1991-06-24-Soul Growth

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Topic: Soul Growth

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



The soul is that living entity which is grown by the process of the "Thought Adjuster's' interaction with the personality, producing the real, living being, the personal self, or soul. The Thought Adjuster transcribes or takes the physical mind manifestation of a personal reality and creates from that its counterpart on the morontia level of reality, so that every true meaningful felt thought reaction is made eternally real in the soul.

The soul is indestructible and unassailable. It is real in a truer sense, a more lasting sense, than, say, your physical reality body. Your innermost, deepest, clearest, and truest reality that is you is contained within the soul.

During the entire mortal life, the Thought Adjuster continually takes that which is best of you and reality-izes this into the soul. It is this true you which survives the dissolution of the mortal body and which is once again personalized on the mansion worlds. This is the reality which, you would say, shines from within; that reality which you see in another's eyes; that reality which your soul feels in another, that reality which is spiritually responsive and knows - because it is.

It is by and through the soul that love is felt, that true values are known, and that soul - progresses toward these ultimate realities in that it makes these realities its own, reality-izing spiritual values and love. This growing entity - reality, is felt most strongly in the heart center and seems to radiate out from there, so that the work of the Thought Adjuster, this spiritual movement and "becoming real' of the person, is felt at the heart, so that the more the soul encompasses your total reality-self - grows, the more real and enduring is the individual person.

On the contrary, the less a persons grows spiritually, you would say the heart hardens and becomes unresponsive to spiritual activity.