1999-02-18-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



It is amazing for us to watch your mind ‘hop, skip and jump.’ You have a very agile mind, but unless you get serious, and learn to focus, it will be of little use to you. Self-mastery is indicated here, with a lot of self-discipline. You need to become aware of ‘the edge’ where you lose contact with the thought held in mind at that very moment. Your neuronal contacts in the physical brain can be made the servant of the thinking mind.

As time permits, read the book: ‘Thinking Body, Dancing Mind,’ which will bring you a greater understanding of different ways of thinking, as it is a largely unexplored area and fertile ground on this planet. In time, right thinking will prevail, so child, culture can also take a leap forward. It is now practically at a standstill, or on a backward slide, because of all the negative input from the world around you.

Be choosey in your daily life as to what you expose yourself to. Be vigilant of negative ways of thinking, talking, and dealing with people, your reactions to events, and more. It is ‘a becoming aware’ of your thought process; this precious instrument given to you by Spirit -- a ladder on which to climb up, one step at a time.

The exhilaration is in looking back, seeing how far you have come, the perspective you have gained, and the distance you have traversed. It is a gracious climb, this journey back to the All That Is.

Your Mystery Monitor is very busy indeed, helping you to adjust and elevate your thoughts. It is available to you at any time, when you take the time to listen -- to stop and become consciously aware of your thought processes, to become aware of any scattering, or seed thoughts, which are often connected to the past or the future. Therefore, much precious time and thought is lost forever by your not being in the present.

You ‘get my drift,’ child, it is you who are in charge of this team of wild horses in your head, tame them, harness them for your greatest good, and for service in the universe.

The door is open. Walk, and Be.