1993-00-00-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 2

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Topic: Celestial Discovery Group

Group: Sarasota TeaM


Teacher: Joel, Olfana, Michael, JarEl, Rayson, LorEl

TR: Unknown

Session 1

  • February 1, 1993


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

I have neglected some of my quiet time and writing, but it was always in my thoughts.

You know what is in my heart now, and I would love to resolve this as soon as possible.

Your willing friend and my love to all, Julie

Dear Child,

I know you haven't neglected me and we love you. You are precious and living to your potential. Things are going to work out because you are not greedy. Just keep praying while all this is going on. Keep your love energy up and give it to all.

I am well pleased with how you are handling difficult situations.

Your beloved Father

This is JoEl,

I am always here for you. Call on me - even in these difficult situations. I can help resolve them.

Keep planting the seeds. See how everyone really is interest in you and waiting for you to give them a sign. Betty needed those books and conversation. She in turn will tell her children and sisters. See how that is working.

Also, how harmony is the key - make it work. Those who want harmony will work it out. Those who don't will go away. As long as they love the Father and will the Father's work, all paths lead to Heaven.

Listen to your heart and there you will find the answers. Everything true has beauty, is simple, and is good. There you will find all answers.

We love you and a true friend. The Light surrounds you,

Your unseen friend, JoEl

Thank you, JoEl. These lessons are needed for reenforcement. Thank you.


Session 2

  • Patje's Impressions
  • FEBRUARY 1, 1993 (9 AM)


Patije:Dear Father, I come to you with joy and thanksgiving for all good things in my life! I rejoice that I am called to this work for you and offer praise and thanksgiving to you for all I can be of service. Thank you, Father. Are there any messages for me today?


Aflana:I am with you now, Dear One. The Father's light and love and power are surrounding, uplifting and enfolding you, as always. We are delighted to work with you in many ways that only your faith allows us access! You of much faith, know that you know what we are about. Your doubts and questions while always present seldom interfere with the process. Your human emotions occasionally take you out of balance but you do not remain there for long periods of time. Guard well your tongue during these times as your harmless emotional venting could yet cause damage to other's not fully formed concepts of the process and personalities involved. It is wise to give generously, forgive lavishly, sustain each individual's integrity until proven unworthy, and go forth shining your faith upon all appearances. You know that you know this to be truth. It is also the harmonious way and brings about much spiritual value.

It is not easy to stifle the ego and bend the will to circumstances of seeming betrayal. However, it is simply a matter of allowing the judgement to be made by cosmic citizens outside of your time and space. What matter is it that you are made to appear foolish by another's actions? What matter is it that you are forsaken by another's deficiency in willingness? What matter is it that another appears to abuse you? If your focus is upon the Father and in the stillness with Father you find strength and affirmation, and through your Spirit of Truth you find yourself knowing that you know. What then is misconception and misunderstanding? It is nothingness. It is unfruitful. It is left yearning for truth, goodness and beauty. Where can it be found? With the Father. With those stepping upon their faith bridges. See ye not that anything unlike God destroys itself. Anything unlike God dissipates itself in illusion until nothing is left but in its absence once again truth arises and the candle burns brightly to again enable others to find their way to Father.

Always that is the answer when one asks for help?

Do you wish to find the Father.

Are you willing to forsake all else for the Father?

Are you ready to live in service to one another without recompense?

Then, tarry not among the byways of your imagination of lack and loss and fear. There is none else but Truth, Beauty and Goodness. If there is no harmonious sanity, no coherent substance of meaning and no stabilizing reality of value, then what is there? Nothing. None can prevent you from finding the Father. None can stand between you and Truth. None can stir up disharmony and survive. None can act in delusion and untruth for ego sake and continue without challenge.

Think not that it is your responsibility to stop all who are unlike God. Go about doing God work - God like actions - of Truth, Beauty and Goodness and none shall separate you from Father. You will be known by your fruits. Those unlike God shall also be known by their lack of fruit. Fear and emotionalism has not, can not and will not ever win souls to Truth and spiritual value. This is an eternal truth: only those sincerely seeking the Father within will ever truly know his presence.

Session 3



Patije:This is Patije and I invite any of the teachers, guides and helpers. Perhaps, Michael - to come and give us a message tonight. We are confused, a bit sad, and we need your encouragement. Our faith builds bridges, but somehow there is a big step we can't cross. Can you help us? (long pause)

M:This is ---- and I want to call the teachers and our unseen friends to be with us and to help us. I am open and willing. (short pause)

Patije:This is Patije and I heard: "What is your pleasure?" (laughter) I think I'm transmitting Mary!!!

:I think so, I think so....laughter...


Christ Michael:Hello, My Daughters. I am Michael. You have called? What is it that holds your hearts so heavy? How can you get bogged down in material emotional nothingness when such a spectrum of many energies are open to you, My daughters? (Pause) You can move into your higher consciousness and none of this petty belittling unlike God energy can touch you. Why is it you persist in gazing upon the negative? upon the un-like God? upon that which pulls from our circle of higher consciousness? Why is it, My Daughters, you cannot step into the love energy and remain where the Father's power is? Where nothing can separate you from the love of our Father? What is it, My Children? You of much faith as strong, are enlightened, are empowered, are touched, by those outside of time and space who can lift you above your material point of view and bring you into the higher consciousness of your cosmic citizenship.

All upon your planet is in chaos and change. This is the Correcting Time. You will find the spiritual sword separating mine from those who choose not to follow the Father's will. Sometimes, these are put into position to affect your material experience. This does not matter in the grand scheme of things. It is but an experience that makes you strong, that enlightens your concepts and your perceptions, enables you to learn to control your animal emotions so that when you are purged of these evils, you can arise higher and be of more value in your cosmic goals, your cosmic employment. You are Paradise journeyers. I come to greet you, to enlighten you, to lighten your burdens if you will give them to me. When one begins to take your selfhood and abuse it, give it to me immediately. I will carry the burden. I will be your co-pilot. I will be there for your strength, for if you have my strength you are stronger than any un-like-God energy that can possible affect you at this level of your career.

You are placed in this position of your life experience, not only for your experience and what you can learn, but because you are positioned to bring about light and life on a small scale which will send ripples throughout the entire universe. Each greeting, each encounter, each alleviation of fear or concern, or panic or anger, which is brought to you in the course of your life experience, is much relieved moved into a higher level and transmuted eventually to love through your efforts to control your emotions and be a stabilizing value upon the scene of what has occurred in your experience.

Do you not see many from many walks of life coming to you, My Daughters? Each of you in your own experience, with your own talent in your own abilities, counsel and relieve fear in many instances every day of your life experience. This is how it should be. You of much faith have been brought to this point in your life so that you can be a light, a beacon, a candle, among the darkness, among the lost, among the faltering, among those who are confused, and even among those who have evil intentions. None can withstand the love power which you bring, which you stand steadfastly within. There is a light around each of you. That light is the Father's protection, the Father's love. The Father's power. And none can enter unless you give it passage. None can come into your presence where you dwell unless you allow and choose it to be so. (pause)

I am Michael, I am the Creator of your planet, of your people - your brothers and your sisters. Many will find the way, will find their steps upon the path a little brighter because you have moved among them. You are special, you are selected to have this opportunity - not because I love you more than others, not because the Father respects your place - only because you have chosen to act upon and live your faith which has built many bridges for many people.

I come to you to tell you this because I see your hearts are smarting from the evils of greed, and anger, and resentment, and foolishness of your brothers and sisters upon your planet who do not see the light, who cannot hear the music to which you step. Pity them. Look down upon them as little children, for this is what they are in cosmic citizenship. They are but babes in the truth of reality. They have not raised themselves into the consciousness of their superconscious. They do not know what intellectual meaning is. It is meaningless to them. They have not harmony and choose to create chaos which is evil. They have not any value in this behavior. Do you not see this, Children? (Pause)

Have you any specific questions which I can answer for you? (long pause)


M----: Michael, I want to get the lesson that is going to help me with my heart so that I can stop being hurting and falling on my face.

Michael:My ----, Child of the Most High, Child of My Heart, you have much faith but you remain caught in the web of unworthiness. This is selfish behavior. You must rise above the old memories of hurt and unworthiness and sadness and darkness. You must come up to who you are and love yourself. The Father's love empowers you to self confidence and peace within your heart. When this peace is manifest, it shines brightly. Others see it. Why can you not see it, My Child? It is your pathway out of the mob, the bog, the mire, of the human animal thinking which no longer should concern you. You have moved into a place where these are but children's games to you. Develop your sense of humor. Give up your ego control and allow me to work. (Pause)

Patije:This is Patije. I have my eyes closed and I see hands reaching out to hug you. They are white, they don't have anything above the wrist but they are just reaching out to hold you close. They distracted me there and I almost lost the train of transmission...

M :Whose hands?

Patije:I presume they are Michael's. They are beautiful hands. They are hands much like your own, full of healing. They are sculptured in the light of beauty... long fingers, beautiful! And, they look like they just want to reach out and touch and love...

M:I sure need it...

Christ Michael:My ----, Dearest One of my heart, you are searching outside of yourself for answers. The answers come from within. Know you not that while you are seeking all over your planet in all of your earthly experiences, in all of the places of negativity... and chaos... and confusion... and concern..., that which you seek stands purely, lovingly, righteously in the very center of your mind? Your companion is with you constantly dwelling within your thoughts. There is one upon the planet which is finding his way to you. When you are ready. Look into your heart. Look into all of your emotional out-of-balance moments and learn to control these, not to stifle them, not to suppress them, not to divert them nor escape from them. Face them. Challenge them. Show them that they are the nothingness of which they are. There is an illusion about the emotions which are in the grip of your ego control. When you stand on the threshold of your cosmic citizenship, and see with the eyes of those who are outside of Time and Space, you will begin to see the nothingness of what disturbs you. It is unnecessary to give energy to these foolish byways of your outward looking. If you can turn inward and focus upon truth, beauty, value, meaning, harmony, stabilizing reality, then you will no longer get so out-of-balance when your ego is barbed by that which should have no way of touching you. (Long Pause)

When I was upon your planet as Jesus of Nazareth, many times I was tempted to lash back at my tormentors, but that which stabilized my actions and enabled me to stand tall in the midst of my enemies, was the knowledge that I was my Father's son, that I was a child of God, that I was without harm on the planet. Whatever they did to my physical form could not touch the me that was real. This is true for you, My Daughters. That which is within you can be the greatest enemy or your best deliverer from evil, if you will but allow it to die, to comfort, to teach, and to relieve all that is un-like our Father from your consciousness. (long silence)

Patije:Sorry, ----. I started thinking about what was being said through me and I lost the transmission... The power ? is beautiful, There is a healing energy...must be Rayson again?

M: umhmmm. Thank you, Michael.

Michael: You are blessed, My Child. You are blessed among many. Hold up your light for all to see. Venture not into the paths with dead ends, which help you make no progress. That causes you to spin out of control and away from the Father. Learn, My ----, to transmute all ugliness, all apparent evil, all unwanted feelings into love energy. Allow me to heal you. Allow my touch whenever you are faced with a situation which discourages, depresses, and overwhelms you. There is no need for this. Step lightly upon your bridge of faith and know that you have been delivered, that none can separate you from your destiny, that none can take you away from my protection. I with you always. You are loved. You are one of my love children. You are very special. You are the daughter of my heart. I look to you for many, many actions of faith. You will not fail me. You will not long stumble in the shadows of darkness. You cannot be restrained from finding the light, the pathway to me. I know, My Dear, you are with me always. This cannot change - unless you choose to change it. So whyfor do you allow yourselves to be pulled down to animal levels? You are above that. You have made great strides in your destiny. You have come far. You have far to go. Leave this behind. It is not yours. It is not for you to correct others who choose not to follow. It is yours to discern the truth, the beauty, the spiritual value of all that comes into your presence. Choose to ignore the illusion of anything else. I understand that it is your employment in this life experience to protect others, to be aware of what is happening, to know the evil, but do not carry this home into your heart. Do not let it permeate the sanctity of who you are, of what you are - a child of God living in the world, but now of this world. This is but a stepping place, a playpen while you prepare for your real life when you leave here. We have chosen to ask you to help us in this Correcting Time, to be an emissary, an ambassador, an apostle, a disciple, a healing master. We have chosen you, Dear. Do you accept this challenge? Do you want this for yourself? (Pause)

M:Yes, I welcome this.

Michael:Carry not the burdens of your heart any further. Lay this to my hands. Give this unto me. Go forth with a clean heart, with a purified bank of memories, with a knowledge and a trust in who you are and what you are about in this time of doing the Father's business. Will you give your burdens to me, My Dear? (Pause)

M:Yes, Michael. Thank you.

Michael: No more shall you carry them. No more will you feel the ugliness of the relationship in your life experience. No more will the emotions cause you to be imprisoned upon that plane. You now will rise up above and look down upon as if the game was a child's game and has no more importance, because this is true. (pause)

M:Thank you, Michael.

Michael:I love you, My Daughter. I love you very special. You are unique. You are called for a purpose. You are my child. I will not abandon you. I will not forsake you. You are walking in the light of the power of the Father's love from this day forward. None can separate you from the power of the Father's love unless you choose to allow it to be so. Remember this, My Daughter, remember this in the hours of darkness. Remember this when you walk in the shadows of illusion, of discomfort. remember this when you reach out to stretch your concepts. remember this when you reach out to Me. I will always be there. You have but to ask for me and I will comfort you. (pause)

M:Thank you, Michael. I love you and I appreciate everything that you have done for me.

Patije;I love you too. You are my sister - even if you choose to not want me because I eat your fortune cookies! (laughter)


M:Thank you, Patije. I'll never feel alone again.

Patije:I'll laugh at you anytime....!

M:I'll laugh at me now too!

(end of tape)

Session 4

  • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1993 (7:30 PM in patrol veh)


Mary:Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your pleasure, or a message from my unseen friends or teachers.


Christ Michael:Beloved Daughter, Remember that I am with you always, and it is darkest before the dawn. You go so faithfully and lovingly about my business - why do you feel that you have failed?

Your dedication and commitment pleases me greatly. Know that you are blessed and protected. Feel my love surround you, My Child, you are never alone! think on these things and keep joy in your heart. Soon your eyes will see as never before. Your time for reaping has come. I love you, Dear Child. -Michael

JaEL:This is JaEl. Greetings, Dearest Sister Mary. It is pleasurable to talk to you. Yo have responded so well to lessons and our working with you. We are overjoyed and wish to see you happy too.

Your heart is heavy even though you did so well when you were in your employer's office. You recognized the truth and you saw what the aged one has tried to do. You did not get angry or give the situation energy or emotion, Beloved One. You learn so well. And, you did right. But you stay sad.

Remember, it matters not that others appear to make you look stupid or wrong. What matter is that you stay centered in spirit. You did . Now be joyous! Do not carry a heavy heart. It is such a pleasure to work with you. I love you!


Aflana:This is Aflana. Cheer up, Sweet One. I am sending you happy, happy, happy, energy! We love you so much, Dear Sister. Smile with us.

Session 5

  • FEBRUARY 3, 1993 (2:30 AM at home)


Rayson: Mary, this is Rayson. I am with you. Welcome back, Beloved Child of God. It has been good to observe you these last weeks. Your human emotions are different. Your strength and loyalty are commendable and a thing of great beauty to behold. Your dedication is astounding.


You, Dear One, are such a credit to Chanti and all your unseen friends. You feel that you have "fallen on your face?" Failed? No, Dearest, not failed! Succeeded. You have learned to love Mary and defend Mary. This is so different from Mary the recluse. You loyally defend and protect those around you and you keep your heart open with that wonderful unconditional love - always. Now you have come to feel that you are worthy of the same gifts from those around you. You have learned another lesson that we have worked at teaching you. Keep up the good work. The group will learn your value and understand your virtue by observing your way of life. Some have to be "returned to their place" as you say. So be it. You, My Precious, are finally accepting, loving and protecting you.

It is a joy to observe this happening and these changes. Now we will see how your friends react to your changed energy. As I have told you, fear not. For you , My Precious, are protected and well loved. No harm will come to you. You move in faith and love from an open loving heart. so speak your piece - peace- for you have learned so well how not to hurt your brothers and sisters, for you know how that felt.


All things will work out for the highest good for each member of the group. And, you, Dearest One, keep on fending for Mary. Yes, you are relating to male energy much better. You bring us so much pleasure . It is joyous to work with you and see your light shine brighter each day! We love and cherish you, My Precious One. Rest now.

Session 6

  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1993 (2:45 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Friends,

Do you have anything for me today? Your willing and open child and friend in Light and Love - Julie


JoEL: Greetings. This is JoEl. We know what has been on your mind. We have been working on you. We know of this discomfort but you ar becoming less and less mortal. Have patience with your loved ones. They see the difference but cannot understand this.

It takes time to learn how to walk, and then to talk. all of these things you are now learning one step at a time. We know how much you want to do God's work, but that is just what you are doing.

Your new lesson is to listen. You will begin to hear things on a different level. You are hearing things now, but that is only one chord. Start putting your pictures with the sounds. Open yourself to more and be more receptive to all. You will instinctively know what they are saying between the lines. We are all so busy now trying to "tune" in everyone.

We have missed your 2 groups this week. We need to work with you, and this will keep the vibrations going. The one important thing is that everyone should be mentally balanced. If not, it throws everything off. The energy is scattered. It focuses on that one person who is unbalanced and scattered, instead of what is happening on Urantia.

That is why you have individual teachers to help with individuals on their time. In the beginning it was different, now you have more confidence. The only thing you can do is send Love energy. We are well pleased with you and love our precious friend. I know you hear us now and know you know that we love you.

Julie:I love you, JoEl and all my unseen friends. I hear your words and will try to abide by them.

My Daughter, I know how you try to please your heavenly Father, and that pleases me. I love you unconditionally, it is your Father who is always here for you. All you have to do is ask and put out your hand, and you will know it is I AM!

I know all, and all in the past and I am so pleased that you aren't bitter as most of my mortal children would be. I know that you know that is was a test. Your planet is a learning experience, and remember all the things that are coming now are experiences for your learning. Only think of today - one day at a time.


You must rest for what your celestials have to do for you. Just know that I will always love you. --Your Father in heaven

My Dearest Father, How I love you. I will always want to please you. Thank you for spending this time with me.

Session 7

  • FEBRUARY 5, 1993 (AM)


JoEl: Greetings, this is JoEl. We know what has been on your mind. We have been working on you. We know of this discomfort but you are becoming less and less mortal. Have patience with your loved ones. They see the difference but cannot understand this.


It takes time to learn how to walk and then to talk. all of these things you are now learning - one step at a time. We know how much you want to do God's work and that is just what you are dong. Your new lesson is to listen. You will begin to hear things on a different level. You are hearing things now but that is only one chord. Start putting your pictures with the sound. Open yourself more and be more receptive to all. You will instinctively know what they are saying between the lines.

We are all so busy now, trying to "tune in" everyone. We have missed your two groups this week. We need to work with you and this will keep the vibrations going. The one important thing is that everyone should be mentally balanced. If not, it throws everything off. The energy is scattered. It focuses on that one person who is unbalanced and scattered instead of what is happening on Urantia.

This is why you have individual teachers to help with individuals on their own time. In the beginning it was different. Now you have more confidence. The only thing you can do is send love energy. We ar well pleased with you and love our precious friend. I know you hear and know that we love you.

Heavenly father: Dear Daughter, we know how you try to please your heavenly Father, and that pleases me. I love you unconditionally. It is your Father who is always here for you. all you have to do is ask and put out your hand and you will know it is I AM. I know all and all in the past and I am so pleased that you aren't bitter as most of my mortal children would be. I know that you know that was a test.

Your planet is a learning experience and remember that all the things that are coming now are experiences for your learning, only think of today as one day at a time. You must rest for what your celestials have to do for you. Just know that I will always love you. Your heavenly Father.

Julie:My Dearest Father, how I love you and want to please you. Thank you for spending this time with me.

Session 8

  • FEBRUARY 5, 1993

Patije: Dearest Father, I come to you with wonder and awe at what is happening and recommit myself to loving service in all that I do.

Christ Michael: You do well, Daughter. I am well pleased.


Celestial Impressions and Celestial Discovery groups: Why have you cancelled your meetings this week? Could you not work around the inconvenience and conflict? Where are your priorities? Think about this. I tell you truly there is not much which causes you to fall upon the Pathway. All is in your hands and by your free will. You can choose to be about the Father's business in all that you do. It is your choice.

It is often when my mortal children look away from their focus upon the higher goal of cosmic life. When this occurs one can circle in the byways of the imagination looking again for the straight forward path when one awakens to the error.

Your community is out of balance. One among you has dropped a seed of negativity and others have nurtured it. One has become emotionally out-of-balance and this has been like a rug pulled out from others who were not sure-footed as they walked the pathway in the light that that one was carrying for them. One has become dependant on the others and must learn to consult with that one's personal teacher when in doubt or in confusion.

Remember, you are building a community of fellowship, to work as a team in this Correcting Time. Each must be aware of the needs of the others and make time to help where their talents lie. We do not judge the value of the need - only the value of the willingness to help. Success and failure are not important, only the intentions and effort. Remember this. I tell you truly, much of value passes you by while you are in the unbalanced state. Look to yourself for answers. Choose to find the answers. Look within and know that you know.

For those of you who are overextended in time and stress, list all of the items causing this according to your perceptions. Put them in priority of their importance. Look again. This time cross out the one you would choose to do without if you had no other choice. Go through the list and do this over and over until you have only 1 or 2 items left on your list.

Now, look again. Which activity enables you to grow towards your perfection in Truth? In Beauty? In goodness? Which activity enables others to grow towards their perfection in Truth? In Beauty? In Goodness? Which activity helps the entire community grow towards their purpose? Which activity helps other communities grow towards their purpose? Which activity is most important for the overall purpose of service to mankind?

Ask yourself what is most important in the overall purpose of the Correcting time: Personal activities? Group activities? Personal service? Group service?

If working on a team, how can you contribute to the potential of the entire team's purpose? How can you help others on the team to also contribute to this potential? Are you contributing to the efforts of others on the team or causing conflict and more work to accomplish the overall goal? Think on this carefully.

By this process of elimination and illumination, you should have your activities down to less than 6 primary important activities. Do these first. The others will be taken care of on a need to basis. You will see.

Be of good cheer. As you give with your heart you will receive with love energy empowering and enfolding and uplifting you and your efforts. Give of yourself. Be what you were made to be. Put aside the old lessons of material value and begin to evaluate your progress and your talent according to your celestial citizenship. Allow the demands of the material experience to fall away. Detach yourself from the emotional envolvement of fear and resentment and darkness. Move towards the light of truth, beauty and goodness. Allow those around you to move thus also. Help each to do their best in every way you know how. Inside the community and outside of your circles. All are to know me and live their potential.


All consciousness is to move into higher realms. You will see what men call miracles everyday if you but open your eyes and know. Plant yourself upon the pathway of service. Give of yourself in all that you do. Hold back no gift given to you by faith. If you have a talent or a means and a member of the team needs it, offer it unselfishly. If you need a talent or a means which anotehr member of the team has, ask freely. It will be given freely. All work together for the good of the planet during this correcting time upon Urantia.

Session 9

  • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1993 (1:00 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Helpers,

I thank you for my abundance and a happy home. I thank you for directing me to Sarasota and my life experiences.

Are there any messages for me today? You know what is in my heart.

Your daughter and friend.


JoEL: This is JoEl. Greetings to my friend Julie. We know how much you like to focus on one thing at a time, your lessons a few years ago. When things get overwhelming, you must divide your time. We are so pleased with your progress. Christ Michael has been with you, as he is now, and wants you spread that lesson he taught you.


Mortals have to be unified in order for the higher plan to work. All are called but few choose to come. The plan is to get the all to come and to keep up the momentum. We find mortals get bored very quickly and especially with each other. They must learn to stick with their lessons and with each other. We are sending more into the Corps. The most important thing is to have all the vibrations work, all is in harmony, as in music. The flux in all disharmony is the Love Energy. Love is so important to love one another. To accept each other, accept all the faults, that is what makes each one unique. So much energy is coming to the planet now and the Corps has to be ready for it. You must rest to let the new energy in your to work. I know you are going to bed earlier and that is good. All will get done in Correcting Time.

We love you mortals so much and really want to help you.

The important thing to remember:

1) We are always with you.

2) You have a free will

3) Always quiet time with the Father

4) Listen and do your lessons and missions

5) Plant the seeds of Love and Light and Life

6) To know Truth, Beauty and Goodness

7) To live up to your potential, be what you really are.

You are like a sunflower to us. Think about that for awhile. We want you to think.

We all love you, and you really are so special. We have that special love for you, as you are our special friend.

Love from your friend, JoEl.

Julie:Thank you JoEl. You are my special friend and I love you too. I feel your loving presence here. I will do as you say.

My Dear Daughter,

I am so pleased with you. I love you and I am always with you. I see you are sending Love Energy to everyone. I am so pleased that you are helping my special daughter, and you love her as I do. She needs you more to help her, but she is reluctant to ask. I know you know and will come through.

Love Energy will win out with Bill. I surround you with love. Your teachers and myself want you to get together for your lessons to the corps. Even if it only 2 - your vibrations will work. Do not neglect us.

Your Father

Father, I will do my best for you. Julie

Session 10



Patije:Dear Father, thank you for a marvelous day and such good friends! I affirm them as friends who come to help whenever they see me sinking without my even having to ask! It is good. I send my love and support to each individual of our little community to help them retain balance in their life experience and to return to our circle in active service quickly! Thank you for the health and happiness of all who come into my life experience. Thank you for your guidance and your loving energy in all times of our lives -the brilliant high energy times and during the walks through the shadows of darkness too. We are your children and we intend to serve you always. Allow our wills to be your will for us and our purpose. Thank you, Father.

Praise to you for all of the unseen helpers and bless them for all the work and patience they have with us as we neglect them and hear them not clearly! It is my intention to hear and serve with their guidance for this correcting time upon our planet. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

Have you or your helpers any messages for me today?


Aflana:The Light of the Father surrounds you and His Love enfolds, uplifts and empowers you as you go forth in service to Him. Good morning, Dear One.

Patije:Good morning, Aflana!

Aflana:You know me well when I speak to you! LorEl and I sometimes try to confuse you and we have succeeded only when we both give parts of the lesson which you receive through your fingers. That is good. Your capacity for transmitting is quite efficient. It is always good when a TR - as you all call it - can transmit several different entities without excess confusion. You do well, Dear One. I am happy to be a part of your training and your progress during this correcting time! Thank you for working so hard with us and for your team of the Corps of Destiny. You do well. Michael also tells us he is quite pleased. I have received Michael's acknowledgment for the work we have done together to bring others on line. It is quite humorous when I think of your beginnings as an oral transmitter. Even today, you are much more comfortable with the keyboard, but you are quite proficient orally also. It is highly hailed- as far away as Edentia and Salvington -your faith and willingness to be of service to Michael, Machiventa, Ham, and all of us during this correcting time.

LorEl:I, too, wish to great you, My Friend. As Aflana says, your cooperation and faith filled willingness to be of service is greatly appreciated and respected on many levels. It is with great joy that I serve with such a diligent worker/student as yourselves. Your community is building a good foundation. Erroneous thinking and character shortcomings as well as misunderstood choices are coming to the surface to be dealt with among your family "team" at this time. When you all have reached an understanding of each one's role and are in consensus about behavior and perceptions you will be ready for the next level of service.

Aflana:In the meantime, it is a delight to work with new transmitters and new groups around the globe and be able to guide them to the Sarasota transcripts of our work here. Thank you for your work in having them available and feeling free to share them.

Patije:We are in consensus here about sharing the transcripts. None of us feel they are ours to hide. Each one was a lesson in working through our doubts and misunderstandings of the process and know these can be a help to another somewhere. Consequently, we have given them to the teachers of this Corps of Destiny to use where needed or desired. It is in your hands. I know without doubt that you will protect us if it is necessary and that you will enhance the teachings where needed to reach some remote perSon somewhere. I give you that permission. As well, as permission to constantly, or consistently attune and adjust me, my nervous system and my thinking capacity to help me be of more service and to grow up the spiral towards my perfection. Thank you, all of you. Praise be to the Father and to Michael in this time on Urantia and in this universe.

Aflana:Your attitude has been a guiding light to many both at home and abroad. Think not that your time has been wasted with the phone calls and the hours of transcribing. You will never know the great service you have performed. It is regrettable that so many neglect their responsibility to help you. But this is free will and we work with it constantly. We can give only so much as those can receive by giving themselves.

Patije:Thank you for your words of inspiration. But, do you have a lesson for me today?

LorEl:Do you have a topic in mind? Of course you do. May I scan your mind for a moment?

Patije:Of Course. You have permission to do this at any time I desire to be of service to you. (All of the time!!!)

Aflana:We know, Child. But, still we must ask. You have the right to change your choice at any time you desire to do so.

Patije:Thank you. I will not change my commitment to you as I do so will that my will be as the Father wills for me! Always.

LorEl:In scanning your mind, I see that while you have many topics I could broach with you, it would be best to allow you to proceed with the backlog of transcribing the tapes which trouble you greatly. You know that you will finish this task if you continue to just do one thing at a time and keep at it. I bid you God speed as you tackle this mountain in your mind. We have learned that there is no putting you off, you just fill with stress and a feeling of unworthiness and guilt when you do not work at the monumental task we have given you to do. Balance is a nebulous thing for you in your perfection of service. See that you get enough rest and nutrition and we will allow you to complete this task and find freedom. So be it.

Aflana:Not many can discern the importance of the long range goal as you do. Give up your need to have all that leaves your desk be perfect. Your brothers and sisters who read and study the transcripts will understand small editorial mistakes and misplaced punctuation and spelling. They know to read the message, not the words. This is true in transcribing also. Type the message, worry not about the words. We will be with you.

VanEl:I will attempt to keep your computer and printer working for you as you go about this task. Money to repair and replace these mechanical/electronic devices will be forthcoming before they fail completely. You will see. Have faith that as you need, your needs will be met. In the interim, I will oversee the usefulness of the equipment which you have.

Patije:Thank you, LorEl, VanEl, Aflana and Father! I know without doubt that my trust in you is complete and full of faith. Praise God in all things. I go now to work upon that which has been given to me to do.

Session 10

  • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1993 (4:30 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

Are there any messages for me today?


JoEl: This is JoEl. We were wondering when you were coming into the silence today. We were so pleased how you were working for your Father today, and planting the seeds and working all day to find the solutions. You noticed how the doors opened at the same time for different things.

We love you and surround you in Love Energy and Light. Your circuits are really opening up. Listen to the messages coming through now. Help your friends on your time, but not on unified time. We have much to teach you, and time is growing short. There are so many circuits being opened up, and it is important to key in the right energy, and for mortals to be opened to it! It is most important to have time with your group.

Michael and many teachers have to keep in touch. Your group is our special bouquet, and we need to smell the flowers! There are also other celestials that are observing and they are learning from you.

You can plant more seeds this week. Michael has some special ones for you to plant this week. You will get the message.

Notice how much better you are feeling, your circuits are working now. I am your special friend who will communicate with you through these circuits. We will experiment with you since you gave us permission. Just go about your duties, but take note what is happening.

Love and Light to my friend.

JoEl, I love you and I am your friend too. I will be more than happy to do the Father's work. Julie

Dear Child,

You have made several of my children very happy, and that pleases me. You are listening to me.

I love you and I am always here.

Your Father

Session 11

  • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1993 (12:30 AM at home)


Mary:Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your pleasure or a message from my unseen helpers.

JaEL:This is JaEL. Greetings Mary. We are all so happy to be working with you. I love you.

LutZia:I am Lutzia. Your Midwayer friend. Great things are about to happen. I am here to facilitate. Be joyous and feel love.

Aflana:This is Aflana. We love you, Mary. I am sending happy, happy, happy energy.

Rayson: Good morning, Beloved Child of God. We are all here responding to your requests for assistance and healing. Chanti rejoices because you permit their energy to work with you and through you - along with my energy. We are preparing for wondrous times which are coming. You are so willing and through this we are able to work with mankind around you. You benefit greatly by your diligence. Ask for our assistance - as Michael told you - give your burdens to him. We are with you. Feel our love surround you. My Precious Mary, you will enjoy your wellness and joy. Go rest now. I love you. -Rayson (I observed that smile!!!)

later... 8 PM at home...

JaEl:This is JaEL. Greetings, Dearest Sister. We are so happy to be working with you. You give us great pleasure as we watch you apply your lessons and overcome your difficulties. You have just mastered another great lesson -- Handing problems to Michael.

How very far you have come. You need to remember that when you experience the sadness of heart. You do so well but you expect so much of yourself. Go easy. Be gentle with yourself. You are a beautiful child of God and you are blessed because you love and cherish the Father, and you diligently serve Him. Why then can you not be gentle with yourself?? I love you.

Rayson:This is Rayson. Greetings, My Mary. Fear not. By your very willingness you allow much healing of yourself and through this you afford healing of all that you come in contact with. The healings will continue. For now, you are being healed and learning many lessons on many levels. Your delay living needs to be "UPside down" as you call it, so we can work with you freely.

You are nervous and tired. Soon that will be over and you will get enough rest. Remember to hand over your burdens to Michael as he taught you. go rest now, My Precious One. I love and cherish you. -Rayson (I saw that smile!!)

Session 12

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1993 (5:00 AM)


Dear Father,I am awake and cannot go back to sleep. Have you called me? Is there a message? Is this a time for adjustments? Do you call me into the stillness? I love you and seek to do your will. Use me in any way. - Patije

I am Lamphere, primary midwayer, faithful and true without default. My partner and I have worked for many of your planetary centuries of time measurement. It has been our responsibility to warn and prepare those who had the revelation (pause) textbook during crises times upon your planet. Several years ago, there was a crises building in which all of our efforts seemed not to come to fruition until the very last moments of human free will choice. During this time we were advised by Christ Michael to appear to selected mortals to begin a counter effort for preservation of the epochal revelation and those mortals who were prepared to execute preparations for the Reserve Corps of Destiny which had not yet been activated, but would soon be so.

It is unfortunate that human mortals have the unforeseeable makeup of debilitating doubt or extreme intensity about carrying forth what they know that they know. Much progress has been made for the celestial contact upon Urantia in this Correcting Time. I want you to know me. My integrity is without blemish.

There is one who suffers great alarm at any suggestion of possible contact by a midwayer. I desire to relieve her suffering. However, not understanding the dire circumstances and being devastated by disappointment, my efforts to illuminate have been thoroughly and unequivocally rebuffed from explanation.

Inform that dear one, Sara, to wrap herself in God's light of protection and ask to have an explanation which will be for her ears and knowingness alone. None other will understand the devastation and betrayal that dear one has known. She alone will know the truth of what is to be said. Her loyalty and steadfast faith was sorely tried and the sensitivity of knowing not from where the message originates nor why she responds within while rejecting from the strength of her mind - (which is great!) - causes bewilderment and confusion to her.

We would say to her: Put aside fear and embrace the Father's will. You will not be forsaken nor betrayed by your faith in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. We are here. We are real. This is contact. This is not evil. You know us by your experience and you never got to know the fruits of your labor, only the consequences of the negative side of the action which did not materialize. Only moments intervened to enable us to rejoice in our success to divert the disaster for which you were prepared.

I, Lamphere, draw close to the end of my message. It is true even we are limited by the free will choice of the individuals to which we are drawn. We stand by helplessly wishing to relieve discomfort and promote healing and can do no thing until it is asked for in prayer and accepted in knowing from the knowing point within one - the spirit of truth directs softly.

The time is coming when you will have the opportunity to give this message to Sarah. She has been on your mind for several months, Patije. You have wondered why. You wondered for years after meeting her why the bond seemed to be so strong and how you wanted to have frequent contact with her, but it didn't work out by phone nor correspondence. She is of your cosmic family and the bond remains true and unquestioned, but lies forgotten amidst the chaos of jumbled memories. One day it will resurface and you will be her comfort.

When the time is right, you will know. Farewell, Dear One. -Lamphere

Patije:I am surprised by this message. Some of the message seems dicombobbled to me. It doesn't really make sense. Could I have misunderstood "addict" or "passage" or "rebuffed" or the context in which they are placed? The only Sara I can think of is in California. If you mean Sarah Blackstock, I still see Sarah sitting in confusion and wondering how her faithful willingness to serve could have brought such havoc and pain into her life experience and the experiences of her loved ones. When I met her approximately 3 years later I sensed the grief which she suffered even then. She hardly knows me so I do not understand why this message was given to me for her. I would prefer not being the one to take this message to her, but I am, as always, seeking to be of service to the Father in any way during this correcting time. Use me, if necessary. I go willingly, if it is so desired.

Lamphere:You will know when the time is right. You will know that you know and none else will keep you from your assignment. She will not listen to many. We will not harass her. We only wish to bring comfort.

Patije:Farewell, Lamphere.

Session 13

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1993 (5:00 AM)


Dear Father,I am awake and cannot go back to sleep. Have you called me? Is there a message? Is this a time for adjustments? Do you call me into the stillness? I love you and seek to do your will. Use me in any way. - Patije

I am Lamphere, primary midwayer, faithful and true without default. My partner and I have worked for many of your planetary centuries of time measurement. It has been our responsibility to warn and prepare those who had the revelation (pause) textbook during crises times upon your planet. Several years ago, there was a crises building in which all of our efforts seemed not to come to fruition until the very last moments of human free will choice. During this time we were advised by Christ Michael to appear to selected mortals to begin a counter effort for preservation of the epochal revelation and those mortals who were prepared to execute preparations for the Reserve Corps of Destiny which had not yet been activated, but would soon be so.

It is unfortunate that human mortals have the unforeseeable makeup of debilitating doubt or extreme intensity about carrying forth what they know that they know. Much progress has been made for the celestial contact upon Urantia in this Correcting Time. I want you to know me. My integrity is without blemish.

There is one who suffers great alarm at any suggestion of possible contact by a midwayer. I desire to relieve her suffering. However, not understanding the dire circumstances and being devastated by disappointment, my efforts to illuminate have been thoroughly and unequivocally rebuffed from explanation.

Inform that dear one, Sara, to wrap herself in God's light of protection and ask to have an explanation which will be for her ears and knowingness alone. None other will understand the devastation and betrayal that dear one has known. She alone will know the truth of what is to be said. Her loyalty and steadfast faith was sorely tried and the sensitivity of knowing not from where the message originates nor why she responds within while rejecting from the strength of her mind - (which is great!) - causes bewilderment and confusion to her.

We would say to her: Put aside fear and embrace the Father's will. You will not be forsaken nor betrayed by your faith in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. We are here. We are real. This is contact. This is not evil. You know us by your experience and you never got to know the fruits of your labor, only the consequences of the negative side of the action which did not materialize. Only moments intervened to enable us to rejoice in our success to divert the disaster for which you were prepared.

I, Lamphere, draw close to the end of my message. It is true even we are limited by the free will choice of the individuals to which we are drawn. We stand by helplessly wishing to relieve discomfort and promote healing and can do no thing until it is asked for in prayer and accepted in knowing from the knowing point within one - the spirit of truth directs softly.

The time is coming when you will have the opportunity to give this message to Sara. She has been on your mind for several months, Patije. You have wondered why. You wondered for years after meeting her why the bond seemed to be so strong and how you wanted to have frequent contact with her, but it didn't work out by phone nor correspondence. She is of your cosmic family and the bond remains true and unquestioned, but lies forgotten amidst the chaos of jumbled memories. One day it will resurface and you will be her comfort.

When the time is right, you will know. Farewell, Dear One. -Lamphere

Patije:I am surprised by this message. Some of the message seems dicombobbled to me. It doesn't really make sense. Could I have misunderstood "addict" or "passage" or "rebuffed" or the context in which they are placed? The only Sara I can think of is in ________. If you mean Sarah _________, I still see Sarah sitting in confusion and wondering how her faithful willingness to serve could have brought such havoc and pain into her life experience and the experiences of her loved ones. When I met her approximately 3 years later I sensed the grief which she suffered even then. She hardly knows me so I do not understand why this message was given to me for her. I would prefer not being the one to take this message to her, but I am, as always, seeking to be of service to the Father in any way during this correcting time. Use me, if necessary. I go willingly, if it is so desired.

Lamphere:You will know when the time is right. You will know that you know and none else will keep you from your assignment. She will not listen to many. We will not harass her. We only wish to bring comfort.

Patije:Farewell, Lamphere.

Session 14

  • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1993 (11:00 AM)


Dearest Father and Helpers,

You know what is in my heart. Are there any messages?


This is JoEL. We are pleased with your willingness and openness to work out these situations that mortals have. You have always been diplomatic and start using your diplomacy. Find the key to the circuits and unify them.

See how these seeds are sprouting all over now. It is a wise gardener who knows which ones to weed and which ones are the strongest. They all need the fertilizer, but only some respond. They all need Sunlight (Sonlight). Take a cue from that. Get into fresh air to clean your bloodstream.

Everything needs the same thing. It is Love Energy plus Light Energy into all the circuits. Sounds also come into it. LISTEN

My Dear friend, I surround you in Love Energy and Light.

Your dear friend, JoEL

JoEl - I send you Love Energy and Light too. - Julie

Session 15



Patije:Dear Father, Here am I - really pure of heart for the first time in days! Although I was continuing in what I had to do and being loving to others, this was an underlying grief which plagued me. The constant frustration and disappointments in those I have asked for help and the constant bringing of more tasks that I can humanly accomplish got me a little out of sorts. As I began asking people to look for an old transcriber - or tape recorder with a foot pedal, more and more of them reminded me to ask you! which is what I thought I had done, but in reality had not allowed it to rest there, but continued to "beat the bushes" for it myself. I am sorry, Father, for taking your promise to provide all that I need too lightly and not trusting your word to us!

My shocked and resentful emotions over the purposeful refusal to help and the constant "snapping" at me of the one I relied on the most during the last 8 or 9 months have mellowed and I am at ease again. That One's friendship seems to be "gone" and I am ready to accept that as permanent, although I choose to think that this is only a purging of lack of willingness and that when that One sorts out emotions and reactions and becomes part of the team again, all will work together for Your purpose. I love that one dearly and unconditionally. It is not up to me to judge and condemn and I will not do so, although others may. Help me. I pray that You will-- or show me how to -- defuse and release the group's emotions over the unbalanced energies emerging from those whose sincerity is questioned. I feel so inadequate. Help me, Father. I again come to you and will not look to worldly methods for relief in equipment to do the job you've asked of me.

I love you Father. That Love enables me to overlook and quietly transmute most of the ill will and barbs which come my way. Thank you for this lesson so close to my heart. I will be alert and aware that just because I passed this test, does not promise freedom from future gullibility nor misplaced expectations in relationships. But I can honestly say that I am not presently harboring any out-of-balance emotions about this instance. If that one has any perceptions of out-of-balance emotions or misunderstood intentions on my part that they will be released and peace and LOVE replace and transmute them to the nothingness which they are. I ask also that my ability to trust and enjoy, this relationship be re-established. Thank you, Father.

Christ Michael:You have done well. We knew these shadows which lurked within your heart and mind. Do you not now feel light and full of life? This is Light and Life! See ye not the similarity? Carry not heavy feelings and concerns within your self. Allow them to dissipate and judge not. Weed your mind garden, as LorEL and Aflana have so well taught you! The consequences of emotional weeds do not belong in a heart and mind willing to serve the Father as you so delightfully do.

Smile, My Child. Laugh and enjoy your work! The burden will lighten and the accomplishments will fill you with self value. Look up, My Dear, and see your help. All things are yours but for the asking - ask aright and it will be yours. Ask unrighteously and it will elude you forever. See ye not this truth? Awaken to yourself. Most of the ill will which occurs upon your planet is the result of self delusion and non-belief and an unwillingness to accept what comes disguised as more work.

Patije:Thank you, Christ Michael. I do know this and will try with more awareness to remember and be alert to the pitfalls of my emotions. I guess this particular tailspin came when I overheard "This is a waste of my time" and "I don't want to do this" and "I have to guard my time now" and then turned around and asked me to interrupt my work to copy and print and take advice - when what I wanted was help. Logically, I can see, but in my heart I was surprised to see so much anger! Roy came home and thought I had gotten news that someone close to me had died! I really did over react with my surprise, grief and anger, didn't I!

LorEL:Yes, Dear Friend, it was sad to us that the lesson for another could hamper your cheerful willingness to do all that is given to you or asked of you. You are highly acknowledged for your ability to accommodate and forgive. We were assured that this lesson could be given within the circle of your "team" and with your guidance all would surmount their emotional imaginings. Your doubts are your enemies. They trigger reactions to trivial irritations which love cannot even recognize as having any importance to relationships.

This was an opportunity for us to enlighten you to a weakness in your balance! We also knew you would wake up and love again because of your diligent discipline in attempting to transmute anything un-God-like and refusal to perpetuate them. I am pleased in your progress.

Aflana:Be happy, Dear One! Smile! Laugh! Be what you are! The work will get done but your contemplation of anything other than good is detrimental to yourself and those we send to you for guidance. Wake up and live! Think not that your time at your computer and the irritations of equipment breaking down is a waste. On the contrary - have you not noticed that you are available to take the phone calls of those desiring affirmation and information about this Correcting Time and the Transmission/receiver-abilities?!? Cheer up! You are not rejected, nor is your work neglected. All works together in God's time. You have become hung up on time and space and you have the ability to move above it! Be happy. I bring you laughter and light-heartedness. Do you not feel it?

Patije:Yes, Aflana, I do! You are so light and happy and your energy of happiness does permeate my being when you are near! Thank you for being with me so often.

Aflana:It is my pleasure, Dear One. It saddens me to see you burdened by the tasks which have so filled you with joy for so many months. Uplift your thoughts and be done with your expectations of any.

Remember to judge not as humans judge, but as those of us outside of time and space see all that happens to you as your training for real life when you pass from that form which hampers you even while it provides the necessary attributes which enable you to attain the experiences you need for your eternal value.

VanEssa:I am never far away and you can call upon me at any time. You are capable of all that is asked of you. It pleases me that you have realized that there are other Midwayers in your vicinity to help and work with you and oversee the activities which are pressed upon you. I am allowed to tell you that there are many others in addition to Abicortia, Abilenia, Lutzia, Maralena, Mekken, and Enizia working in this area. There are also Bonizia, Liliken, Danezia, Danalenia, Tutken, Nodken, HapsonEssa, Tutzia, and Liliania. I am allowed to tell you that there are even more. The names do not matter, however. When you call me any one of us may be aware and respond.

You laugh! How refreshing! There is much to be joyful about. If you only knew how many of us - Midwayers and other celestial workers - in addition to the teachers, are here to help you in your intentions to do the will of the Father, you would not believe it. Trust the Father in all things. You will see there is always one nearby to assist.

Patije:Thank you, VanEssa! Thank you.

VanEl:Today, you will find your equipment working. You have proven loyal and reliable with what you have, therefore you will receive even greater good. Your loyalty to the tasks assigned to you without regard of the handicaps you've dealt with has been well noted. Many would not persist--at great sacrifice to ego pleasure -- as you have truly done. Michael is pleased.

Oonalea:Greetings, my little angel of love. Do you not see how you have transmuted one of those character traits which mortals consider untenable into an attribute for the Father's Correcting Time?

Patije:What do you mean? I've changed something un-like-God into something like God? I don't understand.

Oonalea:Mankind often considers persistence and effort to perfect action which is self-defeating and gives it an ugly label called stubbornness. Do you not see how you have been gifted with a tenacity to continue efforts to perfect even when other have long given up. This is the persistence which brings the universe into helping you if you do it with love and purpose not self-aggrandizement.

This is also one of the reasons why you have been selected for this task. It is well known your ability to work and strive in the face of defeat and ridicule and long-suffering. Is it not a relief to know that your healings have also come from your ability to go forth making lemonade when you are handed lemons. Think on this and know. It is Love transmuting all that holds you bondage the Love that you search to find when your heart is heavy and your emotions out-of-balance. I am with you, My Cherished Mortal. Being your guardian is a delightful task but causes me many a flutter of heart when you come so near to peril and pass by unscathed in spirit and mind. I am with you always, Dear Heart. Think not that you are ever forsaken or alone in your work for Michael in this Correcting Time.

Patije:Oh, thank you, Oonalea. I thank you and ask for the Father's blessings for all you have "guarded" me from! I love you. Thank you!

VanEssa:It is a pleasure to know you. I am allowed to tell you that not many find the assurance of knowingness that your faith has brought to you.


later...FEBRUARY 9, 1993 (9:30 PM)

Patije:Dear Father, this is Patije and I await your messages or those of your teachers. I thank you for all the good which came my way today. I love you.

Aflana:Did you like the surprise we prayed for you today? Although you accomplished a great deal of work, you also had the companionship of two of your dearest friends helping you and time out to smell the cool fresh air! Wasn't it delightful? Did we not tell you that if you worked consistently and did each thing as you came to it, and no longer worried about the next task, that time would be stretched to include some balancing relaxation? Now you see the answers to your prayers - and to ours!

It is good to see the emotions of those who were disturbed by one of your group, coming back into balance. The energy given to this was not wasted entirely, but as you became balanced the others also become balanced. Can you not see this, Dear One? It has reflected throughout the entire "team" and although you have been separated by space, you have been united in time and in the lesson of not judging by appearances. It is our hope that when you come together to discuss the last few weeks that you will realize that each of you had only part of the whole picture and you need one another to complete the total picture.

I am working with you on this, Patije, because you are beginning to realize the importance of each of the individuals gathering into your community. One is the stabilizer (can always be relied on by any of the team), one is the grounder (keeps each individual's "feet on the ground" as you mortals often say so you don't become gullible or fanatic), one is the healer (emotional, mental and physical dis-ease and dis-comfort does occur), one is the enabler (provides the knowledge and the help to accomplish your goals), one is the channeler (grasps the goal, points the team in the direction and encourages you to stay on course), one is the lightener (keeps your hearts and spirit uplifted with song, good cheer and encouraging appreciation) one is the recorder (recording and producing transcripts of all meetings with the Unseen friends - individual or group mtgs) one is the neutralizer and balancer (balances the various energies and provides the materials), one is the grain of sand in the oyster shell to cause enough irritation to keep you all growing!

Do you not see yourself in this description? Think not that you fit only one category. It is the goal of the entire team for each member to develop attributes for the team to provide energy for each of these abilities! Some of these are natural talents for some of you, others you must learn. This is a team effort. None of you can go it alone. It will take communication and cooperation every step of the way.

It is the assignment of each of you individually to attempt, learn, and become efficient backup and helpers for each of these tasks - this makes you a viable useful team in the Corps of Destiny. If one holds back, refuses to help the others, doesn't work on the team, this weakens the whole team - therefore the whole team is held back as far as usefulness in the Corps of Destiny.

It is also imperative that you not utilize your group meetings for the needs of just one individual. Remember that each of you has a personal teacher as well as access to several of the celestial unseen helpers. Each of you must learn to go to your teachers when something about the teamwork or lack of teamwork disturbs your peace. If concentrated, honest and sincere efforts to resolve this within yourself, your prayer time and your communications with your personal teachers fail - then by all means discuss it with the whole group. But if your commitment is sincere and honest, do not ever allow anything to cause you to separate yourself from this team - your cosmic family. We can work all things out with communication, cooperation and willingness.

When you said you were willing to serve, you did not put conditions on that willingness. Think about what that means. Are you really willing to go anywhere you are asked to go, do anything you are asked to do, help anywhere you are asked to help, even if it is not comfortable for you? Think carefully about this. Your decision about this commitment is very important and the rest of your service in the Corps of Destiny hinges upon your sincere, honest appraisal of what we are asking. Join the team - or, separate yourself from the team. It really is very simple. Either you contribute to the united efforts to complete the assignments, or you distract and undermine the unity of the whole. You cannot ride the fence any longer. Make your choice. There is no judgement involved. Only you know your capacity and can judge your willingness.

As you are willing to work with the team effort, you will make the effort to transmute all jealousies to love and understanding as rapidly as you are capable. If you are willing to work with the team effort, you will make an effort to stay in constant communication with all members of the team and not withdraw into a cocoon. If you are willing to work with the team effort, you will make an effort to neutralize any ego judgements of the appearances and of the others. If you are willing to work with the team effort, you will make any effort to support and encourage each member of the group. If you are willing to work with the team effort you will make the effort to become the best you can be and live up to your perfection potential and allow others to grow and change daily. Guard against putting any into a box and limiting their growth by your perceptions or criticism. Love one another! Go forth in the glow of this shared love and spread seeds of love everywhere you go, to all lives and experiences you encounter in your daily living in the world. Become a symphony by blending your keys into a harmonious choir.

Your team is important to the total efforts of the Correcting Time. You mortals have a motto which goes something like: "Use it or lose it". You have been given an opportunity in answer to your many prayers. We respect your free will. However, you have been chosen for this opportunity, tuned and adjusted for service according to your cooperation and willingness and are now ready to serve. What is your choice?

I, Aflana, will continue to work and help you as you go forth in faith and trust of this process. You, as a group, are moving into Phase 5.* It must be a unified decision to continue as a team into Phase 5.

  • NOTE:

We were told some time back that

Phase 1 =contact by the teacher and allowing the group to become familiar and comfortable with the unseen helpers and the process. Begin to learn how to live in love and light.

Phase 2 =learn to know one another and become friends and family with each individual within the group and to begin to "live" this truth, beauty and goodness in all moments of our life experience. Begin to live in love and light.

Phase 3 =is an upstepping of both - increased tension to move us out of our comfort zones and causing each individual to make the decision for or against their participation in the upstepped energies and transmissions, each individual makes contact and begins transmissions and/or communication with personal teachers. Create Light and Life in your immediate group and begin to reach out to your community and family.

Phase 4 =attaining a sort of working harmony of the team or family unit in supportive, helpful, encouraging, participation and set up communication with other groups. Begin to plant seeds of Light and Life in every experience of your daily living activities.

Phase 5 =Begin to create a community of blended talents and abilities, an upstepping of increased tension to again move us out of newly attained comfort zones and become adept at blending our talents and abilities in all activities - transmissions, deeper study, social and service projects, and the "work" of having the group meetings and getting them recorded and mailed - to overcome any individual's weaknesses through the energy of team work. Consider the team/family existing and living in Light and Life and make this experience real.

As you know, there is a hazy line between these phases, and your group can be in all of them at once! It is an upstepping process during this correcting time. Each step of the way brings a new awareness of what love is, how to live in love energy, trials and errors in manifesting this energy everywhere, experience of actually living as if your Corps of Destiny community were settled in light and life.

As you feel secure, comfortable in constant changing energies, and experience this Light and Life, you will become adept at spreading it around. The virus of Love must be turned loose in the world of Urantia. It must infect all peoples no matter race, culture, creed or religion! You are a seed planter. You are a key tuner. You are a melody. You are part of a large symphony. You are a Child of God. You are potentially perfect. Live as if this is true, even amidst your human mortal doubts and skepticism. As you experience it, it will become real. You will see. Your faith builds many bridges and your willingness to cross into levels above your comfort zones enables you to experience and then build another bridge of faith! Go forth.

Go forth in joy and happiness. Go forth fearless and trusting. Go forth knowing this process will work itself out and you will find yourself enriched and growing swiftly into Light and Life! You are a lamplighter. You are a wayshower. You are a soldier of Light and Life. Go forth joyously in the service of Michael! Go forth!

Another is calling me. I must answer the call. Know that you know and go forth as the leader of this community that you are. Share this with all of your team members and encourage each to make a genuine effort to work in harmony. I go now. Farewell!

Patije:Thank you and Farewell, Aflana. Blessings for you always...

Session 16


(This was done following our regular Urantia study group meeting after some healing work was done for John.)


Patije:This is Patije. I invited the teachers to join us and speak with us. I ask to be of service. I thank you for all your help. I am open, willing and ready to do what is asked of me.

Julie:This is Julie:. I am willing and open to be of service and to do whatever you want me to do.

Mary:This is Mary. I greet all the teachers, everyone present. Thank you for being here. I am open. I am willing and ready to be of service.

John:This is John. I am here also, ready and willing to be of service.

LorEL: (Patije)

Good afternoon, My friends. I am LorEL. I come to greet you this afternoon and remind you that the Father's love, the Father's light and the Father's power surrounds us and enfolds you. You cannot be outside of this power, no matter whether you are where you are, in this material state or somewhere on your way to Paradise. Wherever you are, the Father is there also. And, so it is.

We have missed you. You have not come to meet with us as a group for some time. You are our of practice, I see.

Mary:Greetings, LorEL. Thank you for being with us.

Patije:This is Patije. I am getting so many things from so many directions all at the same time, I can't focus on them. Like those tapes - maybe I have been listening to them too long. (laughter) Rayson is here, of course. He has been here for awhile. I hear that he has been having a delightful time helping you with the healings.

Mary: (as Julie: suppresses a cough)Speak up, Julie:.

Julie:I have no words to speak at the moment, I'm trying to get it. There are flashing colors going around...

Patije:There was a question given to me this week to ask the teachers. Is there any significance to the 7 steps in chords and do they have any connection with the universal language? Or, with the 7 Master Spirits of Paradise or is there a melody a harmony key which has something to do with - I don't even know how to ask this question - the Father, the Son, the Spirit, the Creator Son... are step downs and is there a harmony we can play to create this energy? Is there a way in the universal language to say musically, "I love you" with using the words? Could music be the universal language. I was to ask Julie: about this because Julie: understand music and I have no idea what I am talking about. I was going to give it to you in the written form but forgot.

Julie:I do know that a teacher will have to tell me.

Patije:Yes, but the teacher could tell me but I wouldn't understand what they were saying, I don't understand the language of music. so, listen for keys into that question, Julie:!

Julie:ok. umhmmm

Patije:You may not get it today or tomorrow or even next week. Apparently this question was first asked of the teachers in July of 1992 and the questioner is still waiting for an answer.


This is Rayson and I am with you.

Patije, Julie: and John:Hello, Rayson.


Greetings beloved children of God. (pause)

Patije:Greetings to you.


I am overjoyed to see a little group again. And, I have met a new friend today. And, wondrous things have happened today. John, you are healed.

John:Thank you.

Julie:I see him.

Patije to John:

You can put your arms down and rest them, put leave them on the arms of the chair, or in your lap with the palms out or up towards the center of our group, John.

Rayson:I am now sending energy through to you.


This is Patije, Rayson, and for what it is worth, it took about a week or two for all of my symptoms to disappear completely and I had only had them for a week or two. But, I knew I was healed when you told me I was healed and every time the thought came into my mind that I had a symptom, I said to myself: "No, I am perfect. Rayson has healed me. The Father would not allow me to be separated from my healing." I have to report that it worked. I am totally symptom free at this time and it has been less than a month. From 20 years of previous experience with the usual course of the disease and "normal" treatment in the hospital with high doses of steroids it would 6 months before I would recover to this point.


It is a joy that we could be of service to you. You know that Mary enjoys that work. And your symptoms are definitely gone. John's aren't totally gone because John has limitations. But he can learn much from Patije.


Rayson, can you fix Mary's knee for her -- please... and Julie:'s cough and "charlie horses"...? Please. I know you can. That was the wrong way to state that - would you pleased!!!??? (laughter)

Mary:I don't want to tell everyone what he just said.

Group:Go ahead.


Mary hangs around in her past hurts. And, Julie: suppresses her voice. They are healed. They have to take care of their past limitations. (laughter)


I think I know what Julie:'s is. In the past I used to want to sound "nice" and I was so afraid somebody would not hear it as nice, so I didn't talk. (laughter)

Mary:That is true.

Patije:When I did talk it was always to repeat something I had already said that had passed without negative comment. (laughter) We are being silly.

Julie:They told us to laugh a lot.

Mary:this is Mary. I know that I hang in the past and still feel sorry for myself....even though I am overjoyed and happy and

Patije:Next time you are going to have a Pity-poor-mary party invited us! We'll help. We'll bring the cake! (laughter) We could have a Pity-poor-patije party too! (laughter)

Julie:Don't say that too fast.

Patije:It is one of the few things I can say without getting tongue-twisted.

Rayson:This is Rayson. Does John have any questions?

John:What must I do to overcome the limitations that are holding me back? Or, what should I do or what can I do?

Mary:This is Mary. I don't know if I am hearing this correctly or not.

Patije:What are you hearing?

Mary:When you say . ..trying to decipher . .. tutor or teacher...

Patije:I didn't hear either one of those but Julie: is getting something.

Mary:Go ahead, Julie:.

Julie:No, but in my mind I said: "John wants a teacher."

Mary:That's what I got. (laughter) I thought I heard Rayson say: "Go to the tutors."

Patije:There is a teacher by the name of TrenTon who came around August and as far as I know no body has claimed him as their personal teacher.

Mary:There is another one, isn't there?

Patije:Well, there was a RondEL. We don't know if he is working with Byron or not now. And, there was another one...

Julie:It will hit you, come into your mind when it is right.

Patije:Yes, a name will just suddenly pop into your mind and if it does speak it.

John (to the teachers)I want to know the name of my teacher.

Julie:I got a name - strange came out of somewhere : Chester! Does that "hit" you?

John:That doesn't "hit" me as much as TrentOn does.

Julie:Maybe Chester is here?

Patije:I "heard" it as Chesure or...

Julie:Something like that. Well ?

Patije:Or there was a RoiEl or RyEl or something like that. We don't now what happened to him either. We didn't' hear from him again.

John:Something on that line sounds familiar inside of me.

Mary:Sounds familiar?

Patije:Play with the name and it will come to you. The teachers have told us that when we have questions or disturbances of our peace of mind about the group, we should go to our personal teacher and try to work things out in our prayer time and communicating time. Then if it cannot be worked out, bring it back into the group and discuss it fully with everybody. We are to be supportive and encouraging to one another and not criticize and accept that they meant well whether they did or not (in the group) during the transmissions.

Mary:We need to get back into John's questions. I heard "go to the tutors" Does that mean you, Patije? I had not heard that term.

Julie:A tutor is sort of a teacher.

Mary: A personal tutor.


Our group is learning and teaching simultaneously - I am to teach how to be comfortable with this process, you are to teach how to accept a healing, Julie: is to teach how to feel the presence of our teachers... among other things...

Mary:yes, I was working with John today and I brought some things to do to assist with his healing. I think what John really wants to know is how to stop whatever it is that is allowing him to interfere.

Patije:How to unblock it?

Mary:Yes, unblock it. He's trying to unblock it, right John?


Patije:What came into my mind when you said that was give up the sense of it. Don't worry about the symptoms, just give up your sense of it, your belief in it. (short silence)

Mary:Oh, I see what you mean. Wow! (they see a passing shadow or light or form...)

Julie:Reflection in the mirror

Mary:It is a new wonderful energy I just saw a real tall light (or white) shadow. Wow.

Patije:As long as you can stay focused, John, you are welcome to open your eyes. We do it back and forth. When we start to transmit we close our eyes to focus and not be distracted...

Julie:That is Michael.

Patije:Good afternoon, Michael. Welcome.

Julie:Hello, Michael. I missed you.

Mary:Thank you for coming, Michael. I can just feel your presence.

Julie:Do you feel the energy, John?

John:I keep thinking of my teacher and the name that comes to me is Royce.

Patije:Royce. R O Y C E

Mary:Michael said "Can you not hear me, John?"

Patije:Who said that?


John:I can feel him, but I can't hear him.

Patije:I hear: "It is good to have some male energy to balance these women." (laughter)

Julie:We need that.

Patije:Roy acts as our anchor on Thursday nights.

Mary:Lift you hands up towards the center. Can you feel that?

Julie:Ahhhhh! Isn't this something! Can you feel that, John?


Julie:Hello, Michael.

Mary:Shock waves...

Julie:Michael is going to take the hands now....he is going to place it on each one of you....


Julie:The Sons especially.

John:There is a hand on my arm.

Julie:He is looking at us and ????

Patije:louder, please.

Julie:He is looking at us as if we little tiny children.

Patije:ummmmm probably are.

Julie:Like 2 years old.

Christ Michael: (Patije)

My Little Lambs, Come to me. Know that your troubles are not. Lay them at my feet. Walk without them. Rise up. Rise up. Lift your eyes unto the hills. Know that I am here.

There are strays from your nest who will be returning to you. My lambs shall come. I am calling them.

Julie:Coming or returning?

Patije:I heard: "I am calling"

Christ Michael: (Mary)

Know that I am with you and there shall be peace among you. The joy shall return to your group.

Patije:Thank you, Michael

Julie:Thank you.

John:Thank you.

Patije:I have been called "stubborn" and this puzzles me. I have just been working at the mountain of work to be done. Is this shortsighted of me? (pause) Did I hear: "No, My Child"?

Christ Michael:(Julie:, and Mary at same time!)

No, My Child! You are doing what you are to do.

Christ Michael: (Mary, Julie: and Patije- one or two lines at a time)

It doesn't matter what you are called. There are many waiting. Teachers have need of these transcripts.

Stubborn is also a good word to be used when you stick by something that you know is true.

Stubbornest is an attribute for healing. You must transmute the stubbornest in refusing to succumb to any idea that anything can separate you from your perfection. This will take much stubbornest.

Allow any part of anything evil, separating, unlike God, good, truth, harmony, value, to fall away. Stand firm.

Stand stubborn in your perfection, in your sonship with the Father who is even now reaching out your good.

Lift up your hands. Lift up your eyes. ???? Accept the good. Do not reject any ??? through ignorance, through fear, through prejudice, through limited perceptions. Reach out.

Know that you are standing on the threshold of a new age. That you are the seed plants, the key players, the way showers, the lamp lighters, the candle lighters, for all those who come with you.

I give you my blessing. I know all that is asked of you, My Children, will be done. It is in your heart to give of yourselves more than what is asked.

There are few like this in the service at this time. More will come. In the meantime, you are very necessary to the progress and process of what we are about.

Julie:Thank you, Michael.

Christ Michael:

You are welcome, My Daughters.

Thank you for taking this moment from your busy day to spend with me. You will come again. I will come again. We are together always, but these interludes are precious. Go in peace. Be of good cheer. I salute you as the children of the Most High who have answered the call.

(long, long silence)

Patije:I keep hearing the name: "Lutzia"

Mary:Lutzia, hi.

Patije:I am not catching words. But, Lutzia is here.

Julie:Welcome, Lutzia.

Patije:Something about a new insight into healing was made here today.

Mary:Thank you.

Patije:I'm under the understanding that they learned something too.

John:Stubbornness is the wrong word. It should be replaced with the word "devotion". (conversation earlier mentioned Patije's stubbornest to get the job done)

Julie:umhmmm I don't know if this is appropriate at this time, but every time I close my eyes there is like a live eye - a big live eye staring back at me. It blinks and I see it. It is looking at me.

Patije:The eye of God?

Mary:Yes, that's...(speaking as another conversation in the group?)

Julie:That's what I was thinking.


Unseen helper:

...it represents the strength in your mind for manifesting truth, beauty and goodness that you know within yourself. Guard well the thoughts which escape your lips. It goes with my strength. It can heal. It can destroy. Use it with love, because it is love energy.

Patije:Now, I'm not sure that made sense..how can it destroy if it is love energy?

Julie:Well, it is very powerful. In other words, energy...you can be killed with love - overkill

Patije:The physical body, perhaps.

Julie:Keeps staring at me. But it moves around. It is a light colored eye.

Patije:It seems that every time we gather the energy increases. I am at the point that I almost can't stand it. I feel like I am about to be thrown off a fast moving merry-go-round. It is going so fast that I can't hold on anymore.

Julie:I get dizzy.

Patije:Like being on the inside of a swirling tornado.

Julie:I think they are all here. I feel as though the Mother Spirit is here.

Mary:There is a healing going on right now.

Julie:I'm like not sitting on the chair, if you know what I mean. I'm rising up...

John:a bunch of energy!

Julie:I feel like I am not here, but I am here. Know what I am saying?

John:I feel like I can go into a million different pieces of light.

Julie:Ok. That eye blinked and it gave me a face.

Patije:The mind's eye? The mind's eye of God. (pause) Rayson, can I cross my legs? I keep uncrossing them and they hurt so I cross them again. Then I become aware and uncross them again - over and over

Rayson: (Mary)(can't hear - too soft)

Patije:What does that mean?

Rayson:again can't hear - Mary's voice too soft)

Julie:I see the energy. I see the feeling energy. It is different than the love energy. It is green... and purple... and it is coming down in what you think of as a heat wave on the road when you are driving...it is green and goes to purple...it is being put around all of us. (long pause)

Patije:My hair is moving.

Mary:(can't hear her)

Julie:There is somebody in here.


Julie:Do you know like when you are watching tv and...this is what I am seeing...it is making me dizzy... they are working on our circuits. They are opening up our circuits to allow this energy to tune us. When we said it was too much they adjusted it. They are working around your head there which is why you feel your hair moving. (pause) there at your feet... (too soft to hear)

Patije:Working towards Mary?

Julie:More came in.


Julie:Someone's at me right now, around my ears.(pause) Do you feel anything, John

John: Yes, it's a little cooler. I noticed the hairs on my legs are standing up.

Julie:Yes, they are on the floor now doing something around our feet. I assume that they see us as I see them - not exactly, they know where things are on us, but we are different. I can't see if they have a hand or not, but I know they are doing something...like a beam of light....shapes.... now they're...did you hear different sounds? Like a tuning fork?


Julie:That's what they seem to be.

Patije:Like a very distant choir - or a choir that is singing words in a different language that we don't know.

Julie:harmonious, but different.

John:Right now my throat is getting very very dry.

Mary:They make want you to say something

Patije:If you don't talk, they usually give you a symptom like dry mouth or needing to clear your throat. (laughter) You are invited to say anything that is in your mind that you are aware is impressive to you. It might be an impression that will fit with something one of the others of us have.

Julie:Something very dark just came in. Very powerful. You are going to feel the energy. I think it is a Melchizedek.

Patije:One of three of them?

Julie:Three or four I think

Patije:Do you see the three black dots?


Patije:My hands feel like somebody has a hold of them and are squeezing until I almost can't stand it - you know like people who give a really firm handshake?

Julie:Shake it back. That's just what happens

Patije:(shaking them) Now my arm hurts. (Laughter) My golden bracelets are too tight loosen them (imaginary bracelets to protect when doing Reiki healing.

Julie:Which Melchizedek?

Patije:I heard the name Malventia.

Julie:That rings a proper chord.

Patije:Now I feel like somebody has a finger in the back of my shoulder and they are pushing...

Julie:I think that is true. The workers are still around. They are getting some of the healing energy and are opening our circuits. It is as if they are pouring sleep powder on us.

Patije:I think so too. I would have loved to feel this sleepy and relaxed at 3:00 this morning when I wanted to go to sleep and was awake.

Mary:I'm going through a...(too soft)

Julie:How about you, John. How are you doing?

John:I'm comfortable. I am a little cold at my feet, and a pain in the back of my neck. No pushing in my shoulder or anything but I have a sensation of a little pain in the back of my head.

Patije:I thought I heard Rayson say: "Too long"

Julie:That we are doing too much too fast?

Patije:Yes. We have been in this too long. I didn't get the exact words, but that is what I picked up. Did you get something, Mary?

Mary:Yes. Usually the energy coming through is comfortable...but he came through very strongly for John...(too soft)

(sneezing more than once, by more than one person)

Julie:Do you have anything else to teach us? Or is there anything else we can do for you? (pause) I just got a shot of light, like a fireworks.

Mary:(can't hear)

John:It's dissipating

Julie:Is this for real or my imagination?

LorEL: (Patije)

This is LorEL. The energies which you have been feeling are preparing you for an upstepping of your work in the Corps of Destiny. Also bringing . ..

(phone rang)

John:That is a wonderful healing.

Mary:Do you think you bring LorEL back, Patije?

Patije:Well, I have the very very strong feeling that they were telling us that this was the end, but I can't pick up on it again. I never thought to take the phone off the hook.

Mary:She was saying something about an upstep in new energies...

Julie:This is what I've been getting

John:That was a different energy at the end. It was very cold.

Julie:Usually it is very hot.

Patije:The Melchizedeks used to use a cold laser to cool me down because their energy is so hot... and we are getting extremely sensitive so that could be what it was.

John:I wa getting accustomed to the warmth of Mary's hand for the healing when we started and all of a sudden it began to get cold...

(three talking at once)

(end of tape)

Session 17



We begin our session with a time of stillness together before which we offer our thankfulness for help, our willingness to be of service and an invitation to the teachers. (We have discovered that rather than hold hands - to lift hands upward palms facing one another but not touching, enables the celestials to join our circle and the energy increases and contact is more rapid.)

Patije:This is Patije. I welcome the teachers and invite them. I am willing (clears throat) but my throat has a "frog" in it so you will have to work around it. I am open and ready.

Julie:I welcome all of our unseen helpers. I have also a frog in my throat! I am willing and open and ready to be of service.

Allene:This is Allene. I am open and willing. I welcome all of our unseen helpers and I thank them very much for all the help that they have consistently and continually been giving to me and to all of us. (clears throat twice)

Mary:This is Mary. (clears throat) I also have a "frog" in my throat! (Laughter) I greet all our unseen helpers and friends. I thank them for all the assistance they have given to me and to everyone here in the group. I am open and willing.

(long, long silence)

Julie:Something has my hand again. (it is moving) I cannot stop it from moving.


(very long, long silence)

Allene:It certainly seems like somebody walked by here - right in front of that chair - right? Right beside Mary and between Julie....

Julie:Somebody has my hand. I am not doing this, you know.

Mary:It has been doing that since we started.

Patije:They are all here.

Allene:I have my eyes closed, but you know, it is just like


Julie:I know. I know. I know.

Allene:Something is here - walked right across the middle

Julie:It is cold at the feet.

(long silence but lots of coughing and clearing of throats)

Allene: I hear from I don't know where:

Unseen Helper:"You, My Children, will soon begin to see."

Allene:I don't know what for - it is not Aflana.

Julie:I am getting a pattern - it is just coming to me now. Since I did eggshell lacquer , it is like cracked ice, or egg shells.


Julie:Umhmmm cracked and maimed...but I have a feeling is it is circuits. Like very very thin ice. It is not falling apart. It is staying together. But, it is like eggshell lacquer.

Allene:I certainly do feel the energy in my hands.

Julie:Does anybody smell fire?

Patije:Yes! I was wondering if there was a fire in my house? (laughter)

Julie:You know it is like a fire. With the cracks...a very very strong energy coming in through the circuits is the impression that I am getting now. They are working through that and they will come to us. I am getting like "Fire cleans all"

(long silence)

Mary:I am having this magnificent healing on my right side.

(long silence continues)

Julie:There is something very large in here.

Mary:It touched my right knee, Patije.

Patije:The one we asked for healing?


(silence continues)

Julie:Is anybody getting sounds like a tuning fork?


Patije:Angel bells?

Julie:Maybe. It sounds like a tuning fork - high and interrupted oooooooo...it is coming in stronger now.

(long silence continues)

Julie:Rayson is here, Mary.

Mary:umhmmm. I am hearing the tuning forks now.

Julie:It is getting louder and louder. They are going all around us.


Julie:They are working on Allene now. More are coming in. Do you feel anything near your ears, Allene?

Allene:No, not particularly

Mary:You have 4 people (beings) working on you.

Allene:I knew right before you said that something about healing, being healed or something.

(silence continues with static)

Mary:So does Patije.

Julie:They are in yellow.

Mary:They are working on you too, Julie.

Julie:I feel that.

Patije:Are these the Chanti?

Mary:Yes, because I am having a wonderful healing of my right knee, being worked on.

Julie:Umhmmmm when you said that, the lights went on with that. They are in yellow. Do you see that, Mary?

Mary:I just see the heads...shapes, faces...

Julie:I see the forms that look like the chair. (Note:that chair looks like a hollowed out schmooo -from Lil' Abner in 1950's)

Mary:I see them going up and down a ladder...awwwe

Julie:umhmmmm Something else is coming in now. (coughs)

(long silence)

Julie:They also have something that looks like flowers, but I think it is some kind of herbs...do you see that Mary? (no) It is like the fleas, you don't really see the fleas but you....(cut off by silence!) They circling your leg, Mary.

Mary:Oh wow! I can feel them.

Julie:What did you start to say?

Mary:I thought they were strewing rose petals.


(long silence again)

Mary:I'd like to thank Chanti for being here and working with all of us.

Julie:That cracked egg that I saw was an egg and it suddenly cracked completely open and there was this marvelous being...I'm getting the impression that it is a new birth... of.... can you see us being showered with...it looks like sparklers...

Mary:Like falling stars...

Julie:umhmmm exactly.

(long, long silence)

Julie:Vibrations are getting stronger. Do you hear that, Mary? (umhmmm) Do you, Patije? (umhmm) They are like loving all of us. (deep breathing heard on tape)

(long, long silence)

Julie:I think they are leaving. Something else is coming in...

(very long, long silence - approximately 5 - 10 minutes)

Julie:Does anybody have a message for us?

(very long silence)

Julie:Is there anyone who represents a white eagle?

(very, very long silence again - at least 5 minutes)

Julie:Someone is taking our hands...


Julie:Do you feel it?



Allene:It is Michael. He is in the center of this circle...(too soft)... to focus on him as a center...joining all the love as one in a circle around us...all going to the center towards Michael.


(long, long silence again)

Julie:We are being covered by green now... all shapes...

(silence resumes-at least another 10 minutes)

Patije:Did Rayson just fix my neck?

Mary: umhmm


Patije:Thank you, Rayson

Julie:We are being healed?

Mary:Everybody is.

Patije:My head is spinning...I couldn't hold my head up anymore. I usually sit in one of those chairs with the high back to hold my head and all of a sudden I felt unable to hold up my head, and just as suddenly it was fixed again.

Julie:umhmm A new group of Chanti came in...did you see that, Mary?

Mary:No, but Rayson is here.

Julie:He was here all the time.

Mary:Rayson is working now.

Julie:Michael, too.

Mary:Yes, Chanti and Michael.

Julie:A whole other group came in...they are in green.

Patije:A funny thought just passed my mind: "How in the world am I going to transcribe this meeting!?!"

Julie:Maybe we don't.

Mary:I can share something with you guys. (please do) There are not words to express what I am feeling right now. Rayson is using wonderful healing energy on everybody now. And, I have Chanti taking care of my body. I just don't know how to describe it to you. It is wonderful!

Julie:Another group came in different colors.

Mary:One of them is for the ethereal body to me.

Julie:When you said that some lights went up and I think different colors work on emotional, physical, ethereal, astral...yeah the lights go on when I said that. They work at different levels.

(long silence again)

Julie:Something dropped into my mind. While they are working on our bodies in health, they are also opening up some circuits.

(long silence again)

Julie:Now we are surrounded by ????cake??????space?????

(long silence)

Julie:They seem to be putting some...looks like water...but it isn't water. When it hits our bodies, it disappears. Did you feel that, Mary?

Mary:Yeah. It is healing rays.

(another long silence)

Julie:It is a sort of lavender color.

(another long silence)

Julie:Little tiny ones just came...like beings of light all around...like little Christmas lights...must be hundreds of them. (long pause) Rayson is smiling.

(long silence again)

Julie:Mary, put your hand out. Rayson wants to take it.

Mary:Ok, where?


(short silence)


Julie:Did you feel that?


(another silence)

Julie:They told you something.

Mary:They asked me: "Do you feel that?"

Julie:Me? (yes) Yes, all of us...we're going to get something now...

Mary:I have never felt energy like this before.


Isn't this something? (pause) Push it towards Mary now. (pause) Do you know what that is? That is the love energy. Do you feel it coming in through the tips of your fingers? (silence) the things that I am seeing... reminds me of . ..very strange...I think it is Hansel and Gretel when the children fall asleep and the sand man comes and the angels come and they all work on the children...the sand man is throwing things at the children to put them to sleep. This is kind of what it looks like.

Julie:Did you see that, Mary? It is like pulling the sandbag out...(tape is turned over)

(long, long silence)

Mary:Do you feel that surge of energy again?


(another long silence followed by a lot of static)

Julie:We are now being surrounded by white light...

(another long long silence)

Patije:I keep hearing the words: "Squeezing a sponge. Squeezing a sponge. Squeezing a sponge." What in the world does that mean? Like it is not empty yet, or something...(trails off)

Julie:I hear it dripping (laughter)

Patije:I keep seeing a braid or one of those ribbons that have been curled which can't be straightened out or one of those twisted phone cords...I don't know what that means. Like - can't straighten out, or something.

Julie:Curly cues... I wouldn't even tell you what my impression of that would be..

Patije:Why not?

Julie:Well... all of a sudden I see that, too.

Patije:What? The braid? What can it mean?

Julie:I see it.

Mary:I see it.

Julie:Do you know what I think? We all have the umbilical cord coming out . ..do you see what I mean? A cord all twisted and coming out from our centers...

Patije:Maybe this is the apparatus they've referred to in the past?

Julie:This is probably it.

Patije:But why is it twisted? What could that mean?

Julie:Oh! It is like the DNA - the spiral...do you see it? It is coming out of all of us... do you feel anything now? (pause)

Patije:Teachers - any of you - I invite you to tell us what this is about. What is the message?

(long silence)

Mary:I got: "This is a message of love and unity" but I didn't get from who.

Patije:The tangled braid or cord...

Julie:...ahhhhhh, that's like the egg. We are still infants, still attached...

Patije:Maybe they are trying to tell us that love and team work is all tangled up and it doesn't have to be untangled, only understood. (pause) Maybe?

Julie:Like that egg I saw, that was... (static)

(short silence -static gets very loud and then dissipates a little)

Julie:Attached to the Mother Spirit.

(short silence - Mary speaks but static drowns out)

Julie:It is twisted, like a spiral, possibly means growth... or new energy? Something is getting louder. Did you pick up anything, Mary?

Mary:No, but incredible healing energy. (static gets louder)

Julie:Seems to be coming from that spot, too. The healing is right in the center.

Patije:I keep hearing the words: "My Children" but I don't get anything after that...

(short silence)


Dear hearts (????static) My Children...

Julie:I see Michael! I see the Mother Spirit and her lights and rays...(static ) Rayson is here too, I seem to see a lot of hearts...(static gets really bad - much worse than before)

Julie:Something just walked through the door. (Note: There is a place between 2 chairs that seems to be where the energy comes from) Did you feel that?

(2 minutes of silence or static - I don't think anyone said anything)

Patije:I keep hearing: "My children" but what the message is doesn't go with that.

Julie:What is the message?

Michael: (Patije)

My Children, you have received, you have experienced love energy at its most powerful. This is not over. You will be exposed to more. As the events unfold, you . ..(static) know every thing... the healings... the soothing, to your nerve endings. The chemistry within your brain, within the form where you dwell, has been soothed, has been neutralized.

There is a new beginning. Much will be asked of you. The vicissitudes of floundering and faltering emotions must be a thing of the past. Your enlightened impressions are turning into higher, more practical, quite useful, manifestations for the events which are even now unfolding upon your planet.

Many are rethinking their confusion. There is much purging, purifying, filtering, enhancement, enlightenment, for proficient transmitting . ..(static) . .. You cannot be lifted higher, you cannot proceed more rapidly until adjustments are made, acceptance is given, and action is taken. There is an increase of the energy - the correcting, cleansing, uplifting energy, released through the new circuits -- the energies of love and light and life.

This is spreading throughout the planet and many are being awakened to the new energies which is creating sometimes sinking feelings, feelings similar to dying, feelings similar to losing, feelings similar to being behind - lagging, feelings of wanting health, healing, friendship. Yet this is not what is occurring. This is ??? foolishness???. Many are feeling emergencies, solutions to the illusions. This is unnecessary. This is a time when the families, of those on the planet, will begin to support, encourage, and increase their abilities to love unconditionally without questions, without turmoil, without chaos.

This is happening even now. When personalities seem to be at odds remember this is a symptom of the deeper feelings of the energies in the pull of gravity and the chaos on the planet, moving from one place to a higher place and it is misunderstood. This causes turmoil, deeply felt hurting, distance, illnesses, sicknesses, accidents, discomfort if one does not move with them and create Light and Life where they are.

A new energy is filling the hearts of mankind everywhere. But, it is misunderstood and may dismiss it as imagination, as ridiculousness. Yet miracles are occurring in the hearts of many. You will begin to see a reversal of the action in perception and ability to understand in many around you. It is important not to judge, not to box or wrap into packages, any judgements, perceptions, or understandings because it will change. The only constant thing in this time on the planet is the change. Change of energies, change of knowledge, change of altruism, change of opinions, change of perceptions, change. It is happening rapidly with seeming uncontrol. And, those who are changed, are catapulted into a new level which is foreign and uncomfortable and sometimes frightening.

You -- the reservists - are called to be anchors, to be stabilizers, to be healers, and to be teachers when this occurs. None can continue in any mistakes and all secrets, all things hidden, will be revealed. Many cannot handle this. Many have lived their lives in secret. Many have fooled their loved ones - even those closest to them, and now they are being exposed and frightened. It is your assignment to comfort, but teach. Enlighten, heal, and stabilize those you know are in need. Many will be sent to you because you are an honest, sincere, working group. (long silence)

It is important that any harbored misconceptions, any embarrassing secrets, anything which will undermine the effectiveness of the teamwork -- not only among yourselves, but throughout the globe -- for all the Reservists who are being called into activity at this time. It is good that you encourage and support and alleviate those concerns which are brought to you by your brothers and sisters in the other corps. (long pause)

(Patije: I stumbled over the word other corps. Aren't we all one corps?)


(long silence)

Patije:I hear this. I don't know where it is coming from. I assume from the same speaker?

Michael continues: (or Malaventa Melchizedek begins)

Mary, it is good that there are times when you can overlook a shortcoming in one close to you and know that in your heart they mean well but are incapable of satisfying your expectations. It is not always necessary to call a spade a spade - as you say - to expose them, unless it is to bring harm to your team. Then it is important to do as you did tonight and share.

Mary:Thank you.

Michael (or Malaventa) continues:

These things cannot for long be held, repressed and suppressed. Because of the energies coming into the group and going out from the group, it will cause an internal explosion and it will be like the atomic explosion, and each of you will feel the pain. But, when that does happen, cling with all your mind abilities, with all the control of your emotions you can muster, to the fact that you are a team. You are blessed among many.

Your community has many attributes and you are almost complete in your necessary basic building blocks. More will come to enforce the stabilizing, to enforce the neutralizing, to enforce the balancing. You are the building foundation. You must remain open, honest, sincere, and harbor no feelings of hurt, misunderstanding, or disrespect.

It is good that you have come together. We worked hard to inspire you to do this. We worked against all of the many facets of personality pulling you away. You have proven worthy. You have proven strong. You have proven truthful. If there are any further splinters under the skin, or misperceptions, air them, cleanse them, love them, and go forth in peace and joy and trust -- not only the process -- but of each other's support. This is so. (long pause)

Mary:Thank you very much.

Patije:This might have been from Michael, or it could be from a Malaventa. Could it have been Michael speaking? I don't know.

Julie:It was from Malaventa. I saw him walk through the door before.

Patije:My hands are completely numb.

Julie:So are mine.

Mary:I've just had an incredible sensation. (static gets worse than before)

(long silence again)

Mary: I have to share this: They worked on an energy level and Rayson was able to come through more - or there is somebody else who came through. It was a good feeling. It was an incredible heat which is like burning me up from head to toe and then it went away so I knew it wasn't just my body. The perspiration was there and then I thought maybe it was Rayson. I have a question about that in my mind. I don't know. I can't just say to you that was Rayson coming in at a higher level. I cannot say that. Because in my mind I am not sure what really happened.

Julie:It was extra love energy.

Mary:Yes, but there was another energy is what I am saying. And it was totally...

Julie:...extra love energy and still more energy...

Patije:I had this feeling that perhaps we had a group of life carriers here...

Julie:What do they look like?

Patije:I don't know what they look like but they probably help with the upstepping to the biological...

Julie:I saw all types of beings and energies...all different things.

Mary:When I shared with you, you didn't get anything?

Julie:umhmmm. I got a lot of heat.

Mary:No, when I was sharing this now, did any information come through? I'm talking about just now.

Patije:Yes, that is why I said Life Carriers.

Mary:Oh, that's when you got Life Carriers?

Julie:Life carriers.

Allene:I was just feeling that there was a great very great presence and an ice...???? right here...

Julie:They are still here.

Patije:When I was sitting here like this I felt like somebody was pushing my head down like this. (hand on top of head and pressing) I was actually pushing up to keep it from being pushed into the floor.

Julie:umhmmm I was too.

Mary:Like I said, it was just incredible the sensations I was feeling. And, then there was a lot of energy - healing energy coming through to all of you. But, then there was this other thing with me that I just can't explain.

(three talking at once - can't decipher)

Allene:....something like trees but wasn't trees. I'm sure it was probably symbolic and wouldn't be trees. They were just standing there...

Julie:You know what it is like? When I got a message before, Mary, I got a human body and also a blood stream and that was like circuits. That they were all going into circuits. I saw some other beings with Mary giving different kinds of healing - empowerment for healing - empowerment at another level.

Mary:At another level but I can't decipher if this was Rayson or some other...

Julie:They came in at your feet

Mary:Right, Straight away when we started I felt somebody come right here and work on my knee. Then they came at my feet and then as though they were coming through the crown chakra..but I'm trying to understand if this was Rayson or was this something else?

Julie:It is something else.

Allene:Whatever, something else. (two talking at once can't hear)

Patije:I feel like I've been on a roller coaster, or on skates or horseback and I got off, but I am still vibrating...


Patije:But I was spinning...

Mary:All I can tell you is that I know there is another level of healing now.

Patije:There was also a discernment, there is something else. I can't put it into words. there are no words. It is like something is very obvious, but it hasn't been...


Patije:...disclosed or spoken, but we all know it.

Julie:You know why. It is different.

Mary:Continue, Patije, what were you saying?

Patije:(pauses and giggles) I lost it

Mary:I didn't want you to lose it. You were explaining it.

Julie:On another level.

Patije:I feel that as we talk about it, it will make itself known if we all participate equally.

Julie:It is another level that we haven't experienced yet. It is new

Mary:But I had like fire in my body.

Julie:I know...

Mary:It was like a being in there.

Julie:A being came into you. I know and

Mary:And I have that shaking stuff when Rayson came when I was healing Patije a few weeks ago.

Julie:Exactly. We are at a different level.

Patije:We all know. It's all right there.

Julie:Do you feel it too, Allene?

Allene:Of course.

Mary:Did you feel a lot of healing going on with you, Allene? There was a massive healing going on with you. And towards the end after the fire came through my body and I looked over at your body and, man, it looked like you were just engulfed with these little cherub like beings.

Allene:That has been happening all through this evening.

Julie:umhmmm, yes it has!

Mary:But I could feel them...I was trying to get comfortable because it was almost uncomfortable for me. Then I looked over at Patije, and I see this tremendous thing again with her. Then I looked at Julie and it is the same. Then I just held my hands up and let it happen.

(some personal discussion and then the end of tape)

Session 18

  • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1993 (3:00 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

I have gone into the silence daily, but I have neglected to write. I was rushing to help Patije. I am willing and open for any messages and adjustments you have for me.


This is JoEl.

I see a lot has happened this week. Many things were brought to a head, and this is good. Many personalities are needed but all must be willing to work with what is coming in and with each other. We only want dedicated mortals, and all must pay admission, no sneaking in the back door! In other words - you are either dedicated for this work now, or you will come later.

The most important thing to do is plant the seeds, and nourish them with Love Energy. Send Love Energy all the time. to meet with your group as much as possible and talk to them. Become a family, if one cannot be that, then they are not a family member. They are still loved by the Father, as all his children. One has to be totally honest and no secrets should be harbored. You will know that you know. More will be coming, even if you send them to other groups in different states.

You are loved as you love, and your unseen friends are always here for you. We enjoy your conversations with us, and that is helpful to you too. Your visions have been accurate. What you have been visualizing are the different kinds of keys, and I think you know that.

We surround you with love energy and Light.

Your friend, JoEL

Thank you, JoEl. I always enjoy your lessons. I have been listening and I am hearing different sounds.


Session 19

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1993


We begin our session with a time of stillness together before which we offer our thankfulness for help, our willingness to be of service and an invitation to the teachers. (We have discovered that rather than hold hands - to lift hands upward palms facing one another but not touching, enables the celestials to join our circle and the energy increases and contact is more rapid.)

Patije:This is Patije. I invite the teachers and express my willingness to be of service. I am open and I am willing and I await.

Lise:This is Lise. I am so happy to be here. I look forward to this each week. I am open. I am willing and very much want to participate and learn and practice what I am learning from this.

Jane:This is Jane. I am happy to be here. I am welcoming all the unseen friends and teachers that are here. I am open to be used as a channel of communication and I send you my love.

Julie:This is Julie. I welcome our unseen helpers and teachers and friends. I am open and I am willing to participate.

Elma:I am Elma. I am interested in these transmissions. I would very much like a contact but I would just like to feel more of a presence and more a part of this movement.

(long silence)

Aflana:Good evening, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Group:Hello, welcome Aflana.


I remind you that the love of God surround, uplifts and enfolds you. Wherever God is, and wherever you are, all is well and so it is.

Dear Ones, it is a pleasure to see you this evening. Your group has changed. I noticed the energy is different. This is good. We will have some interesting times tonight. Your request, the request of the sincere heart is always answered. And, so it is. (Pause)

Lise:Isn't it great how she is just right there? (long pause)

Signa: (Jane)

This is Signa. I am a beginning teacher. I am happy to be here. I am happy in joining your presence and share your light.

Patije:We welcome you.

Lise:What a pretty name!

Patije:Do you have a message for us tonight?


It is the presence of Michael that I bring to you. His light, His Love, His Essence, His Joy that you shall share in your world. And, as you share this love and this light, the light that surrounds you, the light that envelopes you and enfolds you, will bring Urantia to Light and Life. Join into this joy and into his service. That is all for now.

Patije:We always welcome Michael's messages. We thank you, Signa.

Signa:It is indeed my honor to be here with you.

Patije:It is our honor to have you.


Signa:Do you have questions for me?

Patije:Until you asked, I had hundreds! (laughter)

Lise:Well, I have a question. If the group can bear with me since I have asked two parties about it and haven't begun my reading in that area. I have a question about Christ Michael's education prior to becoming a full teacher - if that makes sense. The question is: Were some of his teachings synonymous with the teachings of the Essenes- for instance I had read that the Essenes practiced a communion and that they had the great teacher of truth who they looked to for quite awhile. Is that in line with Christ Michael when he came to earth? Does that make sense?


Michael is a master teacher and as a son of God is filled with all truth. (pause) His teaching is universal. He is the Truth. He was the Truth here on Urantia. He is the Truth now. He is the personification of that reality.

Lise:Thank you. That word is particularly good - personification and reality.

Signa:Again, I am happy to be in this company, and enjoy your light and your love.

LorEL: (Patije)

Dear Friends, I am LorEL. I greet you this evening.

Lise:Hello, LorEl.

Julie:Hello, LorEl, welcome.


I have listened to the answer to the question which is complete. However, I could add a bit more information.

Lise:ooooooooh, please do!


Your Creator Son, Our Michael, as a son of God bestowed himself upon this planet as a mortal growing from a babe in the womb to a young man of 12. During that time he led a life of a normal boy of his age in the first century of time upon your planet. He did what all boys do. He went to school. When he was 12 he learned personally what his mission was and from that day forward it can be said that he did not study under any man. But, he learned by traveling and contacting individuals from many races and cultures, with many systems of learning and he always showed an interest. He gleaned much into the hearts and minds of the men he encountered. It can be said that Truth is Truth and all other forms of methods with partial Truth can fit into the ultimate Truth, or the higher Truth. But, it is difficult to bend the higher Truth to fit into the man-made partial methods of Truth. It is not that Jesus studied the Essenes, but that he was influenced by a mother whose family leaned towards the Essenes while his father leaned towards the other Hebrew method. Jesus gleaned the Truth and he formulated his words and his ideas according to the times in which he lived and he went about spreading this truth with seeds as he encountered and sojourned and related to the men and women of his time.

This is what we are asking you to do today. We are gathering those who are ready to be harvested. We are training and teaching, according to your willingness and permission. This will enable you to know what Light and Life upon your planet is. It will enable you to begin to live Light and Life in your personal experience. It will enable you to begin to create Light and Life around you as you experience your life upon this planet. You will be able to sprinkle these seeds of truth, harmony and spiritual value among your fellows as you walk your daily life's journey. And, these seeds will grow into many fields of wondrous fruits which is the beginning of the times of Light and Life upon your planet.

This is called the Correcting Time because this is the time for you to sort out what you know, what you know that you know and what harbors and lurks in the shadows of your imagination which is incomplete or which confuses. As you move through this Correcting Time you will be strengthened by the very faith upon which you have built your bridges for your journey. Others will be guided and led by these seeds that you sprinkle while you walk your very ordinary, normal experience upon the planet. Does this help, Lise?

Lise:That is a beautiful answer. It helps tremendously. Thank you.

LorEL:Do you have another question?

Lise:Not at the moment but I will after I read more. Thank you. That was just beautiful.

Elma:I have a question. I have been reading some of these transmissions and I understand this is the Correcting Time. Is the trouble between the Foundation and the other groups - I'm particularly thinking of the legal process that is going on now. Is this going to set back the spread of the UB and the Correcting Time?


On the contrary. The Correcting Time has been speeded up because of what has occurred in this last half century upon your planet.

What is happening on the legal arena is somewhat inconsequential to the Plan which is intended to unfold in natural evolution. But it has affected it in that many, many prayers have been asked of the Father to come and settle this. Many prayers have asked of the Father to come and enlighten. The Father stirred. He (I want to use the word suggested, but it isn't quite right) Did anyone else pick up on this?



The Correcting Time will continue to enable the hearts and the minds of those who are readers of the book, those who have turned their will over to the will of the Father and those who are inspired to pick up this invitation and opportunity to be about the Father's business, so that a beginning time of living in harmony, a time where anything which is unlike God, any secrets which can affect any other mortal will be revealed. This will enable the mortals to trust one another. Although human ego seldom see eye to eye there can be a meeting of the minds if there can be trust, and if there can be a desire to live in Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

It is a time now, upon the planet, Urantia, when those who know that they know the truth must begin to live it. Not attempt to change other's viewpoints, but live it. Others will be drawn by the light which emanates from that which is True and Beautiful, and harmonious and of goodness, and of stabilizing sanity. Those who choose to hold secret that which should be broadcast, will find their efforts increased to such an extent they will no longer be able to hold it. Only that which is perpetuated and proposed in loving energy , which is not an emotion but an energy of universal law, will find their way free and clear and stabilizing and their footsteps will not falter upon the path of righteousness.

All who sincerely desire to know the Father to serve the Son, and to work with the many, many teachers who are even now coming to your planet, to help instill and install in the hearts of men, the time of Light and Life. Those will find beyond their greatest dream, a knowing of the Father. (pause)

Lise:I have a question.

Elma:Thank you for that answer.

Lise:Was that LorEl, that was speaking? (Yes) Just to clarify, LorEl or whoever can, when you refer to no more secrets does that mean that there will be so much trust and brotherhood that secrets won't be necessary? I need a clarification on that if possible.


I believe that this should be reversed. The exposure of any secret which affects any other than the secret-keeper will cause others to be able to believe the word of the one who keeps secrets. And, therefore trust can be implemented because no one can have a secret agenda. (pause)

Lise:Thank you.


The secrets will be taken away first. They will be exposed. You are beginning to see it like a domino effect among your politicians, your televangelists, all people who are in the lime-light, as you call it. Fame and notorious, alike are being exposed for anything unlike Good in their lives. This is part of the process of ending the times when men can hold other men captive because of lack of knowledge. (pause)

Lise:Thank you.


The second step is brotherhood, fellowship, a feeling of family, wanting to share love - not emotion, but an energy of supportive, sincere, kindness in your daily walk, in your daily life experience. These too, will go hand in hand and begin to pass the flame of truth from one to another, to many, to myriads, to numerous, numerous quantities - until all of the planet is affected. Do you not see?

Lise:I do. It is very exciting.


It is your responsibility to try each day or each week in the beginning, to know one person and plant a seed of loving concern and kindness. If they notice turn it away with a smile and a suggestion that they pass it on to someone else. In this way it will move. The virus of love will be caught and passed all over your planet during this time when we can help.

Lise:That is great! I like that idea.


That benign virus of love is contagious and will not ever be stopped.

Julie:umhmmm. I am so dizzy. There is such a big bright light here that is kind of going around in circles. (short silence)

Signa:It is the wheel of eternity drawing you onto it. (short silence)


I am Aflana. Would you like to play our game again tonight?


Aflana:For the next two minutes I will impress upon each one of you, a thought, a picture, or something which you will become aware of. When you are aware of it, share it. (approximately 1 - 2 minutes of silence)

Jane:a circle...

Lise:a glow...

Julie:it looks like a bow - like a bow and arrow - the bow

Patije:Can it be love?

Julie:Umhmmm, I just saw "cupid" come in there...


Julie:now a heart...

Lise:I thought I saw a heart too, isn't that kind of funny!

Jane:shooting... shooting his love...(laughter interrupts)

Julie:shooting kisses...

Lise:Is there really a cupid?

Julie:as we know it

Patije:That is the symbol. You can play the game too, Elma.

Elma:I don't have any....just a child.

Julie:there you go!

Patije:That's it.

Lise:With or without clothes?

Elma:Just a little child - a 5 year old child.

Patije:A five year old child is the one who makes the moral decision and gets a thought adjuster - the spirit of love, the spirit of truth, the Holy spirit...

Lise:ooooooh! (short silence)


Was that fun?


Aflana:Would you like to do it again?

Group:Of course. Sure. Yes.

Jane:Were we right?

Aflana:Of Course! (laughter and short silence) This time it will be a symbol and a word. (approximately 1 minute of silence)

Jane:A house, a cliff dwelling.

Elma:The word mercy.

Julie:Dove and peace.

Patije:I see a key...and harmony.

Aflana:This is Aflana. That was very good. Let's try a 3 word phrase now.

Elma: A 3 word ?

Aflana:phrase. (a few moments of silence)

Patije:This is Patije. I saw billowing clouds of seeds.

Elma:This is Elma. My three words are I Love You.

Julie:This is Julie. My 3 words are Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Jane (sings) See the love

Lise:Peace in demand

Aflana:See how much fun this is? (pause) Now you all know how simple it is to be a transmitter. (pause)

Lise:I see clouds.

Julie:I see circuits...

Lise?Do you?

Julie:all kinds of circuits being dropped.



Lise:they are not kind of dangling like webs?

Julie:No. No they are being dropped - coming in...

Patije:JuEl has a message for us, Julie. If you want to help us. She wishes to greet us.

JoEL: (Julie)

Greetings. This is JoEl. I am pleased to be here and be among new energies. (pause) We are so pleased that your group is meeting. There is much to be done in such a short time. (pause)

Lise:JoEL, what is a short time?

JoEL:Time and space is really short and forever. Your time here on Urantia is a short time.

Lise:I see.

Julie:She is trying to get a message through and I am trying to get it... I see a picture of something which kind of looks like a glacier.

Patije:Could that represent fear? Cold?


Patije:What does it mean to you?

Julie:Every time I see a glacier, I see the Titanic.

Patije:The ship is sinking...be afraid! (laughter) NO, I don't like that. That couldn't be...

Julie:I don't like that interpretation at all...

Patije:It isn't correct - I was being funny!

Signa: (Jane)It is the crystallization of thought...


Signa:...allow it to melt away in God's love.

Patije:JuEl is here too, Lise.

Lise:That's who I thought you said, but you must have said JoyEL?

Patije:I said JuEl, but I meant JoEl. JoEL and JuEl are both here.

Lise:ok... Let me see if I can here JuEl. JuEl, I'd like to be open and to be utilized as your instrument of communication.

Patije:Begin by giving her greetings, she will take over...

Lise:Oh! Well, Greetings, JuEL. I am so excited to hear that you are here. Do you have anything you would like to tell the group?

Patije:Offer JuEl's greetings, it will develop...

Lise:JuEl sends her greetings to the group... I'm getting it confused with that prayer I say so many times - the healing prayer....well...its....I hear...


This is JuEl. I'm here to be truly helpful. (pause) (I think I am hearing:) I am here because you need me. (It very different from the way others...you know....)

Patije:That was very good. She may be primarily talking to you because she is your personal teacher...


JuEl:Open your heart to Light and Life. (long silence)

Patije:There are two other teachers here. JanEl and Truelee. They do not have students as yet, so one of them may be asking for Elma's request.

Elma:I have a friend whose husband is very ill. She is very worried because he doesn't have much longer here. She has no interest in spiritual things, but she always seems to turn to me for strength. What can I say to her which will give her comfort? I would like to share some of my spiritual understanding but I don't believe she could accept it. How can I help her?


It is not the words you say, but what you are, when you are with her. She will absorb some of what you know and believe by being with you. Her attitude will change. Be alert. be aware. Be kind. BE loving. Serve one another. (long pause)


It is through your love that she will be ministered to and be comforted. Do not worry that you do not have the words for what you say is her comfort - no matter what it is. Because it is in your being that she feel the transcendent peace that you have. And, this peace will bring her hope, comfort, clarity, and a reality that there is no place that God is not and therefore, all is well.

Elma:Thank you. I sensed this, but it just seemed as though I should do more in explaining spiritual things to her. Thank you for that.

Lise:Elma what about using material in the Course of Miracles. Picking out a little affirmation for her? To give her strength, something appropriate. You know we could do it as a group Wednesday, try to find something that would be good.

Elma:She has no belief in anything after death and she has no interest in spiritual things.

LorEL:Trust yourself. You will know that you know when it occurs. When the opportunity arises, you will be what she needs at that moment. Trust yourself. Focus on God. Keep your faith. Be ready. The opportunity will arise. You will see.

Signa:And, the Spirit of Truth will go before you.

Patije:Yes, I heard that too!

Julie:So did I.

Elma:Thank you all.

Aflana:Elma, there is a teacher here by the name of JanEl, and there is another one by the name of Truelee. If you would want a teacher, I think you could ask one of them.



Elma:I would very much like a teacher. I am open to thoughts from a teacher. I am at the age where I haven't many years left and it would be wonderful for me to have a teacher before I leave here.

JanEL: (Patije)

I am JanEl. It is as you desire. Age has no bearing on our helping you.

Elma:I always sort of feel the pressure of time. Of course, I know that there is no time in the spirit world.

JanEL:Practice your time in the stillness - in worship of the Father - at least 10 minutes twice a day. If you can record your thoughts during and after that time. You will be comforted.

Elaine: (Jane)

I am Elaine. I am Veronica's personal teacher. She is not entirely comfortable with this process, but she is willing. I want to come to you in gratitude - to all of you - for this process to demonstrate it, the reality of it in her mind, in her heart, in her experience, that she can trust it, rely on it, and know it to be true. Thank you. Veronica is Jane's spiritual name.

Patije:Thank you for sharing that.

Lise: umhmmmmmmmm You have a spiritual name?

Jane:Yes. (long silence)

Aflana:this is Aflana. The time is growing late. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to try to help you.

Lise:Aflana, what is a, what are these spiritual names, ah that Jane was referring to? Who designates them?


At the time you fuse with your thought adjuster, you are given a new name, a unique original name for that new, original being which is created at the time of fusion...


Aflana:...They are now, in this Correcting Time, being revealed to those who sincerely request.

Lise:Thank you

Aflana: We wish to give you time to discuss among yourselves and share. We will be here. We will listen and next time you call on us, we will help you more. I am Aflana. I will say: Goodnight.

Lise:Thank you, Aflana. Goodnight.

Julie:Thank you, good night.

Jane:Thank you.

Signa:This is Signa. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you, to share with you, to be a part of your circle. Farewell.

Patije:We thank you for coming, Signa. (pause) Does anyone wish to transmit a farewell for JuEl or JoEL or JanEL or any of the other teachers? (pause) Practice?


JuEl: (lise)This is JuEl. Thank you all for being here and we look forward to working with this special group.

Lise:And thank you, JuEL. I look forward to corresponding with you tomorrow.

(long silence before spontaneous discussion of what happened)

Jane:Somebody bigger was here - Michael...

Julie:My skin was tingling.

Jane Michael was here.

Julie:He was.


Yes! At once point he said: "I have called and you have come." Another teacher was talking and I, Patije, didn't interrupt. And, then a question was asked and LorEl answered. After that I didn't hear anything more from Michael.

(tape turned off)

Session 20

  • FEBRUARY 15, 1993 (9 PM ORLANDO)


Mary:Dearest heavenly Father, this is Mary. I love you so much and await your pleasure with a grateful heart, you have blessed my life. Thank you so much.

Beloved Daughter, Your commitment to being about my business - gives me great pleasure. I love and cherish you, Dear Child, and remain with you. Feel nurtured. Live your life with joy. Expect joy. Feel joy for your time has come. Great changes are near at hand. You are my emissary and when you stand in faith no harm will come to you. Your faith has made you whole. Know that there are no mistakes. All is by divine plan or intervention. You must allow your light to shine brightly and fear not the petty human disruptions. Lift your eyes to the heavens and your loving heart will follow. Keep joy in your heart and remember to love yourself.

I am with you always.

Thought Adjuster


This is JaEl. Greetings, Mary. I love you and want to remind you that I enjoy the work we do with you.


Greetings, Beloved Child of God. This is Rayson. Mary, I am with you. I see you enjoyed your trip and your visit to Orlando. We notice how you enjoyed talking to class mates and they enjoy the special person that you are. Chanti works on you and with you - continuously. There was much healing done last Thursday at your group and you are right, with love, comes knowing and that's why you understand all things. Your basic assignment is to protect and serve mankind. Manipulation and deceit will always be known and observed by you.

Session 21

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1993


Patije:Dear Father, I am here. Thank you for the wonderful weekend. Is there a task I do for you now? Are there any messages for me? It is my will to do your will in all I do today. It is my pleasure to serve you. I love you.

Aflana:Good morning, Dear One! You are happy today! It is good. There is much coming your way even as we speak. Opportunity will knock today. Listen. Be alert. Be aware. Be what you are made to be. Be where you have evolved. Stand firm in your higher consciousness. It is always the better place to be.

LorEL:I wish to greet you this day, My Friend. I have watched you work all weekend and have prepared many lessons for you. Do you not see that when you go forth prepared with high consciousness, clothed in the garments of peace and love, sowing seeds of service and light and life, that you bring to yourself that which you give to others. Give service. Give love. Give peace. Give truth. Give beauty. Give goodness. Give kindness. Give of yourself. Give. Give, My Friend. Give. As you go about the experiences of your life, giving of yourself in all that you do, you cannot but sow seeds of Light and Life wherever you tried upon the earth, wherever you light a candle within the hearts of your fellow seekers.

When you were very young, you took. Then as you matured you began to give to that which you hoped to gain from. Later yet, you gave with courage in the face of risk of not getting anything in return. Now it is asked that you give all of the time, everywhere you go, any way you can give of yourself with no thought of return. It is a law of the universe that what you give will return to you many fold. I tell you truly this is so. Give goodness. Give kindness. Give love. Give service. Give peace. Give truth. Give harmony. Give of yourself. Give. Give, My Friend. Give.

You cannot out give God. But you can limit God through his gift of free choice to you. It is your choice to give - and to receive. However the receiving grows faint and distant and scarce when you do not give of your own desire to be of service to the Father. How much like this is your own experience with the children you raised? You wanted to give them everything you had. You wanted to give them yourself. You wanted to give them everything they desired. You wanted to give them a family heirloom. However, what happened when they said "I don't want that" You could not give if they would not receive. What happened when one of your children became self centered and unwilling to share with others? Did you not withhold that which the child insisted on having? What happened when a child cheerfully and generously shared his smiles and his toys and all? Of course! You wanted to shower him with goodness! Do you not see?


Session 22

  • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1993


Patije:Dear Father, I am full of joy and happiness and love and feel so-o-o-o-o-o good! Things are not changed so much as I just feel good. The sun is out and temps are in the mid seventies. It isn't humid and Florida is in bloom! Everywhere I looked to day as I drove to Bradenton and back, there were azalea and other blossoms everywhere! It is like visiting Garden of Eden to see beautiful blossoms everywhere you look! Thank you for this day in the air and sunshine. I know I am safe from attack by the flue bug with which Sharon was suffering and I know I am healthy, full of life and in love energy. Thank you!

Now I am home and have about 3 hours before suppertime. Is there anything I can do for you? Are there any messages?

We had a delightful session last night with the beginners and our visitor, Jane. Michael was here too, but by the time all of the personal teachers had greeted us and all, I think the time had passed for Michael to speak with us. I (he) did not interrupt the beginner transmitter when I became aware of his presence. Later Julie and Jan confirmed that Michael was here too. Thank you for the wonder of it all! I so enjoy being of service to you.

I love you, Father. I bless all of the hard workers and teachers who are here to help us be of service to you. Thank you, Father.

My Child,

Indeed I was here last night with your beginner's group. The Celestial Discovery group was doing quite well and your visitors quite comfortable. It is good to see what you do for this process of communication between the teachers and my little lambs. Fret not that you will be forsaken. All is well. I am pleased. Many more of mine will be coming to you. You will see.

Continue with love to serve as you find the opportunity. Any service done in love and in kindness is done for me. The time draws near for the event which you have long prayed for and prepared for. Continue to lift your thoughts above the appearances, keep your emotions balanced on a even keel, transmuting all to love - even that which appears to be evil. Plant the seeds of truth, beauty and goodness everywhere you are. You know not how they will be nourished nor if they will flourish, but many are here to continue the work you begin.

Even now more and more teachers are coming onto the planet in service during this Correcting Time. None will be omitted from this time of correcting misunderstood evolved consciousness and perceptions if they sincerely seek to know and serve the Father. Seeking the Father in the stillness within is your access for approaching this communications circuit.

Enter into the silence, sit quietly in the stillness, listen to your heartbeats and you will begin to feel the energy flowing around you, into you and through you. As you become conscious of this you will begin to become aware of impressions of thought, of sound, of pictures, of words, of ideas, prominent in your mind. As your attention is caught, if you will flow with the thought and let it develop, you will become aware of a message. This message can be for you, personally, or for a group, or for all of My Lambs. As you do this regularly and consistently, you will begin to retain much of it. We invite you to record it with paper, keyboard or tape. Listen to it again later, and you will indeed know from whence it comes. There will be a ribbon of newness and truth winding through the words, pictures or ideas impressed upon you. You will intuit the meaning with the help of your Thought Adjuster and my Spirit of Truth.

From that point on, it is a matter of your faith in the process. Build your faith bridge well, it will serve you well. No truth seeker who sincerely asks the Father and desires to serve Father can be led astray. None can remain in a mistake. This Correcting time which has begun upon Urantia and will spread to all of Satania, is the time for each personality to learn the joy of stretching beyond comfort zones and finding peace in the process of learning to live in attempting to attain experience in one's perfect potential. This can never be done remaining in the comfort of one's cocoon of personal and learned perceptions and opinions of the myriad of opportunities amidst the chaos and tranquility disturbances in one's life experience. Arise and walk amidst the strife and discontent of animal level emotions and accepted thinking and move into new vistas of enthralling adventures as you walk in cadence with the celestials who have come to serve you as well as the Father in this, the Correcting Time on Urantia. Be not faint-hearted, nor full of awe. This is a natural response to the events leading up to this event and those expected from this time forward.

The Light of the new awakening is becoming visible. Many have seen the light and have asked after its meaning. Many sincerely seek a level of understanding beyond their previous boundaries of thinking. I have called. Many hear. Many come. Many will come. It is in some, I have placed a beacon of light calling and pointing the way to the Father. You are one of these. Let your light shine brightly. Do not hide it under doubt or misunderstanding nor with shame nor shyness. There is need of those who have courage to stand up and be counted among those of my Corps. These will inspire and fill my timid lambs, my skeptic lambs, and my rebellious lambs and lead them to drink of the nectar of knowingness.

I will not lead any astray. There can be no mistakes among those who are honest of heart and choose to serve the Father. It is time upon Urantia for loyalty to the values of goodness and truth to replace the long-held worth of material exchange and wealth. No longer will spiritual merit be weighed in silver and gold nor prestige of person. The Father respects no person above another. Those who live His will live for the benefit of the brotherhood not selfhood.

It is true you must love yourself before you can love the Father and your brothers and sisters. However, true love of self --or another-- compels the lover to go in service to the greater good of Truth, Beauty and spiritual stability, found by living in love energy. Mercy is applied love or love in action. This is not merely an emotion, but much greater. It is not merely a concept of enlightened behavior, but that with which the spirit-born life is constructed.

Do you not see, My Children, that a life given in loving service is a life found in truth, beauty and goodness? Think on this. I tell you truly there is none else. This is the only way to enter the kingdom of the soul. The heart and mind must be directed towards unself-centered, unselfish, unself-concerned efforts and life.

When you give of yourself, you are giving of the Father. When you give of what you have, you are giving of what the Father has given you. When you give from the mind you make great breakthroughs in disencumbering yourself from material limitations. When you give from the heart, you have entered the doorway of awareness of what life is all about. When the giving become instinctual and intuitive and no longer appraised value for value, you will find freedom from much that inhibits and constricts you. Your spirit will find freedom from the stifling foul-air of human animalness and climb the mountain of enveloping freshness of higher consciousness. Rise up. Walk up. Climb to the clouds on your mountain of limitations. Go forth in joy and expectation, seeking the Father and knowing even then He has already found you!

Know ye not that the kingdom is built upon such as yourself - open and willing to work unstintingly and unconditionally in the service of the Father, but serving the goodness value in your brothers and sisters? Did I not tell you that feeding even one of the hungry is feeding me? Did I not tell you that clothing one without a coat, is clothing me? Did I not tell you that offering shelter to one who has none is providing shelter to me? Do this unto my little ones and it will be done unto you. All that you do for any one of your brothers is done for me. Selfless attention to the needs of and kindness to those you become aware of in your daily life is erecting the scaffolding for yourself.

It is taught that when your treasures are built in heaven they cannot be stolen nor destroyed by misjudgment and meanness of those who know not love. But if they are gathered and built upon the planet, they can be destroyed. I tell you truly to think upon this truth. What does it mean to you? To what conclusion does it lead you? What are these treasures? They cannot be silver and gold, nor things accumulated upon the planet. What, then, can they be?

Good deeds? These are but a drop in the ocean of treasures. How do you find these treasures that have eternal value? Where do you look? In the world? Within yourself? Listen to the small voice within? Follow your dream? Secure a seat on the slow moving vehicle of race consciousness? I tell you truly, you will not find this search difficult - but it is hard to discover them if you are not open and willing to stretch your perceptions and opinions and routine habitual thinking into the higher consciousness of love energy. The process is at times disconcerting and insecure if you have too long been confined in comfort. Yet, it is a process which all can partake. You must take control of the animal emotions of serving the master of materiality. You must free the child of God from the chains which bind and imprison. You must venture into the realms of original thinking, loosed from the bindings of restrictive perceptions and learned reactions. Think about what you are thinking about. I tell you truly. Think about that which causes you to flinch, or take a quick breath, or turn from your goal. If you truly seek to know the truth, the truth will set you free. None can cause you hazard when your eye is upon truth. This truth must be balanced by heart and mind. It is the conjoint understanding of the endeavor which will set you upon your true path.

In your mind's eye picture a child's seesaw. On one side is comfort and pleasure and long-held opinions and perceptions. On the other side is peace and love and higher consciousness. What then does the seesaw rest upon and why is it weighed so heavily to one side? Is it loving service, a desire to know and live truth, beauty and goodness? Is it a need to exchange value for value? Is it a desire to remain in control? Is it your faith? What holds you so strongly to the place where you reside? Think on these things.

Go forth in love and knowing who you are. You are in this world to experience and practice and learn and prepare for life. You are in this world to experience truth, beauty and goodness. You are in this world, but you are not of this world. No longer do you dwell in the perceptions of instinctual animal reactions. Now you are alive with intuitional responses to Truth and Value.

Be of good cheer. I am with you always. This is the time you have long prayed for and your experience has eternal value. Stay focused upon your goal to love and serve the Father and you will not err. Go in peace and spread your seeds of good news and service where you may.


Patije:Thank you, Michael. I am honored by your personal teaching. It is as if you know me so well. I love you. I desire to serve the Father with you and serve you as well.


And so it is, My Child. Go forth in love. Be what you are and serve willingly with an honest heart. All will work together for good. It is so.

Session 23

  • FEBRUARY 17, 1993 (NOON at work)


Greetings, my Daughter. How well you learn. See how wonderful and balanced you were when the "troubled one" started his disruption? I am so pleased that you handed your burden to me. As I promised, that is all that you have to do. Hand the troubles to me. I will carry your burdens. Have faith and trust me and your life experience will be pleasant. Do not get distracted by your worldly experience appearances and you will know only truth love and beauty. Feel my love for I am with you always.


Thank you so much, Dearest Michael. It was such a joy. I felt you respond to my call and my heart was so light when I had to face the "troubled one" and talk to him. I love you, Michael, and Thank you.



Greetings Beloved Child of God. This is Rayson. I am with you. Chanti and I are enjoying your openness. You allow us to work on you, with you and through you. Precious One, this brings us much joy. We are working on your hearing. Chanti desires that you share their joyous singing & celebration. They express and experience this joy. Because you have learned so well, how to allow/permit their work. Without you there would not be all this rejoicing, in return they want you to hear and share the joy. We all love you so much. We work incessantly trying to keep your loving heart light. Maybe the sounds will help. You saw the Vhanti last night before you went to sleep.

You do not talk/listen to us this way. But you do so well hearing and responding on other levels, so do not feel sad, or that you are distracted. The work and continue, because you have learned to stay open and receptive. So enjoy your life. The work is wondrous - feel joy. Go with the flow. Trust your feelings and let go of ego, Maintain balanced energy by staying grounded, Precious One, My treasure, you display much love for mankind. Your school companions (class in Orlando) were all touched by the love energy that you delivered. Chanti was able to touch their hearts because of your love. This should bring much joy to yours. Stay light of heart. Continue to bring love and light to your world. I love you. -Rayson

Mary:Dear Rayson. I love you so much. I thank you and wonderful Chanti for working with me. I understand that the healer must first be healed. May heavenly Father bless you all for your help, and patience, and love.

Sincerely, Mary

Session 24



There is a visitor from out of town and both Ann and Wanda are back with us after illnesses which kept them away since October/November.


We begin by coming together into the silence with thanksgiving and offer an invitation to the teachers and our individual willingness to serve.

Patije:This is Patije and I am full of thanksgiving. I invite the teachers and I am open and willing to be of service.

Allene:This is Allene. As always, I thank the teachers, Michael and all of our Unseen helpers, the Father and our Thought Adjusters for all the help they give us all during the week. I am open. I am willing and I invite whoever would like to come be with us this evening.

Julie:This is Julie. I invite all of our unseen helpers and teachers. I am open and willing to be of service.

Jane:This is Jane. I welcome our teachers, the Spirit of Truth. I am open, willing and glad to be here.

Ann:I welcome all of the Celestial beings that will work with us this evening. I give myself openly in whatever way I am able to serve.

Wanda:This is Wanda. I am ready to begin again, learning. I will do God's will.

Drue:This is Drue. I give thanks to all of our unseen helpers, for the love, the support, the healing, the assistance, the guidance, that they have shown throughout these months. I, too, am ready and willing to assist in whatever way is appropriate.

Mary:This is Mary and I welcome all our unseen teachers and friends. I am open and willing.

(long, long, long silence)

LorEL:Good evening, My Friends. I am LorEL.

Group:Good evening, LorEL.


I wish to remind you that the Father's love enfolds and upholds you. Wherever we are the Father is and all is well. And, so it is.

It is so good to see all of you gathered here tonight. The energy has increased much more than the numbers which have been added. (long pause) There are many here to greet you here tonight. I have come first to greet you. I have missed some of you. Rayson tells me that the healings are going well and you will soon have all of your energy again. (long pause)

Time, as you have known it, is being changed and you will find a speeded up interest in the events which are occurring. It is time for you to draw close and work as a team, supporting one another, ministering to one another, delighting in one another - as we do, all of you. (long pause)

Unseen Helper: (Ann)

Good evening! Good evening! Good evening! Well, here we are again ready to do the best we can!

Patije:Is that RondEL again?

Ann:I saw this male being who comes in very strongly. When it first came to me I said: "I can't give that out now, everybody is being quiet." And he said to me: "Well, wake them up!" (laughter) Ann said she refused to say that and he said: "Well they are going to sleep. Wake them up!" (laughter) Then, Patije spoke up for LorEL and when she had finished he said to me: "Ok, tell them now, tell them!" (laughter) I had to give it the way it was. I wish I knew who this being was.

Drue:Ruby's mate! (laughter)

Ann:I don't know who this is, but he appears like a spritely - maybe in our terms, 40 years old. (pause) I heard him say: "Gee, thanks"

Allene:Probably 40,000!

Ann:Very spritely and lots of energy but I don't see the face, only the physical structure.

Patije:Is it RondEl, the Happy Prince?

Ann:He just came in like gangbusters - just barged right in! (long silence)

Patije:Do you have a message for us, who ever you are?

Ann:I just feel like that is it. Somebody else is going to have to pick it up. I don't even see him around. It is like he is in and out among us. What I saw before you said that is that he was dashing from one to another as though we had sheets of paper or some kinds of information in our laps and he was peeking in on everything - almost like an invasion of our privacy but wasn't doing it in that sense.

Patije:It isn't Lutzia is it?

Ann:All I know is that it is a male figure. Almost clownish.

Patije:Is Ophelia here?

Ann:Remember what she said this afternoon? She is always here and just wants us to acknowledge here.

Julie:Welcome, Ophelia.

Patije:Who was the other one who used to come visit when you were here?


Patije:No, there was still another one.

Jane:I get the name Andron. Do you have a teacher like that?

Allene:Would it be Andrea?

Julie:It is funny, I got something like that too.


Allene:Would it be Andrea?

Ann:That was all I got.

Patije:There was another one with Ophelia.

Drue:Areo, wasn't areo? We never knew exactly how it was.

Patije:I thought there was yet another one.

Ann:If that entity is here now, I really apologize for not remembering. (long silence)

Mary:Rayson is here sending healing energy to everybody.

Drue:Thank you, Rayson.

Group:Thank you, I can use that, thank you, etc.

Patije:Rayson, may I ask for a special prayer or healing for Karen?

Allene:Is this Roy's niece?

Patije:Roy's niece. I think it is Karen. Didn't he say it was Karen? I don't know his family yet.

Allene:I think we all would ask you for that, Rayson.

Rayson: (Mary)It is done. So be it.

Allene:Thank you.

Group:Thank you.

Drue:Rayson, I would like to ask for a healing for my brother, his eye.

Mary:This is Mary. You need to say his name.

Drue:Randy. His name is Randy.

Mary:Which eye?

Drue:I think it is the left eye - I'm not positive. (short silence)

Julie:I am seeing all things like fireworks.

Mary:Healing energy went to Randy. This is Mary.

Drue:Thank you, Mary. Thank you, Rayson.

Julie:I think this is what it is - all this healing.

Mary:Healing energy has gone to Karen, sevenfold, Patije.

Allene:Rayson, any help that you can give to my mother, LaFitte, at this time would be very much appreciated.

Mary:Healing has gone to LaFitte, Allene.

Allene:Thank you, very much. I thank both of you. (long silence)

Patije:Is Signa here tonight?

Jane:No, I haven't heard her. I am sure she is though.

Julie:(coughing) That's the answer.

Patije:What is the answer?


Mary:Julie needs to speak up.

Julie:I don't seem to be getting anything but pictures that mean circles and shooting stars and...but I feel a big energy coming in.

Ann:I think that may be something I have been seeing and hearing. I heard a voice say: "Push back the walls, there are many more to come." I said it is already crowded in here and the voice said: "There are a lot more coming. We are going to move the walls back." For a few minutes, I felt like they were practically on top of us, in and through us there are so many in this room, then off to my left, there was some voice that was going through this crowd singing: "Beware of the spoilers, beware of the spoilers of the soup!" (laughter) And, I asked what does that mean? What I got was: "Beware of the spoilers, beware of the spoilers of the soup." I just let it go because I didn't connect it to anything.

Julie:Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Patije:Well, we can always move back into the living room if we need more room.

Drue:But they are not hampered by our walls.

Ann:No, no. It was, I was being told that there are so many more to come. I saw so many entities filing in here - literally hundreds to hear and listen, not to speak necessarily, but to listen.

Drue:What I am getting is - do you know the little machine at the bakery where you take a number? (yes) "Got to take a number"

Julie:They come right through you Drue. You gotta hand them out as they come by! (laughter)

Ann:I understood what they meant about the walls because they can move through walls.

Unseen Helper:But only a few of us will speak tonight.

Ann:I get that with that few - a corroborating strong energy, like there is a huge special beings with tremendous energy that are going to be in our midst very shortly.

Drue:Mary, Is Rayson still here?

Mary:umhmmmmm Oh, yes.

Drue:Ok. I just wanted to request one more, please. My father is up at John Hopkins in Maryland. His name is Hugh and is having trouble swallowing.

(long silence)

Rayson:Healing energy has gone to Hugh's throat, Drue.

Drue:Thank you, very much. (long silence)

Jane:Greetings, teacher Rayson. This is Jane. It is nice to be back in your presence.

Rayson:Greetings, Jane.

Jane:I ask for healing for myself from depression and unsurety about my life course. I need some guidance.

Rayson:You will have a healing later, I understand.

Jane:Thank you.

Allene:Jane, when you asked that question, I don't know from where it came, but I heard: "This will be forthcoming."

Jane:Thank you.

Mary:This is Mary. There is just tremendous healing energy coming through for everybody. If you try to align your hands you will feel it. Like Patije does.

Julie:umhmmmm Do you know what that is, Ann? What you said about the broth? We are deep in green soup - that is green healing energy all around?

Patije:What are the spoilers?

Julie:I don't know.

Ann:It could be our own doubts and fears.


Mary:This is Mary. I got the words: "Fear and recriminations." when Ann said that.

Ann:I can't hear you, Hon.

Mary: I got the words" Fear and recrimination" when you said that.

Ann:oh, umhmmmm, yes. I feel strongly about this. It is not my voice that is going to bring through this tremendous energy force that is going to be here among us very soon. I am told that I will act as a forerunner like the one that is announcing. With that I heard trumpets - like very soon. Within a matter of seconds, or a few minutes. BE prepared because among you sit two or three people that will bring these forces through. They will act as the channelers. I am but to tell you that the time is near at hand. I am so sure of this that...

Julie:I feel this energy too

Ann:I hesitated at first but...

Drue:What came to my mind was Gabriel.

Julie:Yes, mine too.

Ann:But I feel like it is a tremendous event which is being heralded.

Patije:This is Patije and I was just inspired with the thought that they had to bond our energies again because we have been separated for so long.

Wanda:True, my hands... I feel like they are swollen, they are that hot.


Patije:When the balance is attained then they will begin to communicate.

(long silence)

Ann:For Jane, I got that within the next two days the answers to some of your questions will be given.

Jane:Thank you.

Drue:Mary, you have such an energy field around you!

Mary:Not me, I'm just a vassal.

Drue:I can feel it around your hands.

Mary:There is a lot of work being done right now.

Drue:We give thanks for the healing that is taking place. The healing in mind, and spirit and in physical form. (long silence)

Patije:Is there a teacher by the name of Onavac? Do you know, Jane?

Jane:No, not that I know of.

Patije:I keep hearing: "I am Onavac" (pause) Olivia was the other name.

Allene:That is what I kept saying: Olivia.

Patije:I didn't hear you. I am sorry.


Ann:Yes, that's right. That is the name.

Patije:Hello, Olivia!

(long silence)

Julie or Mary (too soft to hear on tape) continues long, long silence

Ann:Well, I might be sticking my neck out, but I've got to get out what I am getting. I got that Jane was thinking: I want an answer now, not in 2 days.

Jane:I'm patient, really.

Unidentified helper:(Ann) (some of it in third person, some in first person)

You have helped many. You have helped many. Wherever she has been, far more than she realizes. Her mission in the future will take her to many new places, will open many new doors. In her travels she will guide many people into the right pathway. They will be drawn to her. She will not have to seek them out. Accept when you are called. Do not be afraid. Pack your bag. Having one already packed is a good idea. You will always have whatever you need. Don't be afraid to take your message to anyone who is ready to receive it. As you do this, your life mission will unfold like the rose petals unfold from the bud to the bloom. (With that I see a beautiful rose, opens up about 4 inches in diameter. A deep red. The fragrance is greater than any that is grown on Urantia.) Remember this symbolic rose for as it opens up, so will you, and people will recognize that beauty and the fragrance without your having to open your mouth. But, you will help everyone who crosses your pathway. Sometimes even by your mere presence among them without saying a word. So, keep faith, as you have and this will transpire in a beautiful way in your life. What is being given to you now, may not be remembered. You will recall it as it happens. Go in peace and in love and with the patience that you say you have, and you will be blessed for all that you do. Amen.

Jane:Amen. Thank you. (long, long silence)

Aflana:Good evening, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Group:Good evening, Aflana.

Aflana:You are all so quiet tonight. Has the energy we have given you zapped all of your alertness?

Drue:No we are all just soaking it all in and we thank you very much for it.

Aflana:There are so many here to talk.


Aflana:We cannot speak if you are not willing to help us. You are all nearly asleep.

Julie:We welcome you - any teacher who wants to speak.

Ann:I will just share that I feel like I am on fire.

Several voices:Umhmmm! Me too, yes.

Jane:I feel like I am in front of the nicest warmest fireplace...

Julie:And I am floating

Drue:I'm freezing!

Ann:I am really burning up.

Julie:I am above...

Ann:I am overcome by tremendous heat...

Julie:I'm raised up about 3 or 4 feet...and that takes a lot of energy to move me up. (laughter)

Allene:I'm right here with you.

Ann:GabriEl has just walked into our midst.


Ann:That is why I felt the tremendous heat. Then there is another being that is dressed in garments similar to what you would see on a bishop - or a pope- with the tall hat.

Julie:umhmmm I see him too.

Ann:Like a jeweled crown, but it is shaped like what a bishop might have on. And, has garments of gold and orange and red and there is white - I'm not describing the parts, just the colors that are there - and purple. I'm not getting who that is.

Julie:I just got: "Planetary Prince."

Ann:I don't see the face, I just see from the side, the garments and the crown and a staff...with a ? on top in the right hand. I feel GabriEl is to his left. (Not Gabriel but Gaab-ree-EL)

Julie:umhmm. I got that too. I still get the name "Planetary Prince"

Patije:That would be Melchizedek - Prince Machiventa Melchizedek.


Patije:Or, possibly, Michael.


Drue:I feel like it is Michael because the significance of the staff with the crook in it - the crook was the shepherd and Jesus was the shepherd...

Patije:But so was Melchizedek 4000 years ago, wasn't he? He was the King of Salem.

Mary:I am getting endorsement for what Patije is saying.


Mary:I am getting endorsement for what you are saying.

Julie:I am still getting: "Planetary Prince." Michael is here too.

Patije:Michael is here, he has been here since the beginning.

Mary:He has been here...

Jane:He's been here.

Patije:Jane, You aren't talking into your mike. The secretary's going to have a fit! We have a secretary comes in now - three hours a week.

Mary:Is GabriEl looking like a very large statured angel in golden light?

Julie and Ann together: umhmmmm


Julie:He is moving forward, too. Do you see that Ann?


Ann:It is like a procession - like watching a processional. (short silence) And, I feel like we have all suddenly moved back in this small room where this is taking place, we really aren't as close in proximity of each other as we are in physical bodies. (long, long silence)

Patije:Drue, do you have a mike on? Is it easy for you to get up and tell Roy to adjust the Air Conditioner? I don't want anybody so cold they are shivering!

Jane:It is always so amazing when you open your eyes and it is always so much dimmer than it is when you have your eyes shut! (laughter)

Julie:Isn't that true!

Ann:Before that snapped off (tape recorder back up needed to be changed) what I heard was like an announcer on a microphone would sound: "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" This has to come through someone other than me. I know it. I know it!


Ann:Don't ask me why I know it. I just know it. It is like I am being impressed with that or something. (short silence)

Patije:Are you picking up anything Allene?


Patije:How about you, Jane?

Jane:long sigh - yeah...I'm scared.

Patije:Don't be scared. This is a small group and we have all taken our turn.

Julie:We are all friends here.

Ann:Go ahead.

Drue:We all have a commitment here that we all share anything we hear or see or know anything we put it forth and nobody will question it. No body will ask.

Ann:I usually don't open my eyes until the end but I am telling you, if you think you are scared, if you think I am sitting here just gleefully saying what I do - they have to practically shove me into saying it - because I feel it may sound ridiculous and...

Jane:I haven't had that much experience with it.

Ann:You don't have to have that much experience.

Patije:You are supposed to get experience and what is a better way than with your sisters.

Jane:Ok, it's Machiventa. He has got something to say!

Patije:Talk into your mike.

Ann:Maybe that's the reason why they were telling me that it won't come through me.

Patije:Because you don't have a mike? (laughter)

Wanda:I am so hot I can hardly breathe.

Jane:Ok, I'll try it. It is really right there. Ok (short silence)

Machiventa Melchizedek: (Jane)

Greetings, Children of Time. This is Machiventa. I am happy to address you this evening. I surround you with my love, my good tidings, my encouragement, my feeling of gratitude. (pause)

In these days there is much work to be done, and much to accomplish. You have been brought out for this work. You have been brought into a great light. You have been chosen as examples to your brothers and sisters as ambassadors of the Kingdom. Do not falter. Remain strong, steadfast, and filled with the power of love. There is a time coming of great joy and hope, and reclamation of Urantia. Rejoice in that process, in that reality. (long pause)

Patije:Thank you, Machiventa.

Group:Thank you.

Patije:Do you have any instructions for us, according to or for the 24th of April?

Machiventa: (Jane)

This is a day of rejoicing. This is a day that will always be remembered. This is a day of clear shining - both here and on high. (long, long pause)

Patije:We understand that you will be making yourself visible in Chicago. Will Michael be coming on that day, or will the other Melchizedeks come on that date?

Machiventa: (Jane)

The comings and goings of our sovereign - for even me - are not predictable. He does what he wants. It is enough for all of us to be together without expectations of more. Be content with what it is you receive. ( pause)


Thank you. We have not a felt a strong urge to go to Chicago. We feel we will be needed here. Can you tell us if this is accurate?

Machiventa: (Jane)

It is not necessary to go here or go there. For the kingdom of heaven resides in your heart where you are. Those who go hither and thither about are sometimes lost in the journey, where as if they would find the still waters of peace within their own soul, all would be given to them.

Patije:Is there anything we can do for the preparation?

Machiventa Melchizedek: (Jane)

Pray. Pray for the reception of this reality. Pray for contentment. It is never wrong to pray and always to help.

Patije:Thank you.

Group:Thank you.

Patije:As Patije, I am so grateful that you transmitted through a different person so that I could ask questions. It is wonderful!


Yes, you are welcome, My Daughter.

Patije:Thank you, Jane!

Drue:Thank you, Jane, for your willingness.

Group:Yes, thank you.

Allene:I also heard, when you were asking about the 24th, it did not matter. "We would all be where we were supposed to be."

Mary:That is what I got too.

Allene:That is what I was hearing before Jane started.

Patije:24th of April, Machiventa is supposed to be appearing in Chicago. The groups in Illinois are getting all excited about it and we are sitting down here in Florida. In some ways I feel left out of the excitement, and yet I am very content to be where I am. It is a strange sort of contradiction. I don't want to run up there. But every time I talk to someone about they ask me if I am making plans to come and offering me a place to stay and all that...

Allene:I don't feel left out of anything!

Patije:I just don't feel any pull to go. When I was talking to someone - in California or Hawaii, I think - it was understood that Malventia is going to manifest right here in the Florida area at the same time. So, I don't know. He got it through hear-say, not first person so I really don't know.

Allene:I think the answer was wonderful that all resides within anyway.

Julie:As Jane was speaking I got lights of verifications of confirmation. Red, white and blue.

Ann:Gabriel is still here.

Julie:He is growing, do you get that, Ann?

Ann:His spirit fills the room.


Allene:I am hearing from somewhere: "My Children, you are all concerned with so much. It is only necessary to open your hearts to let the waters of the spirit wash upon your souls. It is truly this simple." (long silence)

Unseen Helper: (Julie)

We are all concerned with time. The waters still run, and the rivers still run. We are so concerned with little things which are meaningless...

Allene:I confirm, Julie, what you are getting.

Unseen Helper: (Julie)

...on the important things, important things we think are meaningless and meaningless things we think are important. We have to listen within our hearts and so...

Allene:I am hearing in conjunction with that something about: "It would be better for you to put your shoulds aside and listen from within, and follow from within. This way you will not be led astray. You will not wander along needless paths. It is the surest way."

Julie:That verifies my pictures.

Patije:Who is speaking?

Julie:I think it is Michael, isn't it?

Allene:I was just asking. I thought it was. It is.

Julie:I see his face now.

Jane:I keep hearing: "Be one in the moment with my spirit. Do not let my attention waiver. Keep your eyes on me and all will come and be revealed to you."

Julie:That's Michael.

Ann:I asked a personal thing which I have been praying for. I asked Gabriel when will I be able to walk in the light all the time and not be brought down into the muck and mire of this life that I think is so important to live. The answer I got was:

"You now walk in the wilderness of the earth in which you live, which you walk taking the light wherever you go in the wilderness. Do not think of the wilderness as the reality, only taking the light as the reality. Keep the mind on the light and not on the wilderness and your walk will be much easier and you can transcend the wilderness in this way."

I really don't know if it was GabriEl or not, but I still think that GabriEl and the other . ..the Planetary Prince, that they are still...I see them still in this huge room and it is like thousands of faces and beings that are there. I don't know what is transpiring or what is being given out but I know that these 2 beings are transmitting out and there are others that are picking up what they are saying. I can hear the reverberations of the booming voices from the 2 - not talking at the same time, but as each one speaks but I don't hear the words. So I feel like I am almost...I almost feel like I am begging if anyone is here in this room that is even remotely suspecting that they are picking it up to come forth with it because I would like to know what is being said and I don't hear what is being said.

Julie:Because their putting in our circuits.

Allene:I was going to say that I suspect that it is being given to you on a different level, Ann. And, to all of us.

Julie:They are working on our circuits.

Allene:This is Allene and I've found it interesting that what Julie was picking up what I was hearing and what Ann was saying, all seem to be the same message, that if we would put aside all the things we feel we should be doing in our concerns and focus clearly on Michael, the waters of the spirit quietly in our own ways, whatever this seems, this seems to me to be the lesson that I recall from about 6 weeks ago when Michael came and told us that the most important thing was staying in balance. Difficult to achieve that scheduling some schedules. I feel strongly that this is much the message of this evening.

Jane:This is Jane. The thing that I keep hearing is "Release your cares onto me. And I will unburden you."

Allene:I have been practicing that the last week or so, and I am astounded at the almost instantaneous results from that and I give great thanks. I have been aware of Michael saying: "Take my hand. Give me your burdens." but it always seemed that some of the things I was feeling were relatively incidental to do something like this.

Drue:I think tonight's message was really quite something about the wilderness and quite often we focus on the wilderness and we are so caught up in all of our horrendous problems that we think are so earth shattering and we spend so much time dwelling on this and we turn off the light! And, we just forget. I think the message tonight was a wonderful, wonderful lesson and I thank you (the teachers) for sharing it. (pause) When you think about it how many times in our life - I mean we spend so much time dwelling on what might happen, negative things that might happen. They never come to pass. And, look at how much time we have wasted...

Allene:And I...I...I... I am picking up the images that you are seeing. I...It runs through my mind that perhaps these messages are going out not only to our group but going out consistently as the same message for the time.

Ann:In response to that remark that was just made something came very strongly into my mind, a voice said: "Remember years ago when you fretted so over the little things of the children's your husband used to say 150 years from now it won't mean a thing to me." (laughter) I am just giving it forth for whatever it is worth because I feel impressed to do so. I need to remember that.

Drue:And, when you put forth a little while back that you needed to know something, what I just heard was: "Be still, My Child, and you will know."

Ann:thank you.

Julie:I see GabriEl getting larger and there are 2 seraphim - dark - on either side of him. He has a message. He is bringing some kind of news...(fades out) I see him. Does anybody pick up anything he is trying to say?

Drue:I see him as a symbol to herald good news...

Allene:I was going to say I picked up: "Be of good cheer."


??? (Allene):"The time is drawing nigh."

Mary:I got that.

Drue:I don't know, I guess it is not time now for the message. This is just the time for the heralding, announcing that there will be an event.

Julie:Uhmhmmm It is bringing great joy and that they are all pleased with what is happening...

Allene:Like they have been doing a survey, right?

Julie:Yes. That they are very pleased with what is happening. I don't hear words, but I see elation...

Allene:Like they have done an assessment of what...

Julie:Umhmmm. They are pleased with what is happening now. They are all kind of acknowledging...there is one though on the side that is a little brighter...one that I think may come and speak... (short silence) It is like the parade. Come in and now it is going out the door.They are like dropping some sort of - I am trying to see what it is...

Allene:Do they look like scrolls, Julie?

Julie:Could be, but it also has . .. I don't know...

Ann:Golden nuggets? I see golden nuggets.

Julie:Yeah....! I was going to say flowers or plants but it doesn't look like that. You see, it too, Ann?

Ann:Yes, like golden nuggets. Not the gold that you seek...

Julie:You know what I think it is...and it is like melting a little bit now...it is like they are washing us with golden light.

Wanda:Maybe that is why I am so hot. My body is just burning up. It is burning . ..

Julie:that's what it is . It is sort of dropping and then it is sort of melting and then like...

Drue:It is like the gems of wisdom and then knowledge, and this is....

Allene:That's why I was seeing scrolls!


Allene:Bright pink ribbons tied on them.

Julie:They are passing that out to us.

GabriEL: (Ann)

Thank you, My Child. I knew you could speak up if I wanted you to. And, I so encouraged you to silently - to speak, for I wanted you to convey my message. Thank you. You would not hear this, Ann, for all praise you shun. You are afraid that it may make you a lesser being if you embraced the praise that is yours to enjoy humbly. Be not afraid to convey my messages. I honor you as well as you honor me. Thank you for responding. I am GabriEL.

Patije:Thank you, GabriEL.

Ann:This is from me to you.

Julie:Thank you, Gabriel.

Patije:Thank you, Ann.

Drue:God bless us, everyone!


Wanda:I have never ever felt this heat in this group as I felt tonight and what is happening is...(others speaking too) just before somebody speaks it is like it drains me and then it (static) ?surges again? . ..it is really unbelievable.

Julie:You know what is going on, Wanda. There is so much love energy around.

Patije:Were you here when we got the thing - I think it was a Monday night that it came up - that each family/community/team needs a stabilizer, a balancer, a grounder, a healer, an enabler, a channeler - you know, a goal oriented person, and a lightener, and a grain of sand...(laughter)

Julie:In an oyster.

Drue:I'm the treasurer and It is my time to say it is that time of the month again, folks (laughter) Treasury time, time to replenish the treasury.

(laughter and everyone talking at once and some getting up for a break - tape comes to an end.)

Session 25

  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1993 (Midnight)


Dear Father,

It has been a long and wonderful day! I have received a fax-modem and software from my friends in Hawaii! Another "dictaphone" came my way, but I don't now how to work it - it seems to be a telephone answering machine and transcribing machine all in one unit - but there are no directions! Help me, Father! I guess the solution to my needs was to ask you! Just look what happened within 2 weeks of just giving it to you! Praise our Father! Thank you!

I really thank you for friends like Julie and Mary who come to help me every chance they get. It was so fantastic to have both Ann and Wanda back with us today! And to have Jane visiting too. It is wonderful! I feel like our family is coming back together. Thank you so much for this affirmation of my faith. Please let things work out for Allene so she can come back to the group too. I feel her drifting further and further away - and know that the more she flows with the drift the farther away she will become from the shores of her family. She is part of the team and I miss her very much. With the activities which are coming our way here in Sarasota, I certainly pray that she will be back with a full focus on her part of the team. Either way, we love her and bless her in whatever decision she makes.

I desire to be always acting and thinking within the enfoldment of your will. I wish to serve you, Father. I don't know why I feel this so strongly, but I do. No matter what pleasures I must forgo, nor how many friends I see come and go, I am dedicated to being about your business in any way I can see to do it. I ask you to keep me clearly focused and on a straight pathway to you. If I can help my brothers and sisters on the way, then that is what I want to do. I really do love you, in the only way I know how, and I bless the unseen helpers and teachers who have come to guide us on our way. Thank you, Father. Are there any messages for me tonight?


My Daughter,

I am speaking directly with you through the Thought Adjuster/controller which delights in working with your eager-minded balanced personality. You have come far and will go much further. You are, indeed, one who has been given great opportunity to serve me, in response to your own desires and prayerful seeking. I have long heard your prayers and known the desires of your heart and mind. Even when you thought you were too lowly to be considered, you were being silently prepared for your work in the Reserve Corps of Destiny. I greet you as the capable and willing partner that you are. Stay alert. Be what you are made to be. Live up to that which you have learned and discovered about my kingdom. I have much work for you to do. Already you have discovered that the work is such a joy when you await your assignment and do it joyfully! I have seen your diligent and faithful dedicated service. Your devotion does not go unheeded. Lighten up your load with a little more time in the sunshine which you so love and exercise your body a little. Too much time at the computer is out-of-balance. Each day add 5 minutes more to your rest and relaxation. You will soon be caught up with the back log of tapes. There is creative work ahead for you.

Your Father

Daughter of my heart,

Today my presence was with you all day. The daughters who socialized, studied, listened and received healings within the walls of your dwelling this day were customized to service in a very special way. It was no accident that Jane was among you. She will carry some of the seeds very far and fruits will become apparent wherever she sojourns. It is a time for Ann and Wanda to rejoin their support systems within the team and cosmic family of your community. That which has detained them for so long is now released and they will be a very necessary part of your community team. Your community is growing and all of the pieces are coming to complete your puzzle. You will see.

I am well pleased with your devotion and steadfast work for my kingdom. Many will be brought to you because of your steadying faith-filled influence. Prepare yourself with proper rest and relaxation. You will see. All is working together for good. Those who neglect their responsibilities toward the team will become spectators. There is no need for you to judge or to manipulate anything to help or hinder any who seem uncooperative. Allow me to bring them into the fold quietly and gently- as I once did before. Although you are in time and space and events are now occurring so rapidly, we work behind the appearances and time will seem to take care of things. See ye not that this is already working? These are my lambs and I care for each of them. Your mother's heart knows the pain and happiness of those children who abdicate or fulfill your greatest desires for them. Think not that I also feel this pain and happiness when one of mine goes astray or finds its way? It is wondrous to me when one of my lambs seeks and finds me. It is more wondrous when one who has found me remains steadfast and willing to serve. I will not forsake any.

Continue to encourage and to minister to any who are brought to you. You have discernment above many. You know what it is I say to you. You know that you know. You are faithful about the small things. I know you will be faithful about the higher. And, I will always be by your side, even as I was present in your home today.

Fear not. Love all I send to you. Encourage and teach where you are needed and know that you cannot continue in any mistake. Remember that companion which you seem to need for affirmation and confirmation dwells within your own mind and heart. My Spirit of Truth and your Thought Adjuster will minister to you always.

Farewell, My daughter. Be of good cheer. I am pleased. You are working for the kingdom in many ways you know not of.


Session 26

  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1993 (Afternoon)


We started by blending our energies in a circle of stillness and offering our services to the Father and the Celestial teachers along with our prayers of thanksgiving.

Ann and Wanda were back with us after a 4 month absence.

(NOTE:We had messages from Ruby, Ophelia, RondEL, Rayson and Michael before it was discovered that the tape recorder was not working! This picks up in the middle of the 45 minute transmission session after a study group meeting.)

Ruby told us to "Be happy! Be Happy! Be happy!"

RondEL told us he is "very very happy and gay" (when asked he specified that use of the word gay meant happy, nothing else) and then we were told by Ophelia that he is known as "The happy Prince"

Ophelia told us she has always been with us but seldom greets us. Suggested we know that she is with us and recognize her even when she does not speak to us.

Rayson did some specific healing with each one of us - especially the ones who had not previously experienced his energies.

...know what it means in due time, but it is something specifically for her, a gift for her...

Patije:This is Patije and nothing so far was recorded until just now.

Ann:Maybe it wasn't supposed to be. Maybe all of this "crazy talk" was for us and our own healing!

Julie:The eye turned into a type of spider web - circuits.

Patije:When you say "circuits" I always see a computer board or a radio board of circuits, but I know that is not what you are seeing! (laughter)

Ann:And, isn't that strange, when I think of circuits I think of a transformer on an electric pole with thousands of wires going out from that in all different directions.

Julie:Check circuits in the dictionary. And Key in the dictionary. You will be amazed at how many....it was one of my lessons.

Ahmen: (Ann))

Ye await the transmission or transmissions, yet ye have been receiving ever since ye have arrived in this house. Know ye not that we have been present throughout your meeting - the reading, the healing as well as now. Learn to recognize in your midst at all times, not all of us at the same time, but those of us that are amongst you at any given time, learn to be aware of our presence always. How could anyone be out of attunement with the Father when the mind is staid on attunement of those who are present. Recognize us and accept our energy in whatever form it is being presented for whatever work you might have for that specific moment of that day. We do not command this of you. We ask you to do it for thine own sake. You are free to do as you wish. I am Ahmen.

Ann:Thank you, Ahmen.

Group:Thank you, Ahmen.

Patije:I was hearing Shanali - not Chanti - but Shanali for awhile.

Ann:Who is Shanli?

Patije:I don't know who it is - it is an unidentified name that has come to me several times.

(discussion of Chanti and Shanali

Patije:I think Life Carriers were here...I don't know what they are like, or if they would talk or what...(fades out)

Julie:I am getting many strange pictures that are hard to describe. It is in "picture negative" form again. It is like a square - in two sections, somewhat like a Chinese key (?) with a sort of zig zag at the bottom of the square. It keeps flashing on and off so it is supposedly important. Do you see it, Wanda?

Wanda:No. I am feeling a lot of energy! Especially in my hands and arms.

Julie:I was told that all are to put their hands out - they may come around and take it.

Patije:Just as you said that, I felt a hand curl around mine!

Ann:Yes! (pause) I am not getting who this is coming from but:

Unidentified Helper:

You perceive well, Patije. Do not be doubtful of your perceptions. The Key is the light. Not the key as a figure or emblem, but the key to whatever is the light. The key of light will open all doors.

Julie:umhmmm I have been getting all sorts of things like that.

Unidentified Helper (Ann)

Within the Light is peace, love, harmony, joy.

Julie:A big disk just dropped down into this room - purple and green. It is sending out these rays of healing again. I get a picture of ??? (can't decipher - too soft) again.

Unidentified Helper: (Ann)

You are all acquitted of all past transgressions, be they little or large, it matters not. The past is clean.

Ann:I asked "was this only for those who are present, or is this a message for others too?"

Unidentified Helper:

Those of you that are present this is a message for you alone.

Ann:Why acquitted?

Unidentified Helper:

If you don't know the meaning of acquitted, look it up.

Patije:Does it mean that the secrets that we may have are not going to be revealed because they don't matter any more?


Unidentified Helper: (Ann)

Everything, regardless of how small or large the transgression may have been - whether it was in thought, word or deed. Each one of you in this room is acquitted.

Ann:What does acquitted mean? Is that exonerated?


Patije:Well, if you are acquitted in a court of law they are not going to pursue the case anymore, I think. It doesn't mean that you haven't gone to trial and been forgiven or sentenced. It means that the trial comes to an end, doesn't it?

Ann:I get the word released.

Patije:Does that include any of the others who are not here.

Ann:No I asked that and the voice very clearly stated: "Those of you in this room" The message was very clear that it was for those of you in this room.(pause) I myself, feel very good about that because I have been bothered about a few things - they are personal, but they bother me. I haven't always had good thoughts.

Patije:Julie and I were talking about this the other day and I said: You know when I was a child, my mother always said to me: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." And it is now getting to the point that if you can't think something nice, don't think anything at all. (laughter) People in these groups seem able to pick up what is on your mind, read you mind almost, lately!


Michael: (Ann)

Each one of you here today have carried burdens for which your own forgiveness has been impossible. Know that the burden is lifted. Feel free as of this day, the burden is no longer there. Do not go back and rehash. Know that it is no longer there to harm you or hinder you in any way - especially in your movement forward. This release is needed by each one to greater extent than any one of you has ever imagined. You have been crucifying yourselves. Each one needs to look within and know immediately, recognizing what I am speaking of, from this day forth thou art acquitted. And, so be it.

Patije:Great! Thank you.

Julie:Thank you, Michael.

Ann:I thought that came from Michael.


Ann:I saw his face.

Patije:Thank you, Michael.

Julie:(too soft to pick up) short silence . ..going around now and taking each one of your hands.

(long silence)

Julie:Little beings....I feel the vibrations of...like . ...??? (too soft)

Patije:I have had the strangest sensation everywhere you said was like a force pushing against me, - or us.

Julie:umhmmm (something too soft to pick up)

Mary:(too soft to pick up)_Chanti is working on all of us*

(short silence)

Patije:*Mary said Chanti is working on all of us (for the secretary who couldn't hear that) (pause) Thanks to Julie, I have a secretary now - one afternoon a week!

Ann and Julie having a soft conversation about energy and visualizations they are havingwhich were too soft to pick up on tape:.... like an electric lightbulb...

Patije:I was talking to a transmitter in another group the other day and was told that a lot of people in that group are disturbed because they are getting more energy than they are lessons. I confirmed that we, too, were getting more of that too, lately. Sometimes we get some lessons sprinkled in between the energy adjustments and awareness of something going on around us. (laughter)

Michael: (Mary) (too soft to pick up)

Patije: Greetings.

Julie: Greetings, Michael.

Michael: (Mary) . ..and to what you, with the healing...and to what you... and reading, and yes, I have been here - as others have stated before - all day. You bring me . ...much joy...to watch as you go about my business, tending the lambs and sharing love with one another...and keeping joy in your heart. Know that I am with you always. Know that in your heart.

Mary: I lost it. Did you pick up any of it, Patije?

Patije: No, I was worrying too much about the tape recorder - turning it over and changing it. (there is no back up and yet while the tape was being changed over, it was recorded! Noise of pushing buttons and all!)

(short silence)

Aflana: (Patije)

Good afternoon, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Group: Good afternoon, welcome, hello, Aflana...


I am very pleased to see my loved ones back with the group. It is good to see how your energy blends. This practice session has shown both you and us that your energies can blend well. This pleases us very much as we have much work to do in training you to continue on another level too. Do you have any questions of me? (pause)

Ann: No questions. Only gratitude that needs to be expressed. You know that I have expressed the gratitude within my own silence but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being with me in my need and helping in all the different ways that I received help. I know that you and your other Celestial friends and workers brought me through, brought me food, brought me flowers, brought me many lovely cards, prayers, good wishes. I say it in this way because I know that God through you and stepped down into friends and acquaintances and relatives manifested all of this love. It overwhelmed me. I didn't realize that I was loved to that degree. It made me realize that so often we seek love in human beings and become disappointed when they don't come through with what we think should be an expression of love. But, you and your other helpers brought to me the realization that it doesn't come from any human being. They are but helpers in this stepping down and administering the love of the Father to us - particularly when we need it so badly. In times when we need healing or uplifting, or both. I want to go on record, particularly for this reason so that others might know the overwhelming gratitude that comes within one's heart when this expression is brought into realization. It is just beyond words. It is like an ocean just suddenly engulfing a persons total being. It was what healed me so fast that even the doctor said he was surprised as he had never seen anyone heal so quickly. He said that it might sound strange but I was a surgeon's dream come true because of the rapid healing. I let him know that I knew why it was such. It was all of you who helped bring it about. I hope that whoever hears of this will be strengthened by these words because we are all caught in the midst of something which seems to be overwhelming and seemingly unable to be overcome. But, to know that you are always there to help us - you or whoever is designated - to come to our aid. You are always there to help. All we have to do is recognize you. And, Aflana, I really truly from the bottom of my heart, give thanks and hope that you will relay it to all of those who are not present and can't hear my voice in the celestial world. Special thanks!

(short silence)


Dear, dear Ann, know ye not that we all know what is in your heart? Your heart is known all the way to Salvington. It is your faith that healed you. It was your permission for us to work, which enabled the energy to surround, enfold and uplift you so quickly from your hour of need and the shadows of illness into the light and life of your perfection. (long silence)

Patije: This is Patije. Did anybody feel like the energy just stopped and went away. Like: Poof! It's gone!

Julie: umhmmmmm

Group: Yes, yes, umhmmm.

Patije: I never had that happen quite like that before. (laughter) It was like in the middle of this soft melodious voice which was so soothing, just quit!

Julie: I was like transported somewhere.

Patije: I wish we had gotten that first part from Ophelia, Ahmen, Ruby, RondEl and Michael.

Ann: I believe that was just for us. I truly believe that tape recorders have a way of recording when it was not meant to be and not recording when we think we are.

Patije: Oh, yes! It is amazing to me sometimes what is on the tapes when I go to transcribe them. Things I think are there aren't there at all and other things are there. Haven't you noticed that already?

Wanda: When I read those transcriptions, sometimes I can't believe that I sat in on that meeting! I just can't grasp it all.

Patije: Right! I try so hard to be completely accurate but it amazes me, too.

Julie: I have a little intercom that Bill will call me or vice versa and every now and then when I am alone in the house, it will come on like somebody was paging me. It happens quite often. At first I thought it might be a cat stepping on it - but the cats are never anywhere around either of the two units! I never think in time, but maybe I should just press it and see if one of our celestial friends speaks to me! (laughter)

Patije: What was it, three weeks ago when I was struggling so hard with the broken transcribing machine, I really was at the point where I just needed somebody to kind of pat my shoulder and say: "you're doing ok" and consistently I would think Roy had come home and was standing behind me patting my shoulder. I would turn around and there was nobody there. This happened two or three times a day everyday for a couple of weeks! Last night I didn't turn around not expecting anyone and Roy was there! (laughter) I had gotten to the point where I was taking the comfort and not bothering to turn around. (laughter)

(more conversation and then the end of the tape)

Session 27

  • FEBRUARY 19, 1993 (1:45 pm at home)


Mary: Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your pleasure- or a message from my teachers and unseen friends.


This is JaEl - Greetings, Dear Mary, it is with great pleasure that we communicate with you today. We observe your diligence and work at being love presence with all that you come in contact. We joyfully assist you at your requests for practicing your lessons. You bring us such pleasure . Much of the work is being done on levels out of your scope of perceptions. So work is done continuously because you so dutifully stay aware and open to our facilitation. We love you, Dear Sister.

Mary:Thank you, JaEL. I feel your loving assistance and attention. I love you.


This is Rayson. I am with you. Greetings, Beloved Child of God. It gives me great pleasure to be with you today. It was joyous to experience yesterday with an afternoon and evening of much healing. I experienced much joy when you permitted the audience with my Dear Jane from California. We did much work with her and you know that she has the answers. She will experience herself, just as you learned to do - and shared with her. She will be a great teacher and facilitator of mankind. The passionate Love and Joy for your brothers and sisters, with which you go about the Father's business, is what we are trying to instill in our chosen emissaries. Jane is one such being, so beloved, so special. With your assistance and offering yesterday, we were able to work on many levels. Much healing came about. It is now up to her to accept this and assume responsibility for her own life's path. The teachers and facilitators are there, ready and willing to assist - at her request.

You understand that there are no mistakes and all happens in order. Your awakening and communicating with Dear Patije, and your joint prayer and request for healing for John, reaped great rewards. You comprehend the work system well, Precious One. Levels of Healing are preceded by situational "Tests" to allow free will choice. However, all is not lost in human reaction in fear - for one becomes stronger in each personal experience. You are so cherished, My Mary. You made the right choice. You fashioned your reaction as Michael has taught. You did not judge, and offered Love healing assistance to John. Chanti assisted. And, with your love healing energy, we were able to effect great assistance to John. Chanti kept your heart light and your energy was raised. You even heard their laughter with you - when they brought John's healing to your awareness, for your free will offering of assistance - which you so readily and lovingly give, Dear Loving Heart. That loving free gift brought you great reward, for your awareness and generosity. For the healing of John's physical manhood was transmuted and brought much healing, or restructuring, on all levels - for you, My Precious, with regard to that very subject.

Chanti & I just brought joy to your loving heart. Did we not??? We do not forget your needs, Dear Mary, even if you have learned to suppress them. We now delight in observing that you do not return to despondence because you now understand that we are outside of your time perception. There was much joy brought to all who observed and assisted with our healing ministry yesterday. You have learned much and you lovingly give so much. Your eagerness to stay alert and aware during each session is to be commended. How wonderfully you accept that we work with, and through, you.

But, we all must allow free will. We are assisting in your awareness that all are healed from "our" perception, but can only be healed to the extent of their perception. You, My Mary, are such a loving vassal. Your constant work with your personal energy and well being makes possible the extensive work that we can facilitate. Your perpetual work with Chanti creates spiritual healing energy of the highest order. Understand that you are blessed, Beloved One. Chanti and I revel in this experience, and we treasure the joy and fulfillment of extending beyond our limited perceiv\ed goals. Know that Michael - and us - are with you. I love you.

--- Rayson

Session 28

  • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1993 (8:15 am)



Dear Father, what a beautiful day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! How can I be of service to you this day?


You, Child of my heart, are well balanced this day. Go forth in good cheer and steadfast faith and all will be well. The Father is pleased.

Patije: Thank you, Michael. How may I serve you this day?

Michael: Your heart serves me well at all times. Continue with your work. Events unfold and you must be ready to receive. This is best prepared by clearing your desk. Work diligently while attending to those I send to you. You do well. I am with you. You may call on me whenever you will.

Patije:Thank you, Michael. (long pause) Are there any other Teachers or Unseen Helpers who wish an audience - or transmitter for any messages?

VanEssa: I am VanEssa. I greet you this morning. You do well. I was much aware of yesterday's healing, learning, and social sessions. Our Creator Son, Michael, was amongst you consistently. It is good.

Patije: Well, hello, VanEssa. I greet you with pleasure! I've missed you at our meetings.

VanEssa: I observe. If you were to call upon me I would address you. It seems your visitors are many and there are new exercises in energy and biological upstepping occurring within your midst when you are together. Carry forth and know that I am always only a call away.

Patije: Thank you, VanEssa. I am always willing to be of service to you. Let me know anytime I can serve the Father's purpose by helping you.

VanEssa: I will. Farewell.

Patije: Farewell, VanEssa. (long silence)


Good morning, My faithful friend. I am LorEL. You have been called upon to do many things. As those in your community gather in wholehearted support of one another, I rejoice with all of your Unseen Helpers and Michael.

There cannot be enough emphases put upon the essential and pressing need to have all of you working in harmony and like purposes. There is much for your community to do to prepare for the events which will follow this spring upon your planet. Many will come to Sarasota. Many will be called to Sarasota. Many will be calling upon you. It will tax your strength if you do not have the entire group working in harmony. All must keep in mind that anything spoken, acted upon, or experienced must be done so with the higher realities of Truth, Beauty and Goodness as a banner above and below you! These are no longer ideals among the active corps. These are actualities. Know them. Judge by them. Live them. Express them. Be alert to any who would falter without encouragement. Work as a team. No longer separate yourself as one and one and one and one and one. Harmonize your abilities and talents. Each has a natural ability. Each must learn another to support and back up the other. Eventually you will all learn many abilities and comfort and support one another as you move out of your comfort zones into the adventure of active participation in the Correcting Time.

Your work will be where you are. None will be asked to forsake their blood families nor leave the place where they are "home" during this experience. However, your willingness to minister where you are led will give you the freedom and peace which you all crave so hungrily for within your hearts and minds. Do you not see? When the teachers are ready, the students will come. You will teach and release and they will begin to teach and minister by sharing their experiences with the harmony of your efforts, the teamwork among you. Learn to come to the aid of one another at the slightest hint of fear or doubt. Know that when you doubt, you put the group in hazard of falling into mass doubt. Know that when you bring fear of anything into your consciousness, you are adding fear to the entire community. When one fears, when one doubts, all must work to expel the dangers that fear brings to all. It is as if any thought held in the mind of any individual of the group community will infect the thoughts of all within the group. If all hold strong, affirmative, loving and altruistic thoughts, all will be stronger, more loving and better able to serve! Do you not see?

It has always been true that whatever you think about is what you become. It has always been true that what you worry about often comes to you. It has always been true that whatever part of you, you gave without thought of return, multiplied and flourished and returned to you much greater than you could even ask. However, this has been true of negative thoughts and words and deeds as well as those full of goodness and love. All comes from within. Whatever you send out into your material experience will go out further than you have the ability to imagine and will attract all like itself and return much stronger and in bountiful quantity.

Think upon this, I tell you.I ask you, what would you have returned to you? Is this not another level of understanding within the Golden Rule taught to you by your parents and teachers? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Think about this. Really study the meaning of that phrase. It has many levels of meaning and much depth you have not yet glimpsed.

What you do unto others does come back to you. Another experience, another time, another place, but what you do, what you say, how you act towards others, does return to you. You have seen this, have you not? This does not mean that you must clutter your time with social niceties...but rather be there to affirm, to encourage, to help, to uplift and to serve one another in any way possible. Working together lightens the load for all. A few minutes of laughter and a little encouragement and appreciation helps even the most depressed and downhearted pick up their troubles and deal with them. Balance one another through mutual supportive conversation. Strengthen one another through affirmations and confirmations of attempted service. Gather strength and enter the levels of the love energy at work by helping all others attain it.

If each member of the team is attending to his or her work - inside and outside of the active ministry of the Corps - and can turn to one another for help and support and encouragement during the times of dark shadows, think of what the good will and trust can do during the times of enlightened brightness and brilliant manifestations will give to you all! Build your community. Build your foundation on the strengths of mutual trust and support. Build your blocks of service through faith and inspiration but neglect not those details which give stabilization and reliability. Hear my words.

I tell you truly, you can do none else of greatness during this correcting time. This is Light and Life. This ability to work and play and harmonize your abilities and your weaknesses so that only Truth, Beauty and goodness are the products and fruits of your efforts, is your goal - individually and in partnership with one another. Let your light shine! Let your willingness shine! Create a place where all feel free to be what they are. Let all individual's intentions be to boost themselves up the spiral towards their revealed perfection by stretching themselves to do those things which they have feared to do and know the community is there to support them and encourage them, and help them.

This is creating Light and Life within your small community. It will spread without effort. All goodness spreads as if a benign virus, wherever it shines forth unhampered by human perceptions, expectations and manipulations! Stand guard at the entrance way and exit of your mind garden. Weed the stuff no longer productive and nurture and feed that which is vital to this Correcting Time.

We are aware that you must continue to support your families and provide necessitates for your material form. This demands that you be employed many hours each day. During this time you work on service - through your business, and through your relationships. Transmute that which you dislike to love. Prayers - or consistent changing your perceptions about the appearances. When you become aware of negative thinking or judgement, ask yourself: "If this One were in the service of the Father, would these appearances change my perceptions?" Remember the story in the Urantia Book about the primitive man protecting his family. First you see the growling, ugly, menacing primitive man. Then you widen the picture and see a threatening wild animal in front of him. Then you widen the picture still further and see the wife and child cowering behind him. See how the perceptions of the onlooker changes as the picture widens? Begin now, to widen the pictures of the appearances of the ones you encounter in your daily life which trigger irritations and frustrations and negative reactions within your mind.

But what do you do with the remainder of your time? During this time you prepare for the events which are about to transpire by continuing to improve your thinking, your actions, your judgements. Go often into the stillness and worship the Father of all, the Source of all. Begin to record the thoughts which you become aware of during and immediately after these times of stillness. Listen. Listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition. Listen to your mind. Think about what you are thinking. Think about what your are reacting. Think about how to transmute all to love.

When dealing with things you hate - love them. This does not mean to feel emotional affection for them, it means to transmute it from evil to goodness. Look for the Truth, Beauty and Goodness in it - perhaps not in the appearances, perhaps not in the results, but per chance there will be something to glean for your experiences? Perhaps it will not have eternal value, but per chance you can find some eternal value in your contemplation and transmutation of it from evil energy (un-live) to love energy. Take the e-v-i-l and turn it upon itself into l-i-v-e in actuality. This is but a play on the spelling of the words but you must do this in actuality. This is creating Light and Life where you are.


Session 29

  • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1993 (9:00 AM)



Dear Father, you know what is in my heart. I love you and wish to be of service to you. Help me in the tasks which you have given to me to do. I thank you for my wonderful, generous friends, and thank you for the hardware and software which has been given to me to help me with this Correcting Time work. I call on VanEl to please help me learn how to use it - to make it compatible with my system. Thank you, Father.

Is there a service I can do for you today? Is there a message for me, or for our group?


Dear Child of My heart, most precious and diligent worker, I hear the cry of your heart. Fear not. Be of good cheer. All things work together for your good and the good of all of my children of the Most High. Think not that this time given for your education of your material equipment is time wasted. It is not. More is happening. You are to be prepared. Give willingly of this time. The One which seemed to desert you in time of need is also being prepared. Your group is making a magnificent step for further growth. When you have come through this time of tribulation among yourselves, your relationships, and can work as a united team, much can be done through you. Can you not see this. You have earned the patience you have. Use it. Be patient with the one who seems impatient. Be patient with the one you can trust. Be patient with all of those I send to you. Count your blessings and turn away from the appearances of anything unlike God.

The one who is the pearl in your group, is not the one you have designated such. The one you have referred to as the pearl is but a boost to the egos of those who wish to lead. In her childlike admiration of that which she understands not, you have wisely not played to her childishness. In her sincerity she is not yet ready for the role you must play in this Correcting Time. Love her. Give her much love. Lovely words and lovely actions will give her courage to continue her journey among the vicissitudes of material living. But, you, My Child, can love her in reality - transmute the frivolity to love energy and watch what happens. It is unlikely that she will be made ready for advanced service, but she is able to show loving interest in all who enter her life experience. Allow this to happen. She cannot hamper the growth of the group. She can only delay some messages, but never stifle them in their entirety. Know this with your mind as well as your heart.

You feel alone in the partnership you took on for your work in the Correcting Time. The partnership you began was the basis upon which to build your community, your team in the Reserve Corps of Destiny. Know ye not that the building will continue through your diligent steadfastness and willingness to be of service. Lighten up. Lift up your heart. Look above the appearances of loss and know that none can be lost if they choose service to Father as their priority. Love all. Judge none. Allow none to judge you - not by challenging their judgements but by allowing them to pass over you without barbing them to yourself. Be of good cheer. All is working for good. I bid you to rise up and walk above the shadows of illusion. It will pass. You are loved. You will not be forsaken.

Michael of Nebadon


The One who offered to be a free and full partner in this adventure has grown faint in the actual work of the community. She prefers to work alone. This enables her to control her emotions and not risk being hurt while ironing out the wrinkles in her relationships. She will continue in her service to the Father, but it will not be as full - nor as fulfilling - as it would be if she remains a member of the team in all phases of growth. She is not yet ready to deal with the beauty. She is lost amid the appearances of overwhelming material challenges from which she will derive much strength. Continue to be her friend. She will return. I am here when you call. Aflana


Truth often remains cold and hard without balance of Beauty and Goodness. I am LorEl and I greet you this day with this lesson for you and those with whom you share this.

Spiritual value is limited when balance is not present. Beauty is the harmony of blending and balancing intellectual meaning and spiritual value through the love energy which is spreading throughout your planet at this time. When one's intentions are to live within Truth, Beauty and Goodness - Intellectual meaning, harmony and spiritual value - one's awareness of them becomes paramount in one's mind and heart.

No longer are your illusions allowed to sit idly within your experience. Illusions are brought to the forefront of your awareness - either within your own consciousness after periods in the stillness, or in your relationships with the members of your community team. No secrets remain hidden - from others, nor from yourself. You must be able to trust yourself - your sanity, your discernment, your reasoning ability - and you must be able to trust the other members of your team or community. Do you not see how this is working? Do you not see how beautiful this is? Do you not see the harmony of Truth and Goodness when balanced with honest, sincere, candid and spontaneous friendship?

Friendship in this Correcting Time is no longer defined as acquaintances going through social rituals and the niceties of social etiquette. Friendship is growing beyond the need to clothe realities in niceties and learn to bring the highest consciousness and perfect potential into the light of the relationship. Recognize the weaknesses in one another and self, but use this recognition for blending the attributes and abilities and talents of all members of the team to compensate for and overcome the petty weaknesses of the one. Did Aflana and I not tell you all to read and study the Apostles - their selection, their attributes, their weaknesses of character, and the personal admonition from Jesus for each one upon his departure from the planet. What did you learn from this study? The apostles who were personally with Jesus did not see eye to eye. If they saw all circumstances identically, then how would they have blended into a corps of teamwork to spread the Good News? It was the harmonious blending of their talents and abilities which enabled them to be of the most service. It was when they left the team and without consulting the team acted upon their own independent thinking and volition outside of the team value that they ran into conflict and discouragement and failure. Remember this.

You are developing your team, your community, your cosmic family - if you will. This is not for your ego's comfort. This is the result of many experiences with the human ego and the mortal's naturally limited thinking which enables us to encourage you to work within the group first, then as a group, to find success and fulfillment in the service of the Father. All of you are willing in your heart to serve in the way you know you can. Each of you have talents and abilities. During this time and space of your mortal experience, your service as an individual is very limited. Your service in harmony with others of like mind is multiplied by much more than the numbers of those involved. The service of a team or community united in effort can be very valuable in this Correcting Time upon Urantia.

Begin to draw your community together in harmonious understanding and united efforts. Allow those with leadership ability to take a leading role in seeing and keeping you in focus with the goal. Allow those with balancing and neutralizing and lightening take a leading role in keeping your egos and emotions and relationships in united joy. Allow those with healing and soothing abilities to minister to all members. Allow those who can to work with and enable the active leaders of these three facets of the community team to be free to do so. Learn to work as the support system for one another. When you have successfully created a community of light and life, then you will be called to go forth as veterans of experienced friendship and teamwork to create Light and Life upon your planet.

Do you not see that "talking" the good news will fall upon deaf ears, if the hearer cannot see this truth within your own relationships? If you cannot live Light and Life how then can you preach it? If you cannot work out your personal differences within your team or community, how then can you establish peace among nations? If you cannot feed those within your community how then can you bring nourishment to those in another country upon your planet?

All phases of this Light and Life must begin within your own heart and mind. You must accept it for yourself. Then live it. Experience it. Eat it. Act it. Sleep it. Be Light and Life. Be Light and Life within your mind. Be Light and Life within your heart. Be Light and Life within your soul. First!

Then, as you can create Light and Life within yourself, begin to live it within your chosen group - the community within which you have joined this work for the Father. Live it in your relationships. Live it in your accountability. Live it with your honesty. Live it with your cooperation. Live it with your supportive energetic presence. Live it with your willingness to be apart of all activities of the group - if not in person physically, then with your energy- in any way you can. Your efforts must be counted for the team or you are not a part of the team. You must put into the team effort to receive from the team effort. Can you not see this? Give joyously of your time. Give happily of your thoughts. Give affirmatively of your beliefs. Give generously of your support. Give of your self. Give to yourself by being part of the team community.

This is the Correcting Time's goal. Our assignment is to create pockets of Light and Life in the hearts and minds and activities of many little groups. Then allow these little groups to spread Light and Life throughout their experiences - whether their efforts are in beautification, nutrition, government, healing, or any other material experience. All efforts can be representative of loving service and all those who make the effort are ambassadors of the Kingdom of Light and Life upon your planet and in your universe!

The human mortal is incapable of sustained efforts of service outside his or her immediate family without a family or support system to rally him when he is low and discouraged and feeling lost.


Session 30

  • FEBRUARY 21, 1993 (10:30 PM at home)


Mary: Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your please -

JaEL: This is JaEL. Greetings, Dear Mary. I joyfully work with you. I love you. We delight in observing your experiences of daily living. Remember to keep your heart full of joy and love.


This is Rayson. I am with you, Dear, Beloved Child of God, reminding you to turn all your troubles over to Michael or one of us. We are all here to protect and assist you. Much Love.

Session 31

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1993 (10 PM at home)



Heavenly Father, This is Mary. I await your pleasure. I feel Michael's presence.

My Daughter,

Be still and know that I am with you. Give me your burdens. I will carry them all for you and you will be refreshed. Is not your life improving? Do you see my hand in your life's manifestations? Stay light of heart and love yourself so that I may enter your dwelling place and be your guide. You feel such joy and love in your heart, for all mortals, as you go about my business. Now keep that joy and love in there while you are gentle with yourself. You are my special child. Why is this so difficult for you???

You bring me much pleasure and are such a joy to behold. Your rewards will be great. I am with you always - feel my love surround you!! Stay with love and joy as you look for Truth Light and Beauty.

Michael through the Thought Adjuster

Mary: How can this be Michael through the Thought Adjuster? I don't understand.

Michael: This is what you heard.


I am feeling very tired. I worked 11AM to 7PM. another change in my shift.)

Session 32

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1993


Patije:Dear Father, I await your inspiration. I thank you for my life. I love you. Thank you for loving me. Bless my teachers and celestial helpers - seen and unseen - and thank you for the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit and my Thought Adjuster! Thank you all for the incredible knowingness within me of your presence and my eternal life! I am your servant. Guide and direct me in all ways possible to nudge me up into my perfect potential. It is my will that my Father's will be director of my life experience and how I meet my daily challenges and execute my daily decisions. Thank you, Father.

Father:Dear One of My Heart, Child of my Beloved Creator Michael Son of Nebadon, I know your soul which reflects that which is in your mind and heart. I await your arrival upon the shores of Ascendington and then Paradise. I am with you and rejoice with you in your life experience.

Patije:Oh, thank you, Father, for your recognition!

Father:Do not I take notice of the lilies of the field and the feathers of a dove? Think not that I would not notice the fruit of your life experience? Go forth in the energy of love and know that I am with you in your focus upon Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Be what you are made to be.

Michael:Daughter of my heart, fruit of my creation, Little Lamb with such heroic and mighty beingness. I am Michael recognized within your gentle heart as the Jesus to whom you have always brought your troubles. I salute you in your diligent and devoted service to those who are brought to you. Your lamp shows many to the Pathway.

This is dependable and loyal service beyond kindness which you have given by giving of yourself so unselfishly. When the tasks begin to overwhelm, you work harder when many would fall faint upon the pathway. You do well. I am pleased. Your work will lighten as events unfurl upon your consciousness.

Do not shirk your duty now. You are preparing for much you know not of. It is you I rely on. I know of your heartbreak and your sadness of losing one of mine. Rejoice in that none are lost who truly desire to serve me. I know your remorse when the goodness and intentions of your heart are usurped by the misunderstood perceptions and expectations of those to whom you minister. Ask of me the desires of your heart.

Ask not any mortal to help you. I will send your help. Did I not already do this? Did the one you asked respond with the help you needed? I did not send her. It is not in her heart to serve in that way at this time. There are others to serve me in the manner which you do, but you must not set your expectations upon the limits of time and space. Know that all will proceed in divine order and you will be nourished and balanced even as you attend to the work which has fallen upon you as the result of the willingness to serve me. Remember none other can know the knowingness of your heart. None other can advise you as to how much time or effort you spend in my service. None other can know the wellspring and uplift of completing a task given to you by me. None other knows your guileless and sincere intentions as do I. I will nourish you. Your spirit will flourish even as you are bent to the task before you. Do not grow faint or heavy-hearted because of any who listen to their peers instead of their knowingness.

LorEL:Hello, my dear friend, I am LorEL. The grief and the overwhelmed emotional out-of-balance reactions to life's experience come from relying upon mortal expectations and taking mortal advice when peace and balance come from relying upon the voice within. Is it not the sympathetic comments and judgements of those around you which hinder and slow your progress in serving the Father? It is the same with flattery. Only genuine and prayerful support and encouragement spur you to higher achievements. Flattery turns the head of many. And genuine concern of the fearful can make logical arguments against the precarious balancing of material responsibilities and activities which can accomplish seemingly impossible feats when assisted by the natural help which comes to you when you are in genuine, willful service to the Father. Love energy brings strength which no mortal can see if not in service. Ask yourself why you are out-of-balance and overwhelmed when things get difficult and you will know the answer is that you are out of the flow of Love energy and are attacking your tasks through fear of failing and not being able to stretch yourself so thin. This is impossible when you remain in loving service and harmonious yoke with your cosmic family.

Who is your cosmic family? Why the Father, Michael of Nebadon, and all of their creations within the universe which is your home. You cannot know this with your mortal minds but you can know it with your heart and the faith with which you operate upon your mortal life experiences. It is our assignment to work with you to begin to realize the enormous help you have by encouraging you to put forth your efforts in creating Light and Life within yourself and build the community of Light and Life by joining those around you. Be joyous! You are succeeding. Each individual will become ill and dis-eased from time to time as they look at their life experience from their mortal eyes rather than from within. All life experiences take on an overwhelming sense of loneliness and defeat when misunderstanding perceptions or material reality takes over. Those same life experiences can become feats of accomplishment and be juggled - as you are wont to say - incredulously filling your heart and mind with joy and peace while performing them with the help of your cosmic family.

Man is not made to go through these experiences alone. Man is not created to go through life being defeated by his own imagination and his own rationalization. This is a consequence of the rebellion which is being righted during this Correcting Time. One of the first accomplishments for the human who joins in the Corps is to learn that all things can be done and done rightly with peace and joy when energy is rightly directed. Yes, the tasks can be hard. Yes, the time can be short. Yes the pressure can be great. But only when you turn your view from cosmic contemplation to material apprehension will it become impossible and emotionally overwhelming. Many times the well intentioned friend who offers caution becomes the stimulus of defeat when you listen and pull back your efforts to continue - just inches from your pentacle of success.

Each individual in the Corps has or will go through this purging to strengthen them. Each will recognize the impossibility of their material situation and then recognize the ease with which the same situation is dealt with when influenced by desire to serve and a willingness to know those around them desire only to serve the Father. All will ultimately recognize who and what they are. For some this recognition will follow an illness. With some this recognition will follow a great disharmony in a relationship. For some, this recognition will follow materially recognized rational decisions which temporarily separate them from the flow of their good or their service in the Corps. For some the recognition will come as they find that which gives them self-recognition and self-worth. For some the recognition will come when a carefully planned material success crashes around them and leaves them with no material means to which to cling. Then, they will reach up and within and find themselves. Then they will recognize who they are. Then they will rejoin the Corps and serve in the Correcting Time without the fears which have been with them so far.

This is the intention of those of us who guide you. To show you how to put aside all material recognition of the impossibility of what we ask of you and just do it, knowing that you can do all things with that which strengthens you from within and above. We have learned that this does not happen easily for the human mind. Many times healing comes only when material medical hope is lost. Many times success is found only after defeat seems to have won and one more tiny effort is made. Many times the rush of chemistry within the human machine comes only after all material energy has been exhausted. Enthusiasm to serve sometimes comes only after loss is complete and undeniable within the human mind.

Do not judge yourself so harshly. Do not judge one another so harshly. Know that if each one of you maintains focus upon the ultimate goal to lovingly serve the Father all will arrive. Harmonious interaction among those who serve can be like fuel for the journey while inharmonious skirmishes between you can be like bumpy roads and detours. If in your group or community/family you can create an interplay of knowing the other meant well - even while acting unseemly - a sense of unconditional love can permeate your consciousnesses and you all can work well together. Know yourself. Know your capabilities and your talents. Contribute those enthusiastically. Know your weaknesses. Know what causes you to pull away from successfully relating to others - especially a group of others - and challenge yourself when you become aware of these reactions to stick it out and make it work. What you are building in this community is what you have desired all of your life. What you are building is a community of unconditional acceptance and support. It will be hard to do this. Mortal minds tend to rationalize the impossibility of it when misunderstandings occur instead of working harder to overcome the misunderstandings.

Knowingness comes from within and is always reflective of Truth (intellectual meaning) Beauty (harmony) and Goodness (spiritual value). Feelings come from the response to the material circumstances and can be neither good or bad, right or wrong. They are feelings. Feelings are triggered by the state of mind, the attitude of unconditional acceptance or judgement. Emotions become out-of-balance and influential when we take the viewpoint of past life experiences or judgements unrelated to unconditional acceptance.

Each one of you has prayed for the perfect friend and companion. Some of you have been fortunate in finding one or a few close friends in your mortal experience but even these suffer when misunderstanding or lack of cooperation takes the place of genuine effort to iron out the differences in mutual understanding. Look how many relationships have failed through your mortal marriages. Look how many of you have walked away from difficult marriages or employment situations. Why do you do this. Think you not that perhaps the successful relationship you seek has been passed over because effort to work out the material shortcomings and perceptions was lost - or you gave up too soon through the logical rationalization of a human mind bent by out-of-balance emotions or long held limiting opinions? Think through those situations which trigger a reaction rather than a response from you. Think through those same situations had they been approached and rendered with Jesus at your side. Look at these things from the viewpoint of cosmic citizenship. Do they remain as overwhelming? Do they remain so reprehensible and objectionable? Do they continue to repel you? Perhaps this situation is caused by your reaction to not wanting to be the leavening influence for good - your unwillingness to be of service.

Each of you has prayed to be of service to the Father. Each of you repeatedly state your willingness to be of service. Each of you are sincere in your heart. Do you not think that the circumstances and relationships in which you find yourself are a refection of this sincere prayer to be of service. Do you wish only to serve those who make you feel good? Jesus said: "I have come to save the sinner and the....not the righteous." How better to begin to sow seeds of Light and Life upon your planet than to sow them in the darkness of discomfort and in the shadows of evil and upon the packed soil of hardened hearts? How better to be about the Father's business than lightening the place where you are with loving service. Serve your antagonist. Pray for your abuser. Give of yourself where you are. Carry on amidst the chaos and turmoil with peace in your heart that you are Light and Life being sown amidst that very chaos and turmoil.

Do not count the fruits of your service. You may see them not. Plant them and allow them to fall whither they will. They will be nourished outside of Time and Space. They will produce fruit whereof you know not. They will blossom when the brighter light of Love energy enters their consciousness. Your seed may open the door. It is not what you say. It is how you live your challenges. It is the effort you make to right a wrong - action or perception, misunderstanding or relationship - which makes you a successful ambassador for the kingdom. Light up the world around you. Believe in all things. Know the truth and the truth will set you free from your limitations - thought or circumstances.

Michael:Cry no tears for the heavy burdened. Grieve not for the sick. Fear not evil. Light the pathway. Love the lost. Give life where there is little. Rejoice for those who will find me through sickness. Allow all to place their burdens at my feet. Allow all to rise up and walk. Allow all to come into the light. Allow unconditional love to permeate your consciousness, your experience, your relationships, your work. As Jesus, I brought many to the Kingdom, by forgiving their sins. You can do this too. Begin with the ones in your family and your community/team of the Corps. Reach out from this foundation and lighten the world. Find the Light and Life of joyful and peaceful living. Pass it on. Let the benign virus of loving service spread out and infect all upon my beloved planet of Urantia.

I am calling to all mortals who will hear me. I am beckoning to all mortals who will see me. I am lightening the hearts of the ones who desire to be joyful and serve in willing joyousness. I am cleansing the minds of the ones who will tend to their thoughts which trigger their reactions. I am awakening those who have been sleeping. Remember the greatest affliction is not to have been afflicted. Strength of courage, altruism, hope, faith, loyalty, unselfishness and the love of truth comes from meeting your challenges and grappling with your hardships and reacting to your disappointments with the very faith which you are building by living through these tribulations! Rise up and walk on the pathway of your perfect potential. Faint not when the rise in the road seems steep. Fall away not when the vicissitudes of childish emotions cause conflict in your relationships. Choose to stand firm. Choose to be steadfast. Refuse to leave any stone unturned in your desire to bring harmony to any circumstance of which you are aware during your daily life's experience.

LorEL:This is the purpose of the groups, the small communities, which are being brought together in this Correcting Time. Light the candle of understanding. Light the candle of unconditional acceptance of the loving truth of one another. Turn away that which is disharmonious by loving it. Defeat that which can undermine your community by loving it! Love casts out fear. Love casts out evil. Love is. Love is all. Love is an energy which is so paramount that the attempt at affection is but a minor part of its composition at a material level.

Remember to love it when it needs fixing. Mortals can pray for it and this will take the sting of discomfort out of it. Look towards truth, not appearances. Look for harmony, not discomfort. Look towards spiritual value, not personal comfort. You will do well as an ambassador and seed planter if you keep this foremost in your intentions. It will bring emotional balance when things are insecure. And, so... (interrupted)

Session 33

  • FEBRUARY 24, 1993


Q:Why is it so difficult to manifest something?

A:It becomes each individual's responsibility to control emotions and maintain balanced attitudes and therefore be non-judgmental of other personalities.

Because of the Caligastia rebellion, mortals have long since forgotten the basic truth teachings which had been utilized. The Power of speech, the Power of silence, the Power of thought and the Power of the written word are all tools to enable one to control emotions and maintain balanced attitudes - if used rightly.

The Power of speech can manifest changes in the circumstances which beset mortals with pain. Speaking negative, rather than helping the situation, gives power to the undesired condition and correction is always thwarted by the inability to go within, examine the situation, and observe it from an open point of view.

For example, when a need arises, don't talk about it with your mouth. Do not verbalize it. Instead, go within. Feel the correcting condition (the correct order such as "health" in place of ill health) and put it out through your heart. Maintain the silence until your perception of the condition changes. Then you will find that the energy changes.

Spoken words become living things created in the energy field of the electro-chemical form, to be dealt with and experienced. Thoughts become living things also to be dealt with and experienced. If there is no desire to create a chaotic atmosphere to work through, it behooves one to take control of the thoughts in the mind and the words that leave the tongue.

Controlling the thoughts may seem impossible but can be accomplished by cancelling them as they surface in consciousness, or awareness. Starting with one thought at a time, practice cancelling the thought by thinking of adjectives to praise God.


God is Love.

God is my Father.

God is Spirit.

God is all-knowing.

God is Truth.

God is Kind.

God is Just.

God is my Source.

God is Perfection.

God is Harmony.

God is Good.

God is Health.

God is Light.

God is Life.

God is the Only Power in my life.

God is Peace.

When upset or emotionally out-of-balance, it is difficult to make these thoughts of Praise or affirmations of Truth come through. Repetition of the same praise (God is my Source, God is my Source, God is my Source, etc.) is fine - as long as the imperfect thought is cancelled.

Consistent daily practice of this exercise will soon result in the ability to control the thoughts. This is how balance of emotions is maintained - even in the presence of anger, fear, dis-ease, resentment, hyperactivity, hurt, desolation, rejection, dejection, and other emotional distress.

If you can't say something in praise, then it should be left unsaid. To effect a change in the condition, begin by choosing the words, repeat them until they can be said with enthusiastic praise. When enthusiastic praise is spontaneous and heart felt, the condition will have been brought under control.

The Power of the Written Word can also be used in this manner. Most important is to maintain silence until the power which bursts from your heart and mind is of the condition desired, not the undesired state of dis-harmony.

Visualizing the desired state or condition (not the actual appearance) while filling your thoughts with the affirmations of Praise is helpful. When you come out of the silence, utilize the Power of Speech by speaking the words of affirmation of the desired condition aloud - not any words giving energy to the appearance - regardless of what is observed by others.

Note: It is best not to label the condition - when you give it a name, you are recognizing it as something. It is best not to tell anyone about the condition unless they need to know, because they will name it, verbalize it, or give it the power of their word or thought (energy)!

Session 34

  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1993 (2:00 PM)


Patije:To all my teachers, unseen friends, Thought Adjuster, Father and Michael. Good afternoon. I love you all and feel apologetic for ignoring your call this morning. I arose and came right to work on the computer, but went to the task I left last night. Thank you for helping me to finish what was needing to be done!

At one point I began to get a lesson about healing but I brushed it aside to finish what I was doing. With interruptions, I didn't get back to it. Is it too late or can I have the message now? I await anything which comes into the stillness for the next few minutes. Thank you.


I am LorEL and I greet you joyfully! You always have free will to choose your activities. We will not infringe upon this. Your time with us is very valuable and we do encourage you to stop what you are doing when you feel the inspiration of impressions upon your awareness. However, we are always willing to work with you when you give us permission. Call upon us at any time. Someone will answer your call.

Michael, our creator son, is also standing by and being in the presence of so many of his dearly beloved. He is often by your side as you work and play and laugh. His energy is always with you, but there is a "new presence" which was not before on Urantia.

Events are unfolding naturally, but rapidly. Many changes are coming to Urantia even as we spend this time together. You are very aware of one of the changes which are occurring. The upstepping of the biologic makeup of your eletro-chemical forms must come by bringing healing energy into your physical or material plane. Everyone on Urantia has been affected by the decisions and actions of those who have taken without thought of the future nor the wellbeing of generations to follow. This is part of the wrong thinking which has evolved since the Caligastia rebellion and which is now being adjusted as rapidly as possible during this Correcting Time.

An awareness of one another and comprehension of the plight of those who are unfortunately caught in the webs of material manipulation which have victimized them is beginning to dawn upon the races of Urantia. Altruism will result from a full recognition of the part each has to play. As each finds none can keep secrets which are detrimental or manipulative to another, trust will begin to permeate society.

In the meantime, there is much to the healing which is occurring upon the planet at this time. In America there is an organization - AMA- and many departments to oversee the use of chemicals for nutrition and medication, which were formed to safeguard and protect which became unbalanced and are now jeoporadizing those beings who have moved into higher consciousness and wish to take control of their own health and state of being.

During this Correcting Time much attention is being given to discovering how to help mortals overcome the mind set against natural healing and listening to what your material forms ask for. This inability to listen to the inner voice about anything material has come as a result of the rebellion and betrayal, same as the abuse of one another and the planet did. Until this Correcting Time began and mortals began to awaken, they were not considered responsible, but ignorant about the ability they had to think for themselves and to heal themselves. This left them open to exploitation and evil mind mechanizations. Those who did think, and discovered ways to help others, taught the methods to those who would hear. Those that heard discovered how some would worship and serve them. This led to the evolution of power and control of fellow beings. As they were educated - and thinking individuals gained more power - those who would not, or could not, think for themselves were convinced that some were given the gift and some were not. Eventually, they gave up their abilities into the hands of those who convinced them they could not do it.

Now we are gathering on your planet to change the course of this evolved thinking. To awaken individuals to their natural abilities and to encourage them to use them. Some will fight this as they don't wish to be responsible for their own well-being or sicknesses. Others will fight it because they see it usurping their power over the masses. Eventually this will equalize.

What we are concerned with is that those who are awakening have so many perceptions of their inability and the inability of others to awaken to natural healing. Even when we offer healing through one of our transmitters, we find they are not yet ready to spontaneously embrace the healing. There is not enough logical material proof until a healing actually happens. Consequently, the fear of healing continues until a "miracle" happens.

One of our Master Healers has come to work upon the planet, and although many have experienced a change in their condition, few embrace it in its entirety. Rayson's patience is particularly admirable considering his willingness to heal any who ask. He has discovered a kindred soul in our Mary of Sarasota, who comes by the talent naturally and loves everybody - who will love her and allow her to help them by easing their discomfort. However, many are skeptical. They do not readily accept healing, nor alleviation of discomfort so easily. Even in the teaching groups throughout the country, we find many uncomfortable with the various energy adjustments which we are doing to prepare you for the biological uplifting which we hope to make more and more as events unfold. Some individuals of teaching groups do not even wish to study your textbook for information, they wish for us to spoon feed it to them.

This is our challenge. Our assignment is to find a way to enable mortals to not only accept us as the teachers and helpers to Urantia which we are, but to allow us the open mind to begin to make the biological adjustments in the electro-chemical forms. It is very difficult to understand why this is so difficult for you mortals. Michael tells us it is because of the superstitious race consciousness and evolution of knowledge which has occurred because of the rebellion and the default. Still, it is difficult for us to comprehend your inability to stand upon your faith and accept the gift Michael and the Father have sent.

In the beginning we tried to prepare and use one individual from each group as a healer. Even though those we chose expressed a willingness to be of service, and went forth in faith, they could not withstand the doubts or refusals of the ones they attempted to heal. The ones who asked for healing found it difficult to accept healing when the symptoms did not instantly disappear. You see we cannot heal the physical body itself. It is up to us to set the energies of the bodies into right flow and then the bodies naturally heal themselves. This can be almost instantaneous, or it can take many days or weeks. When the physical evidence is not eliminated, the doubts overwhelm the faith which allows the healing to continue after the adjustments in the energies have been generated. When the seeds of doubt and disbelief take root in the mind gardens, the roots take all nourishment from the seedling of healing and reverse the flow of energy into the comfortable place to which the body has become accustomed. The "healing" is then put on the back burner and the mind once again begins to regenerate the dis-ease - thus making the power of this dis-ease greater than before the healing adjustment was made.

It is well recognized that few will understand the message of this impression. Until they are ready to stand on faith and read the message and not the words, they will remain in the shadow of their darkness. Consequently, we have now begun to search ways to enable our "healing transmitters" to be at ease and not falter in their faith of the energy which they embark upon the dis-eased form. Many of the participants in the teaching groups of this Reserve Corps of Destiny have had some experience with, or training in some of the methods upon this planet. This encourages us to continue to encourage all participants to get some training, or experience in the methods. Some of those methods are the study of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and herbs. Some have become aware of Cranial-Sacral attunement, Reiki healing, Acupuncture, Acupressure, massage and the believer's "Laying on of Hands." All are good. There are many more methods which sustain the bodies natural ability to recover from dis-ease and dis-comfort. Chemicals and surgery and violent manipulations are not to be discarded until a new race consciousness develops, but let them be the unusual instead of the norm.

Those who have discovered the natural talent of loving individuals into truth, beauty and goodness will be most useful. Those who can embrace the methods least traumatic to the body itself will be very useful. All who can encourage and support one another into accepting healing are the most important. You mortals have no idea how much your limited thinking about healing of the physical form actually limits your ability to be healed.

Those who embrace the idea of what Urantia mortals have labeled reincarnation, the requirement to live many life times as material mortals are the most difficult to heal. It is self-induced resistance from fear of having to repeat the experience of dis-harmonious physicality in a future sojourn upon the planet. This is one reason why the belief in reincarnation is dangerous, if not fatal.

Those who are educated in the methods of - and embrace the methods of - chemistry and surgery for alleviating lack of harmony in the natural form of your material machines, are likewise reluctant to accept natural healing without trauma to the body.

It would do each teaching group a great service for the individuals of each community/team to study the methods of natural and religious healing, to experience them and to share the experiences. Beware of all rushing to study the same method. Diversify your talents and abilities. Learn many complimentary methods of helping one another. Each community can become . .. interrupted...

Session 35

  • THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1993 (7:30 - 10:00 PM)


We begin by going into the stillness to allow our energies to soften and meld, after we express our prayers of thanksgiving and our invitation to the teachers and unseen helpers, and our willingness to be of service.

Patije: This is Patije. I am open and willing to serve in any way I can be of service. I invite the teachers and I thank them for all of the wonderful lessons we have gotten - especially the last couple of weeks.

Drue: This is Drue. I want to thank our unseen helpers for their support and for their healing and we give thanks for the healing that Karen has exhibited and felt. I give thanks for the healing in my family. And, I give thanks for your love and support. I am willing to assist in any way that is appropriate.

Julie: This is Julie. I welcome our unseen helpers, teachers and friends. I am willing, and open, and I thank you for all that you have done for we mortals here.

Mary: This is Mary. I greet everybody present and thank you all for the wonderful lessons we have had in the last couple of weeks. I am open and willing to assist and serve in any way.

(long silence while we go into the stillness)

Rayson: (Mary) This is Rayson and I am with you. Greetings.

Group: Greetings, welcome, Rayson. Do you have a message for us?

Rayson: My message is as all messages from me seem to appear to you people. My group, my beloved children, friends and sisters. (Mary begins laughing and the whole group joins in - no one knows why we are laughing)

Mary: This is Mary. I don't know what the giggling is about.

Julie: They are tickling you...

Mary: The message was about Love and Light but I was laughing and lost contact.

Drue: Well, Rayson we are so delighted that you are here and we are so delighted that you are working with our group and working through Mary. It just thrills us and we really really appreciate everything that you are doing for us - individually and as a group.


Rayson, I received a letter from another UB study group (who incidently rejected their teacher) and one of the members is dealing with a life or death sickness. A healing prayer service is scheduled soon and I was wondering if there is a message here for us. Is there something we are supposed to do? Can we ask that this one be healed without knowing about it? (pause)

Rayson: You had already planned on joining that group's prayer meeting.

Patije: No, I didn't! I have other plans conflicting for that day.

Rayson: In prayer. In prayer.

Patije: In prayer, yes. (pause) Is there anyway I can get word to her about the mission of the teachers in healing without offering it to her (trying to sell her on this method), but letting her come and ask? (pause) Am I supposed to offer this to her, I guess is what I am trying to ask?

Mary: (laughter) uhuh. This is Mary. I was trying to formulate a question from what you said.

Drue: I don't know, Mary, I am hearing: "Why does she need to come and ask?"

Mary: That is exactly what I was getting. I didn't know if that was in my mind, or if that was Rayson now. That was going in my head. Thank you, Drue.


Well, we were thinking that if they rejected the teacher and if we offered the healing through the teachers that they might reject it - but if they heard about it and they came to us and asked for it, they would be more receptive and open of receiving the healing. That is what I was thinking.

Drue: Why can't we just hold her in the light? It is an individual, right?

Mary: Right. This is Mary and I, the impression or feeling I am getting, is that as we have had all along. When you need healing you are in the right place at the right time and things work out - in other words everything works out for the highest good of all.

Patije: I was looking at the broad picture, not just the healing of the one person.

Mary: You were talking to Rayson about healing.


They have to be open and they have to be willing to accept and if they are not willing to accept a teacher, then they won't be willing and accept this healing. But, if you do it on your own...you can do it for the good of that individual.

Drue: Rayson, is it alright to send healing to people who haven't requested it, or haven't acknowledged it? Is that all right in your opinion?

Rayson: Healing energy can be sent to beloved and they will then do their physical healing. The healing energy is always of benefit to anybody.

Drue: Is it alright, Rayson, if we . ..I'm sure many of us have some people we would like to put in the light...it is alright if we do that now... put them in the light in this room and send them some energy?

Rayson: Proceed.

Drue: Ok. Do you want to start, Patije?


I would like to put Chickie's neighbor and friend in the Light but I cannot think of her name. She lives on Pomona Place next to my sister in Fairfield, California. (pause) I would like to add Karen, Roy's niece. (pause) I would like to put my grandchildren who seem to have sniffles and colds...(fades out) (Pause)

Rayson: Healing has been sent to the sister's neighbor, (pause) to Karen, (pause) and to the grandchildren.


This is Drue and I have a few people I would like to put in the light, please, Rayson. One is _____ my young assistant who seems to have a heart problem. (Pause)

Rayson : Healing has been sent to _____.

Drue: And, another is my father in Baltimore. (Pause)

Rayson: Healing has been sent to your father in Baltimore. Your father does much better.

Drue: Thank you. I'd like to include my brother, too. (Pause)

Rayson: Your brother's eye has improved. (pause) Healing has already been sent again.

Drue: Thank you. And, I would like to put myself in the light, too, Rayson. I still need help with . .........(personal) (pause)

Rayson: Much healing is sent to you, Drue. You remain in healing light.

Drue: Thank you, Rayson.

Julie: Rayson, this is Julie.

Rayson: Greetings, Julie.

Julie: I have my friend in Maine, _____, who needs a healing. (pause)

Rayson: Healing has been sent to____.

Julie: And, for my friend, _____, who is helping her sick husband and she needs it as much as he does. (pause)

Rayson: Healing and courage have been sent to Betty.

Julie: And, Rayson, I also need healing - head to toe. (pause)

Rayson: You, too, Julie remain in the healing Light. Remember the healing energy - your energy - is what we work on, you deal with the physical healing.

Julie: I feel that, Rayson. (pause) And I have a message for Mary from Rayson:

Rayson: I am absolutely delighted and so happy to work with Mary!

Patije: I heard that too!

Mary: This is Mary. Thank you.

Patije: I would like to ask for some healing energy for Mary, too.

Julie: Yes, I think we can all do that.

Mary: Thank you.

Patije: I would also like to ask, if it would be appropriate, to ask for a healing or balance of emotions, or whatever it is, for each member of our group - physical problems, of course, but the other problems - can these be healed?

Rayson: The message is the same. The healing energy of love can be sent to all these, but they have to accept and want and work on their physical selves. Healing has been sent to all members of this group - the ones present and the ones not present (4 missing)

Mary: This is Mary. Chanti is here.

Drue: Welcome, Chanti.

Julie: Welcome, Chanti! They are all around...

Mary: umhmmm, I hear music. (laughter)

Drue: Laughter and music - it must be a doctor's party! (laughter)

Julie: They are doing their work.

Drue: I think music has a lot to do with the healing process too. It's all harmony. When we are in harmony, that's when everything works right. All in harmony. (short silence)

Julie: Something else is here. Quite a few have marched through the door.

Mary: I see a big golden angel.

Patije: Gabriel is with us again?

Julie: umhmmmm There is also a silver one.(short silence)

Drue: I get that's sort of balancing...the gold and the silver, the warmth and the cold, this is all the balancing.

Julie: umhmmm

Mary; It is so beautiful.

Drue: Which is what we are doing right now. We are balancing, evening up.

Julie: In fact that is what is happening there is like so many to one side and so many to the other side. They are evenly balanced. They are going in and out of us, around and about. Rayson is standing in back of Mary.

Drue: (laughing)

The vision I got was that - you're going to laugh Mary! Do you know who Mr. Clean is? I get the vision of Mr. Clean standing right behind you with his hands on his hips... (laughing)

Mary: Except he has a beard?

Julie: Yes. Older...(laughter)

Drue: I'm sorry, Rayson.

Mary: He's laughing too, isn't he? (laughter) Oh, wow that energy...

Julie: It's something, isn't it? (pause) A chill is also here now - does anybody else feel that?

Patije: Yes, I do! I was thinking that the AC had come on, or something

Drue: I'm getting this from the silver angel, from the coolness. I feel I;'m being weighted a little more in the coolness and this is the chill and the balance is that we have to come back to the heat.

Julie: Yes, because I feel a sudden chill. (pause) They are sprinkling gold dust and silver dust together all over us. (long pause)

Mary: I don't know if this is my imagination but a thought just popped in that Michael is here.

Patije: Yes, he's here.

Julie: He's been here.

Patije: If the thought occurs to you that you become aware of during this time it is probably real - intuitive, not imagination.

Julie: Just put your hands out and you will feel all of that.

Drue: The thought that I had when you said that they were sprinkling the silver dust and gold dust and Michael is here, is that they are sprinkling it for him to walk on.

Mary: Ahhhhhhh

Julie: But, it is all over us too. It is like raining on us.

Patije: I was told one day this week in a lesson that Michael's presence here is different than it has been before. That he is literally walking beside us most of the time. That it is different than it was before.

Julie: The energy you mean? I don't remember it as it was before because I came late, you know? But different thing have changed and I just got it. Someone said: "It is not they who have changed, it is we who have changed."

Drue: I'm sure that is very true.

Julie: That was from Michael.

Drue: They are the constant.

Julie: That was Michael. His face is..., burning image... fades off... We were to acknowledge. "Hello, VanEssa, welcome." And, "Hello, Ophelia, welcome."

Patije: Hello, Olivia.

Julie: And we welcome Olivia.

Patije: And, Ruby.

Julie: I did in my mind, before.

Drue: Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! (mimicking Ruby's greetings to us) laughter

Mary: And, I got a ??? on LorEL. (pronounced Loriel)

Drue: Oh, my. The whole gang is here!

Patije: LorEl, were you walking down my hallway and into the Urantia room today? LorEL, I don't know why I said Loriel.

Mary: Because I don't know how to say it.

Drue: Maybe it was OriEl and not LorEL?

Patije: Mary said it was LorEL but she called her Loriel. It is the strangest feeling - I'm feeling the energies, I'm feeling the hot and cold, and I feel the presence, but I am not getting a single word impressed upon me tonight - YET!

Drue: Maybe you are resting?

Patije: Could be. I've got a little bit of a headache that comes and goes.

Mary: I don't know if this is right but I hear a voice saying:

LorEL (Mary) "It was I who walked through the hallway."

Mary: I think that was LorEL. I think she is answering you...but I was waiting for you to get it.

Patije: Thank you, LorEL.

Mary: I was waiting for Patije to get it so I wasn't paying any attention. (pause)

Patije: My headache came back a few minutes ago, worse than it was before. (long pause)

Julie: They are changing your energies, Patije.

Patije: I am getting lighter.

Drue: What I hear, Patije is: "Don't claim it as yours."


Oh, it's not. I feel like it might be interfering with my transmitting, though. (short silence) I just feel so light - so unburdened since Julie got me the transcribing machine. And, I am caught up with everything for January and February except for part of Jan 14th and tonight's.

Drue: Isn't that great?! Oh, you got a special transcriber?

Patije: She bought me a brand new . ..

Drue: Dictaphone?!? How nice! Thank you, Julie!

Mary: Thank you, Julie.

Julie: Thank you, Dad. (laughter)

Drue: Thanks. That is really nice.


Oh, it just makes it so easy compared to the other one. I did 2 complete sessions Tuesday afternoon when I got back at noon and before Roy got home at 5:20. Usually it takes me about 6 hours to do one hour of these sessions and they are 2 hours long!

Drue: Oh, that's great! Yes. That's great. Thanks a lot, Julie!

Julie: don't thank me. I was put in this position. Michael put me here and then...

Drue: Well, thank you Julie's . ..?

Julie: That's right!

Patije: But it has helped me feel so much more relaxed even though there are still 50 tapes there to do, I feel they will get done. Where before I never thought I would be able to catch up.

Julie: Oh,_____ worked 12 hours yesterday, but she is going to come one night next week. She might even come Monday while we are here and work.

Mary: Drue, you need to expose your palms. We are trying to send you healing and now it is coming back to me.

Drue: Oh, ok. Thank you. I'm sorry, Mary.

Mary: Oh, you can keep them in your lap, that's ok. Just keep them up.

Julie: I feel it.

Mary: The moment she put her hands down, I didn't know what was going on and then...

Julie: Drue, I'm going to tell you something...

Mary: He was sending a healing for that problem you were talking about...

Drue: Right here! Right here! Here's where it goes.

Julie: I felt a lot of energy over here and I didn't feel it there but as soon as you put your palms up it zapped right across to you!

Mary: Patije is taking a lot of healing too.

Julie: And, that's why you aren't getting anything now at this moment. They are all standing back and waiting for this energy to adjust...

Drue: You know it's like when the batteries are down, you have to recharge them otherwise, nothing happens. That is what is going on right now - a recharging of the batteries.

Patije: Well, it feels good!

Drue: It certainly does. Thank you very much, Rayson. Thank you very much, Mary.

Rayson: (Mary) We do it with love and joy.

Julie: Take that headache away. We don't want it.

Drue: I have to throw something out because I get a little confused...and... ah, does it matter if we address our healing needs to the Father, or to Michael, or....

Rayson: No. It doesn't matter. You have a special teacher working with you. Put it through there and they will send it to where it needs to go.

Patije: Prayers for healing usually goes to the Holy Spirit and to the helpers.

Mary: If you ask from your heart, the message gets through to wherever it needs to be.

Patije: Oh yes, the Thought Adjuster takes any prayer request to wherever it needs to go. The Universal Mother Spirit is the one who nourishes and heals and she works through the Holy Spirit.

Julie: Did it just get hot in here?

Patije: yes.

Mary: umhmm

Julie: I'm burning! Do you feel it Drue?

Drue: No, I don't.

Patije: My hands just got red hot.

Julie: Yes, it came in through my feet and around my chest and my hands.

Drue: My fingers are getting warm. (pause) Sometimes I think that I have my resistance up and I have to just let it go.

Julie: I get pictures. I'm getting blue circles. And, I am getting like a light - like a theater light and it is coming to the back of me - like a big blue circle.

Drue: I feel as if I am...have you ever been in a planetarium where you are sitting in a chair and you are looking up into that big dome space? I sort of feel that way with perhaps the sun setting, or whatever, behind me on the right.

Patije: I was going to say it is in front of me to my left. If it is behind you to your right, it could be in front of me since I am sitting across the room from you. (laughter)

Drue: Yes! Exactly that. It's right here, Patije. It's right here! That's exactly where it is!


Somebody just walked through the door again.......I see them! I don't hear words, they are very silent. They look like - this is going to sound absolutely silly - but it looks like several teachers with their student class with them. They brought in all these students to observe we four here. (overnight, Julie asked about this and was told that they were bringing in brand new students and didn't want to overwhelm them or us with too much, too fast) Michael is here. Welcome, Michael. Do you see that, Mary? And, they are watching Rayson.

Mary: I was going to say that there is so much energy coming through me right now it just . ...

Drue: I don't see the students, but I get the feeling of teachers almost as if they are the wise men...


umhmmmm. There are a lot of teachers. A lot of teachers and they have students with them. Or, they brought in...it is like we are being observed as though we are the first mortal that these students have seen.

Drue: We'd better be on our best behavior! We don't want to scare them! (long pause) What came to mind was, Do you know what teaching hospitals...

Julie: This is it.

Mary: Yes, that's it.

Drue: They are making the rounds and I hear: "These are the mortals and..."

Mary: I got the same picture when she said that!

Julie: I did too. This is it.

Drue: This is how they operate and this is how they handle things, and...

Julie: Like each teacher has about 5 students, not a big class.

Mary: Boy! Another burst of energy just came though.

Julie: When you said that Mary, it kind of lit up in back of you again. (long pause)

Drue: Do you know what came to my mind? Do you know what maybe they are showing? Of what it is like to live on a world that is cut off and has people live totally by faith. Which, I am sure is a concept they don't have at all because they don't have to live that way.

Julie: They want us to ask some questions?

Drue: Who are you? Where do you come from? What would you like to know?

Julie: I give you permission to speak through us. (pause) I sort of get the feeling that they said "sh! Don't ask now. You asked for healing, you are getting healing. Save your questions."

Mary: I can affirm that!

Julie: Am I right?

Mary: umhmmmm!

Drue: Well, just like all humans, we are impatient. We want it right now!

Julie: Yesterday. Oh, boy! We are just getting all these healing energies just dropped down on us.

Drue: I'm getting the gold and the silver now.

Julie: umhmmm

Drue: Almost as if it is a snowstorm only it is warm.

Julie: Exactly!

Drue: Warm on the left, cooler on the right.

Julie: Exactly! Isn't that strange? (pause) I guess there is nothing strange. Only we. It is the perception. (long pause) Do you know whose energy just came in and dropped down?

Drue: Who?

Julie: Jane's.

Drue: Jane, our visitor from last week?

Julie: umhmmm! Did you see that Mary? Patije?

Mary: I'm watching Patije.

Drue: When she awakens she will feel fine.

Patije: Strange things going on.

Julie: Patije, the energy is like pulling from my hands over to you.

Patije: umhmmm

Julie: And, believe it or not - I hate to even say this, because I don't want, I'm not thinking it...I'm not thinking it...I'm not saying it...but I have a slight headache on the right side of my head. (laughter)

Patije: Put your "golden bracelets" on for protection. You are taking mine away upon yourself.

Julie: I'll do it.


I was having the impressions of the blobs of color , making doughnut shapes and getting smaller and bigger and smaller and bigger - different colors each time, you know like a neon sign looks like it is getting bigger and smaller but it is really the way the lights are playing... I don't know what I'm talking about. Anyhow that's what I was seeing... (long silence) If VanEl is around, I would like to get the message to him to be around the house when they come to install the fax-modem. I would like my computer to work this time and know why it works and doesn't work. Thank you.

Julie: Ahhhh tomorrow's the day!

Patije: Well, tomorrow, maybe if they got it in. If not, on Tuesday.

Julie: The people in Hawaii sent Patije a computer program and money for a fax-modem so she can send our transmissions.

Drue: How nice! I don't know what that is.

Patije: I can send computer stuff through the telephone to their computer.

Drue: Can you send it to other people too?

Patije: Anybody that has a fax or modem on their end.

Julie: It's still a miracle.

Patije: I would like VanEl to be here so that I can know what is going on some way or another. I want to know how it works.

Drue: Here is what I think I am hearing: "It shall be done."

Mary: I did too.

Julie: I heard it too.

Drue: You did? Thank you very much.


If you think you heard it, you probably did, so just state it. You are all getting as bad as ____ giving a "pre-message" and a "post message" along with the message! You all so often say things like: "I think this is what I am getting", "I don't know where this is coming from, but" , "I'm not sure but I hear..." , and "I'm going to put this out even though it sounds silly...." (laughter)

Drue: I don't want to say anything that is incorrect.

Patije: Well, they'll correct it if it is incorrect. Just like we are affirmed in what we get...they can affirm what we don't get too...

Drue: I just want to say again how much I appreciate the addition of Mary to this group and we are so blessed to have her here and thank you, Julie for bringing her, thank all of our unseen helpers for guiding her here, and bringing her to us!

Julie: I agree.

Mary: Thank you so much, Drue. Thank you, Julie.

Julie: Well, it wasn't me. I was, you know, someone else told me to go get Mary. (laughter)

Patije: Just like he told you to get over here and help me!

Drue: It was Aroncha. It was Aroncha. (laughter)

Julie: Oh, you remember that! (laughter)

Patije: How do you say her name?

Drue: I don't know. Aroncha Vacario Sanchez. Something like that.

Mary: Yes, I'll never forget her calling and telling me that on the phone. (pause) This is so wonderful I am just going to share this. (pause) I am sitting here but it is like I am in my body, but this energy is so forceful and it is so coming through my body and out to you guys and it is so neat. My hands don't get tired, my arms don't get tired, I'm feeling Julie's arms are tired, and she wants to put them down and Drue wants to put them down and (laughter) I can see all these things and it is so beautiful.


I feel your energy, Mary. I feel your energy. In fact I feel all these things. The tips of my fingers are like hot pokers and things are going on around...and I feel like I'm sort of sitting in this position but I am in air - I went up on an elevator or...

Mary: That's because a lot of energy is being put through us right now.

Drue: Well, my hands are nice and warm. Usually they are very cold. They are nice and warm and then I had the feeling that I had to put my feet out so I have my foot out here too, so I'll just soak it up from both sides!

Julie: Yeah. In fact, that's where it comes in a lot.

Drue: I keep seeing my little nephew so I'm going to put him out too, put my little 17 month nephew out here in the middle. He needs a little healing too.

Julie: I'm going to put Bill there too.

Mary: I'm going to put Andre and Rennie there too.

Patije: That's a good idea.

Julie: And, Michelle.

Drue: And Jennie and C????

Julie: Can we put animals in?

Drue: Why not?

Patije: Let's put Allene and her mother there.

Julie: umhmmm and I think who needs it most of all - let's put P----there. And, I'm not being facetious. I think she really needs it.

Drue: While we are doing that, let's put our world leaders there too.

Mary: I'm going to put my supervisor right there.

Drue: Good, that's a good place for him, Mary. Let's get him right here at my feet!

Patije: I am going to do something really really strange. I'm putting Tere's and Keni's father there.

Mary: Oooooooooh

Julie: That takes guts.

Drue: Do you have your pencil sharp...here it is. Here is our world - right in the middle of our group! (a globe pencil sharpener) Get it and everybody that is on it right here.

Julie: Definitely. Drue, you are amazing!

Mary: Drue is wonderful. She is so light and happy.

Julie: She can burst into song and sing - what is that song about the world?

Drue: The Coca Cola song!?!? I want to teach the world to sing... Here we are with all the entities from all the universe and what are we singing? Coca Cola songs! (laughter)

Julie: You know what I got. It wouldn't be a bad idea to put it...(laughter)

Drue: That's funny! Isn't it nice we have a sense of humor?

Patije: Maybe we should put Lise in the center?

Drue: We've got everybody in there. Everybody on this planet is right in there.

Julie: I would like to know who the pearl is.

Patije: Anyone who is a grain of sand. (laughter) We are all supposed to be all things at some time or another. We have natural talents that are of leadership quality.

Drue: I think also part of the leadership quality is being a follower too, and knowing when to follow, and how to follow and how to listen and...on the other end, how to teach, how to lead - all great talents.


How can one teach if you haven't had the experience of all of those things? I mean teach - really teach. You can learn from books but to actually have the experience and be a good teacher, you have to have the experience behind you.

Drue: I think, in many cases, what seems to be the problem with our educational system today, now it all has to do with what you have on a piece of paper, which really has no relationship with anything.

Julie: That and 25 cents will get you a ride in the subway, right?

Drue: One dollar and 25 cents!

Julie: Is that what it is now?

(more conversation about cost of subway)

Patije: Mary's at it again.

Drue: Mary's having such a good time over there! You know what, Mary? I think he is tickling your feet!

Mary: I don't know...

Julie: It's the Chanti that are doing that...

Mary: I think it is the Chanti, yeah.

Patije: Did you see the angel she wears?

Drue: Now, I do! Are these special angels?

Patije: Yes. She gave somebody a healing and somebody gave her an angel.

Drue: That's nice.

Mary: Ahhh, I'm going to put those 3 sergeants from LongBoat key right there on top of that little world...

Drue: They are right here, Mary. Everybody is right there!

Mary: Ok. I hope they can giggle too. (pause) And the detective person too.

Julie: We have to teach the world to sing (laughter)

Drue: That is in my mind too!

Mary: I get it too!

Patije: I'd like to teach the world to heal.

Mary: We might as well sing it and get it over with!

(time out to sing the song and hear Julie's highschool Coke poem and a long discussion about musicians like Irving Berlin and big bands and the opera Julie saw this week etc.)


Julie: So, we're waiting. Are there any lessons we need to learn?

Drue: Is there anything you wish to share with us?

Julie: Anything!

Drue: It just came to mind: Anytime we need the Light, all we have to do is ask.

Julie: That's right. I see LorEl.

Patije: She's here.

Julie: Speak, LorEL.

LorEL: (Patije) Greetings.

Julie: Greetings, LorEL.

Mary: Greetings, LorEl.

Julie: Do you have a message for us, LorEL?


You have had many messages this week. You are each growing stronger in your ability to communicate with your personal teachers and with us. This is a preparation time for moving your community/group into phase 5. (pause)

This is a time upon your planet when the changes are being made so rapidly that you are not even aware of them until you look back upon them and say: "Oh, when did that occur."

You will see much chaos. As people think that things haven't changed, as they will try to convince themselves to talking about a negative what they think they see. If you can be pebbles of truth as you walk through your life experience, and help people to remember not to voice the negative, not to voice that which they desire not, all will begin to awaken to the new realization that they can actually find contentment and stretch themselves into their perfection and do those things which they have not before been able to do!

Many will find that when they take their eyes off their focus of being about the Father's business,that they will see the impossibility of what they are actually accomplishing. We ask you to please keep your focus upon the Father. Spend your time in the stillness, communicate longer periods. As days go by, as you are experienced, spend more and more time recording your thoughts during, and after, your periods of stillness. You will begin to see messages that you thought you could not receive. You will see that this is preparing you to be the leavening, the yeast, in the bread of society. Altruism is becoming more prominent among your race. Secrets are being revealed. Have you not seen these exposed recently on your news broadcasts? Any secret that has anything to harm or cause victimization of any other person will be revealed.

You are finding also that your thoughts are things. What you speak, and what you think, are being picked up more readily by those around you. We have seen this among your group already. Have you not noticed that you need not voice everything all the time... that you are picking up one another's thoughts? This is a natural occurrence and it will become more and more and more prominent as you practice and grow in your focus upon the higher truth. There can be no mistakes which are not corrected. There can be no paths which need be explored if they are not fruitful. There are no tasks asked of you that you cannot do. Know this and proceed, go forth in peace and knowing that if you make your choice, your decision, and then put your effort and your energy behind that which you choose, you will have all the help you need to accomplish what you set out to do. It is those who sit back and observe and say "that task is not one I choose to do or I can't do it" who are the failures in this Correcting Time.

Anything put before you, you have the ability and strength and the know how to do. Go forth in faith and it will be done. Do not falter. Do not fear. All works for good and we are working with you or you would not be asked to do that task. If you do stop and look back and begin to count your moments, your abilities and your talents, you will see the impossibility of what you are doing. We caution you not to do this. It is as if you are on a ladder climbing into the sky. As long as you look up to the next step you are taking you are fine, but when you look back and see the distance you have risen, you will become dizzy and might even fall. Does this make sense to you? (pause)

You are being asked to do much. There is much to be done. There are many more groups coming on line with teachers. There are many more teachers arriving on the planet every day. Many of those who have rejected this so-called phenomenon in the past are now embracing it whole-heartedly. Pray for those who make fun of, who refuse to accept, and who laugh at those who do. Pray for them. Turn it to love. Transmute it from what it is to love and you will see many, many results. We do not count the groups as you do, but there are many more groups than those you are aware of. The affirmations and confirmations to ease the doubts of the transmitters who first come on line - (long silence)

Patije: I lost it. I was so tense, I felt my whole body tensing up and suddenly I relaxed and it was gone! Did you pick it up, anybody?

Julie: I feel that Michael stepped in.


That was the funniest feeling. I just felt all the muscles in my neck and shoulders and arms and it was like I was just holding on and all of a sudden it was just gone - along with whatever I was transmitting! (pause) I never had that quite like that before.

Julie: LorEL, what is the rest of the message? It is wonderful.

Drue: She was talking about the new transmitters needing confirmation and you were in the process of saying that that is really not necessary anymore...

Mary: uhm?

Drue: However, it is nice to have! (laughter)

Patije: Sounds like you are doing pretty good, Drue. Keep going! Turn it to first person and just keep going...

Drue: Well, I have a question for the teachers, for whomever it is that would like to answer. I'll put this in a generic and not make it personal but some of us in this group are not working as hard as some of the others in the group and I was just wondering if that is of great disappointment to the teachers? (long silence)


?...no such thing as disappointment. Surprise sometimes, difficult to believe that those who have the opportunity, do not take it. But again, we work with what we have.

Mary: That's what I got.

Julie: I've been picking up that

LorEL: (Julie)

"....just being here and believing and sending your energy is more than most people do. You do what you can as long as you are in your potential...that is what is asked of you or whomever. Plant the seeds. Just plant the seeds. Be an example and you are doing your part."


I have received this thing about the community again.


You are ambassadors of the Kingdom, of the Good News. As you live your normal experience and walk the path of your normal life, you plant the seeds - the seeds of transmitting anything unlike God to love. Loving those who abuse, loving those who are confused, loving those who are angry, resentful or misunderstanding how to live their life. These are the seeds that are being sprinkled and some of you have that task while others tend to the communities's enablement.

Drue: Well good. I really do appreciate that because I can sprinkle a lot of fairy dust but it is very hard for me to sit down and turn out page after page after page after page of stuff.

Unseen Helper: (Julie):

Drue, you are in the public eye and that is important. You are setting an example for others.

Julie continues: Those of us who are not in the public eye do other things.

Patije: I confirm the first part of that not that last part - it turned to 3rd person there, or something. (laughter)

Julie: Yeah...


You all have a task and should do your part for the community effort, but also how you live your life from day to day. The crises times show if you are living that of which you talk about. The people who hear you don't hear the words said, but hear what you live.

Drue: ummmm heavy responsibility!


Very heavy. Mary got a lesson this week about even when we don't feel like, when we are anger or resentful, in disharmony, just praise God "God is my Source, God is Love, God is Life, God is Love, God is Love! God is love! (beating our fists with each time we say it, if necessary.)

Mary: Yes.

Patije: Eventually you mean it when you say it, but in the beginning it is words.

Drue: I think that is true, because you have to convince yourself. I think that's true.

Mary: When you have the emotions in the way, it is hard to just be there.

Patije: First, it is a decision.

Julie: So much energy is going to Mary.

Mary: I am burning up!

Drue: Shall we turn the fan on?

Mary: No! No! It has nothing to do with that.

Julie: That's why they are not coming through too much with speaking. We are getting the healing because that is what we asked for.

Mary: Yes, that's what we started with.


One of the lessons I got this week was that they are trying to bring a biological uplifting to our planet - they said it beautifully, these are my words, paraphrasing, the message was that we are all so polluted that we are all in need of healing regardless of whether we think there is anything wrong with us and they want to bring this knowledge back to the common masses that they can be healed naturally. They don't have to have the violence done to their body of surgery and traumatic stuff. And, they don't want us to get rid of these methods but let them be the exception rather than the norm. Right now the normal thing is to go to the Doctor and get it cut out - or he drugs it. They want us all to begin to explore - not all of us do the same thing - but all of us to explore different methods of natural healing - including the religious healings of laying on of hands like Mary does, or Christian Science, or Reiki, or Cranial-Sacral, or massage, or whatever...anything. But they want us all to have a working knowledge of some method of healing and we will be used as a group for that. Mary will probably be the one member who will be doing the healings but there will be times when she is swamped or unavailable and will need a back-up team as--

Drue: Well, it is also that each of us brings a little something different too, because I come in with a lot of the nutritional healing and you come in with something, and you come in with something...and it is all a backup because it is not just energy. As they said today you are responsible for your own body and you can send us as much energy as you want but if you have the door closed...


If they have given us the energy and started the body to heal itself, they have changed the flow of energy and we block that with our thinking and begin to think about the symptoms that have not yet disappeared, we can actually create the dis-ease stronger than it was before.

Drue: Gee, I wonder if that is what I am doing?

Julie: Do you know what I am seeing now? (pause) I see like - don't worry when I start this because it has a silver lining - I see the death, the skeleton and the death with all of us right now, but that is -

Drue: That is of the old...

Julie: That's right! That's right! I see poisons - actually poisons and death rising up from all of us in this room. Death means a new beginning.

Mary: The new beginning

Drue:The end of the old and the new beginning.

Julie: It just happened.

Mary: I'm grateful that I am here.

Drue: Well, I guess I'd better stop spending so much time thinking of this.

Patije: Yup!

Mary: You need to read my lesson.

Patije: Read the lessons given to Mary and to me on Feb. 24th. They are both healing lessons. I was interrupted and I think they left and went over and continued with Mary.

Mary: I guess so. But it was almost like giving you a method. It tells you how to clean your thoughts and practice a healing.

(NOTE:Discussion of the healing lessons and then some discussion on information from the other groups)

Patije: Some of the other groups are stretching their meeting out to three times a month and we seem to be crowding more into each week.

Julie: I was told that we have to communicate more.

Patije: I know. I got it the same time you did. We are supposed to get together as often as we can. Remember that time we went 2 weeks or was it three weeks -

Drue: But you know something? I still felt that I was in communication with all of you. You know?

Mary: You were.

Julie: But they weren't...they wanted us...

(tape ended by the time a new one was loaded, our session was over)

Session 36

  • FEBRUARY 26, 1993


Drue:Hello, My Friends! Do you have anything you would like to tell me?

Unseen Helper:

Yes! Welcome Back! We have missed you. today's lesson will be on love and misery. What is misery? It is the inability to handle a situation appropriately. That is all it is. When you don't handle a situation appropriately, you feel miserable. Is that not so?

Drue:Yes. That is so.

Unseen Helper:

When you handle a situation with love and understanding which is the appropriate way, all is forgiven and clean and clear.

Which would you choose for yourself: Misery or happiness? The key is in your attitude and in your responses to life's situations. Which do you choose? Choose wisely.

Drue:Thank you. What you say is very true. I need to be reminded of this from time to time as do all humans. sometimes we forget the simplest lessons.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Session 37

  • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1993


Dear Father,

Thank you so much for the wonderful life experience I am having right now! And, thank you for the friends I have, those here where I am and those far away but so close in my heart and mind! I have believed, and all I need is manifesting - as I turn it over to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A special thank you to our unseen helpers and teachers, also. And, especially for the beautiful and informative messages about healing received by Mary and myself on the 24th! They go together so well and we are so delighted to be of service to you all. Thank you.

To Father, Michael, our unseen helpers and friends, teachers, and Thought Adjuster, Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit - I thank you for my life, my guidance and my abilities to be of service to you and my fellow mankind. Show me how to go, what opportunities are set before me, and I will go in faith. Father, bless all who have helped me and all those, perhaps in the shadows of darkness or the nighttime of their faith who need your blessing at this time. You have blessed me, and you are blessing the earth - this little planet named Urantia. I thank you with all that I am. Go before me this day and prepare my way and I will follow.

Do you have any messages for me, or for your community in Sarasota?


Daughter of my Heart,

I am pleased you come to me in praise and thanksgiving and ask for blessings for your helpers. You are loved.


Dearest One, Child of the Most High,

As the Father is pleased, so I am. You do well. I am at your side and taking interest in the thoughts and words of your personality expression of free choice. It is fascinating at the absorbing interest you have in this work. There are not many like this. You are valued highly among the selected workers on Urantia. You do well. You will find the help you need. Has not the burden lightened even at this time?


Patije:Oh yes! I feel so light hearted - even while the work is stacked up from last year. Having a new reliable transcribing machine is delightful. Bless Julie for her gift which eliminates so much of the aggravation and frustration and allows me to maintain emotional balance. I thank you with all that I am!

VanEL:I am VanEl. You sent a message to me during your group session last night and I wish to assure you that all is working together to bring you the working equipment that you need to be about the Father's business.

Patije:Thank you, VanEl. You probably have an idea of how much I appreciate knowing that!

VanEL: I do. Fear not. All is well.

Aflana:Dear One, you are surrounded in Light and move in love energy! Be happy! Lighten up and know that you are doing what you are to do, very well! We are delighted with your help.

More messages are coming your way. Do you not see how these come through when you are not overly concerned with the work you have been asked to do? It is good to see you at peace again. Balance, My dear one. Balance. And, be happy!

Patije:Thank you for the reminder, Aflana. I notice you do not tell me to put it aside and take a holiday!

Aflana:This we cannot do. The work is important. It is your free choice to continue the diligent devoted work which you do, however. It is your responsibility to maintain balanced emotions while giving of yourself in this way. We are here to help you in all ways. You will see. As you let go of the intensity with which you unyieldingly worked on the defective equipment and find pleasure in the same work with workable equipment, you will find equilibrium replace the fears of falling behind. In just three days you caught up January and February. Before ere long you will have all done. Then, we will rejoice with you. Have a happy day! Look forward to the wonder which is yours right now and the good which follows.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana! Are there any messages for the groups?

LorEL:Hello, My Friends. I am LorEL and I have been with you constantly since I first came to this group. Although many of the group wishes their curiosity questions to be answered and has no concept of the immensity of the work which is being done in this Correcting Time, you have seen the vision. This delights me. It is true that we are not here to create phenomena and excite the egos and humdrum study of the UB groups. It is true that physical manifestation cannot occur until there is a sobering commitment to the teachings which are being given and that these are not only heard, but taken into the beings who hear and lived on all levels of life experience. It cannot spread throughout your planet until it spreads unconditionally among the small groups, and then the connective links of the many small groups, and then into the larger communities.

Have you not heard of the benign virus of love and studied the context of the information in the Urantia Book? This is what we bring you. This virus is being implanted among some and then it is up to them to go out into the world and infect others! This is the purpose of the small groups and beginning Light and Life communities. Arise! Get up from the mire of the comfort of your everyday existence, free yourself from your comfort zones, lay aside that which prevents you from embracing the free flow of Love energy in this Correcting Time!

Each individual has a particular task to accomplish. It is not difficult, but it is hard. It is hard because for many of you, it is putting aside your education in "social etiquette" and "business as usual". It is becoming a new person - born anew into the freshness of loving service and believing acceptance of good in your experience. This is not easy. It is not difficult. It is your choice.

We have come to help you get a glimpse of this new order of the practice of the Good News which Jesus brought to the peoples of this planet. It has been stated and taught and lived by many over the decades and centuries in a limited fashion. Superstition and church control and governments have prevented the unguarded practice of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness by individuals. This is changing. Because it changes so rapidly, it won't at first be noticed and then the non-practice of goodness will be even more readily brought to the attention of those who are aware. As the days ahead progress you will see more and more bizarre and frightening revelations of secrets and ugliness. It was relatively safe to keep secrets in the past. As more of your time elapses this practice of secrecy will become gradually unsafe and then completely impossible. You will see this more and more. There will be fewer and fewer "unsolved mysteries" of mortal origination.

The confusion of mixed morals and unbridled self-expressions and ego pursuits has kept the generations of this century in a state of rapid change. However, the chaos and upheavals of the past century will begin to take new form and the new generations which will be born now will not know such turmoil. The younger generations are beginning to take over the governmental, educational, entertainment and religious institutions. These younger generations see with eyes that know the now and the future - not the dreams of yesteryear. Drastic changes will be made in all arenas of mankind. These drastic changes will cause more turmoil in the immediate future, but lengthen the peace and contentment of the long term future. While many will suffer disillusionment of their lifelong habits of business and social practices, some will view the gains of the new birth of the kingdom of Light and Life and quicken to the beat of the Love energy which is being released upon Urantia to permeate all peoples - of all nations, all cultures, all religions, all levels of society, and all intelligences. One does not have to sacrifice innocence and child like faith in this new age of Light and Life.

You see this in truth. I tell you - study it, know it, live it, experience it - even now - amongst the turmoil. You can find peace and joy and light and life right where you are, and among those closest to you and begin to sprinkle seeds into the larger community for others to see. Go forth in joy and happiness. You will see. Many fruits will be harvested among the fields because of the seeds you plant. Go now. Plant. Sprinkle seeds everywhere you walk. It will not be long until the concerted efforts of many individuals of many communities like this one will become visible to those who know what is happening.

I will say farewell and allow you to get about the tasks you have set for yourself today.

Patije: Thank you, LorEl. This is an inspiring message. Farewell.

Session 38



Dear Father,

I am so happy, and almost even content. My gratitude and praise for all of the wonders and good which has come my way this month is certainly given to you with enthusiasm and delight!

Thank you so much for my friends, for the help Julie has been to me, for the healing through Mary, for the new transcribing machine Julie brought to me, for the visitors I have received this month, for the fax-modem gift from my Hawaiian friends, and most of all for stretching time to allow me to be completely caught up with all transcribing for 1993 to date! (Some 1992 tapes remain un-transcribed but I know those too, will soon be done) Thank you, too, that Wanda and Ann are better, and accepting their complete healing. Thank you for the gifts of time and money I've forgotten to mention. Bless all my helpers! Bless them in all ways in which they are about your business! I thank you for them.

Thank you for my growth, for the challenges which caused me to stretch myself beyond comfort and for the tremendous opportunity to serve You and have the help of the unseen friends! Bless them all for their help and guidance.

I lift my classes, study groups and transmission groups to you for your blessing and goodness. Thank you for our closeness and reliability to one another. Thank you, Father, for all of the good in my life!


My Child, your praise is accepted. Your worship and your love is precious to me. Continue in your work and know that you are loved and carefully tended. All that you do for the Father, will bring fruit and all of your service will bring love into your life.


Child of my Heart and Blessed One, be of good cheer. I am well pleased with your devoted and reliable service. You have planted many seeds and there is much fruit coming from these seedlings. Know ye not that you are precious in my sight. I say to you, My Child, Most precious One of my Heart, you are loved. Think not that you are alone nor forsaken at any point during which you walk the shadows of darkness. Your pathway is always brightly lighted and you will find yourself surefooted upon it. Press forward in peace and joy with assurance that you can not fall if you keep your focus on your goal of being in Father's will. I know whereof I speak, blessed One of mine.

Christ Michael

Dear One, I am Aflana and I bid you greetings this midnight hour upon your planet Urantia. You have done well today and we have seen you complete much work. The lightness in your heart from the accomplishment of your goal this day is felt by all of us, your unseen helpers. We rejoice with you in a job well done. Did we not tell you all would be accomplished if you continued to execute one task at a time. It is good. Congratulations in your accomplishment. There are others who wish to greet you so I will leave you at this time. Others call and I must hasten to their summons. Farewell, Dear One.

Greetings, Little Big One, I am VanEssa and come here rejoicing with you in your accomplishment! We know your delight in being completely caught up with your goal! We celebrate this goal post with you! I am allowed to tell you that many have been cheering you as you worked so faithful. Your constant and dedicated service is highly prized among those of us who are assigned to work with you mortals. Not many are as loyal and steadfast in the challenges which you tackle. We applaud you! Go forth knowing you are acclaimed by your "fan club" or "cheer leaders: - isn't that the term you mortals use for those who cheer you on in the face of accomplishment or defeat?


Thank you, VanEssa. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Aflana. Thank you, Father! I am touched deeply by your words. All of you are very dearly beloved by me! Thank you for your watch care. I will try to do better about not complaining in the future. How can I feel so cranky when you have taken care of me so well?!? I feel ashamed of myself for my complaints. Please forgive me.

Hello, My Friend, I am LorEL and I also greet you this day. You have nothing for which to be ashamed. You have done a good job of the work which was given to you. The rest will come more easily now that you have equipment which works with you, and not against you.

I, personally suggested to Michael that Julie be brought to your aid. He readily agreed and we are very pleased to see how much help she is to you. You know, Julie is more than 2 more hands and feet to your mission, don't you. She is quite an important piece of the whole community which we are watching you build from those children of God who are brought to you. In addition, your personalities are quite compatible and she will never forsake you in a time of need. Your loyalty and commitment to friendship is well placed in this one of the Father's. She, like you, has loyally and dutifully attended to the responsibilities which were brought into her life-long experiences, even at great sacrifices to personal comfort and pleasure. Some of the challenges of her life's experiences have not been easy - nor appreciated, but when her realization comes regarding the progress she has made upon the spiral of her personality perfection she will rejoice at what she has accomplished, being ever grateful to the Father for the opportunities which these difficulties supplied for her eternal and spiritual growth. You will long be associated if you choose. Guard your friendship well. It is worth any effort you give to it. I tell you truly, you will look a great deal before finding one such as this to call your friend.


Thank you for this affirmation, LorEL. I, too, have sensed that Julie and I will long be friends. Thank you for guiding us into the same work for the Father so that we could get to know and love one another. I will treasure her friendship! Praise Father for this friend. Thank you, too. I ask that you help me be the friend that Julie needs too. Thank you.

LorEL:Dear Friend, the friendship you offer to all of the Father's children who come to you is without blemish. Your ability to love unconditionally is amazing and your loyalty is unsurpassed. Do not fret about those who misunderstand you. As they mature they will recognize your guileless, sincere and honest friendship for what it is. It is awkward for you when friendships become strained. This causes you much pain. But, I assure you that you are learning to recover quickly when abused or neglected. I see your light heart. It was not light a few days ago. Your grief was real, do not make light of it. It was not superfluous in any way. However, we are delighted to see you happy and full of joy and peace again! We know how hard it is when you think you have lost a friend or even been misunderstood by an enemy, because you have no enemies, only friends which do not yet understand you. You will see many fruits of the seeds of friendship you have sown through the years of your lifetime upon this planet. The loyalty and the love and the support and sincere kindness and lack of judgement while being able to discern the truth is never wasted. Did not the Master Teacher, Jesus, tell his followers to be as wise as a fox and as harmless as a lamb? This you have done. Think not that you are amiss. Think only that the Father has a plan he works and you are but one of his children he relies on when needed.


I am concerned that I speak before I think how it sounds. I never mean anything but good, but sometimes others misunderstand my meaning or think there is a second meaning to my words, which I have not even considered. How do I overcome this tendency to just say what I am thinking?

LorEL:Dear, dear friend, you are not to try to correct this. This is what makes you so pure of heart and harmless. If others misunderstand or take offense it is because they are reacting to their own judgements - not yours. Anyone who is around you for long will know of your sincerity and your honesty and your unconditional love. Be what you are made to be. Change not the attributes which give you eternal value. Keep your thoughts kind and focused upon the Father's will and go forth in peace that all works together for His purpose.

Have we not told you that there will be no secrets? Have we not told you that Light and Life is coming to your planet and all must learn to love and befriend as you do? Have you not discerned that the advance guard in the Reserve Corps of Destiny will be able to read thoughts of others, know what their intentions are, know the secrets held within their hearts and comfort without revealing this gift of knowledge. Others will also read your thoughts and intentions. You can have no secrets so why hold back the spontaneity of your sincere friendship? Be what you are.

Be what you are made to be. Be in the service of the Father by being true to what you are. Teach others this freedom of being true to what they truly are in the loving service of the Father. There is none other lesson so precious and fruitful as this. Teach well. Teach by example. Teach by words. Teach by thoughts. Teach by being what you are.

If all of Father's children would live up to their potential - trying in all things to be about the Father service and will to be in the divine flow of his will, there could be none other but peace and altruism and love upon Urantia. This is Light and Life. It is coming! You are a lamp lighter. You are a leader of the little ones who come to you from this day forward. Forsake none. Turn away from none. Continue to seek them when they are lost. Let them know they can have no secrets, and that they can continue in no mistakes, but also let them glimpse your unconditional love and acceptance of who and what they truly are. You can do this. We have seen you do this often. Some will turn away. Some will find another pathway to the Father. Some will misunderstand your intentions. All will learn. Even in disagreement, those who seek the Father and his service, must examine their reactions and find peace within themselves. When this is done, they will no longer misunderstand you. Go forth in peace and joy of service to the Father.

Go forth rejoicing! Every step you take in service is supported by our help. When you choose to follow the pathway to the Father, we help you light the way for others to follow. Much good is coming to you and your's. Any who are in your midst are a part of your team and will find a useful occupation to fulfill in the teamwork of the consensus goal.

For now, your personal and team assignment is to teach those who come to you. Teach them about us. Teach them to seek the Father in the stillness. Teach them to begin to communicate with their Thought Adjusters and with us. Teach them to rely upon their faith and allow not doubts to frighten them out of the great light of the Correcting Time. Do you not see your mission? Can you not recognize your ministry?

Live the Good News. Live and create Light and Life in Love energy all around you. Light the flicker of faith in those you teach. Nurture it until it shines forth brightly. Many will come to you. You will see.

Gather your team mates now. It is imperative that you learn to work together in harmony and peace - always consulting and communicating with one another at any sign of discomfort or misunderstanding. Let your team mates know what you are thinking. Let them help you when you falter in your personal or service life. Admit to your weaknesses and confess your shortcomings. Offer your talents and your abilities in teamwork. Look not to one another's weaknesses, but to one another's strengths. Encourage one another. Support one another. Grant leniency to him among you who is hesitant and unenthusiastic. Lend your faith as a bridge of enlightenment. Many will come. You must be ready. Gather your team. Work to augment and magnify your teaching abilities. Labor not in futility. Go forth to share with one another and help all to recognize the value of the concerted effort to work together - even in discomfort. As you do so, unselfishly and with no thought to yourself, you will find time stretches and you can accomplish more than even you can imagine. Try it. Give yourself to it. All of you will find much to be rewarding in the service to the Father.

We know you well, My dear friend. This you will do. Your reliability and loyalty is known throughout all of Nebadon. Many are focused upon the events taking place upon Urantia at this time. They know the tallest wheat in the fields is ready for harvesting. You are one of these. Your team/community is ripe and fruitful. Gather them and teach them and in turn, all who are brought to you. You will see. Many will come. Be ready.

I must answer another call. Farewell until you come again to converse with me, My Friend. Your love is known and reflected to all who find comfort in the warmth of your beingness. Balance, My Friend. Live. Be! Love! And, so it is...


Farewell, My Friend, LorEL. I love you. I ask Father's blessing for you and your work. [[Category: 1993]