ...servationists at their disposal. This presupposes a degree of organization with respect to books, consideration given to conservation, classification, etc.
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  • ...ON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group welcome.) It is good to be here with you once again. I have been asked to present the lesson to you today on "As ...reference, that would say only so much about yourself. But being sincere, with right intention for revealing truth, you perhaps want to ask, "Is there som
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  • ...99 translation, [[University of California Press]] ISBN 0-520-08817-4, 974 pages. The collection of data through [[observation]] and [[experiment]]ation, an ...essing (through) error, and finally attaining the threshold of truth. Only with the arrival of the '''scientific method''' has he faced forward. But primit
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  • ...common, and harmful traits to become rarer. This occurs because organisms with advantageous traits pass on more copies of these traits to the next generat One definition of a [[species]] is a group of organisms that can reproduce with one another and produce fertile offspring. However, when a species is separ
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  • ...illions of "spiritual" books, I might not have found ''The Urantia Book'', with its lofty teachings that have so elevated my life. So, I have continued to ...eye. Maybe I should just stick with ''The Urantia Book''. But, in sticking with The Urantia Book, I find that it leads me to continue my search for Truth,
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  • ...number. Regular stillness/meditation is one way of getting in better touch with these Celestial Beings. For those who find it hard to totally calm their mi ...the construct provided by George Barnard on two occasions to contact help with medical problems. In both cases I was cured the next morning. One was a dam
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  • a way to [[write]] about changes I had experienced in the last 20 years with the [[Urantia Book]], the When reading the ABC Summaries, and perhaps being familiar with the [[Urantia Book]], the [[reader]]
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  • ...t you who are now called, and who are aware of your [[calling]], to now go with us to the next [[phase]] of this [[Teaching Mission]].
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  • ...all [[number]] of obvious [[typographical]] errors, and added hyphens, but with few exceptions, we have refrained from altering [[words]], even when word u ...ed, but the answers by Rayson and [[friends]] are in the exact [[wording]] with the exceptions made in the lessons.
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  • ...ed from our meeting. My name is Fon, or, I am known by that name by Helen, with whom I have been [[praying]]. Although our [[progress]] is encouraging, the ...e [[incense]], to steep; let them settle in your [[mind]], and intermingle with [[love]], [[humor]], and [[praise]]. These thoughts are valid, but your con
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