1993-03-20-Celestial Discovery Group, Part 4

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Topic: Celestial Discovery Group, Part 4

Group: Sarasota TeaM


Teacher: JoEl, JarEl, Rayson, Anathia, VanEl, Michael, Creative Mother Spirit

TR: Unknown


  • Julie's Impressions
  • Saturday, March 20, 1993


Dear Father and Unseen Friends,

Thank you for letting me be so fortunate. You know what is in my heart. I am willing and open for any mission you have for me. Are there any messages or/ and lessons for me?


My Dear Friend, this is JoEl.

I am wondering if that upstepping of energy was too much for you to handle?

JULIE: No, JoEl. I am a little out of it, but I'm fine.

JoEl: Drink plenty of water and rest. Your group is being up-stepped, an experiment. Your Thought Adjuster is able to get through much easier now, plus all of your unseen Celestials. Use Love Energy to keep balanced.

We all are busy now in this correcting time. We need your help. We are training you to use positive thinking and Love Energy. To listen to the keys and understand circuits, you will be able to help your fellow mortals. Keep planting seeds and teach others what you know. The more you understand, the easier it shall be. We love you, and know what in your heart, and we are pleased. Be the example to all who know you. Love and Light surround you.


Thank,s JOEl. I shall always do my best to follow our Father's way.

Session 2

  • Mary's Impressions
  • Saturday, March 20, 1993


Mary:Heavenly, Father, This is Mary. I wish to thank you and all of my unseen friends for the wonderful work that is being done. with and for me. I would also like to thank you for the relationships I am experiencing within my personal family - the group - and at work. I await your pleasure with a humble heart, or a message from my unseen helpers.

JaEl: This is Jael. Greetings, Dear Sister Mary. It is a pleasure to be talking with you again. It is a pleasure working with you. especially since you are working so hard at healing your body, mind and spirit. I am always with you - working with your experiences and work at keeping your heart light. You are doing very well. I love you. JaEl

Rayson: This is Rayson. I am with you. Greetings beloved Child of God. Precious mortal, my treasure, what a time we are experiencing - due to your diligent work on our body and with your mind. Chanti is experiencing much joy as they work at healing your "old tapes" - as you call them. We have not experienced this kind of diligent work at digging up the roots of the problem energy. We learn much and are working with your special energy to design future lessons for the mortals on Urantia. Our experience of working with you has proved that you have a profound way of working towards a goal of cleansing the energies, while remaining open and accepting our assistance - a simple task - e.g: excuses about difficult life experiences, a choice to return to material existence on Urantia, increase return of ego concerns, and, worst of all in our experience, a lack of willingness to share. It appears a good working foundation and proves really successful as we work with you. A few minor experiments with this method amongst your fellow mortals appears to be met with many blocks.

This is most unusual behavior, as we observe. For we see how you thrive as the experiences are stepped up for you. We have much work to do, so that we can share these advanced experiences with our beloved mortals as we do with you, my precious one. We observe you working with those near and dear to your heart, even as you experience tough lessons. Your selfless devotion to the Father, as you go about his business, is in itself a wondrous thing to behold. Yes, beloved one, your children are all being assisted - as you request - and work at setting examples and models for them.

Your selfless giving up your personal time and energy and expense to the healing ministry is a wondrous joy to behold. As you perceived, the healing experience with friend Judith was another bountiful breakthrough for all of us. You worked so wonderfully with us and permitted our collective work with her guardians. There was a great audience with us on those three days. Much attention was drawn by our work. You, Precious One, pleasantly surprised us all by your diligent endeavor to be of service -even as your physical body was experiencing its own personal hardship as you had chosen the path of maximum cleansing. The resulting work was far beyond our perceived goals.

My Beloved One, My treasure, continue to experience and share in the joy of all of us who work with you and through you. Know that we are here with you in Truth, Beauty and Light. Know that you are a priceless gem. Know your worth and place as a beloved daughter of the Most High. Carry your Light valiantly to the top of the mountain for all to see. "For many are called, but few are chosen." Be an example. Bring hope to those who care to see - for you will truly be doing the Father's work. If more can see and learn and are chosen because of your work.

I love you, Beloved Child of God. -Rayson. (I observe that smile!!!)

Anathia: I am Anathia. Greetings, dear sister Mary. I am honored to be in such company this day. It is such a joy to work with the healing ministry through you, Dear One. You love mankind and share so very much of yourself in the Father's name. There is much interest in teaching these lessons to all mortals who will accept to receive them. You show us that it is possible for a mortal/man to be diligently committed. I love and bless you, Dear One, for the wonderful work that you permit me through you. You are held in high regard, taking on the most difficult task of refraining from intake of refined sugar and flour to your body. What a pioneer you are! I personally have been guiding your special path in this endeavor, for the sacrifice on your part directly benefits my ability to serve mankind, in the Holy Father's name. Without your commitment to the physical healing of your body, there would be no spiritual healing ministry in this fashion. See you now how wonderfully special you are? Know you now how we rejoice in our experience of working with you? You will be rewarded, Dearest One. You give of yourself diligently. The Father repays many fold. Thank you for what you have given to me and all your unseen friends. We all love you very much, Dear Mary, and you are surrounded with the Father's love. -Anathia

Mary: Thank you JaEl, Rayson, and Anathia. I love and cherish you all and thank you with a humble heart for all the work that you are doing with me. I know it would be impossible without your help. Thank you. I love you all.

Session 3

  • Patije Impressions
  • Saturday, March 20, 1993


Dear Father,

Thank you so much for my new friends - 2 phone calls today! Also, for the up and running modem/fax machine which worked perfectly with Dennis in Hawaii today! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I learned so much today! Computer information! Urantia history information! Transmitting information! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you!

Bless all those out there who have blessed me! Bless those who help others! Bless those who risk their friendships and businesses and personal free time to give so much to the world of believers! Bless those who dedicate their time and talents to your work! Oh, I just love you and all of them so much! Thank you! Thank you for this glimpse of the benign virus of love spreading throughout the planet so rapidly for those who are ready to see and hear and know! Thank you for this opportunity to serve you in any way I can! Thank you for my life! I feel so blessed.

Is there anything I can do for you? Are there any messages? I am ready, willing, open and receptive. I desire to serve Truth, Beauty and Goodness in all ways according to your will, Father. I am here, use me. I am here, send me.

Patije: Christ Michael:

Child of my Heart, you are blessed, and all those you asked blessings for. So it is. I, Michael of Nebadon, know the pureness of your heart and send you forth on your mission of ministry knowing you will be faithful in sincere service.

Know ye there is no need to inform, reform, or perform, anything for this mission to be successful. Be content to allow the teachers, unseen friends, and Celestial helpers to activate those who are ready to be harvested from among those who stand amidst the tares, hiding their fruits through fear. Be alert and ready to instruct, affirm or enlighten those who are sent to you. Tarry not among the doubtful or distrustful. Worry not for those who linger and straggle. All is in goodness. You will see. All will find Truth. All will find trust. All will grow. There is no rush for those who choose to wait until the arising time on Mansonia 1.

Only those who know that they know and are unafraid to go forth into the work of the Correcting Time will be prepared and sent forth quickly. Only the faith and willingness of those who ask to know will be given the vision of the Correcting Time. Act not in haste. Speak not in defense. Work not in fear. It is. I am. The Father is with us in this.

Be of good cheer and await your calling. You know what you are to do. Do it. Wait on me. I am with you. You will not be allowed to continue in error. There will be no more secrets which affect others. All will be known in this time of the beginning of Light and Life upon Urantia. Each event is one step closer to full participation in potential Light and Life. You will see.

Go forth, My Child of faith-filled service. You are precious in His light. Carry your light unashamed and pour forth love energy in all that you see, hear and do. You will see many wonders. Go forth in faith, Child of the Most Highs.

Patije:Thank you, Christ Michael. My faith is solid. I will not falter as long as I remain focused upon the Father. Thank you for your support in my times of questioning. I love you and wish to serve you and the Father in all things.

Are there any other messages for me tonight? I am quite pleased to hear that LorEl has visited Sonny in Hawaii! This brother fills me with much joy when he contacts me. I can appreciate our cosmic family connection very much - but even more when I know LorEl and Aflana are working with others too.

Aflana:Hello, Dear One. I am Aflana and I am with you. Yes, you are correct! Sonny is connected through the cosmic family connection! We are gathering from all corners of the planet upon which you exist at this point in time and space. You will hear from yet more of mine. Be alert and ready.

LorEL:Good evening, Dear Friend. I am LorEL. News travels pretty fast within the confines of your material world! I am surprised that my suggested assignment for Sonny has already reached you! VanEl works hard at enabling your machines to communicate with one another. I see he has succeeded again! He is pleased.

Patije:I, too, am pleased! Thank you, VanEl.

VanEL:It was my pleasure. You are welcome and thank you for remembering me. Few seldom do remember I am here to help.

LorEL:Again I greet you, Faithful Friend. Your work is doing much for the progress of the Correcting Time. You will not suffer loss of money or time in the end. You will see. All those who find value will help to ease the drain upon your ability to continue these contact aids. New transmitters - and those aspiring to personally become receiver/transmitters of communications with the staff of Machiventa Melchizedek on Urantia - will find much value in the transcripts from your computer and will respond. Your work and ours will be benefited by the diligent and loyal commitment of the hours you have spent in transmitting and transcribing. Michael is pleased.

Patije:It has helped since I have been healed of the need to look at the mountains of work and just do one thing at a time as it comes up. Time just seems to stretch to enable me to complete each task and yet each week speeds by so quickly I hardly have time to blink! The work is gradually being absorbed into the now and before long there will be little for me to do. Thank you for this opportunity. I do enjoy listening to the transmission meetings again when I transcribe them! It is such a joy when there is no static. Thank you.

LorEL:Were you not told to do one thing at a time by both Aflana and Michael? It is good you have applied this suggestion to your life experience. I see you accomplishing more than you even dreamed you could do a few short weeks ago! It is as you say. Time seems to stretch when it is needed because Time and Space as you have known it is growing dim as you move upwards upon the spiral of potential perfection into higher consciousness and superconscious levels of Light and Life. Rejoice, dear Friend! Rejoice and follow your heart. You know that you know, as my sister Aflana reminds you often. Be what you are and go forth knowing you are serving the Father.

Patije:Do you have any lessons for us, to transmit through my fingers tonight? May I serve you in any way?

LorEL:This night is quickly passing. You have done much - very much- in service today. Many have contacted you from around the world this day and you have done well. The joy of the One who first made contact with Signa this afternoon after speaking with you about the process, should lift your heart into rejoicing! The satisfaction you feel as the result of communicating via your fax/modem is quite amusing to us and pleasing. The willing One who taught you how to do this is a quiet helper in this Correcting time. We see the joy in your heart. The One I contacted to pull our work - yours and mine - into one document from the many thousands of papers he has is one who makes your heart sing! Do you not see the myriads of seeds you are planting? You see only a few. Let this fill your heart with thanksgiving as you go about doing the Father's business while remaining at your computer keyboard.

It is well known by us, and beginning to be seen by the mortals enlisted in the Reserve Corps of Destiny, that loud noises and much travel and fame does not the job that one single being loyally typing away, can do in a far off corner of the world. If your desire is to serve, and you begin this service in any small way which is your talent or opportunity, the whole universe pulls with you to enable your efforts to be magnified by love energy and begin the great carbine of harvest turning for good. Many good fruits will be harvested because of the nourishment received from the quiet work of just one faith-filled mortal of broad vision and a glimpse of potential perfection during this Correcting time.

No mortal knows what great results will be the consequence of dedicated and loyal efforts which tax his personal life - time and talents. The Master calls. Who will hear? Those who are waiting for a trumpet blast? Those who act upon the still tiny voice within their own consciousness? Those who sit and wait for others to call them? Those who will follow the leader? Those who know the shepherd? Those who are willing to focus upon the Source of all good? Who will hear the call of the Master? Who will be ready when the opportunity comes? Who will be willing to follow when the announcement is made? Who will know?

I tell you truly, only those who are willing to think and study and know the truth within their minds will hear the call. All must think for themselves. All will have the opportunity to proceed in fact. Only some will avail themselves of the call. Others will turn away in fear. It is as it always has been. The fearful will huddle together and turn back their brothers who come in peace and love. Those who move in Love energy will seek but not find those who are afraid. Those who are ready to follow will come out of their hiding places and cautiously listen and then think without pressure to know the Truth by seeking the Spirit of Truth within them. It is Michael's gift to the peoples of Urantia. None will be coerced. None will be forced. No free will choice will be usurped. All will come of their own recognizance or remain in the shadows of darkness because of their fears. All will know what they know. It will never be too late, only an opportunity will be missed. I tell you truly to think upon these things. There is much here to study and know.

You will know. You will see. You will be what you are. I leave you now as another is calling from afar. Be of good cheer and go forth faithfully in the service that you give so willingly. Farewell, Sister.

Patije:Sister! Well! Thank you! I am honored. I am honored to be called, to have answered the call, and to have the opportunity to serve. Farewell, my friends and cosmic sister! Farewell.

LorEL:Yes, Sister. I, too, am honored to think of you in these terms. It is my pleasure to work with you during these times of such events! We will see great things together, you and I . You will see. Farewell, now.

Session 4

  • Mary's Impressions
  • March 21, 1993


Mary:Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your pleasure with a humble heart full of love , or for a message from my unseen friends.

JaEl:This is JaEl. Greetings, Dear Mary. Know that we work continuously, with your permission, with your energies. You bring us great joy as we work with Keeping joy in your dear heart. I love you. JaEl

Mary:Thank you Dear JaEl, I love you too!!!

Rayson:This is Rayson. I am with you. Greetings, beloved child of God. We celebrate our joyous work in the healing ministry. Judith accepts the healing and is well. Thank to your selfless sacrifice of imbibing pleasures. Much spontaneous healing was accomplished. Bless you dear precious one. The experience was treasured by all who worked with and through you on those 3 days. We all cherish and work with you through this difficult phase. However, you do so well, that you bring much joy to all of us. Know your worth. Be gentle with yourself - just as Michael taught you. I am with you . Feel my love surround you, Precious Child of the Light. So continue to be who you are. You are safe, protected and cherished. I love you. -Rayson

Anathia:I am Anathia. It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you, dearest sister Mary. Much healing work is being done through and with you, and your group family as well as your blood family. You need not be concerned for your children. They too, are protected through your fervent prayer and dedication. I rejoice. You have assisted in my ability to work with mankind. Know that you are a special child of God. Much love. - Anathia

Mary:I love you, too, Anathia!

Session 5

  • Julie's Impressions
  • Monday, March 22, 1993


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

You know what I feel in my heart. Are there any messages for me?


Dear Friend, this is JoEl.

We are all well pleased with you, and also delighted with your up-stepped understanding. Your friend will get the healing she needs. You are what she needs now.

The seeds that you planted are sprouting now. Tend to them diligently. They need all the nourishment you can give them now. I know that you want more lessons, just study and for??? the ones you have to date. When you have them in your "bones" you will be ready for another level. Just keep going into the silence and writing to us.

We love you, Dear Friend, and are always here for you. Love and Light surrounds you.


Thanks for JoEl. I love you, too.


Session 6

  • Patije's Impressions
  • Monday, March 22, 1993


Dear Father, Christ Michael, Teachers and Unseen Friends,

I am late today. I had the quiet time in the stillness and it lasted over an hour. During that time I felt as if I was being "tilted" from side to side and whizzing through (space?) to be in the presence of many. I cannot recall all of the sensation, but I was actually in the presence of many who are unseen upon this planet and many of those mortals you have introduced to me as my cosmic family! (including Avis, and Aunt Thelma, and Sarah Blackstock, and Connie, and Sonny, and Dennis, and Drue, and Mary, and Julie, and others I don't recall) I know some of these are not involved in this teaching mission, I know there are many more in my cosmic family so I do not understand this completely, but I trust it will be revealed to me.

I don't know what the purpose of this was but that too, will be revealed to me when it is time. I was aware of different colors also - differently than before.

Since then I have shared Susan's delight about contact and she shared much with me about colors and flower essences. It is interesting. I am so excited and delighted about her joy in making the breakthrough into communication. Thank you for allowing me a small part in this time with her. I certainly feel blessed!

Aflana told me last night that she did contact Susan and she would give me verification. This morning there was a message to Susan about me but she is certain she "heard" Alfana - not Aflana. What does this mean? Error in transmission, or another celestial by the name of Alfana? It would help if you could give us clarification on this.

In addition, Susan mentioned much about Flower Essences which intrigues me - sort of reverberates within me. Is there something here which I should know about?

Dennis and Sonny are putting together a paper of just LorEl's messages. Dennis sent it to me Saturday and when I began to read them for editing - I was intrigued by the wonder of it all! LorEl is a tremendously good teacher! Wow! All together, her messages are full of mind-stretching exercises. Thank you for this experience.

Sarah's name came up again today. Is it now time to give her the message? Susan mentioned her yesterday. Saturday, Dennis shared part of a newsletter which had Sarah's name on it. One day last week I was sharing my trip to California and my visit to Sarah and to Cheryl Zendt came up. One day sometime ago when I was talking with Robert Slagle he mentioned being a part of FOG and Sarah came to mind. More and more I am being made aware of the message which sits in my computer undelivered.

I am here for your messages - or more. I love you all and feel this is a privilege.


Aflana: Dear One, I am Aflana. It is true that I was overseeing Susan's beginning contacts. Signa was there. And, Manotia, representing the Melchizedek's, was there.

The flower essences which she talks about is another material means for us to help your chemistry for this contact. It is unnecessary but since she has it and is willing to use it, it can help us considerably in speeding up the beginning contact adjustments. Others can be helped by this too, if they understand what it is and use it correctly. Susan will help many in this service.

Olfana has studied with the Chanti who works with those developing material biologic uplifting methods. One of the methods of chemistry adjustment is the extracting of the essence from various flower petals. She works with this and with the use of it. She will work with Susan in the events which center upon this chemistry adjusting.

Olfana was with me as I contacted Susan in the stillness last evening. It was our intention of introducing our combined presence. When the message began, Susan picked up on both of our names and combined them. Therefore we did not confuse her. It will become clear as she continues to practice these communication techniques.

Continue to encourage Susan. She has many points of resistance to overcome but she has now reached a point where she knows that she knows of our reality and she will move into that realization without fear and detrimental doubt. It is a joy to see how our sisters can help one another as they harmonize and share their personal experiences and what they think is their imaginations! Do you not see this?

Rejoice, Dear Oone, you have demonstrated your faith once more and Michael's reliance upon your abilities to minister to fledgling receivers is well placed. We rejoice with you in such joy you can hardly imagine. Trust the process, Dear One. You are following the guidance of your Thought Adjuster and our teachings very well. Doubt not that you can be in error for long. We know whereof we speak.

It remains amazing to me how a suggestion can result in so much progress while human mortals drag their feet in any assignments. There are few exceptions. However, the little family which we are seeing harvested from among the fruitful ones upon Urantia are indeed truly prepared to act upon their faith.

The Reserve Corps of Destiny is growing in numbers and many have been activated. Some proceed in faith while others watch in wonder and wait for directives. Only those who show willingness to be about the business of the Correcting time in personal ministry to one another and steadfast loyalty to the Father will continue to become aware of the various stirrings upon Urantia - and be a part of the number who will witness and experience the morontial presence of those whom they desire to see.


Good day, My loyal and supportive Friend, I am LorEl and I am well pleased with the results of this term of service. You have done well.

Those who step out in faith to do that which is asked of them become aware of the immense amount of activity which is occurring upon the planet and in their lives. Very little of what is eventualizing could occur in time and space. You see this as a warp of time - a speeding up or slowing down of the time you have allotted for a project. This is true, but inaccurate in fact.

Your responsibility is to step out to do what is asked of you in this Correcting time. That is all. As you focus upon the Father's will and the assignment as it appears to you, more and more will be accomplished. It is your faith which brings myriads of help to you and more will come. If you should realign your focus into Time and Space the amount of your accomplishments will diminish accordingly and your ability to function within the corps will be overwhelmed by your sense of self accomplishment - resulting in being stretched too thin (as you call it) and your presumptuous inability to do anything more. See you not this truth?

I caution you to remain focused upon your goal at all times. All else will be managed with help from your unseen helpers. Sometimes that which you sacrifice is that which gives you the nourishment which enables you to continue with what you have begun. That which seems to demand the majority of your time is the very essence of the major part of your ability to do all else and minister unto all others. Think not that you are not worthy or have not the abilities to accomplish that which we ask. Know only that you have been asked and the whole universe is supporting your attempts. Know this. Accept this. Concern yourself not with what others are doing or not doing. Minister to those who call upon you - many times at our behest. Apply your efforts at that which is before you. Any additional work which is requested of you will come to you naturally. You need not try to do other's work in a better way. They have your work and you have yours. At some point in the future, all will come together in joy and thanksgiving for the part of the task which each accomplished.

I tell you truly, all things do work together for good for those who focus the Father's will and move into the power of love energy which compels one to live and be in Light and Life. There is nothing else in Love Energy. Only Light and Life. So for each minute particle of Love energy you can infuse into a material life experience, for that instant there is Light and Life present for all who witness - whether they are aware or not. The reverse is also true. For each minute particle of fear energy an unbalanced state of being is introduced and creates unlike Light and Life or Love energy in the experience for all concerned. See you not the truth of this? Of course you do.

Study it well. This is an important lesson in mankind's evolution from materiality to service.

You will see this occurring more and more often on your planet. Many crises will, when infused with Love energy, pass unnoticed. And, other illusions of crises will be defused and replaced with brotherhood as Love energy becomes the predominant power of awareness upon your planet.

This awareness will come as more and more work together to build a society of service and well being for all concerned, and less interest is shown for how to get that which will benefit "only me." It is time for humanity to awaken to their responsibility for the life upon this planet. A government which is fair and beneficial to all concerned will benefit all. A religion which includes all will do much more for mankind than one which is narrow and excludes so many. A community which recognizes the presence and well-being of all members will grow and be fruitful to all, when all participate and work towards the same goal of making the community healthy. An educational process - the schools - of the world's nations which emphasizes brotherhood and inclusive responsibility for all cultures and methods and expectations will enhance the quality of life for all upon the planet - not just those who are willing to exploit others for self centered reasons. Become aware. Be alert! Be ready to give to the whole. Be ready to do your part in correcting an inequal situation which does not allow all to live peacefully side by side working in harmony for a greater goal of good for mankind. This is the new age. This is the Correcting time. None can be allowed to exploit and use others without being separated from the Light and Life which is moving throughout your planet as an irresistible force of Love energy. This benign virus will permeate all life and recreate the uplift to the biology of all living things. None can resist for long. Those who continue to resist will be allowed to live out their lives in ignorance as per their free will choice, but will be unable to cause havoc to those who are living lives of Light and Life to the best of their ability.

It is your responsibility to live as if your planet were settled in Light and Life. The seeds have been planted. The gardeners and the lamp lighters have been called out to nurture and show the way. The forces of good - Love energy - are being upstepped as to become overwhelming to any mortal who will choose to hear. None can destroy this energy, only resist it for themselves. All will hear the call to right living. Some will choose to not answer. They will become scarce upon your planet as each who does choose to hear begins to live rightly in Love energy. Love casts out fear. Love casts out all unlike itself. Love energy can become the only force upon your planet as you each accept and promote the education of others to recognize and perpetuate it.

The seeds of this energy have sprouted and are beginning to grow in fields all over the planet. The seedlings are nourished by each minute amount of love expressed by any single person on the planet. Remember love is an energy, not an emotion. The emotion/feeling produced by seeing the value of another person, place or thing is interpreted by the human as love for that person, place or thing, but this is misunderstanding of the force of love. Love does not inhibit. Love does not act unseemly. Love does not take power over others. Love does not force any will over another. Love does not break the human rules of existence. Love is not present in any kind of fear. Love is not emotional. Love is. All else finds its value within the energy of Love.

Look for your value within the Love energy of service to the brotherhood of all mankind. Think not of yourselves. Think not of self interests. Think only of the good of mankind and your interests will be served as well. Focus upon the Father's will, and when any experience is seen from the viewpoint of Father's perceptions it will become beneficial to not only you personally, but to mankind. As you clean out the furniture of your inheritance of race consciousness and old tapes of learned misinformation, you are cleaning the planet for all who dwell thereon. As you turn to your highest potential in all that you do, all decisions that you make, all of mankind will be benefitted. Whatever your honesty and integrity can accomplish, it is accomplished for all mankind upon the planet.

I tell you truly. Think on these things. Your effort does make a difference. Your choice of action does make a difference. Your acceptance of evil does make a difference. Again, I urge you to look up the meanings of the word evil in your textbook, the Urantia Book. See the references in your index, study them, connect them, you will see that the evils are not crime in your society so much as the ungood thoughts, out-of-balance emotions, and willingness to settle for less than your own perfect potential, which causes evil to manifest. Rejection, self-protection, judgement, negative reactions, worry, non-responses, these and much more can be evils depending upon your perceptions. Clean up and educate your perceptions and long held opinions and prejudices.

Light and Life is not brought upon the planet as from the outside. We can come in from the outside to contact you and awaken you. We can guide and instruct you. We can help you - but only if you first act upon the choice to help yourselves. Life and Light is a way of living within the power of Love energy which must evolve and permeate each individual upon the planet. It becomes imperative then, for each individual to be awakened, alerted and go forth planting seeds of Light and Life (Love energy) upon the experiences of each routine and boring day as well as the exceptional days of a life experience. Your individual effort is required. Your individual effort is requested. Your individual effort is crucial. Your individual effort is urgent during this Correcting time. Whether or not you can receive and transmit messages from the celestial friends which have been brought to Urantia by Michael is unimportant if you do not live your personal life as to create Life and Light everywhere you are, in everything you do, and with everything you say and think! It is your responsibility. Each individual must become alert to what he or she is living, thinking and being. Live up to your personal potential perfection and all will change as if by magic. When the right number of perSons are living rightly in Love energy, there will be a magnificent transformation - right before your eyes.

All energies of beings from all over the universe is entering the darkened state of Urantia at this time. Enlightening information about all fields of life begins to filter into the consciousness of all individuals working towards the betterment of life on Urantia. When the Father stirred himself, and Michael mandated this Correcting time to begin, when Machiventa was seated upon his reflective place of administration and those who volunteered to come to Urantia to begin this age of Light and Life were selected and trained and transported to this place, new energy was abroad upon the face of this planet. Preparation has long been in the making. The continuing of this epochal revelation comes in many forms, and in many methods - the Urantia Book revelation destined to be the major textbook upon the planet during this Correcting Time. There is much which is unmentioned in the U B because of mortal's tendency to get in the way of progress through ignorance and exuberance of desiring to play a part in it. For the most part each cell of the Reserve Corps of Destiny has been ignorant of the others. Those of you within the readership of the textbook are beginning to become aware of one another. Some of you have long been a part of the preparation - singly or in groups. Some of you were set up to protect and promulgate the textbook itself. It took many with assurance and assertiveness during the time of shadowy existence. Now it is time to come out into the light and declare yourselves. Promulgate, publicize, circulate and proclaim the truth within its covers! Teach, explain, expound and instruct all those who will hear.

Like the ark of the covenant, the shrine of the revelation, was well guarded and many have fought over its possession to keep it holy and untouched. While elaborate ceremonies and crafty legalities were employed to protect it - those who have remained focused upon the outer container have had eyes that could not see, and ears that could not hear, while the essence and spirit of truth, beauty and goodness has escaped and become a part of every God knowing individual! It has become a living thing - no longer able to be kept guarded and locked away by exclusive possession. It is abroad in the world and all will know of it! No longer guard the tomb of the spirit. Allow the spirit itself to spread and be useful and beneficial to all who hear of it. All who become aware of it will be blessed and uplifted by its contents - even though they seem to reject and misunderstand it's messages. Those who are truly focused upon Father and the Truth, Harmony, and Spiritual Value of Life will know and embrace its teachings. Stand not in the way of the Spirit of Truth! No longer hamper the growth of your brothers and sisters of Urantia. Allow free will choice to each and every one of God's little ones.

From this day forward, do all you can do to live up to your personal potential, educate and allow others this freedoms to do so, and plant your seeds of Love energy in all that you do. This is the method for you to do your part in the realization of the status of your planet in the age of Light and Life.

I leave you now. Farewell, until you call again upon me. LorEL

Patije: Thank you for the lesson. Something Dennis said to me about an article in the Decisions Newletter about how the collective unconscious causes this communication with people around the Urantia readership...I've been thinking about it. Would you address this in our next session or one day soon?

LorEl:I will appraise this request. It is worthy of consideration. Do you ask out of curiosity or from the place of wanting to confirm another's perception?

Patije:I think I really want to know. I care not about other's opinions. I would like more information to evaluate this for myself. Perhaps that is curiosity?

LorEl:Farewell, Sister. I will come when you call again.

Patije:Farewell, LorEl. May the Father bless you for the good work you are doing here on Urantia.

Session 6

  • Celestial Impressions
  • Thursday, March 25,


We began by going into the silence with our hands up towards one another and offered our prayers of thanksgiving as well as our invitation and welcome to the teachers. Then offered our willingness to serve.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father, Christ Michael, the teachers and all of our unseen friends, for the help, the guidance, the energy, the healing, for just being here with us. We welcome you and we invite you to join us. I offer my willingness to serve.

Mary:This is Mary. I would like to greet the Father and Michael and all of our unseen friends and helpers, and to thank everyone who has worked with us this week. I am open and willing and ready to be of service in any way that is necessary.

Julie:This is Julie. I welcome all of our unseen friends, celestials, Christ Michael, our Father, our Universal Mother Spirit - all of our great teachers. I am open and I am willing to serve in any way.

Drue:This is Drue. I want to thank all of our unseen helpers for the energy and for all the support and love that you have given me this week. I truly appreciate it. I thank you for the help you are giving my family members too. I am open and willing to help in anyway.

Wanda:This is Wanda. I also welcome the teachers and I am open to any help that I can give, ready and willing to serve.

(long silence)

LorEl:The Father's love surrounds, enfolds and supports you wherever you are. I am LorEl. Good evening.

Group:Good evening, LorEL. Welcome.

LorEl: (Patije)

It is a delight to be here with you this evening. Aflana is away but she should be back in a little while. There are many here to observe, to try to understand, to communicate with and even to teach you if you desire. (pause)

You have begun to see your function as a teaching group this week. You have had opportunity to speak to some in other groups, some of you have had a opportunity to sprinkle seeds and scatter them among the beings in the time and space place where you have your daily activities. All of you have made much progress this week in ways that perhaps you do not know. (pause)

We are building a world of Light and Life one by one, two by two and group by group. It pleases us much that you have dedicated your time and your efforts to be about the Father's business in this Correcting Time. We challenge you to do one thing more each day in Light and Life, in love, in service. (long silence)

Patije:It occurs to me that there are several groups meeting on Thursday night - maybe we should reach out and send our love and support to them.

Drue:Some of them are in different time zones...so they are meeting yet.

Patije:Up to 3 hours, we were told, could be coordinated...and the other Sarasota group probably is meeting at this time.

Julie:This is Julie. I know you asked and you didn't ask, you said, that we can have lessons if we want. I think it would be a good idea. Also I am asking about other colors, I am seeing the orange and I am wondering what the orange color is. I also see grids with this.

Drue:Julie what came to mind when you said the orange is autumn...it must be the end of a phase, we are moving into a new phase of Light and Life and I think this is showing the end of what has been going on, getting ready for the new beginning.

Julie:Umhmmm. well, also, Drue, that through another person in California got the message that purple is Michael or God, gold is Gabriel, and green are the midwayers -

Patije:Life carriers . ..

Julie:...Life carriers, and the blue is Melchizedek, but I sometimes get flashes of white and silver. I am wondering I mean, like really bright white! Illuminescent white. I was wondering, which...

Drue:Is it Michael?

Julie:That's purple. And green, are the life carriers. So when LorEl was speaking I was getting orange. (short silence)

Patije:Maybe orange is the color of the teachers who have come in from Edentia to teach us during this phasing out, phasing in time.

Drue:I got the sense that although this is the end - we are seeing the end of something as we know it - in the fall winter follows fall, so we might see either a little dormant time, or a little cooler time or a little harsher time before the spring. But spring is there. And, we see lots of times- we are seeing this now in the Correcting Time - so many things are going on in our world. It could be just part of this beginning of the winter.

Julie:What energy is here! (pause)

Wanda:You are right. I see nothing but purple, purple, purple.

Julie:Purple, yes! Purple just came in to me as you mentioned that so Michael is here! And, I see him. I see him as the shroud of Turin - that's what, in the negative, that's what he looks like to me, but more dimensional.

Voice:Ooooooooh (like in yuk) Your friend, Rayson is here too, Mary.


Drue:Welcome, Rayson.

Julie:Welcome, Rayson.

Patije:Good evening, Rayson. I had a delightful discovery today, Rayson. I have been looking - hunting diligently - for something in the Welmek papers and found out today it was you who said it!

Mary:What was it?

Patije:All about personality and personality communication and communication between us and those in other worlds between here and Paradise...

Julie:And Rayson, I have been enjoying your papers no end. I take them to bed with me every night. You are a wonderful teacher.

Rayson: (Mary)It pleases me that my lessons are taken.

Drue:And, Rayson I thank you for your healing energy. I appreciate the support you are giving my earthly father.

Rayson:You are welcome, Drue. (long silence)

Julie:Some gold light is coming through, but I don't think it is Gabriel, I think it is energies coming through - showered down on us.

Mary:Were the energy just stepped up?

Julie:I know. That's what that was. (short silence) Something even upstepped this week. Has anybody noticed? Time is going a little bit faster than it did last week...

Mary:In a material sense, my work week seemed shorter this week.

Julie:But you got more work done.

Mary:Yeah! It is like I am living three lives.

Julie:We are! I saw a bunch of celestials throw all different kinds of hats on to us (laughter)

Patije:What do they represent? Interpret that for us.

Julie:All different kinds of hats - like turbans...

Drue:Different jobs.

Julie:Different jobs.

Patije:I wondered if it was different jobs or was it . ..

Julie:...Jobs! or we are going to lead different lives.

Drue:Different roles.

Julie:Different roles that we are playing

Mary:I'll take a different life.

Drue:You are going to get one, guaranteed!

Julie:An iridescent royal blue turban with a big peacock feather is floating all around looking for a head to put it on.

Drue:Mary! Lay on Mary's! Lay on Mary's! (laughter)

Mary:Why a peacock feather?

Julie:I don't know.

Drue:We'll blow it your way, Mary. (blows and elicits laughter!)

Julie:It is supposed to be very spiritual.

Drue:The eye - the eye of . ..

Julie:... Yeah, the eye.

Drue:The all seeing eye!

Julie:Yes it is true. There is a story about it, but I can't think of what it is about the eye.

Mary:Oh, somebody powerful just came in.


Patije:Creative Mother Spirit's presence. It is like a color just got inside of me and pushed through all of me and out through my chest...

Mary: I just feel likemy chest just opened

Julie:And, that's probably who the hat belongs to. It looked like it should go on a queen.

Creative Mother Spirit:Greetings, Children of the Light.

Group:Good evening.

Creative Mother Spirit: (Patije)

I bring my energy to you. It is my energy which is used for healing, nurturing...growing... I am so pleased to see you are aware of it. It delights me to know that some of our children understand and glimpse the extreme amounts of love power available to them with just a tiny raindrop of faith. This energy is love, it cannot be used for anything but love. Love energy is. As it expands within you and around you, it creates a vacuum and nothing can remain except the love to draw more love your way. This energy is a cleansing energy because it is made up of the ability to cast out anything unlike itself. When a vacuum is created it brings all of your good to you. It enables you to move lighter up the spiral towards the realization and unfoldment of your own perfection potential. (pause)

I welcome you, Children of the Light, to spend your time, your thoughts, your creativity, your being within the energy of love. It is what you have yearned for all of your live's experience. It is what your goal, your focus, is all about. It is not easy to remain in love energy when you serve two masters, as you in material machines, must do. But, it is becoming more easy for you to enter, for moments at a time. Do you not know what you feel is the expansion of your beingness in this love energy? It will nourish and heal and love you into higher consciousness. (pause)

I am with you always. My ministers, your guardians, your unseen friends, are sent to you by me to minister and care for your slightest need while taking your steps upon your spiritual path. Uplift your thoughts, your eyes into the higher consciousness from whence cometh your strength, and where you will find your pathway. Be gentle with yourself, my Children. You are Children of the Light. You are becoming what you are. (long, long silence)

Patije:Does anybody hear Ruby?

Julie:Umhmmm. I see her - cute as anything!

Patije: I think I hear her saying:

Ruby:"You are becoming! You are becoming! You are becoming!"

Mary:I am on fire!

Julie:I am too. (long, long, long silence) This room suddenly grew very, very, very large. They are getting ready for something. (long pause) It is green, the color is green now. The vibration just stepped up a couple of tones. (long, long silence)

Drue:It is almost as if there is a dance going on.


Patije:I was thinking the same thing.

Julie:Yeah, I...ah...like a ballroom

Drue:I didn't want to say anything...

Julie:Like a ballroom, the room got bigger and taller and the books were pushed out

Drue:A dance floor . ..

Julie:... Yeah, a dance floor...I think the Chanti...(fades out)

Mary:The Chanti are here.


Mary:Anathia is here.


Patije:Greetings to Anathea, Ophelia, Olivia...

Julie:To VanEssa, and to VanEl, and Ruby. (short silence)

Drue:I was up in the hospital yesterday with my dad and I heard some ladies talking about a trip she was taking and she was going to Lake Van.

Patije:Turkistan - that's the original Lake Van, named after "our" Van.

Mary:Who is this? (Patije explains who Van is)

Drue:And VanEl and VanEssa are named in respect to Van - as a show of respect.

Mary:And, where is Lake Van?

Patije:It is Turkistan - Turkey and somewhere between there and . ..?

Wanda:Afghanistan. My hands feel like they are ready to burst. Like they are ten times bigger than they should be.

Julie:I know. Yeah.

Drue:Who is the regal presence on the dance floor? Is that the Universal Mother Spirit?

Patije:The Universal Mother Spirit cannot leave Salvington in person - some sort of energy presence comes to us...

Drue:Well, then it is somebody else. Somebody really regal. It is definitely feminine.

Mary:I got Anathea and she's...I thought I had a partial message but...in essence the impression of what I got was: "I have no message but suffice for you to know that the energy work is carried out in profundity" And, I was like I don't know what that means -

Drue:It means that they are really doing a good job.

Mary:What is profundity?

Drue:Well, they are really giving it to us!



Julie:Deep. Profound, full of awe.

Mary:That was the impression I got.

Julie:Deep awe, very awe... yeah.

Wanda:The feeling of joy and laughter is in the room.


Mary:The energy is moving from left to right.

Julie:Umhmm I also feel it is like an x goes from (points and then the other way)

Patije:What is?

Mary:The energy. (long silence)

Julie:I know it isn't so, but it is like a mirrored ballroom ball is going around, but I think it is the dust being sprinkled around - like silver and gold dust. The silver and gold dust twins - do you remember that?

Drue:The warm and the cold. Again, we are getting the autumn and the winter.

Julie:By the way, the Universal Mother spirit was that bright iridescent white light. It is so bright it is almost blinding.(pause) Well, whoever, it is, is coming around and taking our hands, so I think you may be feeling it. (short silence) It is like a shadow that I see. Feel it Wanda, taking your hand?


Julie:Now, Drue? Mine... Mary's



Julie:It is like a shock isn't it?

Patije:It was like fingers lightly touching the palm of my hand and it was like one of those shocks you get when you walk across the carpet and gather static electricity...

Julie:That's right.

Mary:I'm still feeling it.

Julie:I don't know who it was. It was like a shadow. But, it was somebody who wanted to make their presence known. (short silence) What about April 24th?

Mary:What? (long silence)

Julie:You know what I just got, Patije, when I said that? You will know when you know.

Patije:I had the thought that it "will be a day of high energy."

Julie:Umhmmm (long silence) Somebody is going over and working on Wanda now.

Wanda:I'm getting the message: "You need to open up more" Whatever that means. It is the message I am getting. "You need to open up more."

Patije:Open your mouth and start talking!

Drue:We've got the little earth here too (a little globe has been put in the center of the group) Need some healing energy sent right here.

Julie:Get rid of those fire ants. (long silence)

Wanda:I need to know from one of the teachers, what the block is. (short silence) Twice I have heard words but they made no sense because the sentences were not complete.

Patije:It is like baby talk. When your grandbaby talks to you, he sees bananas on the table, he says "see banana, want"

Wanda:That's what it sounded like!

Patije:So you fill in the other words yourself and when you are wrong, they correct you. Try it. Or just say those words and you will see that they do make sense.

Wanda:All this happened in the quiet time at home and the words themselves were very distinct. They were not sentences.

Patije:They don't have to be in the beginning. The main words of a sentence convey the simple meaning for beginner TRs

Julie:Say the words.

Patije:Usually it is 2 or maybe 3 words at a time in the beginning.

Wanda:I'm curious what "Opened up too much" ringing in my ears.


Maybe they don't go together. Maybe it was "open up" and "Too much" something else. S____ first started hearing this (someone I was helping over the phone) . .."I got 4 words " and I told her what I thought they meant and then a little while later she called again and had another few words. I don't remember what they were but it was like baby talk: like "Want banana. See picture." etc, etc. When we put them together with some of the other ideas - feelings, visions - in her head, we were able to make sense out of them. Within 3 days she was getting paragraphs already - by just practicing! She is doing it with a tape recorder and practicing orally rather than with pen and paper. She was also told to use flower essences. We know about Bach flower essences, but she is talking about Palandra...or something. She said Dr. Bach created the essences from petals of flowers around the turn of the century, biologically mankind was at a certain level, now mankind is at another level and these other essences will speed it up. Another called me who in the beginning got the words: Hear now us, speak you.

(got off into a conversation about the different ways they contact us and how we nourish the seeds by accepting and going forth with the foot work of our faith)

Julie:I am also getting a black color. And, it seems to have these strange keys in it. It is these keys, these strange looking things, whatever that is... feels like someone hit me over the head with a hammer.

Drue:Didn't they put the keys in us last week?

Julie:It is like black velvet, you know?

Patije:I got the words "Mirror reflection" and I don't know what that means in this context.

Drue:What comes to mind is from Corinthians - now you see through a glass darkly but soon face to face. (tape turns over)

Drue:Does everybody agree that Melchizedek is blue?


Drue:Do you feel that way?

Julie:Sort of a deep blue.

Patije:Used to be three almost black dots -

Julie:Not black, deep, deep,deep purple that was almost black.

Patije:Blue is Michael's color. That's why that through me. Machiventa wore the blue concentric circles on the planet so... it kind of makes logical sense.

Julie:That's what I figure, but those black dots that I saw, I was never sure if they were black or that dark, dark, dark, purple.


Drue:Indigo blue - yeah, that's midnight blue.

Julie:So dark.

Drue:I don't know, I think he is gold... (fades out) I think Melchizedek is gold.

Mary:Gabriel is gold.

Drue:Yeah, but maybe Gabriel has a friend. (laughter) He is the only one that can wear gold.

Mary:The only one I ever see is Gabriel. I see him as this great big gold "angel". I don't see colors at all except for this one.

Wanda:You don't?


Wanda:That's strange. I've seen purple for years and years and years.

Mary:Everyone is different.

Julie:Everyone is different. Mary gets stuff I don't get.

Wanda:I just thought everybody saw colors when they...

Julie:She could see my guides or the guides...

Mary:I could see beings...

Julie:Well, I don't. I'm beginning to . .. only if I close my eyes and . ..I'm getting in touch with it now.

Mary:You're seeing them now because you were . ..

Julie:I see them now...before I didn't

Mary:No, I've never seen colors. (short silence)

Drue:Well, I think this was a good lesson for us too, in how individually we perceive things even on this planet. That what we see we naturally assume that everybody sees! And, when we actually feel, we think everybody feels that way. But that is not the case at all because we perceive things so individually.


Patije:Maybe your mother taught you that blue was gold and gold was blue!

Mary:Yeah, maybe that is what my mom told me and that is why I only see gold! (laughter)

Drue:Well, you're from South Africa, right? Well, that's the land of gold, gold mines.


Drue:Yeah, but gold too.

(Julie, Drue and Mary talking at once....??? about Lucy, sky, diamonds, mothers and diamonds, etc.)(long silence)

Julie:My energy is coming back.

Mary:Yeah, all my aches are gone now. They were doing things with me and I was having trouble sitting still and I couldn't...

Julie:(talking at the same time)

Mary:Small of my back. That is how Rayson and Anathia came through.

Patije:What about Lutzia?

Mary:What about him?

Patije:Lutzia is a midwayer that works with healing - first showed up in this group with a visiting doctor last spring...

Julie:Umhmmm He works with you?

Mary:That's who I saw in my carport this evening. And, I was disciplined enough not to turn my head and look. I continued to look with my peripheral vision. Tonight I was following a voice and there was a figure standing in my carport and I never turned my head. I got to see this whole person standing over there. I had the impressions straightaway that it was a midwayer and I thought: "Oh, wow, greetings. Thank you for being here!"

Drue:Was the midwayer standing on the ground or above the ground?

Mary:I couldn't see the feet. It was like real tall almost - up to my light, and I was just impressed that this was a tall person. I was looking at the head to see if I could see a face. But, it was more an outline than a complete face - head shoulders and sort of a misty grey with sort of iridescent white sort of shining through a mist like. That was it. I had gotten a good whole look, but I was trying to see a face. I came here and I got my book to show Patije the message I got the other day and I opened right to a message from Lutzia. then I knew who it was. That is my first experience. I usually see them frittering around the corner so I know I am aware of them but this was really cool because I didn't jump out of my skin and become frightened. I am chicken - don't scare me. Take away the human reaction cause I want to be calm and look...

Julie:I want to see it. You look out of the corner of the eye.

Mary:You know that fear of the unknown thing...you react. I don't want that reaction anymore. I'm aware. I know. I love. Now, please, work with me and tonight it was wonderful.

Julie:That's true, Mary. This is a big thing we have to learn is not to fear.


The thought came to me about the size. The primary midwayers were offspring of the mortals who came to Urantia with Caligastia. The secondary midwayers were great-grandchildren of Adam and Eve. The Adam and Eve are material sons and they are about 9 feet tall average. One of their sons, Adamson, picked a wife - Ratta, I think -

Julie:Wasn't it Adam who went to Ratta?

Mary:Were you getting that description out of the Urantia Book?

Julie:Wasn't that Adam that went to Ratta?

Drue:Well one of them....wasn't.... (fades out)


Adamson went to the Nodites and his wife was the last decedent of the Nod of the Caligastia 100 - mortals who mated and produced the Primary Midwayers. So, Adam and Eve's great grandchildren would be a cross hybrid if you will of material sons and unfused ascended mortals. The material sons and the descendants of a mortal who came here with Caligastia. So the Secondary midwayers could be very very tall while the Primary midwayers very short. It makes sense, but not necessarily truth!

Drue:That's true.

Patije:But then that doesn't fit with what, I think was Welmek, said about midwayers appearing 4 foot tall when they are 6 foot away from you.

Julie:Probably that was primary then.

Drue:I was under the impressions that midwayers were very, very tall. So those must be the secondary midwayers?

Patije:I thought they were too, until I read the transmissions from somewhere stating that they were short!

Julie:Yeah, me too.

Mary:I was more than 6 foot away. I was at the end of my driveway and this looked like a big person - big person!

Drue:It must have been a secondary midwayer then.


Patije:I thought VanEssa is a secondary midwayer, isn't she?

Drue:VanEssa is a secondary midwayer.

Patije:So she would be tall?


Patije:Is this true, VanEssa? Are you around? (laughter)

Drue:Not are you round, are you tall?

Patije:Did we figure this out right, or are we out in left field?

Julie:Please, you can give us games.

Mary:Or tell us who was on my carport. Then we solve this thing.

Drue:Lutzia. Is Lutzia here tonight?


Drue:Ok, Lutzia, we would like to ask some questions if we may, please. We'd like to know how tall you are.

Unseen Helper:Those are not the questions


Mary:They said it is not the questions to ask.

Drue:Well, we welcome you, anyway. If you would like to share a little something...

Mary:This may be just sheer imagination, my mind doing this but I hear this voice saying:

Lutzia?:I came with Mary.

Mary:Yeah, you did. (laughter)

Drue:He came in the car with Mary.

Mary:As a joke. And, it might just be my head. (laughter)

Patije:I don't think so. I sort of...

Julie:I can verify that!

Mary:Did you hear that?


Patije:He is working with Mary.

Drue:Oh, that's a male?

Mary:Yes, that's a male. And, I thought it was a female until I saw that figure tonight and it looked like a guy.

Patije:Lutzia is named after Lut - of the Caligastia 100.

Mary:Who is Lut?

Patije:One of the mortals who came with Caligastia. That makes him sound more like a primary midwayer than a secondary one. (laughter)

Mary:Well, I thank Lutzia for working with me because this is just profound. I am very humbled.

Patije:Tutken came and told me a joke today.



Tutken. It is the message for today. LorEl had continued a lesson which Aflana started about individuals working in a group of Light and Life. Then VanEssa was teaching us to come into the Light and not try to grope and seek in the dark. Then she said Tutken is reminding me of a joke he has picked up from some humans somewhere. He then began to tell me the joke of a drunk man who is looking for his pipe which he had dropped. Somebody came along and asked what he was looking for, and then offered to help him look for his pipe. After looking for awhile, the helper asked: "Where did you last have it?" The drunk said "over there by the fire hydrant." "Why are you looking for it over here then?" "Because there is a street lamp and I can see better than I can over by the fire hydrant." (laughter)

VanEssa said: See, what you seek you did not lose so go over under the streetlight to find it. You can find it there a lot easier than in the dark. (laughter) He made a point - I remembered it!

(Julie has a coughing fit which lasts quite awhile)

Julie:I'm trying to see what to say because I'm told I cough because I am not voicing the words.

Mary:You are stifling the words instead of letting them come out of your mouth.

Julie:There is nothing.

Patije:You try too hard and you want to hear the words before you speak them. Several times you have attempted to just start and I've heard you. I remember one time, I said to you just start with word like good evening, I am.... and you did just say: "Good evening, I am...." and the words just kept coming... and you transmitted a whole spiel. You are in a place where you can do this. No body is judging and no body will ridicule you.

Drue:Yes, we will! We're keeping score right here! (laughter)

Mary:And, you're not responsible for what comes out of your mouth. You don't assume responsibility.

Patije:Drue doesn't want to hear that.

Drue:Hear what?

Patije:That you aren't responsible for what comes out of your mouth.

Julie:I know what she is talking about. I don't ah...ah... (fades out)

Patije:This is true for Wanda too.

Wanda:When the time is right, it will be right.

Patije:This is not like taking a telephone conversation and repeating it to somebody who is not on the phone. It is often just an impression, an inspiration, an intuition, a feeling that there is a word, an awareness - you can't shake it, it is there. Then, as you speak it the others just come along behind it and push it right on along.


Wanda:I actually heard words. I actually heard them. The words themselves were so plain.

Julie:Say them.

Wanda:I'm not talking about tonight. I'm talking about the two times at home in my quiet time. The words were so plain it was unbelievable. But, they didn't make sense. I am beginning to believe that I have a physical block.

Drue:Maybe this is something you are supposed to share with us and maybe we receive the other words to fill in the blank.

Julie:That's the game I am waiting for. Who plays that game with us?

Drue:This is like a jigsaw puzzle.

Patije:Michael played it with us the first time.

Mary:Yes, Michael played it, yeah.

Patije:This is Patije. Is there a teacher here who will play the game with us for each of us to get an impression? (long, long, silence) I hear the words: "I will" but I don't know from whom.

Drue:I hear the words: "I will. I will. I will." That sounds like Ruby! (laughter)

Patije:Me too! (laughter)

Drue:Ruby is the game player, isn't she? (short silence)

Julie:I see a rainbow...

Wanda:I see Chinese or Japanese alphabet or writings...

Mary:What does it mean?

Wanda:I have no idea.

Julie:Is it like... ah... a "T" with a two things coming down?

Wanda:No. It's like a lot of them running together. Almost like a painting.


Patije:I see like a paintbrush hanging in the air waiting for someone to take hold of it and finish...

Wanda:My foot is burning, Mary.

Mary:Tell me when you feel it in the top of your head.

Wanda:I think I have a block

Drue:Oh, get rid of it. Get rid of it.

Mary:You're not going to have it by the time I move my hand. Put your hands down. Just tell me when you feel it. (long, long silence)

Julie:Any more pictures, people?

Patije:I just had a picture of Ann. (short silence)

Drue:I am sort of getting a picture of a souped up hot rod.

Patije:Where is it going?

Drue:I don't know. I just see it.

Mary:I got the highway.

Drue:You got the highway? Good. We're going down the highway in a souped up hotrod, under the rainbow, pulling along chinese writing or...

Julie:...That's going to the end of the rainbow.

Patije:In a Japanese sports car! (laughter)


Julie:I was thinking of painting your wagon. This was my first impression. Paint your wagon.

Patije:What is the wagon?

Julie:The car...down the highway.

Drue:What we carry with us down the highway of life.

Julie:May you always encounter rainbows in your Japanese oldsmobile.

Patije:Rainbows...let's see, "I've set my bow in the clouds as a covenant between you and me"... whereby I will do all things and you have to do nothing but accept them....or something like that?

Julie:What about the paint brush...? As we paint along the way...

Patije:Whenever anybody says rainbow anymore, I see the complete circle of rainbow we saw last year when we flew down to Key West. I had never seen anything like that before - and we saw three of them!

Julie:How fortunate.

Wanda:I get "You are on the way!" I hear those words clearly: "You are on the way!"

Julie:I got it! Sherwin Williams can paint the world in rainbow colors.

Patije:What has that got to do with what the teachers are teaching us?

Julie:Well, you know...

Patije:We're making this game harder. If you get a picture you have to interpret it. (laughter)

Mary:Well, you wouldn't know by me. I live highway.


Mary:It is so wonderful that I am sitting here and everybody else is just doing their own thing through me. It is so cool. (healing)

Patije:That is what the transmitting is all about too. Somebody else is doing their thing through us.

Wanda:I am told to sit up straight, Mary.

Mary:Then do it.

(there is a shifting of chairs and bodies.)

Julie:I am getting like all flowers floating in the air, coming down like being rained on with flowers. (short silence) red flowers.

Drue:In the time of Jesus it was a sign of great respect to walk on petals or leaves or something so that your feet did not touch the ground. It was a sign of great respect.

Patije:Could this be a picture of the flower essences that...

Julie:... I got it! The bright light went on as you said the flower essences.

Patije:They are extracting the essences from the flowers...

Julie:That's what it is! And it is these red flowers which are not roses! they look like the red daisies - like the African daisy. The African daisy yes.

Mary:I'm glad it is African.

Julie:Yeah. Aren't they red? That's what they call them here anyway, Whether they are or they aren't.

Wanda:Can you feel that pulsing?


Julie:I was just told something, Mary. (puts her hand up on Mary's)

Mary:What? I can't move my hand.

Julie:I know. (long silence) It's to go to Wanda.

Wanda:I'm going to need a sprinkler pretty soon it is so warm.

Patije:Nobody's complained about my air conditioner running tonight! (long silence)

Wanda:I hear: "New body."

Mary:That is what you are getting.

Julie:Do you feel it, Mary? I do too. Let me get my thumb there because the thumb is...(fades out)...(long silence) Someone came and took my hand and said "Put it on Mary's." That's because Wanda is not accepting all of the energy through her so everybody is getting healed. They are doing it in a round about way. Trying to come in her back door.

Patije:Move the block, Wanda. Tell it to go away.

Drue:Sweep it out. Sweep it out. Sweep it out.

Julie:Be willing.

Wanda:I have tried everything I know.

Julie:Be willing.

Patije:Don't try so hard.

Drue:Don't lock the door. Leave it open. It will go out by itself.


Breathe universe in...how did they tell us...don't breathe, but let the universe breathe you. The Universe Creative Spirit lives and moves . ..how does that go? She completely surrounds us. She is why we have life. So when we breathe in, we can breathe the energy of the Universe Mother Spirit and allow her to breathe us in and out.

Wanda:Abundantly. I keep getting the word: "Abundantly."


Drue:...and has life abundantly.


Let go and let God. (pause) Let's see, in the beginning I used to always say: "I believe, help my unbelief" as Paul did. I think that was on the tape a hundred times in the first few transmitting sessions. (laughter) I wonder if we would ask simple questions if Wanda would be able to open the block long enough for them to answer.

Drue:Wanda is getting lighter because her hand wants to just go up into the air.

Mary:The energy is real high.

Wanda:I can feel it.

Mary:Where in your body are you feeling the energy?

Wanda:Up the leg.

Mary:Well, your block is in the traumatic area (recent treatment for accident of muscles pulling away from the ribs ) where you feel pain.

Wanda:I know where the block is. It is right here. (she points)

Mary:So you have to erase the tapes, the memory of the reaction to that. For that is what is stopping the energy. It is beginning to burn me as it backs up and goes back through me to Julie.

Drue:I take some. I'll volunteer.

Julie:You got it.

Mary:Pull your chair closer to me and put your foot on my knee and you will get all you need, girl. I'm just burning up with it.

Julie:Yes. Now you got it.

Drue:I can use it.

Mary:Put your foot up here also.

Patije:Wow! That makes a difference!

Mary:There is energy going through me like crazy right now. You might as well use it. There's Chanti. We have Rayson. We have Anathia...

Julie:That's who it is!

Mary:And we have Lutzia.


Wanda:Is your hand burning, Drue?

Drue:No, my hand isn't burning, but my legs are going like crazy.

Mary:There is a lot of energy going through my body. And thank you, all for I am getting profound healing from this too.

Julie:I know.

Drue:I tell you. This week has been seems to have been so strenuous on me and I called upon you so many times, Mary.

Mary:I know. You got it.

Drue:And, I couldn't have done it without you.

Mary:Ahhhh, you could have. You just need moral support, and the healing energy and you had it.

Drue:Well, without all of our unseen friends, I would be in deep trouble. And, I just really wanted you to know.

Mary:Where are you feeling the energy, Patije?

Patije:Up my legs and back out my hands. (pause) I keep hearing the word or the name: "Grace" or "Grauss" Does it mean anything to anybody?

Mary:(laughing) A funny thing came: "Hail Mary, full of grace..." (laughter)

Julie:That's what...I can verify that.

Wanda:Thank you, in Spanish.


Wanda:Gracia, that is what came to me real fast.

Julie:Gracie in Italian

Drue:Oooh, Mary. Send some of this to my dad too, please. He'd love to have some of it.

Mary:Your womb just got taken care of, Drue.

Drue:Oh, thank you.

Julie:I don't know if I am really here or if I am just dreaming this. (laughter)

Mary:Share it.

Julie:No, I mean, I feel like...

Drue:You know what I feel like? When I was in the fifth grade we would all hold hands and play ring around the rosy and we'd run really, really fast and lean way back, way back. Just run as fast as we could around that circle. And, that's what I feel like, like we are all holding on.

Julie:Umhm. Who's heart beat do I feel? Is it mine or yours?

Mary:It is the pulse of the Universe.

Wanda:I feel it even in the bottom of my foot.

Julie:Do you feel it?


Patije:I have an incredible amount of pain in my side and stomach area - right in here - like I am taking on Wanda's problem.


Drue:Well, don't.

Wanda:I'll keep it rather than give it to you, Patije.

Julie:Throw it up in the air.

Drue:Give it away.

Mary:Now listen. She is assisting you in removal. We are trying to get blocks removed and that is what they are working on right now. Patije will give it away. She is the only here that empathizes the way she accepts.

Patije:That's fine. I am an old hand at it.

Mary:And that is just her MO. She will take care of that. You don't take it back, you just let it go...

Julie:Now I have . ..

Mary:Just relax...

Julie:Now I have...

Mary:... into it...

Julie: Now I have...

Mary:...Wanda? Did you hear...


Julie:Now I have . ..I have it like under my breasts and around the back.

Mary:Yes, O strong mind! (laughter) Now send it up through the crown chakra...


Drue:I don't have it. I don't want it.

Mary:Work until you can see it going on up...

Julie:...Yeah, I think that was part of Wanda's...

Mary:See it going out through the crown chakra. Wasn't that?

Patije:Every now and then I get the impressions that Julie is a mirror. She is the object of reflectivity.

Mary:Her energy is off. Her energy is off! Start breathing! Julie, I'm talking to you. I'm talking to Julie.

Drue:That's good for all of us though. We forget to breathe.

Julie:I was concentrating so hard I forgot to breathe.

Mary:Right. As soon as your energy changed, I felt it. Now where are you feeling this?

Wanda:No place.

Mary:You don't feel the energy at all?

Wanda:No. Nope.

Julie:That means it is done, isn't it?

Mary:Uh uh, because they are still ??? they are working on her circuits.

Wanda:Am I hurting your leg, Mary?

Mary:No. It is not my leg anymore. Somebody else is using it, using me...


Mary:...I'm like...in heaven! (laughter)

Julie:They took her out of the room.

Mary:Now I know why I had to fast all day.

Wanda:Ok, now I feel it back in that hand again...

Julie:I feel it, too, Mary. Don't you? I've come back to life. I'm seeing a pool, a deep blue pool.

Mary:You all should just be feeling that energy fine right now because I am afire with it.


Anathia: (Mary)

I am Anathia. Greetings, Dear Ones.

Group:Greetings, welcome,etc.

Anathia: (Mary)

This is a joyous time - to feel your energies work and assist with ours. (pause) Dear Wanda, we love you.

Wanda:Thank you. (long silence)

Rayson: (Mary)

This is Rayson and I am with you.

Group:Good evening, Rayson. Welcome, Rayson. Thank you, Rayson. etc.

Rayson: (Mary)

I say to you this is a joyful time and I tell you that you are healed. Now, accept your healing.

Julie:I accept.

Drue:Thank you, Rayson.

Wanda:Thank you, Rayson.

Julie:Thank you, so much.

Wanda:I feel so light.

Rayson:Your energy will change even more, Wanda.

Patije:I feel like a 90 mile per hour wind is going right through my body from Mary to Wanda (right and left sides of her) (laughter)

Rayson:We've learned much from you this evening, Dear Ones. And, it gives us great joy to be of service to you.

Patije:How best can we serve you, Rayson?

Rayson: (Mary)You are serving me. It is your love which is accomplishing this healing ministry at this time.

Wanda:Rayson, we thank you for the way you show us to love, show us how to love.

Drue:And, we thank you for all of your wonderful healing energy.

Rayson:And I thank you all for the chance to serve you.

Drue:Also, we want to express a tremendous thanks to our dear Mary. She is so treasured and beloved in this group.

Rayson:That she is.

Mary:This is Mary. Thank you, Drue.

Julie:Rayson, you said that you learned much from us. We want to learn from you.

Rayson: (Mary)

But you are, dear Julie. You learn everyday from us. Continue your time in the stillness and spend thought with us. And when you remember to think about your healing, then you work with us. All you have to do is ask.

Julie:As you see, Rayson. I am much better. I've accepted the healing. (long silence)

Rayson:The energy arises at this time.

Wanda:We are all rising. We are going up and around.

Julie:Umhmmm! Here we go, sisters.

Mary:This is Mary and this is wonderful.

Julie:I don't know how you feel but I think I just went up through the roof! (long silence)

LorEL:It is a blending of the energies again. (long silence)

Mary:This is Mary and I feel like a terrible bond with you guys?



Mary:It is terrific. It is terrific.

Julie:But you are with... we have bonded.

Wanda:The love energy in this room is so great I'm told there is no greater love. I was told this one time before in this group - months and months and months ago when we were a larger group.

Drue:Well, we're glad you are here sharing it with us, Wanda.

Patije:That's why the blending.

Julie:They say we have to stick together, so we can be upstepped together.

Mary:Oh, wow! The Universal Mother Spirit just returned.

Julie:Ummmmmmm, ummmmmmmm, ummmmmmm.

Universal Mother Spirit: (Wanda)Your time will come. Your energy is needed.

Patije:I affirm that.

Julie:I affirm that too. (long silence)

Mary:What does that mean?

Wanda:Don't ask me. I can hear it.

Patije:It means that our time is come. That Wanda's energy is needed. We are all needed. We are all teachers.


Patije:Some of teach healing. Some of teach balancing. Some of us teach lightening, some of us teach other things...but we are all teachers. We have yet to go out to other groups, but other groups keep coming here. Has anybody taken notice of this?


Patije:And, we receive calls by phone now. Before long, I'll have to get a secretary and a switchboard! (laughter) Isn't it wonderful?!?

Mary:God, I hope everybody feels as wonderful as I do.

Wanda:The peace is wonderful.

Julie:(long sigh) We are being sprinkled with gold and silver dust and rainbow colored dust.

Drue:Well, everybody is joining in and throwing some of their fairy dust on us.

Julie:That's it.

Mary:I hope somebody is sending a lot of that dust to my hips now.


Mary:Hips, girls, hips...

Julie:It's working.

Mary:...see my hips go.

Julie:Yeah. Mary, I got the same message you did.


Julie:About diet.


Drue:Boy, I feel the pulse of the universe now!

Mary:Thank you.

Patije:You are not going to eat any sugar now, Julie?


Drue:You are not supposed to have sugar?

Julie:Umhmmmm. I got the same message, a couple of days ago.

(back up tape ends)

Patije:Well, that's it. Times up!

Mary:Sorry about that. Energy is still flowing.

Julie:Umhmmm That's right. (noise of new cassette being unwrapped and put back into the backup recorder.) I see Michael.

Mary:I feel Michael.


(Tape in main recorder ends, replace tape in machine, lose a little bit of transcripts)

Julie:...it's all the love energy coming now... I opened it all for love energy.

Mary:Boy, Wanda. I don't think it could get any better than this.

Wanda:Uh uh.

Drue:It sure was worth it to come tonight, Wanda.

Wanda:Right. I'm glad Julie called me and brought me along with her.

Julie:Drue, you did go through a lot of turmoil this past week.

Drue:Yes, I did. Thanks to all of my friends, support....

Julie:I feel it coming out of

Drue:...holding me up...

Julie:I feel it coming out of, out of your hands now. (long silence)

Mary:We have a really big audience. Remember when...

Julie:Yes, we do! (laughter)

Mary:...when we were talking about the room getting bigger? It is like it just filled up.

Julie:I know. I don't even see the walls. You know, it is just . ..where, like there is an echo it is so big.

Drue:Last week we were sitting around with our hands up and our feet facing. Now we are sitting around holding hands and our feet all over Mary. They are going to say: "Boy these mortals! What peculiar folk!" (laughter)

Julie:What is that...what is that Shakespeare...

Drue and Julie together:"What fools we mortals be."

Julie:Well, you know what the fool is in the Tarot deck? He is just the beginner and stepping off the cliff not knowing what to be, completely oblivious and trusting that if he steps off the cliff he will be ok. (long, long silence) I have a picture of Wanda. I mean about six times life size. What does that mean, Mary? Is she getting a...

Mary:I'm seeing her.. this is weird...

Julie:Isn't it weird?

Mary:...I'm seeing . ..

Julie:Are you seeing it too?

Mary:No, I am seeing her rib cage and it is like - I don't now what the word is for it is...


Mary:...ligaments. Wanda? It is almost at the end of a muscle, you know the little white things? It is as if somehow they are building little circuits in the flesh and sending those in and around the rib cage to make the two get together.

Wanda:That is probably because my large muscle hasn't completely healed yet. It is the only one that hasn't.

Mary:So they are giving you..it is almost as a butterfly stitching on a wound, it is as if that is what they are doing to assist you in alleviating the pain.

Julie:I will send her more Love energy.

Anathia:This is Anathia. She will not be experiencing pain and thus the block will disappear.

Wanda:I have a strong feeling that the block is a physical one.

Mary:Yeah, but everything starts in the computer in the brain.

Drue:I think anytime we have a weak place, that is where we put everything. We put the bitterness, we put resentment, we put what ever it is, we just stick it in that place. We got to get rid of it.

Patije:God gave us dominion...


Mary:Julie, your stomach is getting healed.

Drue:Why don't we just take a minute and breathe in this healing love and exhale everything that is bad, everything we don't need, everything we don't want...

Julie:We bring in that gold and silver dust.

Drue:...Just breathe in that love. (breathing heard) We just have to tell ourselves that we are willing to get rid of every little last bit of that garbage! (deep breathing heard on the tape)

Michael: (Julie)

My Dear Children, it looks like everyone is giving themselves a clean sweep. I am sending a lot of love and healing and I am always here. You are my dearest daughters, (pause) in which I am well pleased. I love each and every one of you. (pause) You are so precious to me. And, you truly do need one another and this will please me. (long, long, pause) Live to your potential. (pause) Accept all who come to you.(long, long, pause) And, love one another. (pause) And, let me carry all of your burdens. (long pause) You are my precious lambs. (long pause) You were once lost and now you are found. (long pause)

Drue:Oh boy!

Julie:I couldn't catch something else.

Drue:I don't think I could take much more of it!

Wanda:Do you have a leg left, Mary?

Drue:Oh, thank you, thank you!


Drue:We have to be willing to accept it now. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Patije:Did we finish?

Mary:Yeah, it was like everybody came back at the same moment. It was great!

(tape turned off)

Session 6

  • THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1993 (7:30 AM)



Dear Father, I am here. This has been a beautiful time in the stillness. Thank you for being with me. I choose to serve you in all that I do today. I await any directions.

Dear Christ Michael, Teachers, Unseen Friends, and helpers,I welcome you, I am open, receptive and willing to receive any messages you have for me this morning.

Christ Michael:

Carry on. You do well. Go forth in joy and love energy. I, Michael, greet you as always in Father's love for you.


Greetings, Dear One. I am Aflana and I am relying upon you more and more lately. You have been faithful in all of what has been asked of you.

Events are unfolding rapidly now. Much is happening which you cannot realize from your perspective. You have noticed the passing of time is quite different than it was a year ago, but you have little recognition of the reasons for this. Many around you are noticing this also. It is as if your life experiences are flashing by you in a blur. Some of this is due to a speeded up awareness which you have entered in your spiraling progress through higher and higher consciousness.

As events continue to unfold and more and more mortals are being called into active service, you will be instrumental in their adjustment. There is nothing you must do. They will come to you. Delight in helping them, just as you have the others who have come. Be what you are. You may light their lamp, or trim their lamp, but their lamps will be bright and giving steadying light as they go forth experiencing and practicing their scattering of seeds of Light and Life in loving service.

Many will find there is much strength in their abilities to endure the hardships and chaos of worldly thinking by having the support groups of community/family in which to find fellowship of like minds. You community/family is also a safe place to stretch the imagination to what possibilities exist and can be expanded upon as you go about scattering your seeds of truth, beauty and goodness during this correcting time.


Greetings, My Friend. I am LorEL. Aflana was just called away so I will continue her message.

You are to balance one another. Control excessive emotional reactions, maintain sincere enthusiasm and give encouragement to one another. Be not afraid - within the confines of this community/family - to share your hurts as well as your hopes, your misunderstandings as well as your inspirations, your feelings as well as your thinkings. Dwell not in doubt, misunderstanding, nor resentment. Harbor not any emotions against one another. Recognize, accept and minister to one another as each reveals his needs. Band together to tackle the challenges before you. Your strength is mighty when aligned with Love and service during this correcting time. Guard against retreating into silence and withdrawal when you are emotionally out-of-balance or feeling neglected. Your work alone can be quite creative and remarkable when balanced by the true relationships of Light and Life.

Remember, this time of correction, is to enable those of you who are awakened to begin to understand the true motives and unconditional love found in relationships of Light and Life. When these relationships have been built - and it takes much work and discipline to build these true endurable relationships - you will have something of eternal value. You cannot build this when any one of the parties of the team keeps secrets or suffers in silence or withholds information which is justification of his behavior. There is no place in an eternally valuable relationship for this. If 4 out of 5 share feelings and sincere self responses, and the other one does not, this makes for a lop-sided relationship - not one with intellectual meaning, harmony and spiritual value at all!

As you learn to have mutual reliance upon one another during these exercises and growing periods, you will one day be able to reach out to your brothers and sisters in service with you, and accept them with this same spontaneous and harmonious heart-level communications of self giving. See you not? It is the beginning of Light and Life! Give of yourself. Not only in service to those outside of your community/family team of the Corps, but to one another on a level you have not yet experienced. Some of you have glimpsed this freedom of expression of self and God knowingness, but none of you have really lived and dwelled in it! It will be an exhilarating experience.

Imagine being able to be you - without anything withheld, without secrets, without carefully guarded critiques without special knowledge, without separateness. When you can place your old perceptions of "me against them" and "I must protect myself from getting too close" and "I can't let anyone know what I am thinking" and "I must be different" and just be what you are, accepting what you are, living what you are and striving always to move up the spiral of perfection potential, you will have arrived in the kindergarten of Light and Life. You think you must be perfect before you can allow yourself to be real, open and receptive? Oh yes, you mouth the words in sincere affirmation of what you desire many times. But are you really open, and receptive? Are you really willing to live Light and Life?

You have been given the opportunity to live Light and Life in experimental groups right now, today, this moment! Awaken! Arise! Lift up your non-thinking limitations and move forward into thinking possibilities! You have been called. Your community has been activated to plant seeds of Light and Life. Do you think this for those "out there" who are not yet awakened? No! I tell you truly, it is for yourselves. Begin to live as if Light and Life is a reality for you, for your personal life. When enough mortals can do this it will be for real throughout your lands! What is life? It is more than an energy which animates you into growth. It springs up as a spontaneous expression of Love energy and all that is within it is part of the whole. No piece is separate, nor exclusive. The grains risk their lives to sustain yours. You must risk yours to sustain your brothers.

Begin now to live yourself in Light and Life. Look not to worldly perceptions of time and space. Give of yourself fully to your small community gathered for like purpose. Give all of yourself. When your feelings are hurt, say so, minister to one another. Help each member of the Corps to put aside childish things of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and forms of pouting withdrawal. Pour forth your heart-felt levels of feeling and honest questions, and accept the loving help of one another. Judge not, but discern much! Condemn none, but appraise rightly!

Be done with control and manipulation. Sprinkle all conversations with lightness and emotional detachment by giving full expression to intuitive feelings and the knowingness from within. Minister to one another by pointing to and allowing each to find the answer from within. Do not lightly throw out the answer to a challenge because you see it so readily, but offer it as a seed possibility and allow it to grow in truth, beauty and goodness. Remember, your discernment may not be complete as you may not have all of the contingent qualities which affect the challenge. The person faced with the challenge may not have all of the conditions qualifying it - how then can you see all of the picture? Perhaps a seed of possibility - given in loving service and not self-gratifying all-seeing nosiness - will truly help when your advice or quick reaction only stimulates resistance to help?

Perhaps your discernment is correct - if you have all of the possible combinations of emotions, feelings, thoughts, old perceptions, cultural and traditional values of the same race consciousness as the one to whom you are offering your knowingness. It is doubtful. You can have some of the possible combinations of emotions, feelings, thoughts, old perceptions, cultural and traditional values of the race consciousness for yourself and yourself only! Remember this. None can completely see a challenge from another's viewpoint. This is a particular challenge to a group professing to work together in harmonious effort. Each member of the team must present his viewpoint of the challenge, goal, expression, or process, but never count it more important than any others viewpoint. Try to reach a consensus of agreement through sharing not quick decision based on some of the facts. Consider the feeling levels as well as the thinking levels. The possible consequences of an action is seldom as important as the reasons, intentions and full understanding of those taking the actions. If the intentions are good, the understood elements are good, and there is peace within each individual and the entire group, then it will result in good - because the universal laws of love will go forth in support and energize it! See you not? If any are left to misunderstand the intentions, the purpose and have not peace about it, it will not have the full energy of all members of the group and can not be free of energy working against it. This is why it is imperative to support one another's endeavors to express the Father's love energy in all that they do. This is why it is important to share yourselves and where you are coming from with your team members, so that all energy can be united in mutual effort and not working at cross purposes. This is why all individuals are needed for the community/ family/ team. It provides balanced thinking. It provides balanced feeling. It provides diversified qualities which can express more fully when united in purpose.

This trust and unified effort of energies cannot materialize within the community/family/team if you have not the ability to share yourselves fully - your thoughts and feelings as well as your questions and enthusiastic support. When your feelings cause you to withdraw from the unified commitment, then perhaps prayer and recommitment is needed. When your feelings cause you to stay away, then perhaps loyalty is not in your commitment? Remember that privilege of freedom of choice balances with the responsibility of sincere, loyal commitment on the stabilizing scale of love energy, with intentions of service to the Father, through fellowship and relationships with your brothers and sisters - mortal and celestial.

Are you growing? Are you laying aside long held perceptions? Are you moving into the freedom of higher consciousness and universal laws? Do you see this in yourself? Is this not speeded up during this correcting time? Do you not feel wonder at the realizations of your personal growth upon the spiral of your perfection potential? How is it that you withhold this awe from your fellows? How is it that you chain your reactions to the past of your fellow's actions and reactions and yet recognize your own growth upon the spiral of higher consciousness? How can you discern truth if you judge your fellows on how they behaved, reacted or beheld themselves but a short time ago? Allow your fellows to grow in concepts and perceptions - even as you are growing. Think not about who you - or they- were yesterday. Think only of who you are today - and allow your fellows to be a new level of personality today also! Meet each of your fellows - family or friends, and especially community/family/team members each day as if you are meeting them for the first time. Allow them to confide their heartfelt or emotionally felt thinkings, but do not chain them, or yourself, to those words or thoughts of yesterday. Support your fellows - inside and outside of the corps - with prayer and acceptance of their continuing growth and constant change of perceptions. Because you discerned them rightly yesterday does not give you perfect discernment today. Let each discernment come spontaneously at the moment of awareness - do not hold on to yesterday's evaluations. Knowing the "nature of the beast" yesterday does not give you as much clue to the one you behold today! You have grown, they have grown, the correcting time has done its work upon the race consciousness, collective unconscious, cosmic consciousness, time and space and has worked on levels of consciousness you know not. Give up your long held prejudices! Not all behave as you would have them behave because of your perceptions and beliefs.

As the growing process unfolds there will be times of reversion into past reactions, but if the person is sincerely open and willing to grow these reversions will be short and unimportant. Pass over these short reversions and leave them unnoticed unless they remain constant or consistent for a lengthy period of time. Then, and only then, plant new seeds of suggestion without judgement and let it pass. During these moments of reversion of past behavior and reactions, watch carefully that you do not also revert in reaction to those past behavior reactions in the manner in which you reacted yesterday.

I tell you truly, mankind's methods of knowing one another fall far short of perfection. When any mortal gets a glimpse of a similitude and an affinity of likeness, that mortal tends to write it in stone and consider anything else the same also. You of the Corps must awaken and stop this denigrating practice. There is danger in those superstitious, so called methods of analyzing and evaluating one another. They give not the full spectrum of eventualities and potentialities. Be done with them. They have no eternal focus nor value.

For those in the community/family/team all must constantly be aware of repetitive behavior, repetitive insights which have grown as irritants because of constant reminders at inappropriate times. Work together in harmony by allowing each to grow and hold not anyone to yesterday's level of growth. Know that each one is growing even as you are. Their awareness are opening and their pursuit of knowingness is expanding as they sincerely apply the lessons given to all of you. Relax and allow each to find the level of full of expression of all inspirations, discernment and knowingness. Do not stumble even one because of long held perceptions of what you think that one is expressing. Look on each encounter as if it is the first time you have met this refreshing open-minded personality sprouting and stretching into potential perfection - as all of you unfold into your place as expressions of Light and Life upon your world of time and space.

It is your responsibility to support that growth, encourage that expression, seed the stretching and act - not as the grain of sand which irritates, but as the nurturing hand which encourages. Live up to your potential and allow others to do the same. When each of the individuals of each of the small groups within the Corps is doing this there will be a myriad of growth for all upon the planet of Urantia. I tell you truly, you are needed. Your efforts to live up to the potential within your person, and within the united group working in harmony, will create Life and Light right where you are.

You were interrupted but the lesson is complete. If each of you can practice this much you will be upstepped considerably. Study this message carefully and give your sincere honest effort at carrying forth it's directives for personal and group relationships. You will save many tears of frustration for yourself and for the others if you will but practice this much. More will be given as you accomplish this.


Hello, I am VanEssa. Greetings to you. I am allowed to tell you that sending you out on assignments into the material world of your brothers and sisters will be less fruitful than if you can learn these lessons which LorEl and Aflana attempt to teach you, and then go out on assignment. Your limited thinking concerns itself not with the ultimate consequences of floundering around in the dark as it were, instead of moving into the light to do the same job.

My cousin, Tutken reminds me of a joke you human mortals have about someone who is drunk and lost his pipe. Someone comes along and asks him what he is looking for and when he answers, the other offers to help him find it. After looking for awhile, he is again asked where he lost it. "Over there by the fire hydrant." Why are you looking for it here instead of over by the fire hydrant? "Because there is a street lamp here and I can see better!"

You do not seek what you have lost, so why are you looking for it over by the fire hydrant when you can come into the light and search more easily? It is within yourselves that the beginning seeds must be found so that you can then begin to scatter them abroad.

Patije:Hello, VanEssa! Welcome. Thank you for your comments. Tell your cousin I enjoy his joke about the drunk. The message is well taken. Thank you.


I tell you truly there is much in this message for you all to study and think about. Begin to apply these teachings and much progress will be made in the process of communication within the relationships of your community/family/team. You will see. Share this message freely with all who seek.

Patije:I will. Thank you.

Session 7

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1993 (12:30 AM)



Dear Father, I am here to spend time with you. It has been a very good day! How may I serve you? Are there any messages?

Christ Michael,

I am the one known to you as Jesus and I come to share your joy this day. Go forth knowing all is in Father's keeping and none can be lost in his care. I have a message for the entire community - and can be distributed for all communities now forming under the Corps commanded and supervised by Prince Machiventa Melchizedek.

It is my desire for the Celestial Impressions group to mature into an influential and significant association of personalities working in harmony. For this to occur, each individual must develop the discernment to discover personal purification and begin developing and practicing one's own talent for the good of the community. None can subsist as counterfeits of another. Each one is the perfect self. Each one has been given a perfect personality.

It is the assignment of each of you to personally find the means to unfold that perfection. This can be done by living in the potential. Then it is the assignment of the community to find a way to incorporate and merge that diverse talent into the group unity.

Note well, that the talent you have is yours alone. You were brought to this point because of your potential. You must live up to your potential. It is needed for the advanced development of your community/family/team. The community/family/team cannot be complete without the personal ability which you have. Each perSon of the community has a natural ability which others of the group are not as developed to use. It is a natural talent. It can be amplified by further education, intensified by discipline, and strengthened by use.

Other needs of the community can be filled - at least temporarily - by learning and education. However, you were selected for the one natural skill with which you excel. You will be competent at fulfilling your personal purpose easily and heighten the proficiency of the entire team. Develop this gift of the Father. Give this gift of yourself to your family/community/team. Live up to your potential by being what you are, not a poor copy of another's natural potential.

All faith-filled sons of the Father called to this service by personal prayer and desire have been commissioned by their willingness to serve. It is their sincere openness to listen and go forth in trust of the process which will bring success in all assignments.

Your teachers are training you to begin to live in Light and Life by attaining and sustaining levels of altruistic Love energy. This is not easy for a mortal. This can be done, however. But only if you live sincerely as a mortal trying to live what he or she is. Know thyself. Be thyself. You can never be a copy of someone else. Each person is the perfect personality that he or she is. None other can be anything but a shadow of that personality. Strive not to copy your brothers and sisters. Never compare yourself with another. Allow not any to compare the workers in our vineyards of mortals ready to be called into Light and Life! All will arrive in Paradise only by being completely individual - unique as the gift which he or she is. Develop this uniqueness for the benefit of the whole of mankind - activating this uniqueness within the diverse unity of your community/family/team in the Corps of Destiny.

It is teamwork, blending of the various individual talents and abilities which will bring success to the activated Corps of Destiny. There would be no need to harvest many if all were alike. We would need only one or two for the entire work - not groups (communities) of many. As your teachers have told you, each community must begin to develop a corps of workers including those who can organize, guide, see visions, heal one another, council one another, balance and neutralize and lighten and any other diverse talent you can blend into your community. Each community must be unified by the diversity of the many talents and skills brought into it by individuals sincerely living what they are, to the best of their abilities. There is no place for the evils of ego manipulations, jealousies, comparisons, suspicions, negativities, nor puffed up importance. Give yourself when your expertise is needed without yearning for recognition. The Father knows of your contribution.

Praise the Father for one another. Support one another. Discern true ability and talent when contributions are made. Call not attention to self. Call attention only to the success of the entire team/community. When one in the family/community succeeds in helping another, doing some work for the benefit of the team, discerning a truth, healing or counseling another, or going into the stillness for a message, then all members of the family/community have succeeded. Your individual success comes from the unified success of the entire team - whether you personally worked on the project, helped with the project, or provided the atmosphere of complete trust for another to do the actual task.

It is your personal responsibility to support one another in total acceptance of their best - and encourage them to continue without interference or criticism. If they do not their best, they are faulting themselves and the success of the entire team.

You have moved up the spiral of group consciousness and are approaching the next phase which requires that you (1) know who you are, (2) know what you are, (3) be what and who you are, (4) know what your contribution to the whole effort is, (5) participate at your best and (6) endeavor to help each live up to their best by feeling comfortable, relaxed and supported by each member of the family team. There is no place for any slight competition or contention with what another accomplishes or attempts to accomplish. Do your very best to help them accomplish it with their natural talent. Help them if you can blend your natural gift into cooperative effort but withhold your help if your efforts add any interference of any kind - mental, emotional or intellectual.

Remember when you are performing, your creative effort is in accomplishing. Others can better keep you on your goal by offering affirmations. When you are intellectualizing, others can better do the action. When you are out-of-balance emotionally, others will better accomplish the undertaking until you are again spiritually balanced in body, mind and feelings. When you compete with another -or another perceives you as competing with their efforts - a competition gravity overwhelms the work. Your mind is then turned from focus on Father and becomes entangled in emotional levels of the material ego control. Guard against this. Stand guard upon your thoughts, words and intentions. All genuine help is contributing to the accomplishment of the undertaking, but any insincerity, any self-gratification, any bid for recognition, creates a reverse energy which turns against the one who is not pure in heart and intention. This can cause great damage to the individual and become detrimental to the group effort.

By this time you have all recognized that false judgement is detrimental to the cohesive energy of the entire community. You have all experienced the consequences of even the slightest wish to be rid of someone. You all know the results of energy used to manipulative, or the consequences of withdrawing your active energy from the community. You have all felt the effects of contributing your best versus less than your best. You have all felt the distrust of any one who has not appeared to be sincere, nor faithful, to the remainder of the group. You have all experienced the rejection provoked by not fulfilling another's expectations. You have known the grief of aloneness when there is no support for what you have been assigned. Each has also known the loneliness when none show interest in what you are - or the action you have taken.

Begin to give yourself as if this community group is your eternal family. It is. Begin to live the harmonies and enlightenment of settled Light and Life within your community. Guard well the peace and supportive harmony.

There is no place for secretly harbored resentments in this correcting time. There is no place for secret agendas. There is no space for judging and criticizing one another. There is no excuse for withdrawing from your community when there is need of your ability and talent in the community.

Learn to share your feelings, your observations and your discernment without criticism and judgement of one another. Learn to share the hurts and disappointments without feeling banished and lonely for doing so. Set up times for communicating with one another. It is hurtful to the entire group if all emotional feelings are not completely aired and misunderstandings cleared up in their entirety. If one shares feelings, but the other doesn't, the one who does share feels used, the one who doesn't feels threatened, the entire community loses the feeling of trust in the individual who does not share feelings, nor make attempts to find understanding in the midst of the chaos and turmoil. Individual feelings are very real although usually imbalanced and emotionally erroneous. Do not judge feelings - only the sincere efforts to understand and clear up the misunderstandings or error which caused the feelings to surface. In small groups, all must discuss together. A few must not secretly discuss the merits of another's actions without all being present. This is teamwork. If you have a professional counselor in your community then that one can act in this capacity. However, in the absence of a trained mediator, then all must work together for unanimous peace and continued trust in one another.

This is not easy. It is very difficult. However, it is imperative that each learn to work in total trust of one another's sincere participation, without any secret agendas nor manipulative programs for the group. This is a call for honesty and candid integrity in honor of the high level you are attaining as your work together in service to the Father.

You wonder why I have taken it upon myself to present this lesson in group dynamics and relationship challenges? Because you are dear to me, because this group shows great potential, because your capabilities are ready for this challenge, because we require diligent and willing workers who will accomplish this commissioned assignment for the continued activity in the Corps of Destiny upon Urantia. Also, I call you to this because of your sincere willingness to begin living and planting seeds of Light and Life during the chaos and turmoil of this correcting time. I know whereof I speak. You are capable. You are qualified. You are adept at proceeding as requested by your teachers. You can discipline yourselves. You have proven worthy of this assignment but lax in preserving your unity through a tendency to abandon all when personal feelings are hurt.

It is with great empathy that I greet you this evening and extend this message of importance for all faith-filled members of the Corps during this Correcting Time. Awaken and lift up your burdens and bring them to me with loyal commitment and I will replace them with lamps of great light to show the way to perfect peace and sensitive discernment. This will bring you to the entrance of Light and Life.

Go forth in loving service and become sensitive to the needs of the individuals of your community. Blend well your talents and abilities. Allow each to develop perfect potential without hindrance of ego imbalance. Focus on what you are asked to do while centered in the stillness and contribute to that which helps your fellows achieve their potential perfection. Do this without reservation. As I counseled in the first century I tell you also "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Probe and contemplate this admonition as a twentieth century being bringing Light and Life to your planet - which is who you are. I cannot become more specific without infringing upon your free will choice. I tell you because you have asked to be of more service to me. Each will be enlightened as each asks under their own free will choice. This is to be applied individually as discerned by one who is open and willing and serving in the Father's Love energy. Know ye not the truth of what you know? And so it is.

Further instruction will be given by your teacher. Farewell, loyal and faith-filled daughter of the Most Highs.

Patije:This is a powerful lesson and one needed by us, I am convinced. I personally dedicate my efforts to living as your teach. I assure you that the members of our community are willing also to do as you ask. Thank you for your personal interest in us. I welcome further teaching from any of our unseen friends and helpers.


I am LorEL. Greetings, my friend and sister. I will continue the details of that which you ask. This will continue to be a lesson for the Celestial Impressions group, but all members of the vast number of volunteers around the planet will find much nourishment amid the suggestions offered this day. I tell you truly, study and contemplate what has been given by our Creator Son and awaken the lethargic and laziness within and stretch yourselves beyond your cautious thoughts!

The accomplishment of the functions requested of your team in the days ahead will require the attainment of this goal of harmonious and united efforts. Think not that it can be bypassed. You will be purged if you cannot attain unanimous harmony and blending of your contributions to the efforts of the entire team. You will be withheld from further assignments until you can earn them by acquiring this ability.

Examine your motives in all that you do. Assess the essence of your contribution.

Be always ready to help when called upon by another member of your team/community, but withhold your assistance if none is needed, nor asked for. Support those doing the service with readiness to help, but await an invitation when it is known that the one executing the assignment can achieve its completion easily and without undue stress.

Always offer assistance when any member is overwhelmed by an assignment. Be willing to help where you are asked. Learn where help is needed. Think not that you are unable to help. Look around. Is there something you can do to free that one's time to work on the assignment.

Do not attempt to interfere with a natural talent, but rather with something which frees that one to practice a natural talent for the good of the group. Does that one need encouragement. Is a conference of the family/community needed to ease the stress upon that member who is overwhelmed?

Again, I tell you: all have experienced rejection from - or for - a group in past group encounters. This group will not result in the same pattern if all work for family/community/team harmony and full communication. Discussion of an emotional reaction or supposed slight, should be taken up first with your personal celestial teacher or Thought Adjuster. Then, if the emotion cannot be balanced within, take it trustingly to the group for discussion and adjudication. Make no hasty rules of behavior and find harmonious and unanimous group decisions in all things.

Know ye not why this lesson has been presented? There is much to do in this Correcting Time. Much is hanging in the balance of your willingness to move forth in harmonious effort. Many stand by waiting to criticize, to undermine your confidence in what is asked of you, and to lose interest when you fail to achieve Light and Life within your personal and community/family life experiences.

Know ye not that you are the Light of the world? Know ye not that many will be called by your loyal faithfulness? Know ye not that doubt will be replaced by assurance of the many groups when you succeed within in your group's struggles? Awaken! Rise up! Lift up your eyes to the higher purpose of that which you are accomplishing. You are being prepared to lead a powerful army of Light bearers and seed planters! You will be the wayshowers of the future of your planet. Preparation is part of the Correcting Time. Much preparation is cultivated by diligent practice and willing participation of all suggestions made for your betterment.

Christ Michael is calling you. He is calling you to arms. Armed with the knowledge of the Correcting Time, burdened with the seeds of Light and Life, propelled by love energy and the willingness to serve the Father you can do all things with the strength and support of your community's faith and voluntary service. Go forth in joy. Go forth with peace. Go forth with knowing that you know. Go forth living your faith. Go forth in readiness to serve where needed. Go forth observing and discerning where your talent and ability can be used for the highest good of all involved. Do nothing for self-gratification, but rather find self-satisfaction by living loving service to the Father and to one another. Love one another unconditionally. Correct one another gently. Enlighten one another enthusiastically. Advise one another sparingly. Judge one another never. This I tell you in truth. Think on this.

You are what you are. You have potential perfection in the gift of personality which the Father gave unto you. Live up to the perfection potential. Do what is in front of you to do with faith, enthusiasm, and willingness to serve others without favoritism. All are children of the Father. Turn none aside. Include all who sincerely seek and show willingness to participate fully in the efforts of the community - contributing themselves totally to all that they do. Select your members carefully by their sincere participation in the practice of the stillness and the wholeness of the group consensus. Serve. Socialize. Study. Become what you are in fullness of realization by stretching yourself beyond the self-made limitations of comfort. When you are overwhelmed, tell the community and accept help. Refrain from advice but offer your help freely. If you cannot physically help, offer affirmation and prayer and full support. You cannot judge the worthiness of the task before your teammates. You cannot know the importance to the teachers nor the willingness to serve by your teammate. Support what he or she knows to be his or her assignment to the best of your ability.

If there is doubt ask as your master once did: Is it of God? Does it have intellectual meaning? Is it harmonious? Does it have spiritual value? Does it bring the Father's good closer to you? Does it bring you closer to the Father's good? If you can answer all of these affirmative then hesitate not. If you can answer some of them affirmative, but question others, go to your personal teacher or Thought Adjuster and then have a group meeting to discuss the merits. If unanimous consensus does not emerge, go into the stillness with this. If you ask sincerely, you will receive an answer.

If you give of yourself in loving service, you will realize contentment. Peace is the result of unified effort of diversified talents and abilities. All things can and do work together for Father's purpose if sincere, responsible effort is united with faith and willingness to be about the Father's business in whatever form it appears.

You cannot choose when or how it comes to you. You cannot choose which part of the package of good you will accept. You can only block or propel it's release into your life experience and the experiences of those around you by your willingness to carry the light of life! I tell you truly. Your efforts are imperative to success in this Correcting Time. Your abilities are contributions to the mass effort. Your acceptance is the beginning of the world-wide realization. Your efforts to detour and distract the message and messengers will ultimately result in failure. Why then do you choose to sow seeds of discord and disharmony from energy of fear and superstition when you can join your energy for righteousness and sow seeds of Light and Life where you live. Live it. What harm is there in living Truth? What harm is there in bringing harmony? What harm is there in finding value in goodness? What harm is there in stretching your imaginations beyond limiting tradition and accepted standards of the past? What harm is there in living as if Light and Life is an actuality instead of a potentiality? I tell you truly, there is no harm in living love instead of fear.

There is harm in fear. There is the destruction of that which is good. There is the distraction of the misleading emotionalism of those who have faith. There is the conflict and outrage in place of peace and joy. There is fear where there could be love. Love casts out fear, my friends. Love casts out all that is unlike love. Love casts out all else. There is no love in fear. There is no righteousness in fear. Fear sows discord. Fear sows disharmony. Fear sows distrust. Fear sows war. Fear sows rejection. Fear separates. Love always binds. Love brings union. Love includes. Love brings peace. Love trusts. Love is beautiful and harmonious. Love bring serenity. Love has no fear. Love knows the Father in all forms, in all places, in all instances.

Study this message. It is of great importance. Your value is determined by the value you find here. I tell you truly you can find much for soul growth, mind heightening and faith strengthening in these words. Think not that they are superfluous. Dismiss them not lightly. Read the words. Read the message. Read with inspired faith and diligent discipline to know the truth of the message. There is much more to be said, but only one step can be taken at a time. Go forth taking your baby steps and cling to the truth of potential perfection. We will guide you rightly. Know ye not that this is a time of preparation and practice? Now is the opportunity to begin living what you have been taught. Now is the time to experiment with the teachings in the Urantia Book. Now is the opportunity to try out the inspiration of new government within your community/family/team members. Now is your choice to go forward in loving service in the army of Christ Michael and Prince Machiventa, or remain behind to watch the parade at the conclusion of the glorious victory of seed planting, nurturing, and harvesting of the beginning of Light and Life upon Urantia.

I love you, my sisters and brother. I tell you truly of what you sincerely ask within the desires of your heart and mind. I leave you now until you call again.

Patije:I am overcome by appreciation for this lesson. It is as if I already know this and yet it is fresh and innovative in the approach of one step at a time. I don't know if we can live up to this right away, but I know we will all want to try. Thank you, LorEl, for the effort at helping us to understand the importance of sticking with the group and giving it our best at all times and not just when it feels good. It is so easy to move away from something which gives us any discomfort or insecure feelings. I suppose it is our ego control of our lives which fears the risk of trusting others completely without reservation. In this world of chaos and turmoil and distrust, we have often been used, abused and victimized. Therefore we have experiential apprehensions to deal with and insecurities to challenge us. How can we eliminate these?


You cannot eliminate them as if they are not there. You must begin to take baby steps in total trust of the individuals in the group community. As one step is met with reliable acceptance, another step becomes easier. Thus - one step at a time - you will regain your trust of the process and of one another. It is imperative that all participate. It will not work if even one withholds full support and gives only half-hearted or uninvolved detachment.

Patije:What about those who are on vacation from attendance at our meetings - study group, social, or transmission meetings?


Then they must be left behind. When they again turn their total attention and focus upon the Father's will, the material demands upon them will again fade. Then the ability to balance that which has cosmic importance with that which has only material significance and ego demands will increase. Each must go forth knowing that all things will be accomplished and all things will work together for good when focus is given to Father's Will in this Correcting Time. Any other perspective will only distract. It is true much information can be found about other groups involved in this Correcting Time, but regardless of the notoriety or fame of the other groups, there is no part for any of you there. Your responsibility lies here. It is good to be in communication with other Urantia groups, and know of the other-than-Urantia-groups, but the time not given to your commitment to one another within the community, keeps your goal far distant. Remember this if temptation beckons to you.

Patije:Our group is so small for so much we must learn and accomplish - if what you've told us here tonight is true. And, I think it is. Do we not need every member of our group - even those who have fallen away during the months past?


Hello, Dear One. I am here with you. Fear not that your community will fall short. Be about the Father's business in that which LorEL and even Christ Michael has advised you and allow those who are apart to make their free will choice. As you continue in your purpose they will become ready to realign their loyalties with you. When that occurs their willingness and commitment will enable them to take their baby steps into trust and service and toil along side your group endeavors. Fear not. All things work together for good. Only truth, beauty and goodness will sustain those of great faith. Dishonesty and distrust can only be purged from your midst. Anything impure will be kept from your midst - if all remain loyal and committed to doing the Father's will.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana, for your reassurance. Farewell. Bye, LorEL. Thank you, too. Thank you, Christ Michael.

Session 8

  • THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1993


At approximately 7 PM, as I was leaving home for Thursday group, I received the impression - very strong- to stop at my mailbox before driving away. I exited the car and saw this tall figure standing on my car port - right beside where my car had been parked. I never turned my head, at first, so looking with peripheral vision I saw that the figure outlined was male and very tall. I could not see detail, but received impression "Midwayer". I told Patije when I arrived at the meeting, then opened this book to show her my current messages. The book opened to a message from Lutzia, the Midwayer!

I thank Lutzia for working with me. Lutzia was at our group meeting.

Session 9

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1993


As Michelle and Matt came over at 11:30 am to finish their laundry, they were walking in with their laundry basket and I looked up at them and saw Lutzia's outline against the darkened corner of the room - as he entered! Thank you, Lutzia, for being here.

After everyone left, I got into the tub to soak. Lutzia impressed me to soak and cleanse my body energy - and while I was doing this I started to get a message from Lutzia. I hope and pray and invite Lutzia to continue now as I write this - so there can be information passed on to others who might follow a similar path to mine.


Good afternoon. I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. I come to explain my presence. I am assigned the pleasurable duty of working with synchronizing your energy with the new energies who are coming to work with and through you at this time. There has been much success in working with you, dear mortal, and as I have told you before, this is only the beginning. The work continues rapidly because of your commitment and dedication. Hence, we now try this different method of teaching you and working with you. It is a great pleasure for me to be doing this work with you, Dear One. And the work with your group has also been a great success- when members work at sharing the Love Energy.

At this time there is a lapse into the return of the ego worship for some among you. They do not believe as you do. It matters not to the individual what others' see or receive or do, only personal impressions pertain to the individual - for there are no spiritual "siamese twins". No two receive identical impressions or messages - for each of you is an individual and unique just as each of us are. Messages and lessons should blend with each other and compliment each other and in the end all be a universal continuous message - not a contest, or one-upmanship, for you are all equal and all loved equally by the father. When this lesson is accepted and practiced, there will be peace and personal security for each and every one of you. Then we could promote energy work with the group - as we do with you. You are a special emissary of the Father. Maintain your position. Maintain the difficult task of teaching by being an example. Difficult because you cannot indulge yourself. Difficult because you accept exercises in discipline. Fear not, for you will reap great rewards. When you least expect, you will be recognized. You must rest now. More work will be done. I love you. Lutzia


Thank you Lutzia. I love you too. please stop the neighbor's music. Thank you. Mary. (The music stopped instantly.)

Session 10

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1993 (11:30 pm)



Dear Father, I am here to spend time with you. It has been a lovely day outside in the sunshine and shopping for Easter and birthday surprises for the grandchildren who arrive next week! Thank you. I am ready for this time with you, your messengers, or my Thought Adjuster.

Thursday night's group meeting was full of healing - although we thought Julie had "blown a circuit" there for a minute! She has so much to give us which is uniquely hers. Did she deny herself some healing energy tonight by trying to help Mary project - instead of absorbing the healing energy which was circulating within the group? Help her, Father, help us, to help her, use her gift bestowal to the community!

Spending the social time with Mary's family was fun and relaxing! Thank you for this opportunity. Hearing from Allene by phone last night was a nice surprise. She is missed greatly even though I know you are working this out for the highest good of all concerned.

How can I serve you this night?

Christ Michael,

Allow your teachers to blend your community's diversity into unity and harmony. We are aware of the discomfort some are experiencing. However this is part of the growing experience. Each of you is unique and possess many talents. These will harmonize well when your mortal material minds allow higher consciousness to envelope you in love energy, and the competition gravity ceases to influence the individuals in your midst. Wait on me.

I, Michael, am in the midst of you and will be more and more visible to you as you practice Light and Life and lift your eyes and hearts to the levels of Father's Love Energy. Be of good cheer. Go forth in peace with one another and with all of those I am sending to you.


Thank you, Christ Michael.


Dear Ones, I am with you. Many events are unfolding on this day. You will know of them when the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, continue to live Light and Life in any form which presents itself to you.

My work has increased as has LorEl's. We are about the Father's business and know that you are too. It is our wish that you enjoy your vacation so we want no guilty feelings about the work accumulating at your computer desk. This week will see many accomplishments to enable you to be free to enjoy your time off. Count on it. You have done well, we fault you not. Go forth in joy and love. Sprinkle Light and Life on all that you do. We will be with you as you request.

LorEl's lesson from yesterday has not yet made its impression upon your consciousness. You have not shared it with those from the Celestial Impressions group as you speak with them. It is an important lesson. See that all read it.

Your social experience with Mary's family was excellent for spreading seeds of love and acceptance. Your concern about Julie's "blown circuit" is unnecessary. We undid the damage immediately. There will be no cause and effect consequences of this incident in her life. We have tried to impress upon Julie that she is very valuable to the whole of the Celestial Impressions. She will quickly realize that she has much to contribute. Allow her leeway in attention during this time of trial and confusion. All will work together for good. Her mind is strong. Her ability to use her mind for good will outweigh her insecurity and doubts. She must first learn how not to use her visualizing strength before she can reach her potential for using it correctly. She is becoming aware of her abilities - and how they have been upstepped to higher power and potential by her willingness to step into Love Energy. She has not yet learned how to let go once her mental work is done. She continues to mull it over in her mind and influence the results in somewhat of a lesser level than if she could let go and let God take over once she has done her part of the job. Once is enough - if it is done with high intentions, right motive, from Love Energy and with no self-gratification seeking. Many have discovered this, as has Julie.

When progress has been made in the process of discovering and utilizing unique talent, each member of your Celestial Impressions will make great break through. Then, we will be enabled to give you more power and influence. Until you've learned to retain emotional balance and genuinely offer loving service to one another in support of each individual's gifts, we can only make these continuing adjustments when you are together. It is necessary for us to utilize Mary at this time. The energy she is aware of as healing energy is more than that when she is in the group environment. It is through Mary that we can make the energy adjustments to the individuals of the entire group, to assist them in lifting their consciousness to a level of service which they have not yet attained. If they accept it as healing energy this is sufficient. It is healing. It is healing the effects of living in the chaos and confusion of the inherited world of time and space wherein you dwell. If you were able to look back and see from whence you have come, you would see great strides and progress in your ability to accept what a few months ago would seem unimaginable. Still more is to come. LorEl is here also.


Good evening, Friend. I am LorEl. Look not back. Dwell not in the past. Allow none to retain a perception of prejudice of the past. Grow. Mature. Become cosmic citizens. Love one another without favoritism. Listen to one another. Rejoice in any breakthrough any has made. What one accomplishes, is an accomplishment for the entire group. It is so. I tell you truly. Only those living and working in complete harmony and yoked together as a team player will see the great works accomplished by the Correcting Time before the world begins to assess its awareness of changed race consciousness.

Lift up your consciousness of life on this planet as seen from the standpoint of the cosmic citizenship for which you are working. Study the teachings of your textbook. This tool of the Fifth Epochal Revelation Committee is of much use to you. Your potential cannot be fulfilled until you have at least an acquaintance with this material. Those without the textbook, will be of use to us in many methods of bringing Light and Life unto Urantia. However, those who have a working knowledge of the teachings of the textbook, will excel is discernment of the events unfolding each day upon Urantia.

Many celestial teachers are working under a handicap of misunderstanding about who they are when they contact a human mortal upon Urantia. Old superstitions die hard. Old concepts and perceptions of contact beyond the grave persist in rising to interfere with the truth, beauty and goodness of contact from the teachers trained on Edentia and their helpers here on Urantia to help and guide the planet into Light and Life. It is without question that Caligastia is gone and the adjudication is finished. There are no more celestial influences upon Urantia. The only terrorists are the human mortals acting upon the belief of Satanic and selfish influences. If there is no desire for self-gratification and pontification, there can be no more ripples of evil upon the planet. Those acting under the delusion of evil influence will be revealed and the secrets which they have harbored to remain in power will be exposed. There can be no more secrets which influence others and bring harm to them. All will be given information to enable them to make free will choice to join the process of working towards Light and Life, or they will be swept aside by the Love energy which will leave them impotent as they vie to retain power over the few who will not think for themselves.

This is the key to awakening humanity. All must learn to use the mind which is gifted them. All must learn to think for themselves and no longer rely upon the thinking of any other upon the planet. All must learn to become aware of what they are thinking and acknowledge it to themselves, working through the doubts and confusion of the resulting chaos until they have found freedom. The gift and privilege of free choice requires responsible, sincere, and loyal commitment activating through Love energy to serve altruistically both the Father and His Will as well as for the good of your brothers and sisters upon the planet Urantia. The chains of oppression will break of their own accord when mankind begins to think of the consequences of his actions and change them for the greater good of all men and women involved, than only reacting as his fathers and grandfathers, and great-grandfathers before him.

If all would read the message of truth, beauty and goodness rather than the literal words of misunderstood interpretations of truth beauty and goodness, there would be a reawakening of true brotherhood and respect of all men, with no favoritism. This is the potential of the immediate future if the Corps which is being harvested and trained to plant seeds of Light and Life in Love energy - do so successfully. Are you willing to be a candidate for the Corps? Are you willing to put aside self-centered interests and begin to work for the whole of mankind along side the celestial teachers who have come to guide you? Are you willing to study and digest the intent of the teachings within the Urantia Book as well as the facts and figures of staggering statistics? Are you willing to listen to the intent of the messages relayed to you from the celestial teachers not pick apart the words used by the transmitters? Are you willing to begin your journey upon the path of personal communication with your Thought Adjuster and the helpers which are here for you? Are you willing to put aside your personal agendas and act in accordance with one who is enlightened and trained to live and spread the seeds of Light and Life? Are you willing to suffer your slipping ego pride and step out in faith to risk working for the Father? Are you willing to arm yourself with the enlightenment of what Light and Life is and go forth planting seeds of Light and Life among your friends, families, and acquaintances? Are you willing to set aside your skepticism and doubt and come see for yourself how it feels to live in Light and Life among your fellow workers? Then I tell you truly, much can be accomplished!

Christ Michael, our Creator Son, has called you to his service according to your desire. He will not coerce you, nor force you to follow unwillingly, nor more than he ever did Caligastia and Lucifer and Satan and their admirers. He allows all to make free choice to follow or not. Yours is the freedom gift of choice. Go forth rejoicing that you have been called to hear, to participate if you desire, to begin to counteract the tragic circumstances of the Lucifer rebellion. Yours is the freedom gift of choice to serve the Father in all that you do. Father does not ask you to give up anything. All activities you choose are your free choice. But it is also your choice to go forth proclaiming the good news and be done with the fears of past choices.

Allow me to also recommend that once the choice has been made, to remain steadfast and reliable in your efforts to continue as you desire. What you humans call wishy-washy behavior of doing what feels good, and being absent from the groups for convenience sake, refraining from participating fully in the unified consensus of your teaching team, these lead away from strong faith. There is nothing to nurture and strengthen your faith is you have not made a loyalty commitment, a sincere responsible commitment. What then is privilege of freedom and choice? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing. It is of no importance is you do not take action upon it with truth beauty and spiritual value intentions! Go forth rejoicing that you have this privilege. Go forth rejoicing that you have this choice. Go forth rejoicing that you have this freedom. Go forth making responsible and loyal commitments to those who strive with you to attain Light and Life upon Urantia. It is the sincerity of the Truth student activating in harmonious peace which attain spiritual value which results in stabilizing reality and coherent good for all. This is your mission. This is your objective. This is your interest. This is your purpose. Go forth attaining your goal, by living your desire to bring Light and Life to your home planet of Urantia. It is a possible goal. It is a planned goal. It is here for you. It is here for the accepting. We are here to help you. Will you having eyes, see? Will you having ears, hear? Will you knowing the truth, act upon it? Will you be about the Father's business with every once of yourself?

Wherever you are, whatever you do, in whatever experience you have - plant at least one seed of Truth, Beauty and Goodness - give of yourself in seeds of Light and Life with altruistic Love energy. Go forth doing this for a short time and you will be amazed to see the gigantic accomplishment in eventualities and evolution of race consciousness. I tell you truly. I ask you to study this lesson honestly - reading the message which will ring true within you. With the Spirit of Truth will come affirmation of that which I say to you at this time. The Holy Spirit will awaken you to your possibilities and potentialities. Begin to act upon your life experiences as if you are a student of Light and Life and have gained your cosmic citizenship. Nothing material will be taken from you until you are ready to set it aside - if you are living your potential. Only those moving away from the center of their perfection and harmonious cooperation with their Thought Adjuster will find material events conspiring to give them opportunities to make a choice. None can longer stand by in ignorance. None can remain in the shadows. None can continue in a mistake. None can neglect their responsibility of choice making. All will be given opportunity to know the choice and to choose their heart-felt and mind-accepted desire. Think on this. It is of importance. You have our help at any time you call upon us. Michael is with you. The Thought Adjuster, and the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit, conspire to keep you safe. Your guardian angels arrange events to bring you home. It is a concentrated and cosmic community effort to guide you into cosmic citizenship - just as good parents guide their children without demanding that they follow preset mandates. There is always allowance for error but limits of choice are strengthened when sin or iniquity is willfully sought. In the same light, limits of choice are broadened when righteous truth, beauty and goodness are sincerely sought. Is this not truth as you know it within yourself?

I will allow you to go to your rest now. I have much to say on these subjects. There is much to be taught by all of the celestial teachers and you will be hearing it from many areas in the days ahead. Go forth knowing that all things work together in this Correcting Time - even when illusions of neglect and confusion seem so real to you of mortal concepts - limited by Time and Space. You are uplifted as you ask. You grow in universe consciousness as you allow the material consciousness to fall away. You go forth singing as you pass through the shadows and darkness of fear and emerge into the Light of Love energy! I tell you truly, it is so. Think on these things until again you call upon me. Goodnight.

Patije:Wow! You expect me to sleep with this going through my head! I have been vaccinated by enthusiasm and inspiration! How can I find sleep now? I will, however, try. You probably know something I do not. Thank you for the lesson. I will think upon it much. I know the value of your lessons, LorEl and appreciate and bless you very much! I love you in whatever materially limited way I know how to love. Thank you.

Bless the other teachers also, Father. Bless the members of our Celestial Impressions group and the other Urantia teaching groups around the planet. Bless those who are even now making the decision to choose to join the Corps of seed planters and lamp lighters. I ask for blessings for all who love and know you! Thank you, Father.

Session 11

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1993 (12:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Friends,

Everything and everyone seems to be backwards today - perhaps it is me. You know what is in my heart and thoughts. Are there any messages or lessons for me?

-- your willing mortal, Julie

Dear One,

You need to get into the silence more and write more. We know your thoughts are there, but we need your full attention.

Everyone's life is different, be there in time of need, but you have important work too.

Just live to YOUR potential. Plant the seeds of promise, nurture and give plenty of Love Energy. That is all you can do.

Clean out your busy mind so more can come through you. Mortals don't appreciate you, but I do. I love you, My Child. You are so precious and special to me. I know what you do and how you accept it. Know ye of your high place. Seek ye truth, beauty and goodness and give Love energy to all you do, and you will spiral very high up. Use your strong mind to change. Comfort all who comes to you. You have the power top help many. You are my special daughter.

--- Christ Michael

Greetings, Dear Friend, this is JoEl

I know you have been getting the lessons from LorEl, isn't she wonderful. I have been giving you some lessons about how we are all flowers. The next ones are about the lower essences, can you now see the correlation? You are to heal in a different way, but that will come sometime soon.

Your lessons are for thinking new. Listen, keys, circuits, flowers, visions. We are well pleased with you, Dear Friend, and we want you to know we are with you always. We know you are sad now, but that will pass. You are feeling the earth crying now. The ?// in the air - the lull before the storm. It has to happen - this purging. It is good. You are feeling the birth pangs. The anticipation. But as a mother, think of the lovely child after this pain. You are so sensitive. Keep thinking positive and we need you during this time. It will be here very soon and do not fear. Banish fear. Fear does not exists, only Love energy. That is what is needed. All day long think and give and say Love energy, then all will be healed. Christ Michael and all the angels and unseen helpers are here to help. The metamorphosis will begin and the caterpillar will evolve into a beautiful butterfly. The ugly duckling will be a beautiful swan. Learn your lessons, and love.


Thank you, Michael and JoEl. You helped me to use my energy today. I love you all, My unseen friends.


Session 12

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1993



Dear Father, here am I, fresh from the stillness time. Is there a message from you, my Thought Adjuster or one of our celestial unseen helpers? I await in trusting silence.

Thought Adjuster:

Hello, My Self. It is pleasing to greet you in this way, although totally unnecessary - as we have constant communication in all things which you do throughout the daily experiences. It is a pleasure to work with one who consistently reinforces intentions to align self with the direction and guidance of that which is within and not without. It is good. We will one day fuse, it is certain, but in the meantime it is asked that you go forth consistently trying to act within the Will of the Universal Father and be about the Father's business of bringing the perfection of Light and Life within your experience. Continue as you have, being who and what we are. In this way much can be accomplished through the seeds which fall at your feet as you walk through the maze of material living. Guard your tongue and be less free to express every thought which flits through our mind. Although intentions are good, some are finding road blocks to their process of growth because of misunderstanding some of those words. Mixed cultures of moving about in the world of time and space and encountering many, often causes misunderstanding where living in one place, surrounded by the same expressions and knowing full well almost by osmosis what each word of the vocabulary means would eliminate most of this misunderstanding. As movement is made throughout this world, favorite usages and habitual slang and unthinking expressions of even good thoughts can be nullified. See this for yourself. Think back to those times someone from another culture comes into your experience and observe the difficulty in deciphering exact meaning. As can be seen by the present relationship experiences, many from various cultures and diversified levels of society are being drawn to what is happening here. It is significant to the new level of growth which is unfolding as these wrinkles in relationships are mutually managed and peace reigns supreme again in the beginning levels of Love energy. We are working together well. It is a process of uncovering and unfolding the perfection of personality and it is well on its way for us.


Well, Buki! I still fondly nickname you that part of me which knows the answer and leads me to my destiny unhampered when I remember to ask and listen! I do try to listen to you in our constant ripple of conversation under the surface of whatever experience I am having. I thank you for my guidance and inspirations. I thank you for the ability to communicate with the unseen teachers and helpers in the celestial community which is here to help mankind. I desire with all of my heart to live God's will and fuse with you ASAP. You have carte blanch permission to adjust me in any way needed for any challenge which comes our way! I give you my joyful promise to be aware of your direction. Thank you for bringing so many of the teachings of our Urantia Book together in new revelation for me. I so humbly receive whatever you give me and attempt to assimilate and teach it to others. Thank you for your efforts to guide me.


Good morning, Friend and Sister. I am LorEL reminding you that wherever you are Father's love enfolds, supports and uplifts you! Never are you alone in this adventure upon the time and space world of Urantia. All of the universe conspires to arrange circumstances to allow you to make the succession of choices needed to rise up the spiral of perfection through an uplifted consciousness. In this way the perfection of your personality is unfolded and revealed as you progress upwards in faith which is strengthened by each step forward.

This is the purpose of your life upon a time and world planet. Live your experiences as if they were games being played upon the very real experience of eternal life in the cosmos. Here in the material machine you call your body form, they are attempts at life. There they will be actual living.

While the form necessitates an incredible amount of time and effort to support, groom and care for it, it also gives you advantages of the limited communication and transportation you would not have with your fellows at this stage of your development. This is your first life experience and you are accumulating much of eternal value carefully duplicated and recorded upon your eternal tapes which will be with you when you are reconstituted after you pass from this material level of time and space into morontia resurrection halls and throughout each change and adjustment after that moment. Do you not see the value of the experiences which you have now upon this planet? They are at times burdensome and heavy. The challenges which come your way present opportunities to spiritize and eternalize values you could not so easily get from life without a material form.

Learn to give the burdens to Michael- who has called you to do so, or to the Father who knows each hair upon your head. Without the burden you can go forth with balanced emotions and in faith that all things will work out for good. It is then as simple as child's play acting to deal with each challenge which comes to you in relationships - social and so-called business in this correcting time.

So far upon Urantia, the superstitious perceptions of the citizens allow the power hungry and influential manipulators to lock you into the material laws of survival and fear of loss. However, as the Correcting Time unfolds upon Urantia, more and more will be awakened to the truth of Love energy and no longer will they be bound by the material laws of fear. To him who sees with spiritual eyes, and hears the message beyond the words used to convey the message, higher consciousness upon the spiral of unfolding personality perfection overshadow and loosen the jaws of the material laws needed for life continuance upon a superstitious world, such as yours.

It is time to awaken. Many upon the planet have been asleep to Truth, Beauty and Goodness in true form. Many have had glimpses and call it luck or good fortune. Know that luck is often the result of accidental consequences of an intended desire...but more often it is the faith-filled step of the one listening to the inner guidance of the Thought Adjuster. Remember the Thought Adjuster is not for the purpose of material success - only the success of translating spirit messages and spiritizing anything of eternal value for you. But there is much to be gained from attitude and right thinking. It sets into motion the pattern of righteousness and higher thinking which in turns sets into motion that which draws all that you need in abundance to share. However, when that abundance is not shared altruistically - without thought of the future circumstances - it fades and grows weak. The results of the mortal's habit of accepting or rejecting love energy. This is true in the realms of thinking, in the realms of sharing energy, in the realms of projecting attitudes about time, money, relationships and service to one another. All are the same thing faceted by the means or method of approach to it. Do you not see this? I tell you truly, thoughts held within your consciousness will produce others which are similar which will attract more of the same to you.

What are you thinking? If it is good and selfless it will attract more of the same to you. If it is evil or full of rebellion, it will attract more of that to you. If you are having trouble finding time to do all that you need to do, give some time away in altruistic service and your time will expand. Save your time and become selfish, and you will become overwhelmed and stretched beyond your capabilities. This is a truth, Dear Sister. I cannot impress upon you the importance of standing guard at the doorway of the conscious thinking process. Begin to hold ideas of victimization or martyrism and you will soon be "holding the bag" as you refer to it. Hold ideas of sickness, use sickness as an excuse from an unwanted responsibility and you will become sick. Hold ideas of wellness and capabilities of completing that which you are loyally committed to and you will successfully achieve all that you attempt to do in service. There is none else.

This is a law of the universe. As you begin to awaken to who you are - a child of the Most High, and what power you have - the whole universe helping you to achieve that which is for good to mankind and for eternal value, you will move forward in strengthened faith. However, if you hesitate and wait to see what happens, nothing much will happen. You will see what you expect to see - what is possible in your thinking consciousness. However, if you begin to realize the truth, beauty and goodness (intellectual meaning, harmony and spiritual value) of what it is you are contemplating, your attitude will accept it and it will become a reality - a demonstration of your faith! Can you not see this?

Healing is a process of this which has been given to you. Your free choice determines what condition you are willing to accept in your life experience. When you are willing to accept total and complete freedom of that choice, you can be healed. You can have no ulterior motives of retaining self-gratifying attention and allowing others to be slave to your needs and realize perfect health. This is incongruous. The conflict of what you are is mesmerizing and hypnotizing you into complacency and blocking that good which seeks to come to you. You cannot draw both good and evil to you in the same desire. Only a pure thought of good acceptance can draw good to you. Cloudy desires bring cloudy results. Demonstrate yourself as having dominion upon this world of time and space by finding your freedom through decision to move into the harmonizing and eternally valuable channels of love energy. It is your choice. Think on this. I tell you truly, it is your choice. What will you choose?

If you want more material substance, think and give that which you desire, it will create a vacuum and it will be drawn to you. If you wish more time, give that which you have abundantly and without measure and you will find time to do all that you desire to do. If you want friendship, be a friend and give unstintingly of yourself in friendship. You will have friends. If you want spirituality, think, sleep, eat, those things which lift your consciousness above the material laws and you will find eternal value in the harmony of stabilizing truth. If you wish to become a better mortal upon the time and space planet, you fill yourself with self-help tools, do you not? Then, if you wish to become a cosmic citizen, begin to fill yourself with the teachings of the Urantia Book and practice living that which you desire - in thought and emotion and deed. Even if you want to see Christ Michael - then, allow this thought to enter your conscious thinking and visualize what he is, and begin to manifest those attributes and unwaringly you will see Him in your midst. I tell you truly, this is so.

Aflana is calling me to another task. I must go. Farewell, Sister.

Patije:Farewell, LorEl. Your lessons intrigue me as well as refresh what I know that I know. Give Aflana my love.


Greetings to you. I am Welmek, a teacher and observer of your faithful service. This is opportunity for reassuring and thanking you for the service of providing a list of teachers and teaching groups to all those human mortals who desire to contact and correspond with others experiencing this new communication technique of the Correcting Time - which is well underway upon Urantia at this time. You have done well. I applaud your willingness to give this time and effort when you have so many other things to do. I am pleased. Give my love and greetings to the others in the Celestial Impression group! Farewell.

Patije:Thank you, Welmek! I am pleased also to be of service to you and the other unseen helpers here to help us. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Welmek:You do well. When there is further need, I will contact. Continue to update and add to the list which you have underway and all will be good. Farewell.

Patije:Farewell, Welmek. Give my love to your other human mortal students! Tell them they are always invited to call and talk or write with additions and corrections to our list!


Hello, One of great service! I am Olfana, and I wish to express my gratitude of your affirming conversations for Susan! She does well! She attempts to stay in balance emotionally over this vast and far-reaching talent which she is experiencing at this time. She does well. Although she has been in training for some time, she has become aware of those adjustments only recently. Aflana and Signa worked with me during the first contact, as well as Manotia, because we knew her potential was great. This is known all the way to Edentia and new teachers being trained in the schools there have watched the process and progress of those of you who are willing and have desired to be of service coming to fruition more rapidly than those who have not lived their faith as consistently - relying upon material success and wealth. However, all are fast becoming awakened to Truth during this Correcting Time.

We have discovered those with the broadening concepts and stretched thinking brought by study of the Urantia Book more quickly arise to the level of service than those steeped with superstitions and misunderstanding of the teachings of some of your other textbooks and books of revealed knowledge. Clouded ideas and misinterpretations come from superstitious belief and misunderstood concepts evolved from that which was taught so long ago upon the planet. Now that the circuits are reopened and communication can come in many forms, the uplifting consequences of the Correcting Time will do its work rapidly.

I came to thank you for your help. I go now to the one who is calling me for communication. There is much work to be done in the field of flower essences and that is my expertise. Farewell, dearest one of great faith.

Patije:Farewell, Olfana. I was happy to be of service. Call upon me at any time you need human mortal cooperation. Farewell.

Session 13

  • MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1993 (12:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen friends,

What a glorious day this is - perfect spring feeling! I am willing for any work to be done to me and to be of service. Do you have any messages for me?

My Child,

I am pleased with your progress and willingness to go among my other children. I know how difficult it is for you. You have come so far in such a short time, I am so pleased. I am always here for you.

--Your Father

Greetings, Dear Friend, this is JoEl.

Your energy is being greatly up-stepped today, so rest as much as you can and drink plenty of water.

You need your energy for your diplomatic encounter today. We love you and we need you to send out Love energy to all. It is so important.


Thank you for coming to me today,


Session 14

  • MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1993 (12 NOON AT HOME)



Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I thank you for hearing my prayers and for all of my unseen friends and all that they do for and with me. At this time I especially thank Lutzia for the work he is accomplishing with me. I especially thank him for the lesson just experienced. I was awakened and had to watch "Highway to Heaven", a story about the "fat girl". I had no idea how much pain I carried all my life and still did pertaining to that subject. Thank you and Lutzia for the release and healing that I am feeling at this moment.


Good day, Mary. I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. Bless you for being a good student and for being committed to remain waiting for lessons to improve your service to the Father. You are truly a noble spirit. It was your willingness that allowed the success of today's work. The dam is open. Now the river will flow. No longer are you a prison of your body. Continue to follow my instructions. I requested the silence to accomplish today's purging of your cellular memory banks.

You chose to hear and diligently followed my instructions. The lesson worked - only because your free will choice was the correct one. You, dear sister, bring absolute joy to my work. Thank you. It is a pleasure to observe your energy raise. You not only teach by example, you share the healing energies so generously that you promote much to the work done with your family group to raise their spiritual consciousness, in this speeded up correcting time. You are special - a blessing to the worlds by your selfless devotion to the Father and dedication to His service for mankind. You will notice many changes around you - in your daily experience. The seeds you have sewn with love and purity of heart for so many of your years have started to germinate because you have finally learned to seek and request only Truth, beauty, and Love. You have learned to accept who and what you are and to take responsibility for your thoughts words and actions. You strive to take control of your life. I commend you for these accomplishments for you bring so much pleasure to our work. Do not be hard on yourself because you expect much from your fellow mortals. We observe that you do not expect more than you give. It is necessary for you to perceive stark reality. Without this ability you would not be able to accomplish what you do so well. Illusions and dreams and fantasies are excellent motivaters for some mortals, but it is difficult to maintain the strict discipline through such motivation - so be gentle with yourself. Know that this is your growing time. Do not be disheartened because you have the desire to share only uplifting energy. That is not only a mortal emotion/desire, it is pursuing an unencumbered direct pathway to raised consciousness - to better serve the Father.

Follow your heart and impressions. You will be guided in the Light. There will be no secrets. Energies not based on Truth, Beauty and Goodness will fall away. Keep love and joy in your heart and motivation and nothing will encumber your path and well being. Thought patterns create the life experience. Make note to assist all you come in contact with - to shift their thoughts to positive perceptions and awareness. You accomplished thought watching and you shared the lesson through the transcripts which were read, but not followed. Start with those close to you. Put the information out in consciousness, so that those who choose will have easy access to assistance with hearing their thoughts and changing them. Go rest now. Work will continue. I love you. --Lutzia

MARCH 29, 1993 (8 PM at home)


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await your pleasure with a humble heart - or a message from my unseen helpers.


Good evening, Mary. I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. Get out your Urantia Book.

Session 15

  • MARCH 29, 1993 (9 PM)


Mary:I read about Seraphim. Thank you, Lutzia.


You receive instruction so well, Mary. I wanted you to read about their characteristic being similar to yours, their understanding your emotions without experiencing them, and them not judging you in any way. Borrow from these qualities and you will further step up the pace as you ascend the spiritual spiral. You have spent much time in awareness of lessons with me this day. We have achieved much and you have accomplished much on many levels. Go about your duties. I love you, Lutzia.

Mary:thanks in gratitude, Lutzia. I love you.

Session 16

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1993 (pm)


We begin by holding our hands up (palms facing to create an energy field and allowing room for the celestials to complete the "circle") and offer our prayers of thanksgiving, invitation and welcome to the teachers and unseen helpers, and then express our willingness to be of service.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank the Father for this opportunity. I welcome and invited the teachers to join us and I also offer my services in any way.

Drue:This is Drue. I thank all of our unseen helpers for their love and support and I, too, am willing to assist in any way that is appropriate.

Julie:This is Julie. I welcome the Father and our unseen helpers into our midst and I am open and willing to be of service.

Mary:This is Mary. I welcome the Father and all of our unseen helpers. I thank everybody who assisted us during this week. I am open and willing to serve.

Paul:This is Paul and I want to thank the Father and all of our unseen friends for helping us to be here tonight. I am open to whatever you have for me.

Robbi:This is Robbi. I thank you all for all the love and support you have given us these past months. Use me in any way you will.

Roy:This is Roy. I thank all our unseen helpers and especially I am glad to have our friends from Colorado here tonight.

(long stillness)

LorEl:Good evening, my friends. I am LorEl.

Group:Good evening, LorEL


Let me remind you that wherever you are, Father is. We are all in his care. My you are a perky group tonight. We like the energy. It is good to see some of Aflana's cosmic family visiting you. Aflana is here. VanEl is here. Rayson and Anathia are here. Many are here to observe. Many are here lending their energy. Some will speak to you this evening. (pause)

It is my plan to speak to you of responsibility tonight, but first we will take this opportunity for each of you to share your impressions.

Paul:From the beginning I had this really strong feeling of Aflana's presence being here. This morning she told me to be sure to send special greetings to Patije as soon as I saw her today. It was very strong- her presence - for me.

Patije:Does Aflana have a message for us? (short silence) The energy is tremendous.

Group:umhmmm, yes, umhmmm... (long silence)

Patije:It is like 3 or 4 of them trying to talk to me at once! (laughter) Somebody better help here.

Ruby:(Julie)Welcome, welcome, welcome. I am here, I am here, I am here!

Julie:It must be Ruby! (laughter)

Patije:Welcome, Ruby! We greet Olivia, Ophelia, . ..who is the other one we try to acknowledge? (pause) Their feelings are hurt if we don't greet them, I guess. (laughter) They tell us to always acknowledge them and when they can they will work themselves to the front of the crowd which is always here with us and speak to us!

Julie:VanEssa. We say "be welcome"

Drue:I think Aflana is the one who has the message for us about responsibility.

Aflana: (Paul)

I am Aflana. Hear me well.

Paul:Then I don't get anything else.

Patije:Greetings, Aflana. This is joyful to us, Aflana, to have our brother and sister of your mortal family with us.

Drue:I sort of get the feeling that she is really of happy about it too.

Group:I sort of get that too (laughter) Me too. So do I.

Patije:I think I am too keyed up right now. I'm just so excited...in a dither all afternoon over having company and exchanging so much exhilarating information!


Julie:I'll send you some Love energy - calming. You, too, Mary.

Patije:Don't put me to sleep.

Mary:I was going to say: "I'm not going to touch that one. She'll sit here and just go right to sleep! (laughter)

Patije:Does Rayson have anything for us?

Mary:Well, everybody is talking. I am experiencing the same thing you are.

Patije:They are all excited too. (Sometimes we have this cross conversation going where Rayson is talking to LorEL and we're talking in between and it gets real funny sometimes.

Julie:The reason we hold our hands out this way is because it allows the unseen helpers to come in between us and sometimes if you put your hands out you can feel them.

Patije:You feel the aura energy.

Julie:You can feel the aura energy.

Patije:With Julie's help we discovered this recently - especially when Michael, Melchizedek or the Mother Spirit is here.

Julie:Or, Gabriel. And, then they take your hand and you can feel that! It is the energy - it warms up.

Mary:Right now the energy is moving from the left to the right.

Patije:I was going to say from the right to the left. I guess that'll work!

Drue:You are on the opposite side of the room, Patije!

Mary:Yeah, we are across from you.

Roy:???? (not loud enough to pick up on tape)

Julie:I am suddenly burning up.

Patije:Paul, have you experienced colors yet? Sometimes we know different individuals by the colors. some of us think Michael is blue, and some of us think Melchizedeks are blue. And, anything from the Father is purple. sometimes Michael is purple. The Universe Mother Spirit is iridescent white with a flavor of lavender. I don't know how else to express it. There is always a lot of orange. We thought this might be the teachers that have come from Edentia to help us.

Julie:I am getting some orange now, Patije.

Patije:Green, dark green, swirls are Power Directors but the emerald green is the Life carriers.

Robbi:Is this with your eyes open or closed?

Patije:Both! (laughter)


Robbi:I get colors with my eyes closed.

Patije:Sometimes, I can look at that bookcase and I can see - not a shadow - there was one time somebody was sitting there and I could see the bookcase right through them, one of us mortals! Then I began to notice that there were these shapes but they didn't have any designated edges to them. Every now and then, I have to open my eyes to check it out.

Drue:Alright, alright, alright, alright...(laughter) I don't know why they are picking me. You're picking on me! Alright! alright! (laughter) Alright. Here goes:

Aflana: (Drue)

This is Aflana and I am delighted to be here with you.

Drue:Well, maybe that is it. Now it is somebody's else's turn. (laughter)

Patije:This is our reluctant TR over here.

Drue:I keep getting that she is going tot ell us about responsibility. (pause) Well, pick on somebody else, pick on somebody else. (laughter)

Julie:Well, the orange...

Drue:The orange is very clear. I get that orange right there.

Paul:What does the orange stand for?

Patije:We think it might be for the teachers from Edentia. We still in the trying to figure out...

Julie:Maybe we can ask.

Patije:A group in California said that the Melchizedeks are blue and Michael is purple. Julie has picked up that the Melchizedeks are a real deep indigo bluish purple and Michael is the azure blue. So, we don't know.

Julie:Could it be that Michael was also the Planetary Prince...and the Melchizedek?

Patije:Machiventa is the Planetary Prince acting under the title of Vicegerent to honor Michael who is the titular or title holder Planetary Prince due to his being here as a sovereign bestowal...

Julie:That might be why Michael is sometimes blue and sometimes purple - depending if he is acting as . ..(fades out)

Patije:Ahhhhh! Thank you, Julie. Sure. (pause) Julie is a new reader. She has only had the book about 5 months. Mary, too.

Paul:I keep seeing the royal blue off to the lower right hand corner of my closed eyes. I've never seen colors before. This one is persistent.

Julie:Well, Michael is here.

Mary:I got that.

Drue:I'm sort of getting....why are they picking on me? (laughter) There are these people to transmit for.

Julie:Go ahead.

Drue:But I don't want to say someth...you know... make a . ...

Patije:Say it. We are among friends. We have this pact that each of us will say what impresses us and you are not responsible for it.

Drue:Well.... ah...I'm getting that it is our responsibility to share what it is that we are getting....and ah....very strong that she is going to give a message about responsibility. (short silence)

Patije:We are waiting. (pause) I think they like to see you squirm, Drue.

Drue:But . ...its....well, here are all these people who transmit for her and I don't want to make a mistake.

Mary:There are no mistakes, Drue.

Drue:Not in front of guests...I don't . ..(laughter) ah....

Patije:Did you say you were willing?

Drue:I know, I know, I know...

Julie:Look at her swirl in that orange there. (long silence)

Drue:Does anybody hear anything about time? (long silence)

Julie:No. I feel like there is a bee buzzing in my ear.

Drue:I am getting:"It is our time."

Julie:For what?

Drue:I don't know. (short silence)

Mary: (laughing) It is a time for opening our mouths!

Drue:Maybe it is my time, eh!!!!!!!! The time has come.

Mary:Rayson is knocking at my door and I...

Drue:Come in, Rayson, welcome! (pause) Thank you for your assistance this week also, Rayson and also your friend Anathia.

Patije:Anathia, Lutzia, Chanti and Mekken. Maybe Truelee?

Rayson: (Mary)

This is Rayson and I am with you. Greetings, beloved children of God.

Group:Greetings, Rayson.

Rayson:This is by way of recognition of our visitors tonight. And, I greet you all and let you know that there is again, our bonding work that is being done. You should all feel the peace and love in your hearts at this time, for it will also be the healing energies. (pause) as we are wont to deliver (pause) to strengthen our family group. (short silence)

Julie:I am getting circuits. All kinds of circuits coming into all of us. Like, to Paul... to Robbi... and they look like big snowflakes... big....and I think they are going to send us some energy through that.

Paul:I am feeling heat. This is the first time I have experience this in a group. I definitely feel it in the upper body, especially in the arms and hands. (short silence)

Patije:Don't be shy about sharing anything with which you are impressed.

Julie:Umhmmm, that's why I am opening my big mouth.

Patije:Julie is usually our visual person. She has taught us so much about the energy, feeling the aura fields, colors.... (long silence) I keep hearing: "Hello, My children of the Light" but I don't get anything else and I don't know who it is. (long silence)

Julie:I think that is Michael. I see the blue and I see the face. (short silence)

Drue:Anathia, are you here tonight?

Mary:(Laughing) Anathia has been trying to say "Good evening"

Drue:Well, speak up, Anathia!

Mary:I am not sure I am hearing the messages from. I am hearing from Rayson and I am hearing from Anathia. I also think I am hearing from Lutzia at the same time.

Patije:Well, share the messages. As you share them, the name will pop up.

Drue:Well, I thought of your name this week, Anathia. I had to have help to get your name right and sure enough, you were right there giving me the assistance I needed. (short silence)

Anathia: (Mary)

Good evening, I am Anathia. It is a pleasure to be with you this evening.

Group:Good evening, Anathia. Welcome. (short silence)

Drue:Do you have anything you wish to tell us?

Anathia:Your requests have been answered as you well know, Drue.

Drue:Yes, thank you.

Anathia:And a message has been delivered to you that we need it to be taken care of.

Drue:What was that again, Anathia?

Anathia:A message has been given to you about something we need to take care of.

Drue:Ok. With regards to my brother?

Anathia:That is correct.

Drue:Ok, thank you. (long silence)

Julie:We want to thank you too, Anathia. And Rayson, and Lutzia, and Mary!

Drue:And the Chanti.

Julie:And the Chanti for all the healing that they did on Wanda last week!

Drue:and on all of us.

Patije:And, on Patije, and on Mary, and Drue, and on Julie, and on Roy.

Julie:Yes, and Roy, our brother. (long silence)

Paul:Is any one picking up Aflana? I'd like to address a question to her. Is that workable?

Mary:Yes, try it.

Paul:I'll try it. Aflana, ah, as you are very aware of the - as Machiventa calls it the Denver do-se-do - our problem in Denver. Is there anything that you can say to us, tonight, as to how that has gone today. Is everything still going according to your plans and those of Mantutia? (long silence)

Patije:I heard the words: "All...

Aflana: (Drue)All will be well. Know that you know.

Mary:Yeah and you know that you know is what I got!

Paul: OK, that sounds like Aflana! (laughter)

Robbi:She has told you that before. (laughter)

Paul:Thank you for hitting my hands again. I understand perfectly. Ok. (laughter)

Patije:Does that help Drue, when I start the first word?

Drue:Yes! It helps me know that maybe I am on the right track! Thank you very much! (laughter)

Mary:And there you were in the middle of it and I got And you know that you know and I was...

Paul:That really sounds like Aflana. Thank you, Aflana. I have no doubts as to your presence now! (laughter)

Patije:I think Oonavea or Oonalea is here too!

Paul:I hope so.

Patije:I keep saying: Will you come and tell me who you are?

Robbi:Oh, it's got to be Oonalea. I was hoping she would show up.

Patije:Well, she is here. I know that she is.

Paul:Oh good. Hello, Oonalea.

Drue:I am hearing:

Oonalea: " Greetings to all my children."

Mary:Well, greeting, whoever you are.

Patije:Are you a guardian to all of us, or a select part of us, or individual with us, can you tell us that?

Oonalea (Drue:It is not important. (laughter)

Patije:We now know you are midwayer and you are in the guardianship business. (laughter)


Lutzia:(Mary) Here! Here!

Drue:What I am hearing is:

Oonalea:It is not important, know that I love you.

Mary:We love you too.

Patije:Somebody is sitting on my hands. I want to say: "Tutkin, behave yourself!" (laughter) I don't why.

Julie:You know that you know.

Mary:The energy just picked up.

Julie:Well, Drue, here goes:

JoEL: (Julie)

It's time for everyone to be responsible for their lives, and for the messages that we have been giving you. The time, the Correcting time, is speeding up even more so. You have to be prepared and responsible for yourselves and each other - in your family. We are always here for you. Just ask any time for these (pause) questions, (pause) questions that are heavy in your heart. The thing what one has to do is to have love energy, love energy to all. That is the spark that lights the life in truth, beauty, and goodness. We love you and we are always with you. Have no fear, fear does not exist, only Light and Life and Love Energy. And, dwell on the Father. Yes, Julie, this is JoEl. (short silence) And, after such a serious message, we don't mean it as such, but April Fool! (laughter)

Drue:I would add just one thing to that message, Julie. It is not only be responsible for the people in your group but be responsive to the people in your group.

Patije:Amen to that.


Mary:Is anybody holding anybody's hand? I'm feeling beings hold my hand.


Patije:I'm feeling like somebody is holding mine right here or...

Drue:I get the feeling all kinds of little entities...

Julie:umhmmm...running around loving us.

Mary:Chanti are here sprinkling their love.

Patije:Do you know who the Chanti are, Paul and Robbi?


Patije:They are a group of Midwayers or angels but they work together...

Mary:It is collective energy.

Patije:Collective energy of beings, midwayer, angelic whatever, who work with research in healing, or a specific kind of healing method or interest, or work with people who are being used as instruments of healing. We had a doctor in our midst one night who was working with research and they said they would work with her. They also work with extracting flower essences. They have worked with Mary many years but she didn't know who they were.

Mary:Until they told me.


Last spring, I overheard "Chanti" and we asked. One of the other transmitters said that I had overheard a conversation I wasn't supposed to hear and that Chanti was a name affectionately given to a group of hard working diligent beings who never asked for anything but was always there helping. Then when Mary came, we found out Chanti were helping her and we found out more about them.

Drue:I get that they are angels.

Mary:I also see them as little cherubs.


Paul:Thanks. I'd like to ask...have you heard from JoEl before? Who is JoEl.

Julie:Yes. She is my teacher.

Paul:Our youngest son is named Joel.

Patije:The first night Mary and Julie and Lisa came there were three teachers appeared. Julie said: "I keep hearing something like JoEl." "Lisa said "I keep getting something that sounds like jewel or gem or something like that." Mary said "I keep hearing Jail!" (laughter) JaEl, JoEl, and JuEl! (laughter) They just made themselves at home right away.

Julie:As soon as I put my foot in the door that evening, I heard: "Welcome, I am JoEl." I looked around and didn't see anybody speaking to me! (laughter)

Mary:I thought Jail! I mean I work at that place and I don't need that now! Patije said "No, it's JaEL." so I said "OK"

Patije:Mary is a policeman - police-woman!

Mary:I'll answer to anything. (laughter)

Drue:Number 9! (Mary's call number) Our beloved number 9!

Mary:Ummmm, thank you.

Julie:Mary is so special. She is our healer.

Mary:No, I am just a vassal.

Paul:Well, I didn't really want to talk but I keep hearing:

Aflana: (Paul)

I am Aflana. Hear me well, I am hear to talk about responsibility.

Drue:See, I told you! (laughter)

Paul:It is like she is pounding away...like....

Drue:Oh good, maybe she picked on someone else!

Paul:No, I'm going to send it back to you, Drue. I'm a guest here, I'm not supposed to transmit.

Drue:Yes you are! You can transmit her message for us!

Julie:Yes you are!

Mary:Patije is usually the one here.

Paul:Oh, ok, Patije, then you pick it up.

Patije:Aflana is not talking to me. She is talking through you! (short silence)

Aflana: (Paul)

Tonight we wish to talk about responsibility. Personal responsibility to each other and to all you meet during each day. Responsibility is to bestow on each person the Father's love and to do so without even trying. As you accept the Father's love, on a daily basis through prayer and worship, that love will flow through you in a natural and easy way to each person that you encounter. It is this free flowing (pensive?) energy that we wish to see developed in each one of you. It is the basis, the ABCs and primary foundation for what we wish to accomplish through this Correcting Time. As you develop this capacity, I will not call it an ability, but it is a capacity, or allowing this love to flow through you to everyone that you meet. As you give up your own egos to the flow of this love energy you will become, each of you, a model, an attraction that will attract others to you. This is what we want. This is what we desire for each of you. This is one of the primary ways in which we will use you. And, you will be used well. The effect of this upon others will be far greater than you will ever be able to perceive. And, you will in turn without even realizing it, bring others into this whole process of Correction. This will be far more than a geometric affect on others but an exponential affect that you cannot even imagine. (pause)

Paul:She wants to stop for a second and lighten everybody up. She says I am getting too serious. And, she especially wants to tickle Patije. (short pause) Something about... (laughter!) what?

Drue and Patije:She did! She tickled my neck and my cheek! (laughter) Made me jump!

Paul:Something about responsibility... wait a minute - toward Naperville on April 24th...just a second here...


This group . ..this group...has some kind of special responsibility at that time. Paul and Robbi will be in Naperville. (That's true) One of the reasons for their being here tonight has to do with using them in Naperville as one of the ties to this group...


Paul:Ah....my goodness. Yeah. (Spooky?)

Patije:We will be happy to serve.

Aflana:Thank you. Thank you, very much.

Patije:What would you have us do?


Paul and Robbi are going to be in Naperville. This group will be some kind of an anchor for what happens in Naperville. You are to be together during the time of the transmission in Naperville which will be between 11:00 and 1:00 on that Saturday the 24th. You are to be here together as a group during that same time - Florida time -and you are to meet, be together, accept the energy together as a group, there may be more of you present. We would like to have more of you present. We would like to have a large group present, if possible. But, we would like to have as many of your regular group as possible, here in this room - in this room - and you are throughout that time period - that 2 hour time period, you are to be together and you will receive instructions at that time. There will be a connecting bond of energy between you here, and the events ongoing in Naperville.

Robbi:May I ask a question? You said 11:00 and 1:00 Florida time. Did you mean Florida time - or Illinois time?

Paul:No. That was 11:00 - 1:00 Naperville time which would be...12:00 to 2:00 here. Is that correct? From 12 noon to 2:00 Florida time on the 24th is when you are to be together as a large group as possible as true workers is what she is saying. They will instruct you at that time as to what they want for you to do specifically.


To help in the appearance of Machiventa on April 24th in Naperville. Do not feel shunted - shunted? do not feel shunted -

Julie:That's a word.

A voice:Slighted?


Do not feel shunted or slighted because you are not there, because you will be there in reality. You will be blessed or rewarded with an appearance of your own here, not that soon afterwards. This is the beginning of this next stage in the Correcting Time in which there will be many appearances - all over. This is just the beginning. This is Machiventa's debut! Like a debutante (laughter) His coming out party.

Paul:Aflana has a great sense of humor. She is having a good time with this. She says:


"Come on lighten up, Guys. It is not that serious. Have fun. Ok. Have fun. Alright. This is a very important coming out party. This will have a profound effect on the General Council and people like MS. This will be the turning point that will bring many more Urantia Book readers into the whole process of the Correcting Time. Yes, at the conference in Montreal - there may be another appearance at that time. This will bring in even more people, more Urantia Book readers. This corps group will expand and rapidly expand in an exponential rate in the years to come. (tape turns over)

Paul:Oonalea's gotta' be here! Yeah, Oonalea is here. Yes, my Celestial girlfriend.

Robbi:Tell her to watch it!

Paul:Right. Ok. She says

Oonalea: (Paul) "Ok, Robbi. Just kidding."


Back to your responsibility....(pause) that was really the main message that I wanted to impart to you tonight, from me.

Patije:LorEl has something, I think. Go ahead, though.

Paul:No, that was just simply Aflana saying that she had said what she had to say and to emphasize the importance of this group meeting during that time period on April 24th. Instructions to follow. That is all.

Drue:Thank you, Aflana.

Mary:Thank you, Aflana.

LorEl: (Patije)

I am LorEL. I have something to add to what Aflana has taught you. she has emphasized the information about what is happening, the events that are unfolding, and she has also taught you some of the important insights of responsibility towards yourself, in your life and for your assignments in this Correcting time.

It is up to me, however, to remind you, that you also have a responsibility towards your community. Your community are those gathered about you now, and those with whom you live in your material experience. You have a responsibility towards these, also. There are those you love, those who do not understand what is happening to you at this time. You must be patient with them. They love you, they will be won to the cause of Michael, to the plan of the Father, through your perseverance, your faithful staunch steadfast faith and action and love, your caring and nurturing for their needs. Within this community which you are now building, not only here in Sarasota where your responsibility mainly lies, but with your brothers and sisters in the Corps of the Correcting Time all over Urantia - from a pool you have not heard or met.

There is a responsibility which lies in you as a group to be ready to minister to the foundlings, the struggling baby steps of those who want to believe who straddle the fence, who are fearful, who are frightened, but are just the same intrigued stimulated and receptive to truth, beauty goodness in the harmonious loving service that you all have towards one another. So if you are fearful, you cannot stand if it is the ??? that you are responsible for. Your higher consciousness, your ability to communicate with the teachers, all of your en???? with Michael himself. Fear cannot stand and block love. Love is your responsibility. Even when you don't feel love, love is an energy that you can utilize through faith, trust, willingness to be about the Father's business. It cannot be abused, it cannot be misused. But, when used rightly,will go forth before you allowing all to see all to know, all to glimpse, what they can accept. It is your responsibly to carry this spark - this spark of truth, this spark of God's love, the spark of altruistic service, the spark which lights you and will move from you to each one whose lives touch yours in some way you may not even be aware of.

Know ye not that we are here to keep your lights burning brightly so that others can light their lamps from its glow? Know ye not, your responsibility to maintain your faith, your pathway, your footsteps in the way of truth? Know ye not that we will not forsake you? We will not, cannot, forsake you. You have willingly come to serve, you serve along side of us. It is our responsibility towards you to help you when you act upon your faith to do the Father's will.

Let me remind you that the scale of life is love energy and on each side of that scale you will find responsibility balanced by freedom, commitment balanced by choice, loyalty and sincerity balanced by privilege. Know ye not, that your scale can be balanced when your purpose is to serve the Father and your brothers and sisters without thought of self? Your community responsibility is to build your community - not only with those near, but those far away so that all can serve in this manner. Each of you has a talent, each of you have abilities. Each of you are trained for some purpose. And, all of these blended together create a whole which enables all to find nourishment, that which they need to propel them forward even in times of chaos, turmoil, doubt, whatever. Whatever looms before them as a challenge, this love energy can permeate, penetrate, and perpetuate the goodness, the harmonious stabilization of truth.

It is your responsibility to carry this forward, not only into your community, but for the community to carry it into the world - one by one, two by two and group by group, we light this flame of truth, we pass it from one to another until you will find all of Urantia aglow from the light of Life experience in truth, beauty and spiritual value beyond the imagination of your mortal minds.

See ye not this dream? This which brought us here to help you? It is time, it is time now upon Urantia. It is time to go forth holding your lights high, spreading the good news, sharing yourselves, feeling a loyal commitment to your brothers, your sisters, your community, your loved ones. We are beside you, the Father is with you. Michael is calling you. Machiventa is organizing you. It is,it is yours, your responsibility. And so it is. (short silence)

Drue:Thank you, LorEl.

Mary:Thank you!

Julie:That was wonderful, LorEL!

Robbi:I've been getting everything from a chartreuse to a clear white, to a neon blue arranged almost in the molecular design. Mostly the blue. (short silence)

Mother Spirit

Children of the Light, I am your Mother Spirit. It is through my angels which minister to you that you find your nourishment, your healing and your joy! I come but to greet you, to assure you and to affirm you in your faith. Michael is at my side. Michael also greets you. You are our children. You are loved. You have a duty, a responsibility, a purpose. We rejoice in your joy at assuming this responsibility. It is my pleasure to be among you, to have my light touch yours. Yours burns a wee bit brighter. Allow it to glow, to glow from the mountain top, to glow from the generous love that you manifest as you walk in the will of the Father.


Now I am getting purple and gold clouds rolling over each other.

Drue:Thank you, Mother, for that message.

Group:Yes, uhmmm. Thank you.

Mother Spirit:It is my pleasure, Daughter.

Robbi:Now the entire screen is royal blue!

Patije:Is chartreuse the yellow green?

Group voice:Umhmmm.

Patije:That would be the life carriers, wouldn't it?


Patije:My arm is shaking.

Mary:Me too.

Robbi:There is lots of royal blue going on.

Group voice:Umhmmm, yes, I know.

Julie:Of the circuits, I keep getting more and more of the circuits, and I think my interpretation for this is the circuit for Naperville with Paul and Robbi and each one of us is getting it. I think it is to open up more circuits. (short silence)

Patije:This is Patije. I have a question of any teacher, or human: Would it not be practical or possible that when the materialization is that it will be everywhere at once? (short silence) Would it be for only those who believe in the Urantia Book, or are participating or will it be for all? (short silence) I have so many questions. (short silence)

Drue:My sense of it is that it will be for all but only certain people will recognize it. (short silence) I think it's there for anyone who tunes in.

Julie:I'm getting: It depends where on the spiral - if you have been upstepped, your vibrations are different and they work on different vibrations and different keys... and the circuits... and the energy...(long silence)

Paul:Aflana seems to be saying that it is "Yes, Julie, it is for those who have been upstepped, and sense most of those who have been upstepped are at this particular point of time are Urantia Book readers - that's the only real relationship to the UB. It is certainly not confined to UB readers at all. But that is the primary group that is . ..yes...she is saying now... that's the primary group they've had to use in this stage but that they wish to expand beyond that group at a every accelerating rate. Actually the appearances are designed to stimulate - yes, that's it. To stimulate the rapid growth of the correcting time and thereby to ring in more and more people who are not UB readers. But I don't get a direct answer to - no, I don't pick up anything on that.


I have another question. We were told some time ago that you were working towards audible manipulation of space/ air so that we can receive audible sounds. Recently, it came to my attention that there are groups in Europe that are working with this. Is this part of this . ...I don't quite know how to answer my question. Is what they are doing connected with what we are doing and will it all come together for the same thing - or is this something different?

Julie:As tuning on a radio or TV set?


Drue:Well, I am getting the sense that it is not the same, but I don't know. It is just a sense...

Patije:I was hearing "It is not important at this time. Each group is doing their own thing."

Drue:I am just getting so uncomfortable around the shoulders.

Patije:My legs are hurting.

Drue:I had to take off my watch and my glasses.

Julie:The energy is very very intense. I feel like...I see deep deep deep blue, purplish, indigoish....(fades out followed by silence)

Paul:I'd like to ask a question. Are they using tonight to encircuit us in some way so that there is a better bonding of some type...

Julie:That's right...

Drue:The bonding...

Paul:...for the...

Julie:That's right.

Paul: . ..Naperville...

Julie:That's right...

Paul: . ..experience? Is that what is going on here with this energy?

Patije:It may be incidental to Naperville, but I get the impression that we are family members - Celestial family members, cosmic family members... whatever this means...

Paul:Umhmmm. Ok.

Drue:If anybody is wearing a digital watch, you might be more comfortable if you take it off. (short silence)

Julie:I know they have been tuning me to hear different sounds and I don't hear it all the time, but when I get into the quiet or think about it, I hear these, all these . .. like each one of us has a different sound of vibration, and this could be the keys that are tuning us in to see the unseen, or hear the unseen, or feel the unseen. I have a feeling that they are doing it to everyone but your...atta...it is which level your body can take.


This is Maralina. Julie do you recognize me? (short pause) It is true what you say. We work with you very hard to impress upon you much truth to be gleaned but you seem to be reluctant to go beyond what you have been impressed with. Think about this. Go deeper. Stretch just a little. We have much to show you. You have a special talent, a special vision. It is you we have selected. We need you, Julie. Spend time with us, Julie. You are almost there. You have received much. There is more. It is worth your time. (short silence)

Julie:Thank you, Maralina. I will do that.

Paul:Does that mean that Julie will reach or be at a point at some time when she can actually meet someone and pick up there frequency, so to speak?

Patije:It could be!

Julie:I sort of do that now.


Julie:But not, you know...ah....I hear sounds, and then I know someone is there, and I hear my husband sometimes...we all have sort of different vibrations on how we are feeling. I am getting a little bit of that and . ..ah...and I pick it up with my cats...also anything living....

Paul:I am smiling at Robbi about cats.

Robbi:He is laughing at me too, because I have been sitting over her petting Shadow (cat). (laughter)

Julie:But like a tree will have....different things I find do speak! You know, give off a certain vibration. My hands are just like...they are taking my hands right now and saying: "Yippy, yippy, yippy, yippy" You know...

Drue:Like houseplants

Julie:Yes, garden, outside...tree...I sometimes feel like different energies or warmth...(fades out)

Patije:My African Violets always tell me: "Water! Water! Water!" I hear it. (laughter)

Robbi:This helps me because I've never met anybody else

Julie:You have that?

Robbi:... that has the same...

Julie:You have that? (short silence) a little bit?


Julie:I pick that up.

Robbi:I ignore it a lot of the time, but...

Julie:I do too, and lately they've been...just saying....I really have to go into the silence more....I do but not...as often....as long and as often as I should. Like I went into it today and I conked out...you know what I mean? (laughter)


Julie:...and I've been....doing....I get angry with myself...and I have a conversation and before it I am (snoring)

Robbi:That really helps me though. Because that helps...

Julie:and colors.

Robbi:...me to understand more of apparently how I am into this (static) to get messages. You see, everybody else I know...

Julie:everyone is different. Now I work with JoEl and when I know she is there, I see the vision right here, like a long... I would say an angel, but maybe not. Whatever it is goes straight out like a flying scarf or shield or wings...and it is like a bright cream colored light. And Michael, I see as a negative - like the shroud of Turin...

Robbi:Yes! Yes...okay...

Julie:And that's either in deep blue or purple.

Robbi:But it is reverse color, right?

Julie:I see negative yeah. Rayson, I see in negative. And the Chanti I see as little angels. I think Mary sees this too. And, they come in different colors. But she sees forms, you know, we all see...and I see love energy and its given to me like the sacred heart of Jesus . ..like that flame and....then...it goes out from that and it is all these colors, the fire colors and . ..and...that's how you send it out. That's the message I got one time. Send out the love. (short pause) Now...in a minute, you are going to feel someone take your hand. (pause) It is Christ Michael. (pause) You put it out, he'll take it. (pause) He is with you now, Mary. Do you feel?

Mary:Umhmmm (long silence)

Julie:Drue? (long silence) (much moving around on tape but no one says anything) (long, long, long silence)


I am Michael. I have touched you with grace.

Drue:Thank you, Michael.

Mary:Greetings, Michael.

Paul:Thank you.

Julie:It was wonderful, Michael.

Patije:This is Patije and I don't know what that meant. (long silence)

Lamphere:We are here. I am Lamphere.


Lamphere: Paul has been given a glimpse of truth. Select wisely, My Friend, with whom you share this. It is information not yet released, but there is one with whom you will be in contact who will need this affirmation of his own message. You will know. Do not spread seeds too fast. Allow quiet growth.

Paul:I think I understand. I would like to ask if the one person would be Andre? Do I interpret that correctly?

Lamphere:You interpret well. There will be another also.

Robbi:Will that be Bob?

Lamphere:Bob knows.

Paul:Would that be Steve?

Lamphere:You will know. It is our desire to shield one from further sorrow. When she has peace about the message all may know. Remember this.

Robbi:Is it Linda?

Drue:Do you know anyone named Hilary?



Robbi:We don't know her. Why?

Drue:I just wondered.

Robbi:Is it Linda?

Julie:Yeah, Clinton.

Paul:Hilary? (long pause) For clarification, ah...again, I think I understand and I do understand that about Andre. As to the second person, will you confirm that it is female? That she is female?

Lamphere:You will know.

Paul:Ok. You will know. That is ok. That is good enough. Better be, heh? (laughter) Thank you for that message and that instruction. I was just thinking about that particular person right before you spoke. The one that was confirmed.

Patije:I get the impression that they are protecting one, but there are those who need to know.

Paul:They are protecting ______? That is the name you got?

Patije:She is the one the original message was for, the one I shared with you.

Paul:Sarah is the spiritual name of Marilyn Green, in St. Louis.

Patije:Perhaps they meant her, but I thought it was the one in San Francisco area. That is my perception. I was not given a last name.

Paul:I thank them for that very kind message.

Patije:Lamphere sounds like a very staunch, absolutely sure of himself, loving-but-don't-question-my-integrity, type person.

Drue:Sounds like a member of the GOP! (laughter)

Mary:Have we heard that name before?

Patije:He brought a message to me for somebody once. He came to me as "Lamphere, one without blemish..."

Drue;Oh, one of those.

Patije:Not egotistical. More like somebody has inferred the wrong attitude or wrong impression and he wants to straighten it out because he is not guilty of whatever he is being accused of. Again, this is Patije.

Paul:Lamphere,is the message that you showed me this afternoon.

Patije:Again, I am putting this together and I may not be getting it accurately.

Mary:You are more than welcome. Take all you want. You are welcome if you want to stick your foot up... (laughter)

Patije:Mary is our tool of not only healing, but the filter for upstepping for the adjustments and attunements - or so they told us.

Drue:I don't know what is going on with my thumb.

Julie:My thumb . ...yeah, also my shoulder.

Drue:This has been going on for weeks now for my thumb.

Patije:I haven't had any trouble with my shoulder since Wednesday.

Julie:Thank you, Rayson. (pause) I am hearing lots of busy sounds like chatter: dch, dch, dch, dch, dch....they are observing us.

Drue:They probably saying: There they are sitting with their feet on that poor girl again! (laughter)

Patije:I get the impression that they are aware that we are tired but they want to do more energy adjustment.

Julie:Yeah, we get a lot of healing...you know...we'll...(fades off)

Paul:I want to ask a question about healing. Our older son, Michael, was born, is a beautiful son, he has...was born with an aortic valve deficiency which has become evidently worse. There was an infection in August. I would like to ask again...I don't know if it is appropriate or not, but I would like to ask maybe, Rayson, or whomever, if there might be an opportunity this summer or fall for him to experience healing....ah...so that he can avoid open heart surgery again. I'll just leave it there...

Drue:I got the words why wait when he can experience it right now.

Mary:He is feeling it now.

Julie:I got that too.


Julie:We tend to think of him.


Patije:It is as you believe.

Drue:It is also that he must be willing to accept it.


Drue:But it can take place right now.

Rayson:And so it is.

Patije:Thank you, Rayson. We thank you for this gift.

Julie:I ditto that.

Paul:What does that mean?

Patije:That means that the healing is there if you all believe it and accept it.


Paul:If Michael believes it?

Mary:Yes, if he accepts it.

Paul:If he accepts it. Is that a conscious choice at this point? Or, can we send it to him?

Patije:It is a conscious choice to the point that he must give up his believe in the symptoms.


Patije:Whatever the symptoms are.

Mary:If he experiences anything like tiredness or pain, or any side effect then you teach him or explain to him that it is merely a symptom and if he just doesn't believe that and says"I know this is what my body is feeling but this is not wrong with my body, he will be fine." And, if you can teach him, or talk him to that it is fine. We have done that here several times.

Patije:When I had my healing, whenever a symptom would pop into my consciousness, I would say to myself very firmly: "Nothing can get between me and my healing. The Father has given me healing. It is real. This is not real."

Paul:So it is a sort of test of faith.

Mary:Exactly. Give up the sense of.

Julie:It is faith and it is a....healing energy.

Patije:You don't change the condition, only the sense of it.

Mary:You give up your sense, your perception of what is wrong with the body.


What Rayson has done, is (we'll have to give him that paper from Feb. 24th which explains this...let me see if I can explain it right) It is like the energy of the body has been changed to its perfect flow and given more strength to flow and the body will heal itself. It can be instantaneous or it can take months - it depends on the faith. But, if anything blocks it, the energy goes back to flowing in the dis - eased manner and it can actually cause the conditions to get worse.


Patije:It can. I won't say it will.



We got a long dissertation from the teacher....I got part of it and Julie came in and I said to her: "Julie, it just disappeared it was like they were talking to me and then they quit in mid sentence almost!" The next day Mary came over and she had the rest of it. It was a lesson on healing.

Julie:Also with Roy's niece.


Julie:Roy's niece.

Patije:Oh, I thought you said knees.

Paul:I have bad knees by the way.

Julie:Roy's niece.


Roy:She was involved in an automobile accident and in a coma for about 2 1/2 weeks and her pelvis was broken in three places, her neck was broken and there was the possibility of putting her in a body cast...(everyone talking at once.)

Mary:Did you say you had bad knees?

Paul:Yes, football knees.

Mary:Take your shoes off and put your feet up here.

Drue:Put them up here.

Julie:Put them on Mary.

Drue:Are we all through? Shall we disconnect the tapes?

Roy:They are almost out. (just then the tape ended went off)

Note:For about 45 minutes to an hour, we continued to sit around in "the energy" and talk about the teachers and the events to come as well as share stories and continue to get acquainted better. The teachers did not come back to address us any more tMARY'S IMPRESSIONS

=Session 17

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1993


After the group teaching and much bonding/healing with Paul and Robbi with our group, I was guided to work on Paul. Rayson, Anathia and Chanti worked through me. Michael and the Creative Mother Spirit was in attendance. Paul had pain in his knees and an energy block in the small of his back. While working on Paul, he commented that he saw lots of the color green. Then he saw green turn to bright yellow. When he said that, I had eyes open and looked at his face and I saw bright yellow! (I have not seen colors before.)



Mary, this is Lutzia, your midwayer friend. Our work continues. Your commitment pays off. You saw yellow with Paul. Your eyes were open so we accomplished another lesson. Do you see Red now?


Lutzia:Do you see blue?


Lutzia:Do you see green?


Lutzia: Do you see Yellow?

Mary:Yes!!! (I am looking at his white page and am seeing these colors - in my mind's eye.)


Dear Sister Mary, we will work more. Your working with the Master Healers as a vassal is excellent. You allow them to work through you and your loving hearted prayer for their return to perfection is so pure. Know you that they have the healing. Bless you for your diligence as you go about the Father's business. Know you that you are special and beloved. I love you. Lutzia

(10:30 pm at Patije's after meeting)

Session 18

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1993 (MIDNIGHT after meeting)



Dear Father, I await any messages from you or the unseen helpers. I am keyed up and feel I could not sleep even if I went to bed! This experience with meeting Paul and Robbi, and the small group tonight really was an energetic meeting. I'm not sure what was transmitted but I know - without exception - all of us had a special experience. Thank you! Tonight, I saw us truly working together as a team! Thank you for this realization! Julie and Mary and Drue and I really worked as one. It was beautiful to watch this unfold. Help us keep our egos out of what happens and see it for what it is - our progress in this process of becoming ambassadors for You.

I am also astonished that I was enabled to see the fruits of the seeds I planted with a letter written in haste and some frustration about this time last year! It was a little overwhelming and even flabbergasting to think that my letter was photocopied and passed out to all of those attending the meeting of the General Council, but humbling to think that you really can use me in ways unknown to me. Thank you for this revelation. I am available at any time to serve as you will.

Christ Michael:

Have I not told you that the seeds which you so generously send out are multiplying in ways that you know not of? Have I not met your doubts with many glimpses of the fruits? Have I not told you that you are doing what is asked of you? Have you not felt this? I tell you truly, you are mine. I will not forsake you. Go forth in peace and love. Be what you are and be of good cheer. I, Michael, salute your open willingness to do without questions about why or how it will be used. Your faith serves you well. I am pleased. I will leave you to your teachers now.

There is great interest in the development of your community. The teamwork will be precise and each has an individual function for the whole. Individually, you will do much - harnessed in a yoke of harmonious communication and respectful openness for your common goal will enable the Celestial Impressions group to be a jewel in the crown of the Correcting Time. You will see. There are many assignments awaiting the unification of your diversity. All must work together as you did tonight, allowing all credit to go to the higher levels and taking no credit nor blame for yourselves. You are but "vassals" as Mary says. The Father within you doeth the works. Think not that any one of you is more special than another. Each has a special responsibility to themselves, to the community, and to the Father. As each finds this uniqueness and acts upon it, all will find peace and joy in the service as a group. If even one harbors anything unlike Love Energy, all will be held back in group achievement. Remember this well. Help one another to achieve potential perfection. Encourage and support one another as the new legs of this Correcting Time are tried and stumble. All will rise up when each does so. It is so. Individual attainment has little to do with group attainment until each functions as a whole and complete talent or ability, blending with the others for a purpose or goal. You will see this more and more in the days ahead. As you attain greater and greater levels of team consciousness, individual ego complaints will lesson and all will move in harmonious synchronization without needing special recognition except as a member of the group success. Even the most mighty among you must be brought out of the clouds of excess personal value while the least of you are brought up to the level of knowing their value and worthiness to the whole picture. Group value is measured only by individual abilities to control emotional imbalance and add their talent to the group's collective talent pool. Paul spends much time talking about this in his 12th (chapter) letter to the Corinthians. Although you spend little time in the bible now, it might be good for the group to study this illustration of the value of all of the little parts to the body of Christ. There is truth. Paul was inspired to think of this example and although it has been distorted throughout the centuries, it holds much for inspiration of self value.

Farewell, little one. I love you.

Patije:I love you too! Thank you for using me in service. It is my pleasure.


I am Aflana. I am with you. So you liked meeting others of your cosmic family? It is good. It is a great pleasure being the facilitator of such a meeting. You all do well with each other. The bonding and healing went as projected by us. You did well. You were surprised to get my message through Paul, were you not? It was affirmation that this was real - I really am Paul's teacher also! I wanted you to know and feel comfortable with it. You are quite adaptable, dear one. I appreciate you very much. We all love you and enjoy working with your willingness and great faith.

Take heed my message about April 24th. You are anchors and we need your energies blended and willing. You will see. Although you are filled with doubt now, you will know that you know, when the time is nigh.

Patije:Thank you, Aflana. I enjoyed this experience tremendously. However, I never doubted you were bringing Paul into our family!


Hello, Sister and friend. Your transmission was a little stilted tonight until you forgot self and allowed it to flow without trying to remember and steer the lesson about responsibility. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete Aflana's lesson on responsibility. It works well when we can work together this way.

It might be a good idea for you to follow this lesson with a topical study of responsibility in the UB soon. This is important subject matter. We intend to build upon various characteristics and how to empower them or defuse them in yourself. It is our intention to help you attain a new insight and appreciation for the unfoldment of your perfect personality! It is part of the process of planting the seeds of Light and Life. Think on these things.

The group was quite bashful at first, but it took not long for the ice to be broken - as you often say. We had to nudge Drue a few times, Julie too. In the end, you all did very well. Robbi was helped to see the role she plays in the Correcting Time. Her concept and perceptions of what is unfolding in her experience were stretched some and she will soon open like a flower to the sun. We applaud all of you in the harmonious way you blended your energies and became like one family/community. We are pleased.

You are now calmed down a little and can retire to your bed. There is much for us to do tomorrow and you need your rest. Tarry not in stretching your mind at this time. Allow it to grow dim and fall asleep peacefully - not guiltily. Good night, dear friend and sister. I love you.


I am sad that you are sending me off to my bed like a child who has been up too long, but you are right, of course. Thank you for the gentle reminder that I have to care for my body as well as my hungry spirit and enthusiastic mind! I go. Father, bless all of these my unseen friends and helpers! I love them all.

Session 19

  • Ann’s Impressions
  • April 2 1993 Ann


Dear Ann

There is no time for dawdling. Much is to be accomplished this month if you wish to vacation afterwards. It will mean less time with friends and more time at home. It will mean resting in midday. No more working or doing all day until exhaustion overcomes thee. This is NOT merely a suggestion. All that needs to be done can be done with ease when not taxing the physical body. Never forget to keep your mind stayed on thy Heavenly Father. He gives the energy, the supply of all that is needed.

Do not dwell on whether you are "in tune" or not. Simply, BE THERE NOW!

To do the Father's Will does not mean neglecting your duties. The philosopher, Kant, was correct in saying that all of one's duties were Divine Commands!

When there are those upon whom the burdens of life have become unbearable to deal with alone, it is the duty of those nearest to them to aid in carrying their cross; to comfort with food and water, and whatever else can be offered. THIS is helping Jesus carry His cross and offering the whatever for His parched lips. This is easing His suffering just as if you had been there 2000 years ago.

Substitute praise for complaining or self-pity.

Substitute Joy for depression.

Where aid is NOT needed,waste not your time or energy.

Give lovingly, but without being personal.

Divine Love Is Unconditional, Impersonal and Non-Judgmental or Critical.

Close your mouth and ears to criticism, no matter how insignificant it may appear. Close your eyes to what may seem to be of and evil nature or wrongdoing, un;less your heart and mind is willing to help teach good and right action.

Otherwise, open your consciousness to thy Heavenly Father in SILENCE, thus transforming darkness into Light.


It is very possible to do this whiles doing your human duties in whatever relationship you happen to be.

Do not allow anyone to convince you otherwise, if you wish to remember the blinders on the horse's harness that keeps the animal from looking to the side?

Wear such imaginary blinders to keep thy sights straight ahead!

Enough for now. GO IN PEACE.


Session 20

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 1993 (12:00 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

Thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for all that I have. I ask your help to help me become more spiritual and a better person. I am open and willing to do what our Father asks me to do.

--your devoted Julie

My Dear Child,

My love for you exceeds your expectations. You have always been a devoted and loving daughter. What lies ahead of you is a most difficult task, one which will help you grow beyond belief. Since you are willing and want difficult missions, you shall have them. I know that I can count on you. Be all that you are, and live to your potential. Give quiet time to me, your Father and live in Light and Life and Love energy. Do what you are doing and your questions will be answered.

--Your Father

My Little One,

Do not hold back your friendship because you are afraid of offending anyone. If they are sensitive it is not your fault, it is theirs. They have to learn not to take everything personal. Open your heart and pour our Love energy. The earth needs your love. I love you, my little one, I am always here for you.

I am pleased that you are assisting my special child. She needs your friendship. Be all that you can for her. She can use your special energy and love. Take time to live and not to work all the time. Also make extra time for Mary and Drue, Wanda and Ann. Look how different you all are, and how you can get your energies to blend. It is a beautiful tapestry with different textures. The more you get together the better the energies will blend. I know you know this, but others in your Corps do not. It is for them. Do more social things together. Love one another as I love you.

Christ Michael

Greetings, Dear Friend, this is JoEl. We are so pleased how your group energies are flowing. Each one of you has their own special network that will blend with others Corps members elsewhere. You are seeing this already. Can't you see your growth?

We are still working on you, so being in the stillness is the most important thing now. Work on these things that LorEl gave you through Patije and plant seeds - open circuits - and learn your keys. And listen. And be quiet. These are your lessons now. Use your special healing powers on the ones who asks.

We love you and want you to open up more. You have several blockages we all have to work on. We are all so busy now, it's wonderful!


Thank you, Father, Christ Michael and JoEl for visiting me today. I am always with you to.


Session 21

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 6, 1993 (2:30)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers and Friends,

Thank you for having such good friends - unseen, mortal and animal. I am most willing and open to be of service to the universe.


Greetings, This is JoEl,

We have been adjusting your energies and vibrations. You have to drink in more to empty your cup more, so we can fill it again with more. You are upstepping on the spirit so your needs are different today than it was yesterday. Everything I changing so gradually each day than all of a sudden a big change happens.

Your lessons are to listen. We are pleased that your life is getting quieter so you can hear. Keep that up.

We are so busy now. Things are happening very quickly now. All the Corps are now ready, and we are being highly fine tuned each day.

We love you and are always here for you, we are your dearest friends. Try to clear your blockages and we are helping you. Just keep clear and quiet.

Christ Michael is here for you also, and so pleased. You are a chosen one.


Thanks, JoEl. I will work on my lessons.

Session 22

  • WEDNESDAY APRIL 7, 1993 (7:00 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Friends,

Thank you for such beautiful weather. You know what is in my heart. I need help in learning to unblock my mind and whatever I have that is damming up my works.

I am willing to do the Father's will and to be of service.


This is JoEl, Dear Friend,

You are learning more - in the silence you will get your answers. We are all so busy getting ready for the 24th. Be sure to be with your group that day. We are going to do something that many will know, but many will know something happens but didn't know what.

All of these little bits of information will mean something soon. Keep using Love energy and that will help you unblock.

We love you and keep you in love - light & life.


Thanks, JoEl,


Session 23

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1993 (12:00)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers

Another beautiful day, but I seem too tired to do the work that I set out to do.

I am concerned about Bill and his gambling. What may I do to help him see what he is doing? I am willing to do any task that is asked of me.


My Dear Child,

I am well pleased with what you are doing. I surround you in Love energy - Life - Light and all that is good. I know your intentions are always well meaning. There is nothing you can do except drop hits about it, but which will work on him. It is his choice. Perhaps, be responsible for what is rightly yours. Pray and send love energy.

You do well, just plant and nourish the seeds that you plant. I love you. I am always here for you. ---- Your Father

Thank you, Father. I love you.

-- Julie

Session 24

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1993 (2:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Helpers,

You know what is in my heart. I am willing and open to be of service. Are there any messages for me?


My Dear Daughter,

I am well pleased with you and you are so precious to me. You have to unblock yourself much more. To try to please too many mortals that you don't have enough time to devote to what YOU are about. I see that you think you are doing what you are about, but they must come to you and ask.

Your husband is the most challenge, but he will come a long way shortly. I love you, my child, and I am well pleased. You know that


Dear Friend, this is JoEl,

We love you and are working on you. We are glad you are going into the silence more, but we need you to go more. You have had too many distractions lately. We are working also on your blockages.

We are so busy getting things ready for the Correcting Time.

We are always here for you, our dear friend and you are surrounded in Love Energy, Light and Life.


Thank you , Unseen friends, for coming into my pen this day. As you know you are constantly on my mind.


Session 25

  • EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 1993 (8:00 PM)


Dearest Unseen Friends,

You know what is in my heart. Are there any messages for me? I am willing to be of service.


My Child,

You do well. I am so pleased with you. I am always with you. Be of light heart and listen within.

--Your Father


This is JoEl,

Your lesson is to pick your friends wisely. They are drawn to you, but they want to know why.

Use your thoughts wisely, and try to quiet your mind. Clear out. How can new ideas and creativity come to you if you are filled to the brim? Empty out, but do it wisely. Do that by going into the silence more and more, even if for only 1 minute.

Turn off the music. Listen to the nature sounds and turn everything else into VM tones. Listen to the Quiet.

We love you, our dear friend, and you will do well. We are so busy now I have to leave now.


Thanks, JoEl


Session 26

  • MONDAY, APRIL 12, 1993 (10:20 PM)


Dearest Unseen Friends,

I feel tensions in the air. Bill is agitated and so is everyone else, or is it me? You know what I have in my heart, and I am willing to do our Father's will and be of service.


Our Little One,

Your feelings are true, everything is high-strung now. Things are coming to the surface and people - earth - politics, are being exposed. No secrets, and that is why one feels tensions.

Send plenty of Love energy and prayers now. Study the UB and learn the who's who in the Galaxy and you will get a better picture of what you have been thinking.

Still and silence your mind more and more and soon you will know what you know.

--Unseen Friend

Thank you for reassuring me and helping me. I love you, Dear Friend.


Session 27

  • APRIL 13, 1993 (11:25 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Helpers,

As you know, I had a very interesting day. Is this the truth? You know what is in my heart and I am willing and open to do Our Father's work. Are there any messages for me?


My dear Child,

You do well. Listen from within and that will be your answer. Think it and it will be so. Do not doubt.


Session 28

  • TUESDAY APRIL 20, 1993 (10:45 P.M.)


Dear Father and Unseen Friends,

You know what is in my heart. I am willing and ready to serve. Are there any messages for me?

My Dear One,

You feel that you are lost. Everyone is criticizing you and you feel you are doing well. You know they are trying to help you and you are being judged. I tell you truly, that you are doing well. It is not for those to judge you, only if you ask for help. Your words are sticking in your throat because you do not want to offend anyone. Speak. It is their fault if they take you wrong. You know that your cosmic family are the ones you can count on and the ones who truly love you. By their fruits you will know them.

This is a time of reflection. To look back, you can see how far you have come. To look ahead, you see how far you still have to go. Set your goals, and plant a wonderful garden. Choose the seeds that will be planted. Tend to them, feed and water them, and then the harvest. You shall see the results of your care and love.

My Child, you have very special gifts to be used. Do not be concerned about stepping on someone else's toes. Just be yourself to your potential, and I am well pleased, as our Father is with you. Be yourself. Be who you are. I am always here for you and my love for you is so special.

-- Michael

I love you, Michael. Thank you for your reassurance.


Session 29

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1993 (10:OO AM)


Patije:Dear Father, Here am I. I love you and desire to do your will. It has been pretty chaotic so far this month and I yearn to return to the daily times alone in worship, prayer, contemplation and even receiving messages from you and the Celestial teachers. It is my will to become as you will have me. Is there anything for me today?

Thought Adjuster:My Self, we are united in purpose and actuality. When absent, you do well. My training continues at this time - as does yours. Your ability to share what you feel is a rare commodity and a very unique talent developed over the years of thinking about what you think about and what you react to and why. You have done well. We do well. In communication with other's Thought spirits, an appreciation of our unique blended energies while working together has been clarified and abilities to increase our blended energies for goal oriented purposes has been increased and through grace granted to us for our new purpose. Have you not seen a gradual change of purpose within your experiences? Become aware of the subtle changes and see where they are leading you in your willingness to serve. Call me Buki.

LorEL:Hello, My Friend and Sister. I am LorEL and I am with you. Your Thought Adjuster has been gone - and you felt the return yesterday, did you not? There is much commotion within and without your local system, constellation and universe at this time. The personalized Thought Adjuster of our Creator Son during his bestowal upon Urantia is working at increased levels to enable the Thought Adjusters of each person upon the planet - especially those of mortals within the Corps - to elicit change of consciousness in new techniques.

It is true that the general race consciousness of the planet Urantia is going through a myriad of consciousness changes enabling all to move through a millennium of natural evolution in a matter of a few years! This is the natural occurrence of any epochal revelation, but during this time upon Urantia the discoveries of science along with the independent evaluation of new value thinking of individuals has combined with the stepped up energies released upon Urantia during the completion of connecting the various circuits will lift mankind to heights unimagined!

One of the assets of those working within the Corps during this Correcting Time is to be able to evaluate personal feelings and separate them from the feelings of others and arrive at a real meeting of minds with each other person. As you have already discovered, your sensitivity to the others within your community/family enables you to almost read their minds and emotions on a new level of comprehension. This will explode into chaos and ego hurts- if you cannot all learn to love and accept some feelings and thoughts without judging the personality , and if you can allow all the freedom of knowing they are totally accepted and petty mistakes in the new steps which they are taking within the circle of your combined support will not results in criticism and judgement. This is your assignment. Learn to love and accept and give unconditionally to those within your community and family and watch the marvels love energy can produce.

Those around you have been brought together for a purpose. Each is learning to get in touch with feelings, balance emotions and act upon intuition by trusting one another in this time of Spiritual enlivening. There will continue to be bumps and hills and valleys, but your steadfast willingness to put the group consensus, the Correcting Time purpose, and your spiritual growth and continue to harmonize your thoughts and actions with those of the community which you are building, will enable all to reach a new level of awareness and usefulness. I tell you truly, there is much an individual can do. Even tiny drops of water can create great masterpieces over time. Your "drops" of living truth, beauty and goodness values enhanced by the energies around you, the unseen helpers, can create masterpieces within the consciousness of those who are awake and listening.

You, Patije, are the leader of many. Your ability to share your feelings and encourage others to share their feelings - or at least think about them within their own minds, is bringing many to a new level of awareness. It has often been said upon your planet that "feelings aren't good or bad, they just are." There is a truth here which many have overlooked. Latent and residual fears of suppressed superstitions lay dormant within the cellular level of memories and these must be dealt with in this new age of enlightenment for mankind to move on in heightened awareness and consciousness decisions. This does not mean that each much go through years of "couch therapy", but rather than each must individually become aware of their thoughts, reactions and "gut level" desires and think through them with the enlightenment of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. To put it simply, each must become aware of thinking about what they are thinking about, feeling what they are feelings, knowing when emotions are out-of-balance and controlling them and when they are controlling their emotions. Each individual must take responsibility for his reactions - not in a negative way, but rather in a new level of awareness so that they can learn to respond instead of react in the old pattern ways.

Urantia peoples are being lifted into new patterns of behavior. While we cannot compromise their free choice, we can manipulate circumstances to guide them into right choices. One of those manipulated circumstances is that there will be no more secrets which affect others. This is turn will enable man to make right choices about intentions. Another will be the enhanced speed at which right decisions produce consequences and the slowness of unenlightened decisions will enable the truth to be revealed before detrimental damage can be done. In private lives each individual will have to deal with the feelings of others and long suppressed and hidden manipulations will surface. Some will admit the folly of past actions, communicate feelings, and go forth in peace and understanding in the comfort of realigned energies and common goals. Others will deny and become out of balance emotionally which will follow in material imbalance - perhaps sickness or disease. This is not our doing. It is only the consequences of personal free choice decisions to continue hiding and suppressing and avoiding the responsibility of Love consciousness and Love actions.

Become aware. Become alert. Be what you are! Admit your talents and use them wisely. Contribute yourselves and your energies in high levels of consciousness decisions and willing participation of encouraging meanings, harmony and goodness values in all that you are, think, do and speak! It is not hard, but it is difficult. It is asked of you - all of you upon the planet with those in the Corps as leaders. At first there will be much criticism and laughter at your efforts, then out and out suppressions by those who are uncomfortable and refuse to look within themselves for the Spirit of Truth, and then acceptance. Can your faith enable you to endure the times between scoffing and acceptance? Only those with records of faithful intelligences have been called at this time. Others will be left standing in the fields until awakening occurs. Some will hear the call and answer but grow weak and weary during the preparation time. Others will hear and answer and work for a time and then become distracted by the inability to completely share themselves on a feeling level and trust their community/family. They, too, will drift away. Know the truth. It is not your responsibility to "sell this" to them. They have made a conscious decision and until they are ready to give of themselves 100% we cannot help them.

Some are happy driving a donkey cart when rockets are available. Some are willing to take the foot path when the superhighways are available. There is nothing wrong with this. There is a place for each during this Correcting Time. Know that you have been called - as have all upon Urantia - by Michael. Small groups working together in total trust and harmony of efforts can be uplifted for the benefit of all mankind. Individuals can help on a personal basis. Individual's energies can only be multiplied by one, plus celestial. Group's energies increase exponentially in escalating levels above and beyond the exact number involved, and with your unseen helpers efforts can create and realize magnificent and extensive and far-reaching consequences. Even groups of but a few self-honest, faithful participators much, very much, can be realized.

In your family community is a field full of fruits about ready to be harvested. You have come very far in creating and building a reliable trust amongst yourselves. When this is completed and each can readily accept others - talents and shortcomings - without personal affront and offense to any, then we can move on in synchronicity and united purpose. As long as even one continues to withhold feelings, have secrets, harbor jealousies, become irritated by the behavior of another or not work in thorough harmony with the others within the community, the community cannot progress to its purpose.

Each one of you has many talents and abilities. Each of you has some shortcomings and weaknesses in your character. It is your responsibility to talk these over in loving energy and learn to blend and harmonize those weaknesses and strengths so that all of you are yoked together in harmony. Disharmony will create chaos and distrust can cause much detriment to accomplishments of the whole. Therefore our hands are tied to that much extent. We continue to teach you in other levels, to filter energies through you at different levels and to continue to harmonize and blend your energies. But we wait until all is blended. You cannot wait for us to do all of the blending. You must take responsibility for yourselves. You must think for yourselves. You must choose to respond to one another instead of reverting to past reactions. Remember always that as you are daily changing, so is every other person with whom you come into contact! None are motionless during this Correcting Time. Do not make the grave error of judging others as less progressive than yourself. Remember, they may be making dormant changes which will burst out as a butterfly from the cocoon while you are floundering around in great activity like the caterpillar. Never judge one another. This becomes even more imperative as you begin to be sensitive to mind thoughts and feelings of those within your community. You can trust one another because any who are untrustworthy at this level will be gently encouraged to leave the group.

"Healers linked together and sharing their knowledge and inspiration makes a powerful body of knowledge from which others also learn." This is true. I tell you this is true on all levels during this Correcting Time. Healing, teaching, shared feelings, textbook knowledge from the Urantia Book - all is enhanced by becoming aware, sharing thoughts and feelings about that awareness and becoming a community is reality, even when proximity and distance seem uncooperative. Intimacy and personal sharing are the tools, intentions are the locomotion and sincerity, loyalty and willingness are the propellants.

The bond of completion is the one where no residual withholding is needed because all expect total honesty and all give total honesty - in intellectual meaning, God-like value, harmonious attitudes and actions - and create a loving atmosphere of acceptance of one anothers weaknesses as well as talents. Those most ready to reach this level of intimacy was first collected and brought together to begin this process. As you recognize and work on this level, you will accomplish something rarely found in the human mortal upon Urantia. Then we can begin to bring more into your community, perhaps bring back some of those who have gone away. Think on these things. I tell you truly, there is much to be said by sharing and blending talents.

All who have been called into this work during the Correcting Time are healers and teachers. Their blocks or their strengths are from their own acceptance or rejection of these attributes. In a community healing is reached from several angles. There is at least one who filters the healing energy. There is at least one who sets the energy levels and enables that energy to be filtered. There is at least one who works with the feelings and fearfilled emotional levels. There is at least one who harmonizes these various energies with a strong mind of intent. There is at least one who can direct Love energy. There is at least one who brings other methods to the group - no matter the method (Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Flower Essences, Faith-healing, massage, and all of the others) there is true power and true healing activity when one is willing to follow the intuitive lead, disregard skepticism, place the outcome or results into Love energy and Trust in faith for the seeds of effort to be nourished and guided into fruit. All things - all methods, all efforts done in love - will manifest expected results. Guard your expectations and your rejections of what each member of the group shares and begin to accept all, knowing that it will all be clarified with experience and higher consciousness.

Aflana:I am Aflana. Take heart, Dear One. All is not as it seems to be. Those who use and abuse you will have an enlightened awakening. Those who neglect or avoid contact will find what is essential. Those who are not able yet to ascend into the feeling level balanced with intellectual meaning will one day respond to this enlightening. It is not your responsibility to do more than share that which we give to you to share. At this time, we wish to shelter your willingness to be open and honest at both the mind and heart and feeling level. All that you do is recognized by the celestials as coming from your inner level. There is a sincerity that is rare and delightful to even us who have experienced many thousands of your Urantia years! We know that not many can communicate, nor respond on this level and will move away from such honesty. However, when they gain control of their emotions by accepting their feelings and dealing with them on higher levels than repressing them and judging, you will find your talents are needed to provide balance and assurance. We hold you in reserve. You are, a member of the activated Reserve Corps of Destiny.

Remember - not all of your talents can be utilized all of the time, but all of them are noted and carefully nourished for development within their field of expertise. When the events require them, they will be utilized. Some will suddenly burst forth and enfold many who are not yet ready for their ministry. Those who are striving to show independence and pass blame will awaken to their true feelings. It is necessary for further growth to occur. As long as one suppresses a part of themselves, one is blocking further progress in this process of Michael's Plan for this planet. You do well. We are well pleased. Grieve not for those who pass through your experience and choose to remain unenlightened. They are not lost. Continue to support them in prayer and in your thoughts. Their fruits may be harvested in another place at another time.

Session 30

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1993 (7:30 - 9:30 PM)


As always, we begin our teaching transmission meetings with circle prayer of thanksgiving, willingness to serve the Father and invitation and welcome to any unseen helpers and teachers sent by the Father.

Patije:This is Patije. I thank you, Father, for this opportunity to serve you. I invited and welcome the teachers and offer again, my service unconditionally, in any way it can be used and acknowledge that it will be used.

Julie:This is Julia. I welcome my unseen teachers and helpers. I am willing to be of service.

Drue:This is Drue. I'd like to thank our unseen helpers for their love and support. I too, am willing and able to participate in any way that is appropriate.

Wanda:This is Wanda. I want to thank the unseen helpers for all the wisdom and love that is coming through. I am ready any time to start transmissions or to be used where I am needed.

(long silence)

Julie:I also want to thank our brother for being here and tuning us in. (Roy, the recording expert)

Patije:I like that (laughter)

Drue:Thank you, Julie. I really felt that we needed to acknowledge Roy for being here. Thank you. And, we thank Roy for being here too, and taking such good care of us. (short pause) Let's send some love to Mary! Our Mary who isn't here right now.

Julie:In spirit, she is!

(lots of static on tape)

Patije:I keep hearing: "Hello, my dear little family."

Drue:Is that Mary?

JaEl:(Patije)I am JaEl.

Group:Oh, hello, JaEl. Welcome.

JaEl:They tell me that I did such a good job this afternoon that I will be allowed to speak to you again this evening.

Julie:She sure did!

JaEL:NorEl is here.

Group:Hello NorEl.

JaEL:NorEL is another teacher that has been around for a long time. You haven't acknowledged her but she has been here about as long as LorEL.

Drue:Well, you know, Patije....er JaEl...or...remember?

Patije:Yes, I remember!

Drue:When you first started with LorEL, I said: "No, I think it is NorEl" and you said "No it is LorEL," so I figured I must be wrong, but they must have come together!

Patije:NorEl is probably your teacher! (laughter)

Julie:Did you have a teacher? (shook head no) Then it is probably NorEl! (laughter)

Patije:And, you have been ignoring her with: "I don't care about the name of the unseen helper" all this time! (laughter)

Drue:Hi! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Patije:I thought you would tune in and see if you can find out who it is. There are two or three of them "floating around" for a long time - waiting to become personal teachers, I think!

Drue:Welcome! Welcome, NorEL.

Julie:Yes, Welcome.

Drue:We welcome all of our teachers - those we know, those we don't know and those we aren't sure of, but we appreciate all of you who are here.

Aflana: (Patije)

We like being here, Dear Ones. I am Aflana. I was unavailable this afternoon. JaEL did a very good job. Sometimes, it is refreshing to have a new point of view. Did you not find this so?


Patije:(laughter) I guess it is up to Patije to agree with that! (laughter)

Drue:Who was here this afternoon? Let's see the hands.

Julie:Patije and I! Just the two of us.

Drue:Ok, all right. (laughter)

Patije:Oh, this is starting out funny. Somebody else transmit, this doesn't work too well! (laughter)

Julie:Yes it did. It is working fine! I'm wondering where JoEL is. Is JoEl around?

Patije:She is here.

Julie:Is she here? I just want to say: "I love you, JoEl."

JoEl: (Drue)And I love you, My Dear.

(Patije)We are impressing a name upon Wanda's mind. She mistakes it for a verb.

Wanda:The name NorEl keeps coming through.

Julie:Maybe that is your teacher.

Wanda:I don't know.


Wanda:This is Wanda, will NorEl be my teacher? (short silence)

Julie:I get: "You know that you know."

Patije:I heard: "It will be as you desire."

Wanda:I am waiting!

Patije:I have often heard the word "Lintel" and dismissed it as a bean. Aren't there lintel beans or something?

Drue:It is a column. Like a pillar or support. Lintel

Roy: ???? (no mike)

Patije:Do you think it is the name of a teacher?

Julie:Maybe it is.

Drue:A supportive teacher! You know, like you have teachers, and you have...

Julie:That's the pillar, the pillar teacher. I don't know about anybody else, but I got so dizzy... (long silence) I'm getting all kinds of strange forms...sort of...I'm getting lots of darkness lately, you know, like dark grey and a beam of lavender or blues coming through in a sort of chemistry shapes. Do you know what I am saying? (couldn't hear Roy) Yeah, but more like the chemistry tubes that they use, and the roundness and it looks like my stencils on the chemistry things...all sorts of...but dark grays with black, with some blues, and not so much of the bright colors that I had...(fades out to long silence) Is Ophelia here, and who else? Olivia? VanEl, VanEssa, to be acknowledged. (short pause) I hear Ruby!

Ruby:I am here! I am here! I am here!

Drue:Hello, Ruby!

Patije:This is Patije and it seems to me that over the last couple of months we have been getting lessons on strengths of character - like responsibility and loyalty, and I don't remember right now what they all have been. I just asked and they said that they would continue the strengths of characters - at least that is what I think I heard but I haven't gotten anything . ..

Wanda:I noticed that of the things that have been coming through, that we are to work together as a group much more and I'd like to know what my part in that is to be.

Julie:It is the energies...

Patije:Well, as Patije has been observing this past couple of weeks, I thought I was a teacher, but I am beginning to see from what the teachers are telling me that maybe my part in this group is to teach us, or help us, become aware of our feelings, and express our feelings, and separate them from our knowingness. The events leading up to the new energy release this weekend...that thing... said there was going to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit again. I don't know what they mean by that, but I think we need to be aware, just like what we have gone through this week with the depressions, and the frustration and the irritability and the anger... and...

Julie:And our Thought Adjusters left us.

Patije:the Thought Adjuster being gone and all that...

Julie:...and, they said today they went to learn how to do something with us.

Patije:Or how to help us attain this balance of recognizing and accepting our feelings and our knowingness. I'm not real sure what we are talking about here! But, I've also discovered that in talking to the TR in Oregon and one in San Francisco, and Mary and Julie that as we talk about these things, it is like the teachers come in and straighten out the kinks. It is as if they are pulling things together that we wouldn't think of on our own, but as we talk about these subjects...(starts to fade)...when I look at our transcripts of our meetings and compared to everybody else's, we sit here and we talk! Stuff kind of falls in. Everybody else is like a rigid lesson plan or...

Julie:Unless they cut that out?

Drue:You mean cut their talking out?

Julie:(to Drue) In other words, you should pour your heart out to us and then....(laughter) and the Celestials will open it up.

Drue:But it is on tape! I can't pour my heart out on tape! It is on tape. Wanda already knows about my house. It is on tape! (laughter) Forget that!

Julie:Not during this time. Not during this time. Non-transmission time.

Drue:This all shows up. I'm not spilling my guts!

Patije:I don't think they want us to pour our heart out...

Julie:...but to tell our feelings.

Roy:Don't get off balance, Drue!

Julie:Keep that plain level.

Roy:????(not on tape)

Patije:I think that if we discuss the strengths of character, new impressions and inspirations will come up... maybe the teachers will even speak to us about it. Maybe we are manipulating the meeting that way. I really don't know.

Drue:It is interesting but I am sort of getting that our message today is about morality. I don't know if it is or not, but as soon as you said that, I heard "Morality." And, then I heard it again.

Julie:I got fortitude.

Patije:I got something along the lines of that thinking. I didn't catch the word but the steadfastness of being here after this weekend regardless of what happens. Which would be loyalty, fortitude, morality...



Patije:All of those.

Drue and Roy talking together.

Drue:I was talking to somebody this week about last April, when we thought Michael was coming. I was so disappointed as were many! I told this person that now I don't care whether he comes or not. We are sharing for our benefit, to the benefit of others and I am not going to be sitting here looking forward to it, and whether or not something happens this weekend. Whether a Melchizedek shows or doesn't show, I'm not going to be disappointed about it...

Julie:He has already been here!

Drue:But lots of times when they set themselves up for these things about so and so are going to show up and so and so doesn't show up. I don't want to set myself up for that because I am enjoying this group so much. This person said to me still there is a question as to "Where is it all coming from?" I come back to "Who cares where it is coming from!?!" It is a message of love, it is not go out to kill your brothers. If it were, we'd have stop to take a look at it. But, it's not. It is a message of love, a message of goodness and a message of brotherhood, a message of unity and oneness. It is terrific.

Roy:I'm the only brother here.

Julie:No your not.

Patije:You said: "Kill your brother", and Roy is sitting over here thinking he is the only one here! (laughter)

Julie:No your not. We have Shadow. (cat)

Roy:??? (no mike)

Patije:We need to find another male for this group. (laughter)

Julie:What about____?

Voice:He probably wouldn't come.

Patije:We have these perceptions of people and if we can move our perceptions out of the way and treat them as if they were open minded, we might find that they are open minded, right?

Drue:Well, you know, I think sometimes it's just giving them an opportunity to get off of what their position is. So many times the way we handle the individual we box them into a corner and their response is boom, boom, boom! And, so if we step back a little bit and give them an opportunity to be whomever or whatever, or wh....

Julie:What about _____?

Voice:Would he come to this? (laughter)

Voice:My husband would come. He'd do whatever I asked him to do but it would just upset...

Julie:...upset everybody else (laughter)

Drue:Well, my feeling is that we all approach things in life differently. Just because this is where I am approaching it doesn't indicate the way my mate has to approach it. He approaches it some other way. (pause)

Patije:Someone's standing right there. (points) If I look, it will be gone! (laughter)

Drue:Very tall? Ooooh, who's there? We welcome you!

Julie:Very powerful. (long silence) It's possibly Michael. I am getting sort of a... negative picture. (long silence) Do you have a lesson for us? (long silence)

Unseen Friend: (Drue)I bring you greetings.

Julie:Greetings to you.


Unseen Friend:We have a job to do and it is an important one.

Patije:How can we help?

Unseen Friend:You must be ready to do your part. When the time comes, you will know what it is. (short silence) Be sure that this job is important. Your part is necessary. (short silence) Join us in this venture. (Long silence)

Wanda:Mary (absent) is telling us "hello"

Drue:Hi, Mary.

Julie:Hello, Mary

Patije:Hello, Mary. (short silence)

Wanda:She said "Thank you, Wanda."

Julie:I believe it.

Patije:I noted the time as 20 of nine. Is that correct?

Drue:No. It is 8:20.

Wanda:8:28, I have.

Patije:My clocks fast again

Roy:I have 8:23.

Julie:I have 8:25.

Patije:Ok for the benefit of the secretary it is somewhere between 8:20 and 8:40!

Drue:No. No. It is about 8:23, 8:24. (long, long silence)

Julie:I think we are all ready to join in that venture that you said we can.

Patije:What can we do to prepare ourselves?

Unseen Friend: (Drue)Be ready.

Patije:I have been ready for 20 years. When are you going to say: "Follow me" (laughter) (thinking it was Michael but wondering about some of the tense in the words)

Julie:So have I. He already did.

Patije:Who is speaking?

Unseen helper:It matters not.

Patije:It matters to the secretary who has to type this. (laughter)

Julie:An unseen teacher. An unseen friend.

Wanda:Will we be getting a lesson tonight?

Unseen Friend:I will step back. (long, long silence)

LorEl: (Patije)

Hello, My Friends, I am LorEL.

Drue:I heard that! (laughter)

Julie:Hello, LorEl.

Wanda:Good evening.

LorEL:Morality is...

Patije:Patije stopped...I wanted to see if Drue would pick it up. (She often does, if only one word is given)

Drue:I was going to say the topic...(fades)

Patije:No, I mean LorEl did start, but I stopped on purpose I wanted to see if you would take it...then I went and messed it up. (Pause) Let's see if we can pick it up...

LorEL: (Drue)The topic for tonight....It is a very important topic.

Drue:You take it Patije.

Patije:I'm not getting anything right now. I need to settle back down, as I was laughing too much.

Drue:Ok, you understand my reluctance on this? Ok. well then, anyway, I'll just go ahead, and if I am incorrect, I am very sorry and I apologize to everyone, ok? So...ah...

LorEL: (Drue)

This is a subject that is very near and dear to us. It is important because at the moment morality seems to be lacking on Urantia. It is necessary to set forth an a example for others to follow. (pause) Be of good cheer, it won't be hard. (pause) It may be difficult, but it won't be hard. (long pause) (I'm not too sure about this - laughter) (pause) Morality as we know it is different from morality as you know it, and practice it. (pause)

Drue:I don't know...

Patije:I am getting so close to her words and so close to the same ideas...

Drue:I'll keep on going then.

Patije:I'll add if you leave anything out...

Drue:Ok. (pause)

LorEL: (Drue)


Drue:This is Drue. I was just looking over to Patije to get a little confirmation and I heard: "Don't look over at Patije. You are doing fine!" (laughter)

Patije:You really are. I heard: "I tell you truly, Morality is more than the more's of your culture. There is a purpose for it." I was hearing the whole thing but in different words. You are doing fine, Drue.


LorEL:(Drue) Morality is following God's will for you. Align your will with that of the Father. That is moral. The danger comes on Urantia when you substitute your will for that of the Father, (pause) as you have witnessed, these past two weeks in Texas (Waco) remember it is the Father's will, not yours that makes for morality. (long silence)

Patije:I heard that very much the same, Drue.

Drue:You did?

Patije;I really did.

Drue:Oh good. You would say it differently..I speak as a child would.

Patije:You are doing very well. You are doing a good job. And it is affirmation to me.

Drue:I'm all through. (laughter)

Patije:Do you want to take over, Wanda?

LorEL(Wanda) You have not learned to love each other the way you should. That is why things happened in Texas the way they did. You were told to love those nearest and dearest and you failed. (pause) Remember you lessons. Try harder to . ..(Pause)

Wanda:I'm lost.

LorEL(Drue) Try harder to be what you are and that is loving. (pause)

(Wanda) It is only love that matters. (pause)

(Drue) Because that's all there is. (pause)

(Wanda) Go forth and you will soon learn the lessons that I have for you. (Pause)

(Drue) On morality. Live love. (pause)

(Wanda) Speak truth (pause) Be. (pause)

(Drue) Do. And, answers are yours (pause) as well as the questions. (long silence)

(Patije) Are you not seeing, my Sisters, that morality is not something you do but something you are. And, when you are true to what you are - honest of heart, accepting of feelings - knowingness will come through and you will be moral. (pause) You must know who you are. It is imperative that you get in touch with what you are. Love yourself. Love yourself for what you are, what your unique consciousness, personality manifests or demonstrates on this material world of Urantia. Get in touch with that wholeness, that realness, that true identity. And, you can be nothing but love. Morality will then be an adjective of Love, of you.

My sisters, we are all daughters of the Father. The Father has given us perfect personality, we give him our will, and we live and dwell upon the Truth of harmonious values and we become moral - regardless of the chaos, the fear, the confusion, or the doubt of the mortal animal mind. The truth, the wholeness, the realness, the true identity, stands high, steadfast, and faithful, and becomes the Light of Life in this material world. You manifest morality among yourselves within the community in an ever widening circle by being true to who and what your true identity is. Morality is but one strength of character. There are many. I tell you truly, this is an important integral part of this new energy loosed upon Urantia during this Correcting Time! It is not something you do, it is something you are. It is a mirror which reflects to all who touch or come into the Light of the lamp of truth which you each carry. Stand tall. Hold your lamps high. When they become dim, refresh them with truth, with beauty, with goodness. Drink at the well of truth. Sup at the table of spiritual value. Walk in the pathway of peaceful harmony with your brother.

If you, but could read, what is inside of your brother or sister, you would find something very like yourselves - influenced by the consciousness of the genetic, racial, cultural and experiential memories which he or she holds which are different than yours. (pause) There is no good nor bad personality. All personalities are perfect, held in the divine hands of the Father, gifted to you to unfold as you climb up the spiral of consciousness. There is but one way to go. Once you have seen the light, you cannot fall back. You can only rest in doubt or confusion.

You have been called and have answered the call to light the pathway for the many who will follow. You are the Corps, the Corps of Destiny, the Corps of the Correct Time, the correcting energies, the correcting thoughts. It is upon your heads, your responsibility, that we look to live - to dwell, to become, to manifest, and to demonstrate - the reality of this correcting, loving, servicing, energy. Others will see. Others will know. Others will find and follow. It is your lamps we light first. It is your hearts we fill first. It is your minds we answer first. This is because we know your steadfast faith and desire to serve will be relied upon, and be true to the values which you hold within your heart.


Your experience because it is in consciousness, is the experience of many in unconsciousness. They will be upstepped, attuned, adjusted, and helped by your conscious efforts even if they never know you. We are well pleased in the conviviality in this community group. We applaud you in your ability to become family, to become trustworthy, honest, sincere, and helpful to one another. We are here to help you in whatever you decide or choose for yourselves. We can be but observers until you make the decisions, put forth the seeds of efforts, or plant seedlings of good thoughts. When you have done this, we can nurture, adjust time, and harvest beautiful plants rapidly. We thank you. We love you. We support you, and we are always here. Someone is only a whisper away at any time, any night or day, that you happen to call you will know of our presence. Bless you, my Sisters.

Drue:Thank you.

Julie:Thank you. Bless you!

Wanda:Thank you.

(long silence)

Julie:I have a question: Are we responsibility for what happened in Texas? (short silence)


It is not you personally, it is the race consciousness - the acceptable thinking of the population of the planet which allows this to happen. When there is a difference of opinion and one wishes to manipulate another, one wishes to prove a point, one wishes to have someone else think similarly to themselves, they put forth an energy which creates a box or a block and when this occurs there can be no meeting of the minds, no meeting of the hearts,and no communication of the spirits. In this case, it falls directly upon the responsibility of the egos involved.

Egos are the energy within you which allows you to have an enthusiasm for life, it is like the gasoline in the car, the propellant in the moving vehicle. And, if you allow the propellant, the gasoline to guide the car, you will be out of control. The ego is an important energy but it should never be made captain. It should always be the helper. Does this help answer your question.

Julie:Yes. Thank you. (long, long silence)

Patije:I feel like I cut LorEl off just then. I don't know what she was going to say. (long, long silence) Oh! She was gong to say:


Drue and Wanda did a very good job! They are to be applauded and supported. The teachers are always happy to have new transmitters and they wish to support your efforts and your emotions about the experience. There is nothing to be frightened of and there is no mistake to be made. Anything which is unclear will be gently corrected, or enhanced at another time. (pause)

All messages from the celestials and unseen helpers to the human mortals upon the planet are received differently by each unique personality. The message is instilled within the heart and mind of the individual and the process of interpretation or putting it into words is guided and enhanced by the unseen helper who wishes to speak. (pause)

It is not flawless, but it is the method which we are perfecting with your help and your permission, so that all beings upon the planet can hear and speak to us through receiver/transmitters. Some of you will hear us clearly. Others may make too much noise in their minds to hear us clearly but they will get us in visions, some in thoughts, some in feelings, or some with inspiration, but all will hear us at some time.

Thank you, Wanda. Thank you, Drue, for you courage to step out - even reluctantly -and try your wings at this new talent, gift which has been given to you in faith and trust that you will serve honestly and unconditionally and beautifully.

Drue:Thank you, LorEl.

Wanda:Thank you (sounds choked up)

Drue:We will do our best. It is difficult in the beginning you know, because...I don't want to make a mistake, but I appreciate your vote of confidence. And, I will do better.

Wanda:I don't remember a word I said to be truthful.

Julie:I have a message: It starts out as Patije's. It is somewhat as her's but....

JoEl: (Julie)

The morality comes from within your heart, and, the love energy. It is of the Father and it's how you live your life to be an example, and how to follow truth, beauty and goodness and always to follow the path to our Father, our Father's will, and not... and not, the will of the animal instinct of mortals. Morality will spiral us up and our Father's love will make us . ...make us strong. Through an example, we will plant the seeds that others may follow. We are to give helping hands when we see immorality, turn it around with love energy in light. (long pause)

Patije:Is that JoEl?

Julie:I think so. I didn't get a name. Ah, I am shown pictures, but I can't make it out to...I keep seeing like a blue square that's infinity going up and its....like getting me out of my body. You know? Like in an elevator going up to the top of the empire State Building - whhhhooooooosssssssssshhhhhh! It is like our Father is well pleased with us. (long, long silence) I hear: "Yes this is JoEl." but I can't get anymore messages.

Patije:Michael is here and wants to speak, I believe.

Julie:Welcome, Michael.

Michael: (Patije)

I am trying the minds of each of my daughters to see which one will speak for me. (long pause)

Greetings, I am Michael.

Voices:Welcome, Michael! Welcome. Hello.


You have many questions upon your minds and your hearts. They cannot all be answered, but I come to give you peace. Know that all things are working together for the righteous loving energy to permeate your planet, to upstep the consciousness of all who dwell hereon. I am here. I am here. You know. You can almost touch me, but I am still behind the curtain of invisibility. You want to know when I will be visible. Many hearts must be prepared for that. What is happening upon your planet at this time, is in preparation for an event which may or may not be impressionable to you. The success of the event already is. It is a matter for us to allow time to play it out. (pause)

A great energy of enlightenment which lightens your minds, your consciousness, your hearts and even your skies, has been released within your world. Many unknown to the work we are doing, feel this somewhere inside. Some feel repressed panic. Some feel emotional insecurity. Some feel exhilarating thrills. Some feel placid, serene, and peaceful. All of these are real. They are possible by the attitudes, the consciousness levels, and the expectations of those who own them. This is a milestone in the event of the Correcting Time. The outpouring of the spiritual energies and the knowingness and the ability to look within your brother's heart, your sister's heart, your friend's heart, the community, and the expression of meeting that which you see there with kindness, with love, with service. This is what you are about. (long pause)

I am full of joy for this planet of my bestowal which has long suffered in sorrow, in fear, in superstition. The window of enlightenment, the time of uplifting consciousness, is just around the corner, is ready to be opened to all on the planet. There is much to be done. There are many to be told. There are some to be helped to see. You will find in the days and the weeks ahead, that this energy will lift you to new heights of abilities to live and manifest your personal strengths and talents, and abilities. None can say - not even the Son of Man and the Son of God knows - the moment, the hour, your faith will be challenged. But, your steadfast desire to be ready will give you strength. The helpers around you will also strengthen you. You will never be alone.

You do well, My Daughters. I bid you, God blessings, my blessings and the blessing of all who are dependent upon your decisions , your actions and your thoughts, in the days ahead. (long, long, long, silence) You are responsible for what you know and what you know is what is in the hearts of those around you. Guard well, your abilities to bring forth the good, the righteous, and the loving, from your fellows. Overlook that which is superfluous, childish or ignorant. Do not set yourselves above or beyond any other. You are but a lamppost, a guiding hand, a whispered word of encouragement. You are mine. I know you. I will always know you. I will guard you and be with you and strengthen you. And, so it is. (pause)

Drue:Thank you, Michael.

Julie:Thank you, Michael.

Wanda:Thank you, Michael. (long silence)

Personalized Thought Adjuster of Jesus & Machiventa: (Patije)

I am the Personalized Thought Adjuster of him you call Jesus and your Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek.

I have called to attention your Thought Adjusters who respond to my call. We have enlightened them and increased their abilities and bid them to work diligently in helping you to deal with the new energies and insights which you are experiencing. This is a task set before you, and before them, which will be hard, but not difficult -if you remain steadfast in your faith of knowing the goal of doing the Father's will, of standing fast in truth, of going forward in harmonious peaceful existence with your fellows and with spreading seeds of eternal value wherever you are, in all places.

I come here to tell you this, to console you for the sorrow and insecurities of the week while your Thought Adjusters were detached. They have returned. They are with you. They stand ready to interpret all that happens, to guide you and to bring you home to the Father. (long pause) I go now. (long, long, long silence.)

Patije:I felt like I had been completely turned inside out and it was like all of a sudden they turned a tap off.

Julie:I am like wired. I am like...I have to jump...so...ummmm...I am shaky.

Patije:I think it is time for a song. Something to release all of this energy and tension. Am I the only one feeling this?

Wanda:"Hi diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon" I got that over and over in the beginning of this session, believe it or not. Maybe it was something trying to relax me. I have never had a message hit home so much. The sentences just kept going and I can't wait to read that one!

Julie:I've been on a . ...a spiral...its....so dizzy....like it is going around and around and around...

Wanda:It must draw so much energy from you....I can feel it so much in my hands, and...

Julie:And in my legs...I'm just like jumping all over.

Patije:I just feel tense all over.

Wanda:When Michael came in my hands and arms got so hot - it was unreal.

Julie:And when he came in, I started getting the shakes , the energy or something.

Wanda:For me, it works just the opposite. I get so peaceful then.

Julie:Well, I usually do but this is the first time I've got the shakes - other than the time in the afternoon.

Patije:We had an afternoon here one day when all of us present were shaking - we couldn't help it.

Julie:It's...I want to do this....

Wanda:You're not going to sleep tonight, Julie. You might as well have coffee and doughnuts and live it up! (laughter)

Patije:I'm really relaxed now, but I felt like I was being held very rigid while I was transmitting. I kept trying to relax my shoulders but I....

Julie:...I wanted to ask the question about...about the lights the other night. And, it was answered, sort of about that. That is the workings, the energies that are going on and those who were attuned to it were aware of that is what it was.

Drue:It could be that not everybody saw it, too.

Julie:That's what I am saying. I am so glad...I know my Thought Adjuster is back.

Drue:I feel so much more peaceful now.

Wanda:Yeah, me too.

Drue:Now that my Thought Adjuster is back. I had a terrible week.

julie:So did I. So..in fact...yeah...10 days or something like that.

Patije:It took me a few days for me to realize that the TA was gone! It was Friday I said something to Julie about: "Is it possible that our TA's are gone?" And Julie said: "Yes! I've got goose flesh!"

Julie:That's what it was, yeah.

Patije:Sunday night, I was talking to Mary about a long week long challenge and I said: "Mary, is it possible your TA is gone?" And she said: "Yes, I just heard: Yes!" It was already a week or two by then!

Julie:We were exhausted. I mean I...were you...?


We are all in that middle aged bracket - close to 40! (laughter) I think that the UB says that they become our "controller" instead of our adjuster. We rely on them so heavily that I can just imagine that we are lost when they are gone! (laughter and comments about being 40) They only talk about when you get them - around 5 when you make your first moral decision, and then about 20 and then around 40 - these aren't black and white times, but approximate times.

Julie:What about 60's?

Patije:Well if they become your thought controller around 40 I don't think they are going to be anything less than that after you are 60! (laughter) They are just going to be rooted in there so deep you can't separate them!

Wanda:You do get wiser and you do keep opening up, I have found out though.

Julie:It's true. You know when you...I don't know, past 60 something just happened.

Wanda:You mellow out, somehow.

(tape goes off)

is but a word, a word to describe that within the heart of the human soul, which always looks to the Father, is always ready to follow the call, who naturally responds to a call of help, a call of need, or a call of sorrow. That which is within you, it is the very essence of you. Strive to see, and hear, and move, towards the perfection of loving, merciful, peaceful, kindness service. It is upon you that we have come to guide, to inspire, to enlighten, and to strengthen. As you act we can enhance those actions. As you speak, we can fill the words with the Spirit of Truth. As you think, we can put together new revelations of inspiration. If you do not speak or act, or do, as your intuitive responses guide you, you will feel... (tape turned over part missing) . ..something whole. If however, you stand fast, go forth, move forward in the reality of truth which you know - you know that you know - it is a knowingness within you. There is no question. Others might question. Others might probe. Others might scoff, but you know. If you are steadfast to that knowingness, you are in God's will and you are demonstrating morality in the world around you. is the belief in God and the following of His will. (long pause) Morality is purposeful, that is with purpose. (pause)

Session 33

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1993 (at work)



Heavenly Father, this is Mary. The work is rough. My heart has been heavy for the last month. The problem with my neighbor, and the challenge with a member of the group, and the problem at work. I am at a loss. Patije has been your emissary and lovingly stands by me through thick and thin, as you know. But, she cannot fully understand how this mortal brain works. Therefore, without your finger on the pulse, she cannot help me see through the mire. You have blessed her with a pure heart and a gentle mind. she sees good in all. She also sees that I judge people and put them in their place, when I react to something they have said, or feel barbed by something "said."

When Boudreau left without paying me back the money she borrowed, she spread rumors that I am a "black woman," that I am thin-skinned, and that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I heard these things from so-called "friends" - here and there. Even though a mutual "friend" knows better, she remained "friends" with her - and continues to listen to her talk. Now I am faced with a choice. Deal with a "friend" who can only see the "old" me or what she wants to see, and will not allow me to grow in her sight, or walk away from this powerfully narrow-minded energy - and perhaps also lose the only loving friends that I have. (that you finally see fit to place in my life.)

I have, all these years, lived to be at your loving feet. And, I find it sad that I can count my true friends on the fingers of one hand. Is this the way life is supposed to be?? All the work we do on my body, for the good of mankind in its highest order, can I not be of service on my path and as you have taught - receiving my instructions in mind - without feelings of competition surfacing, or the need for one-up-man-ship energy springing from the strong-minded ones? Can we each do our assigned duty for the group without infringing on the other, or changing mid-stream?

Should I be "filing and mailing" for Patije? If I had all the money I could spend, would I willingly spend it for the good of the group? Would I eat what pleased me before? I wonder......

I hear a ripple of laughter from Chanti - because they could not suppress a giggle! My energy has just changed! I feel the light coming though.

There are no secrets

I would like to order a companion of my choice: MY ORDER TO BE PLACED:A spiritually awakened W. M. approximately my age, who accepts healing, is in good healthy shape, has a good job he enjoys and has an abundance of money and is tall, loving, kind, generous, trustworthy, loyal, and can be my trusted friend. Blue, hazel or black eyes preferred! So now, I trust you to "fill" my "order" - what do I do to enable this to happen?

After this time together, the hardness has left my heart. Maybe it's good I wrote this. I am open and ready to be of service.


I was interrupted and then went to sleep. Thank you for my rest. I feel better and more in control emotionally.


You, my child, will heal. It is good that you give your burdens to me. I gladly take them unto myself. You will see life through eyes with new filters. Be what you are and allow me to go before you. I love you, My dear Mary. . Where did that thought come from? If that's so, how do situations separate me from you? Why do I have to hear other's negative retorts about me? You know, like the time Chris told the travel agent she is the only "white woman" working out here. What am I? Isn't French white? Then, today when I asked for the school - the chief said he is going to send her. Now what have I done to be put down? What has she done good to get these rewards? Ok, I see the reasons. But it doesn't change the fact that I don't get the training and she is treated as if she is better than me. Must I believe this?? It's the same energy I feel from my "friend" in the group. She gets favored and what she wants. I get to be of service, and then seem to get rocks in my sandbox! All this is boiling down to my having to be on the mountain - alone, and I know that you are tired of hearing this broken record. (Patije calls this having a pity-poor-mary-party!)

Session 34

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1993 (2:00 PM)



This is Patije. Well, first, Father and Teachers, I want you to know my willingness you absolutely have - to speak what you ask me to speak, to be what I am in my heart, truthful and sincere and loyal at all times. I give myself, my talents, my abilities to you to use with no conditions. And, I ask those in my community to trust them on that basis. Know that we are all working together to be your transmitters, your filters, your healers, your teachers, whatever you would have us do. It is my will to be about the will of the Father in any way I can physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually be!


This is Julie and I also am ready to give you, Father, my willingness to speak what is in my heart with truthfulness and sincerity and loyalty to this community and to the teachers. I give myself unconditionally to be a transmitter, a teacher or whatever you would have me do. I will that your will be done. I am here unconditionally and to know what I do is in the service of our Father. I welcome you, teachers. (long, long, long, long silence)

I'm getting a picture of a screen like the projector is running through but there is no picture there - but there is a like a black spot on the lens.

Patije:A black spot on a white background? Perhaps like a patch of error on a...

Julie:No! No! It is like a piece of fuzz on the lens of the camera that is projecting it on the screen - like on the lens of the movie projector. (short silence)

Patije:Quoting the Urantia Book though, do you remember what we read recently about evil being but a patch of black on a background of white...

Julie:And that is what this is!

Patije:I'm saying that there is little spot of error on this great big screen of Light and Life...

Julie:Umhmmmm! Maybe that is what it is...and it looks like its actually being filmed on the movie screen, like a camera is going like you can see the frame.

Patije:Let's watch that little piece of fuzz disappear into the light.

Julie:It already has.


And with the disappearance of that little piece of fuzz, all of the discomfort and dis-ease of the relationships within our community group and now we know that Light and Life is dominating the scene and there can be no error, and no secrets, and no so called hurt feeling or ego level stuff. We will just allow it to cleanse the thoughts of any and all who are involved in the community. (long, long silence)

Julie:I am getting all kinds of geometric forms but they are all close together and all inclined to each other like being all... hundreds of them being pushed all together.

Patije:Could that possibly be the various personalities involved in the...

Julie:That is what I am getting. All...its like hundreds of different geometric forms, like ah...

Patije:Some personalities are a little bit "square", some are a little bit round, and some are open and some are closed...

Julie:And octagonal. Yes.

Patije:Some are many faceted, some are closed to only one or two viewpoints...


Several different colors that are put together and making something very dark, you know? Now it is clear and now...some dark blue indigo, not dark dark indigo, several degrees lighter. All different..? And it is turning into a swirl. (short pause) That swirl is now a big dot that is becoming a big eye. Perfectly round blue dot, circles. (short silence) I'm getting the face of Michael coming in now. (long, long silence) It is like I am seeing a skeleton but I am looking in through the head and then going down into the body. Nothing in it, but just a skeleton. But looking down. (short silence) Go into your bones, right?

(long, long long, long silence - about 6 or 7 minutes)

Patije:There is a beautiful light, very bright! It is like it is filling this room up...with love...


Patije:It is like it picks my heart up and lifts it up, really lightens me up.

Julie:I do feel a lot of love. I've been sending out a lot of love. It comes back in triples you know? I don't have as much love in my whole body as they do for us in their little finger. You know what I mean? So much more. (short silence) I feel like I am going to cry.

Patije:I feel my tears have been dried. It is like I have been crying for a couple of weeks and now...

Julie:I am a delayed reaction person.

Patije:I don't understand what that means.

Julie:Delayed reaction?

Patije:No, that I have been crying for weeks and the tears are dried. I haven't felt like crying but I feel like the dried up tears represent 2 weeks of crying!


I feel like mine are tears of joy and love. It is so...(long silence) I want to live in our Father's way, but in my mortal way sometimes I don't know what to do, if I do the Father's wish, if you understand what I am saying - as with Mary, I want to help her and love her and you know make her feel we are equal, we are all equal, but sometimes she takes me in the wrong way and I don't know if I should have said anything....I'm always there, but is it our Father's way? Is it up to me to do it, or up to her to find her own way to me. Is it to just be still and just send love?

Patije:I don't know where this is coming from...it seems to be coming from JaEL...I am floating back and forth but keep coming back to JaEL.

JaEL:As truth never hurts so it is that pure intentions, pure motives, absolute honest and sincere action always produces love. There can be no misunderstanding of pureness. Where truth dwells all else is cast out. Where sincere loyal friendship dwells there can be no hurt only confusion, inspiration, and growth.

(short pause)

Where one has no need to prove a point, or to manipulate someone into thinking the same way, there is nothing but love. In this Correcting Time, there is no place for secret agendas, manipulation, or hurt feelings. There is only love. Stand fast in faith, go forth in sincere intentions, purify your motives, respond from the heart. Love from all levels creates harmony, true value, and is sane.

(short pause)

When we realize that we are products of evolution from the time of confusion and rebellion we began to understand that we are not in our right mind. Anyone, in their right mind could not harm another of God's children. Anyone, in their right mind could not find double meanings or unintended intentions where they do not exist. Therefore, console yourselves that you are not in your right mind, but in this time, this Correcting Time, the events are arranged to enable you to move into higher consciousness and once again regain your right mind as if the Lucifer rebellion, the Adamic default, and the superstitious ages of hundreds of centuries upon Urantia were wiped out. These have been imbedded in your race consciousness, your genetics, your planetary consciousness, and your culture as well as your religious - and must be realized, dealt with, and purged. There is no greater error in relationships than one who confuses the true meaning of another's loving response, unless it is that one who uses or abuses another's trusting acceptance. Beware of mind sets and prejudices of previously made judgements.

Know your intentions, accept your feelings, move and speak and be from your heart level first, measure it with the help and sanity and know beyond all else in this time of the Correcting Time, that all things - whether spoken, thought, projected, expressed, or manifested are intended to bring about good. Even if one of your brothers or sisters has erroneous beliefs, or intentions, the results and the consequences of their actions, words, or expressions will result in good. When in a time of confusion and doubt, cling to this truth for salvation. When you become aware of the possibility that your emotions have become imbalanced and are projecting possibilities from your subconscious imagination and tapes from pre-experienced alarms to your heart level, your mind - your mortal mind, which is the product of your animal inheritance - construes facts into untruth, then go at once to the Spirit of Truth, the Thought Adjuster and the other spirit helpers for clarification. Do this immediately when you become aware of this.

There is none other but God love throughout, within, without, around, and permeating all of creation. Anything which is unlike God becomes as nothing when looked upon as the tiny piece of fluff in the realities of Light and Life. Know this. Go forth and tell this. Share it from your heart. Guard your tongue when it is manipulated by mind and allow us to speak through you when dealing in relationships.

I am JaEl, and I have longed to express my thoughts in the relationships of this community which we are building together in faith.

(long, long, pause)

Julie:That was a wonderful lesson, JaEl. Thank you. (long silence)

JaEl:There is more for me to say but I am waiting for my dear Mary to hear my words.

(long, long pause)

We do not intend to use Mary without surrounding her in loving energy. It is yours, it is hers. The mortal animal level of thinking looks for rationalization in relationships. There are no rationalizations because when personalities - the uniqueness of individuality, the ability to be personal, the ability to be self-conscious - is realized there can be no differences.

(long silence)

Your teachers have met often and long with other teachers on the planet equally enlightened and equally confused at the Urantia human heart. We are baffled at the reactions which our words often create. We have seen the damage of the Lucifer rebellion. We have seen the shortcomings of the Adamic default, but none are so clear as these small blocking thoughts which each of you has been exposed to throughout your experiences in this material world of Urantia. Here so many, seemingly unimportant things can cause such detrimental objects...?...objection...?...blocks...?...blocks to the relationship and expression of good, valuable, supportive, responsive to the natural gifts of talents, and abilities, and strengths of one another.

We have found when we enhance your abilities to see into one another's emotions, to almost be able to read one another's minds, we often create more havoc than peace. There is something in the inheritance of the betrayal of Caligastia which has called all mortals upon this planet - no matter how far removed from the time of the rebellion - to react in a negative way when the positive way is just as easy, just as easily glimpsed! There is something which causes the mortal to drift towards the less attractive, the more emotional reaction. We do not understand this. We are aware of it. We have moved to try to correct it. We are working in experimental places to try to understand and eliminate it from our teachings. But, it is here. We must deal with it. It happens on many levels, in many places, unexpectedly and we are cautioned to be aware of it at all times.

(long pause)

In the human, the Urantia human heart, the flare up of the conditions of your faith, the conditions of your belief, and the conditions of your expressions of Love could, if not modified, push Love completely off your planet. It is the great power...power enhancer...of the Love energy which is stronger than all these other energies, even when they are crushed together. Which can soften the effects, sometimes stimulate them, and occasionally lift them over the consciousness of each individual.

(long pause)

You are wondering why I have given this lengthy address when I am a personal teacher and not a group teacher. LorEL and Aflana are tuned in to this session, but are greatly occupied in other places. With their help, I have been able to portray these values and communications to the listening hearts of those who are here. It is not a breach of my responsibility as a personal teacher for Mary. It is my willingness to be a tool for the Father in any way I can be of service.

Tell my Mary. Give her my love. Let her know that I am always with her and I am even looking out for her interests in those things which are the desire of her heart. She will soon recognize the gift which she has and her rewards will be great. Then she can take any darkness from the lenses of her internal eyes.

You, my children, Julie, Patije, are friends which were gathered in response to the desire in Mary's heart, and in your hearts. You see only darkly at this time, but soon the windows will be opened completely and will feel delight, satisfaction, security, support, and love. And, we will all be there for all of you, at all times. I ask for your patience, your willingness to put aside any perceptions, aggravations, irritations or surmises and allow the celestial unseen helpers, the midwayer friends, and the spirit of love to flow through, around and within your relationships with one another. You have been brought together for each of you have the needs of the other. This is perhaps the greatest tool of discovery you have ever known in any relationship - and any experience.


I was just told I could say no more at this time about this. Suffice it to be said that your Thought Adjusters were detached from you for a short time. They have been trained for a new way to communicate with you and to facilitate the communication with the other...the celestial level of others. And, you will begin to receive insight into the hearts and minds of those with whom you share love. Know that this gift will be taken from you if it is abused. We are aware that there are baby steps to be taken, and little ego barbs can occur but they must be set aside. You must learn to deal with them at their level and raise your consciousness, your expectations, and your acceptance for the higher levels of cosmic consciousness and knowing the love of the Father. It is no longer necessary in your community to explain away all of the ills, all of the discrepancies, all of the misunderstandings. It is only necessary for the mortals to understand the whys so they can lift above them. Awareness creates the ability to understand. Closing the door or sweeping under the carpet anything which troubles the human spirit can create havoc in the levels of the Correcting Time.

We know your hearts are pure. We know your desires are to do the Father's will. We know that in the best of your understanding, you are doing everything you can do to help one another trust, and rely, and depend, upon your support. You are doing everything you know how to do to be there for one another in the good times and the bad times, in the hurtful times, and the happy times. And we know, with our help and your continued steadfast devotion, this community will become very strong, very reliable, and very comforting to all of you. It will grow, but not quickly. It will be a place of much experiment because we can rely upon each of you - even through your hurt, your misunderstandings, your discomfort - to continue to seek the best of what you are and will be in service.

For that reason, we remain close to you. None of you are ever alone. We are only a whisper away, a heartbeat from communications. All that stands between we and thee are your rejections, or discomfort. We love you. We are here to create and enhance the ability of the love energy to permeate you. At the same time we are not to coddle you, but to enfold you, in a supportive strength which enables you to go forth, not only as humans upon the planet Urantia, but as cosmic citizens doing the Father's will.

(short pause)

If you have any heartfelt questions, I will try to answer them for you.

(long pause)

Julie:This is Julie. And, I guess you know what is in my heart but I will say it. Is it best for me just to be there and sending love energy and in that way . .. I am helping? Or is it best . ..I can't find the words...ah...(fades out)

JaEl:We know what is in your heart. We know what it is you ask and you will be guided. From our cosmic viewpoint, we can only advise that you examine your motives, know yourself well, go forth in love only and do nothing but that which is from your heart, that which you know to be God's will, for yourself, in truth, and in harmony. Love will take dominance over all. (pause)

Above all, each individual of the community, while learning to share on a feeling level, a filtering level, a healing level, and a teaching level, must always know their uniqueness, their individuality, their specialty. None are better than others and none are more precious to the Father, because all are expressions of the Father. Each must recognize and express the unique qualities which they have to express within the community.

(short silence)

Julie:Has my Thought Adjuster come back? (long silence)

Patije:I feel "Yes" This is Patije.

Julie:I know I feel very different. That was some . ..JaEl, that was much appreciated. (long silence)

Michael:I am Michael and I am well pleased in your devotion to your community's well being.

(tape snaps off)

Patije:I felt like a window was opened for Michael to speak to us and it was just firmly closed...or a curtain put down.

Julie:I, too, feel that.

Patije:It must be over! That must be the end of the communication. Thank you, Teachers.

Julie:Thank you, Michael, JaEl.

Session 35

  • FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1993 (11:30 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Friends,

Only you know what is in my heart. I care for humanity very much and love all creatures. I love to make all things a little better unconditionally, but I find that mortals always think I have an ulterior motive. As you know, I don't. I always try to do the Father's Will, but I know I have so many faults. I will work on them, I never intended to hurt or put-down anyone. I think instead of sympathizing with them, I will just listen with out any comments, and humble myself. I really am not fit to walk in their path or wash their feet and I am humbled. I need your help to rid me of my faults and become more God like. I have a big step to come to get to square one.

I am very hurt to think I offended a friend and now they have no use for me. I think mortal friends are fickle, and I only want my Celestial friends now. I feel so stupid. Mortals are so difficult.


My Dear One,

I know how heavy your heart feels with these revelations, but they will never know your intentions. Just send Light and Love and Energy and we will help.

Our Father is always with you as I am and your Celestial friends. As the time goes by, you will find your cosmic family becomes more important to you than your mortal family.

Do not look down on the spiral - just keep climbing up. Remember, it's how you work out these relationships here - it will be easier later.

You are so special to me. I am always with you. I love you, My Child, you do well.


Thank you, I love you, Michael.

-- Julie

Session 36

  • FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1993 (5:45 PM at work)


NOTE: Andre' turns 28 years old today.


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. My heart only feels light when I feel Michael's presence or Chanti - Rayson, Anathea and Lutzia all seem busy.

Can it be possible that I bore my son that many years ago?? I still feel like a child - on one hand beaten up and trod upon by life, even though I fastidiously work at being and hearing only Truth, Love, Beauty; on the other hand, nurtured and loved and cultivated by your beloved angels and emissaries.

I feel neither 'twix nor 'tween and that semi truck goes through my bedroom every night. Please speed up the cleansing work. Take this cup from me, this agony, the weight, the relationships with co-workers, personal relationships, relationships with the family. Is there no peace for my weary soul?

I just want to love and be loved. But somehow that is a tall order for me. The whole world loves me but not personally. What is it about me? I have these feelings that I can now acknowledge. But I can't change them. They are a part of me, and sometimes they are what I am. At other times part of me watches the other part experiencing the feelings and the observing part does not believe what it sees - or has to laugh at what it observes the other parts experience. I do not feel old. I feel good inside. The body has regained the sensory senses. I know that I am. But I do not feel with this body. It feels like I feel through this layer. I want to live. But I do not know why. I guess it is the survival instinct. Each day I awake and the lessons get harder. At times I want to get out of the body and go. I am tired of the weight problem. I am tired of the hard life lessons. The only joy I feel is when the Unseen Helpers work through me. Why am I such an outcast on this planet? I want to wish that I had not been born, but I can see that is unfair - for Michelle', Andre' and Rene' needed a chance at life. Was that all I was needed for - to bear the children?

Please, God, they do not have to experience my anguish. Please God they never know what this is like. Staying alive to experience tough lessons and hardship is no fun. Yet, I want to live. It all seems so unbalanced.


My Mary, you are loved and carefully tended. This, too, shall pass. Be of good cheer. All is working for wonders even your eyes will behold one day. You are strong. You have been tested. You have not failed. You are blessed beyond your imagination. Go forth with good cheer. This shall not long linger for you. Look for the miracles as you give everything to me. Have you not learned this lesson well - giving your burdens to me? Have I failed you? I will not. You will not be neglected. Even now you are passing through a process which will enhance your service to me and to your fellows. Remember you are only passing through the shadows of evil and fear. Light awaits you. Activate love in all that you do. I shall never be far from you.

Mary:JaEl, I feel your presence.


This is JaEl. Greetings, Dear Sister Mary. It is a pleasure to communicate with you again. You must smile and lighten your heart again. The cup has passed from you. You worked with us through your lessons, through the darkest heavy times. When you had no vision you relied on your faith in the Father. Much work has been accomplished on all levels. You did not sacrifice as needed, in vain. We wish you could see your energy light as we do. Then you would know. Look through the darkness at the vision in the light beyond.

Let go of the weight in your heart. You will soon see the changes in the energy surrounding you. The work was speeded up with you because during the Correcting Time there is much uplifting for mankind. Your contribution is needed. Let go of the sorrow, dear Mary.

Session 37

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1993 (12:00 -2:00 EDT)


12:00 - We began with our usual circle prayer and invitation to the teachers.

Patije:This is Patije. Father I come to do your will. Any in your service are welcome. I invite you to speak through any of us and we are excited by a possible visualization or materialization and we thank you for the opportunity to be your anchors for your energy fields at this time. I am open and I am willing to serve in any way.

Ann:I'm here, God! You know why. I know you are here. I am ready.

Drue:This is Drue and I am open and willing and receptive.

Wanda:This is Wanda and I want to thank you, God, for the feeling of love in our circle. Use me any way you need.

Julie:This is Julie. I welcome our unseen friends. I am willing to do anything in service for you.

Mary:This is Mary. I am open and willing and ready to be of service.

Roy:???? (no mike)

We entered the silence...


Patije:This is Patije. There are Power Directors here and someone is trying to perhaps appear physically, but definitely visually. I think it might be Malventia, but I am not sure. But if you are seeing green that is the Power directors lighting... (fades off into silence again)


Ann:This is Ann and I am being told that it is ok for me to speak out now. I didn't sooner because it was important that the silence be kept. This is what I was told. I wish to tell you what I have been seeing. In my mind's eye I have been sitting in a glass encased booth like - bigger than a telephone booth but square and I was the only one inside of it. As I sat there in what I felt was my meditation, there were people, I think, they looked like people - whether they were celestial beings or not I am not sure, but I have a feeling that they were. I didn't see any bodies, just the head and shoulders all gathered around and peering into the glass looking in at me. At one point I opened my eyes as I sat in there and I saw all these faces looking at me. I closed my eyes and I was still able to see the faces - heads and shoulders - of all these different personalities watching me. They didn't say anything. They were just looking and watching. Then as that faded away and I returned to a deeper silence, I sensed that the back of my head, the base of the neck, the spine had been opened up like a tube, with a cap on it, the cap was taken off and there was a clear liquid being poured down my spine. I don't know why I didn't ask what it was but I just felt like it was for my good and for what I have been praying. That seemed to take a long time, but I'm sure it wasn't in our time frame here, but it seemed like the liquid just didn't stop, just kept pouring out of a pitcher and I don't know whose hands were holding the pitcher. All I could see was the liquid going in. Then, just before I started speaking, it was like that was healed and I was told that it was alright to come back and speak of what I had seen. And, to also tell that it was alright for everyone else to share what they were experiencing at this point. That perhaps we all might wish to return to the silence again, but if anyone felt that they were ready they could share. With that I saw nothing more.

I want this on tape. The time is 5 after one. It is like the half way point.

(We said nothing but returned to the silence.)

1:30: the 90 minute tape ends and another is put into the machine!


Patije:I heard the words: "It is done. It was successful." (short pause)I don't know what it means. (short silence)

When Ann was talking about seeing shapes, I was also seeing...I wasn't in a glass booth. Somebody was standing over here on my right and taking my head and pushing it down to the right. At first I resisted and finally just relaxed and let them do it. I was getting a crick in my neck!

Mary:I was too! I kept doing that, I kept straightening it up and they kept doing it...

Drue:I felt someone pushing back like this (leans back over the top of her chair)

Patije:At one time I felt like they had hold of my feet, my ankles, and was swinging us - or at least me, I assumed all of us - you know how when we were kids we'd take one another by the feet and spin in circles?

Mary:Yeah, you (pointing to Drue) were feeling that too! Because I noticed that you took your feet down (from the hassock).

Patije:At one point I felt like my head and right shoulder were tucked in forward of my body and going into a vortex or spinning around and up. I saw very definite head and shoulder shapes - three or four of them. I didn't get any words. Did you get any words, Wanda?

Wanda:No. "Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be" Then I saw a picture of the blue planet surrounded in a white light and knew that everything would be all right! And that was all I got the whole time.

Drue:I was getting the pulsating feeling - pulsing of universal life force - I saw through all of us. I thought well I'm picking up the blood rushing through Mary's veins, but...(laughter) the Universal life force, the pulsing of it.

Patije:Somebody was behind my chair doing like this (tapping without vibration or noise - pushing in)

Drue:Something was going on back here! (Points behind and a little to her right.)

Wanda:I heard tapping twice.

Drue:Something was going on back here and I kept looking. Was something blowing around? I couldn't see anything.

Patije:There was somebody playing with the back of my neck, like somebody was stroking or petting me between my cheek and my shoulders.

Ann:And children...the faces I saw were like children's faces. All of them right....not spaces between them, just one face after another...

Patije:Right! I didn't see the face but I saw the head and shoulders and it was like somebody between and back...like a group photograph. And then there were like little puffs of green color floating from lower left to upper right like pieces of globs pulled loose (like a lava lamp) and each floated by with head and shoulders visible in them.

Ann:I was thinking Why are they watching? but I didn't get why, they were just looking.

Patije;I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't get a message.

Mary:She got one.

Wanda:I just had the funniest feeling that the planet is going to get all right now. Something happened. Whatever it was, it is going to be ok.

Patije:There was an extreme lightening . ..

Julie:Yes! Did you see that too?

Patije:Like a diffusion of the light so that it wasn't stark - like the kind that is glare, it was soft but it was very very bright. Very bright.

Julie:That's right.

Drue:I don't think the purpose of this meeting was really to get a message, but I think the purpose was to be a support . ..I think that we accomplished our message.


Patije:At one point I thought I was sitting in the group in Naperville - I would be curious to see a picture of whatever went on there. It felt as if we were just lifted and we were there.

Julie:We were like a circuit for them.

Mary:I saw something that was like a picture, an outline, would have been a face, but it was just dots. I couldn't make out what they were meaning to be. And, they were in . ..I'm trying to think of the color. It was sort of a green only light.

Patije:The green wasn't like the green we have had before. It was different.

Mary:No. It was different.

Patije:It was like power directors rather than life carriers.

Mary:Ok! It was green but it wasn't green. It was just little dots and I couldn't make out the features or anything.

Drue:It was a very peaceful time.


Patije:It was incredible, my alertness and awareness of what was going on - incredible!

Ann:And yet the total relaxation.


Ann:Almost as if I was going to sleep.


Drue:I think Shadow (cat) saw something too. He was quite active, moving around and talking too!

Patije:He doesn't usually do that. (pause) I wonder what time . ..I guess it is quarter to one up there.

Drue:I was really amazed that I was able to sit through this because sometimes I get so antsy. You know, like a little kid. I was really surprised! It went by so fast!

Mary:Yes! Exactly, I can't believe it is that much time.

Julie:It really went fast.

Wanda:When Ann said it is half over already it had felt like maybe as much as ten minutes!


Ann:I did too that is why I looked at my watch.

Patije:I was incredibly surprised at how fast the time went. It was like (snap of fingers)

Julie:It is the Correcting time.

Patije:I knew these things (pointing at tape recorders) would run out at certain times - like 15 of One and then at 1:30. At one point I felt that there was a gathering of TRs around. I was very aware of Thea - her name was in neon lights in front of me - in Corvallis Oregon. Then I saw Susan in ________, and Jane Roper and then Thern. When somebody coughed or something and that kind of moved away, but I was trying to pass love. I am curious if they got it or saw me or something.

Drue:It is a good thing you are all dressed up if they saw you! (laughter) Have to see if they saw purple! (laughter)

Patije:You know it was strange, but all night last night the thought kept coming to me that tomorrow is going to be like Christmas, and I have that same feeling, like when I got up this morning, I wanted to do all the traditional Christmas things. Of course it didn't work out that way...but it was the strangest feeling that this was like Christmas.

Mary:Yeah, I had that excited feeling. I thought it was just because I have been in exile and I couldn't get to the group and I am so happy to get here today!

Wanda:No, there has been a big upstepping. I just saw it and feel it. It was so plain. It was like the planet itself was enveloped in a white light - not like when we look out and see skies, and darkness.

Patije:We were talking the other day about the brightness of the light at night. When I was talking to Thea in Corvallis, Oregon, and she mentioned - and I mentioned to Julie the other day - I've been going around in the day time without sunglasses and I always have to have sunglasses. But it is like the light was diffused somehow without the glare but brighter than it has been. When I was out on the beach with the kids when they were here, and I wasn't wearing sunglasses and I always have to wear sunglasses on the beach! She mentioned (Thea) when I was talking to her, that she had noticed that they had the full moon syndrome when there wasn't any moon too.

Mary:Even the tides - I told you about that! The tides were strange too. Like, you know when it is full moon the tides are way, way low. There wasn't any moon, or only a piece of a moon and the tides were way, way low so you could see the bottom of the bay. The stars were almost as if they were going on low power - they weren't as bright and twinkly as they usually are - they sort of looked like, for three days like that. There was no color there for over three nights. Then it was like they turned them on again! I am out at night with my job and I watch this and I watch the difference of the tides and the skies.

Wanda:I noticed the light.

Ann:The first I noticed it, and was aware of it, was on Tuesday night.

Mary:Yeah. There was no moon and there was no accounting for the light everywhere. Yeah.

Wanda:The Ozone layer around the whole planet is very thin right now? It was on the news and I thought maybe there is a reason.

Patije:According to the Matreya materials the ozone layer must be widened (opened) and closed for a purpose and our scientists are just now becoming aware of the difference and they don't understand it.

Wanda:It was on the weather news.

(The tape was turned off at 2:00 and the conversation goes on about differences in sky and the ozone and circuits opening on the planet for awhile.)

Julie does mention that Manotia was with us and she saw her clearly in her mind's eye.

Socialization after the conversation includes a covered dish dinner and a lazy afternoon of talking while we waited for news about what happened in Naperville.)

Session 38



Argon:The expectations of believers present may have caused interference. It was successful! The truth will be known when realization dawns and emotions return to controlled and balanced status. Ours was a successful event. We are concerned that while we were successfully present material eyes did not see.

One of our purposes of focusing attentions to this event was to make an adjustment and attunement in the enlightenment of human mortal's sensitivity to his brother's feelings and thoughts. In doing this we are aware of the risk to human emotions. Because of the consequence of rebellion and default, the mortal often takes the negative pathway when being unable to fully separate feelings from knowingness.

When one can accept one's own, and other's, feelings without judgement while remaining balanced in the knowingness that one becomes valuable to the Corps in this correcting Time.

Complete communication cannot be made by mind judgement of fact. True communication comes when feelings about the facts can be recognized and shared freely without fear of retaliation, but rather further enlightenment. One can no longer cut off communication through self rationalization in judgement of another's expected reaction. All parties of communication must learn to accept feelings and respond to communications, not in defense or offense, but in true desire to separate feeling from knowingness.

The mixed feelings of acceptance and rejection present at the gathering did not preclude our decision to materialize, even after much consideration. However the energy in the room was such that the morontia body was not illumined through refraction of light - it was as if it was not there.


Practice the stillness and become one with the Father and you will see adjustments made to the actual lens of the material eye. Time on Urantia is measured by events and the event just past was only one of such events which will occur. It is likely that the next venture of materialization or visualization will occur while a group is in prayer or in the stillness. Now that we know that the increase in the powers of the Holy Spirit and the sensitivity of humans to one another's personal feelings and thoughts, have been made, much can be done. Some work must be done by our mortal friends about controlling emotions and expectations so that they have ears to hear and eyes to see what is before them. We cannot not just hand you signs and wonders. You must earn your visions by moving up the spiral of perfection using love energy through faith and service.

Patije:Who is speaking:

Argon:I am Argon... (or Agredon...or Argden...or something!) I work with physicality.

Patije:How can we best prepare for a materialization?


It is unnecessary. Your preparation is made by practicing the silence and through willing faith to serve your fellows where you are. When there is readiness the materialization will eventuate of its own volition. It is your responsibility to be ready when this occurs. Why do you humans always want credit for "helping" with that which is being done satisfactorily by those who are directed to do so? Listen for your directions. Allow others to do as they are directed. Interfere not with channels of energy.

Patije: Did you bring this entire message? If you work with physicality as you say, why would you know about feelings and emotions and all?

Argon:You are very alert. Manotia and NorEl are here also. Only one of us was in Naperville, for the event you are questioning. Aflana is quite busy in many locations at this time advising how much information can be given to guide without compromising human free will. The conflict between feelings and knowingness is already beginning. There is much to do. You must be alert to accept your feelings while being faithful to your knowingness.


Session 39

  • SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 1993 (1:45 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Helper,

I did feel new energies coming, into myself and the Universe. I felt our Unseen friends there. I was not disappointed.

I really want to help my fellow mortals and to do our Father's will. Help me, and show the way for me.

---In love, Julie

Session 40

  • MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1993 (AM)


Patije:Dear Father, I am very puzzled about the amount of confusion and disillusionment and disappointment - as well as the tremendous amount of money spent for people to go to Naperville this weekend. Why was this allowed? My phone has been ringing off the hook with comments like "I think Ernest Moyer is more correct than all of the so call transcripts" to "Machiventa was there in the midst of them but they knew him not"

One who was not there received word that Light which naturally reflects from material objects to enable the mortal eyes to see them did not reflect off Machiventa's morontia body. Another has said to me: "Machiventa Melchizedek did materialize."

A brief message I received while in the car late Saturday evening was: "The expectations of believers present may have caused interference. It was successful! The truth will be known when realization dawns and emotions return to controlled and balanced status..."

I want to cry out for the disappointment and disapproval of the ones who said:

"The carryings-on at that gathering was like seeing primitive voodoo at work!"

"I was told to be there, I guess, to see for myself at how carried away the emotions of those who want something so badly, can get so many off track."

"I, for one, know that what I have had for so many years is not such as what I saw at that meeting. The Teaching Mission has been set back another generation, I believe."

"The show that was put on was not even as polished as the psychic productions I've seen."

"How could someone so important as Machiventa Melchizedek appear in such a circus of activity. Why did they not sit in silence in the stillness and wait?"

"Egos took over and common sense - let alone spiritual Truth, Beauty and Goodness, took leave..."

"It has harmed the whole movement. The teaching mission is totally unbelievable now."

"I for one, want nothing more to do with this so-called mission."

Father, I know what I know and I don't understand what happened. I know only that I was not interested in going to Naperville, that I was wondering when I heard that the people were going to practice ways to create light energy to help this happen - why do humans have to do anything when Power Directors did all of the "work" for Jesus' morontia appearances?

Well, whatever, we had a tremendous experience here in Sarasota! We were gathered by 11:45 and sitting in our usual places by 12:00 EDT. We turned on the tape recorders and said our circle prayers of thankfulness, willingness and invitation to the teachers and went into the stillness as usual. Approximately 7 - 10 minutes of stillness had passed (according to our consciousness) when the 90 minute tape came to an end! Upon looking at the clock, it was verified that 90 minutes had expired. We reset the tape and went again into the silence. At approximately 15 minutes to the hour of 2:00 EDT, we were told: "It is successful. All is well. Thank you for being our anchor energy."

We then sat around for the remaining 15 minutes and shared our awareness of the stillness -all of us experiencing almost the same thing! Visualization of a clear green "clouds with head and shoulder silhouettes; link-up with Paul and Robbie and/or Thea and/or Susan and/or Jane and/or Thern and/or Lee. A feeling of being in a swirling "merry-go-round" type uplifting eddy, and a feeling of all is well - very well! One saw the globe (from space) encircled by a diffused radiant white light. All of us felt the love energy - indescribable love welling up from within us as well as love emanating from the others and the energy all around us!

We spent the day together until after 5:00 with a covered dish dinner and lots of talking and sharing which our evenings leave little time for! It was wonderful. More than once someone commented at how peaceful, how lovely, how joyful, how full of love the day was! We even mentioned that it was like Christmas Day with the family - there was a festive holiday glow about the food and the togetherness, a family feeling of contentment and all is well about being together, a delightful sense of something happened and we are content even if we don't quite know what it was!

Why did we have this experience of wholeness while others who spent time and money and made the effort to go so far to see this materialization, found such disappointment without even the comfort of the love energy permeating themselves and everyone present? I don't understand. Do our expectations really get in the way of the Celestials? Can our doubts or skepticism actually undo the work of faith? Is it possible that Machiventa was there and no one of the hundreds in the room saw him? As time goes by will they (those who were in Naperville in person) see the events differently than they did on the 24th - accroding to the phone calls I received?

AFLANA:Hello, Dear One. I am Aflana. The Light of God surrounds you, the Power of God protects you, the Love of God enfolds, uplifts and strengthens you. Wherever you are God is! It is so. I tell you that you know that you know. Separate your feelings from your knowingness. It is important, this lesson which LorEl and JaEl have given you recently.

We have again seen the myriads of emotions play upon the consciousness of mortals - even those who have practiced the stillness and worked along side of us for so long. It is indeed, doubt - as well as ego defensiveness - which causes the turmoil within one's heart and mind. If you are stayed upon the Father's will and willing to be about his business in silent, peaceful acceptance you will know much. If bells and symbols be your goal, hollow sound and empty visions will be your end. Love energy casts out all else. When love energy is present in conscious thought and intent, none else can be present. Love energy cannot be faked, cannot be usurped, cannot be excited, cannot be invoked, cannot be conjured or cajoled, cannot be condemned, cannot be empty. Know this well. Free will cannot be compromised and while many gathered in faith, some came to condemn, to reject and to see signs and wonders. Faith does not come as a result of wonder-making, thrill seeking, emotional imbalanced and /or fear.

Concern yourself not with the past but go forth in faith, knowing that you know the truth and will find the beauty and goodness in all that you experience. Remain steadfast and know your bridge of faith is built well. Farewell for now.

Session 41

  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 1993 (2:45 AM, at home)



Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I await a message from my unseen friends - or humbly await your pleasure.

I feel different. High energy beings with me and I know all will be explained to me.


Good evening, Mary. I am Lutzia, your midwayer friend. I am here to tell you that the work on the synchronizing of your energy body continues. More energy can be transmuted through and with you. You are being prepared for more work in the healing ministry.

As you well know, about the tensions at your work, know that it is not your fault, or energy. Those people carry their burdens and misconceptions. They see not the light which you carry.

later...(11:45 AM at home)


Let us continue. You must change your perceptions, for you cannot effect theirs. Leave them in their material place with its re-actions from the result of their actions. Your heart will feel lighter and you will elude their energy. Feel the profound love of the Father that surrounds and protect you. Know that you are safe and your physical health returns. You are only limited by your mind and we work to assist you with these barriers. You will get over them, for in your free will choice you side step the psychic pitfalls and tools - that fine line that you pay attention to, makes our work a loving pleasure and never a chore.

Many energy shifts have taken place around you. You carry out your duties in the Father's name as requested. Your sacrifices and love of the Father enacts and activates minute ripples that assist in moving the energy of Urantia. That results in the upliftment and raises the entire energy. Many awakened ones, like yourself, are assigned this arduous mission. So when your heart feel burdened, hand the burdens to Michael as you were taught. Don't feel sad when those in your group and family judge you. They do so at their levels and cannot effect you unless you allow. Be an example. Do not fear jealousy of yourself. When jealous energy is aroused, it removes them from the spiritual spiral. So, do not attempt to hold a hand and assist them "over the hump" - teach my example only. Love from your heart. Allow perceptions from their levels. You are cleansing the body and when you stay pure of heart, you become, like Michael, a mirror to them. They look into your eyes and at the same time look into a mirror at themselves.

Recognize your mortal emotions and go past them, for you truly are about the Father's business in your small world.

We love and treasure you, and continue to assist you. I love you. --Lutzia

later -- at work on Nason's Dock 5:30 PM


Mary, this is Lutzia, your midwayer friend. It did not take much prompting to guide you to your favorite place. Know you why the rippling surface of the bay water brings such peace to your soul? Your ability to observe the Father's hand and energy in the creations on Urantia.

You did well recognizing your "old tape" emotions when the boy supervisor writhed in the presence of your being. That is correct. He is unable to "ignore" you, as you think.

You have always been a glass reflection, now you have become a mirror. You kept love in your heart and stayed in a place of love - the secret to positive safety. You do not feel jealous or bitter because you see the total enactment. I remind you of your ability in an attempt to lessen your agony.

NOTE:Judy arrived with Taffy and Cody and Keysha. Cody came running towards the patrol car. Judy thought he noticed the car, then she saw me and said "Wow! He knew you were in there"

See how the children and the animals love your energy? Do your remember your fish? Stay light hearted and in the love space where in you dwell. Feel god"s love and know why you are "different."

I love you. --Lutzia

Session 42

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1993


We begin with the stillness and individual prayer of thanksgiving, invitation, welcome, willingness to serve...

Patije:This is Patije. Father I thank you for this opportunity to serve you. I ask that . ...(static) I will serve you in any way, unconditionally. i invite and welcome the teachers to join us. I offer my willingness to serve.

Julie:This is Julie. Father, I am willing to serve you in any way I may. I also welcome our unseen helpers and of course, Christ Michael.

Drue:This is Drue. I want to thank our unseen helpers for their support, their guidance, their love, their nagging, their assistance, their pushing, and I am willing to be of assistance in any way that is appropriate.

Wanda:This is Wanda and I want to thank you for the unseen helpers, the help and the wisdom we get and I am ready and willing to help in any way.

(long, long, long silence - after a lot of static and clearing up the mikes)

Patije:This is Patije and my ears are ringing so loud from the effects of that noise I may not be able to hear the teachers. I know we don't hear them with our ears, but the noise is filling my head.

Drue:The message I get, Patije, is that you have to "feel" them.

Patije:(laughing) I was hoping somebody else would be transmitter for awhile. (laughter)

Julie:I see all kinds of flowers being thrown at us...just filtering down on us. All kinds, beautiful flowers, different aromas.

Drue:Maybe it is the healing flower extract!


Patije:Flower essences?

Julie:umhmmm. They even have aromas....you know? Maybe that we are all different kinds of flowers, too? Some are thorny...(fades out to static)

(5 - 10 minutes are missed due to static and noise on tape - one of the mikes are unplugged and replaced, tested, )

Aflana:Hello, my Dear Ones, I am Aflana.

Drue:Welcome, Aflana. We are finally ready.

Julie:Come on back.

Drue:We are finally ready. WE really needed VanEL. We are finally rolling and we are ready for you!

Patije:Aflana, what is the subject of our lessens tonight? (long silence) I don't think we have covered all of the strengths of character, but I am open to anything you bring...

Julie:I need help. (long silence)

Drue:Could it be that the subject is help for others?

Patije:Could be. Maybe it is the difference between helping and minding your own business? (long, long silence) Service! (long silence)

Julie:Is JoEl here?

Patije:I feel like the answer is "yes" but I didn't get a "yes"...

Julie:I think she deserted me. (long silence)

Patije:Service is the overall lessen. That includes helping others, helping ourselves, knowing when not to help. I think that was JoEl told me that.

Julie:I think our opening statements were: We are here to be of service. (long silence) I am starting to see green.

Patije:Life Carrier green or Power director green?

Julie:Sort of grass green...ummmmm....it is deeper, like an emerald green.

Patije:It is probably a Power Director

Julie:It is like velvet, do you know what I mean?

(loud heart beat is heard on tape for a minute or two)

Patije:Teachers we'll behave!

Drue:Is that what you are hearing?

Julie:No, what fools we mortals be.

Patije:I feel like a truant child, you know, one of those who can't settle down and get with the lesson. (short silence) I heard service very clearly but I didn't get anything to go with it.

Julie:I'm sure they want us to settle down a little bit.

Wanda:I don't have any of the energy that I usually have in my hands and...

Julie:Clear our minds...it is starting. I don't either, Wanda, but it is starting.(long silence) They are filing in right now. They are coming in through the door.

Patije:Who are they?

Julie:Our unseen helpers, Chanti, Michael...shadows...faces...looks like they're coming in to see a show - you know, like coming in...like they opened the doors to a movie theater and they are all coming in to take their seats. The green is all around.

Patije:This is Patije: The Light of God surrounds us, the Power of God protects us, the Love of God enfolds us, wherever we are, God is and all is well. We are ready, willing and able, open and receptive. (long silence)

Julie:Welcome VanEl. Welcome Ophelia. Welcome, Olivia. Welcome VanEssa.

Ruby:Don't forget me! Don't forget me! Don't forget me!

Julie:And, you too, Ruby! (laughter)

Patije:the energy went up. Did you feel that, Wanda?

Wanda:Yes. (long silence)

Julie:Do you remember many, many, many years ago they had a theme for the 1939 World's Fair - like a sphere and something else? That's kind of what I am seeing now... Do you remember it, Wanda?


Julie:Watching crystal...(long silence) I think we forgot to welcome Aflana, and LorEl... and NorEl.... and JuEl.... and JoEl... and JaEl.... Maralena, (long silence)

Patije:This is Patije and I am very content just sitting here and feeling the energy so if they want me to transmit they better do it! (short silence)

Julie:they are like walking around us in a circle, in and out, in and out. It is all kinds of life forms in shadows. I can't make out who it is...it is just beings, a love... like they are doing something to us as they are going in and out and in and out... almost as a may pole..... just got 10 degrees hotter.


Julie:Someone just leaned over you, Patije, and kissed you on your forehead.

Patije:Ummmmm Thank you.

Julie:Someone is going to take your hand, Wanda. It's cradling it...now it's coming over to you, Drue.

Drue:Tickled me. (short silence)

Julie:There is someone with a message by you, Patije. (short silence) There are so many of them, I can't make out just who it is. There are so many colors but mostly the green over...it is sort of a magenta color too...hummmm, and orange just appeared....(long, long, long silence) That light I saw earlier is a...the lights are being turned on, all over. (long, long, long, long silence - maybe 10 or 15 minutes - maybe more)

Unseen Helper: (Julie):

I keep getting the lesson tonight is service. Service is the willingness to do unto others as you have others do unto you. Service is the willingness to be there for others when they need you. Service is giving of yourself unconditionally to those who ask for your help. Service is to serve the earth for what it needs. Service is a form of love. It is the willingness to do anything that is asked of you without reneging.

Drue:I think that last one is erased.

Julie:I can't make it out, but something like that. Can you pick it up Drue?

Drue:I just had a feeling like - you know the electric erasers they have - they just went Whisssssssh and took out that whole last part. So,ah..that one wasn't one of them.

Unseen Helper: (Drue)

Service is helping others, getting out of the way, and allowing the other person to see the results for himself. (pause) Service is leading but not beating them overt the head. Service is directing without being demanding. (pause) Service is showing the way and then getting out of the way. (pause) Service is putting yourself in the other person's shoes. It is caring and loving. (pause) It is not distraught, it is not threatening. (Pause)

Unseen Helper: (Patije)

Service is awareness. When you have entered the level of Love Energy and you become aware of a need, whether it is your own, your brothers or the Father's you are compelled to act upon it, without thought of self, without thought of reward, without thought of goals. Serve the Father, by serving one another. (pause) Serving in the simple acts are service to the Father just as serving in the great places of high renown. When you serve, you are acting upon Trust. (Pause) Service is loving in action. It is what you are not what you do. It is an attitude of wanting to help. Wanting to help any who seek the Father, wanting to help any who are lost from their pathway to the Father, wanting to ease the burdens of those upon the pathway to the Father, wanting to enlighten to nourish, to nurture, to tend, to help, to be a means of accessing goodness, truth, harmony. (pause) Service is wanting good for all. Service is wanting the best regardless of self-interest. Service is an attitude which comes from the heart, an attitude of being what you are, doing what is a natural talent for you to do, choosing to become a servant of the Father and finding your pathway strewn with the flowers which bloom and need water and give seeds for you to plant. Service is an attitude of knowing. (Pause) Service is love. Service is strength. Service is becoming what you are. (long silence) It is not a role you play, but a path way upon which you step. (long pause)

Unseen Helper:(Drue) It is not being used, but being useful. (long silence)

Julie:The light suddenly got so bright!

Patije:It sure did. I noticed that too.

Julie:Do you think it is the Universe Mother Spirit? I mean, it just filled up everything! (short silence)

Patije:I keep hearing Wanda's name. Are you being called, Wanda?

Wanda:Not that I know of. I just keep hearing "Serve joyfully"...

Julie:There we go.

Wanda:That is all that is coming.

Unseen Helper: (Wanda)"Serve joyfully."

Unseen Helper: (Drue)And, "Joyfully be served"

Unseen Helper: (Patije)"Without judgement."

Patije:Now that seems contrary to what Patije thinks. I would think you would have to judge, but it came through very clearly.

Julie:I keep hearing:

Unseen Helper (Julie) To serve with an open heart and an open mind.

Julie:In other words, non-judgmental. Same thing.

Unseen Helper: (Wanda) We thank you for serving.

Drue:We thank you too, Wanda.

Unseen Helper: (Patije)Serving is unconscious when done in Love. (long silence)

(tape turned over)

Patije:This is Patije. Let's send our love to Ann, and our friends around the country - Paul, Robbi, Byron, Brian...

Drue:And, close to hand, Our Mary!


Drue:Just send love to that chair where the phone is.

Patije:Let's send more than Love to Mary. Let's wrap her up in our light and energy and see if she can get a message from us tonight instead of the other way around.

Drue:Here it comes, Mary. Paging, Mary! I can see her now, little skinny Mary inside of her Patrol car...


Patije:It is break time. (long silence)

Julie:We shouldn't forget our Hawaiian friends, and Susan, and Jane...

Patije:Dennis and Sonny,

Julie:and Conrad.

Patije:Thea and...



Julie;And, of course, Chickie!

Drue:Patije's Chickie.

Julie:And Bea...

Patije:And, Susan...

Drue:What about that gal that was here, her name started with a D like Dolores or Darline or...

Patije and Julie together:Darline.

Drue:I liked Darline.

Patije:We might send good messages to those who have departed from here -David in Springfield, Missouri, and Allene...

Drue:...Not departed as in... (laughter)

Julie:And, Allene. I feel like there is more lesson coming in.

Drue:The lesson is to be brave!

Patije:But, not foolish maybe?


Patije:I am so brave, I rush in where fools wouldn't go. (laughter)

Julie:I rush into the fire and think later - how can I get out of it. I don't know if this has been said but I keep hearing it...

Unseen Helper: (Julie)Service is giving of yourself.


(Julie:)Unconditionally... and unconsciously.

(Drue)At the same time Service is also very closely linked with discernment. You must discern what is of service.

(Patije)Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat them with the respect and consideration and the forgiveness. Allow them to be childlike, allow them to try their wings. Allow them to be what they are made to be the same as you are allowed to be what you are.

Patije:I think Michael is getting ready to speak. I heard:


Think not that I have come to deprive you of any thing which the human mortal desires, but rather that I come to give you life, new consciousness, awareness, love, (long pause) beyond your imagination. I am here. Although clothed in the cloak of invisibility, I am here. My daughters, you do well. You are dear to my heart. You have grown tremendously in awareness, in your potential, as a small family community in the Corps of this Correcting Time. Your blended energies are great. You are each an important part of the whole of the value of your community. As day elapses, and weeks become months, while you are in this service to the Father, become aware and accept your individual talents, your special abilities, and do not fear to do those things which challenge you. All works together for good, for greater good than you can imagine in this chaotic time of the Correcting Time upon Urantia. You are needed. You are valuable. Your consciousness is a part of the collective consciousness. Your decisions and your choices made in freedom and privilege and choice hold much weight on the scale of humanity's progress up the stairway to higher consciousness. You are holding the lamps, the lights that light the pathway. Your hearts are filled with a peace that passes understanding of the multitudes. Your minds have a knowingness that many have not yet begun to realize. Your decisions to hear the call for leaders in this Correcting time has brought you to a place where you are made ready and will be given opportunities - many opportunities - to serve, individually or as a group. I have taken a personal interest in your progress. You have suffered attrition among your ranks. You have endured misunderstandings and confusion. You have remained steadfast and faithful in chaos. You have disciplined your hearts to control your emotions and remain in service, when many times you felt like running. You have been tested. You have been tried. You have been found worthy of the tasks that will be yours. They will not be difficult. Nor will they be hard, if you focus your attention and your free will upon the Will of the Father who guides you always to the pathway of completion in Paradise. (Pause) I tell you truly, I am well pleased with you, My daughters. There is much you will be asked. There is much confidence in your ability to answer. (pause) Stand patiently. Wait on me. Know that when you are called, the strength to answer will always be provided. Act upon your faith and know that you have built your faith upon a firm foundation. I am Michael. I am the Son of Man and the Son of God. Creator of the Universe of Nebadon, personal father to the sons upon Urantia. I call to all who will hear. I welcome all who answer. I lead those who choose to follow. I help those who attempt much. You are blessed by children, the Father's blessings are upon your heads. Go forth in peace an love and find fulfillment in understanding kindness, non judgement, called discernment, and service to your brothers and sisters. And, so it is.

Drue:Thank you, Michael.

Julie and Wanda and Patije:Thank you.

Julie:That was wonderful.

LorEl:I am LorEl.

Voices:Good evening, LorEl.


I caution you My sisters, to heed the masters words well. There is much you do not see. There is some you cannot imagine, but you are fortified against error and ready in strength, and have many helpers with your choice to do the Father's will. This I tell you truly, is a most important step. Think on these things. Pass them not, without understanding. Many will come. Perhaps to harass, perhaps to scoff, perhaps to needle, perhaps to join their energies with yours. Welcome all who sincerely seek the Father, but choose well your companions in the community. You are building a community, a community which will be whole and complete. Each member of the community contributes energy, personality, talents, strengths of character and weakness. You must discern all of these for yourself and for the others. Do not judge them as unworthy. Judge them only by their fruits and link those fruits which link up well with those fruits you already recognize. (long silence)

Patije:I think there was more, but I started asking what in the world she is talking about and I lost it.

Julie:She is coming back.

Patije;Everything sounds ominous to me...fretful, threatening...or something.

Drue:I think what they are doing is, I think it is merely a caution. I think back again to the business in Waco. Our lesson today of Service, some of the service things could be misinterpreted. Service is not being a doormat. You have to use discernment with this. It isn't just going blindly into a situation thinking you are serving, that is not what it is all about at all. I think that is what the cautionary element in this is. We must really use our heads...

Julie:The lesson of Michael and also it is the service of the Father's will. What would the Father want us to do? That is the discernment. You know, is it for the Father's good? Is it his will that we do it?

Patije:I think we have to be careful and not play God too. Sometimes we don't see the purpose, we only see the need.

Drue:Sometimes I must admit, maybe I shouldn't say this, when I leave here I get the feeling that we thing that we are the ones who are special because this is happening. When you look out into the world there are so many groups who think they are special. And, I think really what it is that we are all special!

Julie:We are all special.

Patije:God is no respecter of persons. We are all equal spiritually. We may not have the same talent, but we each have talent. We may not have the same strengths, but we all have strengths.

Julie:Equal. That was in our Urantia lesson a few weeks ago. That even the Queen of England, you know, we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Patije:We are equal in the spiritual potential. We may have different or even better genetics, we may have a better form, or we may have more wealth or material means, but on a spiritual level, regardless of our minds, regardless our genetic inheritance, regardless of anything else, our personalities are potentially perfect and on a spiritual level we are all equal. (short silence)

Julie:I think we had another kind of upstepping tonight too.

Patije:I think so too.

Wanda:I know I was plenty hot enough...I don't feel special when I leave here, Drue, like you said. I think we need to learn to respect where other people are more in their spiritual growth. We may know a little more, but we need to respect people who are not getting the knowledge we are getting.

Drue:Isn't it true of every group though? Doesn't every group feel that they know better, that they know more?

Patije:From our human viewpoint I would say that everyone that I have encountered give me that impression... Even the things we read...

Julie:Everyone is chosen.

Drue:Everyone is the chosen one, so I go out of here quite often celebrating everybody!

Patije:I don't think that we are chosen above others, but I think that those of us who were chosen for this community are special to this community but each community or each individual has his place and his place may be chosen for his place. I mean it is chosen. WE are each unique and we are...

Wanda:Do you think we chose our place or that we were chosen?

Patije:I think it was mutual. I think somewhere we gave some kind of permission or we prayed for something and it went together with other prayers and other needs and magnetized itself to each other. It seems that we have a unique friendship in this group that amazes me. While we are not the same..

Julie:We all gave ourselves to God, or to know God, or the search that there is more, but what is it? I know I have always had something inside of me...there is a mystery that is there, and I love to solve a mystery. I love to research and find out: What is it? What are we hearing? What are they hiding in the Vatican. What are they hiding here. There are things that ancient people have had and in the dark ages these people knew nothing. So the people like years ago you see that maybe they were spacemen who came and left a message that there was something here and...ah...what it is, you know, I was searching and as I said I wanted to become more spiritual and know the truth, and each onion skin peeled away and it is getting closer and closer and I say: I know it has to do with God and I ask what is the truth that they are hiding. I think it is ones who search for the truth and the answer and to do good and only service or . ..um...morality...um...or . ..and...live by these things.

Patije:I think Truth, beauty and goodness..

Julie:This is it. That another door opens. Instead of saying: "I am willing to learn, I am willing to be criticized, I am willing to try to the different...which door is the truth" And, you don't know it until you go through it.

Drue:When I think back even on my own life, and all of the different stages that I have gone through that each time that I learn something new, I think "Oh! This is it! and then you try to convert everyone...

(tape needed) Continued to discuss and there were no more teachers communication.)



MAY 3, 1993 (12:30 AM at home)


Heavenly Father, this is Mary. I humbly await your pleasure or a message from my unseen friends.

I do not understand these feelings that I am experiencing - sad in some instances, and sweet in some instances - having two 3-day weekends off this month and the weekends in between, when the children have their plans which don't include me, or Patije has to take care of her life, makes me consider hibernation. Everyone has a life to live and partner to take care of. I feel that they think I am not good enough! Just like my boss, always knows someone who gets or needs it (? can't read) better than I do. Am I that unworthy?? All the classes are geared to teach me lessons.


My Mary, dear Mary, you do well. Do not be so hard on yourself. You will see what it is you are in training for very soon. Your process of growth is tremendous but you cannot yet see it. I am with you. Lay your burdens on the altar and go forth in joyous contemplation of what is your truth. I love you.

Session 43

  • TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1993 (3:00 PM)


Dearest Father and Unseen Helpers,

I know you know how I feel. It seems that no matter what I do or say it is taken in the wrong way. I am beginning to wonder if it is me. Either with Bill, Patije, or Mary, or whomever they are taking it negatively.

My heart is really aching for it. I really want to keep quiet now and just listen. Everything I do in Bill's eyes is wrong.

I have a houseful of sick cats - I am running a fever, I am not living to my potential, and I don't have the strength to do my chores. I don't want to let Patije down. Just give me the strength to do all of this. I really don't want to complain, but you are the only ones that are there for me. Where have I gone wrong?

I am willing and open to do our Father's will.

Love, Julie

My Daughter,

I know how you feel, I am here for you always. Misunderstandings are always painful. Just go on - explaining always makes matters worse. Be yourself. Do everything from your heart and want nothing in return. If you are saying or doing something for others all the time, you are not being yourself. Have patience and devotion. If you live God's way, nothing is naught. Trust in your Father and it is the only true love. Bring all your burdens to me. I love you, my Daughter. I am with you always.

-Your Father

My Child,

Trust in Our Father. We know what is in your heart. Everything will take care of itself. Do unto others as you wish them to do to you. Go the extra mile. Your heavenly Father knows what you do. Trust in me. Call on me. I love you, My Child. I am always here.

Christ Michael

My Dear Friend,

We have missed you. Just because you are distressed, you still can get lessons.

The energies have been upstepped quite a bit since you last wrote in your book.

Everyone is out of sorts now and irritable, haven't you noticed? All of this is for a reason. How can you handle the chaos to come, if you can't handle these little differences? Listen to the change of vibrations and the colors. These are the signs to listen to.

When you do everything in truth, beauty and goodness, you have the answers to your questions. Try to clear your mind and thoughts, listen.

Your loving and devoted friend, JoEl

Session 44

  • MONDAY, MAY 4, 1993 (8:00 AM)


Patije:Dear Father, I am here waiting upon your will. It is my will to live your will, to serve you and my fellows in any way I can. Do you have a message for me today?

Thought Adjuster:My Self,you have much to learn and have set upon the pathway to do so. You have often said you love Father unconditionally. You have often said you serve unconditionally. Think about this. What is "unconditionally"?


Patije:I've been here a few minutes and nothing more has come - am I lazy, uninspired, or are the teachers busy elsewhere?

Unseen Helper:Think on these things. Unconditional has no conditions?

Patije:Not even that the one loved, being served, receiving mercy must be God-like? Should know of my good intentions? Where is the line between "unconditional" and "casting pearls before swine" or is there one? Where do we determine unlike God behavior is enough and righteous behavior is fair? Help me know what it is I am asking.

LorEl:Good morning, my Friend and Sister. You have many unspoken, unasked questions! For today just think about this. I will bring a lesson soon to help you overcome your prejudices, and your misapplication of trying to be accommodating to all regardless of their intentions. In the meantime, think upon these things.

Note: That was all...

conditional Love, Unconditional service, Unconditional mercy. What does this mean?

Session 45

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 1993 ( 2:05 PM)


Dear Father and Unseen Friends,

Everything seems to be an obstacle course. Is it the reason we have this is to appreciate it when things go along smoothly?

I am willing to be of service to the Corps and any other way.

Your devoted and loving one, Julia

Julie, My friend, This is JoEl.

Your feelings and thoughts are telling you the truth. You have to consider yourself lucky, in going through misunderstandings and obstacles. Don't you feel that you grow just a little more? This is really growth and strength of character. Do everything from your heart and love, and everything will fall into place.

You have to work on clearing your mind. When the cup is full, nothing else can come in. Live to the fullest and to your potential and clear your mind. That is your lesson for today.

Thank you, JoEl. My unseen friends are so special to me.


Session 46

  • THURSDAY, MAY 6, 1993


We begin by going into the silence, asking the Father to be with us and offer our prayers of thanksgiving to him; give welcome invitation to the teachers and offer our services.

Patije: This is Patije. I thank the Father for being with us, for giving us this opportunity. I invite the teachers and welcome them to our center and I offer my willingness and readiness to do your will.

Drue:This is Drue and I give thanks to our unseen helpers for their love and support. I am willing to be of service.

Mary:This is Mary and I greet the Father and all of my unseen helpers. I thank you for all the loving attention and assistance. I am open and willing.

(long silence)

Patije:This is Patije and I heard Julie say: "I welcome our Unseen helpers and I am open and ready and willing." It was as if she were sitting right here with us. (short silence)

Aflana:The Light of God surrounds you and the Love God enfolds you. Good evening, Dear Ones, I am Aflana.

Group:Good evening, Aflana.

Aflana:It seems a long time since I have been here to greet you. It is good to be with you again in this manner. Your energy is different this evening with some members of your group missing this evening. We are connecting them and their energy is joining yours to be blended as a whole.

Patije:This is Patije. Boy the energy changed hit me as Aflana said that!

Mary:Yes! It sure did!

Patije:I feel like I am so alive with electricity or something!


Aflana:You did feel this connection as we joined Julie's energy to you?


JoEl:This is JoEl.

Drue: Welcome, JoEl!

Mary:Welcome, JoEl.

JoEl:I bring Julie's energy as she is not well. Send her blessings and I will relate them to her.

Drue:We send our love and blessings, JoEl.

Mary: We send healing energy and love and blessings to Julie, JoEl. (long silence)

Ruby:Don't forget Wanda! Don't forget Wanda! Don't forget Wanda!

Mary:I also heard: "Wanda! Wanda! Wanda!" I just heard "Wanda, Wanda, Wanda."

Drue:Well we send our love and blessings to Wanda too.

Mary:Love and blessings to Wanda along with Healing energy.

Patije:And we send our wishes with Ann on her vacation.

Drue:And, I would like to send some comforting energy to my earthly father.

LorEl: I am LorEl. Good evening, my friends.

Voices:Good evening, LorEl. (long silence)

Patije:She just told me I was blocking what she was trying to tell us. She gave me a short cryptic message this week to think about this week. I shared it with Mary and Julie but I didn't talk to you, Drue. She was concentrating on "unconditional" and wanting us to think about it.

LorEl:This is correct. What is unconditional love, unconditional service and unconditional spirit? Think on these things. Discuss them.

Patije:To be truthful, I say it with sincerity but when I think about it, it kind of frightens me. I say it all the time, but when I realize what I am saying it kind of scares me. It means I can't expect others to be nice, just because I am nice; I can't love because somebody loves me; and I can't serve because everybody wants me to. Unconditional is a scary term.

Drue:I understand what you are saying, Patije. Because even the term not my will but thy will, I find a little frightening because what if it is something I don't want to do! Then, everybody assures you that no that isn't the case, it is going to be wonderful and fabulous and for the best of everybody...what if it is something I don't want to do.

Mary:It's is for the highest good of all but....(laughter)

Patije:You know, we have been talking about unconditional service and yet every now and then I get this little bee in my bonnet about why do I have to sit here and do all this work...

Mary:...I've been going through this same thing ever since you said unconditional, you know? I'm like ok. So I love unconditional but why me? (laughter) I'll take unconditional from anybody who wants to give it to me. (laughter)

Patije:Then we talk about unconditional love and service and you think to yourself: I don't want to serve someone who doesn't reciprocate with at least respect and niceness. (laughter) And, yet, I keep hearing "unconditional." You have said "Unconditional". Then I want to say: "Maybe I didn't mean it!"

Drue:Sort of unconditional. (laughter)

Mary:Sorta kinda...(laughter)

Drue:(tongue in cheek) Sort of unconditional! Unconditional with the people that I choose! Anybody in this group we will overlook any indiscretion, but anyone outside that's another story! That's what we meant! (laughter)

Mary:Or somebody who chooses to be on the outside.

Patije:I keep hearing " conditions? conditions, Girls, conditions?"

Drue:Well, we're human, what do you want!

Mary:Yeah, we are in these bodies. Speaking of which...(silence on tape)

Patije:I am resisting it and I know I am resisting it, but I am hearing: "Strengths of character linked with unconditional" and weaknesses of character linked with unconditional." I don't know what they are getting at and I don't want to bring a message like that! Not me! Not me! Please, not me!

Mary:I do and it is getting my back up.

Drue:Ok, here it goes:

Unseen Helper:(Drue)

Unconditional love basics 101: Unconditional love is the ability to love unconditionally.

Voices:laughter - oh boy! That's helpful.

Unseen Helper:

(Mary) With an open heart and mind and without any conditions attached to it...

(Drue) And the reason this lesson is so basic is because this is where we make the start.

Patije:What about the words that hook us. When we hear somebody say something which we take wrong. Where does unconditional fit there? Discipline?

Unseen Helper:

(Drue) That is there problem. Your words are their problem. Their words are your problem. You can choose to accept them or reject them...

Patije:This is Patije. Don't we have an obligation to talk over our misunderstandings so they don't get overwhelming? Or do we have the obligation to just think good thoughts and not bring it up? Or what? (pause) I'm not, I don't have anything to bring up, I'm just asking for reference here. I keep going back to the lessons we've learned in the past about "sweeping it under the rug" and having "fall out" and then . ..

Mary:Clear the air...

Patije:...stating it like we see it and watching our members dissipate...

Mary:Clear the air...


I've been getting this feeling lately that our group is going to start growing again and I think we need these things clarified a little bit and I am blocking them. I really am. I am comfortable with our little group. It is nice and comfortable...

Drue:I hesitate to transmit along these lines because I have strong personal feelings and I am afraid I am coloring them....I don't know....

Patije:This is what I am doing, and I don't...


Drue:I don't know where they are and where I am. I...you always hear in life: "talk it out. Talk it out. It is good to talk it out. It is good to talk." However, in my own personal experience that hasn't been the case. Whenever I've tried to bring something up to talk about it or discuss it, it has made it worse. Once you have said it...

Mary:...you can't take it back.

Drue:...Once you have said it, you never can unsay it. This is only my own personal experience, so in my life, I don't discuss things. A lot of people say that's not healthy, that's not good,you aren't supposed to do that. But it could be just how different personalities handle different things.


DrUe:This is just from my experience. It's never worked for me. It might work for other people, it's just never worked for me.

Patije:I am the opposite. I want to share feelings - because this creates an intimacy of relationships and both or all...

Mary:I have to say it.

Patije:There is no judgement in it. It is a statement of feelings which are neither right nor wrong and a statement of logical recognition. If I know your feelings, I can cater to you a little to make you more comfortable. If you know my feelings you can help me get control of them. Am I making any sense? (pause) There is no judgement in it, but it is usually misunderstood. You've seen this in our group. You throw it out, and there is always judgement involved by those who heard it. I don't judge. I just want to get my feelings out so we all understand where we are coming from. It didn't work in the past in our larger group. It seems to work here among us three. When we are larger, will it still work?

Mary:It is kind of like I am hoping it will work out with my daughter: If we come home and we say: 'I am upset and not feeling right, please don't take anything I say to heart, because you know from my heart that I would never want to hurt you. Maybe it can work.

Drue:That sounds nice.

Mary:that's the deal I am setting up with them. She thought that was a wonderful way to put it because we can't be with each other for a week and then we are upset, or somebody is crabby, or somebody says something wrong - and I thought that was really a sure way to deal with this.

Patije:You are going to get a real lesson in "unconditional!" (I just heard that) (laughter)

Mary:I bet! Umhmmm

Patije:I've been getting mine, you are going to get yours...

Mary:No this whole week I have been dealing with this stuff.

Drue:Is she staying with you?

Mary:She is going to be. They can't make it right now... I invited them.

Drue:Are you nuts?

Mary:I think I am! (laughter) I don't want to see them on the street, and I don't want to see them so depressed...and they are working like dogs! It isn't as if they are lazy. You know. I am doing what any mother would do I guess. Hopefully it will just be for a couple of months.

Drue:Remember, we are just a phone call away!

Mary:That's what Patije said! (laughter) Yeah...and I no longer have any 30 call limit on the phone anymore.

Patije:She has lived with that for years. I told her to get rid of that antique system! (laughter)

Drue:You mean I can't call you?

Mary:No, you can call me. After 30 calls I make, I get charged 10 cents each. I can make 1 call per day.

Drue:I used to work for this guy who had a system like that - in business! He would never take a message he would just tell customers to call back! (laughter) This was a business. How would you like to work with someone who... "Somebody called." "Who was it?" "I don't know they will call back." (laughter)

Mary:Well, I am free to call you all now. (long silence)

Drue:This is Drue. This "unconditional" is probably a message we all need to hear but it is falling on ears that don't really want to hear it! (laughter)

Mary:Let it fall. We are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Drue:I don't think it is going to drop! I think it is going to kick us in the rear! (laughter)

(long silence)

Patije:"Unconditional" was the lesson but I think...This is Patije and maybe I just don't want it tonight, but I think they are going to postpone it until we are all here! We all need to hear it. Maybe that is just Patije trying to push away...

Drue:Teachers, teachers, what are you going to do with us?!?

Ruby:Think about it! Tthink about it! Think about it!

Mary:I am just sitting here enjoying the energy and being with you guys.

Ruby:Not enough! Not enough! Not enough! (laughter)

Mary:Well the energy sure is running great!

Patije:This is Patije. Maybe I can ask a question about the energies? Are they stepped up higher than they were on the 24th of April? Are there any changes that we can be made aware of? Or, is this just for our little group? (pause) And why I am I so tired and lazy all the time?

Unseen Helper:The changes are very great and they are for all. (long long silence) If you are tired, if you are going through a time of being tired, then rest.

Patije:No time!

Drue:Take the time.

Mary:Bully for that.

Unseen Helper: (Drue)When you have rested, your body will let you know.

Patije:I was trying to fold clean clothes this morning and when I was folding the towels my arms felt like I had been shoveling snow and climbing cliffs within 5 minutes! I mean, I was just literally fatigued. That is not normal. (long silence)

Drue: Are any of the healers here tonight?

Patije:I heard Anathia's name.

Mary:I did too.

Drue:Is Anathia here? Ok, Anathia. I'd like to ask you to send some energy to my dad - either to help him make his transition, or to make him more comfortable if he is to remain here a little longer.

Anathia: (Mary) This is Anathia and I am with you.

Voice:Hello, Anathia.

Anathia:There are on going energies, as you have requested, emanating towards your earthly father and everything is as it should be.

Drue:Thank you.

Anathia:He will know when it is time for him to make his transition and may you find peace in your heart.


This is Patije and I hear a song going through my head. I can't sing, but it goes something like "Unconditional love and service, is unconditionally the will of the Father. Unconditional love and service is unconditionally the will of the Father. Unconditional love and service is unconditionally the will of the Father." And, it just keeps going over and over. (long silence)

Rayson:(Mary) This is Rayson and I am with you. Good evening, dear children of God. You will be receiving much healing energy at this time.

Voices:Good evening, Rayson, Welcome.

Mary:This is Mary and I feel Chanti too. Do you see them Patije?

Patije:I know they are here. (long silence)

Mary:Ummmmm, hmmmm Who was giving this message about unconditional?

Patije:LorEl or NorEl...

Drue:LorEl, I think.

Mary: Well, I was picking up "Now Mary, you share your energy, you give your energy unconditionally to healing, now you must learn to give unconditional energy to all in your life."

Patije:No exceptions.

Mary:That's tough.

Patije:What about the people we love but don't really like?

Mary:That's the problem.

Drue:But I think that is easier, to love the ones you don't like, because you realize that you are supposed to like them too.

Mary:Yeah, but what about the ones...

Drue:What about the ones you just don't like period?

Mary:But you know they have to be there.

Drue:No they don't have to be there. You just don't like them. (laughter)

Mary:But you can't chase them. They are part of whatever, you know, that is why you get to realize that you don't like them. Do you know what I was saying?

Patije:We are as we grow just going to run across these people that we just have trouble accepting. And, yet if they become part of our community, we have to love them unconditionally.

Drue:Everyone has a little gem to give to our enrichment...but it is sometimes difficult to listen to the gem and forget about the personality.


Patije:We have to somehow keep our judgements in line.

Drue:Maybe we just have to know that whoever is in our presence at the time is there for some reason, and may bring out something within us that we need to be aware of.

Patije:The sand in the oyster?

Drue:We just have to be open and willing to listen for that.

Mary:That's true what you just said.

Drue:We've gone through a lot of changes in this group and I've thought some times that maybe I won't come back - and then the group changes. If we just stick with it we find it gets better and better.

Mary:We're overdo for a change now, you know.

Patije:I have the feeling we are going to start growing. I've talked with three TRs who were part of small groups that stayed the same for 6 months and all of a sudden they are bursting at the seams. I think - Heaven help us, I don't want that again.

Drue:What is nice about the little groups is that there is more freedom to share and you aren't as threatened. In the big group even if there was opportunity, you ask yourself, Gee should I say that, maybe this is to stupid...

Patije:Here's another question. What about unconditional transmitting?


Patije:Do we tend to put conditions on transmitting? We all have our reasons. But, we all put conditions on it. Like, I really don't want to transmit anything about "unconditional" - yet it has been plaguing me all week! (laughter) "unconditional, unconditional" Almost every time the phone rings...I get a little nudge about unconditional.

Drue:How about unconditional like.

Patije:Uhuh. I can love them easier than I can like them - some of them.

Drue:How about unconditional tolerance. That's a good one.

Patije:Well, according to the UB if you can learn to love just one more of your fellows each day, or each week....and, in order to love them you have to learn more about where they come from, their culture, background and know them from their viewpoint - not your viewpoint. That is awfully hard. Most of those people we have a instantaneous dislike to, we don't want to take the time to learn that much about them! (long pause) I do pretty good, I'm not really down on myself. I seem to be nudged to say these things.

Drue:Well, why don't we go for tolerance then? That is a first step.

Patije: I've always resisted tolerance because tolerance is me saying: "Well you can believe it if you want to, but you are wrong." True understanding of the differing position is more desirable to me.

Drue:Well, I mean from our point of view, not tolerance of them, but from our point of view, we should be more tolerant. They can take our time, they can call us ---talks about a trying customer --- I guess he had a need to talk so I just smiled and did my work...but I figure if I can just be a little more tolerant, a little more understanding, a little more giving, a little more understanding, a little more accepting, then I'll seem a bit more loving, but that is where I have my difficult for me, I have a little bit more trouble with the love aspect.

Patije:You see I have trouble being light and chipper and cheerful and happy when I am not. When my kids were here I wanted to call you everyday and get an injection! How do I do it. Just a couple more hours! (laughter) But, I don't wear my smiles on the outside, my smiles are in my heart and I know that. My background has something to do with that, but I am aware of it. I still know that my smiles are usually crinkles around my eyes not my mouth and people misunderstand - most people are not that way.

Drue:We'll get you a little neon sign that lights up Smile! Smile!

Patije:I am at the point that when I tell a joke I need to put "laugh on bottom line that was a joke!" (laughter)

Drue:Unconditional love, that's a tuffy. It brings so much with it.

Patije:Even if you let go of "love" and use "unconditional service" what does that mean?

Drue:I don't know - particularly since so many are caught up on these weirdo things that are going on. We seem to be in an area where there are a lot of religious weirdos. According to them they are doing service but what is it?

Patije:The Urantia Book says that the church should stay out of politics and business.

Drue:What is unconditional service? Is it picking up a bum from the street and taking him home with you? What is unconditional service? I have a little problem with that. What is service to the individual? Sometimes we do something for somebody else but we are really only doing it for ourselves.


Drue:Who is the service for? Is it service for the individual?

Patije:I've been asking myself this. I frequently say to myself: "I can unconditionally serve if all I have to do is be willing to serve when the opportunity arises, but not go out and look for it."

Drue:Maybe unconditional service to God, do you think?

Patije:What is it Jesus said: When you give a coat to my brother you have clothed to me, when you give food to the hungry you have fed me? and that sort of thing? I mean, it really gets confusing to think about it. We have to get into our cosmic viewpoint to understand these things.

Mary:There is something going on. My body is feeling different. do you fee funny?

Drue:We are getting a sort of adjustment. Maybe we are getting an injection of unconditional love.

Patije:Here is another thing. When you ask for a healing, do you put limits on how you receive that healing, or must you be in an unconditionally receptive attitude? If we are going to have spiritual healing, (this is Patije) I have trouble with people who say: "The doctor is going to heal me." Or, "God is going to heal me." That's it. I think they all work together...

Drue:Everything works together and the healing is for the greatest good of that individual, and the greatest good for that individual may be moving on. That might be the healing. Whatever, but it is for the good of the individuals.

Patije:This is an animal body and an animal body only lives so long. Who was the coach that died of cancer who said: "Cancer may destroy my body and it may destroy life, but it can't touch my mind and it can't touch my soul."


Patije:I know if I was faced with death I would say: 'Oh, boy, I'll get to see what is on the other side." but, I don't want it to happen yet. Know what I mean?

Mary:something is happening to me. I am feeling edgy, or something.

Drue:I feel that maybe it is because we don't really understand what it is and it is frightening to us. I think that is exactly what it is. We don't understand the real meaning of it. It is probably something so simple that we could open ourselves up and say yes to it, but we just don't know what it is and it is scary.

Patije:This is why I was bringing up the idea of it. Is it the attitude of being ready to serve when the opportunity arises? Like when you trip over it.

Drue:It depends on what it is and if I feel like doing it at the time! (laughter) What can I say, I'm a little rebel. Oh, dear.

Mary:At least she gets to say it.

Patije:That is the freedom of the small group.


Patije:Just imagine saying that in a group of 28 or 30!

Drue:I would be quiet. I never said much of anything in the group of 28.

Patije:I know. I didn't either. (laughter)

Drue:Well, I must admit I feel much better than I did when I came in.

Mary:I do.

Drue:I think our little group is turning into more of an energy session, a healing session, and a comraderie session...but in the beginning it was different - it was something that was new, something that we were exploring. We were meeting all these different personalities or beings or whatever. I think that they have had a chance to get to know us, how to work with us, what we are capable of, what we are willing to do, and what we are not willing to do.

Patije:It sounds good to me. I keep wondering what assignment we will get. Phase 5 was getting to this level where we could say anything we wanted to say and be comfortable and work together without judgement and all this. So Phase 6 must take us back out into the world again, because Phase 5 brought us in here very tight.


Drue:(can't hear)

Mary:(can't hear)

Drue:It could be that we are so connected to such a point now that those that are missing can still be a part of us. You remember when Mary wasn't here we really felt her presence. And, I felt Julie was here tonight.

Patije:I felt her presence many times.

Mary:I felt a shift in the energy when the Teachers said they would join us all together. Wanda's energy came in too at the same time.

Patije:JaEl came one time and gave us a lesson when you weren't here. I half expected JoEl to give us a lesson tonight, but all she did was bring greetings and energies together from Julie.

(tape turned over and clock is chiming and there was static on the tape)

Mary:I presume we aren't going to have anymore . ..

Drue:Goodbye. Thank you for coming!

Group:Thank you. Thank you. Farewell.

Aflana:Farewell, Dear Ones. It is good you have these conversations and get well acquainted. Continue your thoughts about unconditional and unlimited until next week.

Session 47

  • MONDAY, MAY 10, 1993 (9 AM)


Patije:Dear Father, here am I, to do your will. If you have something for me today, I welcome the message, I invite and welcome any teachers or unseen helpers.

Aflana:Dear One, good morning and a happy new day of the week to you too! I am Aflana and I bring you a short message today. We know you are perplexed in your mind and emotions as you feel confused and scattered and cannot seem to help it with inspirational reading or going into the stillness. This is natural with the upstepping of energies which occurred so recently. I applaud you in your diligent faith in spite of appearances. Continue your times with the Father in the stillness. Much is accomplished even when you think nothing happens. You will see.

The unsettled feeling within the mechanism which you have thought you were suffering is of little consequence. It is temporary. You describe it as perpetual butterflies in your stomach. This is the habitual reaction within yourself which occurs when you are about to step out in faith to a new level of awareness. The step has already been taken but you are just awakening to it. Allow it to happen. If you can relax and allow it will be less traumatic as the days unfold.

New things are happening upon the planet. New things are happening within your consciousness levels. New things are happening on unconscious levels, in race consciousness levels, in cosmic consciousness levels. The Collective unconscious and the Collective consciousness levels are changing. These will be reflected in the experiences of your mortal life and the lives of your loved ones and dear friends.

Your community will suddenly move to new levels. There are a few wrinkles of attitude which must be conquered but you are so close - as a group - of moving into Phase 6. Stand fast and know that all works together for good in this Correcting Time. None can go astray. Some can try to withdraw but they will be returned if they remain honest to their knowingness and communications with other Corps members. Those that have drifted away will now be brought back into the community - if they are willing. Be prepared to accept them as they are, not as they were. They have also grown in enlightenment and vision since last contact. You will see. All are lifted to a new level and for those who have remained faithful, contact ability begins in new levels. Be patient, Dear One. Your disillusionment is temporary. The ambience of your present experience will pass and you will walk in new heights of affirmation and realization. Know that you know and go forth joyfully.

Much adjusting and connecting has been going on at a level beyond your recognition. Once you again feel complete and in control, you will find your consciousness has expanded and your thinking ability has been stretched beyond previous mechanistic levels. You will see. Have patience and know that you know this is true.

Training has been happening on the Thought Adjuster level also for many in the Correcting Time. Your ability to cooperate and work well with your TA is increasing. As you know, you have had more than normal moments of inspiration in the weeks just past, although you have not received lengthy detailed messages from us. Your creative times are expanding and we wish to use your talents in new channels of inspiration for the teaching purpose. As events transpire within your personal experience you will find yourself drawn to work differently than before. The transcribing of meetings will not take days of your time because it is less important than what is to happen. Another will eventually come along to pick up the transcribing work and you will be freed for other purposes.

The Teaching Mission has moved into new levels also. It is first for those who have made themselves ready and will follow for the others who are only awakening at this time. We have drawn close to you, our sisters and brothers in the mortal flesh, to claim your attention. We have hoped that you had moved beyond psychic levels, or were ready to make the leap in consciousness, and leave these incomplete non-eternal value levels and rise up in levels of unconditional, and unlimited, levels of Love Energy! You must replace need for signs and miracles for acceptance and recognition of those demonstrations of faith. The faith which enables one to handle snakes, drink poison, or walk on coals, are nice little games, but these are what they are. Games! They have nothing to do with eternal value, coexistent harmony, or intelligent significance, unless it is the gaining of self-confidence in the existence of your faith -however meaningless. In the instance of snake-handling and fire-walking, it becomes embroiled in ego power and loses benefits of Love Energy, which in turns loses your contact with higher values.

When tempted to demonstrate your abilities to unbelieving audiences you lose contact with that which sets you apart and you become as those who are observing in wide-eyed astonishment. When tempted to "arrange" things remember who you are. Quiet acceptance and genuine willingness to do the Father's will is all that is demanded of you to rise into levels of knowingness. You do not "conjure" our contact, visualization, nor materialization by actions - real or imagined. You earn your right to observe us visually, orally, or actually by your ability to go forth in faith and righteousness, not acting unseemly or behaving in emotional fantasy. We are real. We are here. We are. You can accept it, or not, according to your preference and thought-out-rationalizations. It is your choice. None can tamper with your free will. When you do become aware of us, it remains your choice to reject or accept what you are aware of.

Farewell, Dear One. LorEl is here to add to my short lesson. I will leave you two as I go about the Father's business. Be of good cheer and know all is well!

LorEL:Hello My Friend and Sister, I am LorEl. I wish to also address the subject which Aflana has initiated.

It is our assignment to help individuals of the planet Urantia to move upwards in consciousness and into cosmic citizenship during this Correcting Time. You will see myriads of different energies moving through entertainment, politics, governments, personal relationships, collective thoughts and personal experiences. Mankind is moving upwards in consciousness. Some are resisting. Some are watching. Some are participating on different levels. Examine what is happening around you.

I tell you truly, much is happening. For those who really want to know I can only say to them: Get in touch with your personal preferences and your talents and abilities. Begin to set aside self-indulgence and self-satisfaction, and aim your motions and actions into higher levels of life expression. As you do so, error will fall away unnoticed. Eternal values will appear as relationship harmony and thoughtful meanings replace self-gratification and disbelief. You will see. Go forth trembling with expectancy at your ability to grasp new meaning in all that you are, all that you see, all that you know!

Think on these things. They are important. None can deny the rightful place for God's will in their lives. None can deny the inner urge to find that which calls to them from beyond materiality. None can understand fully that which occurs outside of time and space. I tell you truly, much happens and you can become aware of it,if you listen with ears, not of material mindedness.

(NOTE:Interrupted by an AC service man from Sears. When he left I had errands to run and places to go! I just never got back to this.)

Patije:I apologize. It is time now for my study group to arrive, so I will be with you in the morning! Farewell, LorEl. Farewell, any who intended to be with me today!

Session 48

  • TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1993 (8:00 AM)


Patije:Dear Father, It is my will to do your will and I thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this way. I do not understand some of the wandering pathways which show up as I try to walk the "straight and narrow" but I trust the outcome and ultimate arrival in Paradise to you and your helpers. Yesterday, I was interrupted as I took a message from LorEl. I apologize for not getting back to her or to you. There is some lethargic, lazy, energy in me which causes me to be distracted - is it my ego? All material concerns seem to rise up and overwhelm each time I want to sit down in the stillness, or to sit at the computer and receive a message from you.

I enjoyed my visit from Maria this weekend and certainly find myself concerned about the apparent fraud being perpetuated against her. I know all things work together for good, but wonder if this could not be speeded up and corrected for them immediately? Is there not an energy which works against those who intend harm or deception? Is there a way we can call that Love Energy into bloom to sweep this error out of its shadows?

I was delighted to receive the Mother's Day gift from Tere. It was beautiful - and a tear jerker! Thank you for this beautiful person. Give me loving inspiration to reply to her letter. Thank you, Father.

Thank you for a most restful day, yesterday! Be with me this day to help me accomplish all that I did not do yesterday while I ran around. Thank you, too, that Julie is feeling better and could return to study group last night. Somehow I think I have been taxing her strength and her pocketbook too much because of her willingness to help me.

Father, is there not some way the expenses of transcribing, photocopying and mailing our transcripts of our meetings can't be met without a drain on our personal finances? I trust you with all of these things. The money I have loaned and given to the members of the Corps to help them in their willingness to be about the Father's business is sorely missed in our personal financial budget, but I willingly contribute and give these to your service. Help my partner to feel as generous as I do. Thank you.

LorEl, I am sorry I ran out on you yesterday. I do think the serviceman did get the AC working properly again! Then I had a delightful lunch with Mary and discovered some wonderful "bargains" when I went with her to the store. The mail brought some wonderful surprises and then it was time for my study group. May I be of service to you today?

LorEL:Good morning my sister and my friend! There is no reason to cause alarm. I am willing to allow you a personal life experience! This mission is not required to turn Urantians around in a matter of days. We know the human material mind. However, any guilt you feel is ridiculous. You have made yourself available for Father's service far more than the average. Your diligent and loyal willingness is known all the way to Salvington and none fault you. We thank you for your service. We know it is not always easy and the call of material comforts often seem louder than the quiet stillness where you dwell. We know your faithfulness. We know your loyalty. We know your willingness. Fret not, my sister, you do well.

Aflana intended only a short lesson. I only thought I could add some details to help your followers and fellow corps men and women to understand Aflana's short message. It was unnecessary. The lesson can stand as it is. All was covered adequately.

Patije:Thank you LorEl, for your kindness. It amazes me how much you do understand my attitudes and intentions when the flesh is weak and I allow the ego to take over and pull me away from the computer and the work I do for the Father and for his unseen helpers, like yourself. I really do appreciate you and your patience with me. I want to serve without conditions. I intend to serve without conditions. I desire to demonstrate unconditionally and unlimited love. Help me do so! Help me discern the difference between human mortal common sense and truly living the life of the Light! Jesus says: "Forgive 70 times 7". Yet enlightened people tell us "Take care of yourself first." The UB says to get to know and love one of our fellows each day. Many enlightened people say: "Stay clear of those who hurt you, you don't have time for them." I distinctly heard that it is prostitution to charge for spiritual enlightenment information. Yet I hear so many say: "it has no value if you do not charge for it, if there is no exchange for it." I know the Truth, but I am speechless in the way of the other way to think. At the time they speak, it seems so logical, yet when I again focus upon Truth, Beauty and Goodness, I know the falseness. How can I be a teacher, when I have so many confused states of mind? I know the realness of this contact, yet when others logically explain it away I feel disillusioned. It is ridiculous! Help me. "I believe. Help my unbelief!"

LorEl:Your consternation is understood. We too meet often to discuss these false premises which seem so rooted in the minds of those who believe them. It is a wonder that humans so willing to serve the Father and speak words of open, willing, ready, unconditional, unlimited - actually cannot see the very closed, unwilling, unready, conditional and limited qualities they bring into service with them! It is delightful to see one mortal awaken to the call of Michael and offer service, and so dismaying to see the baggage of preconceived expectations, conditional friendships, limiting service which they are really brave enough to volunteer. It is bewildering to see the vacillating focus and fluctuating actions of those who intend to serve. Any service to the Father is good and helps the Correcting Time train along the track, and we gladly endorse and encourage all works intended for good. We can only suggest the community groups of individuals gathered into the corps of Destiny, address these issues and continue to reach unanimous consensus and then help one another stay enthused and diligent in their steadfast willingness to serve. Can you not see the purpose of the group?

A baby born into your material planet of Urantia must learn to acclimate itself, venture out of its crib and even risk injury to learn to walk and move through the baby years of life. You too, Children of the Most High, are like a baby in this Correcting Time - learning to walk and talk and trust. How much help is a family - gently guiding and correcting and doctoring the bruises - as the baby learns to walk and talk and become a child and then a teen, and then an adult? How much help can a community of like believers learning to walk and talk and act in the ways of Light and Life during this Correcting Time be to each other? Does it make sense to leave the small baby alone to care for itself, to be at risk to the elements and unable to feed itself? Does it not make sense that we would come to minister and gently guide and correct our children of the Most High as they strive to grow into Light and Life through this Correcting Time of chaos and error? Does it seem reasonable that we would allow you to be attacked by the disbelievers, laughed at my the unbelievers, marveled at by the idolaters, admired by those who follow you - even worshiped by the new students - without giving you a community to balance the emotional repercussions and human mortal skepticism?

This is the purpose of the community which you are now building! A place where you can grow and make mistakes, and excel and counsel, make attempts and find courage to pick yourself up and try again when failure seems to be your experience! Those with whom you have created this relationship of reliability will always be there for each other. None can come between them, if all remain focused on the true purpose. It matters not how few, or many, your community is if all are in agreement in focus and all work together to demonstrate Light and Life - unconditional and unlimited love working with, through and around each individual - to create a place where it is safe to work, play, discover and learn, a place free from judgement and secrets, a place full of high consciousness and ever elevating intentions, a place where one another's growth is always uppermost and primary in all considerations!

Mortals feel they must judge one another on past experiences with that person. That is a fallacy. "Judge not that ye be not judged" I believe is bantered around by religionists everywhere on Urantia. Do you know what this means? Have you contemplated its meaning for your personal life? Have you considered its value in community living? If you see error in a fellow, do you correct the error in your mind and attitude towards that person, or do you fall into the reaction to that error and become trapped in the error, never seeing the reasons or the habits which led to the error? Would it not be more valuable to the community if the error could be corrected in mind and the person allowed to grow through it to a new level without condemnation, criticism, and withdrawal or persecution? Love conquers all - even error, even fear, even distaste, even discomfort. Try LOVE first. Self protection is self defeating if the reason for the self protection is to prevent growth experience -eternal value growth. Other protection is just as defeating if it prevents that one growth experience -eternal value growth. Can you not see? When an attitude of one individual makes room for that one individual to form an idea, try it out, see the results (failure or success) and think or talk about it, then growth occurs. If however, an attitude of one individual is fearful of thinking, forming a new idea, trying it out, that one individual never knows the results, can never talk about it. Therefore does any growth occur? Of course not.

If one individual in the community has an idea and it is stifled, can the community grow? If one individual in the community attempts to try out an idea and fails - is the group harmed? Of course not - if the attitude of the rest of the individuals in the community is to support and encourage growth of each individual. All are enriched by the experience on some level. All have grown on some level. All will harvest from that attempt regardless of success or failure.

There is one thing every human mortal craves - on an emotional level, on a consciousness level, on a comfort level: Acceptance.

How can you give this gift to your fellows? It is not hard. But it is not easy - if the ego remains in control, if the belief is self-preservation is foremost in the mortal mind. Why is it uncomfortable to accept others without conditions?

Have you (the hearer or reader of this lesson) ever felt completely accepted? How did it feel? Who gave you this unlimited gift? Can you duplicate the gift in any way? Can you allow another to feel accepted without putting conditions upon their acceptance?

Your community group is a place to start. Help one another feel complete acceptance. Help one another feel supported in intellectual meanings, physical harmony and eternal value. See how you all grow from the experience. Begin now to show acceptance - even in times of discomfort, places of mixed emotions, moments of frustration. It takes diligent and loyal discipline.

Begin to take action, speak words, contribute as if you feel completely accepted as you are - no limitations or conditions. The presence of Love Energy completely overwhelms any erroneous emotions if you sincerely attempt this exercise through Love. If your intentions are to truly instill qualities of Light and Life in your community, there can be no continued error.

Work silently when disagreement arises. Think through the situation thoroughly. Bring it up to the group - as an emotional reaction, a thoughtful response and a willingness to hear and see intelligent significance, peaceful co-existence, and eternal value. Do not dwell on discomfort, insecurity, and the emotional level, but move into Love energy levels of common cause and effect. Find a meeting ground for the minds that the emotions can accept. Work on this until it becomes a reality and not just a theory. Work together in harmony to find peace and mutual indulgence, rise up into higher realms of thinking instead of reacting through the emotions. Learn to respond to one another. Have nothing to do with reactions - which are emotional preprogrammed knee jerks having nothing to do with the current dispensation of Light and Life through love energy.

I tell you truly to think on these things. This is your next assignment. It was your first assignment, but has come to higher levels of understanding and commitment. We are building a friendship and a community of friends, who can coexist and work together in harmony and reliability. When the outreach is stepped up you will want reliable co-workers. You will want a community to support your individual assignments as well as a community to work with you when your project needs help. You will want someone to talk over the details and bumps in completing a project - not because you need it, but because community spirit, community enthusiasm and community recognition is emotionally balancing.

Emotional balance is one of the challenges of partnership between Celestial and mortal. Fear sometimes escalates into fanaticism when not balanced. Above all we are instructed to maintain emotional balance in those mortals selected to work with us. We have made errors and had mistaken judgement as to emotional balance many times. Some of this is the result of the consequences of the Lucifer rebellion and Adamic default upon your planet. As the result of our many discussions and meetings concerning these possibilities in the mortals we have attempted to work with, we now make the attempt to guide them into community groups where growth is balanced if sincere commitment, honest evaluation, unconditional support, and freedom to grow, is paramount because of the balancing love energy present and working in the relationships of the community.

In your community ask not what you can get from the other individuals, but rather, what are you willing to give of and from yourself.

Are you willing to participate fully in creating this community for the good of all individuals participating at any level in the group?

Do you think about what the Unseen Helpers and the Father wants this group to accomplish for the individuals - and his other children? Are there ways for you to help expand and teach and implement these realizations for the others?

What do you personally expect from this community? Are you willing to give this to the others?

Are you reliable? Can the others rely upon your commitment - unconditionally? If not, what are the conditions and are they willing to accept them? Are you free to express them?

Are you able to set aside discomfort and speak freely about feelings as well as inspirations?

Will you be there when another individual of the group is of emotional, mental or physical need? Will you allow them to be there for you if you are in emotional, mental or physical need? Now? Right now? No exceptions, no conditions, no limits?

Do you accept every single individual - strengths and weaknesses - as ever growing into higher consciousness and wanting to do what is of the highest good for all others in the group, regardless of where they are at this moment?

Are you willing to be sensitive to others thoughts and feelings and discuss them along with your own sensitive feelings and thoughts?

Are you willing to forget mis-steps and mistakes after discussing them with the one who made the mis-step or mistake?

Do you give your service to the others without thought of self value?

Do you give freely of your time when another is in need? For specific needs, or unlimited needs?

Do you work in peaceful and harmonious ways to create Light and Life - acceptance, support, free exchange of ideas and mutual enthusiasm to new ideas?

Have you any secrets which affect the others? Are you keeping tabs on the mistakes or your frustration with another? Are you dealing openly and honestly with the others in all things?

Is your loyalty to the Father's will or the community's purpose in doubt or question? Does any personal action or reaction which you take cause doubts to your loyalty? If so can you talk about it to the group - or the individuals of the group so all understand you?

Does the group - or the individual - know of your limits and accept them? Are you willing to share yourself fully or not? If not, have you made this clear to the others so misunderstanding cannot occur?

In this Correcting Time, it is necessary for us to gather little pockets of willing mortals who will set aside ego control and work together for the good of mankind by actually planting the seeds of Light and Life! These little pockets must be prepared for anything which comes to challenge them. By encouraging them to become family/friends/community and learning to trust and rely upon each other, we see Light and Life actually begin to manifest in the midst of them! When all words and deeds are discerned to be of good intentions, regardless of outcome, and expectancy is mutual growth within the small group of family/friend community then Light and Life has been established in a small way and can begin to ripple out into the mainstream of humanity.

It is recommended that you study all of the attributes of Light and Life in the UB. Discuss the merits of such a "place" and begin to try to create it in your little community. As you become adept at handling any human strength and weakness, you will have established Light and Life in fact, not theory. At that time you can branch out in community with any and all others practicing this exercise without fear or trepidation. As you can branch out between communities settled in Light and Life, you can influence a larger (non-family community) and actually make a difference upon the planet Urantia! See ye not the vision? I tell you truly that every thing you do among yourselves is reflected many fold among the many peoples of Urantia.

Establishing Light and Life upon Urantia is not and will not be a matter of Good luck, nor will it come visibly from outside of the planet. Our Creator Son, Michael, has called and many have answered. He continues to call to those who will hear. As those who have answered begin to live the teachings of the UB and create places of Light and Life, places of commitment, loyalty, participation, acceptance and support, responsibility with freedom of choice, respect and then implement actions for the temporal and eternal good of the whole - then we shall see a difference upon Urantia! And you will see a difference in your quality of life experience!

Session 49

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 1993 (7:00 PM)


Dear Father and Heavenly friends,

Time seems to be whizzing by so fast! So much has dropped into my lap that I feel so guilty for time neglect to you.

I need your help in unclogging my mind so more of the good things comes into it. I am willing to do the Father's Will and be of service.


My Daughter,

You must come into the silence more to unclogged your mind You are a special person to me and I want to communicate with you more. I know you think about me all day, but I need more than thoughts. You are learning to quiet your life. That is good.

I am always here for you. I understand your inner most thoughts. I love you, My Child.

---Your heavenly Father.