1987-04-25-Past Civilizations

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Topic: Past Civilizations

Group: New Zealand TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Babs



Charles says opening prayer.

Teacher: I am Abraham. I am your Teacher.

AllGood evening Abraham.

Teacher: Then, you have queries?


PettaYes. It’s Petta speaking Abraham. Theories abound in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle. Is it possible that an aeroplane and its occupants can disappear without trace, and is it likely that these people are now living on another planet, if so then why would they be chosen?

Teacher: We have discussed this before times. Correct?

"I wasn't here Abraham, sorry.

Teacher: I am aware.

I will refer to the others then, thank you.

Teacher: You are welcome.

Tommas, you are of comfort?

TommasYes, a lot better this week thank you.

Teacher: Yes.

You have more queries?

Filip I've been foraging again and you've said previously that Charles, Martin. & Benjamin & Ruby are of your family.

Teacher: Correct

Are the rest of us, who are here at this time also part of your family?

Teacher: Yes. You may describe it, extended family.

"Not as close family, but as distant relations? Correct.

"This leads me back to my question at my last appointment, about my previous incarnations, I read that where Abraham was born, I seem to have knowledge of Ur, when I was very young in this physical incarnation, l seemed to know a lot about Ur & Sumer, was this from my soul memory?

Teacher: It is possible. You wish information?

"Yes please, I wish information.

Teacher: One moment. Yes. You were one of the many traders of this time, traveling, yes.

"And this was before that civilization ceased to exist?

Teacher: Ceases to exist?

"Well, did not the Sumarian civilization go out of existence?

Teacher: In a manner of speaking.

"They lost their-knowledge, is that what I mean? Correct.

"The same as the Egyptians and other civilizations?

Teacher: Correct. One moment. There were at that time, many tribes, there was much dissension, much in-fighting, and a tribe would become engulfed within another, a seeming ceasing of existence

"And in these conflicts, that's when the knowledge was lost?

Teacher: In any conflict, knowledge is lost, yes.

FilipThose entrusted with the knowledge in the physical, when they went from the physical, with them, went the knowledge?

Teacher: In time, yes. Those who remain to the physical buried their knowledge, such as has been happening in the present time of your existence.

"So there could still be information, that even now has not been found at this time

Teacher: Correct

"Not as obvious as the pyramids?

Teacher: Correct. Just as the uncovering of the earth brings forth information of past animal existence, mineral existence, etc.

Charles Abraham, I am Charles. In our recorded history that we know of, on this plane, most of the civilizations that have come to blossom, have had great understandings and it would seem greed & corruption has allowed them to collapse, and we have just seen a film, showing us the future, of what could happen, if we develop a consciousness, where earth becomes as one peoples. This seemingly would put an end to civilizations destroying one another and earth would become as one, is this the goal we have all been heading for, for many centuries, I assume?

Teacher: Correct. But there is always humankind to contend with. The powers, the conflict, yes.

And this upsets the balance, yes.

"One of the greed things, not only money, gold & wealth, of that sort, but wealth of knowledge of course was one of the factors, that this knowledge is now being shared easier around the world. Knowledge that you are giving us can be told to many people as was mentioned before, and not kept in one place, this surely should help.

Teacher: Correct. There are still those who are of greed for knowledge and who are selfish and keep this knowledge for themselves. This is hand in hand with power, yes.

There are those who are intent to divide and conquer, yes. It is hoped the many shall negate the few. You have understanding.


Martin I am Martin Abraham, I think one of the other tragedies at the moment, is the people that have this knowledge, are now beginning to sell this knowledge, they acquire the knowledge and then find that the knowledge is now, has to be bought in many places,

Teacher: Yes. If it is with greed for power, it may cause conflict. If it is as a trading or barter, there shall be little or no conflict, yes.

Selina, you are of comfort?

SelinaYes, think you Abraham.

Teacher: You have calm?

"Well I think so, yes.

Teacher: And how this has been for you?

Selina Well I purposely haven’t done any researching this week, I've tried very hard to stay away from all sorts of books That hasn't actually stopped things coming into my mind though, so I am not sure if I won the round or not.

Teacher: How has this affected your physical body?

"I think I have still been a bit frustrated & a bit bored-. I feel I have wasted a week from our last appointment, I might be more agitated in my mind by reading, but I'm happier reading.

Teacher: And how has this affected your physical?

I don't think I understand the question.

Teacher: You have been of a relaxed, your sleep has improved

Oh I have good nights and bad nights, so I still can't really tell.

Teacher: Then I suggest you shall be calm until our next appointment. You are re-learning, yes. Frustration of the mind, yes.

"I had a dream twice this week, of a very large crab,

Is this a nonsense dream or is it symbolic of something

Teacher: I can find no information.

O.K. I was just wondering if it was relating to the Zodiac, in some way,

that's what I was searching for.

Teacher: It is possible, but I would not rely on symbolism too heavy.

Tommas, you have found Selina to be calm

TommasShe has been quite good this week, yes, a big improvement.

Teacher: Yes, there are times when even foragers have the need for rest, it shall` be of great benefit.

SelinaThank you Abraham.

Teacher: There are more queries?

There are some whose voice is not heard, if you are of some discomfort, feel no embarrass to speak.

TommasIt's Tommas here, I know it's against the commandments

to kill, but in a situation where you are being attacked by another country that wants to invade your country, I feel you have got a right to defend your homeland, your family, but this could mean killing.

Teacher: Yes, you are wondering of the morality of such.

Yes. It is either kill, or be killed, but you still rob somebody of their souls' path of learning.

Teacher: Yes, I am understanding your query. The urge to protect one's family, home, country is of a strong instinct. I cannot give a judgment, what I shall say is this, there are those who kill in the name of God, this is not correct. They use God as a reason for committing an invasion, destruction, fear, pain is, not correct. You are understanding?

Yes, I do, Thank you.

CharlesAbraham I believe you once told us more than that, when we referred to turning the other cheek.

Teacher: Correct.

I am trying to remember your words, but I can't.

Teacher: One moment. Your laws of your land have provision for the defence of your person and that of your family. I regret I am unable to retrieve such information at this time. There are other... there is distraction.

"I believe it-was answering a different query, but it was on a

Teacher: It- was regarding the Ten Commandments, the attitudes.

The attitudes, I believe it was, yes.

Abraham you quite often. ask us if we are of comfort, may we ask you the same query, are you of comfort with us at all times?

Teacher: I am often of comfort. At times there is.

discomfort which I receive.

Can you tell us in what way, so that we may eliminate that discomfort for you?

Teacher: I have mentioned, and this is not castigation, there are those who communicate not.

"In our early days, communications with you, we sort of had an unwritten rule, that we used to come to the table with written questions, the two or three that were there, could this be an idea to start things off, do you feel, or should we rather leave things loose?

Teacher: Until such time as the group of persons are at ease, there shall be slight discomfort.

To give, is to receive, to receive, is to give.

"Also in our early communications, sometimes when we ran out of things to query, and we just didn't have anything to ask, either Bertha or yourself would give us something to perhaps think about or discuss.

Teacher: I am aware.

"I was wondering if it were not possible, if we would ask the same of you on these occasions, when we all feel we have nothing to ask, just give us some teaching that we could work from.

Teacher: I am aware of your query. I repeat, to give is to receive, to receive is to give. Surely this comment, should invite discussion!

SelinaAbraham, I am Selina. I have got two thoughts on that.

Teacher: Then speak.

"Well, I don't think-you will approve of either really.

Teacher: Do not judge my answer.

Well I haven’t run out of questions, it's just that you said, I should hold back and not ask.

Teacher: For you, be calm,

And the other suggestion was, to keep the meeting going, I could give my questions to other people, and let them ask them, and break the ice for them.

Teacher: It is a possibility, but you see, it is not correct. I thank you for your thought.

TommasIt's better for the questions to come from the people's heart themselves?

Teacher: Correct.

Tommas, your affliction is understood. The difficulty for speech is understood.

"My jaw is wired together.

Teacher: I am aware of your difficulty.

KordeIt's Korde here, can I ask a question?

You may.

"When there are two souls together as twins, and one soul lives on and the other soul either goes back or is not wanting to be in the physical would the living physical miss the soul that has gone back?

Teacher: It is a possibility. Twin children are often akin in mind, heart, soul.

So the person on the physical, would feel the loss?

Teacher: It is a possibility.

"Another question. The other morning I woke up with a thud, my son had been cooking himself some food, and had fallen asleep, and I woke up to smoke, would that had been my guide giving me a jolt, or would it have been my nose sense, or what?

Teacher: Considering the strength of burnt food, your

olfactory system would have been the reason.

"Thank you. It did smell bad.

Yes. It is usual.

Dominica I am Dominica. About a fortnight ago, I was doing a relaxation exercise with music in the background and instead of relaxing parts of my body, I tried to empty my mind, right at the end of it I saw, all these pinks, and sort of swirling, I was wondering if it was my imaginations colours.

Teacher: Music is a sound, a vibration which also has a colour, which has a sound, a vibration, there you have your answer.

"Thank you.

FilipIs it also possible to have different colours when you are meditating without music?

Teacher: Correct.

"Because this happened to me also last week.

Teacher: It is not of necessity to see colour only when listening to music.

"It's just that it was my first time, apart from when we were together last week, our last appointment, that I'd seen colour.

Teacher: You are attuning yourself to the vibrations.

"Thank you, I'd hoped to hear something like that.


Teacher: Then I shall leave a message.

To attend this class is a privilege, to give, is to receive, to receive is to give, to participate fully, should involve your physical presence, your mental presence, your emotional presence, and your soul presence.

I leave this message for contemplation, Again I say no castigation, but for your benefit, for your enfoldment, for your higher learning of self, of God, of Truth.

I bid you peace, light, love, truth, which is God.


Teacher: AllShalom

AllWe say a silent prayer for Petta and Mondaa's daughter.

Charles closing prayer. As the door closes on the light, let it be known the light still shines within the hearts of us.



Teacher: From previous lessons

Book 2 page 15

I have often wondered about the truth of Noah and his Ark. We know of the myths, but what is the deeper truth, if any?

Teacher: The essence. This Noah is true and fact. He was saving species from a celestial hurricane and flooding.

He was a prophet then?

Teacher: In a manner of speaking.

Page 67

Can you tell us the seven stages of life or seven rays?

Teacher: 1st is the stage of life on this Plane

2nd is the stage of life of the Body

3rd is the stage of life of the Mind

4th is the stage of life of the Heart

5th is the stage of life of the Ether

6th is the stage of life of the Realm Above

7th is GOD

How do the stages work?

Teacher: The soul on returning to "heaven" is on a journey of these seven levels. The soul may take many returns before completing the journey to the seventh level.

You are on the first plane – Do not concern your soul is of higher evolvement.

Book 9 Page 88

Charles I understand all other animals may have been formed from plankton and such, but we didn’t evolve that way, we were put here from the spiritual life to the physical as a seed and we’ve grown from there.

Martin Yes but I believe the watchers sent down seeds.

Yes, you are aware, I am not of the watchers… You may consider the watchers as your parents - Your souls existed long before your seed was planted by the watchers but also "There was a time, there was a place" This could be thought of when you are with the watchers also when you are soul energy.