2006-08-13-Asking Questions, Changes

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Topic: Asking Questions, Changes

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group welcome.) It is good to be here with you once again. I have been asked to present the lesson to you today on "Asking Questions."


One can use questions from many perspectives. We wish you to ask questions from a holistic perspective. One can ask questions from the perspective of defiance and rebellion. One can ask questions due to humble, hungry, inquisitive and curious… from a perspective of a hungry and curious mind, yearning to grow and develop. You can ask questions to gain information, simple hard data. You can ask questions that invite your own mind to search and stretch and reach for insights, those intuitive kernels that come from seemingly nowhere, to your mind, to your being, to your inner self.

Today we will be talking about and asking questions from the perspective of a thoughtful, discerning mind. In relationship to individuals of humble origins, asking meaningful, discerning questions of the Divine, you have that right to ask those questions. We encourage you to ask those questions; we suggest that you do ask those questions. Without asking questions you present yourself as one who accepts the situation as is, whether you are intellectually capable of asking greater questions, or perhaps you are not—there is no way of knowing to those who hear no questions.

I will be using the last two lessons of Monjoronson’s presentations through this group to point to you to ask questions. When you begin, where would you start? To whom would you ask the questions? Would you begin by forming the questions inside yourself? Some people do not even form the questions inside themselves, but docilely accept what they hear, without challenge, without curiosity, without inquisitive inclination. Others do not form the questions inside themselves first, but spontaneously blurt them out.

Let us begin with the TR. This is the most obvious place to begin. This TR—a TR—is another mortal, another individual who is having a material experience with you on this planet. And of course, knowing the foibles of mortals on your planet, this is a very vulnerable place to begin, an appropriate one as well. The questions that are offered are not offered as a challenge, but as points of sincere inquiry, not as a point of injury or sarcasm, or cynical expression. For were you to use those points of reference, that would say only so much about yourself. But being sincere, with right intention for revealing truth, you perhaps want to ask, "Is there something here that serves the TR first, before others?" "What does the TR have to gain by doing this?" and the leverage that is universal to mortals is fear and ego. Perhaps the message is one of fear that generates fear in you? Perhaps it is fear within the TR? Perhaps it is your ego that does not accept this message. Perhaps it is your ego that does accept it? And perhaps it is the ego of the TR to gain recognition, power, [or] influence—those things that are so typical of political positions.

The second point, in asking questions of the TR is, "How often is this analysis done?" "How often is this qualitative challenge given?" And the response is, "When it is needed." When something comes across differently, sounds differently, there is a change of note in the tenor of the message; there is a change of note in the tenor of the speaker, through the TR. To challenge each time the TR delivers a message will cause you a great disturbance in your thinking, and will challenge the messages over time. This is neither good nor bad, but offers different qualities, different outcomes to you, the listener, and to the message.

As we have said many times in the past, examine the message, not the messenger. The message will tell you about the messenger. Does the message sound as though it were in keeping with Christ Michael’s management and sustaining power of this planet, its growth, its development, its evolution into the Days of Light and Life? Each message should be examined carefully, thoughtfully. The messages that come through TRs are not "pretty picture" messages to lull you to sleep at night, but given to you as instructions and preparations for your individual life, for the maintenance of your individual families, for the right development of your children, for your active and wholesome participation in your communities, and in your governments, and your globe, your world. Give them the attention of discernment that is needed for your life.

Thoughtful, discerning questioning is needed, my friends. Some of you have reacted to these messages, and you have come away challenging them. You are into the second or third step of inquiry. The first step of inquiry would be to acknowledge there is a difference from earlier messages, were there not? (Yes.) Yes. You would ask, "What is different about these messages than from previous ones?" "Why is it this change has taken place?" "What are these changes meant to convey to us?" "What can I do to hear these messages more clearly?" "Is there something here for me to respond to?" Have you ever heard us give you material in which we ask you to react to? Rarely, if ever. Your opportunity is to respond; reacting to the message says that you are coming from positions of fear or ego. Yet, it is wholesome, to react, more wholesome to acknowledge that you are reacting, and then wonder why you reacted.

Some of you have reacted upon the assumption that your reaction is accurate, that your knowledge of the topic is true, that your insights and awareness of the message is as though you had spoken to the originator, before the TR session. This is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to examine your assumptions. And how would you do that? We suggest you ask yourself, "Do I have assumptions regarding this message and my reaction to it?" "What are those assumptions?" Let us move on.

With a discerning mind, you would then move into validation. After having examined the material and wondered about it, you would seek to validate what you heard. You could do that through your own direct contact with Christ Michael, Monjoronson, your Thought Adjuster, Guardian Angel, [or] your Celestial Teacher, knowing that you will receive different qualitative responses at each of those levels. Another means of validation is to bring questions to the forum of the next TR session, to ask that teacher questions about that message. Remember, you are an intelligent individual. You can ask meaningful questions, anticipating meaningful, significant responses from the source. Another means of validation is to ask other TRs to bring through the same teacher, and see what responses, what answers come through. Oftentimes, as you know, the teacher/originator will come through and address the concerns, as though you have asked the questions already, and you know this is not unusual, but occurs quite frequently.

Always, we invite you to come back to the forum of the TR session—to your own TR session—with your Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael or whomever, and ask meaningful questions. We wish you not to leave the forum; your participation over these days, months and years is an important investment to you and to us and to your world. Each of you have contributed greatly to the Teaching Mission, and you are contributing as well now, to the Magisterial Mission. As you will see from today’s session, the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are separate enterprises of the same operation, the Correcting Time. They are both sub-sets of a larger purpose, with larger objectives.

We would now like to address some of the issues that were raised by you, since the last two sessions by Monjoronson. This will allow his message to you this afternoon to come through, without digression. Some of you have truly noted a difference in the message—the tenor of the message of Monjoronson—from his prior sessions, prior to these last two of his, given through this group. Some of you said, "Well about time we heard something like this—it seems to be in keeping with what we’ve all been told in the past, and anticipate." Others of you have said, "My goodness, this is disquieting, it is uncomfortable, it causes me to be fearful—this doesn’t seem like the loving, benevolent, caring, supportive and endearing messages from our Beloved Monjoronson that we have received in the past." And you are right! They are different.

Some of you have quietly asked "Why is this different now, why is his presentation different?" He answered that in part last time, and noted that events on your world have changed, that there is sufficient foreseeing to allow for a more descriptive presentation to you. It is time that you became aware that Monjoronson is informing and training the leaders for the future. Some of you have already stepped up to the plate long ago—years ago—asking to participate actively with Christ Michael and his team. Some of you have withdrawn. Withdrawing is neither good, nor bad—it is simply withdrawing—it is your choice. It is a free will expression of your decision.

None of you asked, "How are we to use this information?" I will tell you: You are to use this information as preparation for your future. Some of you will become leaders. We are handing you many pieces of the plan for healing your world in the New Era. As we have said, there will be at least a decade of confusion on your planet, a reorganization of resources—human and material. The resource that will not be diminished one whit, but will be in fact increased many fold, is the spiritual resources available to you. You will not be able to access those without an earlier template, and earlier awareness of what is going on.

This message today goes to a couple hands-full of people immediately, but soon it will go out to many thousands of you. You will have this template in mind—these plans for healing and reformation of your social, political, and economic world. You know—we surely know—that a few key people among thousands, tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands of people—can have a tremendous influence upon the course of the civilization, a society, nation, culture, community, and in a family and in an individual. These messages are not meant to scare you. They are to inform you, to make you aware of events that will occur in the future, you will have an awareness of these, so that you can use this knowledge for the reconstruction of your world.

There are literally hundreds of questions that could be developed around the [subject of] the New Era. We hope you begin to develop these on your own. For now, I offer you a question for you to answer in your stillness, and that is to ask yourself, "What is my intention for participating in the New Era?" "What is my intention to participate with Christ Michael in the Correcting Time and its many manifest forms in the New Era?" For now is the time, my friends, to make those decisions.

But first, you must ask yourself the questions, to come to those answers. The most meaningful questions are the ones you ask yourself. "What is the purpose of my life?" "What is its meaning?" These are essential for the fulfillment of your life; this is essential to the fulfillment of your life plan, to the huge contributions you could make to the growth of your soul. We offer this lesson today as a point of inquiry to you—to you for yourself, for your family, community, your Teaching Mission group that you attend, for the transcripts you read—it is a point of inquiry for your participation with Christ Michael. This is not a loyalty oath at all; it is simply an adventure in discovery. We ask you to discover as much as you can about your self and about the activities you participate in, the assumptions that you have, the reasons why you do these things, what purposes and intentions you have.

Are there thoughts from you now that you would like to share with me, about our lesson on asking questions? (Short pause.) If you wish, we can take a few moments as a quiet break and return, and then you may have your thoughts and questions together by that time. Let us reconvene in a few minutes, please.

[Short break.]

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson. (Group greetings.) I wish to continue with where we left off and advance forward. The circumstances of your world are changing immensely, and you need to prepare for that. Whether it is three years from now, or three hundred years from now, you have an active role in what occurs in the future to you planet. You are each an individual; you are significant. The Creator knows you individually, is aware of you completely. There is an awareness of you throughout all the records and archives of the universe. What you do is significant; what you do is not forgotten. How you led your life is a product of your decisions; and, they are sovereign, they are yours. Those are on record.

Whether you continue on in your infinite course of your life to eventually be received in Paradise, embraced by the Creator and inducted into the Corps of Finality, or whether you chose to absent yourself from that journey, the decisions that you make that contribute to this world, to the universe, are going to remain. You cannot maximize your decisions and you cannot maximize the value of your soul without all the opportunities and the awareness of those opportunities, and the arrival of those opportunities in your life, to make decisions about, unless you are informed.

I wish you to know that as I have presented myself in these many months that I have been speaking to you, that very much of my essence, my presence with you is as it will be experienced by you and by your descendents in the future. I will be your spiritual, active, and inspirational leader, the one who assists you to reorganize your societies, your civilization, to give significance for all time to your cultures. I will assist you in doing this. And when I say, "you," I mean you as individuals. I wish to have a personal, intimate, and individual relationship with each one of you. Some of you already have experienced that.

The best antidote for fear is awareness. The best antidote of helplessness is empowerment. You have many opportunities ahead of you to examine and to make decisions about. I wish you to make the best contributive decisions you can to your self, your children, family, neighbors, and to your community. Many of you will live as models for others—that is your decision. Some of you will accept opportunities and circumstance that to you appear to be obvious, but to others they will shrink away. You will have an awareness of this and only an appreciation of it to its fullest after you cross over to the mansion worlds.

I wish you now to imagine a hypothetical, though somewhat realistic, gathering/conclave that Christ Michael had with significant members of his local universe — those who make decisions about the course of the quarantined planets. Now imagine in this hypothetical meeting that they are asking, "How can we prepare these planets for the eventuality of their return to the fold of all Nebadon?" And as you can imagine, there were many suggestions, from simply creating each planet into a paradise by fait accompli, to the bedrock decision that Christ Michael eventually made to help each planet heal itself, maximize the soul growth of individuals, who would eventually become immense contributors to the Corps of Finality, and to the eventuality of the Grand Universe.

"Where do we begin?" asks a member.

Having the outline of the process of rehabilitation already in hand, the answer is, "We begin with the individual."

"How can we heal the individual and develop them into leaders, if their society is corrupt? Their world is in darkness; it is in quarantine? How do we proceed?"

So let us close this hypothetical situation and begin to ask and answer—strive to answer —some of these meaningful questions. As you know, there must first be the exercise of justice with the miscreants who caused this grief in these planets in quarantine — and this has been accomplished. Next, would be to begin the earliest phases of bringing these planets into the fold of Nebadon, and that is to reconnect the circuits of each planet, and the environments of those planets with the center of Nebadon, with Uversa, with the Grand Universe.

I am not one to share with you, now, how the decision came about to bring a Magisterial Son to your planet, but you and I know that that decision has been made. After the adjudication and after the circuits were reconnected, the plans that had long been developed—since the rebellion began—could then become inaugurated, established and invoked and put into operation.

Student: What an exciting time for us to be living here!

MONJORONSON: Exactly so. I feel as you do, dear one, and I am mightily excited to be a part of this, to be able to be of such immense service to my brother, Christ Michael, and to our Creator Father—and to the Trinity!

If I may continue, the next phase would be to bring mortals into awareness of these happenings, which are now events in history. And do this without arousing great fear, yet allowing for the greatest interpretation by those who are sensitive to the realms of spirit, those who see partially, those who come forward to make pronouncements in the name of the Lord, even though they are not anointed. The effort is to bring forward the greatest awareness of change, and bring forth the message that is positive, that is healing and also reconstructive — a message that also informs individuals and societies of the changes that are to come. And we, knowing that there will be changes in your earth, for it is a developmental, evolutionary, material planet that has geology, has weather and a chemistry of its own that is material and immaterial, that these changes will occur on your planet and that this will affect how your world proceeds.

I told you last time that there was an awareness—a long standing awareness—that your planet’s population would reach an era where it would be precipitous to go any further, that it would decline, and that this could be used of benefit, of leverage for spiritual expansion and reorganization of your planet, its civilizations, and organizations. All without mandate, but rather allowing for sovereign decisions, co-creative participation by mortals.

My friends, we have challenged you to ask questions. I wish each one of you could have sat in on the many millennia of question asking sessions that we have had to develop strategies for implementing Michael’s plans most effectively for your planet. Always, even in reorganizing the grandest, largest scope of your planet—always those plans had to address the care, support and spiritual feeding of each individual, and further give opportunity for mortals to participate in making those decisions. And friends, that requires that you have an awareness of your circumstances, does it not? (Yes.) Certainly. You cannot make effective, moral decisions without this awareness.

Let us resume another hypothetical question asking session that we had on Salvington: Put yourself into the position of this question asker, "Michael, how is it that we are to heal this planet and bring it into the fold of Nebadon, if we are to use mortals in the co-creative, cooperative relationship of its future? How can we assist these individuals to make those decisions? Who is to bring them into their own folds of cooperative effort? Are we to do this? If we do, then we will have removed them from sovereign decision-making about their futures; we will have diminished their capacity to aid their own soul growth and the healing of their planet, their families, their societies. Michael, is this not an impossible task you are asking us to do?"

This question asker says to you, I can recall that our Lord—your Lord—rose to the occasion and said these words: "I have the utmost confidence in my mortal brothers and sisters upon the planets in rebellion, to assist themselves with us in their own healing. And we will do that by assisting those who can be leaders, to lead." And I, Monjoronson today, am here to tell you that I am addressing the leaders who will begin the New Era. Some of you will be in this New Era; some of you will not make the transition through that era of ten years or more. Please, do not accept this as a point to become fearful, but as an opportunity to stand up and say, "Yes! I wish to be a co-creative, cooperative leader in the New Era, with Monjoronson, Machiventa, Christ Michael, my Thought Adjuster and the Most Highs, those in authority in Uversa."

We are not asking you to be brave. We are not asking you to be courageous. We are not asking you to put yourself at risk. We are simply offering an opportunity for you to offer the greatest of your capacity to participate in leadership, to participate in healing of your world; to participate actively in the New Era, the new world that your planet will enjoy. My friends, if you see a wall of water coming down the street at your house, you should be fearful! But if you look outside today and the sky is blue, there may be clouds, it may be raining lightly—appreciate that you are safe. You are safe now!

We share this information with you so that you can make rational, competent decisions—not decisions made out of fear for we know that in times of fear, when you are fearful, your body mechanism will takeover and oftentimes, your rational mind will fly out the window, that you will not be available to yourself, even to save yourself, let alone your house, your family, your community. We are simply asking you to declare your intention to work with us in these developments. We ask you to begin by asking meaningful discerning questions.

[Daniel: I guess he wants to take a break now.]

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson; let us continue. A meaningful question for you to ask of yourself, if you wish to be a leader in the New Era, is, "What am I to lead?" "I am only a clerk in a grocery store." "I am only an elementary teacher in a large school." "I’m a fireman in a large battalion." This is an important question to ask. You will be surprised how you can contribute in the New Era as a leader. Of course, as a leader, you cannot lead without people to assist you in that leadership, those who would rather "do" than "lead." You would find individuals who have commonalities with yourself, whether it is in your employment or your hobbies, or some other pursuits.

We mentioned that life will go on, your society will continue, its functions will continue. Many superfluous functions will decrease or even cease. You probably will not have time to rent the videos that you used to—you may not have an interest to. You will have leisure time; there will be resources; there will be group meetings, but the topics, the agendas and the topics of meetings that you attend will take on a much deeper, richer significance in your life. You will be concerned first about survival—the goal is to feel safe. And you want to do this in an environment that allows for your self-determination. It would be horrendous for you to attempt to survive in a military state, would it not?

The optimum circumstances of the New Era are dependant upon allowance for individuals to make decisions of self-determination, self-determination that is not at the expense of others but made by decisions that support you and them. If you are an educator, let us say that you are the superintendent of several schools: You would seek out the staff who remain from the schools you managed. Who do you have left? What are their fields of expertise? How many students remain? What resources do you have? How do you minimize the expense of a school district that now has only 50% of its student body? To keep the lights on in a school that has 110 rooms, when you only need 10 rooms, is a waste of resources. Do you have individuals in your physical plant department who can assist in this problem, this situation? You will have many challenges as a superintendent of schools.

The distribution of resources will be one of the more difficult challenges of your economy. We can assist you in many ways, but we still have not learned how to drive trucks to deliver the gasoline, deliver the groceries, pick up and deliver the mail, and so on. Yet, my friends, you have within individuals, and among you, an intelligence that can overcome these problems. When life becomes more regular, after this interim period, you will feel safe and secure and you will begin to prosper—that is grow—seeking new adventures once again.

Once you have overcome the challenges of survival, now what will you do? One of the important questions that you individually and as groups will ask, "Do we want to go back to the way our society was?" "Do we want to maintain the simplicity that we have now?" "What do we need to do to enhance the quality of our lives, outside of material possessions?" You will have fundamental societal questions to ask. "How do we maintain governance?" "How do we administer justice?" "How do we deliver justice?" "Who is responsible to make these decisions?" And so on. Because you live in a quasi-democracy, you will need to emplace a means of reliably gathering the opinions and contributions of individuals.

And ever in your minds and upon your lips will be the question, "How do we maintain a rational, healthy, constructive, growing society in these years and in the future?" By asking those questions, you will begin the process of building a new future, a new society, and allow for the healing to take place. Yes, you will ask questions—some of you will ask questions—"Do we maintain the old feuds? the old borders? the old animosities?" For some, it will be an opportunity to expand their power, but will it enhance the future? We do not know, as this message goes out to you, will you support the New Era? Or will you collectively go back to the old era of linear thinking, domination and subjection, submission and abuse, or will you assist aiding others to remove boundaries, barriers, borders in order to build a whole future?

And who will make these suggestions? Who will offer this leadership for the New Era? We hope it is you. We know that many of you will step forward, you will not be timid; you will offer suggestions, rather than an authoritative mandate that must be fulfilled. Will you seek wholeness, oneness, completeness, inclusion and operate in terms of "with," "and," "we," "us," "together," and so on? These are our operative words of wholeness in a completion that offers potential for expansion, rather than contraction and diminution.

Some of you know that you are timid; some of you know that you are docile—this is wonderful. You are needed! You, who are so humble, who can offer up wonderful, profound suggestions to a larger group that may not think the way you do. As a member of a larger group, you know, as Teaching Mission and Urantia Book readers, that your future is one that is profoundly great, and offers profound opportunities for growth individually, societally. Knowing what you know of the world you will live in during the New Era, you have much to offer for the reorganization of your communities, states, and nations. You know that your world will move day-by-day to the final era, The Days of Light and Life.

Leadership does not necessarily mean standing in front of a thousand people, saying, "This way!" It may be someone in the back of the room who will hold up their hand and say, "Have you ever thought about this possibility…?" That is leadership! That is the opportunity for expansion and growth. You live on a material world. You live material lives. You suffer, you die, you pass on, and you have opportunities to serve. While you are here, your lives are intense; you live lives of intense experience—intense lives [of] physical growth, personal, emotional development, spiritual expansion, and service.

We would hope, before the Transition Era arrives, that the population of this world will all be exposed to the writings of the Teaching Mission, the good work of the Urantia Book—and that everyone would study that book, read the transcripts, and prepare for their new future. But we know this will not be the case. Your future, its direction and your world’s development, will critically be dependent upon a few tens-of-thousands of individuals throughout the world to assist us in bringing your world into the New Era. Again I say, you are not alone! You will not be alone; you are accompanied by many unseen friends — active, competent, capable individuals who are empowered to assist your world to come into the New Era. You will not be left to flounder. You will not be left in the seas of turmoil to tread water and wait for help. We are here, a helping hand to pull you to safety, show you the way, the choices you have, the decisions that you can make, and then take action.


Now, let us have questions, if you have any.

Student: Monjoronson, you’ve talked about a global spiritual community being necessary to your plans, and that models of these will be needed before the negative events occur. Rayson has already given us several lessons on "Intentional Community" that will be of a great help to us in planning spiritual communities, but do you have any specific requirements to add, such as the numbers or the locations of these communities that would best aid your mission? Will your staff need a place where they can be housed, as well as a place to teach?

MONJORONSON: Lets take your first question first: There are no specific places where these centers must begin in order to contribute to the New Era and the plans of the Magisterial Mission. These will develop spontaneously, but, albeit intentionally, by individuals who want to have intentional communities. They can begin as intentional communities or simply as a spiritual community, where people bond together spiritually, and to exercise the intentional community later. You have one here—a spiritual community—which, if you decided, that could under certain circumstances come together to aid in each other’s survival and the survival of your neighbors and communities. There are already existent many thousands of spiritual communities that have no declared intention of further existence past their spiritual growth individually and its expression as a group.

We provide a service where it is needed—it is not the other way around. We will serve, assist, and contribute to groups of individuals who have declared their need for assistance. Remember, this is for you; this is for individuals of your planet. We work together. You are not dependant upon us and we are not dependant upon you, but we have a co-existence to support each other successfully into the future. We have a future that we will co-create together. As for domiciling my staff, this is not a relevant question at this time, for we know that when those circumstances arrive that what we need will be provided. (Thank you.)

Student: An individual brought up a question at study group this week about … not at all related to your messages, Monjoronson, but it seems that there are quite a number of religious people who think in terms of Armageddon and the Rapture, and if they would interpret such great changes happening on our planet as being a part of that, as if it was …I don’t understand very much about that, but if God is pouring out wrath upon this planet. We certainly don’t believe in that, but I am wondering how we might best respond to such limited thinking?

MONJORONSON: As we have taught before, there is no arguing with those points of view, for then you have engaged yourself in their arguments and those limitations. This is a matter of individual decision. They have made decisions about what to believe and what not to believe. Most beliefs, decisions about beliefs, are self-limiting. Again, you can assist others into greatness by leading by example. Surely, there will be many outside of the spiritual and intentional communities who survive and ask the question, "Why did I survive? Why did you survive?" And truly, it will not be a matter of being "chosen," but it will be a matter of preparation, of being at the right place at the right time, with the right circumstances. Again, it is the discerning mind that asks deeper questions, rather than blindly accepting what they have been taught. We know this is not possible of everyone, but we would wish that everyone would ask questions. And perhaps the best question you could ask them is, "Have you ever thought to question those beliefs? Do you think there may be other alternatives?" and leave it at that. (Thank you.)

Student: I have a question: We have been taught that the Most Highs rule in the kingdom of men, and in that vein, the question is, "Do they cause earth disturbances in that sense, they are more—as we understand it—looking at the good of the whole, not of individuals, in the way they may operate to change these kingdoms of men. Do they also work in the human domain, causing disruptions or diseases or things of this sort? Could you comment on their activities as it may support this Correcting Time?

MONJORONSON: Certainly. The Most Highs do not cause insurrections, do not bring about disease, do not cause or bring about earthquakes, bad weather, or circumstances as that. The activities of the Most Highs have and will continue to dovetail exactly with the Correcting Time. The Most Highs have been and will be an active element in all the affairs of mankind, from government to economies to transportation to finance, commerce, to health care, to all the major institutions that support human kind, that support civilization and its development. The Most Highs do operate in most unusual ways. They have latitude of decision-making and implementation that go far beyond those of angels or midwayers or Melchizedeks.

The Most Highs are influential, both in the transition of institutions for their collapse, and for their development. If a situation occurs that needs a little "tipping," they oftentimes provide the "tipping." They also provide opportunities for right action to mortals. There are consequences that are attendant to all their participation or their manipulations, and they are responsive and attendant to those provisions. They do not cause political or economic cataclysms without opportunities for betterment. They are not mischievous or capricious. These are righteous and holy individuals. Their mission, their purpose is to assist in the development and the augmentation of right living through good working institutions for humankind on each planet. They work for the good of all.

Student: Can we hope that they can then influence some of the misguided decisions of our governmental and industrial complex that have seemed to have developed a government within our government to the point they are now parallel with our current government, causing such abuse to small countries where they want to control their resources and so on. Can we hope for their engagement in those activities?

MONJORONSON: They are even now actively engaged in those governmental processes, in ways that are mysterious and unfathomable. They do not operate in ways that are subversive, at least in the perspectives that you are acquainted with. They are kindly and compassionate in their applications. Do you recall the revolution that occurred in Russia, the standoff at those critical buildings where the country could have been thrown into immense chaos and destruction? Those were transition times when the Most Highs were very influential, yet through all the tension, decisions were made by individuals that assisted that country in coming from the brink, back into a stalemate situation for the time being, and now that country is in much better position as a whole, and for the good of millions of people of that country and its satellite nations.

Student: Could I ask a further question? (Please do.) In considering the question of population or depopulation of the planet necessary to reach a stable and survivable population on the planet, can you comment more on the mechanisms that might take place in that regard?

MONJORONSON: Do you mean regarding the decimation of the planet? (Yes.) It will occur as a comedy of errors, an immense global tragedy of errors. It will be compounded, as I have said before, by many factors but there will be one decision after another made that will be in error, and failure to act when actions would have been precipitous to recovery. There will be individuals who are in power, who do not act. And those who are out of power, who will, who will complicate the situation for a large percentage of the planet. There will be a primary cause for the decimation, but the numbers will be greatly enhanced by the incompetence of those who could not make decisions, and by those who made decisions. As I say, it will be a compounding of many factors. Does this answer your question? (Thank you.)

Student: Monjoronson, following the question that was just answered, are you able to tell us that the people that do not survive, if they will die from disease, suffering slowly, or if their lives will be taken quickly?

MONJORONSON: For the vast majority of those who die, their transition will be very rapid. There will be those, however, who are isolated both physically and through lack of support that will suffer. Their numbers will be miniscule, compared to the numbers who have passed quickly. There will be situations very similar to what occurred in your southern states during the last hurricane season, where there will be individuals in [hospital] care who will be abandoned; those who will be in jails who will be abandoned, those who are infirm, who are not fed and those who are on life support systems that fail. There will be many who pass without knowing, for they were already unconscious or close to death. There will be some who are isolated because of lack of services. It will be most difficult, but few will die a lingering death. Most who remain will have capacity to make active decisions about how they survive. Does this answer your question? (Yes, it does. Thank you.)

Student: Will atomic bombs be a part of the problem, with the accompanying radiation that lingers?

MONJORONSON: The aspect of atomic bombs is an integral part of this expanded scenario; the radiation that would remain from this hypothetical situation would be a lingering problem, with little possibility for those who are in those areas to be cared for. This could be one of those compounding factors that could develop in that era. There are probabilities that this will occur, though our analysis has not confirmed this at this point. There are those who will wish to inflict retribution due to past injuries, as I have mentioned before, but those who want to expand their control and authority through the expression of violence to those who are incapacitated, though as I said, all will be incapacitated in the end, and survival will not be assured by positions of power or great wealth.

Student: Monjoronson, would it be helpful to us, as we desire to take more personal responsibility in service to our families and fellows, to again look at the material in the Urantia Book on the era of Light and Life, to make ourselves more aware of some of the details of the kind of progress that we are looking toward?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it would be helpful, though do not become idealistic when reading these things, these pages, this text. You will be challenged by the realities around you, but these should be guiding thoughts and ideals to aspire to. What will be most helpful during this era are the values that you have for your life and the life of others. The values then express as beliefs. Your values are important for the fulfillment of those ideals. Do you understand? (I think so. Thank you.)

Are there other questions?

Student: Is the chaos in the Middle East, . . . is that heading toward what you would call a World War III?

MONJORONSON: No it will not lead to this. It is one of those compounding factors; as metaphor, it is one of those situations where a storeowner protects the back door against thieves, while others boldly come through the front door to take advantage. The attention of many of the planet’s leaders are now focused on the Middle East, and focused upon their economies and the petroleum resources. Their focus is upon those areas and they are allocating their resources to those situations. It is likely that the failing factor will sneak up behind them and overwhelm them completely, without their awareness or their ability to regain control. (Very interesting!)

Student: Monjoronson, it seems as if you and others have given us a great deal of emphasis on the practice of stillness and overcoming our fears, and it seems to me that that’s very necessary and helpful in developing the courage, the confidence to step out as you are suggesting in whatever kind of leadership role might be placed in front of us. Is that a correct assumption?

MONJORONSON: You have said well. You must realize, must know, and appreciate that what you have today is sufficient for this day, and not worry about tomorrow. Do not fear for factors that may occur tomorrow; you must live in this day. The best way to do that is to begin in stillness and end it in stillness, with your intention to receive wisdom, guidance, and understanding, from your Thought Adjuster and from your Guardian. You will be of no use to others as a leader if you are fearful. You will be of no assistance—have no grounding—unless you are grounded in the stillness, and know with full assurance that you are accompanied by more than yourself; you are accompanied by the Greatness that is unseen. You may call this courage; you may call it bravery; you may call it the obvious that you must do, but know that you who are in stillness have the greatest opportunities for inner leadership and partnership with you. (Thank you.)


These are our first, smallest, most obvious steps into global leadership with you. When you act as leaders in the capacity that you can, whether that is in governance, whether it is in resources, whether it is in education, or healthcare—wherever it may be, you can be assured that you are working in close and immediate cooperation with the Most Highs. You can know—truly know—that you are in the company of those that can assist you immediately in your situations. Remember, that you are not alone. This journey into the New Era through the transition period is one that you will begin to experience the immediacy, intimacy, the personal contact of that which has been unseen before. Be assured that my presence in your company will be felt. Know that you have a light within you that knows the way. Trust in this. Above all, trust in yourself. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)