1991-11-04-Thought Adjuster Communication

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Topic: Thought Adjuster Communication

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



It is a difficult and dangerous ground for each person to decide which is real Thought Adjuster communication, or is “inner thought wish,” and so forth, which is unduly glorified by our own inadvertent thought process. It is always hard, and especially in early times, to know.

There is distinctly otherness which, as my speaking to you is not your thought but received thought, it is still difficult, yes. Even Rebecca, who has been doing this for many months, also can make errors by her own thought obstruction. It is very difficult, but in time with practice, you will begin discerning the difference.

Also, even if it is wonderful and good for you, it is known to be from Father. My lessons are also meant for wish fulfillment in a way. I teach how to become more aware of God, and do His will. This is wish fulfillment, also. Many examples in earthly life may be given. Your Indwelling Spirit is always working with you even, and, I say this with authority, in this life, for your earthly betterment and happiness. In many teachings, this life is not to be cherished. The next life only is important. I say with authority - cherish this life. Cherish your souls, your bodies, your spirits. Love yourselves, your brothers, your God, and your life.