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Etymology: fr. Latin caelum "sky", "heaven"

Adjective - celestial (not comparable)

1. Relating to the heaven in a religious sense. 2. Relating to the sky or space.

Synonyms, religious sense

The term celestial refers to the sky and/or Heaven. An astronomical object is sometimes referred to as a celestial body or celestial object.

Other uses of the term celestial include:

  • Supernatural beings living in heaven, such as divinities and angels
  • Celestial digimon. used in Digimon Frontier
  • Celestial (Chinese): Celestial was a term for Chinese immigrants used in the American Old West, British Columbia, and in Australia in the 19th century, derived from their status as subjects of the Son of Heaven (the Chinese Emperor). The term is no longer in common use and is rarely heard outside of the Western genre of film.[citation needed]
  • The Celestials are a race of powerful alien beings in Marvel Comics.
  • The Celestials are an ancient race in the Star Wars universe.
  • Celestials are a race of angel-like beings in the Dungeons & Dragons game.
  • Celestial is an album by Isis.
  • Celestial is an album by RBD.
  • Celestial Recordings, a record label.
  • Celestial Movies, a 24 hours satellite broadcast movie channel. [2]

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