1991-01-26-Seeking God's Will

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Topic: Seeking God's Will

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. It is wonderful to be back with you again this week. D3 has had a busy week, not only in trying to understand these communications, but also in the healing processes that she is going through. She is very concerned about making mistakes. Her whole desire is for truth and seeking the Father's Will. She is doing well despite her doubts and I am forced to say this to the group for her sake.


Today's lesson is about seeking God's will. You are all gathered amongst me here tonight because this has been your intended desire. The Father knows this. He is pleased with the dedication of His children. He knows of your daily trials and tribulations and knows how hard it is on a material sphere to keep focused on His Being and His will for you as a father has for his child.

The will of the Father asks us to maintain an outward desire to follow His path and seek further truth. Your being here tonight testifies to this. In your everyday life make it a conscious effort to love another person, to understand a new idea or concept, to reach out and help someone, to reflect daily about these things. We often get caught up in our own daily lives and forget our heart's desire. As part of your spiritual growth at this time it is necessary for each of us to really make that effort. If each of us could daily do these things, then small changes are brought about. It has to start with you, the individual. This is such a vital, this is necessary, if we are going to be able to further our mission. You are doing well, this is true. We need to strive for betterment. When you reach more Godlike in your daily routines, then changes do take place. Heed my words my pupils, my dear pupils. It is necessary that we reach these higher goals for our mission to go forward.

My lessons for a while may seem quite basic and easy. Apply these to your life and we can move forward quickly. Reach out, love, know tolerance, know forgiveness. During the week please take time daily to sit quietly in prayerful reflection by closing our mind to all the busy noises and activities of the day. We are able to bring about changes within our own being. This for now is your mission. You have been steadily going down the right path. It is time to move forward. Quiet contemplation, prayerful reflection and service, love, forgiveness. For now, my children, the Father wishes for you to partake of this for your own spiritual growth, and for the growth that can take place in the outer realms in our society. I will now take questions. (long silence) We have a quiet group tonight."


V1: "Daniel, this is V1, and uh and something that...reflecting on your lesson tonight..I think probably all of us would say that as well as we know ourselves we want to the Father's will, but it's that day to day encounter and uh is will enough to accomplish the Father's will?"

Daniel: "Good question, V1. This is not always enough. However, you always have your faith. Faith is a beautiful gift from the Father. All of you have been given this wondrous gift. It can only grow and spread when you use it. If you doubt and do not accept the faith, if you are not open you will lose it. By striving to do the Father's will your faith will increase and it, then, will support you in doing His will. Be open and you will receive what you need. Little by little, over time you will see how your reactions to events that transpire in your life are changing. It won't be overnight, no. It will come, though, about slowly. Every time you consciously think on God's will and desire to follow it, and try to implement it you grow stronger. When you stifle His will, you grow weaker. Do not think, however, that if you fail and do not feel you have measured up in any given situation, do not despair. Ask for further guidance and know that God loves you. Mortals are not able to always do what they desire. God knows this. If your desire is strong, over time you will grow and grow. Does this answer your question?"

V1: "Yes and no. I am one of those impatient people who expect perfection."

Daniel: "This is not possible on this sphere. Only God is perfect, Christ Michael was perfect, we are not of Divine Sonship. We are mere mortals. Life has many adverse situations which help you to grow when you use them (these opportunities) to grow. But just because we do not attain perfection does not mean that you are not moving forward. Striving for perfection is necessary to keep us moving forward. Expecting to be perfect is not possible. Am I more clear?"

V1: "Yes, thank you."

F1: "Daniel, this is F1. It seems the more I grow spiritually the more rebellious my ego gets and it comes to take over. Is this common? It seems to have created a lot of inner conflict in me."

Daniel: "Yes, F1, often times our egos do take over. We are, after all, will creatures. It is through the praying and the contemplating and asking for God's guidance that we can diminish the ego. Keeping focused on doing the will of God is necessary in helping us to do His will rather than ours. We often think we know more about what is best for us. The path of life is not easy. We seek comfort. The ego enjoys this comforting state, but it is stagnant. Growth cannot come out of the ego. If you will do what I have said in truly desiring God's will, in contemplating and praying, then, F1, the ego will diminish. You have been doing very well. Know that God has been watching you and is pleased. All of you have made wonderful gains in this regard. What is asked now is to move on to another level." F1: "Thank you."

B1: "This is B1 for lack of a better term. In listening to your lesson, I thought about my own days in the last week, and while I do spend time most days reading the Urantia Book or contemplating this whole experience that we are going through and praying and so forth, I got the sense that you were asking us to increase this dedication, this activity on a daily basis, at least I am interpreting this for myself, some setting aside or some definite decision not to 'fit this in' when there is time, because there may not be time, but rather to prioritize it. Do I understand you correctly?"

Daniel: "Yes, prioritize that you need to be focused on reaching further spiritual growth, whether through study of the Urantia Book or other uplifting reading, as well as through your daily prayer and reflection. Our growth is in alignment with what we put in to it. If you starve the tree, it will die. If you nourish it, it will grow and in the Spring it will bring forth new vegetation. Nourish your tree, bring forth the vegetation that will be necessary for our mission." B1: "Thank you."

B2: "Daniel, this is B2. Daniel, I thank you for the meeting the other evening, and I think the family also thanks you. I have a question for you concerning the ego. There have evolved in other groups studying the book where the ego is totally negative. Is there a positive value for the ego and its function? Is it of human origin or is it of higher origin. If you have an answer I would appreciate that."

Daniel: "I was glad to meet with you the other night. The ego is part of man. It serves a necessary role in helping the individual proceed through life. However, it can not grow out of proportion to the other areas of growth and . ..The ego helps the person to come to some understanding about who he is, but it can take over and become dominant. This is why you need to sit in quiet thought by removing all of the noises and chatter of daily activities. You will come to know who you are spiritually. Ego is materially necessary for life, but should not be dominant. We are spiritual beings as well as material. Finding the balance is also necessary. Would you be more clear about what you mean when you said negative ego?"

B2: "Something that needs to be done away with. Something to avoid."

Daniel: "I, I see. This is most difficult. The ego, as I have said, does serve a function. But as you grow more spiritually, it does diminish, and becomes less and less important. This is your job, to try to diminish the ego, but know that as a material being this is part of you. It is like the base animalistic part. You need to go from the basic, survival, to the more spiritual, Godmindedness. Is that clearer?"

B2: "Yes, thank you."

L1: "Daniel, this is L1. You mentioned the other enlightening materials. As the circuits go back to their original state will these other groups be receiving teachers such as yourself and communicating with the same method that we are using here?"

Daniel: "Yes. There are one hundred teachers ready to serve groups as this. Is that what you needed to know?"

L1: "Well, are these one hundred teachers associated with Urantia readers or other spiritual material, like I mentioned."

Daniel: "I understand. The Urantia material, yes, read. However, do not discount that you can find truth in other reading, other sources. We are all at varying and different levels and truth can be found everywhere. A smile from a friend can bring forth some truth for you. Reading books which have spiritual value is good, for when you are ready for a truth to be revealed, you will find it. Is this what you were...?"

L1: "Yes, it seems to work that way, thank you." V1: "Daniel, this is V1 again. It reminded me of books that I have read that increase my personal faith and that's books in human experience that tell us so much more about near death experiences, and the two things that people come back and say are, of course, the very things you have mentioned tonight, love and service and I am wondering, and I don't know if it really matters,...are these true near death experiences and indeed have they been sent back to learn these two things, is there anything you can tell us about that?"

Daniel: (long pause including nodding by D2) "I am not at liberty to discuss this. I have conferred with other teachers. What you have said is good in that this experience these people relate has changed their life and the life of those around them. They have discovered or been provided with truth. Whether or not these are near death experiences or what they say they are is not for me to discuss."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

B1: "Daniel, one of the books that a lot of us are familiar with that contains spiritual truth, we believe, at least at varying levels, without claiming to be epochal revelation, I am sure is familiar to you is the 'Course in Miracles'. Are you permitted to comment on the spiritual quality or authenticity of the teaching in the 'Course in Miracles' and is its origin authorized under Melchizedek?"

Daniel: "D3 has permitted me to search her memory about this. She has read in the 'Course in Miracles'. It, again, holds truth which can benefit you on your spiritual path. This book was transmitted through...this is all I can say."

B1: "Thank you Daniel. Was the last thing you say, the last thing you said, 'this book was transmitted too', in the sense of also?"

Daniel: "It came through a transmitting fashion, but it is not 'true revelation'. It was transmitted through a person's subconscious. It has good value. It is not important, for now, it has truth."

B1: "Thank you Daniel. Some of my friends that I have been talking to who are Urantia Book readers are very skeptical about this process of transmission that is happening through D2 right now and through R6 with Ham and the others and they say they can explain this all as just nothing more than the product of someone's unconscious mind much as you have just described and attributed to the 'Course in Miracles'and I guess one of the reasons that I brought this whole subject us is that it is difficult to answer objections from people who say that there is nothing new being given in all this transmission, its just things which are in the Urantia Book which we either know collectively or the transmitter/receiver knows. My feeling is that each of us has to decide the authenticity of all this but I thank you for spending the time on these questions and that is the reason for my concern."

Daniel: "Certainly".

B1: "Can you say anything to this issue of trying to explain away your teachings and the other teachers as nothing more than, to use Dr. Sadler's term, the mind at mischief?"

Daniel: "This is part of the anxiety and fear that D3 herself has had this last month. Those who discount what is happening do so out of fear, the poison of all poisons for man. It is understandable that you question this. Do so. You need to know in you mind for yourselves what has happened or is happening. In prayer you will come to this realization... One moment. Those who discount the book as adding new information are incorrect. The Book was written, came through years ago and since then things have changed. With the adjudication circuits have opened. You are on the ground floor, yes, your doubts are real and understandable. Each of you, just as D3 has, and is still doing, needs to contemplate what is happening. All new teachings, all change has been hard for humans to accept since the dawn of time. You people are all very intelligent. You probably question more deeply than the common or your fellow brethren. So don't admonish yourself in these questionings. Keep your mind open, pray, and you will seek you own answer; another reason why my lessons will be basic for a while. As for those who are not understanding what is happening, the people that you refer to...if they will open their mind, in time they too will come to their own on this."

B1: "Thank you Daniel. I have more questions and I don't think it is fair to take group time, but I really thank you for addressing and grappling with this concern because I am not just talking of my own concern but you have correctly assayed us as people who question deeply and it's nice to hear that we might be considered intelligent. I would like to request that I have a personal meeting with you with my wife, V1, at our earliest convenience. Is that possible?"

Daniel: "Yes. This has been verified through D3 earlier and I give my O.K."

B1: "So are we saying that we could meet after the meeting tonight?"

Daniel: "Yes".

B1: "Thank you Daniel".

B2: "I would like to clarify B1's question just a little further. Maybe I'm not so intelligent because I think I have come to accept this without too much doubt, but when I talk to friends who are long time readers of the Urantia Book, the Urantia Book states that we should assume that anything is most likely of our own self, you know, subconscious levels rather than some other personality. And I see my friends reacting in that way. They are not very familiar with what is going on yet, but it is very difficult for me to convince them because of what the Urantia Book says. The Urantia Book is their belief structure and holds them back from understanding or accepting what's happening now. Can you clarify that a little bit?"

Daniel: "Yes. First off, it is not your job to convince. Rather plant seeds, know that what you are doing is furthering your spiritual growth. Those who doubt, will, when ready, question further. When they question, then you may provide more nourishment for them and they too will have to come to terms, as you have in this, B1. The Urantia Book does have provisions for this and it too was not complete. At the time the book was transmitted circuits were closed. There was no other method that we could communicate. As time goes on, change occurs and growth must also follow. Not everyone that reads the Urantia Book will be accepting. This is fine! Their growth is coming along according to where they are now. Do not feel you have to convince them. When they are ready, they will convince themselves."

B6: "I'm one of those with the lingering doubts! Question: 'Given the credibility issues surrounding the method of transmitting or the means of communication and the superhuman abilities at the disposal, why use this means of communication. Aren't there others available?"

Daniel: "I am glad that you have finally come forward, B6! (Uproarious laughter) You are not as skeptical as you think.(more laughter) There are many ways that could possibly be perfected. This is not perfect nor would they be. However, this method provides the teacher with immediate feedback such as we are having now. If we chose other methods there would be more of a time lag. This has been used in the past and for now is the best way that we know how to reach you. You may continue to be skeptical, but please do keep your mind open. Your input into this group is vital. Know that the Father loves you. This is all I can say on that now."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I am new to the group."

Daniel: Yes, C2, welcome."

C2: "And I would like to ask. You have said, 'our mission' several times. Can you clarify what is meant by that term, 'our mission'?"

Daniel: "Yes. Your mission now is to further the spiritual growth as we have talked about and which you can read about in the transcripts provided to you. The mission now..teachers have and are disseminated to this planet with the circuits being open in a vital and emergency measure to help the human..just a moment...excuse the delay, D3 became more interested in what was happening, she too wants to know this answer. This planet is in sad shape and is needing new revelation and new teachings to be brought forth. Many of the religions of today are keeping their members from doing their free will. The planet environmentally is in disarray and so the mission will be to provide the revelation necessary for religions to grow and get back on track...also to help clean up this planet. More can be addressed on this at another time."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

B1: "Do we have any other questions?"


Daniel: "Since there seems to be no more questions I will leave you this evening. I will be back next Sunday. In leaving know that you are loved and are all on the right path. Your searching, your questions, all of these things will help in your spiritual growth. My best wishes to you this evening. I will see you next week."

Group: "Thank you Daniel, goodbye."