1993-03-01-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 3

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Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 3

Group: Sarasota TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael, Lutzia, Olfana, LorEl, Rayson, JoEl, Abathenia, Drue

TR: Unknown

Session 1

  • MONDAY, MARCH 1, (2:20 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

You know what I have in my heart. Are there any lessons and messages for me? I am open and wiling to do your work.


Dear Daughter,

You are doing just fine. I am so pleased about your seed planting this past weekend. Your friends are really thinking about what you said, Janet in particular. You can get her the UB, she is willing

Live to your potential and keep out of mortal egos. I am always here for you and you know it is my love you can always count on.

--your Father

I love you, Father, and I do want to do your work.


Dear Friend, this is JoEl.

We hope that your group will meet tonight, many look forward to it. Listen to all the keys. Most are in harmony. You must find the dis-harmony ones and tune them in. Send everyone love energy. Love Energy is the key for circuits and Light.


Session 2

  • TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1993 (9:00 AM)


Patije: Dear Father, Thought Adjuster, Michael and all my Unseen Helpers. I am here to serve. I await any opportunities you have for me today. Yesterday was quite fruitful and I completed all of 1993 to date. Now I am free to begin catching up the mound of recordings from various 1992 sessions with the Unseen Helpers. Thank you for the transcribing machine. It makes it so much easier!

Today, I should receive my modem-fax. I trust that when the computer technician comes to deliver and install it that all these little bugs in my system will be very prominent to him and they can be fixed. Thank you, Father. Thank you, VanEl for overseeing this equipment.

I am deliciously happy! The sun shines and my heart sings! Thank you for this beautiful morning.VanEL: Good morning, Dear One. You are, indeed, full of joy this morning. It is as you say. Your equipment will be diagnosed and more efficient when this day is over!

Patije: Thank you, VanEL. I appreciate all you do to keep me up and running with the equipment I have!Aflana: Good morning, Dear One. I am Aflana and I greet your joy with the happiness in my heart! You have much to do this day - and it will be a good one for you. LorEL: Good morning, My Friend. I am LorEL. Do you have time for a message with a lesson this day? You have quite a goal prescribed for yourself. Your eagerness to get to the transcribing has turned quite ambitious since your new equipment arrived. We are pleased.

Patije: You are right. I do enjoy my work more with the new equipment. It is a pleasure to transcribe and revisit those meetings which were so delightful the first time. You are also right in that I have a great deal lined up to accomplish today. However, I always have time for you, although I sometimes neglect it. What have you prepared for me this morning?LorEL: Do you have something in mind? Is there a quirk in relationships with cause you concern, more you want to know about healing, or something else you wish to know?

Patije: It seems my constant concern is how to maintain the attendance at the transmission groups and build attendance at the study groups and help all of us blend our talents and overlook those things we seem to dislike in one another which prevents our full commitment to the group. Is there an easier way to do this? I try to be accommodating to all. I encourage all to the best of my ability. I rejoice when someone makes a commitment - but then when they change their mind and no longer come to the meetings I grieve so much. Why? With my faith, why can I not shrug my shoulders and allow Father and the teachers to bring those whom they wish to the meetings? Can you offer any insight or help in this for me?LorEL: Although I do not wish to make light of this I will venture to say "You know that you know." I am LorEL, but Aflana's phrase is so true. Human mortals who have long lived in this material plane of existence where the consequences of rebellion and default have evolved are as skitterish about group relationships as are the untamed ponies in the wild. As each individual awakens to this level of service to the Father, as each becomes aware that there can be no secrets they will learn to trust one another. As they trust the process of this Correcting Time and they maintain focus on the Will of the Father, they will soon learn that they cannot continue in a mistake and therefor there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Even those who have long desired to serve the Father and who are proficient in communication with their Thought Adjuster, from time to time shift their goals from high service to the needs of the clamoring material world around them - feeling unable to do both. When peace returns to them, the clamor of the world ceases to be a noise and becomes a melody of life experience, the service to the Father becomes so natural that the time and effort are barely discernible from the rest of their experience!

You, my friend, have learned much about this process and delight in your priorities. Your lack of exercise and walks on the beach which gave you time to muse about the universe and your life, have been set aside too often of late. However, we know your impetus is to "catch up" on work at your computer desk. This will be but a short time in eternity that we encourage you to do so. However, when the opportunity arises to enjoy your relationships in relaxation, do not harbor guilt at leaving your work temporarily. This is important work. We do not make light of it. Your devoted loyalty to finishing it, is commendable. Because of the many hours you serve, do not regret the few you experience differently.

Go about your daily activities doing what is in front of you. We know you will not shirk your duty. It is peaceful to you to have a clean and organized home. It is satisfactory to you to have the laundry done and the projects completed. We know this and work with you. A few minutes daily in pursuit of organization brings the peace which enables you to complete your work efficiently. Many misunderstand your "luck" at being able to "stay home" and not work to support yourself. Allow them their misunderstanding. It is not up to you to enlighten them. Their consciousness will be consistently rising to new levels of awareness and they will of their own accord arrive in the Love energy which compels them to commitment themselves and their work as you do. Be alert. Watch. You will see.

It is your assignment to provide the place and allot time for them to come when they choose to do so. Harbor no judgement in your heart, although the discernment to see things as they really are is there. Discernment to see through the illusions of the facades put up to protect personalities who have not reached the maturity to risk being open and share themselves is a difficult gift to live with. You do well. Do not hamper your openness and ability to share both human emotional feelings and morontial intuitive knowing by repressing and suppressing it. There are many who will be brought to you to learn this in this Correcting time.

It is not easy to serve 2 masters which is necessary when you set out to serve Father and have the physical machinery of a form which is subject to the physical laws of the universe. As your consciousness arises into new levels of service, you will find that the universal morontial laws will be more dominant and will on occasion appear to cancel some of the material laws. This will not become a permanent state of being until you pass out of the material form and into the morontial form in the mansion worlds. However, you will begin to glimpse it moment by moment in the place where you are. This is what happens as a result of living and creating Light and Life around yourself and in your consciousness. This is your goal. This is what will happen to all as Urantia is brought into Light and Life. You will see much in the days ahead.

Now I leave you. Farewell, until again you call upon me.

Patije: Thank you for this lesson. I appreciate and honor your efforts to teach me about higher consciousness and really living in Light and Life.LorEL: We know that you do. Go forth knowing that all is well. The burden you carry in your heart for those who are not serving as you do, is not your burden to carry. However, we know your heart and realize that it is joy and peace which you wish to share with these who are disturbed, ill and dis-eased, and frightened of their abilities to cope with the material life experience. We do not fault you. Know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free from limitation.

Session 3

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 1993 (12 NOON at home)



Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I humbly await a message from you or any of my unseen friends. I thank you and them all for working with me and for having patience and taking the time - even when I fall on my face.

NOTE: I am distracted about Michelle)LUTZIA:

Mary, I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. Good day. Patije just told you there are three midwayers standing here. We are. You observe little joy in your heart this day. We observe that you learn the lessons well. You allow emotional disturbance to detract from the joyous heart. This is selfish behavior for you to permit separation from the Father. Lighten your perception. The unlike-God- emotions that occur are your lessons. Do not doubt that. You are not "being punished" as you are wont to think.

There is no such thing in the Father's love and assistance. However, you do have to experience your mortal life each day. Difficult lessons assist in building spiritual stamina. Remember this when the lessons and experiences are difficult. Consciously choose not to accept emotional disturbance. You had that lesson from Michael, himself. We observe your study and work with that lesson.

Your blood family ties are strong. You are a good mother. You do well teaching your offspring by your example. They are of you, but they are not you. They are individuals. You are a mortal with high integrity. Very few can accomplish such staunchness. You give your all to the Father and maintain a disciplined profile as a child of the Light. You have experience and dedication. Your daughter is young and has not learned these virtues. Remain the friend in her life and all will be well. You only experience pain if you allow it to enter your consciousness. Shift your perception.

Session 4

  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 1993 (8:00 AM)


Patije: Dear Father, Good morning! It is a beautiful morning - the temps are in the 60's and the sun is shining brightly and I feel so good! Thank you for this wonderful day! Bless the study group today and show us how to get the most out of our time together. Bless the man who was supposed to bring my computer fax/modem yesterday. Bless everyone, everywhere! I am your servant. Help me be alert to serve whenever the opportunity arises. Are there any messages!

Aflana: Good morning, Dear One. I am Aflana.

Patije: You and LorEl almost confused me that time! Are you both here, or were you playing with me again?

LorEL: I am here too, My Friend. I salute you in your discernment. Aflana and I do like to play with you sometimes, but you are very alert.Aflana: There is much to do today. Be alert. I am sending other's of my mortal friends to speak with you!

Patije: Ok, I'll be alert. I am always eager to be of service. Thank you for your help, both of you.

LorEl: I must answer another call. You, my friend, have much to do today so we will allow you to be about the Father's business with those he is bringing to you today.Aflana: An event of great importance is happening this day. Know that you know, that your discernment is true, when you become aware of this. Spend your time in preparation in the days ahead. Clear your desk as rapidly as possible. There is much for you to prepare for. I go now. Have joy in your heart and peace in your mind and know you are never alone nor forsaken. All that you are asked to do, do quickly and know it is valuable work. Farewell, for now.

Patije: Farewell. Thank you for your guidance and help. I will continue to work as quickly as I can to finish the undone work. I eagerly await any way I can be of service to you in being about the business of Michael and the Father.

Michael: Go forth in joyful anticipation of my presence among you, Children of Urantia. The time draws nigh when this will be apparent to all. I tell you truly, you know not when I return to dwell among you. Prepare. Be ready. Be alert. Begin to live up to your potential and be done with dishonesty and secrecy and distrust and fear. They are no more powerful than the power you give them by your energy. Clean your energy. Clean the gardens of your mind. Clean the debris of the rebellion and default from your habits and thoughts. I will soon be among you and you will have no place to hide these. Rise up above the mire of race consciousness and dwell in the heights of your super-consciousness! This is where you will find yourself. Trust me. Focus on me and on the Father. All good will happen. You will not be forsaken.

Give of yourself in all that you do. If it is worth doing, it is worth investing your energy without fear. If fear is present, what value has it? Think about what you are thinking...and doing... and saying. Stand protector at your mind. Know what you accept and what you reject. This is my message. Go in peace.

Session 5

  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, 1993 (8:00 AM)


Patije: Dear Father, Good morning! It is a beautiful morning - the temps are in the 60's and the sun is shining brightly and I feel so good! Thank you for this wonderful day! bless the study group today and show us how to get the most out of our time together. Bless the man who was supposed to bring my computer fax/modem yesterday. bless everyone, everywhere! I am your servant. Help me be alert to serve whenever the opportunity arises. Are there any messages!

Aflana: Good morning, Dear One. I am Aflana.

Patije: You and LorEl almost confused me that time! Are you both here, or were you playing with me again?

LorEL: I am here too, My Friend. I salute you in your discernment. Aflana and I do like to play with you sometimes, but you are very alert.Aflana: There is much to do today. Be alert. I am sending other's of my mortal friends to speak with you!

Patije: Ok, I'll be alert. I am always eager to be of service. Thank you for your help, both of you.

LorEl: I must answer another call. You, my friend, have much to do today so we will allow you to be about the Father's business with those he is bringing to you today.Aflana: An event of great importance is happening this day. Know that you know, that your discernment is true, when you become aware of this. Spend your time in preparation in the days ahead. Clear your desk as rapidly as possible. There is much for you to prepare for. I go now. Have joy in your heart and peace in your mind and know you are never alone nor forsaken. All that you are asked to do, do quickly and know it is valuable work. Farewell, for now.

Patije: Farewell. Thank you for your guidance and help. I will continue to work as quickly as I can to finish the undone work. I eagerly await any way I can be of service to you in being about the business of Michael and the Father.

Michael: Go forth in joyful anticipation of my presence among you, Children of Urantia. The time draws nigh when this will be apparent to all. I tell you truly, you know not when I return to dwell among you. Prepare. Be ready. Be alert. Begin to live up to your potential and be done with dishonesty and secrecy and distrust and fear. They are no more powerful than the power you give them by your energy. Clean your energy. Clean the gardens of your mind. Clean the debris of the rebellion and default from your habits and thoughts. I will soon be among you and you will have no place to hide these. rise up above the mire of race consciousness and dwell in the heights of your super-consciousness! This is where you will find yourself. Trust me. Focus on me and on the Father. All good will happen. You will not be forsaken.

Give of yourself in all that you do. If it is worth doing, it is worth investing your energy without fear. If fear is present, what value has it? Think about what you are thinking and doing and saying. Stand protector at your mind. Know what you accept and what you reject. this is my message. Go in peace.

Session 6

  • MARCH 4, 1993 (EVENING)


We began with a circle of silent prayer and thanksgiving to the Father. Then continued in spoken thanksgiving and welcome invitation to the teachers, stating our willingness to be of service.


(Patije was missed before tape turned on)

Drue: This is Drue and I welcome all of our teachers and friends and unseen helpers. Thank you for all of your love and support. All of us really need it and we feel you around us and are so thankful that you are here. I am willing to assist in any way that is necessary and appropriate and right for me.

Mary: This is Mary and I welcome all the teachers and all our unseen friends that are present. I thank you for all the help that I've gotten today and these last few days and I am open and willing to assist or serve in any way.

(stillness for a few minutes)Aflana: (Patije) The Light of God surround you, the Power of God protects you, the Love of God enfolds, uplifts and . .....I am Aflana!

Group: Welcome, Aflana.

Aflana: Patije got mixed up!

Drue: That's ok.(sympathetically)

Patije: This is Patije and I think I started to go ahead of Aflana and suddenly realized it...When I stopped to wait on her I didn't know where she went! (laughter)

Drue: We welcome you, Aflana. We are so glad you are here!

Mary: Aflana, we are glad you are here.


I'm glad to be here! I am so busy these days and it delights me so much that my family members from all over Urantia are getting into contact and visit and beginning to be family even though they don't know one another. And, this is wonderful! (pause)

Patije: This is Patije and I forgot to tell Drue that we are going to have a visitor on April 1 from Denver.

Drue: Well, Aflana we are so delighted that you are teaching other people too! You are so wonderful and we have gotten so much from you that we are delighted to share you with so many other groups here on Urantia.


It delights me too. Many will be coming to visit you. Many of my students are hearing about this group here in Sarasota and we are so delighted that you are willing to help new insecure hesitant beginners feel comfortable, get acquainted with us and practice as they learn to transmit themselves. Did we not tell you that this would be the purpose of the Sarasota group?

Drue: Yes! You did.

Mary: Yes.Aflana:

You have no idea of the vast area where your seeds have been sown. You may never know the vista of the areas where your fields are growing ripe with fruit, but I will assure you that we are pleased to be able to direct ours to you and that you are willing to receive and welcome and assist those who do call upon you. (Pause)

Drue: Well, thank you, Aflana. We will do our best to assist anyone you send to us!

Aflana: We know you will. We thank you for being reliable, dependable and willing. (Pause)

Patije: There is the strangest energy going through me. I feel almost like I can't get a breath. (long pause)

Drue: Let's just send some love to our planet, to our wonderful home, to Urantia, to all the different factions living on Urantia so that we can live in harmony together as brothers, as we should.

(long, long, long silence)

Patije: Is Rayson here?

Mary: Rayson is here.

Rayson: (Mary)

This is Rayson, and I am with you. Greetings, Beloved Children of God!

Drue: Greetings, Rayson and welcome!

Patije: Hello, Rayson. Speak up a little, Rayson so my secretary can hear on the tape!

Mary: This is Mary and my throat feels like it is constricted.

Patije: Your throat is fine! No negativism in this group!

Drue: Rayson, may we put some people into a healing circle here in the center of our group?

Rayson: We will proceed with several layers of healing of energy which is activated at this time.

Patije: First, I want to put Mary in the circle!

Drue: We want to surround Mary, yes, right in the middle of this circle - our beloved Mary!

Mary: This is Mary. Thank you!


Rayson, thank you for Karen's healing progress - she is getting better and better every day and I am so delighted to know that "we" had a little bit to do with it! (us because we brought her name up in prayer and believed that she would be helped) But, that is our secret.

Rayson: There are no secrets. (laughter)

Patije: Ok, Rayson we'll toot your horn!

Drue: Rayson, I would like to thank you for the assistance you have given me, personally, and I would like to thank you for the assistance you have given my earthly father and I would like to place him, again, in the circle for some more healing and comfort.

Patije: I would like to put my father in the circle too - he is having some problems being stabilized on a prescription he has taken most of his life.

Rayson: Both of your fathers are in the healing circle. Mary is in the healing circle. Karen is in the healing circle. Patije is in the healing circle. Drue is in the healing circle.

Patije: I want to thank you for my wonderful healing last night! It was an emotional healing and I feel so light and wonderful again. Thank you.

Rayson: It brings us great pleasure to do these healings, Patije.

(long silence)

Mary: This is Mary and I just got the impression that they are working with me - they are trying to open my freedom of speech as it were.

Patije: I hear that you are well. " You are perfect in God's light."

Drue: And, what I hear is that "Freedom of speech is a true gift and it is yours."

Mary: Thank you.

Rayson: This is Rayson. We wish to thank you for all the work that you do and for working so hard at being part of this group, and unified as a family.(Pause)

Patije: Thank you for working with us, Rayson. We have made the commitment and it is our pleasure.

Drue: We are so appreciative of your healing, Rayson, and the time and effort and energy that you put into this group. We really, truly, appreciate it.

Rayson: It brings me great pleasure to work with you all. (pause) Especially with the work of my Mary. We are just learning at this time - imagine how it will be in the near future!

Drue: It is going to be fabulous!

Rayson: You all work so faithfully at being about the Father's business that you bring so much joy to us and we delight in the ability to be of service, but you must all remember - and keep reminding other members of the group - that our healing ministry is dedicated to the service of mankind. We start with those closest to us. They must be reminded that they are healed when the healing is completed, but then have to accept the healing before the symptoms can totally disappear. When the acceptance is complete, the evidence of the healing will be complete.

Drue: I don't know if I quite understood that, Rayson. Can you say that in another way, please? (long silence)

Mary: This is Mary and I'll try to explain what we received the other day. When a healing is carried out from the healer's point of view - that being Rayson, and Chanti assisting - the healing is completed from their point of view. But, it cannot be finished until you, the person being healed can accept it. In other words, say that better, Patije?

Drue: You mean until the person is ready to accept?

Mary: Accept the healing.


I think it is better explained with the way they taught us the other day in our lesson. They explained that our physical being is not healed - it is the energy which is flowing throughout our life form system which is corrected to flow in the correct direction and given extra strength to flow stronger. The body then begins to heal itself. However, if we put up any blocks - doubt, confusion, looking at the symptoms instead of at the knowingness,- we block the healing and then that energy which was strengthened to heal, reverses or resumes its flow before the healing - with more strength. Therefore it recreates the condition stronger and faster than it was before. But, I remember reading in Christian Science, and if I remember right, Mrs. Eddy said: "Give up your sense of the symptoms and the condition will take care of itself."

Drue: Right.

Mary: See, that is saying it more the way I was trying to do...give up the sense and accept that you are healed regardless of symptoms.

Patije: And so when I had my healing... I still had the symptoms for a couple of days but I was so positive I had been healed because of the energy which I felt, every time I became aware of a symptoms I would say to myself: "Nothing can get between me and my healing!" and I would refuse to look at the dis-ease or symptom.

Mary: umhmmm

Patije: Pretty soon, I was keeping so busy so I would not have time to think about it but when I did I would deny the power of the symptoms and I would reaffirm the power of the healing and within two or three days I began to notice the withdrawal of the symptoms. There wasn't anything anymore except one foot and within a couple more days, that was gone too.

Mary: You got it now, hon?

Drue: Yes. Thank you.

Patije: Sometimes visualization can help.

Mary: And, the point he made her, the impression I am still getting still from Rayson, is that we have to work with us here in this group and assist these to accept these healings and then...

Patije: We have some in the group who intellectually accept them but it doesn't go any further.

Mary: I think that is what we are talking about here. In other words, we are here for the service of mankind, meaning we are not totally restricted to healing this one group.


No, but we are to practice on one another and when we can support one another to the point that our teamwork is creating Light and Life right here - which includes perfect health and all that - then we can reach out to others. We have the proof of the pudding right here in the three of us! Until we can accept the healings ourselves, we certainly can't go out and preach them to other people.

Drue: My feelings are that everyone on this planet is entitled to a life filled with health, happiness, enough to eat, a decent place to live. Everyone on this planet is entitled to that and it is just a matter of opening up everyone's consciousness to good health, to the food, to the housing that is available and people being drawn to it. People who have will be drawn to give and the people who need it will be drawn to where they are supposed to get it. Everyone.

Patije: But first, we have to give up the idea that we have to take it away from someone else.

Drue: There is enough for everybody. There is plenty for everybody!

Mary: yeah.

Drue: Just like love. There is plenty of love. There is never such a thing as lack of love - there is plenty of it, plenty for everybody.

(short silence)

Patije: that cold chill just came into the room while everything is such hot energy. Who is that?

Mary: a breeze... Oh, wow, did the energy just change! I do not know if I am imagining this or hearing this -- Macky...Machiventa Melchizedek?

Patije: umhmm. I heard: "It is I."

Drue: He has come to speak to us. (long pause)

Patije: Drue, why don't you try and see if you can transmit him? Not to pressure you, but to allow you to try. Probably...

Machiventa: (Drue) I have come to speak to you. (Pause) We are here to observe. It is not quite the time. The time is not quite right.

Patije: What is not right?

Drue: For whatever it is that is to take place. But, they want us to know that they are here.

Mary: I just felt that energy raise several times!

Patije: Umhmmm. Do you have a message for us, Machiventa? (pause) I guess I should call you Prince Melchizedek?

Machiventa: (Mary)

I have come to share my energy with you. (long pause) At this time it is the energy that is being raised. Impressions are more powerful than messages of words and will continue to become more and more powerful. (pause)

Patije: I am seeing a black circle - a whole circle with three rings around it.

Mary: Oh, wow.

Patije: I presume it is black, it is dark.

Mary: I am feeling such powerful energy through me. My hands feel as if they are raised, or something.

Drue: I am feeling it too. I feel almost as if I am almost suspended in a liquid.

Patije: Yes!

Mary: Right.

Drue: It is effortless. You can keep your arms up effortlessly. I had a strong sense that Michael is here.

Patije: He is. (long pause)

Drue: I feel as if there are so many beings around - supporting us, holding us up, bearing us on...


...to meet the challenge that is before you. You are prepared to do it. This is to give us strength and courage.

Patije: Thank you, Michael.

Mary: Thank you, Michael.

Patije: there is something more about preparing us for something ahead?

Mary: I am seeing my entire body totally engulfed in healing energy - from head to toe.

Patije: Perhaps this is biological uplifting energy.

Drue: We are being upstepped. We are being upgraded!

Patije: That is what I heard. (laughter)

Drue; Ah, it just feels so good. I feel like I am in a sling of some sort and so effortlessly swinging - as if I am suspended, as if my body is so light. Something is helping to hold up my body weight. (long pause)

Mary: I see Gabriel bathed in golden light.

Patije: umhmmm

Drue: I almost feel as if they are working on our spines, as if they are making them straighter. When we get out of here we are all going to be taller and stronger and more courageous.

Patije: Sometimes that is the preparation for someone who is to speak for a Melchizedek. (Long silence)

Drue: I feel that we are being readied to face whatever is coming up. and, we have this wonderful support group around us to help us, this is our unseen helpers and our seeing group - right here!

Melchizedek: (Patije)

It is so.

Michael: (Patije)

Precious Daughters, Children of the Light, I am Michael.

Drue: Good evening, Michael, and welcome.

Mary: Welcome, Michael. Thank you for coming to us.


You have said well this evening. It is such as you discern. The time is growing nigh when you are moving into a new level of service. There will be some chaos. There will be some confusion. Again, those who are not strong may fall away, but I tell you truly, you are prepared. You are devoted, diligent daughters. Remain focused upon your goal of doing the Father's will and all will be well. You are the seeds of the family, the family which you are building in your little community. All have a purpose. All have something to contribute. All are needed. And, you are needed to form the basis, the foundation, be the lamp lighters and help all to remain focused upon the goal of doing the Father's will. You will be about the Father's business but you may walk through some shadows. There will be temptations. There will be times where if you look away from your goal, you may be overwhelmed by your thoughts of doubt or inability to do what is asked of you. Nothing that is asked will be difficult. But, some may be hard. If you allow it to be hard for you. Hand all of your concerns to me and I will carry them. I ask only that you go forth proclaiming the Good News and lighting the way for others to follow. Pull in your ranks. Create Light and Life within your family. Reach out to those who are fearful. Comfort those who are frightened. Sooth the feelings of those who are ruffled. Show each their purpose and build your team. You are strong. You are prepared. You can do what is asked of you. I am in the midst of you because I know your value. You will not be forsaken, will not be lost, your place in eternity is assured. All that is asked of you is for you to keep your focus upon the will of the Father and be about the Father's business in the way in which you have been prepared. Do not try to be someone else. Be what you are. Know what you are. Live what you are. Accept what you are. And, do this for the other members of your family. It is well. It is good. It is. And, I am. I love you, Daughters. You are mine. Never doubt.

(long long silence while tears flow in joy of realization and preciousness)Michael continues:

Mary, my child, my most precious devoted daughter, you are hard upon yourself. Can you not be as merciful for yourself as you are for others? You love all who come to you for help. You are delighted to be about the Father's business. You have served me well. You have been an instrument of healing for Rayson and the Chanti. Other masters of healing will also welcome your assistance. Mary, I tell you truly, you are chosen. You are blessed among many. Grant yourself the ability to accept the love, (Pause) and the good, (pause) and the peace (Pause), and the joy, (pause) which is yours. Whenever you reach up to take it from us, we hand it to you with our blessings. We hand it to you joyously. It is yours but to accept. We love you, Precious Mary. Do not be so hard upon yourself. BE gentle. Accept those in your team as beings of love brought into your family - your family, not your acquaintances, not your business partners, not your neighbors, your loved ones, your family. You can count upon them. You can risk sharing yourself in this place. You will not be forsaken. You are loved, Precious Mary.

Mary: Thank you, so much, Michael.

Michael: continues

There is peace in your heart, Mary. Find it. Hold on to it. Stand firm in the midst of it. Be what you are made to be. No longer look at yourself from the outside. Look from the inside and when you find the peace on the inside you will see it everywhere. (pause)

Mary: Thank you, Michael


Go in peace. Love all. Even that which is unlovely. Reach out reach out to the unlovely, and love them too. The hardest ones for you to love are the closest ones - the ones to whom you risk your friendship, the ones whom you trusted, the ones you looked upon for support. Your expectations are high, Mary. They are high for yourself, and they are high for those you love. All are mine. All are in the hands and the energy of the Father. If you cannot trust the being, the mortal, trust me. I will not forsake you. through me, you can trust all. (long pause)

It is difficult in this stage of your existence, in your life experiences to serve two masters. We know this is difficult. But, we know that you all have chosen to move up the spiral of your potential into the perfection of your actuality and in this moving, this decision to move up and in, you are also making the decision to move away from and without the material space, the laws of the material space. The forms in which you dwell and make your existence are subject to these laws of space and time but that which you are, is not subject to these laws. Therefore you do serve two masters. If you serve the master which is higher than the material, if you focus upon that which is your perfection, you will find that those laws which hold your form captive will release some of it's grip and you will move and have your being and be able to serve on the level which is beyond your knowledge at this time. You are captive in a material form, but it is but for a short time and it will pass.

What you are building is what you are inside, the soul which is developing from that which has eternal value throughout your experience in this mortal form. That is who you are. That is who you will be. That is your eternal identity. Look to that in all things. Look not upon the illusions of the material space in which you experience. This experience in mortal form, is a serious game, but a game none the less. It is a place where you have the opportunity to try out, try on, discard, accept, become one with, throw out - all of those dreams, those expectations, those experiences in your mind - you can play them as if you are an actor upon the stage. Those which you enjoy, those which are comfortable, you can spiritize so that they can become a permanent part of you. *** Those which are uncomfortable you can do and be. You can do the responsibilities which are asked of you, the tasks which are given to you. The troubles, the concerns, the turmoil, and the chaos which you see need not be yours - if you but remove that which is real, that which is the center of you into the space above your material form and know that you are in this world, in this form, but that is not what you are. It can hold you only so far as you give it the power.

Rise up above your forms. Rise up into the consciousness of the upper levels of your superconsiousness. Communicate with your Thought Adjusters and know that you know who you are! Know that you know where your destiny lies. Know that you know where you can serve. In this space, in this place, you can live your life in the material form without attaching yourself to it. It is but a short time in eternity. It is but a place where you act out part of your life experience. It is not permanent. It will not hold you. You cannot tie yourself to it. Allow it to pass and unfold. And, realize your potential as you move towards that which is real, alive, full of love, and compelled to be altruistic. Where you are, where your destiny lies, there is nothing selfish. There is nothing you must cling too. It is all yours. All you must do is but realize and accept it.

My Daughters, you do well. You are prepared. Go forth. Go forth rejoicing that you have this opportunity. You deserve it. You are worth it. You are valuable and we need you where you are. BE what you are. Live what you are. Accept what you are. And, all is yours. Unite with your family. Cast them not away from you. Hide from them not. Seek them when you are down. Ask them to help you when you are full of doubt. This is not yours to carry any more. You have built your bridges of faith. You can cross over whatever chaos you confront. You stand on the threshold of eternity in the kingdom of God, which is within you, which is above you, which is all around you. You cannot move outside of it. Wherever you are, God is. And, wherever God is, God's kingdom is. Share this good news. Proclaim it to all who will hear. And, know who you are. Be what you are. Accept what you are. And, know that you are loved, you are dearly cared for. You are mine. And, so it is...

(tape changed over)

Mary: Thank you, Michael. That was wonderful.

Drue: That was fabulous. That was really fabulous!

(silence, sighs and tears?)

Drue: Isn't that something?


I am still . ..when Michael started talking and said "Mary" I felt this arm was coming around me and hugging me and I felt the chair go in as they hugged me and it was wonderful. I was so suspended somewhere my body wasn't feeling like myself. I felt like some other healer was coming through me. You know how I said I was feeling form my head to my toes? When we said Melchizedek, I had a strange sensation like when Rayson came through that there was a sort of sensation that I am familiar with now? But this was like really a much higher, much bigger energy. I was burning from experiencing it - but I didn't get a name. And, then Michael started talking.

Patije: I have the name Eve. I wonder if it could be Mother Eve.

Mary: Really? Because it was like almost whoever was trying to flit into my energy it was almost too high --- Drue talks about us being suspended, and I felt like I wasn't in this chair, but that they had to raise me so that they could fuse this energy thing, this compatibility, you know? And, I don't know how to explain what just went on.


During that time between when Michael started talking and then there was a quiet time and then he started again? I felt like a child in a mother's arm being rocked like this (moves arms back and forth as if cradling a baby) And, I didn't want to quit and start transmitting again. I wanted to just sit...

Mary: I felt like this indent in the chair as his arms came around me. I knew if I opened my eyes that it would go away so I just kept my eyes closed while I was listening to the message. Then it was the neatest thing, because it was like a 3 dimensional consciousness because I am feeling this energy going through my body, I'm, feeling whoever was holding me real tight, and I am listening to this message at the same time. It was something very profound happened here tonight and I don't understand it all. (tearfully)

Drue: But the message kept coming over and over and over again: "Know who you are. Know who you are."

Patije: Live who you are - not who someone else is or how you think you should be but live who you are!

Drue: Gee, that was terrific.

Patije: I can hardly wait until I transcribe it!

Mary: Yeah, I want a copy of that!

Drue: Really, really terrific.

Mary: I could feel that my hands, at one point, were being drawn up and I had no control of it. They almost felt like they were going out but...at the same time I was having this other sensation. (pause) You know, last week, I told you that it was almost as if another healer, or another energy here with me.

Patije: I was trying to pick that up. Didn't Michael say that there are other Master Healers who want to....

Drue: Today, he said that. There are healers that will be working with Mary.

Mary: Other healers that will be wanting to work with me, or something...

Drue: Yes. That could be why you are cleaning out. You have to make room for this because if you are going to be....apparently you are very in tune with this and if you are going to be the one who is taking care of the healing you have to be very clean yourself! (Mary was told a few days before to detox her body of sugars and she is struggling with this) So you have to get rid of all the stuff. And, you are!

Mary: It is still hard. The human part of me is just balking!

Drue: As he said: Know who you are. These are your clothes for right now. These are not who you are. These are just your clothes and you are going to be... stepping out of our clothes...

Mary: And it is all recorded in the soul, the part of you that goes on and on and on is what he said. Yeah. Man! I'm still not all back.

Drue: That was fabulous!

Patije: Sometimes, I wish I could just sit and listen...

Drue: Well you will listen when you type it up!

Mary: I think that what is happening with me, with the transmitting thing, because there is so much work going on whenever I stay open to this stuff, because of the way I consciously work all the time, that is something else. It is not just you folks, it is like all the people on my beat that I have worked with all these years.....

(conversation of wonder and appreciation and trying to understand continues in a somewhat personal vein.)

Drue: Maybe not all of us are to write our messages, but some of us are to use them differently.

Mary: The object of these classes here and these groups and stuff is to share and teach and produce and put it out, but if I am doing this, no one has a way to share this information unless we sit down and write the messages - or at least our experience with them.

Conversation continues in personal subjects until end of tape.

Session 7

  • THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1993 (9:00 PM)


Dear Father and Teachers,

You know what is in my heart. I am willing - open to be of service and any adjustments you want to do to me. My love...


Dear Friend, this is JoEl,

I have missed you. Please come to me and I have much to share with you. You are on a different level now and can understand many things that most mortals can't.

You are hearing the attunements now. These are part of the connecting circuits for all kinds of communications. That with, Love and Light energy in the intergalactic communication in so-called telepathy.

Keep on the higher path now. Do not be brought down by psychic minded friends and negativity around you. It is up to you to lift those out of the doldrums. Your cosmic family will become more and more important to you. Some of them are negative, but turn it around and send them Love energy. We cannot begin to stress the importance of Love energy to you.

Your concept of colors re correct. I will be sending you pictures, and think of keys with them. These are things we are working on with you, and we ask you for more quiet time for these things to take place.

We love you and are also so pleased with your seed plantings. We surround you with love and light, my precious friend.


I thank you for your lessons and your confidence in me. I am more than willing to do my work in the Corps. My love, Julie

My Dear One,

I am well pleased with my daughter. Be diligent and look to your Father, who loves you and is always with you.

I was with you last night when the conversation was on a lower level and you were annoyed to be with the friend you used to admire.

See how far you progressed up the spiral? A few months ago you would have enjoyed that conversation. You outgrew those friends. You sent them Love Energy and went home. That was my hand you felt.

I am there for you. I am the voice you hear. I am the Love that flows all around you. I am the comforter. I am all things - to you. Bring me your cares, speak to me, I am the only one who can help you and really loves you.

I AM Your Father


You are my everything and everyone. I love you.


Session 8



We began by going into the silence and then offering prayers of thanksgiving, welcome and invitation to the teachers, and our willingness to be of service.

(long silence)Abathenia (Patije):

Good afternoon, Children of Light. I am Abathenia. I come to greet you.

Group: Good afternoon.

Abathenia (Patije):

I am a midwayer. I have been working with you, silently and quietly. It is so delightful to see you make this decision to be with us even when it is in inconvenient for you. (pause)

We have heard your conversations and were delighted with the study group discussions this morning. You have learned much on some level. There is much in the Papers which you study that you know not of, but will someday realize the importance. (Pause)

We are always suggesting and encouraging you to look for answers to your questions about the subjects which concern you in your textbooks, and become more enlightened. Then, when you ask your questions of us or when we teach our lessons for you, you have a better understanding of what it is we are saying.

There is much about the personalities of those that your master gathered around himself. All of them were quite extraordinary - not because they were not normal, simple men of their days in the first century as you know material life on your planet, but because of their extraordinary ability to make a decision, to follow that decision, to allow us to help them, and then to find success even when they thought they had failed. It is important that you begin to realize and know how your personalities, your characteristics, your weaknesses, your strengths can enhance the serviceability and the value of the community with which you work in this time called The Correcting Time. (Pause) You will not fail to understand what I am saying, when you turn your thoughts to the message and not just the words, which is so important. (Pause)

I find a great deal of happiness and joy in speaking with you today. I have not done this before. I am one of the silent partners of your team. VanEssa was our spokesperson, but just as Jesus had midwayers assigned to his apostles, this included the women's corps, at the time he was working with them, he has also done this now in this time, this Correcting Time. And, you will find you have many helpers. We hope this is a comfort to you. There are many here who wish to speak. (long pause)

Rayson: (Patije)

I am Rayson. I am with you, Dearly Beloved. (Pause)

Group: Greetings, Rayson.


You will find the peace and the joy within your heart when you let go of what you think you see there. (long, long silence - about 10 minutes)

Patije: This is Patije and I keep hearing the words, "Has the cat got your tongue, Mary, beloved?"

Mary: I am having problems with my throat. (another long, long silence - more than 5 minutes)

Patije: This is Patije. I keep hearing the words, "Children of Light," but I am not aware of anything to go with it.

Wanda: Is Rayson still here? This is Wanda. I have a question. I keep seeing healing purple light, but I keep hearing: "There will be much healing light coming into Urantia through all the chaos." I don't know what that means. Can Rayson answer that? (short silence)


This is Patije. I know I got a lesson last week about how so much of the healing energy is coming into the planet. We have also been hearing about all the chaos which we are living through, right now moving from one to another level of consciousness here. (long silence) I heard: "This is so."

Mary: The healing energy is there, we have to but learn to accept this. We are healed, I am told. We are healed but won't see symptoms disappear until we acknowledge that we are healed.

Patije: I heard the words: "Did you hear it? Did you hear it? Did you hear it?" (laughter) Must be Ruby again!

Mary: And for Wanda, a message:

Rayson: (Mary) You are healed. Now you have to accept that healing.

Wanda: Thank you.

Ahmen (Ann):

To those of you who hear my voice, and to those of you who may read my words, I come to speak not with a name, but as a no name. The importance of the name to that through which I come, is of no importance - with the exception of how well she is willing to be used, for my voice to come through. The importance of her existence is only to that extent for the Father's concern. Otherwise, her life is important for her personal advancement and her personal growth. This may be true of others.

Today I speak about this entity that has offered herself to be used in a most generous fashion. First of all, I wish to address, her and her friend, personally. The loved one who has recently passed from the earth life into the spirit life, made the transition without any pain, without any regret of leaving the earthly existence, the earthly embodiment. She was ready to take on a more noble task long were here years on earth, but lived well for that which is to come to her in the future. The time for rest is now. Her preparation for this time has been quite lengthy. All the more easy to do. Grieve not, but rejoice this day. Her burdens of the earth have been lifted and have served their purpose well. And, now to other things that I come to relate to you.

Chaos is everywhere but your prayers can lift this world. Your daily prayers and affirmations and joyful sounds can lift the world, no matter where the chaos exists. Where you are being imbued with an enormous amount of energy. It is quite necessary that each of you open yourselves to this energy. Be willing to be a transmitter of the energy. Many of you have felt the force of this energy, at times, wondering how to deal with it. But, if you open your heart and mind to be of service in this fashion, it will not upset or disrupt your lives. Rather it will be disseminated throughout the world, wherever it is needed. Think of yourselves as a channel for this energy. Just like the electric wire is used to transmit the current to various parts of your town, or city, or vicinity, or your home - you are the channel, you are the wire that can send it to all parts of the world.

I will caution each one of you, first send it to those nearest and dearest to you. By those nearest, I do not mean in your heart, I mean nearest as far as distance. In other words, start with your own family, the people you live with, then send it to your neighbors. Then send it beyond your neighbors to other people on other streets. See it going out in all directions. Learn to send it to all parts of the world in this manner. No human being unless so highly evolved that they have been trained for many years to do this, no human being can start out to send energy and take in the whole globe all at once. It is impossible and if you try to do it, you only harm yourself. It is too hard to do it. It is like trying to clean your whole house at once. You have to take room by room, sometimes part of a room. You can't clean all of your kitchen cabinets by doing all of the shelves at once. You have to start with one shelf at a time. Therefore, watch your channeling of this energy - first to those near at hand, and then just a little further and then a little further, until you can encompass the whole globe. Do not expect to encompass the whole globe overnight. It may take you many months. Do not be dismayed. You are being used, in this manner, if you are a willing channel for your Father in Heaven, if you wish to do his will, if you wish to be someone that expresses your father in the flesh.

The channel through which I speak wants so badly to say servant because she is accustomed to using the word servant. I have admonished her several times recently that servant must be a word that must be eliminated from her vocabulary, from many of your vocabularies. Stop being servants, but be channels of the higher power - the Father in Heaven and his ecclesiastical beings. You need not be a servant anymore. Your days of servanthood is over. You need not be a child anymore. Your days of childhood are over. You are not children who sit here listening to my voice or will read my words. You are not children. You are adults. You are adults manifesting the Father in Heaven here on earth. Be not afraid. For if you constantly have the faith an adult would have and should have, then there is nothing to fear. No matter what the obstacle that is placed before you, it shall be done away with. It shall be removed from your pathway. It shall overcome in such a fashion that others will wonder about it. They will wonder that your powers to overcome. You will be a beacon of light to them. Your very living will be a beacon of light to them.

Do not fail to have that faith renewed each and every day - preferably as soon as you awaken. Do not fail to offer your life to your heavenly Father, each and every day, to be a channel of his blessing wherever you may be. Do not fail to keep your heavenly Father and your Christ upon your heart and mind every moment of every day. Oh yes, I hear some of you say: "How can I do it? How can I not slip and fall and misattempt?" But, the doubt must be removed, for the doubt is all that stands in your way. There is nothing standing in your way other than the doubt that you allow to come into your mind and heart. I encourage you to keep these words in mind. It is easier than you think. It can be done and it will be done, if you truly wish to be your heavenly Father in expression here on this world as Urantia and Earth. (long pause)

You will recognize me when I come again. You will recognize me by what I say, and by the voice that I speak with through this channel. You will have no doubt as to who I am when you hear me. You need not address me by name. The channel is being told that I am one that will work with here, have been assigned to her along with the two others that she has recently received. (pause) Her healing has taken place on many levels. The physical body is renewing itself, regenerating itself, according to the Father's will. We are pleased to work with her and through her. We are pleased to speak to you today. We are pleased that you hear, have desire to learn, and to be of help in the garden of the heavenly Father. We wish you well, until we meet again and bid you adieu this afternoon. Thank you for meeting today and allowing me this opportunity. Ahmen.

Group: Thank you. Thank you.

Ruby: Oh boy! That was a mouthful, wasn't it!?! Of course I am here! Of course I am here! Of course I am here. Would I miss something like that? Oh no. You all know who I am.

Patije: That must be Ruby.Ruby: I'm just fluttering around here batting my wings back and forth.

Patije: Welcome, Ruby. We all love to hear from you.Ruby: And, Ophelia is with me too.

Patije: Yes. I was going to say, I want to acknowledge Ophelia and Olivia! Is Oonalea here? (long pause) Ruby: She could be. She could be. There are so many gathered here, I can't see them all. Perhaps someone else can see them. I'm just having the bestest time today!

Patije: You lighten our hearts, Ruby. We need that. (pause)


I must come and lighten the heart of one person who is carrying a heavy burden. I am going to try to surround her with some special lights in the coming weeks. It is going to be silvery and glistening and she will feel it. She will feel my presence. Because I am going to uplift her. I will not speak her name because she knows who she is.

Your heart will be so light that you won't recognize yourself. Every thing will get better. Just see the brightness of the heavenly sunshine. Keep your mind on that heavenly sunshine and you will see how fast that your heart will become lighter.

I bless you. I am around you a lot. Please recognize me, even just between you and me, recognize me when I am around you. My love for you is very special. That is all for now. That is all from me anyway.Patije: Was that Ophelia? It sounded like she took over from Ruby.


I am the ones that has the wings like the firefly, like the wasp. Those precious wings like the hummingbirds, the kind that glisten in the sun that you can see through, that you can almost not see. Remember I told you about them a long time ago. Of course, I am Ophelia. Thank you, Patije, for recognizing me, but it is not to you to whom I spoke. That leaves only two. Let them figure it out for themselves. We will have that fun. We will have that much fun. See if they can come up with the right answer. I must go now and let others speak that are crowding around and really wanting to try to speak through one of you so hard. Good bye.

Group: Bye, come again. (long silence)

Ann: This is Ann now. I hear a voice I don't recognize the voice or from whence it comes. It is as though it is a face in the crowd, but I can't really see the face or the details. The voice is saying that there is much turmoil and strife in the near future but does not want to go any further into explaining that because of the magnitude of the strife and more important, because "You are to keep yourselves lifted up above this sort of thing. Because if you are allowed to be caught in the quagmire of the strife then you will also be pulled down with the others. Therefore you have to stay above it. And, by talking about it too much, you will be pulled down as in quicksand." The face fades and it is as though I see the crowd almost submerging the face, it is as though it melts into that crowd of many that I am seeing. I hear the words: "a voice crying out in the wilderness" Know it is not John the Baptist.

Patije: Salonia came to my mind.

Ann: I don't know but it was...it was almost as one's head would look if you pulled a light stocking over it. The features were merely bumps - like you could see where the eyes, nose and mouth were, but you couldn't see anything clear. It was like a masked face. I have no idea of what that means or if it is just supposed to be a voice rather than . ..(fades out)

Abithenia: (Patije)

I am Abithenia. I come back to speak to you about learning to blend and harmonize your keys, your tones, yourselves. You are learning to give yourself away. You are learning to be there - regardless of appearances. You are beginning to realize the attributes, the blessings, the beingness of one another. Rejoice. Rejoice, My children of the Light. You are moving rapidly and this movement will cause turmoil and chaos...

(interrupt phone rings )

(long silence)

Patije: This is Patije and I hear Rayson saying "The shock will be adjusted."

Ann: It was too.

Patije: Having the phone ring right then was an awful shock.

Ann: I am grateful for that interruption, in a way. I really felt like I was going to fly out of this chair and I didn't realize that I was that far away from the reality of my earthly existence.

Patije: That was a strange phone call. (long silence)

Wanda: I got a message that you are trying to hard. I don't know what it means. (laughter)

Group: I do! I do. umhmm that's right.

Ann: Just what it says. I heard one them say: "We don't have gadgets like that which shake your liver." (laughter)


I apologize to you and to the teachers, but I am waiting for an important phone call to have my computer serviced. If you (the teachers) can do something about this, I would certainly appreciate it.

(long silence)LorEL:(Patije) Good afternoon, My Friends, I am LorEl.

Group: Good afternoon, Hello, etc.


I have watched the proceedings of this afternoon and wish to assure you that what was needed has been accomplished. (long pause) The chaos of the world around you is going to interfere even more. I would like to assure you that we have accomplished what was needed this afternoon. We are happy that you all came to spend this time for adjusting. We are sorry that you all cannot be together at the same time but we understand the human difficulty and we are willing to work with you as long as you have your commitment to us, we will meet you where we can. We thank you. We thank you so much for the discipline of being available. I will say farewell.

Group: Farewell, thank you.

Ann: I can't identify this, but I am told to give this out. It is personal message. I know that we don't meet necessarily for personal meetings. The exception is taken because it is needed. I asked if I couldn't tell it later, and was told: "No, do it now." So... they want _____ to know that something very special good special, is soon to come into her life. That she will be very happy about it. And, it is not a reward, but it is like a reward. She may wonder, even as I speak, "I've done nothing to deserve a reward" but . ..

Unseen Helper:

...on other levels it is well known what you have done, ____, and the reward is not like a payment, it is more for the purpose of encouragement to let you know that God has not forgotten or overlooked any of the good that you have given out to others unselfishly, the times that you have made yourself available. It is felt that at this time you need this upliftment. It is felt at this time it is proper and in order to give this to you. This part of this afternoon need not be recorded, but it needs to be given at this time because their needs to be a lifting up of the soul indwelling the personality that you all call ______. Therefore,

Take heart. You are not forgotten. You are not forsaken. You are being blessed. Many times for all the good that you not only do physically but that you do with your heart and mind.

(tape turned over some was missed)

Ann: I hear a nursery rhyme. I don't know why it is being given. I really and truly don't. It will sounds silly but maybe we can sit and make something out of it or whatever good. I hear:

Unseen Helper: (Ann)

... Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells all in a magical row! (long silence) You are not Jack, you are not Jill, so why do you insist on climbing the hill! Patije: I heard that too! I did! I heard every word and could have said it with you! (laughter)

Ann: This is almost insane.

Patije: I could have given it out before you said it. I heard it! I heard it!

Ann: Thanks, because I really thought I was imagining it.

Patije: "You are not Jack, you are not Jill, so why do you insist on climbing uphill." I got it, too! (laughter) But what does it mean?

Ann: Nothing personal ever needs to be divulged unless it is so desired by any one individual sitting in this kind of transmission meeting. But, can you make any sense of any of that?

Mary: Yes. It is the Chanti and they are trying to lighten me up. Little Chanti...

Christ Michael (Patije):

I am Michael. I step amongst you to speak gently to the spirits within your hearts. You are my children. You are my lamp lighters. You are preparing to go into battle. The chaos, the turmoil, the memories, the unconscious challenges, the opportunities arise. I will ask you each to stand steadfast in the faith, which you have created for yourselves. The knowingness, the knowing that you are going forward and upward and inward. You will not lose your way on the pathway. You will not be lost. You must pull together. You must be there in steadfast teamwork for the days which come ahead. (pause) Support encourage and know the truth, regardless of the illusions of the appearances of the personalities - those characteristics which cause personalities to find separation will become apparent, but they are not to be heeded, they are not to be recognized, they are not to be grieved. They are to be loved. Love them with the energy that you have learned in this correcting time by your faithful service in the Corps. Your community is tightening, building, gaining momentum, becoming very valuable and you will go forth in service, not as servants, but as lamp lighters. Remember this, My Daughters.

Remember this. Your faith will be tried, but we know that you will be steadfast. (short pause) Do not allow any to divert you from your purpose. Do not ever try to be what you are not. Be what you are, express what you are, share what you are, accept what you are, and do this for each other as well. And, so it is. (long, long silence)Ann: I can't sing this. I hear it but I couldn't repeat it. I'll repeat the words:

Unseen Helper:

There is a light that shines for you and me, that gives us liberty no matter where we are. (pause) It shines for you and me, even on earth as it does in heaven. It gives us liberty no matter where we are. (pause)


That "felt" like Abithenia. I don't know.

Ann: I could hear them singing a very beautiful melody, I just couldn't repeat it. It was like a choir in a church would sing a hymn after somebody had spoken an important message like a background for what you were saying, Patije, from Michael.

Patije: I felt all of a sudden that the intensity just kind of released.

Wanda: When Michael was speaking my body was on fire. When Michael quit - the energy left. Just that quick.

Mary: Whatever we were supposed to get, we did.

Wanda: All of the messages were great.

Ann: It was like the one was singing it but it was like a chorus repeating it behind the one singing it.

Patije: Yeah! Yeah.

Wanda: Through this entire thing, almost at the very end all I'd see is purple...purple...purple...

Ann: And I got blue and green like in a kaleidoscope. Every time I got a transmission it was beautiful like royal blue and bright green (static on tape) . ..I'm impressed that we are to give thanks for the messages... (static again)...

Wanda: The messages were beautiful...

(We held hands in the silence again for several minutes and the tape was turned off)

Session 9

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 1993 (1:30 PM)Dear Father, and Unseen Helpers,


I welcome you into my heart. I am open and willing for any messages.


My Little Lamb,

I missed you at the Celestial Impressions group meeting last night, but I knew you weren't feeling well. Your energy was missed and was needed.

I am pleased with the progress you are making in both your emotional and spiritual levels. You are a little spark that helps light the way for others.

I know how hard you are trying to help my dearest daughter and balancing your own life. You chose to do my work and I am pleased that, that comes first.

Put all the past behind you. You cannot proceed to go forward up the spiral if you keep looking down on the past and other peoples past. Change subjects when the past comes up. That is over and it is what makes people go out of their minds. It is a learning experience and they have to get on with their lives. They have to learn how to turn that on to Love energy and to give me all those problems. Only through me and our Father can those problems be solved. Mere mortals have no idea how many things all this relates to. Give to me your troubles and I will heal them. I love you and I am always here for you, all you have to do is ask.

-- Christ Michael

Thank you, Michael, I love you and want to please you and I am willing to do what you ask of me.


This is JoEl:

Greetings, Dear friend, we are pleased you are reading about the Celestials and the Thought Adjuster in the UB. You see how this is becoming the picture in the puzzle. Colors, tones, keys, circuits, is also a completed round - it is also the spiral - now do you see? It's through these spirals, circuits, levels. that we reach you. It depends on where you are on the spiral that the circuits opens up to you. The keys and tones, Love and Light energy are the fuel that makes it work. It is the flux to knit it together. That is why we have to adjust your group's vibrations - so all will work together to get the messages in the circuits.

You are so special to us, you are so different from most mortals. Your kindness and love for all living things, endears you to us. You above the rest intelligence and understanding amazes us. You have many very special gifts and talents, share them and live to your potential and you will overwhelm even yourself. Do not be so humble about yourself. We are sending more to you and you to them. Send them Love energy. We surround you with love and light.


I love you, JoEl, and all my unseen helpers. I will do my best. I am willing to accept my mission.


Session 10

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 1993 (12:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Helpers,

You know what is in my heart. Are there any messages or teachings for me? I am willing.


Dear Friend, this is JoEl,

We are so pleased that you did your seed plantings yesterday. Through you, you brought another one of ours to us. She saw by your example and Light the way she has been looking for.

More the clouds away so the sky - sunshine - and stars, can be seen. Look up and ahead to the spiral staircase to the heavens and our Father. Spread your light like a sparkler so others can see. We need your energy to make up the Corps of Destiny. We have to have many mortals ready in order to forge ahead with the plan for Urantia. Soon you all will be there. Remember to give all your problems to us, this is what we are to do for mortals.

Listen for different keys and tones. This will advance you to a different level.

Send everyone Love Energy. This is the most important thing everyone in the Corps can do. Not only will it help yourself, but everyone else and plants animals, and the energy in the planet and universe. It is the energy, plus Light that pulsates all life force. Love and Light energy also has a key/tone. Meditate on it and you will hear it. Listen for the key of the cat's purr. Do your lessons well and live to your potential each day at a time.

We love you and know that you will never be alone with us here for you. Please call on us and ask - talk to us. In this way you will clear your mind for spiritual things.

Your devoted friend, JoEl

Thanks JOEl. I'm beginning to feel that we re working together now.

Greetings This is Aflana. I surround you with Love and Light and Joy. Your friend called on me this morning and we made a connection. We are so happy that you are following through with your missions. Keep looking ahead and not back.


Julie: Hi, Aflana. I'm glad to hear from you.


Session 11

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 1993 (8 PM)


Dear Father,

I have had a wonderful day with my computer! Today was a wonderful day! Thank you. Thank you for friendship of the one who visited today.

My friend came for help and consultation. It went well until the end and then, all of a sudden it was strained, and then I began to be aware that things aren't quite right yet. There are still some unsaid things which are being kept secret. I felt strange when she left - like I feel when someone has not been completely candid and truthful and has committed a lie of omission rather than one of commission. I wanted with all of my heart to trust her - and I gave her part of myself and some financial help. I feel very insecure about both now that she is gone. May I give it to you and trust you and trust her through you? Part of me wants to call and finish whatever happened today. Although it seems imperfect, I want to believe that it is ok.

If this is truly discernment of the real circumstances of the relationship then I ask your forgiveness for possibly allowing her to continue in this manner and creating more for us to have to deal with. For some reason I can no longer say what I think and trust her to respond in kind - and this is extremely uncomfortable for me.

Father, I trust you and see the divinity, the perfection in each of your children - no matter what the past relationship has been. Some call me stupid. Especially when I tell them I see it but refuse to believe it! I am told that I allow it to continue by not calling it.

It is very difficult having no secrets and knowing when one close to you is not telling all of the truth about their feelings. If this is the new age of Light and Life then we have a long ways to go to find comfort in knowing everything about those who deal with us. It is much easier not being able to discern the truth! But, if you wish for this ability to begin to become prominent in our group, then I accept it willingly. May I ask for a healing for the two of us now? I ask. Thank you for hearing my plea. I truly want what is best for the entire group - not just me or us.


My Self,

I am your Thought Adjuster. You are making tremendous strides in discernment. It is through my work and the work of your friend's Thought Adjuster that you were made to see this. Not all things are as they seem. You must realize that. It is imperative that you accept this gift of discernment even if you choose not to do anything about it.


When one is "tested" it results in all involved being "tested". Do you not see this? I tell you truly that your ability to comprehend and understand what is going on under the illusions of the event is being upstepped to a level that you can not even imagine at this time. What you do with your discernment is yours to choose. Think on these things.

Patije: It is quite uncomfortable when there is no energy involved - no negative, no positive, no love - just emptiness, like two strangers.

LorEL: Love it. Transmute your uneasy feeling to love. Do it.


I just had a phone call from another in the group and was told: " You talked to ____ and you are puzzled, aren't you?" I answered that I was feeling "incomplete" or "out-of-balance" about the honesty of the encounter that was true. She said: "How can you allow this to continue when you see it? Are you trying to get revenge by making her have to deal with even more because of her manipulation of the circumstances and your deliberate choice to give her your time, money and work? Don't tell me you didn't see it. I see it and I was not even there. You wait and see. Others have also seen it. Wake up! Call her and tell her what you know."

Should I, in fact call her to see if she wishes to share anything more with me?


She knows what she knows and you know what you know. Be at peace in your heart and mind with what you know. If you choose to call her, do it with love in your heart, not fear of her answer.


I did. I called. I asked her if she was planning to do the list over. Then I asked if there was anything unsaid today that she would like to tell me - because I had an uneasy feeling that things were not complete when she departed. She said: "I'm going to go finish my dinner." And did not add that she would call me back. Where does this leave anything?


You gave of yourself in Loving concern and truth, beauty and goodness. Allow her to respond. Give your concerns to the Father and wait.


later about 9:30 pm

Patije: I went on to other things after I was interrupted. About an hour later, she called back. We talked about the newsletter and getting a correction to her but nothing about the uneasy condition. It is as if all is fine and we are not going to talk about it at all. So...either my decision to transmute it to love works - or my discernment is now cloudy! Either way I give it to the Father and wait to see what happens. I trust the Father. I trust Michael. I love the Father. I love Michael. I love my life and know this life experience is but a drop in the bucket of eternity. Yet, I wish all were peaceful and loving in this relationship.

Christ Michael:

My dearest concerned daughter, you have high intentions and great expectations of the mortals with whom you have relationships. Even I, Michael, share your heartfelt desires. It will be as you desire. Events will work together to bring all into the Father's Love energy during this the Correcting Time.

Your heart is concerned by many who are doubting the process of this communication and questioning their personal progress in this communication process. Many more will quiver on the brink of decision in the days ahead. You will see this but remain firm in your steadfast faith. You will see. Focus upon the Father and continue to allow your will to be His will. You will be granted much eternal value through your faith. Be what you are. Lift up your heart in praise and thanksgiving and allow your sisters and brothers to also count their blessings as they strive to be about the Father's business. I tell you truly, your worth in this material life is measured by your faith to proceed through the shadows, regardless of doubts. You will not be lost. Look up. Be of good cheer. Go forth in joy. Many will follow.

Patije: Thank you, Michael. I choose to serve you and the Father in any way I am asked. I thank you for the help which I receive from my mortal friends and my unseen friends - all part of my cosmic family! It is, as always, my desire to do the Father's will.

Session 12

  • MARCH 8, 1993 (1:30 PM at home)


Mary notes: I went into the silence with ankles crossed and thumb and index finger touching. I felt the Universal Mother Spirit. Michael came and anointed my third eye. I felt my head open up in that area.MICHAEL:

I am Michael. My Mary, rest easy as I accept these burdens. Your load will be lighter. Your faith will be rewarded. I am with you. You are protected. This cup will pass from you. You are my precious child. Feel me with you as you go about my business. I love you. -Michael

Session 13

  • MARCH 9, 1993


Drue: Hello, My Friends! Is there anything you would like to tell me?

Unseen Friend:

Yes! Greetings to you, Dear One. We are happy to have this opportunity to speak with you.

Today we will talk about love. Love is the most important element in your world today. And, it seems to be sorely lacking in your human relationships. You are all of one mind - God's. You are all of one species - Homosapiens. You are all brothers and sisters of Michael. You are all of one flesh - human.

With all of these similarities, why do you dwell on your differences? Why do you dwell on your misunderstandings? Why do you dwell on old hatreds? Why not let the past go and live in the now.

You have had a beautiful lesson of linear time with the TV show you like to watch. Dwelling in the past IS NOT linear time. Dwelling in the NOW is all that you know now.

Get down on our knees and thank the Father that you are in the NOW. Rejoice in your brothers and sisters. Rather than looking at your differences as a negative, look at them as a positive - as different aspects of the Father. Each of you expressing the Light and Love of the Father in a unique and treasured way. Rejoice in these "differences!" Rejoice in your "similarities!" Rejoice in the love of the Father!

Session 14

  • TUESDAY, MARCH 9, 1993 (10:30 AM)


Dear Father and Teachers,

Are there any lessons for me? I am open and willing.


This is JoEl.

We have missed you in the group. Only part of the bouquet was there. Interrupted.....


Listen, listen, listen, Listen to what mortals are saying..Hear all the disharmony among friends and loved ones. Do not talk, except for uplifting words of wisdom. Send Love Energy and Light and strong thoughts to have them put egos and perceptions into the hands of the Celestials and the Father. The main objective is to focus on seed plantings and live to one's potential. Even if you see the cause, give it to us and send love Energy. Just listen.

You are all needed and you are all so special to us. It is a great privilege for us to work with you mortals. If we can get even just one to listen, to live in the ways of the Father, it is an accomplishment. This is one of the most important times on Urantia. Everything is being up-stepped in the evolution of the planet.

Man's mind, earth changing, animals, everything. Are the mortals hearing God's word? Many are. We love you all and need your help to broadcast the seeds all over.

Give everything Love Energy. Listen to keys and circuits. We love you, Dear Friend, you are precious to the special circle. We surround you in love and light.


My Dear Child,

Your light shines brilliantly. You are special among many. You are enjoying the aroma of the orange blossoms. Notice how sweetly they smell, and how everyone comments on it. That is how one's sweetness is felt on others. Everyone notices your true sweetness, especially when they get to know your "fragrance"



Session 15

  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1993 (7:15)Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,


You know what is in my heart. I am willing and open to serve you in any way that I can. Are there any messages for me?


Greetings, dear friend, this is JoEl. I am glad you enjoyed these past 2 days with your friend's in the Sun Light, seeing and hearing the new life around you. P is trying so hard to get her dear friend back into her confidence. She is only pushing her away further. Try to help her by letting this drop for awhile. She is doing what she needs to do and learn at this point in time. P has to look ahead, the past drains her too much. She is further up the ladder than her friend.

Everything is balance. How to balance your emotions, food, friends, daily duties, time for the Celestials and Father and relationships keeping the balance scales on the even keel is a life long work. One of the secrets of this is working with the mind. Use it to smooth out your emotions plan you time and how you look at things. Use the correct key to open the circuits of your mind. Don't look back. Live now. Just for the moment.


Session 16

  • THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1993 (10:00 AM)


Dear Father,

Here I am having just left the silence and ready for service. Before I begin my day on the computer transcribing previous messages, I would ask if there is any message for Pat regarding healing of her cancer. The doctors are giving her less than a month of life from what I heard by phone last night and chemotherapy was begun last night. We were told by Rayson and the Chanti that her healing was - if she accepted it. Is there some way we can help her accept it? Is there something I can do in addition to knowing that nothing can stand between her and the healing? What. I am willing to serve.



Dear One, I am Aflana and I know of your concern and sorrow. Continue to see this one of the Father's as the vital lively young lady she is. Do not fill your thoughts with the ugliness of the dis-ease from which she suffers. It is untrue about her. Her eternal destiny is life! Life full of energy and vitality and service to the Father. Too many already are visualizing her as sick and dying. Through fear and misplaced concern much damage can be done. So much more could be alleviated from your world of time and space if only each could see their truth through eyes of cosmic citizenship, stand guard against their negative visualization and believe that there really is only one source of life and visualize that source, rather than the dis-ease.


This one's faith is strong and powerful. Her destiny is assured. She will accept healing at some level. Perhaps she has a secret desire which none other knows? If she will but accept it and let go her emotional entanglement she will rise up and walk even yet while she is in this place. I am Ramsey and she is of my flock. I know whereof I speak.


Thank you, Aflana and Ramsey. Christ Michael, is this illness and consequences of death, P___'s fate at this time? Isn't there some way we bring healing to her - through prayer, through laying-on-of-hands, through the love that we feel for her? Do you have a message for her?

Christ Michael:

Dearest One of Mine, My precious child, you are standing at a crossroads. Is it not the calamity of chaos which you experience - the uncertainty of what you face in the moments ahead which frightens you? Fear not, Little one of mine, wherever you are, the Father is. I am there also. What harm can then befall you? I tell you truly, dear one of mine, you are very carefully cared for and nurtured as you allow.

You have been steadfast in faith, staunch in facing life's challenges and fierce in your protective instincts towards your family. Even in the midst of change and doubt and fearful uncertainty, you remain faithful to your duties. Your desires are simple, your expectations moderate, your efforts great. You have done well with what you have been given. There is no fault found in you. Your place with me is assured according to your faith and heart-felt desire.

This catastrophe came upon your realization and awareness very quickly. It can just as quickly recede as the tide from the shore line. It is your decision. Replace your worst fears with expectation of the good which is even now coming your way. Know who you are. Be what you are. Think not what others tell you about yourself. Know yourself. Know you are mine. Demonstrate this from within.

Come to me, My Child. You need not sacrifice your life form to come to me. I am gently calling you to awaken and serve in your capacity as woman, mother and wife, during this Correcting Time upon Urantia. Be full of joy. Be a lamp to light the way for others to know Me. This can be done so beautifully through your material form which awaits your command. Command it to arise. Believe in your immortality. Know your destiny. Awaken to who you are. Accept who you are.

Know ye not that your every need is met? Know ye not that I am here beside you, within you and all around you. Call on me. Give me your burdens and stand erect. I will carry them. Lay aside your fears and the fears of your loved ones. Catch the spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit which nurtures and enlightens you to the real condition of who you are. Allow them to minister to you. Awaken, Daughter. Accept your physical healing. It is done. I have said. None can put aside that which has been decreed but that of your own free will choice.

I love you, Daughter of my heart. I minister to you, Child. Stand on the faith which you have striven through difficulties and walked through shadows to attain! You have built your bridge of faith strong and sure. Your footsteps cannot fall. Step up on the bridge of faith with the strength of your convictions, with sure-footed steps, with decision to be healed. I tell you truly, it is so! Come. Follow your heart.

Stand porter at the door of your mind and allow no weeds to enter. Fill the garden of your mind with truth of life and love and service and think no more of this world filled with shadows of gloom and fear and death. It is not so. Think on these things. Know what you know.

Think about what you are thinking and what your fears of the future are all about. Are you in such a hurry to visit me in Salvington? You are welcome, of course, but there is so much work for you to do where you are. Do you not know this in your heart? Come to me now. Place your destiny in my hands. Make no further excuses. You are mine and I will jealously guard you. Arise, my daughter, and walk into truth. Walk into life. Know who you are. Be who you are. Light your lamp for all to see. I am with you always.

Rely on the strength of faith - yours and those who are willing to allow you to be whole and perfect and at peace with your new-found strength of faith. The healing for which you ask is yours. It is my gift to you.


Thank you, Christ Michael for a beautiful message for Pat. How would you have me deliver it?


As quickly as possible. It is offered as comfort and assurance - whatever the decision is to be.


Symptoms may not disappear at once, but the energy flow to enable the physical form to heal itself is ready when the decision is made to allow it to do its work.


Medical treatment, as prescribed, need not be interrupted if this allows the mind to accept a healing. Medical treatment need not be relied on in total. Mind has dominance. Perceptions are limiting. Clean up the perceptions. What can you accept? Dwell on this. Live this. Be this.


Love it away. As your Master said many years ago upon your planet: Confront not evil when you are in the way of it. Perfect love casts out fear. Any emotional condition which is out-of-balance and out-of-control by the personality is a form of fear. Cast this out by loving it. Be done with all else but love energy, unconditional love energy.

Session 17

  • MARCH 11, 1993 (EVENING)


We begin by going into the stillness and offering our prayers of thanksgiving to the Father and our invitation to the Unseen helpers and our willingness to be of service.

Patije: This is Patije and I welcome the teachers. I thank the Father for all help and guidance and inspirations this week. I offer my willingness to serve in any way.

Julie: This is Julie. I welcome in the teachers and our unseen helpers. I am willing and open to serve in any way that you wish me to.

Drue: This is Drue. I, too, greet all of our wonderful unseen helpers and teachers and rejoice in all of your sharing with us during the week. I, too, am willing, ready and able to assist in any way that you would like me to.

Mary: This is Mary and I greet everybody who is present. I thank everybody who worked with us this week. I am open and willing to serve in any way.

(long stillness)

Drue: Does anybody feel Aflana's presence?

Group: umhmmm

Julie: I feel . .. everything...I feel heaviness....and energy...and colors of the rainbow...colors going around in circles. I see Michael's face.

Patije: I keep hearing Children of the Light like I did last week, but I don't hear anything to go with it. Abithenia...?

Julie: I remember from past weeks that if we say their names they will come forward. One was VanEssa. One was Ophelia. One was Olivia. One was Ruby.

Drue: And our friend, VanEL.

Julie: And, Aflana, and there is Rayson.

Mary: Rayson is here.

Drue: You know, Patije, when you said: "Children of the Light" my sense after that was: "Stand and be counted."

Julie: Do we stand up?

Drue: No, it was just figuratively.

Patije: I heard: "Stand up" at that time but it didn't mean anything to me.

Julie: "I salute"

Patije: This is Patije. My mind is still with this thing for _____ and the response or non-response of the totality of my conversation with ___ this afternoon. (pause) Anathea is the new master healer working with Mary. If you are here, we would like to hear from you.

Julie: Really?

Drue: Welcome Anathea.

Julie: Welcome Anathea.

Mary: Just as you mentioned her name, I just felt the energy shoot up to a higher level.

Patije: I did too.

Julie: umhmmm

Mary: We acknowledge your presence, Anathea.

Julie: I see her.

Drue: We welcome you to our group, to our homes, and to our hearts.

Patije: Do you have a message for us about healing and sharing healing, or accepting healing or anything along that line? (pause) Sometimes I feel so helpless. Having experienced it, I know of it's reality but I can't find words to . ...(fades out)

Anathea (Mary): This is Anathea.

Group: Good evening, Anathea.Anathea: It gives me great pleasure to be here with you this evening. This is certainly a new venture for us. (pause)

Patije: You have a beautiful voice. (Mary's voice is quite different in transmitting Anathea.)


I thank you. We have worked long since with our Mary and there is still more work to do. There is much healing going on, as you know. Be at peace. Know that you are healed. You have all the lessons. You have all the knowledge and don't feel so helpless for you are so loved... and so nurtured... and so healed... and so whole... and so perfect... Open your gentle hearts and accept these things. (long pause)

Mary: This is Mary and I just feel wonderful! Is anybody feeling the energy change?

Group: Oh yes. I do.

Julie: Oh yes, and also temperature changes. I see someone who has all kinds of keys with them.

Patije: Keys to what?


All kinds of keys, all different kinds of strange keys. Keys I guess for different circuits and different people and...strange looking things. I saw them one time and was told to me they were keys. They look like razor blades with little things at the bottom...you know, that kind of a look. (pause) opening different circuits, for different levels, and what energy just came through. Did anybody feel some other...?(fades out) (long pause) Someone came and is standing in front of Drue. We welcome you. (long silence) Do you feel it, Drue? (pause)

Drue: I'm not sure.

Mary: This might be my imagination but I am getting: Macky, Macky, Machiventa again. (laughter)

Julie: umhmmm

Patije: It is not your imagination.

Mary: Ok. Machiventa Melchizedek.

Patije: Welcome! Do you have a message for us?

Machiventa (Mary) Only to remind you of my presence. And a deferment to sister Drue.

Drue: A what?

Mary: A deferment. I don't know what that means. Defer to.

Julie: Waiting for someone to speak?

Drue: Ok, I am getting a feeling of light over hear - like going up and over my eyebrow and down . .. little archway...

Machiventa: Know you, Dear Sisters, that I am present.

Group: Welcome

Drue: We are delighted that you are here. (short silence)

Rayson: (Mary) This is Rayson and I am with you.

Group: Good evening, Rayson. Welcome, Rayson. Hello.

Patije: Thank you for your healing for ____ this afternoon.

Julie: Yes, I second that.

Patije: The thought came to me just after I said that it was Anathea who may have had something to do with it.

Mary; umhmmm

Julie: And the Chanti, too.

Drue: I wish to thank our unseen helpers for taking such good care of my father, my earthly father - in comforting him and his wife.

Rayson: They continue to receive this comfort.

Drue: Thank you.

Rayson: Julie, if you will look past your tiredness you will find your energy.

Julie: How did you know my energy was gone?

Drue: Because we knew you are sipping caffeine.

Rayson: This is Rayson, and I see all.

Drue: Uh oh, we're in trouble! (laughter)

Julie: I sent a lot of my energy to ____ this afternoon. I was happy to do so.

Patije: Julie was out of it for awhile this afternoon too. Several minutes elapsed without Julie saying a word.

Rayson: If you will allow, you will be rejuvenated when you send energy, Julie.

Julie: Umhmmm, I know it will come back. But, I knew it would help her. We did a dirty job today.

Rayson: There is much healing and energy going through to ___.

Patije: I wish to offer my services if there is anything that can be done to help them accept. You know what is in my heart and if there is anything I can do, I am here. Just show me what to do and how to do it.

Rayson: There is much work being done with regard to that subject at this time.

Julie: Maybe through Ramsey too.

Rayson: From many levels, from many beings. All she has to do is accept.

Julie: You know what I am seeing? I am seeing that gold and silver sprinklings around us now.

Anathea: (Mary) This is Anathea. Enjoy the energy that you gather from that experience, Julie.

Julie: umhmmm, I feel the energy coming in through my feet. I am red hot. Is anybody else?

Anathea: There is much healing going on, Julie.

Mary: This is Mary and I sound like a side show.

Group: why?

Mary: Because I am hearing 2 voices and both want to talk at the same time.

Drue: ahhhhh! Tell them they have to take a number.

Julie: The line forms to the right.

Patije: You are doing well.

Drue: You are doing beautifully, Mary. You are terrific!

Julie: She is.

Mary: Thank you. It is so powerful, it is like the energy is so high...

Julie: It is. Those keys were put in and that is what started it too. They worked on us, they stuck these keys in and turned the circuits.

Patije: While you are sticking keys in places, can you make the modem work for me, please?

Julie: Isn't it working?

Patije: The fax works from here. The modem receives but won't send. And the serge protector stops the whole works. I have to bypass the surge protector for anything to work.

Drue: Let's invite our friend, VanEl to come in.

Julie: Yes!

Patije: VanEL is famous! Our list got on Internet communications and the description about VanEl working on computers have caused me to get 3 phone calls from strangers about this VanEl who works on computers. They say things like: "I am a computer science major and I've never heard of him." (laughter)

Drue: Don't worry. You will. They've heard of him now!

Mary: We just got an energy raise again. (long silence)

Julie: I see the teachers again, with their students watching this procedure.

Mary: Because Michael is here.

Julie: Welcome, Michael.

Drue: The teachers and students are here and Michael is here overseeing his flock.

Mary: umhmmmm. Oh, man! (voice filled with awe and wonder)


I am seeing a lot of circles and in all different colors. Like when you drop a stone into a pond, and the circles go in all different directions, in all different colors... and I have a feeling that is energies... Put your hand out, Michael is going around and is touching each one. (long, long silence) I think we are all getting healed. I see them in sort of standing in back of us sprinkling us with different....

Drue: I feel different (voice changes pitch and tone) parts of the hair on the back of my wrists standing up...and...some of the hair on the side of my neck...and I get the feeling almost that there are little sand fleas crawling on me but there aren't!

Julie: I've had that all week. (Laughter)

Mary to Patije: Are you back? You were gone.

Patije: I was gone? I was aware of everything being said.

Mary: You were gone.

Julie: She wasn't gone. Her energy was here.

Patije: I was visualizing something, but I can't . ..

Julie: We are being taken somewhere else.

Patije: There was someone is standing at the gate of the garden. I didn't know it was a garden until I said that.

Drue: That would be the gatekeeper.

Patije: That was immaterial...it was what she was showing me inside the garden. (pause) I think I was taking a walk through the mind garden . .. some thoughts look very rich and rewarding but they are actually destructive, some which seem boring and material are quite potent. (pause)

Drue: We saw an example of the first one this week, where this religious guy shot the abortion doctor... and if that isn't a case of good intentions being totally misdirected...

Julie: And he is very pleased with it too!

Drue: He is delighted with himself. He wants the Bible as his defense.

Julie: umhmm. And his fellow - ??? - what would you call them?

Drue: Operation watchers... is what they call themselves...

Julie: They are pitching in for his family not the family of the doctor. (pause) Sometimes those who seem too sweet are very bitter. And sometimes the bitter ones are really very sweet. So, it's not what you see sometimes, it is when you get to know it. (short silence)

Drue: I feel as if we are being bathed in light. We are just totally washed. (long silence) My unseen helpers, I also want to thank you for taking care of my brother this week! His car was totaled when hit by a truck and he got up and walked away. I want to thank you very much for taking care of him.

Mary: Is that your brother with the healed eyes?

Drue: Yes, it is.

Julie: He has been through a lot. (long silence)

Mary: The energy just went up some more. It was raised in the room again.

Julie: It hasn't stopped.

Mary: It just went up some more. (long silence)

Drue: I am sort of getting the feeling that all of us are going to be healers - not necessarily the way that Mary is, but healers in the sense of healing wounded spirits, or hurt egos, or whatever it is...

Mary: Whatever comes into your presence, umhmmm.

Drue: Whether it is saying exactly what they need to here...

Julie: People feel comfortable with us.

Drue: Might be.... coming back again.

Julie: To open up, to be healed, some people put on a facade that other people are afraid to come to them... (fades out into silence again.)

LorEL: (Patije) Good evening, My Friends. I am LorEl.

Group: Good evening, LorEL.


It is interesting for me to listen to your conversations. And, it gratifies me much to know how much you do understand about the process of what is happening. It is indeed true that many adjustments and levels of energy is being raised, and raised, and raised. And, you are moving into higher and higher levels of sensitivity.

Mary discovered this today when she sat in front of a television set. This is going to continue. This is happening all over the planet but only a few are sensitive. Only a few will know we are working very diligently to blend the energies of those who come to these meetings. It is imperative for your team to be together when certain adjustments are made. If one is absent they miss that particular level. It does not harm them in the end but it will put wrinkles in the smooth operation of the teamwork which will be expected from your group. It is good that you are all disciplined well to attend these meetings.

There are many from the universe who observe and know of these attunements and adjustments. Some will speak to you throughout your meetings together, others will remain quiescent. This does not mean that there is no interest. This is a very important experimental and fact finding community to work with.

You have done well. You are prepared. You are willing. This is as Michael asked. Nothing will be given to you that is too difficult for you to accomplish. Most all assignments will be based upon your willingness, your faith, and your steadfast ability to remain focused upon the Father even when material chaos confronts you. It will be imperative in the weeks and the months ahead, that you remember your lessons of remaining focused upon the Father - Even in the midst of the turmoil, the chaos and the confusion which may happen upon your planet as these energies are released on a wider scale. Those who are prepared will suffer little. But, those who are unprepared or refuse to participate in the adjustments may feel somewhat non energetic, fatigued or depressed. This is not as we wish it to be, this is just inevitable for those who do not accept the attuning, the adjusting.

It is as a benign virus and reacts upon your nervous system much as does the virus known to your medical field. Those who have their preparation, and stand firm, will be able to withstand the bombardment of anything which comes towards them. Those who refuse to move forward from their comfort zones, those standing by waiting to see, those who scoff at what others believe in, they will have a difficult time adjusting to the new level of energies. As soon as they become aware, as soon as they accept, as soon as they participate, it will be as if it never was uncomfortable. It is the resistance, the blocking, which causes the reaction.

If indeed, you are responding from a knowing that you know, there will be no negative reaction. Remember this. Remember this well. In the days and months ahead, in the midst turmoil, in the midst of confusion, in the midst of chaos, let your light shine so brightly that others can find their way into the light. (long silence)Patije: This is Patije. While I was transmitting, my mouth got so dry - there was no liquid, no saliva, nothing. I felt like I had been in a high wind with my mouth open - like having my head stuck out the car window while driving 80 mph down the road!

Drue: Oh, you were the dog in the front seat today! (laughter) I saw a little dog with a seatbelt and everything! (laughter) That message was really... I wonder if this is what is going on with so many of the people who seem to be getting very ill right now. There seems to be a flue bug or something going around. I wonder if that is what it is...people that are letting down...

Julie: I was thinking about what happened to me last week - I was so sick.

Mary: It went through my family too, all last week.

Julie: But I'm thinking too, of the guy in Texas going out of his mind, and the one who shot the doctor today, and the bombing...

Drue: But I put this all into the Correcting Time. If you let the weirdos alone they will come to the surface and be known for what they are. We have seen this recently on the television religious community, where during the last couple of years, all these weirdos are coming to the surface and being identified for what they are.

Mary: Right.

Julie: And, do you know who I put with that too? Gurumayia. Everybody follows her, all the money, Siddha Yoga. If she tells them to jump off a building, I'm sure some would.

Drue: Is she here? . .. in Sarasota?

Julie: No, but there are followers all over the country and the world. In South Fallsburg, New York.

Drue: I feel these different things on my arms and it really feels like little critters - oooooh.

Mary: Oh, my whole body is tingling...

Julie: I've had that all week. What is this with the television? I haven't been able to watch it lately...

Mary: When I walked in, Roy was watching TV news and Patije and I sat down and I just couldn't stay in front of the TV. It felt like my chest was falling out. So, I moved over and then Patije noticed and I explained it and we moved out here. The electricity... it was contrast because I had been doing the same thing. I couldn't motivate, my whole being was like wide open.

Drue: Wow. I watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot!

Mary: No. You don't sit in front of it - sit to the side of it. I always do anyway, at least 6 or 8 feet away. And that set is more than 8 feet from where I was sitting!

Drue: Well, I am always in the kitchen...

Mary: As long as you are not sitting in front of it, that electricity. Stay out of the line of the electricity. Anything which . ..Patije was pointing out that she has a sensitivity to digital clocks...she has polarity rods all over, in front of her computer screen, and all over the computer room...

Patije: I notice sometimes - not all the time - but sometimes, when I spend some times with the teachers and turn off the computer and go to bed those little lights on the clocks and VCR just drive me crazy. Normally I don't even notice it. Just those little things that light up in the dark and flash if the lights go off.

Julie: You know what I...start hearing all clocks. I hear all clocks ticking.

Drue: Do you remember that little guy that was here...Miles....Miles said that those digital clocks aren't good for you. They drain you of your energy, so you might be responding to that.

Patije: I have them clear across the room.

Mary: Mine are across the...

Drue: I wear my polarity... all night and all day.

Mary: I do too.

Drue: Do you wear yours at night too?

Patije: I have the rods sticking out around the side of the water bed...

Julie: Where is it?

Drue: Your house is polarized too.

Patije: Well, I took all the ones for the car which never got installed and put them all around the bed.

Julie: They are still here.

Drue: There is lots of energy still...

Mary: Oh yeah. We are getting worked on yet, too.

Julie: Oh, I'm going out...boy the energy is really getting . ..

Patije: I can't hold my hands up..

Julie: I know they are like lead. I am sort of out of it, dizzy. Is anyone else dizzy?

Mary: No.

Patije: I kind of was half an hour ago, but now I'm very alert again.

Drue: I've got my feet going like this (souls of feet together) --- like it is reviving me...

Julie: Well, there is a retinue of something coming around. I'm seeing different shapes and forms and colors and....(fades out)

Patije: I would like to ask why our community gets so tiny and then gets so big and then gets so tiny and then gets so big and so tiny again... (tape turns over some lost)

Drue: . . show up and get certain information, or maybe that is all the information they can handle, or maybe it is the only information that they need at the time and they go off and other people come in. I don't look at it as wasted. Nothing is every wasted. These are people then who go out into the community and minister however they can to whomever are in their particularly circle. Then there are others who just hang on. (pause)


I don't mean to criticize or judge, but as an example, there is no way having a car fixed, or needing to rest, or having to work until the last minute, is going to keep me from a meeting! It is bad enough trying to think about canceling the meetings at my house while I have company - and then only because of the really very short time they will be here. If it were my sister or my dad, we would go right ahead and have the meetings and invite them to join us or whatever, I am always willing to work around and accommodate everybody.


It has nothing to do with you, Patije. People so easily get bored or other things come up or they get company... many people are pseudo interested... and mortals get very bored with different things when... I got a message one time about this. Mortals get bored and they like quick action and want things to happen - right now. But those who know things, all you need are one or two people and the others come around and go, but if those few stick to it, that generally is what holds a community together.

Drue: Well, I think there is somebody right here.

Julie: Yes, there is...

Drue: I can feel them...they're right here!

Patije: Who is it?

Drue: I don't think it really matters. These are wonderful loving entities who are here to assist us, to encourage us, to love us...how wonderful that is that they are here for us! That's really -

Julie: And, I am in awe of it.

Drue: And who are we - and they are here for us!

Mary: You have to acknowledge whoever it is who makes themselves known to you - that's all.

Julie: Thank you for being here.

Drue: I think that is what it is. They are trying to tell us that they are here.

Mary: When it comes to me, I just say: "oh, hi!"

Julie: You know, these others are really missing out on something wonderful! We'll just put out more love there and see what happens. (pause) Sometimes people think they can do it on their own, too. That they don't need combined energies, but it is the combined energies that give it the momentum for leaps in the spiral.


It is strange to me. Again, I don't want to judge or anything, I'm just recording something I have noticed. When I am alone at the computer I get really deep lessons when I can get out of the way. When I have time to concentrate on it. You get good lessons, but in the group, most of the time it is energy adjustments, and talking in conversation, and a little bit of affirmation here and there, but I can see why some people say: "Gee, I'm not getting anything out of the group - I get more on my own." But I think there is a real reason in having us together, much deeper than the appearances.

Mary: Right. I think that was explained in tonight's message.

Drue and Julie: It was! It was.

Mary: Yeah, tonight's message was explaining that very thing.

Patije: I don't remember the meaning of what was transmitted - but I'll get it when I transcribe it.

Mary: It addressed that in totality.

Drue: The energies are being increased and if you are not here you miss out on that and it does really affect the whole group.

Mary: And she was also very commending the fact that we are aware of it! I keep saying the energy is raised and stuff. She was addressing that very thing. This is all experimental and . .they are amazed at what we can really understand.

Patije: I'm glad I asked the question.

Julie: umhmmm and also, it made me feel absolutely terrible that I missed last week, but I was really out of it. I missed the energy.

Patije: I don't think you missed because the oil needed changing in your car, or you weren't going to get home from the grocery store until 6:30 . .. There is a reasonable reason, and I don't know why I am judging, but . ..

Julie: Something just happened again. A big burst of light flashed through. Did you feel the heat now coming?

Mary: I just felt the energies step up again.

Patije: Every now and then when that happens, it is like my head has to stretch and I get a fleeting headache and when it passes...

Mary: I guess I have a wood head. I don't feel that. It is all in my hands and body. (laughter)

Julie: My legs are jumpy. (laughter) I am an open vessel or vassal. If anything wants to work through me, I am willing and I hope able. I feel something rushing through me.

Drue: I'm getting a sort of wave motion.

Mary: umhmmm

Julie: Like we are riding the waves.

Patije: I thought of that but thought it was just the juices in my head...

Drue: Rocking in the chair.

Julie & Drue: "Sit down, sit down, sit down, you are rocking the boat."

Drue: I just had an interesting vision - rocking on the sea and got my hands going like the waves, and it is similar to the motion that the cats make when it is content or nursing... and the vision that we are just drawing nourishment from the universe and the universe is feeding us, nourishing us, nurturing us and caring for us!

Patije: I heard the words "It is as you say."

Julie: umhmmm, yeah.

Drue: umhmmm. That means we are just starting out, just youngsters starting out and just look at how far we can go. We are just beginning.

Julie: Brand new kittens.

Drue: Remember at times when our body just feels so tired: "Wait a minute! I'm just a kitten!" (laughter)

Anathea: (Mary)

This is Anathea. Dear ones, remember how far you have come. You are on the brink, and you are a kitten, as you say, but you have come so far, and you have done so well, and you have worked so hard. Remember.Drue: Hmmm. That is interesting. I tend to look ahead and not look back and I don't really see a whole lot of difference. But looking ahead I see how much is out there, and so much chance to grow, and exciting adventures and discoveries.

Mary: This is Mary and I kind of got the thing that she was commending you rather than look at the past.

Drue: No, I... I... I... I didn't think she was telling us to look at the past really, but I don't know, I just sort of feel like I've always been here. Maybe that's because I feel like I am at home. Do you know what I am saying? I've always been here.


We are sisters, Drue. We are really sisters. You know, we are really sisters. ah...we're on the same path and we're , I always feel here I am near the end of my life, but I feel like I am just beginning. I am on Social Security and I feel like I am just beginning. I got a lesson this week saying that we must always look to right now and ahead and forget the past, and forget past things with families and friends and what might have been because that is past. You can't do anything about it plus these were lessons that we had to deal with and if we dwell so much on the things of the past, many people go out of their mind about well my mother did this to me and my father did this to me and my friend did this to me and I couldn't, I didn't have the money to do this at that time and they keep dwelling on that and stops them from forging ahead on the spiral. That is a learning experience so we should say: Well, it is what we do today, and tomorrow and thank you for those lessons, for showing it to us the way that it was. That we did have a hard time. Just think where we came from. It is how we're accepted today and how you feel about yourself. And, most of all, look who we have in this room with us! So we have to forget all of our past and it also said that when our friends bring up their past we have to change the subject, and think of things like of today and what to do for tomorrow. (long silence)

I thought it was quite interesting that she said because you are spiraling up and if you look down you'll get dizzy and fall backwards. (silence) There's Rayson, right over Mary there. I think he wants to talk to you, Mary.

Drue: I think he is bending over and whispering in your ear. (laughter)

Rayson: (Mary laughing) I am whispering sweet things.

Mary: (laughing), He is kidding . ..

Julie: umhmmm

Rayson: I give you messages of love and joy.

Drue and Julie: Thank you, Rayson.

Julie: I appreciate all this healing energy that is healing all past wounds and past things. It heals in all ways - not only in health but in mind and... (fades)

Mary: When you were manifesting just now, you were saying about us reacting to past hurts and stuff, at the end of that, Anathea said more energy was sent to us now again. They are working on healing us from that. I just didn't give the message because I -Drue: Didn't feel like it (laughter)

Julie: I got a nudge to say that, to bring it up

Mary: Yeah, but when you brought it up, she said that more energy is coming through to help you cleanse you of all that energy so I just said: "Ok, thank you."

Julie: Forget that. That is in the past. We go you know, we...there is nothing we can do about it.

Mary: You made the words that Drue and I were agreeing with you and so they just swept it all away for us.

Julie: We can begin right now. As the old saying goes: "This is the first day of the rest of my life."

Mary to Patije: You were gone again.

Julie: Uh huh no,

Patije: I was? I don't think so.

Mary: Yes you were.

Julie: uhhuh, that's her way of relaxing. (pause) I felt her energy was here. (laughter)

Patije: I heard the word Ham and saw a box. I knew Ham was a being and not in a box. I was having this little inner dialog with someone about Ham not being in a box. I've had strange things going on with me tonight.

Julie: So have I. Ooooh! I just got something through the side of my head. (pause) Well, I asked for it so I got it, right?

Drue: You must be careful what you ask for, my dear. (laughter)

Julie: I see a big light come down the center and it is not all gold, but a light, lightest gold, and when it hits the floor it is like a heart shaped, but it is very powerful. If you put your hand out I think you might be able to feel that energy there. (short silence) The Holy Mother Spirit... is that the proper title?

Patije: Of the Universe Mother Spirit?

Julie: uhmhmmm

Drue: We were singing to her - to the Father, to Michael and to her- in the car yesterday. She always has her little birds around in the garden.

Patije: She or an unseen person just took my hand!

Julie: umhmmm, she's taking everyone's...

Mary: Oh, wow!

Julie: Can you feel it?

Mary: Yeah, I can.

Julie: Is she beautiful!

Patije: Why don't you transmit a message from your visions...

Julie: I don't see any words, I just see...

Patije: Interpret them.

Universe Mother Spirit: (Julie)

This is the Mother Spirit. I have come to be here, and to witness what is going on with you. I know you are my devoted daughters. I am here, always for you, even though you never call upon me. I want to put my love to all of my children whom I love dearly. We are all in new birth now. (pause)

Julie: She's giving me pictures which I am trying to interpret.

Patije: You are doing very well.

Julie: I see sort of mountains and the aurora borealis. I am trying to think what that means... I think that it says

Universe Mother Spirit:

You have come to the top of the mountains... and the ends of the world... and into the universe, of universes... don't worry about... don't be concerned about the number in your group. It is better to have quality than quantity. It is the understanding of love... (long, pause)Julie: I think we blew a circuit...(laughter)

Universe Mother Spirit:

...the understanding of love... and how powerful love is... one person knowing that is sometimes all that is needed. But, it is important for you... to be a family. It is important for you to love each other, in spite of your differences. I surround you with love and light . ..(long pause)

Julie: That's it.

Drue and Mary together: Thank you! Thank you.

Drue: Thank you both Julie, and the Universal Mother Spirit.

Julie: Is she beautiful!

Drue: See, I was taking that to mean more than our little family but also the family of man.

Julie: That's right. Everyone of us.

Patije: I got a call from another stranger today who got our transmissions from Internet. He said what are you talking about in this "stillness" - it means kind of lay down and let your body go numb, doesn't it?

(discussion of Internet, not meditation continues - along with a sharing of three letters received about how strangers are appreciating that we leave all of our stuff - ups and downs of our progress, in the transcripts that are sent out, because it is so helpful to them - to the end of the tape)

Session 18

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 1993 (8:00 am)


Good morning, Father!

And, what a beautiful morning it is, too! Thank you for this lovely place to live and experience life. I am ever grateful for the sunshine and warm temps and delightful friends you bring into my life.

I am open and willing to serve you in any opportunity which you send to me. Are there any messages from the Unseen helpers and teachers this morning? Bless them all for their helpful work in this time of chaos upon the planet.


Thought Adjuster:

MySelf, it is a delightful day indeed, when one is filled with the enthusiasm and joy of living and peaceful about those things which can cause turmoil and chaos. Even now we are becoming more cooperative and able to blend our thoughts. While thanking you for the willing participation which you give to this process of communication and suggestions, and adjusting, caution also accompanies these words in that many times you react to a situation when you could ponder and weigh the words which barb and allow them to pass unchallenged. In this way your thinking is adjusted, the emotions are controlled and you do not suffer such pains of dealing with out-of-balance emotional reactions. When this happens, you are in a place to love it out of imbalance and restore Light and Life right where you are. See to this immediately. Ever watchful and constantly on guard of your thinking channels, I am receiving and interpreting all new information and adjusting the contemplation of all information for you. As a Divine Monitor and thought controller, it is pleasing to work with one such as you, My Self. Living within the Will of the Universal Father is satisfactory to us.



Well, it is fun to see that nickname for that part of me which always seems to have the answers in need, inspiration in times when I am lost and floundering and able to arrange deep-reaching thoughts in a time of studying material beyond my mental grasp! Welcome, Buki. It took me 5 years to develop my use of "Buki's Toi" but every minute of my preparation is quite valuable to me. Thank you. I had no idea I would be doing this work for the Father when I first ventured out to buy myself an inadequate word-processor and ended up with a computer. Wow! Things certainly develop out of small seeds!

Is there some particular work for us to do today? I am willing, ready and open. Perhaps there is some teacher contact for a lesson for me or for others?

Buki: And so there is.


Greetings, Dear One. I am Aflana. I monitored your meeting last night, but was also working with other groups during that time period. It is quite satisfactory to have my little family in many corners of your little world! You will be hearing from more of the individuals in many places. Encourage and minister to their doubts and emotional excitement while learning from them how to help other new transmitters. This is a service we have asked of you and we contemplate your cooperation. Thank you.

Much adjustment and uplifting of the energies of those who were present at the meeting last night was accomplished. You are moving with great leaps in your abilities to withstand greater and greater energy levels. Your sensitivity to become aware of and eliminate many uncomfortable energies around you is being enhanced. You will first notice this in electrical appliances such as the television set which emits discomforting energies, and the lights of digital clocks and appliances. These will become uncomfortable and perhaps even extremely upsetting to you, until this new energy level becomes stabilized. Then, you will notice, but not be affected by, the various material energies as you go about your work in this Correcting Time. It is much like the food you consume. As you become aware of the chemistry of the food which you ingest, you become extremely sensitive to the resulting feelings within your material form. As you stabilize the chemistry of your form, you become able to consume foods which at one time were debilitating and caused allergic reactions.

You are working in new levels of awareness. You are consuming much energy and we are providing that energy to you in the group gatherings for energy adjustment. Do not fail to participate in these group gatherings at this time. It is imperative for further energy adjustments to be made on both an individual basis during your times in the stillness with the Father and also as a group - if you are to work in harmony during this correcting Time.

Much happens during this gathering time which is unseen and unnoticed by the unpracticed eye. We tell you because of your willingness to be a teaching group. The progress of blending energy, upstepping of the blended energies, interplay among the quirks and individuality of personalities gathered together, a familiarity into intimacy of oneness and the experience of group understanding is also processed at this time. If one or more fails to attend regularly, that one will be purged from the group as inharmonious. Have you not seen this? It is beginning in an intensified manner at this time.

As you move into Phase 5 all are making commitments beyond their imagination. These commitments lift them beyond their physical capabilities and it will be found that all individuals of the committed community will be able to accomplish all things asked of them - whether in relationships, means of supporting self, and in assignments - and still find themselves spending more and more time in the stillness, communicating with the unseen helpers, and in service during this Correcting Time.

This cannot be rationalized or understood but as you spend more and more time in love in action, the more you wish to spend with your supportive community and the more time you have left over for outside interests. It is a law of the universe which is unexplainable to mortal minds. It is a law outside of time and space and you are limited by your perceptions of time and space.

Give up this dependency to allocate your time. Trust the universal law of there always being enough for what you need. It is fatal to your service if you begin to calculate and count the hours spent in each service. They cannot be measured when you are moving in accordance with your cosmic citizenship in love energy. Time is illusive. Time is shortened or lengthened according to your desire of service and willingness to proceed in the presence of disbelief. All things temporal are affected in this manner. As you move into levels of morontia realization and higher consciousness you cannot serve the bonds of time and space as you once did in lower levels of consciousness. Are you ready to move to these heights of service?

Patije: I am delighted to be of service. Have I not often said I am ready to serve the Father and Christ Michael in any way? I mean that with the conviction of what I am and will become. I will not abandon the responsibility of my awareness. Help me to stay alert and ready and I will serve the Father at any time. What I am is at Father's disposal to use in this Correcting Time.

Aflana: We know this, Dear One. Thank you for your loyal commitment. Not many have the discipline to remain steadfast through the shadows of overwhelming assignments and personal duties. Many call this "burn out" and we have watched you work through it, holding the results of the stress away from you while you disciplined yourself to do the work which was unpleasant or time-consuming and frustrating while interrupting your work as necessary to minister to those children of the Father who were sent to you. Even Christ Michael is pleased with your diligent devotion to the work and loyalty to the teaching activities!

Patije: Thank you, Aflana for this reassurance. However, it is difficult for me to continue in this line of praise for my work, when I know there have been many instances when I have failed to do my best. Perhaps it is the "old tapes" of modesty and shyness bubbling forth from my subconscious - but couldn't we go on to lesson material and allow this "atta boy, you're doing a good job" to pass from my consciousness? While I thank you, I am uncomfortable.

Aflana: This is exactly why we broach this, Dear One. You need not hide your light under a bushel. This is false modesty, as you call it, and you have very few "old tapes" of praise and comforting words of compliments in your memory banks. You have served well and long and quite unselfishly - although there have been times when you have felt alone and misunderstood. You have risen above these ego emotions and truly see your cosmic citizenship. You need to recognize you value and come to terms with it before you begin to receive accolades and gratitude from your fellows scattered throughout Urantia. This is a measure of prevention for out-of-balance ego in future events of this Correcting Time. You have allowed us to freely distribute your personal feelings and personal doubts and allow others to see how you have overcome them and continued to work with loyalty in the beginning synchronization of the beat and rhythm of the Correcting Time.

There is no need for us to build up your ego, Patije. It is well balanced and under control at this time. However, because you have allowed us to use you so freely to teach others, we prepare you for the strokes of pleasant compliments which will come your way from those who will see the whole picture as well as the criticism which you will receive from those ignorant about the overall work of this Correcting Time. Learn to accept both by allowing them to pass over you unbarbed to your ego and you will do well.

Can you not see that this is also a lesson for others? Those who serve loyally and devotedly will often accomplish much because of their intentions to serve and will receive the assistance of the unseen helpers who will carry the effort beyond human accomplishment. Those who serve wanting no attention to themselves will find themselves in the midst of much excitement and even pandemonium which will need to be dealt with. Those who cannot think for themselves will rush to find the servers for affirmation, confirmation, and searching. You must be ready. However, those who serve in order to find attention and adoration from others will be lost to the service during this Correcting Time. Focus upon the Father at all times. Rivet your attention upon the Correcting Time and the mission of learning to live Light and Life while doing the most boring and mundane activities of daily living experiences. If your attention is held in this purpose, none can distract you nor detract from your efforts.

Stand guard at the doorway of your mind. Allow none to enter but that which nourishes and promotes growth! Allow none to exit but those which plant seeds of Light and Life.

Patije: Thank you, Aflana, for this warning. I will try hard to stand guard at my thoughts. Help me remain alert and enlightened of the energies which enter my awareness, seeking ever for enlightenment and spiritual value and passing over the frivolous and belittling through discernment of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Find a way to get my attention whenever any activity is leading no where. Help me learn to deal with those who need so much ego attention that they unconsciously use or abuse my willingness to help and be their friend. I offer my service to the Father and allow my friendship and altruistic impulses to operate in the world around me without limitation. I ask Him to choose the Ones who will benefit and grow from them, and allow me to need not judge the value of any who comes into nor leaves the immediate vicinity of my mental, physical or spiritual presence.

Aflana: To continue in the channel of compliments and value appraisals which humans in service during this Correcting Time will eventually receive, you must be prepared. In our experience of dealing with mortals on Urantia we are discovering the pitfalls and stumbling blocks of egos unused to dealing with genuine appraisal of their work, or themselves. It seems a doctrine of modesty has been inbred to the extent that most mortals suppress their response to compliments and applause by dismissing it quickly. At the same time those very dismissals cause one to barb all criticism to themselves because of the need of approval and respect. If one could accept honor and even praise without embarrassment or timidity, then one could also accept and embrace criticism and censure as easily without allowing the ego to balk or puff up upon any appraisal - positive or negative. Can you not see this? The lesson is to find moderation and balance amidst all events and this will have a calming influence on others who are caught up in ego manipulations and perhaps the snowball effect of those acting and reacting without ability to stop their out-of-control actions.

Many who seem to have perfect control are acting. They do not feel in control, but often completely out of control and unable to share their real feelings. Many have no awareness that feelings are neither right nor wrong - they just are. Feelings are often ego originating and if the ego is feeling out of balance, blame replaces common sense, and if the feelings are not expressed and acknowledged the egos reject anything and anybody who cannot offer relief in their time of distress. Those who acknowledge their feelings and determine that the feelings aren't the truth, but just out-of-balance feelings to be dealt with, can make leaps in consciousness by dealing with them.

This includes talking about them, but can be detrimental to a relationship, if the friendship (the feeling of acceptance) is not strong enough or real enough that both parties can fully discuss feelings and acknowledge them while sorting through the differences in perceptions and find relief for the out-of-balance emotions. (long pause)

Patije: I think I see what you are saying. The message is that this is a process for the groups as well as the individual, isn't it?

LorEl: I am LorEL. Aflana is called away and I will continue this lesson. Although it began as a caution for you, personally, the message is one for all individuals in all groups forming a collective corps for this Correcting Time upon Urantia. Even when lessons or messages seem to be directed to one individual or one group, the emotions, the participation, and the doubts are shared by all human mortals upon the planet isolated for so long by the rebellion and default. It is time now to recognize what separates and begin to build a community in Truth, Beauty and Goodness which will compel you into Love energy and result in the establishment of Light and Life.Your community/family groups are in the process of developing this trust and ability to love and be concerned about one another's feelings without suffering from the honesty. This is preparation for service. When this can be accomplished and developed to the point of Light and Life relationships, you will be well on your way towards planting more than seeds among those who watch and observe the process.

Guard against what you mortals call "hurt feelings" and pulling away to nurse and comfort an ego imbalance. Discipline yourselves to talk through and work through the discomfort and attain a point of meeting of minds in agreed difference of opinion - then continue to participate, contributing your energy to the whole and through this process a community/family of Light and Life will develop. Withdrawing from discomfort is like sweeping dirt under the rug and ignoring it. Emotions play upon the doubts and the energies are deflected to separate and scatter the force of your unity.

It is imperative that each contributes what they are - good and not so good - to the total energy and all individual efforts are contributing to the cohesiveness of the whole, regardless of out-of-balance feelings. Within a physical form this can cause discomfort and dis-ease which can develop into destruction of the life form. Within a community it can cause discomfort and distrust and the doubt and uncertainty will eventuate in destruction of the group.

Self preservation is ever with you as a part of your cellular structure. Because of the rebellion this early became a part of the mental and emotional inheritance from your race consciousness. This ego self preservation is a result of early fears left over and developing stronger with each generation. It is now time to dissolve this fear and allow a natural altruistic urge to break through into the consciousness of those who are enlightened. Self preservation has influenced your need to withdraw from those challenges which stretch you emotionally.

Mentally, you are stretched when you begin to think for yourselves and no longer accept other mortal's evaluation of circumstances - especially those affecting yourself. Laziness prevents you from using your ability to think for yourself and to seek after that which enables you to grow and mature into higher levels of consciousness.

Spiritually, you are stretched as you begin to trust the process of universal morontial law regardless of material appearances and long-held perceptions of race consciousness. Disbelief and fear of jeopardy or loss of integrity prevents you from fully embracing the universe which is yours for the asking.

Physically, you are unchained from the limits of many of man's traditional beliefs about the care and nurturing of the material form when you learn to listen to the needs of the material machine and care for it and work with it as a piece of machinery which can serve you well.

Emotionally, you gain control of many of your character weaknesses and uncertainties as you begin to realize that love energy casts out all fears. Extreme reactions to the stimuli of living in a material world of time and space can be balanced and neutralized by recognizing and working through the inappropriate responses and disciplining yourself to appropriate response when the feelings are not yet there. In this way, you are stretching yourself beyond the limitations of the ego control through fear, anger, resentment, and guilt.

Self preservation then becomes immaterial to the one enlightened by who they are, what they are, and living as they are - in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Enlightenment enables one to think about what they are thinking, think about what they are feeling, think about the fearful reaction. With honest evaluation of self and others, one can continue to love, respond in truth, think in harmony, feel with goodness and participate on an individual basis for a group completeness. In this process you have managed to replace love energy for the fearful evils of out-of-balance emotions originating at the animal mind level.

Do you not see this as a process? Intimacy is created on the group level. Understanding and tenderness towards one another (including one another's character weaknesses and strengths) develops a familiarity which is positive, encouraging and supportive to all individuals of the community/family group. This level of cooperation can never be accomplished by a mental decision. It must develop through trust of the process of acceptance and experience. It must develop through the individual's ability to trust the process and sharing one's energy without reservation. In the levels of higher consciousness animal levels of activity are transcended into morontial levels of endeavor. Consciousness rises from the unconscious reaction and subconscious memory banks into superconscious inspiration of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Harmony results as a natural relationship and not forced by vicinity and decision.

Decision to participate at a full level of endeavor is always yours. Once the decision is made, a pledge of loyalty and commitment is needed to pull you through the times of trial and tribulation, a desire to serve loyally will grant you passage through the shadows of uncertainty, and giving love energy to everything you become aware of will transmute the vilest evil to levels of neutrality and harmony.

Thus, you are creating Light and Life where you are, through your cooperation with others you are spreading seeds of Light and Life to all who see, hear, touch or taste the fruits of your work. This will manifest the good news of the new dispensation during this Correcting Time. Light and Life is beginning to grow and be accepted all over your planet, in little groups like your own.

This is your work. This is your goal. This is you purpose. This is what you are. A lamp lighter to the path of Light and Life. Do this through honesty, openness and willingness to cooperate. There is no longer a place for manipulation, secretiveness or self-preservation when this causes suffering to even one other of God's children. Gracefully grow into the realization of what cosmic citizenship requires of a Child of the Light. BE done with fears of loss and embrace the fullness of loving mercy. Mercy is love in action, putting self interest into the backseat of your vehicle of Light and Life for humanity upon Urantia. Adopt and adapt the messages of truth to all phases of your awareness. Adopt and adapt the messages of harmony to all phases of your awareness. Adopt and Adapt the messages of spiritual value to all phases of your awareness. Embrace life in all glory of freedom to express Truth, Beauty and Goodness wherever and everywhere you are.

Light your lamp with the spark of harmony and acceptance and shine your lamp of light upon the little evils which will scatter and dissipate as an illusion in the presence of Love energy. This is true. This is beautiful and harmonious. This is full of good for all mankind. It brings you closer to the state of understanding life from heights you know not of. It brings you into the awareness of the presence of God. It brings the truth of existence into your levels of mortal time and space. It brings mankind into levels of perfection potential and frees mankind from limitations heaped upon him by generations of ignorant and accepting traditions.

Be a freedom enhancer. Be a force for good. Contribute your individual energy to those of the unseen helpers and celestial guides in this service for the Father through the Plan of Christ Michael during this Correcting Time on Urantia.

No longer ask for your good by expecting someone to give up their good. There is good for all. The Father is the source of your good. The Father is the source of all good things! Serve without compensation. Expect nothing for that which you give in love. Your cup will be overflowing with goodness. Mankind's perceptions of health, wealth and happiness does not survive the process of selfish or self-centered activity which causes suffering to others. It will be as an illusion and fall into oblivion one day. Cosmic perceptions of health, wealth and happiness are consequences of love in action and service to truth, beauty, and goodness - and everlasting.

Build your collection of treasurers in the realm of the Kingdom, in morontia form. True value comes not from material evidence, but from the response of the inner knowingness. If this response is felt, then discipline yourself to fill the cup of material need to enable the value giver to continue the seed planting. Pass on the means to enhance, support and encourage those who so willingly labor in the service of Truth, Beauty and Goodness - regardless of method used. Your awareness of the operation of love energy will be amply increased as you serve in faith and trust of Him who energizes you from within.

I tell you truly. Think upon these things. Cast mortal rationalizations aside and realize that in rationalizing a situation you are allowing yourself to justify your reaction and to lie to yourself about the value of the truth therein contained. Forgive yourself and others who rationalize, but cease to do this from this moment forward. Awaken into discernment. Be inspired by truth in its purity. Adapt it not in its adulterated form in the inherited perceptions of mankind living in the time and space of a world long isolated in space. Rise up from your sleep of superstitious and suppressing justifications.

You are awakened if you have been called to this point of seeking. Now that you are awakened what will you choose to embrace? Traditional thoughts of fear and negativity, or enriched heights of enlightenment as you follow truth where it takes you? Where can it take you? Truth can only take you into higher levels of consciousness and towards your goal of Paradise. Truth can take you no place else. Only Fear can take you away from your true destiny of God the Father in Paradise.

You can know them by their fruits. Are the fruits ones of enlightenment, joy, peace, love and action? Or are the fruits ones of distrust, fear, turmoil stubborn refusals to look more? Do the fruits impel you to support and encourage or detract and discourage? What are the fruits you know? What are the fruits you seek? Where do you look for your food? Among the discouraged, fearful and distrustful, or among the encouraging, joyful and loving? It is your free will choice? What do you desire above all else? Safety? Adventure? Success? Freedom to follow truth from wherever it comes and to wherever it takes you?

Can anything good harm you? From where do you judge? From where do you taste? From where do you evaluate its value? From a position of hate? From a position of fear? From a position of distrust? From a position of Love? Where is your mind set? Where is your mind open?

Know yourself. Know from whence you come. Know from where you seek your evaluating standards. Know who you are. Know what you are. Be what you are. Be what you can be. Live up to your potential. Live up to your value. Live your very best at whatever you live. Live who you are. Live what you are. Live! Become aware of true life! Become aware of true harmony! Become aware of true value. Embrace valuable truth. Embrace beautiful truth. Embrace that which brings you closer to God and be done with that which holds you captive in a space of mankind's perceptional limitations and rationalizations. Give up this ability to lie to yourself by justification. It is no longer necessary for survival upon your planet. It is a means of loss and death. Move up from the levels of animal reaction into cosmic citizenship response. Become what you are. Live what you are. Know what you are. Be what you are. Be!

Enter the realm of love energy which will compel you into love in action and cast out all fears of anything which can keep you from Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Know this. Live this. This is Light and Life.

And so it is...

Patije: This is a beautiful lesson of truth and decision. I will value it highly and seek to live what I have just learned. Thank you.

LorEL: Share this lesson. It is for all who will hear the message and follow the truth of love.

Session 19

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1993 (1:30 PM)


My Dearest Unseen Celestials,

I am so happy that I finally discovered what I was looking for all my life. I have wonderful friends and my health has never been better. I have so much to be grateful for. I am open and willing to be a vessel/vassal for anything I can do in this Correcting Time.


My Dearest Heart,

Think on the Father, pray and send love energy to everything. Live your life to your potential, and listen to your heart. We are pleased with you and love you. Aflana

Session 20

  • MONDAY, MARCH 15, 1993 (2:15 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen friends,

Thank you for the safety from the storm and knowledge to think positively during this time. Thank you for my dear pets and abundance and for my significant other, my lifelong lesson. I hope I can be a Light for him. I love my friends and feel their energy.


Hello, My Friend, this is JoEl.

We are pleased with you and your seed planting, see how they are blossoming? We surround you with Love and Light.

We know how depleted you are of your energy. It is because you were open and willing to give some of it to Pat. Also your group in the Corps are using up a lot of energy. You all will be charged up again. Take your vitamins and eat plenty of fresh foods. Your chicken soup was a good idea. Save your strength now.

Send your Light and Love energy and take your moment at a time. Finish one thing at a time before the starting the next project. It will be one more thing done instead of many half done.

Keep listening and take many quiet times to hear what you are listening for.

We are all so busy now with the important approaching TIME and for the weather storm. We are here for you. Just ask.


Session 21

  • MARCH 15, 1993 (NOON)



Dear Father, thank you for the circle of safety around us this weekend! I am concerned that the electricity may go off again but I decided to chance it anyway. Although we had no electricity for 30+ hours, there was no damage to our house or cars. Thank you that the neighbor's uprooted trees did not hit our houses nor take out our telephones! My prayers are with all of those who suffered in the high wind no-name storm which went through here at midnight Friday night.

My mail brought many things which leave me feeling insecure - although I have no question about the adjudication, the new dispensation, the presence of your teachers and unseen helpers, I have many questions about some of the so-called transmitted materials - they seem so out of sync with what I think I know about the coming events.

Many phone calls are now asking my opinion of the events foretold for April and advice about going to Chicago. Many have called about the authenticity of various transmitted messages. The word "channeled" still bothers me. Why?

Although many seem to be receiving messages about this event of next month - I still feel as I did last year when this was projected in a few of our group. Is it not enough that something is happening and we have this additional help? Is it not enough that we can actually feel the energy of the presence of many beings near us? Is it not enough for us to begin to live Light and Life right where we are and create it around us? Do we still need to expect and prepare for the immediate "messiah"...are we not doing as those Hebrews during the 1st Century A.D. and lst Century B.C. were doing? Rejecting the message to worship the messenger and bend the myth around the misunderstanding of the historical/traditional belief?

The sincerity of those who are making the preparations for Machiventa's emergence is real. The date of April 24th - I doubt. Why? The appearance to those who are expecting signs and wonders - is that possible? Where does faith pick up and superstition and overwhelming desire and emotional confirmation leave off? What happens if Machiventa does appear in Chicago on the 24th? Then what? What happens if Machiventa does not appear in Chicago on the 24th? Will either of these possibilities increase the faith of those of us who have been called to serve? Or will both of these possibilities actually get in the way of our faith?

I also believe that Machiventa and Michael will take physical form - or form allowing us to see them. But have they not already done this for us? We have seen them! All 3 of the groups meeting in my home have "seen" them! We have sensed their presence by the upstepped energy around us. We know who they are and can recognize them when they speak to us through a transmitter. Will it be any different after April 24th? Or will that be the time that the adjustment to our optic nerve will enable us to see them any time?

Will everybody be given this ability to see - or will it only be those who are faithful servers without expectation of recompense? Does it matter? Does it matter what I believe? Of course not. What will happen, will happen whether I am there or not. That is beside the point. Will my faith and belief affect the total appearance or non appearance? That is my concern.

It matters not to me whether Machiventa comes now or years from now. It matters not to me whether Michael appears in the near or far future. It matters only to me that I be of legitimate service and light the way for genuine believers whose faith compels them to live altruistically and sincerely. How do I know? I guess I don't I have faith in the process.

I know the purpose is to enable me to communicate with my Thought Adjuster and other unseen helpers if I wish to be of service (and I do) and that my goal is to live faithfully the Light and Life I know and can create around me in my life experience and my relationships. That is what is first and uppermost. I have no illusions of grandiose selection nor even selected preference in the material world of service. I either am a teacher, a believer, a server - or I am not. Living and working in "headquarters" with a real live Melchizedek will not affect my faith nor my willingness to live my life experience in peace and joy and loving service. It is my heartfelt and mindmade decision to live Light and Life to the best of my ability regardless of the circumstances and beliefs of those around me. If I can be of service to you and to Michael during this Correcting Time, then by all means use me. Grant me my personal communications which I will share freely to all who wish to know of them, regardless of the day others are setting aside as the day of appearance. If I am to be there - or here - it matters little to me. Personally I'd rather the appearance took place in the quiet of my life - not in the public chaos which may occur after that event. But it is not my desire, but thine, which is. It is always my will to place myself and my service within Your will and live my faith through love energy wherever I can. Thank you, Father.

How can we discern the difference between so-called channeled material and true spiritual transmissions? How can we take a sincere TR and know that all the material is correct and some is not misunderstood because of that TR's perceptions? Why have I been so long redirected and guided away from the so-called metaphysical teachings of crystals, astrology, devas, and other psychic forces when other TR's speak of them easily? Why do I turn from those who use trances to channel messages and hear from so-called dead people? Why do I distrust anything to do with any of this - from messages from the dead to astrology? I have been advised to stay pure from the practice of these things. I have rejected many who have brought these messages to me and urged me to charge for my time and "expertise". I have no use for them. Why? How can I discern what is true and what isn't true? How can I advise those who ask me? How can I live with myself if I guide even one small one of yours the wrong direction? How can I continue to function as a TR when I am doubtful of some of the messages of other TR's? Why do I think my transmissions are any more accurate? I know I am not promoting the ages old language of the occult and so-called metaphysical teachings and I am not foretelling the future, nor the physical manifestation of any spiritual or morontial being - but does that give me accuracy? I wonder. Right now my doubts about what to believe have been knocked off balance because of those I know are now doubting the authenticity and want my advice. I cannot give advice. It is a personal thing. Each much communicate within themselves for the answer and do what they must do and wait for God to do the best. Wow! I am really taking a big "cop out" on that one! Can you help me in any way? I ask.FATHER:

Daughter, you do well. Do not question yourself so much. You are doing what is asked of you. Allow all of mine to express themselves and these messages as they understand them. Some are erroneous in translation, colored by desire and hope. Fault none. The truth will be seen by those who sincerely seek the message and faithfully desire to be of service wherever they are and in whatever capacity they are capable. You will see. Go forth full of faith with love in your heart and mind. Make your choices with love and service. You cannot continue in error. You will see. All things work together for my purpose. Be what you are and wait on me. I will be with you in all times and all places.Patije: Thank you, Father. I am your servant. I choose to follow you in all things. Keep me straight and upon the narrow path to you. I pray for ears to listen better to You, eyes to see better and love to love more as I serve all for your sake. Thank you, Father.

I am the child and you are the wayshower, Christ Michael. I pray for peace and mercy in my times of questioning. I never doubt you. I do not doubt the Correcting Time and the process of communication. My doubts come from the ease of those who receive the messages with dates and names and far-reaching consequences in many lives. I have not the courage to hand out spiritual names and dates of appearances and use what I understand is the language of the psychics. If this is narrow limited perceptions on my part I ask you to broaden by courage, my discernment, and my vision. I trust you, Michael. I follow the messages you gave, I disregard many of the interpretations of the messages - then and now. Help me, I ask. I believe. Help my unbelief, as Paul said.Christ Michael:

My Child, dear one of the Light, I, Michael, am with you. You are not forsaken. You have much work to do. Listen to your intuition. Follow the guidance of your Thought Adjuster. Do what you have to do. Be what you are. Go where you must go. Speak what is given to you to speak. We will not ask more of you that you wish to give. Give what you have to give. It is all that is asked of you.Patije:

I wish to give all that I am, all that I have ever been, and all that I will ever be!Christ Michael

I tell you truly, you have given much. Think not what good it is, think only of what you truly wish to give. We have asked much of you. You will not be forsaken. None who follow me, serve me, love me will be forsaken. You will be lifted up in grandness of your faith! It is so. Would I not tell you if it was not so? Follow your faith. Know what you know. Be what you are. Live what you can understand. Light the way for others to understand. It is so.

Session 22



We begin by going into the silence and then offering our prayers of thanksgiving to the Father, an invitation and welcome to the unseen helpers and teachers, and state our willingness to be of service.

Patije: This is Patije. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for all of the healing and the amount of work that has been getting done. I just thank you so much, Father. I invite Michael and the teachers, welcoming them in our midst and offer my services in any way.

Julie: This is Julie. I am open and willing and how can I ever say thank you for directing my feet to come here and find what I have been looking for all of my whole life. Thank you.

Drue: This is Drue. I just want to than all of our friends, our unseen helpers, our teachers for the healing, the love and support they give us and I am open, willing to share and participate.

Mary: This is Mary. Thank you so much, Father, and all of my unseen friends and helpers for the wonderful assistance, the lessons that I have experienced and that I am able to share. I am open and willing to serve in whatever way is necessary.

(long silence)

Aflana: Good evening, Dear Ones. I am Aflana.

Group: Good evening, Aflana. Welcome Aflana.


When you gather together it is so touching to us. You are going on with what you are guided to do and it seems as if you don't need us at all. We are so pleased to see your progress. You are developing your community. This is good. (pause)

The energies have been upset and as you have recognized yourself, you are constantly moving into higher consciousness and higher on your spiral to perfection. Your community will be growing. And, it is our desire that you teach each who joins you to join at this level of commitment, reliability and willingness. Select those carefully. Encourage them joyfully. Support them willingly. Show them how to light their lamps to be lights for others who will come yet to follow. (Pause)

It is good if you continue your beginners group for those who begin this process. Do not separate the beginners, just have a place where they feel they can begin without embarrassment, without fear. Let your enthusiasm and steadfast faith be their light, their ways, to join you in the service to Michael. As you have seen, the purpose for gathering here together is to blend your energies and enable them to mix the qualities that will enable you to work as a team, to support as a family, to work as a unit. (Pause)

Patije: This is Patije. She backed off - somebody else is here.

Julie: Umhmmm the color changed.

Patije: My right arm started aching like crazy...like energies were entering or something.

Julie: Michael is here.

Mary: Umhmmm. Both of my arms...(long silence)

Julie: I am seeing like a great big wave - like "Hawaii 50"...

Drue: Well, ok....here goes:

Michael: (Drue)

It is I, My Children. I am Michael. I bring you a message of great joy.

Group: Thank you. What is the message? How can we be of service?

(short silence)

Julie: Yes, I see him. I see the face. The mouth isn't moving yet, but he is smiling. He is looking at you, Drue. I don't get words, I get symbols. He is gathering these little lambs and he is kissing them, and loving them and there are 4 of them and I think it is symbolic.

Drue: Symbolic of us?

Julie: Umhmmm that is the sisterhood or brotherhood.

Patije: I see children reaching up to him and he is lighting a candle or something in their hand, or touching them on the head or something. It is like each one lights up as he touches them.

Drue: Is that not what happens to us when he touches us - we light up within our hearts.

Julie: I think he wants to touch each one of us now. He is touching each one of our outstretched hands. Do you see that, Patije?

Patije: Umhmmm I think he still has a message to give us. The symbols are just the doorway.

(short silence)Michael: (Drue)

I bring you a message of love and brotherhood. Ignite the love of God within your hearts. I bring you a message of great joy of love and brotherhood, of peace and understanding. Let not your heart be troubled at what transpires in the world. It is only an appearance. It is not real. Through me is love and truth. I show the way. Let not your hearts be troubled. Let the love of the Father shine forth, igniting that love within others. (long pause) Let not your heart be troubled. Drue: This is Drue and I think that's it.

Group: Thank you, Michael. Thank you. (short silence)

Patije: Does Anathea or Rayson have something to say to us?

Mary: I am just like lifted up. They are all here.

Julie: Yes, they are. I also get a message from Michael . ..

Michael: (Julie)

Minister unto each other as I minister to each one of you.

Michael: (Patije)

Follow me and I will lead you so that others can follow you. Someone must go first to open the windows for the light to come in. Then, all can see and follow me. Mary: The energy was just stepped up again.

Julie: I know. I am burning up. I don't know if anybody else feels that way. Something very powerful is here. (sigh) someone... I think it is the Universal Mother spirit - that just dropped into my head.

Mary: I also got that in my head.

Julie: Umhmm

Drue: What came into my head was: "a messenger from God." Maybe that is the Universal Mother spirit? (long silence)

Anathea: (Mary)

I am Anathea and I am pleased to be here. Good evening, dear sisters.

Group: Welcome, Anathea. Hello, Anathea. speak louder...

Mary: I lost it on the "speak louder"

Drue: Anathea do you have something you would like to share with us? (short silence)

Anathea: (Mary)

It is a joyful time to be here with you all and to work with these wonderful energies which we are experiencing. As you have already observed, you are experiencing much healing energy, and even on levels that you do not experience or that are not within your perception. (long, long silence)

Mary: This is Mary. We don't do so well with the talking as we do with the healing energy, I guess.


Umhmmm. I feel as though we have been spiraled up and they have to heal us on that level. I am hearing all kinds of sounds that I haven't heard before. Like when Anathea was speaking, I hear the vibration and Michael. I think we are being upstepped and that is why we need to be in groups. That's kind of what fell through my head. I don't know who gave it to me.

Patije: I keep imaging a mixer - where our energies are being blended...

Julie: Exactly! Yeah.

Patije: And we are going to be making something out of those blended energies.

Julie: Exactly:

Drue: Beautiful music!

Julie: Exactly, and our tones, and the keys to our right...

Patije: I would imagine that our spinning would be like a lettuce spinner or something - you either filter out that which is undesirable or blend that which is desirable. I imagine we are going through a pretty . ..

Drue: Getting rid of the bad...

Julie: Yeah, uhmmmm.

Patije: Well, there isn't any bad but that is...

Drue: Anything we don't need, we are getting rid of it!

Julie: Aything that is troubling us.

Drue: Anything that is getting in our way, but let your heart not be troubled so whatever you are letting give you a heavy heart, get rid of it.

Julie: Umhmmm. That wave I saw...you got it! you got it! It is also energy, energy like the water to cleanse it out.

Drue: Anathea? I'd like to request, please, some healing energy to go to my little assistant, _____, who seems to be having a heart problem.


And so it is done.

Drue: Thank you.

Patije: I want to thank Rayson, and the Chanti, and all those who had anything to do with it for ____, Roy's niece who is home and about and ask that she have continued help to attain or regain her previous strength, her potential perfect health.

Rayson: (Mary) This is Rayson, and I am with you.

Group: Hello, Rayson. Welcome. Good evening.


Good evening, Beloved Children of God. The healing that Patije speaks of is all done but she will experience the experience so that she will nurture herself until she has relinquished all memories and be back to her normal health. Patije: Thank you.

Drue: Rayson, I would like to thank you for all of the work that you have been doing with my earthly father, my father here on Urantia. I thank you for making him comfortable during his remaining time here.

Rayson: And, he will be comfortable.

Julie: This is Julie, and I thank you too, Rayson, for helping my friend. I know they are feeling better.

Patije: Rayson, this is Patije. I would like to ask you if I might be so bold to do so, that you show Julie how to put symptoms out of her mind and concentrate on perfection in its place for efficient healing. Is there someway that we can do that?

Julie: Yes. I, Rayson, I ditto that remark. How can I get rid of what is ailing me so I don't think about it.

Drue: Open the door and sweep them out.

Rayson: (Mary) You know that you know how to do that. Rayson: (Patije) You must really refuse to dwell on anything unlike God... to dwell with anything unlike God. Choose your "friends" wisely.

Patije: I was corrected! Wow!

Mary: This is Mary and I am glad you were corrected because I didn't get anything! (laughter)

Drue: Not only choose our friends, but choose our words...

Patije: By friends, I think Rayson is talking about "thought"

Drue: Choose our friends meaning our thoughts, and our words and...

Mary: Rayson goes into a ? because I don't know what it is but when a question is asked directly, I don't know what it is - it might be me, I'm not sure. I might be me.


It is experience. I still get that when people ask detailed questions which I can't possible know the answers to, I still get "butterflies" in material stomach as I step out in faith and speak what comes to mind. It is a real risk then, to open my mouth. I do it in total faith, with the support from all of you that I am not going to be blamed if it turns out incorrect. (pause) That is the only way we can do it, that is the only way any of us can have any freedom. Trust the process and trust our integrity and know that all present are trusting that process of integrity also.

Mary: Ok. Yeah. Right. I just don't know, like I am ok and then and then, I wait...and nothing comes.


Yes, I think the friends meant what kind of thoughts we dwell with, what we welcome into our mind and what do we reject in our mind. What kind of perceptions and opinions do we allow and which ones do we close out. What words we express those thoughts with which we dwell. So many times we have been taught the tapes that we play and we are accepting things which we should not accept just because it is habitual. (pause) I don't know where any of that came from. I hadn't thought about that before. (laughter)

Mary: We know from where it came!

Julie: Somebody else just came in. (short silence) It may seem strange to Patije, but I really don't think about the thing, I'm working and all of a sudden it gets me. (laughter) I sweep it away: No, it's not there.

Patije: Right. In Silva mind, they taught us to have this chair - like a dentist chair - that every kind of tool imaginable to fix anything. You pull out what ever tool you need and you eliminate whatever it is that is challenging you with this tool in your mind. If it is a broom or a spade or shovel or spoon or salve or a drill, or a hammer...

Julie: An herb....would herbs help? (long pause)

Drue: I think what you are supposed to do is cut out the negative, cut it out and throw it out, scoop it out and fill it in with love. And, when the negative comes back - like sometimes the high tide comes in, or the water seeps into the hole, dig it out, pour in more love....

Julie: Put it out to sea.

Drue: Like pouring more love. Just keep pouring more love and each time dig out the residuals and pour in more love until eventually there is nothing there but love.

Julie: Umhmmm


Right. Be gentle with yourself. You can also say to that pain or twitch, or repeated symptom: Well, you may think you exist but I refuse to accept you or to recognize you. I am going to go right ahead and do what I am thinking about doing and not allow you to change my mind or ability. (Pause) They are all little tricks. I won't guarantee any of them, but throw them all at it and some of it will work. You are cleaning your thinking, your perceptions while you are doing this.

Drue: You have to find what works for you. I am digging all this stuff out of my lower back and pouring in lots of love and oh, it feel so much better! Oh, get rid of all that crapola! Pour in love. Get rid of any resentment, get rid of the bitterness, get rid of the anger, get rid of the misunderstanding, get rid of the grudges, just pour in love. Whew! that's a load off! (laughter) I don't have to carry that around anymore!

Julie: Boy!

Mary: You needed energy to help that right along, girlie.

Julie: Get a load off your back.

Drue: Boy! What a bunch of baggage we carry around. Ooooh, get rid of it!

Julie: Got rid of that one.


When I asked the question of Rayson, I meant to ask for help for your healing ministry. When you tried to help heal me, you concentrated on the symptoms so strongly that you were holding them to me more efficiently than I was through fear. Does that make sense? (pause) When we attempt to channel healing help, it seems to me that we were told to concentrate on the perfection of the whole person, not the symptoms of dis-ease or illness which was appearing in the material level.

Julie: I am boiling hot. Something here is very . ...

Drue: Oh, I can feel you. You really...

Julie: Isn't that something?

Drue: I am going to cool you off a little bit. I will take some of the heat and cool you off. I can feel you all the way out here.

Julie: I feel that my hands are shooting out like...feel it?

Drue: I am going to pull off some of that heat.

Julie: I wonder who is here?

Unseen Friend: (Patije)

Julie, my daughter. You have accomplished the lessons of patience, of love, of endurance. Now you must learn other lessons. You are well on your way, my Faithful One. Your faith is steadfast and assured. You will accomplish much. Your desire is such that all energies of the unseen friends and the universal laws will work with you in anything which you strive to accomplish in altruistic loving service of all you encounter- people, places, things, situations, perceptions, and experiences. You are in charge of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the seeds of your energy working upon the material plane. You have developed the ability to focus steadfastly upon that which you see. Now choose what you see and all will be well.Julie: Thank you. (very quietly)

Patije: Could that have been Rayson? He doesn't usually use the term "My daughter"

Julie: I hope I don't disappoint anyone.

Drue: Ummmm, never.

Patije: Turn that around to "I will strive to do my best."

Julie: I always do!

Patije: Don't say: "I hope I won't." say instead: "I know I will." (laughter)

Julie: I will!

Patije: That was Patije's advice.

Julie: Umhmmm

Patije: It is that old beaten down abused ego who feels unworthy, that always says I hope I don't let you down, I hope I don't do something to interfere, I hope... and I do it all the time! (laughter)

Julie: I will make you proud of me.

Unseen Friend: (Drue)

I already am. You do well. (Pause)

Unseen Friend: (Patije)

Be what you are, do what you are, accept what you are and live up to what you are, and know who you are!

Patije: (laughter) I hear that so much! (laughter) It is not easy knowing that I am a light, or a lamp that lights the way for others. It is not easy knowing that I am living up to my potential perfection. It goes against all the tapes I was programmed with in modesty. It is not easy knowing all things work together for good even though I think I just fell on my face! (laughter)

Drue: I want to express my gratitude for one other thing too. One other thing, what can I say....(laughter) But, I just want to single out one other thing. I mentioned this last week, but over the past several weeks this business of dealing with death for me, has become so much easier and I really want to thank you so much. This is a giant step for me.

Rayson: (Mary)

You are welcome. And, you know that everything happens for a reason. The most beautiful realization of all is that death is not an end but a wonderful beginning.

Julie: (coughing) I just got rid of one more thing.

Drue: A door opening.


Umhmmm. Yes it is! Now the light can begin. I got a vision in my quiet time that I heard the Father's voice and I will be...and something like: I will be with you in Paradise, but that is a life long adventure... adventure to get to Paradise and finally to see the Father but we have to have all of these different wonderful adventures to go and just keep that as a goal...you know...well...let's just do what we have to do and enjoy our...whatever we have to do to overcome and enjoy it.

Patije: It's like climbing a mountain or swimming a mile, or...

Julie: Yeah, yeah!

Drue: I think enjoy is a good word because you take a look at al lot of older people that are really wonderful to be around and these people still have that joy, that enthusiasm - they are just fascinating to be around. These people can be 80, 90 years old but they still have that joy...that zest!

Julie: That's right. Everything is a new beginning. I mean, you have to... ah...even live to 150 you are still young. It is just beginning! And then when we are in the morontia world, it is just beginning and we have that goal, this lifetime goal. It is the joy of doing it, it's the joy to be able to work.

Patije: A question keeps coming to my mind. I don't know if it is Patije asking the question, or if it is a midwayer, but did you find what it was that was lost that you needed to find?

Drue: No I didn't.

Patije: They may be ready to tell you or some...

Drue: Oh please! Please! Please! Tell me. Now, I did lose something yesterday but it isn't necessary for me to find that. What it is necessary for me to find is what I lost many months ago!

Julie: What did you lose?

Drue: I lost my lifelong records that I keep for my husband's art work - documentation of what everything is, when it was made, the size and name and number and...that's what I lost.

Julie: Is it misplaced or lost? (silence)

Patije: She doesn't know where she put it away for safe-keeping or...

Drue: I don't know where it is. Let me put it that way. I don't know where it is. It is in a manilla folder with several sheets of paper inside of a manilla folder and it was inside of a plastic bag like a Publix bag. (pause) Please put it on my doorknob when I go home! (laughter) Please! I'm a good little person, please put it on my doorknob when I go home!

Mary: Oh, dear...(laughter at Drue's actions!)

(long silence)

Julie: Open the closet door.

Drue: OK. (pause) Maybe it is on the doorknob of the closet? (laughter)

Patije: Do you have a hook behind the clothing? (laughter)

Drue: No, but there is a lot of stuff on the floor! So....(laughter) Thank you!

Mary: I don't know why I am getting "wooden box."

Drue: A wooden box? wooden box?

Mary: I don't know. It just popped into my head. Wooden box. I don't know why it would, but...

Patije: Maybe a look like wooden box?

Drue: I have many paper cardboard boxes in there. Hmmmm. Ok. I'll take a look.

Patije: Do you have one that has paper on it which looks like wood? (laughter)

Drue: Hmmmmm, there are more boxes and there's...

Julie: I see it in a closet, on the floor.

Drue: Ok

Julie: You know, I see a messy closet.

Drue: Ahhh! It couldn't possibly be mine! (laughter)

Patije: I'll bet it is in my closet and that's why you can't find it!

Drue: I better go look in Patije's... (laughter)

Drue: Our house is for sale, so I've had to clean up and the closets aren't as bad as usual.

Julie: It isn't too bad, it's not too bad, it's not too bad, it's not too bad, but there's a lot of things there.

Drue: Oh, a lot of things. That's different. Stuff!

Julie: Stuff.

Drue: I've got plenty of stuff.

Julie: Stuff.

Drue: Ok, thanks. I'll take a look.

Mary: Is anybody getting messages about my daughter, please?

Patije: All is well. That is all I hear. The lesson is being learned.

Mary: Ok.

Patije: A lesson from many angles.

Drue: Sometimes you have to go through the have-nots. You know, in order to appreciate.

Mary: That's right. (rest too soft to hear on tape)...I try to calm her down and... (too soft)

(conversation about looking for work)

Julie: There is someone else here that wants to give us a message.

Patije: It is up to you to deliver it!

Julie: I don't know who it is.(long silence)

Drue: Well, welcome whomever you are. We welcome you! We send you our love and we receive your love in exchange.

Julie: I remember in one of our groups, that they said if we acknowledge them, they will acknowledge us. One was Ophelia, one was Olivia, Ruby, VanEssa, VanEl,

Patije: Lutzia, Enezia, Abicorenia, Abithenia...

Drue: Hello!

Julie: Every name you say, as you say it my, the tips of my fingers kind of light up - the sparks come out...

Patije: I love saying those names. They are so pretty. Loriyana...

Julie: LorEL...

Patije: I feel like I am coming down out of the sky because my ears are plugged up...

Julie: I have a slight headache.

Mary: You see, I had like my head was just lifting up and up...

Julie: I have a slight headache.

Mary: . .. like a lid, you know?

Julie: I have a slight headache.

Drue: I feel terrific!

Julie: And it was because I was trying to find your...

Drue: What I lost? (laughter) Well, I'll look in the closet.

Mary: Your headache is gone.

Julie: Yes it is, Mary. But it was the deep concentration.

Patije: That doesn't have to bring headaches.

Mary: Yeah, and it's gone now.

Julie: Yeah.

Patije: Mi....(tape turns over)

Julie: Rayson, since Patije asked something for me, I'm going to ask something for Patije. I would love you, and I will work with you on this with a love healing, to have Patije hear.

Patije: Oh, I'd like that too!

Drue: Oh!

Julie: And, I would like...

Patije: You're not saying I don't listen? (Laughter)

Julie: No...and I would be willing to work with you and Anathea and with Mary, too, if it takes our energies, or our group energies, to do this. (long pause)

Patije: Last spring Rayson worked with me and I heard for about 6 hours after our meeting like this and it gradually went away and I was told that it would eventually come back. So, I just accept that promise and in the meantime I live with what I have...

Drue: What I just heard was that it was up to Patije.

Patije: I would love to be healed. I will accept it right now! Thank you.

Julie: OK, Mary, let's do our stuff.

Mary: What I got is, what I am getting is like Anathea wanting to talk, not Rayson.

Julie: And, Anathea.

Anathea: (Mary)

Through our Mary, the healing energy goes to the members of this group, constantly, whenever she thinks of them. In the last two days, Patije's hearing has been receiving our energy. And, Patije understands why in the last 2 days. (short silence)

Mary: You do understand why in the last 2 days, Julie? Because Patije and I came up about this thing about her not hearing and she (Anathea) is telling me that in the last 2 days energy has been flowing to you and that is why Julie brought it up.

Patije: Ahha! Thank you, Julie!

Julie: Do you feel this, Mary?

Mary: Oh, yeah. (long silence)

Julie: I just got out of the blue that we are getting our messages through our healings now. This is what we are about at this moment in time.

Mary: Ahha! The Chanti just came in. I see them as all little beings... almost like little children.

Julie: Umhmmm

Drue comments about reading in the paper about a "club" called "Shanti"

Mary: I sat here with Patije one day and we tried to change the spelling to "Shanti" instead of "Chanti" and no matter what she typed on the computer it came up "Chanti" - it almost like the computer wouldn't take it. So we know that it is "Chanti" is correct.


Shanti means givers of peace, I think. Chanti are little healers which brings peace...It makes sense. Last spring we asked what "Chanti" was and another transmitter said that: "Patije was overhearing something she isn't supposed to hear. this was a nickname they gave to a group of workers who worked so hard and diligently all the time with no sense of self recognition - and it just fits! (laughter) I t all goes together.

Mary: Oh, it is so wonderful. I was talking to Patije the other day and I said: "My body aches and feels so heavy." She said I should give myself a "zap" of healing energy. I said: "well, yeah, but I have to experience this." She said "Well, you do it for me and for everyone else in the group why not for yourself? So I put my hand up and zapped myself and the moment I did that I just felt it all along my body - little angels. It was so beautiful.

Drue: You are the generator. The generator has to get energy to put it out. So, you have to replenish, otherwise there is nothing to put out. So, take the time to zap yourself too, Mary.

Drue to Mary: Are you ok?

Mary: Oh yeah, they just bombarding me with energy.

Drue: Ok, maybe we should be sending energy to you too.

Julie: I know.

Mary: Julie is doing it. Thank you. It is wonderful.

Julie: There are another group of healers that are here. A little bit bigger than the Chanti, who are still here.

Drue: Chanti's sisters, but bigger!

Julie: Yeah, possibly.

Mary: The Chanti are all sizes. I refer to them as children, because they are so light and full of laughter and happy spirits. (pause) You're feeling it, huh?

Patije: Yup! I am. I started to pull away and then realized that it was healing energy and put it back. This leg started feeling different and I went like this to move it...

Mary: I was making sure you were getting some of the healing energy.

Julie: The teachers, there are a lot of teachers here, still and they have been bringing their students in...so they are learning from us. These are ascended mortals and they have been coming in every week now observing. They are wide eyed and ??? (long silence)

Julie: I'm seeing these energies. There is a lot. It is going through all of us.

Mary: Are you feeling itchy in your quiet ear?

Julie: Which ear is it?

Patije: Way down here...(somebody whistles)

Julie: All of a sudden my fingers are throwing it out... do you feel it?

Patije: Are there any messages from any of the celestials... . .. when did they tell us that we were using up energy rapidly now...we were told that we are consuming energy very rapidly and they are trying to adjust it and they can do it more efficiently when we are in a group than when we are alone. When we get together the energy is (exponitiously?) (is that a word?) magnified in a different way, or enhanced by our individual energies to a greater height?

Julie: The sign of a genius is the ability to make up words. (laughter) We were told that it was most important that we stick together to make this commitment for energies - come and get it. If you don't come you drop down on the spiral - so every time we get together they are spiraling us up...

Mary: You drop down on the spiral?

Patije: I don't remember the "drop down" only that....

Julie: Umhmm

Mary: I thought Spiritually, you can never lose what you've gained.

Julie: But not in this correcting time, or what we are trying to accomplish...

Mary: Well, I guess I dropped down last week because I wasn't here.

Julie: If you miss, if it is for...

Patije: Is this why we were trying so hard to accommodate for Ann and Wanda?

Drue: Well, I won't be here next Monday, so maybe I'll....

Patije: I suspect we don't drop down with one miss, or even an occasional misses, but if we choose to miss several meetings in a row, how then, could they catch us up? Wouldn't the study groups, the social times, count also for adjusting energies? Perhaps we don't slide down...but rather it seems that way because the others in the group have moved ahead...

Mary to Patije: You're itching in the heart of your ear, aren't you?

Patije: yes.

Mary: Are there any more messages? The tapes are still running...

Drue: Goodbye everybody. Thanks for coming tonight! (laughter)

Julie: Any messages? (long silence)

Drue: We are very thankful that you are all here and that you participate in our lives! We are very thankful.

Mary: I'm very thankful. Everybody who has so patiently worked with me..that's cool.

Patije: I like the lightenment that we have now that we didn't have a couple of weeks ago. We haven't had it for about 2 or 3 months - even in this group. Are you aware of it too?

Group: Umhmmm, yes. uhhuh...

Patije: I don't think that it is me personally, I really think, I can see it in Mary and I can see it in Julie. I don't see you, Drue, often enough to see the little changes cause you are always so bubbly and happy anyway.

Group: Yeah, she is, right..

Drue: That's my mission. My mission is the light mission. I'm very clear on that. That is my mission!

Patije: Right. You are the lightener for the group!

Julie: Like the firefly?

Patije: She's has the blue bird of happiness - it sits on her shoulder!

Drue: Well, what do you say, gang, shall we turn off the tape?

(tape turned off)

Session 23

  • THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1995 (6:45 PM)Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,


I have a few minutes now, I have been helping Patije and also out of sorts. I think about you all the time, but you know what is in my heart. I am open and willing to do the Father's work. Are there any messages for me?



Hello.. This is JoEl. I see you are using your strong mind to help heal and send energy. Keep doing that. We cannot stress how important Love energy is. It is life. We know you want to get to the group, get back with me later, and ask Mary for a healing.


My Dear Friend, The healing at tonight's group was fantastic. I feel as though we are spiraling up. I have to "think" my maladies away. What about the tumor that gets in the way every time I bend over (sweep it away.) I have done this all of my life.

Christ Michael:

My Daughter, your group is so special to me and to our Father. You are so willing - so different in energies and emotions. It is the blending of fine perfume. Each of you are a special flower with an elegant fragrance and a beautiful seed to plant. Can you feel all this growing into something that you call "out of this world."

Use your special gifts for sharing and spread your Love energy. You will find the answers if you look for the Truth, the Beauty, and the Goodness in your questions.

Have I not answered your prayers and taken care of your needs? All you have to do is ask. Be as you are, do what you do, live as you do. What more can you do - just moment by moment. I know what you have in your heart, and that is good. You have always been so special to me, my child. There is beauty in all, and I know you always look for it. Be all that you are. Love and Light, Christ Michael.

Session 24

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1993 (11:00 PM)Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,


You know what is in my heart. Are there any lessons or messages for me?


My Dear Friend, this is JoEl.

All of us really weren't [attending] your meeting last night. You all got a large dose of energy and your energies blended well.

Be a friend to all and be there for all. I know you do that but these lessons are meant to be shared.

Much is happening on your planet now, and all for the good. Out of chaos comes peace - without chaos one would not know what peace is. You will be greatly needed and be prepared.

Julie: JoEl, I am willing to serve in any way the universe needs me. I will be true and steadfast.


Julie, that is the reason you are here at this time. We know that and how much love you have and sincerity. Also we know that you know how much work we have to do now. Keep planting seeds in Love and Light.

Session 25

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 19, 1993 (8:45 AM)



Dear Father, I came in and turned on the computer at 7:00 AM and looked for a reference in the correspondence file while I was waiting and got sidetracked sorting and labeling the correspondence file! Wow. I'm sorry. I wanted to spend this time with you when I had just awakened - but I guess it wasn't to be. I am here now, but I had my time in the stillness hours ago. Are there any messages? I ask that any messages given be clear and only Truth, Beauty and Goodness - that they not be colored by Patije. May I be of service?

Bless all of my unseen helpers, friends and teachers as well as my human friends and community/team in this Corps. We reached a special place last night - I saw another growth level emerge in the relationship of those who are here and sincerely committed. It was delightful that every one transmitted a lengthy message and not just a phrase or a few words. We are delighted to be in your service. Thank you for this opportunity.

I will await in the stillness...Aflana:

Dear One, I am Aflana. I was with you last night, and yes! You are correct. Another level was reached! Much of it in realms you know not of, but all for this Correcting Time.

It is delightful to see this community/family/team moving into the ability to work without so much dependance upon the unseen helpers! All are now communicating well with their Thought Adjusters! It is so constant that you seldom even notice when this occurs. You (group) have truly turned your will over to the Father for your life experiences. We can use you (group) in many ways because of this. It is good.

Those who are no longer coming regularly and those who will come for the first time may bring discomfort to some of you temporarily, but if they become steadfast as you have, they will quickly be absorbed and blended into the group energies. Have faith. We can work with a diversified group for as long as needed, but it is definitely more efficient to have consistent committed energies present to work with.

Eventually, all will be attuned and adjusted to levels far beyond the usual material energies and will be of much value in this Correcting time. However, it is always possible that some will quicken, rise into higher consciousness before others, according to their loyalty and commitment to the community/family. Individuals can never be held back, but their energy cannot be multiplied and enhanced as broadly as individual energy linked through consistent exposure and blended with the other individuals of their community/family/team - which can be multiplied beyond human comprehension. Unamalgamated energies can contribute to disharmony within the group. Be aware of this. Give freely, lavishly, unfettered, of yourselves and your willingness to trust the process of amalgamation. It will bring results you can hardly imagine!

We know you do not understand this, and this information can be disconcerting to those who are not ready for it. Think and study this message -before you share it abroad. There is much contained in this. It is not to exalt your egos - but rather to affirm your faith and assure you that the sacrifice of personal time is not made in vain. There is much value in what you are actively giving. You will one day see.


Why are you telling me this? I have seen this already in the Sarasota groups. Do I need more understanding of this process? Is this to help me understand why some I discerned as dedicated are leaving us? Am I missing the importance of something?Aflana:

No, Dear One, we are preparing you for the turmoil which may come in the days ahead. Human mortals fluctuate between doubt and fanaticism and it is not often we find such balance and control of emotions as we have found here. This balance will be tried. The control of emotions will need be exercised much. You, my faithful one, my sensitive one, will discern what is happening and be an anchor for those who cannot. Be alert. Be aware. Be what you are. Knowing this, you are prepared.VanEssa:

We cannot ask you to do more than you are. I am allowed to tell you, however, that much effort is being made to bring all members of your community/family/team together in continuous, unbroken, solid and reliable commitment for the good of all. Those nearby but outside your community - by their freely made choice - will gradually drift further away if not fully involved.

The full support of the community/team will enhance and uplift all activity, and all inspiration, and all communication for all who participate and involve themselves in service and loyalty. Remain true to the message of Truth, Beauty and Goodness at all times. Focus upon the will of God. The message is real. Go forth knowing this in all that you do.

Patije: Thank you, VanEssa. I have missed talking with you. I have missed my sisters and brothers who separated themselves from us also. I send my blessings to them, and for them.VanEssa:

They do well. Concern yourself not. I send my love to all within your group and without, as well. Farewell.

Patije: Farewell. (pause) I ask for help in all work I attempt today. Thank you.