1994-09-04-TM To Slow Down A Little, Outreach

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Topic: TM to Slow Down a Little, Outreach

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Paulo

TR: Gerdean



Greetings I am with you today. Your teacher and friend. Your guide and coworker in this great mission of our Master Son, Michael. My peace I bring to you. I am Jarel.

Group: Greetings Jarel.

Jarel: It is a great pleasure and much joy to be in your midst this day. All is well with this mission, and all is well with each of you, even though you do not see the whole picture. The complete understanding of that wellness has not penetrated your consciousness. If you have faith, and you believe, and you can trust in my words, for I know from where I speak when I say all is well with you.


We are in an effort attempting to slow down the pace from the rapid unfolding of events in the mission. The desire to slow the process of communication so that we do not waste words, time, or effort in this phenomenon of communicating with you. So bear with us, and this t/r, who is making a great effort to set aside his consciousness and allow the purity, clearness, and correctness of our transmission. Each of you will do the same in the near future. You will make a conscious effort to set aside your individual conscious thought so that all teachers as well as your personal teachers and I may communicate more effectivly with you. We thank you for this great realization and growth that you have, for without your spiritual growth you would not be aware of the need and necessity to do such. So let this be a conformation to you that you are indeed developing, and all is well with you.

We mentioned at our last gathering that there are indeed times of doubt, hesitation, and difficulty that will become manifest in your lives. We give you these hints, these warnings, of that which looms on the horizon so that you, our faithful students, may muster together and defend your spiritual growth against all forces that would take away from your development. It is that we, your teachers, have been blessed to see individual bits ahead of you, and we are permitted to give you guidance, for you to avoid unnecessary delay in your individual development and spiritual growth. Delay in you translates to delay in the mission. So it is our desire that the mission adhere to the time table that has been set by the planetary prince so we must assure you, and assist you that you are not delayed in your growth..

We are much pleased that Donna and Betty have returned to this fold. They bring with them much warmth and spiritual growth from visiting the land of the birth, and the touring mission of Christ Michael. There is much insight, enlightenment, and spiritual luminosity that all of you will share from their adventure at the nativity of Christ Michael.

Now, as they read in the text and the transcripts they may relate more spiritually to the knowledge and information provided therein. These dear hearts will be able to relate to you their travels. Much more knowledge and understanding of the text and the transcripts as they incorporate their first hand experience of this area. So be joyful at their safe return and the spirit of love, truth, and beauty that they bring from this land. It is a wondrous experience to visit and see first hand, to put ones' feet and hands in the very places that Christ Michael has walked and sat and taught and experienced the mortal life. It is an awesome event to experience standing in the place that you know He has at one time participated in physically. It is a feeling of grandeur and wonder when that realization that here the Creator Son of Nebadon once stood, once walked, once taught, and once lived.

It is indeed an awesome experience for all of the mortals of Urantia when they come to the realization that this planet is the scene, and had been the stage, of a major universe phenomenon. From now on, for up to 6,000 of your earth years. It is awesome, or mind boggling., to think of the events that have taken place since 1955 with the revelation of the text. In this day we are now experiencing the phenomenon of celestials interacting, co-working with mortals of higher spiritual abilities in this the teaching mission of Christ Michael. It is also for your hearts and minds to visualize and understand that here on Urantia great events of momentous magnitude are in the making. The formulation and the materialization that are coming about.

Much has been hinted at in the past, much has been shared to prepare you individually and collectivly for these great events. That preparation is the focus of our mission as teachers, to prepare you, dear ones, in your spiritual growth, to assist you upon your path, to help you to become all that you can become while in the flesh. To assist you in your understanding, in your relationship one to the other, and in turn with the Father. Here is our task to prepare you in your hearts and minds for the acceptance of the reality, of these presence’s, and of the ultimate presence of Christ Michael here upon Urantia.

This preparation begins with the acceptance of faith in the knowledge that other lesser beings will eventually be present among you. If in your hearts and minds you can accept the reality of the Melchizedeks being present with you, it will be well with you when the major event of Christ Michael himself being with you transpires.

So it is with faith in the future. It is with confidence in this mission that we proceed with the unfolding of major events upon Urantia. We desire that you not focus so much upon these things as they will transpire without much fanfare, much applause. We desire that you increase your awareness of your fellows, and that spiritual bonding in love and fellowship. For all will rejoice at the events forthcoming, but all must be in spiritual harmony. The love that exists in this group must be shared with others of similar groups and those who do not yet understand.

You, dear hearts, must practice the sharing of the Fathers love amongst yourselves first, and amongst your families, and ultimately among your fellows who are indeed the children of the Father. The Fathers children are members of this human family of the planet Urantia. The numbers in rebellion cover the full spectrum of colors. They cover the full spectrum of spiritual growth, from little faith to monumental faith. They are your brothers and sisters in faith. It is fitting that you embrace them with love, seeking to enhance their growth unselfishly. Here is where the acceptance of the events forthcoming will enhance their spirituality. Help to prepare them for the realities that you are learning and witnessing in this mission.

I desire for each of you the full measure of your potential, that you and I may continue to work hand in hand to bring about understanding, peace, harmony, love, and unity amongst the mortals of Urantia. Often you have heard from those who are enlightened that, it starts with you. I, your teacher, in this effort, reiterate again to you that it does indeed begin with you. It begins in your heart, in your sincere desire to be of service to this cause. It begins with each of you. Embrace one another and come together in unity of purpose and prayer for the good of this planet. It begins with any effort on your part to be of service to one another.

Efforts must be made in outreach to others, to assist them in their search for the truth of the Father. The adjusters of each you work diligently to increase your consciousness of the need for outreach. Allow them to assist you. Seek the stillness. The quiet time wherein you may relax your mortal mind of the cares of this existence, and embrace the quiet peace and serenity of the Fathers presence. Therein you find all that you need to sustain your spiritual growth, to enhance your physical being.

Trust in the Father. Trust in His love for you, for indeed He hath great love for each of you. He has said to you, "Yo tegaro mucho," His love is everlasting. His love is deeper than any depth that you can imagine. Accept this as fact. Rely upon it as surely as you lay your heads upon your pillows. You may surely rest your heart upon the fact of His love. This dear ones, should encourage you in your own minds to make efforts to share much more of His love. I, your teacher, for these many months am confident in you. I have great confidence and trust in each of you, in your growth that I have witnessed, in your sincerity that I have witnessed, in your abilities that you will do that which the Will of the Father directs you.

Yours is the decisions to make in this time of what effort you will individually and collectivly make. We do not judge your participation, which is voluntary. Find those areas that you feel comfortable with, working in this mission, and proceed, knowing that your efforts are appreciated on high.

Today is a day of boosting, of encouraging you, our students, into action. Today is a day that I personally rejoice at, being with you and sharing your prayers and your sincere desires to be of service and a part of this mission. How often have I embraced you in love. How often do I desire to reach out and hold you close to my bosom and relate to you this wonderful feeling of warmth and love, and fellowship in this the mission of Christ Michael? ? I wish that I could participate much more in your individual daily activities. I hope that you will allow your teachers to participate with you much more often than in the past. They desire much more communication and activity with you. Please seek the stillness and ask for your individual teacher's presence. Allow them to do their job with you. Have faith. Show your trust in their ability to communicate and guide you.

I thank you for your patience in listening this day. I thank you for taking to heart my words. It is good to be with you. I will address a few of your concerns if you have questions or expressions. It will be wonderful to hear your voices. You may proceed.... . ....


Betty: I have a question Jarel. Looking back on when I started with this mission a year ago April, I think that the whole process of spiritual growth is very subtle and very slow. But I think what happened with me was this constant declaration that this is what was happening to me, and because I declared it so often, even though I was declaring it a lot on faith, it made it so. Would you like to comment on that?

Jarel: Your faith has been rewarded. When you are in tune with the Will of the Father, your will shall come about in His time. We have often spoken of you personally, and others also, that you are developing wonderfully spiritually. We have mentioned how we have been amazed at your understanding of spiritual issues, It is with joy and amazement that we applaud your understanding. You, dear ones, are great students. You will be great teachers.

Betty: Thank you Jarel.... (Bell in the kitchen rang)

Jarel: Is this an indication that our time is up ?

Hal: Not necessarily . Jarel I would like to ask for a little enlargement. Last week you spoke of our being more aware of celestial beings that are present on this planet, to try to develope ourselves in communing with them, of being in tune with them. Also it has been mentioned that the morantial experience can begin on this planet. I have been trying to become more aware of an unseen world. There are native residents of this planet that we do not see or know. We are trying to develope a cosmic concept of ourselves. Is there anything further that would help us to visualize contact with the celestial beings here.

Betty commented about her visualizing, or can I use the word pretending, that we are spiritual, exercising faith, that we go thru the motions before we actually feel them. This then makes it become real to us as we continue in this process. Would it be the same in becoming aware of these celestial beings around us. Would this then develope a feeling of being in the morontial world here. Would you care to comment on this concept?

Jarel. Yes, dear one. If I may enlarge, as you say, your concept. Consciousness of having a larger perspective is indeed desirable. When you as mortals expand your consciousness of unseen worlds you are actually developing more spiritual vision It is not to say that you will visualize the morontial existence in your daily lives as in physical sight, but in your spiritual awareness. As at an instance of great spiritual happenings you be given a vision that is accurate and true. This is indeed a phenomenon. You have in this group a ‘see’er’, and this one is blessed to see from time to time on those levels. However it is with effort, sincere, supreme effort that these visions come about.

The morontial existence is a fact, and you as mortals may rely upon that fact. In faith and truth of the text and our words to visualize this fact. If it is in with the Will of the Father it will be so. There are variances and allowances taking place now, as you know, in this mission. So it is foreseeable that some of you may at sometime or another in the course of your mortal lives be granted that vision. Sincere desire, extreme spiritual agitation will bring about that particular event. Does this shed additional light ?

Hal: Yes, that enlarges our concept considerably.

Jarel; This is good.

Hal; Then as we think about an attempt to visualize the morontial world and the celestial beings here it makes it become more real to us. Our awareness sharpens of their existence.

Jarel; As you sincerely seek to understand and know and feel the presence of your fellows it is in that spirit of sincere worship, prayer, anxiety, and desire that often you are rewarded with small glimpses into the morontial existence. It begins with you and your desire to be knowledgeable and experience the true love and fellowship of your fellows on this level. Here we ask that you try to be more perceptive of the visitors that are about you. You are developing great spiritual abilities. We offer this suggestion to ask you to test and flex your spiritual wings a little more. This exercise would eliminate some doubt in your existence.

Hal: We understood that there were some one billion celestial visitors on this planet for Michael’s birthday. Are they still here or have most of them returned to their home planets ?

Jarel; There are indeed great numbers still present. The exact count of which I am not aware. But I would estimate that figure is close to correct if not exceeding it.

Hal; To us that is mind boggling that there would be one billion unseen people on this planet. We are so accustomed to existing with our own material inhabitants. This helps stretch our spiritual wings, I guess, visualizing the many celestial visitors and unseen inhabitants of this planet.

Jarel: Indeed if you were privy to vision. The numbers of visitors just in this room would be, as you say, mind boggling. In fact it would be unbelievable to your mortal consciousness.

Hal; We cannot see them. Can they see us ? They are on a different, shall we say, vibratory range. Do they see us as material beings. Do they see our buildings and our highways ?

Jarel: Yes. Your material existence’s is quite evident to all such beings,

Hal; It is interesting. You would think that we would have a better concept of that many entities around. We would be feel and sense them more.

Jarel: Again you are not of the same substance as such. As you ascend you are more morontial and therefore you are susceptible to the vibrations of other morontial beings, whatever their level.

Lucille; Jarel. This is Lucille. Last night I had the experience of seeing this white vision. I assumed it was an angel; but I was told, or had the impression they were seraphim. There were many dancing around in a big circle for the celebration of Jesus’s birthday. It was a beautiful scene and I certainly appreciate it, if it was real or not. But it certainly was a fantastic experience. Then I had the impression that we should have more music in our life. If it was real or not , I certainly appreciated it.

Jarel: Dear one you are indeed fortunate to be privy to hear and visualize a small celebration. These occur continuously. There is much elation, much joy, on the spiritual level at this great milestone in the history of this planet. So celebration continues and will for some time. The message you received from the seraphim that you needed more music in your life is quite interesting. Music has its effect upon mortals. It can calm and set the mood for the activities for that individual. So perhaps your seraphim perceived in you a lack of a particular mood to calm yourself, to relieve anxiety and physical distress. That observation directed you to seek more pleasant surroundings. I would imagine that in your daily life most recently that there is anxiety, there is concern, and perhaps these anxieties and concerns have reached a level that is detrimental to your physical and emotional health. So, I would suggest that you heed the warning and allow for more pleasant activities, diversions, at this time.

Hal; Would they approve of this modern rock music. The young people seem to be enthused about it. It seems to do something for them.

Jarel; Music itself is universal. All that you experience in music on this plane originates in the universal realms. The variations in music that your youth experience is quite interesting. It is not necessarily a calming effect for all. For youth it expresses the anger, the anxiety, the rebellion that is naturally inherent at the various stages of mortal development. So it is their rallying point. However how mortals would desire to constantly be bombarded with words that are negative and have a negative effect upon your growth, on your spiritual development we do not understand. Here is where guidance of the mature adult who has developed spiritual and moral abilities is needed to shape and correct these errors in youth.

Hal: It could be interesting how that can be done. It could be done on the individual level, but these rock concerts seem to draw thousands of young people. That is difficult to control.

Jarel; Here again is where it begins, equally as in this mission, one to one. There is inherent in every generation the fact that certain music will attract and represent that generation. This is a normal function. However music as we have witnessed here this day has gone to great demoralization so it is not desirable to continue in this down hill sliding of morals because of its association with its particular type of music expression.

Hal; We will work on it one to one then.

Jarel; This would be good.. It is good to experience various forms of this art, then you know that which is conducive to peace, harmony, and relaxation rather than that which is conducive to negative attitudes.

Gonzalo; I actually have three question. Last three weeks I have had very important experiences in my life and my families. Either I have a way to face it or to change, if my perception is clear and in harmony. Actually my son is gone away to school and I think in harmony with us, but my daughter,... I feel she is not. As you suggest one to one. I try, but I feel she is far away. I would like to know if my way is correct, or should I change ?

Jarel: Well dear one. I cannot direct you to change your procedure that you have elected to implement in dealing with your offspring. You must however... you must proceed from love, from the inherent parental desire to see better in your children. You must proceed from this point. In addition you must allow the Father to direct you and give you guidance as you come to Him. The bottom line is, as we say, that you have made an effort, you do the very best your experience has given you the knowledge to do. Beyond this none can expect more from you.

Remember, young people are seeking their level. They are seeking their place in this world, as we say. You have experienced much in your lifetime and you desire to give them the benifit of that experience so that they do not fall in the same rut that you have fallen into in the past, so that they can benefit from the errors of your experience and not waste their lives repeating unnecessary errors. This we understand. However there is something inherent in youth that makes them reject the experience factor of their parents. They give more respect to the peer group to which they belong. So it is that if you proceed from a basis of pure non-judgmental love you will be able to win the confidence and respect of your children, and perhaps in that setting you may inject values and they in turn may adhere to that guidance, thus making correct decision or decisions that will not lead them into error. However, you must remember you can only suggest and give guidance. The acceptance and implementation of the guidance is solely dependent upon that individual. Make the best decision that you can. in the experience and knowledge that you have. Be not afraid to seek the advice and counsel of your brothers and sisters, and then make your decision. You may make an error, but you can regroup from that error and attempt again. It is experiential for you, even at this stage. It is experiential for your offspring. They are learning, and in that process of learning they may suffer some error or setback. Expect that, allow for this, but do not let it deter you from the overall good you envision for them.

Donna: I would like to make an observation. I just wanted to make a few comments to the last question the was asked. I think that when it comes to young people , if the parent has faith in the young person the parent can relate to the good that they see in that child that they have known was in that child ever since they were little, and thus continue to communicate with them in way that lets them know that they see the good in them, and that they do have faith in them. That goes a long way in helping them to get thru their adolescence, even making some mistakes here and there but knowing that their parents are always there with their love and with that faith in the child that the child will come through and that even if the child stumbles here and there that they will be able to come through. I think that is immeasurably helpful. I just wanted to add that to Gonzalos’s question.

Jarel: Thank you for your sharing. You, dear ones, live in a very difficult time for the establishment of family and growth of children. Times past you had more fertile opportunity for the correct up-bringing of young people. The extended family of a community is also part of the process of raising young people. In these time you do not have the extended family. The extended family has been replaced with devises of entertainment, with the ability to travel to other places, and to engage in activities that are not conducive to family life .

There is much distraction that holds fascination to young peoples life and thought. Where in the past, literature, the arts, the ability to dramatize as a means of expression were much more prevalent. Now the concepts of television, radio, travel, sports, and play, hold the fascination and attention of the young ;people. These elements of entertainment are shaping the moral fiber of these young people, not the parent unit. This is a sad circumstance. This should alert you to the need for your individual intervention in the lives of your young people. This should encourage you to read the text and find those gems of knowledge that you may relate to these young people to help bring them back into focus of what is the true reality.

The individual family is the nucleus, is the reality that should be worked upon to be enhanced and held in respect and admiration. Not the families of fiction that exist outside of your household, It has been observed by us that the youth of this time and this era have more respect and admiration for these fictional characters than for the real parental figures of the family. This is indeed sad.

It also stimulates us your teachers, as it reminds us more of our duty to assist Urantia in coming about into a civilization in Light and Light. Remember my students, it is the duty of those that know to share that knowledge with those that do not know. It is the duty of a civilized person to teach civilization to others. The knowledge of the book, the knowledge of themselves and an understanding of their place in this reality. So, I say to you, be about your duties.

Dear ones. I will take my leave of you at this time, reminding you that I love each and everyone of you and look forward to our gathering together again to explore the realities of this teaching mission..

My love and peace be upon you. The love and peace that comes from our Father and our Master Son Michael be upon you. Take heed that you seek His presence daily. Take heed that you share this love with one another and with those who are not of this setting. Joy, Peace, Truth and Beauty be with each of you as I say farewell.

Group: Farewell and our love be with you.

Gonzalo: One quick question before you go. At the beginning of this session I feel the presence of someone, a being, someone in touch with me constantly. When I close my eyes I feel this presence

Jarel: This dear one may be the fact that you have a special calling, a special; mission. You are encouraged to seek out that mission, that calling. In seeking the stillness in sincere prayer ask, and it shall be revealed to you. Trust in that revalation. Often in this group we have experienced the fact that communication has been given, yet the T/R has doubted the origin of that communication. They have heard the word but have allowed doubt to erase that transmision from their being. So I say to you dear brother, if you allow the words to come, speak the words. Trust in the fact that we are communicating with each of you , often times, because of the difficulty of relating higher spiritual concepts in this required language it often seems unbelievable, silly, to not make sense, so rather than be ridiculed by your fellows you withhold that which has been imparted to you.

I say, regardless of how it may sound or appears to your consciousness you should speak or express that with which you are impressed. This is a lesson for each of you. You are in a protected setting here. You are amongst those who love and respect you. We, your teachers, and other visiting celestials will not make you the fool. Here in this setting it affords you an opportunity to experiment to exchange ideas, to relate how you are feeling and experiencing in your own physical and mindal existence. So it is important that you make the effort. That you attempt to relate that which you are impressed with.

We laugh from time to time. we make light also. We also express a joke to bring forth a chuckle of joy in your being,, but we do not make light of you and your experience. You are a treasure dear one, as a valuable diamond whose origin is in the piece of rough black coal. You are just as valuable in that state as in the state of completion. The Father sees you from the begin to end. He has allowed us to appreciate the entire process. So to us you are equally valuable from beginning to end. Trust in us. Trust in the process, and you will become more confident in your ability and you will relate to others that which we attempt to share with you. The presence of spiritual beings before you is a fact, and that awareness is a confirmation to you that you can make the necessary contact. Each of you will have , if you desire, your own individual teacher and helper. It is only through your expressed will that the teacher will become manifest in your existence. The presence that you feel you must act upon. It is not for me to say who is present and working to contact you. You and your faith and trust in the Father will reveal all that is necessary for your spiritual enhancement. I trust that this will help you , my brother. Farewell.

Group: Farewell. the dinner is overcooked but thank you for a wonderful session.

Rudolpho: I am Rudolpho. In my life I have helped my family and friends. I do so in many ways, and yet I am lonely so many times. I am tired and I don't know what to do. What is the right way in my life. It is hard for me to have peace in my mind. I want to work hard for something in this thing. In all times I think about my friends that I love and I can’t . I am confused as to what is the right way that I must follow in my life. . I see a violet light in my body sometimes. I don’t know what this energy is.

Jarel: Thank you Rudolpho for your comments. First your solution is in seeking the Father, The First Source and Center of all things.. The Father loves you greatly. He desires you to experience this love. In that experience you will find confidence . You will find relief from your confusion of mortal existence.. You, dear one, desire to be of service and help to your fellow man. You have lived a portion of your life in this effort. Your fellows here allow them to embrace you and feel a part of this great family. When you are here you are a part. When you are away you are a part . You will be thought of with great love, admiration, and respect.

These are issues you will carry with you wherever you are. Your seeking of the Father thru the stillness will allow you to participate with this group and with the world-wide family, of which you are becoming more aware. Trust in the process. Relax yourself. Free your mind of the anxieties of this existence. Take time to sit and quietly reflect upon the goodness and presence of the Father. Allow no other concerns to intervene upon that quiet time. Here, dear brother, you will find the strength that you need to eliminate the confusion and other elements from your life. Here in the quietness of His presence and in the bath of His love you find your direction.

Your purpose. You may walk upon that path as you prayed earlier. You asked for guidance to your path. The Father hears your prayers. So go to Him often, and rely upon His peace and His message to you. It will speak directly to your heart and mind, You will experience the joy of that knowledge and realization, the vibration that you feel in your physical body, all here feel those same vibrations. The vibrations of love, unity, truth, beauty, harmony of purpose. The commonality that you share with each of these individuals is the love of the Father which interprets into the love for the group and for humanity as a whole. You are becoming more and more aware or conscious of the fact that you are not alone. That you are indeed indwelt with a fragment from God the Father that lives with you daily, and works to guide you ever towards the First Source and Center, God Himself. So if you study the text. If you read the transcripts. If you share in prayer, with someone else or alone, trust that the Father will reveal to you, to your heart all that you will need in order that your path may be enlightened. That you may grow spiritually and be one of His faith sons


.I hope these few words of encouragement will help you to seek further the presence of the Father. Ask and it shall be given unto you. I, your teacher, am available to you at all times. Go in Peace and trust and love. Farewell.

Group: Farewell Jarel.