1994-02-22-Living In The Presence

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Topic: Living in the Presence

Group: San Luis Obispo TeaM


Teacher: Hilson

TR: Unknown



The path to the Father is within us. Greetings I am your teacher. I am your friend. I am Hilson.


Tonight I would like to explore the meaning of living in the presence. The Master, your Father-brother Christ Michael lived constantly in the presence always knowing that His Father was there. In any situation that may occur he had a steadfast faith in the presence and the power of his Heavenly Father.

Do you feel his presence? Do you realize that you also may have the steadfast faith of knowing that the Heavenly Father is with you through every situation, through every occurrence in your life. Do you remember this throughout your day? Do you feel and understand his presence? His presence is felt through the guide He has given to you. This guide is continuously asking to be recognized. Do you recognize the knocking on the door or do you make excuses to not open the door by saying there are so many more important matters to do and so the guide keeps knocking?

Through the silence you are opening the door and letting the Father in and by doing this you are expanding, creating a new part of your mind that will help you . .correction.. enable you to recognize the presence more and more in your life. This is why the silence is so important to recognize the Father within.


I hope I have given you some food for thought and am willing to take on any questions about this subject or any other matter.