The 11:11 Prompt

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Many believe the 11:11 prompt to have something to do with numerology, or even the Mayan calendar. Not so.

Getting the 11:11 pm wake-up calls, and the 11:11 am reminder calls, tells you more about you than it does about the 1,111 Secondary Midwayers.

1. You are genetically capable of 2-way contact with the 1,111 and other Celestials if you care to meet them halfway.
2. You are prepared to be guided — obtain information from those who measure their IQ’s in the thousands.
3. You are fair in your dealings with others, and useful to the 1,111.
4. You are ‘ascending’ in spiritual growth.
5. I’m often told the 1,111 will ask for your help at some (distant) future time, but I rarely get specific details for anyone other than for myself.
6. A member of your family, recently passed on, may have requested this contact, as the Lucifer rebellion has finally been adjudicated (1984).
7. And, most importantly, your Thought Adjuster (Spirit Self or God Fragment) wishes for you to get involved with the 1,111.

Your best approach to meeting them halfway would be stillness meditation, or the Akashic Construct only if you happen to have difficulties stilling your mind. This CD is available from Australia, and it is rather inexpensive. It’s a service of the 11:11 Progress Group.