1992-03-15-On Compassion

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Topic: Compassion

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. As I was watching this get together I am, as always, pleased and filled with awe, for you are truly desirous to follow these teachings. The prayer tonight was especially gratifying to me as it shows your bonding to one another and it reveals your trust and acceptance of these teachings.


Tonight's lesson is on compassion. Compassion is that element which ties the universe together. It brings about unity. It is that wondrous characteristic which shows how all things are tied together. There must be interdependence among all things. The human body is a prime example of this, when you realized how each organ works with every other organ; how each cell, though independent, is depended on by others. And it is, in turn, dependent on other cells. So everything must function together. Compassion is seeing this overall picture of everything working in unity together.

When you think of this Grand Universe then compassion is the word which describes how everything is together, how everything can work. So the Father is the example of compassion for through Him all things work, all things are unified, all things are part of a whole. Parts are necessary for specific functions. However, it is the whole that coordinates, unifies, and keeps things in balance. When the Father shows compassion, which is an essential part of His Being, than the whole of the Grand Universe, the cosmology of it is held intact.

Part of your spiritual awakening is in understanding that without this compassion you would not exist. You would not be part of this grand scheme. Your spiritual awakening helps you to see past your individual lives to the lives of your community, and on past all communities, past nationalism, to a global perspective. This is a form of compassion that the mortals on your sphere are opening up to. Many are realizing that the individual is not the whole of the universe and neither is one community, one country, but rather a whole global village. You are, in your uplifting, realizing it goes beyond this, that planet Earth, Urantia, is but one of many, a part of a whole grand scheme. This knowledge that you are part of a bigger and grander plan is awestriking to you as well as humbling. For how can you visualize yourself in this beautiful universe and not feel in awe and reverence for the Eternal Father and His all encompassing love and beauty and His plan for your survival? Compassion can, as I say, be on this very broad level.

It also needs to be part of your daily lives. This is done in your understanding and accepting of life as it is. If you hold compassion in your heart then the little annoyances of the day become insignificant to the whole picture. So the lesson that you need to learn form this is to not get so concerned and involved in your daily trials, your daily lives that you forget that there is a much broader picture. And you are part of it. And what you are going through at any given moment is a part of a whole.

In my ascension I have witnessed this beauty. And I call it beauty because it is so inspiring, so full of awe; to consider all the infinite minute details that the Father has employed to keep this universe and all the universes growing and in motion. I recall times in my ascension when I, too, had a very limited vision, limited in that I could not see beyond the immediate. And so I say to you, that while there are many things in your life that seem to be more than you can handle, or overwhelming, do not think that this is a dead end, for it is not.

All things work to weave a whole cloth for you, a whole life plan. Should you take out individual instances then your weaving at the end would not be the same. When you think of a weaver's cloth with many colors, this is how your life is. How sad it would be to take away various colors. So welcome all of your life's daily trials as well as your joys, for these are part of the cloth you are weaving and they help you to become who you are. Your soul will be a part of this cloth for you are weaving it now. Realize that compassion needs to be part of it, understanding that every thought you think, every action you do can becomes part of this wondrous cloth for all good things are saved. So when you enter into other lives, take with you a grand piece of weaving, filled with all the good you have done.

Compassion in your personal life means realizing that you are part of a whole with others. Your relationships, your communications, your interactions with others are all part of the whole picture and how your present yourself to others weaves your cloth. Treat others with respect, with love, with dignity. Treat others as they are weavers, as you are, and you are all collectively weaving a picture of this planet. So every action you do has effects on others.

There will always be flaws in the cloth, for sure. But the cloth needs to have as few flaws as possible. When you build your relationships with others, build them so that the threads can be woven easily and without entanglements.

Compassion embodies many other characteristics such as love, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, and mercy. For you see, when you are in line with these areas your compassion is also there. It grows as well.

The Father has woven a beautiful tapestry in the Grand Universe. As each soul progresses through eternity their own cloth is taken with them and becomes part of this beautiful tapestry that the Father is building. You are part of this. Never forget it. For if one quilt block is missing, the quilt is not complete. If part of the tapestry is missing, it is not complete. So know that you are not insignificant, no. You are a part of God's plan. You are chosen to be part of a special mission at this time. These teachings are preparing you as you weekly work on your own weavings. As you build your foundation you will begin to see how you are part of a plan; that there is much more involved than you initially conceived, and you will not see the full ramifications of these teaching during your lifetime. So know what you are doing is important and you are all weaving beautiful cloths. And your cloths are becoming part of the whole, part of the cloth that Urantia is weaving. Your individual contributions will help change the overall appearance of the cloth. So take your mission to uplift your spiritual souls, to seek the truth with responsibility. For you are not only working for yourselves, but in service to your fellow brothers and sisters. Realize that under the umbrella of compassion falls many virtues, many wondrous traits. I will end this lesson now and open this for discussions or questions."


B1 " Daniel we have a newcomer with us tonight, B5 Covington from Idaho Falls, whose father is a member, I believe, of the Woods Cross group, and he's here with us tonight."

Daniel: "Welcome, B5. I am pleased you are coming to these meetings now. I am familiar with you as I welcome you. Your path has been seeded with sorrow. My son, know that the Father's love for you is very real and use this as your pillow and comfort. You are loved. Please know this. And welcome."

B5: Thank you Daniel. I'm honored to be here. I do have a couple of questions, if you don't mind.

Daniel: "No, certainly."

B5: "My first question is pertaining to my eight year old daughter. My father-in-law and I recently had quite the discussion about baptism. He's predominantly LDS. Personally, I have a hard time with the religion itself. He claims because she is eight years old that Jesus said that that is the time of reckoning or the time to become responsible for your sins and that she has to be baptized. Personally, I have a problem with this. I don't fully understand baptism but I have always felt that a child or an adult, which ever it may be, should understand what baptism is about before it is done, otherwise it's meaningless. Am I wrong?"

Daniel: "This is a very good question, B5. Baptism is held by many churches as a sacrament, a point of bringing the child into the fold of the Father. In many churches it is seen as washing away of one's sin of being a mortal, of being part of a fall from God. And the true meaning of baptism has been washed away, so to speak, with time. For you see, God welcomes all children, all mortals regardless of baptism. Baptism has become a man made sacrament, a dogma, a ritual, a ceremony that churches use as a means of controlling, of power.

John the Baptist poured water over Jesus as a symbol that He was part of the spiritual waters of life. Water is a beautiful symbol used many times to signify the spiritual awakening of an individual. In the individual this awakening occurs at the moment that the child makes their first moral decision. And this usually happens around age five to six. The child is not aware of this, but at that moment, the Indwelling Spirit that has been assigned to this child indwells this child. This Mystery Monitor, Thought Adjuster, is then a part of the child and his growth and soul development. So in a sense, this is the child's real baptism. At that moment he or she is a full son or daughter of the Father. And this is what baptism should symbolize, if it is necessary to have.

Your dilemma with your stepfather stems from very deep church teachings about baptism in that the LDS church believes that only those baptized in their religion will be saved. And this is not true. For if something of this nature would be true there would in reality be no God. For God cannot be limited, cannot be made little to appease one group or sect. God is so grand, so wondrous. So do not limit Him by a man made ceremony. If this is a desire for your daughter for baptism, then she should make the decision. It is after all a ceremony that helps people when they need outside, when they need a material or some token to show some..one moment...D3's allergies are bothering her and concentration is difficult...When mortals need outside ceremony to show a growth then this...I'm sorry this...it would be better to give an example.

Often people wear medals or hang crosses in their home. These medals, they believe, do not really protect them but distinguish them and help them to be reminded of their beliefs or a group that they belong to. And sometimes things like baptism signify this type of an awareness for the individual. So B5 I would suggest that your daughter be a part of the decision and your disagreement with your stepfather again stems from his convictions from the church. And while he is the grandfather, you are the father. Accept his guidance with love and then let your daughter be part of the final decision. Again, I am sorry about the breakdown in transmission. I hope you understand the point I was trying to make."

B5: "Yes I do. I understand very well, a most enlightening and helpful answer. I guess that is the answer I always knew in my heart, but I didn't know why. When I was converted to the LDS religion at the age of thirteen I was baptized and it was not a real nice experience. I didn't have a good feeling because of it. And I guess I'm afraid to put my daughter through that, but thank you. I do have one other question, but I don't want to take a whole lot of time. I have a brother-in-law in Mountain Home, Idaho by the name of S2n Fulmer. I am, as my wife is, very concerned about him. He seems to be having some medical problems in all of his joints and his body. Every day he stiffens up worse and worse. He's approximately thirty five, thirty six years of age and runs his own business and is having a very hard time getting around. He has been seeking medical help but so far every doctor he has been to hasn't been able to diagnose his problem. Is there something I can suggest to him?"

Daniel: "One moment. At this time this is not answerable. Please ask this of D3 later. She will be able to talk to you about that. I need to confer with others so D3 will get back with you later. For now, of course, prayers of asking for spiritual guidance for your brother-in-law are appropriate. For much healing can be done spiritually. You see healing is part of your whole being. Body, mind and spirit is what you are. You must treat the whole body not just parts. So for now, seek spiritual healing, guidance for him through prayer."

B5: "Thank you, Daniel, thank you very much. I am most honored by your presence."

Daniel: "Thank you for coming B5."

C2:, "Daniel, this is C2. I would like to ask for clarification about one of the statements you made regarding baptism and a child's age in terms...did I hear you correctly when you stated that at the time of five years or six that a spiritual awakening occurs within the child and it is at the time of this spiritual awakening that the child becomes a daughter or son of God?"

Daniel: "The spiritual awakening is subconscious. The child is not aware of it at the time he or she makes his first moral decision. Then the Indwelling Spirit indwells the child. From that moment on soul growth progresses.

C2: "I guess I would like a clarification in terms of one's being a son or daughter of God being tied with the moral choice. I understand about that spiritual awakening occurring on a cognitive level but I would like some further information or discussion or comment in regards to the notion that from before we are actually born but particularly as we are born we are blessed with being that child of God. And that certainly as we become moral beings in that growth time that that expands our spirituality. But I am having difficulty, I guess, thinking about the relationship as son or daughter of God before that specific age and cognitive development for morality."

Daniel: "Yes, understood. The child is assured of being able to make the decision to continue through eternity once the Thought Adjuster is a part of the child. And this is given at the moment that the child, on his own, makes a decision or does some action that is morally right and not under the influence of other mortal caregivers."

C2: "Yes I do. And I don't know if you want to say anything more, but I can respond by saying that I guess my lack of understanding has to do with understanding even babies as children of God."

Daniel: "Yes. These are well provided for on the other side. They will be allowed to make a decision. However, their decision once made is final. In your lifetime, as all mortals, you may decide many times to go on or to not. You have more opportunities for making your choice. Their's is more limited. However, they are not forgotten. They are part of the whole picture. And while you are duly concerned about this as it is important for all mortals, especially those who have lost children to know that their little ones are in God's care. Fear not, for they have not been abandoned. They are being cared for. Remember the whole picture. God is so grand as to not even let the presence of each insect be forgotten by Him. How much grander you are than the pesky common housefly."

B1: "Daniel, I would be glad to discuss this with C2 because she may not have read this in the Urantia Book before. What Daniel has said is completely consistent with the Urantia Book teaching."

C2: "I understand. My basic orientation comes from understanding that as we are children of God from the time of conception. I understand the difference as one confirms that commitment on their own, that Grace as it is give to us comes as being a part of God's care and concern. So I do understand that. I just was concerned about the naming of people as children of God. I understand about the moral part and the Thought Adjuster and how one cannot really make that kind of moral decision until the Indwelling Spirit does come. But I also wanted to clarify that being a child of God is not only with regard to cognitive ability because many children do not, even though they may age, if they are disabled may not have capacity for that and that they are cared for and that has been answered. Thank you, Daniel."

Daniel: "Yes, and C2 let me reinforce that the moral decision comes prior to the Indwelling Spirit. OK. You said differently."

C2: "Um Hum. I understand that, yes I do, thank you."

B1: "Daniel, we are going to be visited by friends of ours, R7 and he asked the Woods Cross group, he asked Ham, I believe, through Thern, through J4, the question about the healing of his son with the disease of autism. And the answer given back then, and this was several months ago, that they research it and see what possible help there might be. And I don't know that anyone has heard any answer back on that. And anticipating that he will be with us in a week I'm wondering if there is any way that your could find out if there has been answer to the original request relative to his son's autism."

Daniel: " This is being noted and I will check on it. To my knowledge I have not heard. I will check. Will Randy be attending a meeting?"

B1: "That is not clear at this time."

Daniel: "Thank you." N2:

"Daniel, this is N2. In the light of the adjudication of Lucifer and the others and in light of the controversy that is still going on in our culture and our country regarding the capital punishment of offenders, how can we with compassion and acceptance and Christian love, . .what would be the proper guideline to this thing in our judicial system? How can we in a Godlike way execute criminals?"

Daniel: "You see these moral decisions are the hardest part for you and for us as well. For while it would be blissful to give you concrete answers we cannot, for any time we provide a concrete solution it takes away from your free will. However, I will address this issue for an overview and you need to search your own hearts and minds and seek guidance on all of these types of questions. For as this planet is in trouble, more and more of these types of questions will need to be reconciled with, need to be dealt with.

You see Jesus gave us a beautiful lesson in this regard in that He always looked at the individual as a person, as a son and daughter of God the Father. And yet He did not always tolerate their actions and deeds, but He loved them. He also was a firm believer in the society and their being able to make decisions as a whole. In your individual cases you must always love each person for their being and then you must not judge their actions. However, these need to be judged by society at large, as a whole. And you must make your decision as a whole based on understanding, on research on a very high level, meaning that all of these types of decisions cannot be made too quickly, but need to be looked at from all angles and all levels. And then as a society you must make these decisions based on the best and loving decision you have come up with together. Decisions must be made by society and in your doing so there are always chances that errors can be made. So it is important to go slowly so that you have time to consider what is best. You see, often one must look at what is best for the whole rather than the individual and as you need to meet these challenges in the future you must do so from a firm, solid understanding of your own belief system, who you are and be in alignment with the oneness with God. For when you truly are working from motivation stemming from service to others and love of God, then you will work through your problems in that light and fewer mistakes will be made. These kinds of questions are most difficult, for each and every one of you knows that within your being it would be hard to pull the plug on another individual. Alone, you cannot do it. It has to be a decision made by society, intellectually and spiritually well grounded. It is important for society members making decisions to be in touch with their own beings, to be a solid individual yourself. I cannot say enough times how important it is for you as the individual to start at home base with yourself. For there will be,as there are now, many decisions that society must make together. Does this help, N2?"

N2: "Yes. I think it has given me a lot to consider and I appreciate your input."

Daniel: "You're truly welcome."

V1: "Daniel, this is V1. And I thank for that answer. And yet it immediately brings up another question for me because as a member of society and as we in our society vote and make choices I see sometimes the total picture, the majority of the people making choices that I feel have really put our planet in jeopardy, and our people in jeopardy, and our children in jeopardy, and education down the tubes and I just wonder...I believe in the democratic process and etc. I believe all of that and yet I feel like we need some help. I know you are here to do that but I'm just wondering if there isn't some way to interfere in the process so that greater good for the whole can happen."

Daniel: "Understood, V1. and know that this is being done. It is not in your realm to know all the things that are going on to help this planet. For you see there are many, many different things that are happening to help bring about more spiritual growth and upliftment. And while it seems painfully slow and all an overwhelming job, the important thing for you, the individual, is to make sure of your own being. Take care of your part and remember that you are part of the whole picture.. Your cloth is being woven with society, and the good that you merit in your individual lives is woven into the collective. It is hard for mortals to visualize the whole, because you are such a minute part, though an important part.

So V1, yes. Your question is valid and understood and I say again, take care of what you can as the individual and things will work out for the good of the whole planet. There are many, many beings and things being done to help you. So while you ask this question, it is still seeing only a part. You are doing your part by your daily growth and desire to follow the Father. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel, thank you. And maybe this leads us to something I was thinking about today in that...It appears to me that here we are a group of rather regular fellows as I look around...and to think in terms of the Woods Cross group and our group being a part of the mission that is to accomplish such change and beginnings. And I have heard you say that it begins with the individual and yet when as an individual it seems like there is so much to do and so uh, maybe today I am discouraged, I'm not sure but it seems like as someone who does not have regular contact as such, how come we are a part of this? And where does spirituality begin and end? Today just very(?) I guess."

Daniel: "Yes, you are feeling totally overwhelmed and this is understandable for when you look at the problems of the world it does indeed get very discouraging and you wonder how you can make any change. But remember this is just a small part of the total picture of the help that is being poured into this planet and as you change your overall view of things you can see things in a better light yourself. If you dwell on the negative, that is what you will see and at times everyone does so. Dwell on the higher truths. Reach for the higher ground. For when you do that, you are implementing change. And this is not going to come about overnight. It will take many years. It is a start. You must see the Urantia Book itself as starting to take root. It is well grounded and it is bringing many people to truths, so do not dwell on the overwhelming aspects of the world crisis, the world problems. Realize that God indwells everyone and this Father Fragment is very strong. And with all of the other elements that are taking place, over time things will change. Even you, yourself, know that if suddenly for, as an example...Let's say that in the morning when all the men woke up they found out they were women, and visa versa, would you be able to handle that change? No. This is the same for our teachings and the upliftment of this planet. You see, radical change would bring about chaos and that radical change would mean that the free will of the individual was tempered with. Do you want your free will taken away?"

Group: "No..."

V1: "There are days when I think somebody else can make a better choice."

Daniel: "This is understood, but you see you are the ones that are in control. We can guide and we can be here for you, but it is ultimately your decisions, your choices. And many times in this mission, many, many times we've had to go to an alternate plan. 'A' is very seldom the first plan for us. So V1, on these down days, and to all of you on these down days, look at the Grand Universe and know that you are but a part and that the Father will always be there, as He is in you, and weather the storm. For there is always blue sky on the horizon."

V1: "Thank you, Daniel."

B5: "Daniel, this is B5 one more time. Thinking about what was just said, you did mention to take care of things in your own realm, I believe, and understand your experience. I don't know if you are aware of my previous experience over the last ten years. I would like to help other people with the same experience. I just don't know how to go about it. Do you have any insight on this?"

Daniel: "Yes, B5. There are many areas in your life that you need to build a firmer foundation, for your experiences definitely can help others. So take time now to get to really know yourself and build that foundation, because your experiences have made you a better person. You have used the opportunity life gave you as opportunities. There were times when you were a victim, for sure. All mortals are. I have been in my past also. It is when you develop your soul, and progress spiritually. So B5, I say to you , begin reading more in the Urantia book and you will be a light for others. Your desire is well planted. Does this help?"

B5: "Yes, thank you very much."

C2: "Daniel, this is C2 again. I just want to say how helpful the image of weaving and cloth and tapestry is with regards to the tapestry of our individual lives, but is sort of like a bit quilt or a tapestry that covers the world in love. One of the things that I thought about when we were talking about flaws and how it seems inevitable that there will be flaws within our own personal tapestry and of course then extended to that, the global tapestry...it crossed my mind in regards to some spirituality of some traditions when they actually create tapestry. And they create what looks like a flaw but is called a 'spirit line'. Part of my understanding says that that is again to remind us of our humility and the fact that we are not able to do things perfectly. But I'm wondering if it might also on another level, even whether it is conscious or not, I don't know, but that the spirit line might be the path of one's spirit of love and compassion that symbolizes the spreading throughout the world of compassion. That's kind of a round about way. I don't know if that got through or not."

Daniel: "Yes, C2, you perceive things very beautifully and with great insight. And yes, even a beautiful piece of linen will have little flaws which make the linen all the more beautiful. And so, you see, your cloth when it is woven with love, with desire to follow the Father, will have flaws that make it more beautiful and will help others as you weave it into the cloth of society."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "I will take one more question. D3 is tiring. Your respect for D3 is admirable. Let me again give you my love this week. As always I will be with you and I want to again say that you are only seeing a small part of the whole grand picture. With the teaching of the Urantia Book things were made much clearer and brought insight to this planet. I will tell you from my personal experiences, that it gets better as you progress and even occasionally on your ascending you will have down days. Take these as times for personal stillness and quiet so that you can grow from them. I am pleased that so many of you are seeking quiet times. For in this you are gaining much spiritual upliftment.


I will see you again. I will be here again next Sunday. Have a good week. My peace and love to you." Group: "Good night."