1992-08-23-Advance Corps

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Topic: Advance Corps

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Vincent

Session 1

  • Friday evening: August 21, 1992


Roland: This meeting is being held and recorded on August 23, 1992. In attendance are Karen and Roland for a private meeting with our Teacher, Ham.

HAM: Greetings, my children. I am Ham. I come here to be with you today, recognizing the momentous events of the past two days. It is a great joy for me to be in attendance with you during this weekend and to watch you interrelate with one another. We are pleased, as a Teacher Corps, for the events of this day, for it is another milepost in our beginning initiatory time of the correction of Urantia. We are in need of your mortal interrelationship with us and we are grateful for your willingness to be a part of this great mission of ours. Without further explanation, recognizing your needs, it would be my pleasure to attempt to give you, Karen, my counsel, my love, my friendship, in addressing your particular needs and requirements. Proceed.

Karen: Thank you, Ham. I feel very honored to speak with you and to be with these people -- my brothers and my sisters -- and to be incorporated into this fellowship, to be invited.

I want to convey my greetings to Michael. I would appreciate it if you would send my best regards to Jack, my friend, midwayer Jack, and thank him so much for the experience that I have had as a result of talking with him and those that he has brought into my life. I also want to express my appreciation for my wonderful Thought Adjuster. I have some concerns about my-- my work here, the work of the realm. One of the things that concern me is that I have been in Albuquerque since 1976 and I fear that the work I do here is not meeting the need somehow, and I would ask you to address that -- if I am doing something wrong in my ministry, if I'm missing something I should see. I also, before I end that question, want to suggest that perhaps my time is over in Albuquerque. Would you respond to my concerns in that regard?

HAM: You are welcome, and desired to be here in attendance during this momentous occasion, with your friends, brothers and sisters, and the supernal teachers who attend us. Jack has been an active operative in the advanced group to communicate with mortals. His mission with you was indeed an experiment, loving experiment to communicate with those who were there. You are receptive, open, an advanced mortal of the realm.

I welcome you back to these communications and point out that as decisions were made for the beginning groups, Albuquerque was considered as a Teacher Base, as well as New Zealand and Utah. Because of emotional stresses and preparedness, Woods Cross became the first group to receive and transmit our message on a regular basis. This Corps of Teachers used the information gathered by Jack and others to perfect our interrelationship with mortals. You have been the key instrument in this perfecting time of communications. It is for you your free will choice to resume your connection with Teacher group or assist in marshalling a study group together, which will evolve into a base for an additional Teacher in Albuquerque. We seek your assistance wherever you choose to be in your location. Your desire to receive supernal communications and teaching is known to us and is appreciated, as often I have said, "Seek and you are sought." I know human nature well enough to understand that you desire a more direct answer and direction. Unfortunately, we are proscribed from giving direct commands to those who are in decisive moments of their lives, as you know. Therefore, in keeping with that proscription, I reiterate that you may choose which area or what group to maintain this communication. In time there will be, given the cooperation of will creatures in your area, a Teacher group. If you are patient and wish to wait, it will become clear to you your course and guidance will be provided to you by Teachers of our nature and your indwelling Spirit. Hesitate not to attend any of our groups of Teachers. It is with open arms you will be received. Is this an answer which clarifies your choices?

Karen: Yes, Ham.

HAM: Very well. I will proceed to your next concern.

Karen: You used the phrase "hesitate" and over the course of the past 20 years I have written a novel, and Jack once told me that when it was finished, "Do not hesitate to get it published" and I understand that you can't direct me to a publisher. What I would ask is that you help me understand if the work I've put in this book is in some way a way that I can teach and proselytize in my own fashion those things I feel strongly about as a result of having lived the life I've lived as a student of the Master. I want to be able to touch people and encourage them, both temporally and spiritually. In Los Angeles, you spoke of the Corps of Elite, and I have some wonderment as to whether this might be my avenue -- or an avenue -- to pursue. Can you respond to that?

HAM: Your desire to help your brothers and sisters of this mortal realm in joy and happiness, spiritual and material well-being, is a noble cause, one which you have held for many years under conditions of great stress and trial and tribulation. You have been tested and not been found wanting. You have been tested and found to be of sound character, trustworthy in your execution of your desire to assist your brothers and sisters. The book contains many admirable lessons to those who would read it, and it is for you to follow your indwelling Spirit's direction as the communication opens and develops between you those things which are dear to your heart. Your heart's desires are good; to follow them is wisdom.

Karen: Speaking of my heart's desires, I have read many times that the Master sends us out two and two, and I am a child of the realm and would appreciate a mate, and yet I have suffered much emotional misdirection. Am I to wait further? Are my expectations in this incorrect? How am I to feel about my human need for a partner?

HAM: Yes, confusing this powerful need is within the mortal plane, for all Urantia creations/creatures … creatures have built in within their psychological pattern a need for love companions. This beautiful quality of human being also is the essence of the desire to return to the Father whole and healthy, in love, and to be embraced in the eternal embrace of the Father.

As you become more and more attuned to your spiritual nature, as you have done in the past years, you will become more and more a reflection of the love and the light of the Father, which will be irresistible to other human beings. In this process, you may select from many a worthy spiritually-guided helpmate and love companion, recognizing that this union is based upon two healthy God-seeking individuals who join forces on this mortal plane to help each other attain greater spiritual insight. A love relationship which is based upon this premise is guaranteed to be successful, even if it does not endure the lifetime of either partner. Success is in a day of loving purely another human being and you shall have this opportunity often. There will be no loneliness as the spiritual insight becomes clearer and the purpose of your life is made manifest to begin and to take priority and precedence in all matters therein. This is a loving message, and one which will evolve into the reality of the forefront of your thinking. Does this answer? Karen: Your loving message causes me to smile, Ham. I appreciate your response. I have been asked, when I have this conversation with you, to ask if I may know my spiritual name. May I know my spiritual name?

HAM: One moment. [Several moments later was heard the clear chirrup of a solitary bird, which continued to sing throughout the rest of the transmission.] Best phonic representation of your spiritual name is Gerdean. Gerdean. Best spelling: G-e-r-d-e-a-n. Gerdean. Gerdean: Thank you.

I want to thank you for the words you said earlier, that you find me trustworthy, and I want to apologize for my weaknesses. I'm-- I'm concerned that I'm not a very good agondonter. I really, really need spirit in my life. I'm very needy. I need my Father. I need these people. And I appreciate the kind words you said.

HAM: Why, daughter, Gerdean, you need not ask for my forgiveness, nor the Father's. His door is always open to you, and His spirit is always reaching down to His child, to seize your hand, and yours in His, walk together whenever life becomes a trial. Your status as an agondonter is not violated by your presence with me, for it is this reason we chose to communicate our thoughts and our teachings through you mortals, such as Roland, Rutha, Rebecca, which you have witnessed this weekend.

Your knowledge of this method is personally tested and you understand that in faith of its correctness and in faith which is generated from the error correction of transmission comes not absolute assurety but it is still required that you believe without seeing. For you even now are developing morontial eyes which may give you glimpses of my being here with you, glimpses of the Father, and glimpses of Christ Michael, glimpses of the Teachers who will surround you. Never in your lifetime will you be able to abandon belief systems to physical reality, for always shall there be an element in this experience which will require you to maintain your beautiful faith. As this develops, and as the love in your heart grows, all dark corners of your personal experience will be flooded with the light of the love of the Father and you shall not be alone in any sense of the word. This is our promise to you. Does that answer?

Gerdean: More than answers, it gives me much to ponder. I have no further questions at this time. Only my gratitude and appreciation and much love.

HAM: You have rightly spoken. The words which I have given you today will, in time, form further foundations for greater and greater growth, which you now anticipate as you have made the decision to serve the Father in all things and, in His will, become the joyous agondonter Gerdean who walks upon Urantia.

Welcome, my daughter, back to us, your Teachers. Be ever diligent and aware of our promptings. Be ever diligent and aware of the inner guidance, which is the great Guide, all-powerful, all-knowing fragment of God that dwells within you, waiting to receive you with open arms as the betrothed the bridegroom.

I love you. Christ Michael loves you. And the Father loves you. There is no insecurity in that. For now, until we meet again, safe journey. Farewell.