2000-06-04-Love and Discipline

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Topic: Love and Discipline

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



The discipline of love involves focus. Any discipline involves focus, intense focus. Yes it is like putting the needles on the right groove, threading the needle, following the tracks of a squirrel, managing to put the electric pencil, the wand held between your teeth, in the right place. You cannot avoid discipline if you want to accomplish something, for your self, or for others. It is this hard focus, this single minded effort, that takes you through the squeeze box of accomplishment. You are driven on by love, love for the sport, love for the goal, love for what you believe will be the results of this effort. That is why strange bedfellows can be found in the House of Love. Yes, a bit like the Fun House at your carnival; you may see most distorted faces and bodies there. Some because they are distorted by disease and have overcome their limitations by discipline. Some because their faces are distorted by making wrong choices, yet holding to them fast like the boat cuts the edge of the hurricane. Your worst fanatic experiences a love for the chase. Your torturer has gone through the eye of the hurricane and, gently presses to extract the last piece of information, the love for that extraction, that "informative result" is real. It often does not matter if the information is correct, the love has transferred to "getting it."

You are experiencing the vagaries of discipline now. You are not always sure, you doubt, you practice with doubts spilling from your mind. It is only your love that will keep you at this task. Love for the message we have to give you, the information, and love for the results. If you loose track, you are protected by me. I will always be here when you put the needle in the groove. Yes, anyone who reads your "information" must go through their own groove to understand it. You need not worry, they are responsible for themselves, you are responsible for your self.

That is the responsibility of choice. Choice plays the greatest part in your reality. You must choose love. That is the same as "you must forgive him." Your choice will determine everything. I ask you to choose love long before you have understanding, for understanding grows out of experience, trying, effort, mistakes, staying in the groove until suddenly the groove takes you out of itself into another groove altogether. Each leap is the result of choice and the discipline that choice requires to put it into effect and to enjoy the results.

The fruits of the spirit are many and wonderful. They bring joy, into your heart, into your world. You can know another’s choice by the fruits of their spirit. You can know your own choice by the results of that choice. Does it bring more joy into your heart? If disappointed in the outside results, are you satisfied, happy, joyful with the inner results of your labors? Encourage everyone you know to choose love, and acknowledge every choice to love that you encounter, in yourself, in others. "My others," said Devina. "Thee," said Alana. The personal relationship that evolves from the practiced choice to love is an experience of oneness that is difficult to convey in words for it is an experience. The tr used to have a "god daughter" in her care quite often; that child referred to the tr as "my Suzi." She expressed the relationship rightly; not the possession of something all hers, but the possession of a mutuality, a duality that in spirit was one.

You will notice that many things will "cause" you to "forget," procrastinate, avoid practice. Simply bring yourself back to that center point within which will lead you instantly where you need to go. Always expect joy and love to follow. Well, in your time frame you think it follows your choice. For us, it is always waiting. That is the value of patience. Knowing that everything is on time in time. We are here, and as soon as you open up to that experience and "keep the faith" under all circumstances by remembering, you experience all the love you think you lost, or thought was missing. That is why we say to you, give love where love is "missing." Everyone deserves the discovery. Their choice from there on is not yours to make, but you can teach that it is better to give than to receive because it feels good, and you know the joy is unending.


Once again I remind you that discipline is not rote. Discipline can take many pathways, hold many deviations from the pattern. What discipline needs is practice, and with practice you will know what I have told you is true. As you feel better, as you body begins to hold more power to love, you will begin to experience an inner and outer joy that is unmistakably the fruits of the spirit, our love. If you are not experiencing our joy in you, then go back to your practice of stillness and make the choice to begin again to choose love for ten minutes a day.