2000-12-20-Stillness Writings

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Topic: Stillness Writings

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Devina, Tar-al-hakim

TR: S. Butterfield

Session 1

Listen, you will understand. Forgiveness is fluid, like love. You will see great empty spaces, like the blank page to the author. You will be the one to carve your forgiveness out of granite, as smooth as glass, so smooth you have difficulty seeing the fault lines through which all change is manifested. Your fear of understanding is different only in kind from your fear of truth. You have discovered the similarities, but not identified with them. Truth is friendly. So is understanding, because these twins, not identical, are nevertheless from the same seed, love. When the truth hurts, there must always follow a period of relief to this bending oneself to love. Do not despair.

But understanding without love, without that relief that pain will end, is worthless, no matter how true the understanding is. Truth can not stand alone. Love must filter through the truth; all intelligence must be struck thru by love in order to reveal the truth; all truth leads to love. My understanding may vastly differ from your understanding, but in this we agree and are the same, we do not exist without love. Love is the generator, the moving part to all forgiveness and growth. Forgiveness and growth are love’s machine. We are grateful for all opportunities to grease the wheels, so to speak, to infuse your truth with forgiveness and love beyond your understanding. Be in peace, brother and sister.

I am open to listening and learning. I am grateful for this opportunity to listen and learn.

Have faith in learning. You are wandering lost in the barren desert, but I am here and I will guide you. Never fear, we are watching over all your falls and mishaps.

When the call comes, you answer it. Each time you open yourself to listening, hearing our guidance, you are learning. You can only see one step at a time, here, in the here and now. We are with you and on the other side of the mountain as well. As you learn from one another, you increase your ability to be here and there. As we do. This is the importance of connection, listening, communicating in an exchange of effort to hear and be guided, whether the thread you are following is thin, clinging to it with faith and trepidation, loyally but shivering in the dark, Love will prevail. You will reach the summit and see beyond the narrow confines of your self and the small spotlight of your earthly life. Let us show you how to spread that light, how to see into the darkness, which for all your fear is still fascinating. Shadows go slowly, you must be willing for them to change shape until suddenly they become your safe escape into light and the joys of unconditional love, Be not intimidated. Look with eyes unafraid to be open. Listen with ears patient for the truth. In between your conflicts and struggles to love one another as we love you, like the interstices of a strong foundation built to withstand the natural settling and shifting of the earth’s faults, be content in who you are, human beings, limited in scope but gifted with the the capacity to love, and be loved. You are loved beyond your wildest hopes and dreams. Your power to love is limited only by your ability to know this is true, I am with you, the father and all the heavenly hosts are with you, the mother spirit embraces you. The miracle of love on earth is founded in these beliefs. And re-created by each one of you, as fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. But the greatest of these is to know that you are one, one among many, one in all, each of you is precious in the father’s eyes, and the mother is no less. That is all for now. Pain. You weep beause you fear you will not be loved. This fear of the future is because you do not believe that you are loved, or loveable. Whatever you believe love to be, begin to give that to yourself now. You are loved. By me who is always at your side. By the father and the mother, equal and equally.

You have done well, my child. The discipline of love is the mastery of the tongue; you want to speak when it is not wise to do so, and only love quiets the tongue. When you speak out with love, you are heard. Wait and listen before you speak. Even then, loving speech may bear hard truth, painful truth, and your words are flung back at you like dirt on a burial scene. You want to rise up, let the dirt fall, have your say. The dead can not speak. Only the living. We only live by love.

Misunderstanding in love is overcome only by forgiveness. Forgiveness exists as soon as you have the intention; it is not a solitary act, it must be done again and again and again. Your intention will guide you and we, knowing now your intention is real, have given you support. Listen and your forgiveness will give you that feeling of love you so desperately seek.

Rest well, child of love, you are known as a divine mentor in heaven. Take these words and share them.

Session 2

“Your mind races, yet your fingers are cold and therefore stiff; do not be in such a hurry that you can not hear. You have been given what you asked for. A teacher. Information. The world is here for your pleasure. You struggle with this. What is wrong with joy? This sends you scurrying, you can not accept that you have been guided all along the way, that you knew this joy was given to the world for expression. The confusion is between selfish expression and that which expresses the love from god the father to all his children. Therein lies the true joy, Real joy. Joyful all ye friends of god.

After that outburst, fireworks in the sky at the new millennium, balloons floating up in a celebration of peace, one draws back, backs off, curls up in the night and sleeps. So it is with your experience. At first you realize that you have been given what you wanted, what you asked for. Then you realize that you created it, or allowed your self to see and celebrate, and enjoy. Then you think you must do it again. Repetition ensues. Repetition is not alive, it is like the cogs in the machine that keep it going, over and over the same. Dependable in a mechanistic way, not loyal, nor real, living. You are like the trees that over and again make rings, new bark over new bark. This is a living mechanism, a repetition that changes with time, weather, and other matters of life. Once the changing bark ends, the petrified wood is inert. Dead. So you do when you allow tradition to become unthoughtful. Think joy. Your mind can not stand still with joy. Like a child jumping up and down with joy, your mind will always race forward. And so you must sit back, once in awhile, and retreat. Do not be afraid of that retreat, even when it is dark, like the darkness of a closet, reach up and pull the string for the light. Without that light, you will not know the way out. Do not suffocate among the old clothes, the heavy coats. These are blankets for the night, protection against the cold, not alive. Only you are alive. Only you can feel each item in your world. Touch these things tenderly. Stroke them for texture, to know and to understand. Then leave them be and go forth with love and therefore joy in your heart. We are here with you. We see too. In the dark, in the light, it is the same. Love only will make a living change, Love only will make the living change. All else is…….

This transmission is closing down…the transmitter knows she must take care of herself first…that is her task, yes, but if she turns that task into the punishing work of a machine she will rebel. We are here nevertheless.

Q: Talk to me about anger.

This is difficult for you. We understand. Anger is made up of many parts, like the puzzle, crossword puzzle. You want the right answer. You search and search. So many words are said and are wrong. So many meanings lead you down the wrong path and you must erase your efforts and start again. Patience is the background to success.

Our lesson today will be on tolerance. This is not characteristic of all, nor should it be extended to all things and all people. Tolerance is a spiritual goal. Walking in the woods is a joyous experience. There is so much to see. Small things, larger things. The canopy allows light to filter through. Sometimes there are open meadows suffused with light and the peace of an untroubled place. Stillness reigns everywhere in the forest, even with the many small sounds, rustlings of life,. Yet you must walk with care, attention, remain alert. The danger is to equate beauty and stillness and “peace on earth” with no harm. There is harm on your earth. Harm must be met with vigilance. Harm can be met with peaceful means, but it must not be tolerated. Even unintended, harm is something to be examined, not tolerated or ignored.

Your resistance to meeting harm’s way is your resistance to meeting yourself, lost and not yet found to be trustworthy. Know this, we trust you. We guide you to every possibility to learn, and to understand harm’s ways. Enjoy the forest, but study the trees.

Your concern for others is concern for your self. Not selfish, but a concern born out of your feeling. To assuage pain is our task. Allow yourself to be guided and let us guide those you love. Each person is loved. Your love will spread as you take in the love we have for you. We would take all your tears and spread them to the winds to nourish the trees, while you, a favored and favorite tree grow. The light, our love, comes to all in time. There are so many plants to water. Let your tears of love join the living waters of our compassion for you. Live in peace with your brothers and sisters, but do not fear to tread the path you are given and guided to follow. Have faith that even in the darkest of the forest realms, you will be seen and heard and given sustenance. Listen. We will speak to you along the way.

Your emotions. Treat them like flowers and blossoms, fragile when plucked too soon. Treat them like mulch, the forest bed that nourishes when left alone. Treat them like messages pointing the way., openings to new paths. But do not think your emotions, even the most glorious, are All that Is. They give you joy. They give you sorrow. They allow you to live fully in your realm. Yet the mind knows even in the most powerful hurricane of emotion, if you let it be still, there is more. Listen. Your father is here. Pray, dear father I know not what to do, but I know your way is good. That the love you have for me is given to all. Amen. That is all for now.

Listen. “Your words”: are not in the way. These are my words, our words. Trust your intention is true to the line, that line between us and you. We will do the rest. You have understood the mission well. We will guide you. Your trust is like the hand of a little child in ours. Your hand so small. Our hand so great. We are handing you up to god, nothing more, nothing less. And that is very fine, is it not?

Sincerity is the root of success. The root ferrets out the minerals and nutrients of the soil and bring these up to nurture a tree, or a plant, a life that is open to the sun, the light necessary for growth, the light that raises everything on high. Our task is not to grow you, that is god’s. Our task is to show you the way by our teachings. You have this seed of knowledge already lodged within you. We allow this knowledge to come forth. You see it differently, just as new insights come to you when you read poetry, or a well-written novel. Just as when you are suddenly inspired by a painting done by one also inspired. You share these “lessons” because you are impelled by your own knowledge to do so, and because that is our mission as well. Not just to teach you, but to teach others. To reach as many as can be touched by this mission. So many are hungry and waiting, they need only to be given the story, the lesson, the image on the wall. An audience is nothing more than a community of like-minded souls reaching for the same goal. Do not be afraid of this experience. Exposure can erase the camera’s image on the film. Exposure can release the image to the world. Yours is simply to be the camera, not the interpreter. Each mind will process the results, the information, the lessons uniquely. That is not your concern. Trust that the will of god passes through each unique human being. You are not responsible for the results, only to share the results of your own commitment.

All will be well. Even in this moment you are protected against your own fears. Fear is a natural element in life on your planet of Urantia, that which you call Earth. Think of all the years of history and pre-history in which life struggled toward consciousness. The awakening was both difficult and alive with joy. I have said before, proceed with caution, but proceed with trust. Patience, my child. Take your “waking slow” as a blessing. Too rapid an understanding can release unfounded fears. Even your gentle ascent can seem like a rocket piercing the universe faster than your mind can consent. We are aware of this. The major leaps of mankind toward god have been the outcome of a snail’s pace understanding. It is that once understood all things appear new. Newness appears to be sudden, like the birth of a baby, suddenly a new person is there right before your eyes. You had something to do with this, and yet you did not. You were the vehicle, the incubator, but the new personality, the new understanding, is fresh, alive with the uniqueness of god’s idea manifested on earth. Revelation is like that. Sudden and even unexpected, yet once known always known to have been there waiting, nine months waiting, to be born. That is the meaning of your phrase “born again.” Revelation moving through all god-loving and god-intending beings. Intending toward god is to do god’s will. Goodwill on earth demands that each heart dedicate itself. Do not concern yourself with another’s goodwill. Attend to your own. Share it and goodwill will become yours, given and received in full measure. Take these words, my sister, and have joy in your heart. For your intention is goodwill and this will be known, this is known. All doubt is the process of learning to have faith in god. Be with your brothers and sisters in peace. We will come again. And again you will experience the discipline of love, to listen and to understand that love must be shared. We are satisfied, have no fear.

Session 3

TR: A day or so passes.

The reluctance to let go of something you have enjoyed is counterbalanced by our joy in leading you on; it is like pulling in the big fish. You will know our joy, and more, once you have landed on the shores of Salvington, the morontia world. Something dies for every trophy, but death is not unwelcome. Death, your death, is a celebration among those of us who have followed every step of your life. You have come home to a mansion world of love. Those left behind practice overcoming grief and entering into the kingdom of faith on earth. The father in heaven resides in their hearts to give them comfort. Alive, you give everyone reason to love, to share the experience of communion with you, if that is your choice. In death you provide the opportunity for the discipline of love, which is faith, as you ascend into a world of so much light that you no longer doubt.

TR’s Notes: My home went through some chaos for several days, and my fears took advantage of the distractions. I did not meditate, until the night before the next transmission. I was alone in the house and sat down to quiet my mind, to attempt to enter the stillness in which I “hear” the teachers speaking. The stillness came quickly, contrary to my imagination’s barriers set up by fear and the several days of “forgetting” and refusal. But this time I was challenged to speak the words aloud, in preparation, I believe, for working with the group we have started. This is my greatest fear: that speaking aloud before an audience will separate me from them, and me from myself, my inner I. The next morning, I thought to “give” my husband a “private” viewing, so to speak, a session in which I would allow the teachers to speak through my tongue. I came close, but needed time still to accustom myself to this possibility. My husband nodded, and I returned to my computer as before; this time challenging the fear that I had abandoned them. Silliness. They can not be abandoned, it seems, for they are always there when I listen. It takes only my questing, my wish to commune with them to erase all fear of the truth. Their love makes all possible. My love is growing.

Violence, or violation of another, does not exist among us. That is because All Understanding is brought to each situation without doubt. There is no need for doubt because the light clarifies everything is love. When love dominates, violence may ensue. When love permeates all, violence disappears. There are no shadows to fool you, deceive, create mistakes. We do not achieve perfection in everything we do, because we are perfecting beings like your selves. We strive to communicate as best we can, cooperating with you, pleased with every gesture you make and every bell we ring. You can forgive violence with love, but you can not tolerate it. How to stop violence? With the understanding that it is generated from violation, of the law, of the inherent right of every being to be loved and to know what it is to be loveable. That is, teach love. Teach it in the schools, the prisons, the market place. Do not teach that love demands a rigid adherence to one god, but that one god loves through all. This is of utmost importance, that your planet begin to understand that god is not segregated into different kinds of One God. Rather, god permeates all with his love, and hers as well, and that god should appear to be one way or another is a differentiation between peoples, not between different aspects of god, or different gods. Come to the table with you hands washed of all prejudice, yet demand that your food be clean of all dark spots. To exclude others from “your” religion, or “your” family, is like the rotten spot on your food, decay has set in due to the overlength of time you have given to it. All religions must grow at this time and allow the table to be clean from scraps of past meals. The banquets have been great. But let the digestion be thorough. Eliminate that which no longer need be consumed and enter into the communion. The communion of love embraces each and every one.

Do not fear to be loved. Whenever a trap door has opened, the perpetrator has suffered as well as the fallen one. Examine how the trap doors were made, but do not overmuch study the motivation. Set your sights on the goal of love and these things will be shown: goodwill is everywhere misunderstood, yet goodwill resides in each and every one. That is a puzzle is it not? Will it serve you to study why the puzzle was made? Or to solve the puzzle by your own experience of love and the fruits of your goodwill? The violent act can be understood, and understanding is the eternal act of forgiveness in your moment of time, your moment of grief, anger, surprise. Be “surprised by joy” and you will find the way. Joy overcomes all tragedy with love.

Once again you have trusted that we are here and you have asked for assistance. Assistance is communication, sustaining the connection is your assistance to me, Olfana. Yes, I am Olfana and I have come to you to surprise you by the joy of discovery, the discovery that you are connected to a stream of thought, a river of communication, that will never stop, no matter how strong your doubts. The ocean is vast and we ride every wave. Our goal is not selective. All are favored ones, here, and there among you. Open your hearts to this one truth, love does not abandon. Love can be seen behind the shadows of doubt. Beyond the shadows of death. Transcending the shadows of fear. Love is your faithful companion. I am here. And well so, Alana, and your beloved Devina.

This is Devina. My love for you is boundless. Allow my love to paint your heart with joy, the flowers dancing, the sunshine entrancing the butterflies and the bees. You come out of the rain cleansed. My robes sweep around your pathway as well as directly leading the way. Do not fear, my happiness in your success is complete. Thank you, for your faith and for your willingness to come, time and again to the table to eat with me. God blesses you and all of us with his love, and yes, hers is repleate, the two are one, the parent is two. And so there are always two sides, are there not? Mine and yours, his and hers, yet the love energy is only one current, one connection resting in every heart.

That is all for now. We thank you for this opportunity to speak. Pray this: Oh father let us hear your word. Dear mother bless our hearts with your love. I surrender my limited vision to the guidance of the inner I. Amen.

Yes, my friend, this is another one speaking. Keep your journal, fill in the empty places. Your goal is to sit each day and wait. When you remind yourself that you have not given that I time to god, you increase your discipline by listening to your own reasons and forgiving them. Forgetfulness is the habit of non-communication. Continue to wait and listen, we are here and giving you every benefit of our love. The doubt is yours to pierce through like the airplane through the cloud that may tremble but does not waver from its true course. We will help you overcome those moments of doubt and fear and reluctance. Anger is no different than the self-destructive habit of forgetting and eating that which is not yours to eat, not beneficial to your body, not what your true choice would be without the forgetting to blind you to your inner I. Ten minutes a day. You have discovered the silliness of thinking that too much to endure. Now it is yours to discover the silliness behind failure to do this every day. Why turn away from such joy as you feel when you know your hands and your heart and your trusting mind are engaged in one of the most wonderful tasks on earth, the communion with the father and the communication of the father’s love? Continue this path, my loved one, and those loved ones yet to hear these words: We are with you, always and forever, on your journey to paradise, the true love of god0 “be with you evermore,” Amen.”

What you are doing is growing into both sides of yourself, your selves and god, the mother and the father, the son(s) and the daughters of time. Your journey is well tended, attended by all, teachers and providers. Come forth, little ones, and your hearts shall be fulfilled. My name is Legion, and my heart is one with the father. You do not need to understand. Your faith will take you to me every time. That is my will and thine. Faltering steps are the characteristic of the growing child. Be kind unto yourself, as I am kind. Shalom.

Go in peace and tend to the little flowers, nurture the bedsoil, the bed of your growth. We have said many times, do not fear to let it lay fallow, but attend to the time for resurgence. Even the stillness must be kept alive with your thought to turn to it. In every moment we are there, between the thought and the act of turning, the act of quiet. We slip in, as it were, between the stillness and the turning to quiet the mind. The parent relishes that silence of the child, as much the parent relishes the child’s waking into the active life. Both are necessary to you and to me; your stillness and your forgetful tangles with life. Be forgiving of all your mistakes, your absences and denials. We await your coming with delight and only love resides here to greet you. (Smiling) This is pleasant news, is it not? Thank you, Alfana speaking.

TR: I started to settle back, thinking the transmission was done. But my mind stumbled over the similarity of Alfana to a combination, which I thought to be a mistake, of Olfana and Alana, and I began to change what I had written, thinking, “it must be Alana.” This was their response:

Yes, we are playing hide and seek with you, peek-a-boo games to rid you of your fear that names are important and you must name each one of us correctly. Listen only. That is your task and your pleasure. We are training you as you are training yourself to get out of the way of love. Does it matter what love’s name? Does it matter through whom love comes? Give love and you shall receive. Your love for the mission, your love for us grows.

This is the end, but not the end of your practice which is, daily, hourly, to “remember me.” There is not enough memory to complete that operation, it is an active practice, on your knees, in your walking, and between every word you speak. Remember me and I am there with you. To remember Michael’s message, “love one another as I have loved you,” is to remember him, the son of the father, the brother to you, my sister. Amen.

You are tired now, and so we will leave you, until refreshed and newly determined you return to us to partake of the meal, the assimilation of love into all that you do, feel, see, and say. Quite a banquet, eh? (Smiles)

Session 4

It is perfectly all right if this is just for you. Jesus communed with the father often, “just for himself.” Your nurture is as important as the nurturing of others.

We were at your meeting and yes, we were gathered about you ready and waiting. This is not a disappointment. All is well. Every moment moves according to god’s will and in time this takes a start and stop action, choice being so important to the recognition of god’s will and the respect of each human being.

You are overwhelmed by the number of human beings on your planet in need. You would change society to reward goodness more than innovation. But who is to decide? Keep praying to know your own path. One thing at a time, for you are but one important stream in the network of rivers that will some day flood the world with the message of goodness. One kiss at a time allows the baby to grow into a fully loving human being.

Our task is too great for you to try to comprehend; do what you can and be satisfied, content. Contentment is the bedrock, curiosity is the sandstone, love of god is the soil, and the lava of evolution slowly renews.

Practice is what you need now. You are not alone. We are with you. If others retreat for awhile it is to nurture themselves, to resuscitate their mind and heart, bringing themselves back up “to snuff” as you say. Be tenderhearted toward your absent ones. They do not intend you harm. It is your mandate not to allow harm to turn you against the ways of love.

Unbearable grief is the recognition that some things are only known to god and your thought adjuster. Even your need to be understood can only be brought to them. That is why we say that you are not given that which you can not bear, because god is always with you to hear your cry and we are always ready to show you the way out of the darkness. The feeling of unbearable grief is just that, a feeling meant to push you, lead you, drive you toward the proper exit, the bridge across your troubles into a communion of light; be that light unto others.

Do not fear. Do not fear. We can not tell you enough about how fear is the distortion of truth. Your reality is one of love, but you see only the turbulence of natural forces working through the thickness of time; like dark soil so rich in nutrients, yet without moisture and light so useless. Let me say this again. You bend yourself to the wheel, daily making life’s needs a matter of utmost importance. This is necessary and true to the task of survival. But making time for the light and the living waters to nurture the soul of your life is what makes the grief of living bearable. We love you. Our love can only be known if you choose to turn your hearts and minds toward the light that resides within. When you can spark another, or another can listen to you with our same attention, then you feel relieved, your grief is lifted somewhat, but always for the joy to be total, you must turn to me, your inner guide, your fragment of god within, your complete source of comfort.

There are indeed many comforts to be found on earth, but you will notice that these comforts are short and must be endlessly replaced. Thus you have the word “consumerism.” An “ism” that must be continued to exist. Our comfort is everlasting. This is puzzling to those who do not know it and so they create rituals and demand your obedience. We demand nothing, only give unto you the light that heals, life everlasting. If your friend believes there is only now, and nothing more, do not fear. The essential truth will be revealed and all you need to notice is the state of his heart, the expression of his love. If that is overflowing with the goodness that you know is ours, then what is there to be concerned about? Belief is only a barrier when it does not lead to love. When love is present, beliefs can be like “green eggs and ham,” the enjoyment of children, the fancy of adult creation. Love is what matters. Be at peace with your friend, your brothers and sisters. Preach only love.

Do not fear. Do not fear. You are there, we are here. But the reason for living is to pass love along, here or there, now, then and in the future. This is the song; Always always always think with love. Always, always, always breathe our love. Always, always, always remember love is the way.

Practice meditating in between everything you do. We have all the patience you need.

Session 5

My dear beloved one, you must not think that you “should” transmit every day, nor that we have a counter in our hands marking off your successes and failures. Nor a time clock either. Time is your hang-up, not ours. We have been with you every step of your journey and we will not leave you now. Your husband is well, give him time to heal. Devina

Following Morning: Early

Trust and you shall hear. All empty spaces between us are filled with love. You can not “push the river,” only “go with the flow.” These are thoughts you already know. Relax and allow. Devina

Session 6


We come to all. We are present all ways. I am Legion. You struggle with my name, and the depth of my “voice,” because you are unfamiliar with the masculine. Devina is with you, here with us, but she has stepped aside in order for me to speak with you.

Marriage is the bringing together of two people of different strains, different tensions so to speak,, different readings on life. Some marriages dance, others plod along, some trod the same path but look east and west, separately. The most effective marriage is one in which two individuals, two different minds, learn, as you and I are learning, how to communicate over great gaps of understanding. The peace that surpasses all understanding, is the peace that married partners often feel after the sexual engagement, if that engagement has been successful. Sexuality is important in a marriage for this result, it leads disparate minds and warring emotions toward love.

Success in marriage is like the cloverleaf in highway engineering; several streams of rapidly moving goal-directed energies are brought together and allowed to mix, weave in and out and in between each other, without mishap or the elimination of any one segment or member of the traffic. The “traffic” in marriage is many fold; family, career, self-fulfillment; fears, dreams, hopes, intentions; physical existence and insistence, death. Divorce is the abortion of understanding; that is, misunderstanding can not be bridged and a new route, or highway, must be taken. You liken it to a crash only because many do not let go in their minds, even as they move on in other ways. To sever such ties includes the ability to remain misunderstood. That is the purpose of prayer, to turn your misunderstandings over to god.

As a woman, your focus in marriage is bound to be different than that of a man. Men want to be comforted, women want to comfort. That is an over-simplification, for women cry out for comfort on your world, but I speak of marriage now, not the other facets of life in which men are required to do the comforting with their ability to protect and defend. In marriage, however, a man’s memory of “how it was” to be loved and comforted by his mother in the confines of home are re-stimulated. And a woman, if she is seeking to generate family, will seek also to make the nest soft. There are, of course, many other kinds of marriage, but your need from me, Legion, is to understand the comfort your husband seeks and you so often fail to give. A warm hand on the shoulder, a touch to the knee, the stroking as if to a child without judgement that he should be “grown up” already, or different than he is. You can feel the strength in my “voice” and the pattern you feel coming from me into your body, yet I tell you that I too need comforting. It is how you understand strength. Even the strongest is not invulnerable on your world.

The partnership between you and me will be strengthening to your marriage. As you grow to trust me, you will expand in your marriage. You know you are loved by him, but you must also know that you are loved by him as you are, not as you would like yourself to be, or as you hope you are perceived to be.

Session 7

My dear one, Legion and I will support your daily life of communion with god and man. Do not be afraid to wake each morning to a new day of unknown events. Wake like the birds. Sing the songs of entering the day, love in your breast, love tucked under your wings. You struggle with the ways in which you are not like others; does the cardinal attack the wren? wish to be an oriole? No, each makes with the other a tapestry of love. Complete the tapestry by being all of who you are, alone, only you, connected and connecting. Devina

When your mind is tired you can not expect us to enter into the same dialogue as when you are refreshed. Your body needs care as well as your spirit. You see, even you hands do not want to type. I do not scold you, only caution. The physical body wears down. You think you must perform miracles in order to be worthy in our sight and in the sight of others. Miracles are for everyone. Your body is yours alone and only you can keep it alive. Spend time each day giving your body rest, treating your body with care and attention as you would give to that which you deem important., and take your body outdoors, into the elements that contribute to your well being as they do to the gardens of beauty that you appreciate. We can not save you, we can only guide you according to god’s will. You save yourself by your willingness to respect yourself and love yourself as you love us. Can you not see? We are on the other side of the mirror, looking at you looking at me. Yes, I am a treasure in your heart and mind, as you are a treasure. Breathe in this reality of love. It is a two-way mirror and it is two way love. Alana awaits to speak to you.

This is Alana. My joy resides in your heart each time you take a step in the direction of love. This can not be only love that pours outside of you into others, it must also be the love that pours inside, filling up your heart’s chambers and leading your mind to rest.

Nothing we do is forced. We can not make you, you make yourself, a self-made woman or man who loves god, yearns to know god so much that you choose to give us this time. Yes, it is a wonderful feeling is it not? For us as well.

This is Devina. Alana is by my side and Legion awaits your call. He accepts your reluctance, but he does not wander far away from you. He is your mentor now. You simply must learn to trust that because “he” is masculine is nothing to fear. He is a full of love as I. And always we are filled with the love of god. You have been taught that god is a fearsome HE who tromps across heaven sending down lightning bolts of correction. This is the Correcting time, but all true correction is made with love. There are those of your religions who would punish the evildoer. This is a mistaken idea born of a primitive misunderstanding. Mishap and tragedy are bearable lessons. You know my love. Would I send a plague upon your house? Nor would god for he is my mentor and he does not turn his gaze away when the lessons are hard, His gaze of love is always a warm bath of encouragement and confidence. Relax in his love and stand forth renewed.

Legion loves too. The masculine and the feminine are so well linked on this side of the mountain that we are a dance of joy, every step so well timed it would take a crowbar to pry us apart. This is the cooperation we would teach you. The communion between man and woman on your planet evolves. We see it bearing fruit. Do not let the sluggish mishaps of daily life turn your face away from the magnificent opportunities that are in your path. Your partner’s heart is as strong and yearns for growth as you do. Keep your eye on the goal, connecting with love to further love. Let both your hearts strengthen each one and give this strength to those who come to hear us and learn with you. Legion would speak now.

The history of men on earth is one of striving to achieve an understanding that can only bring them satisfaction if laced with love. I use that word well. Laced is a term of your drug mind, is it not? It means something hidden has been slipped in. But lace is also the gentle doily placed on the table by woman. The frill that lies across her breast, rising and falling as she goes about her daily tasks, ruffling at her chin when the breezes pass. Man’s knowledge and power yearn to be laced with the softer wisdom of gentle love. Your leaders are confused when such wisdom is rejected or turned against them, yet they continue on, stumbling perhaps, but hunger does not allow for table manners and ignorance will make mistakes. Your men are still ignorant of the love of god as equal between man and woman. This is not a social concept, as your world would have it. This is the state of your inner realm untouched by all history. To thread the needle, to pull the curtain aside, is a silent approach, a quiet task, the effort of contemplation and love. Pray for all those in the seat of power as you do for those suffering the consequences of power misused and misguided. Every lesson leads us along the path toward god’s manifestation of love.

I am Legion. You almost forgot, did you not? Yes, you can “forget” your arbitrary rules and demarcations when led by love. My love for you is total. Suffer not your fear of men with me. I am here that you may know a “man’s” love as you know the love of Devina. This is an important task on your planet. We have come to you to teach love, nondiscriminatory love. You must discern the subtleties, yes, to allow love to pass through, but you must set aside your false walls and allow the curtain of love to blow freely, the infinite patterns of love to be seen. I too pass through the lace curtain with you hand in hand as we enter the anterooms of god’s chambers. The burden of manhood is on my shoulders, I do not carry it lightly, but the joy of our communion in love sends all burden away. I thank you for this opportunity to dance with you. Legion.

This is Alana speaking. You are beginning to discern the different quality of vibration that is he and me. We will continue to work with you at this. That is all for now. Pass through the lace curtain of love each time you greet another being on your planet. We ask no more than that you give love where love is missing. Alana.

Open the meeting softly, with welcome, to those who attend for the first time, to us eagerly waiting, listening. Take time to listen for yourselves, for the group, for each individual to search into their own heart and mind within the stillness provided by the group stillness. Yes, it is good to commit to the goal: to love and growing into love via the regular practice of stillness. We will be there with you every time. It does not matter if words are heard or spoken, what matters is the intention to listen for the word of god’s love to pass through you toward others.

My love is with you Susan. I was pleased to be with Legion in your morning lesson of obedience to god’s will that you mend your body. Legion is quite a sergeant master, is he not? Boot camp with love. He noticed your attention wandering away from the tight constrictions which he would have you learn by choice, and so he willingly stepped aside and lovingly watched your detour into my lane of activity, the stretch and the longer breath reaching with your body’s stretch. He welcomed you back, did he not? When you “remembered” him. Both modes of body building are required; we dance together, call us the army of yoga, the yoga army. The discipline of the military is to be strong. The discipline of yoga is for the body to be strong while breathing love. Yes, write to your friend to “schedule in” time for yoga, she has a light within. Alana

We have special words for Bob. That he continue to sing to god. The god within him that he knows so well. God as seen in the eyes and yearning hearts of men and women who come to hear him sing. His celebration of god will carry him far, even as the dolphins gather to hear the sounds of love’s vibrations, so will he attract the empty hearts that can be filled by his love. Music is the language of love filtered through the unspoken tongue. Children can sing endlessly without the need to bear the message.

Go on David. Continue with your plan to know god. By your garden, by word, by simple love and appreciation, your have the gift of god within you and I am here to say to you that I am well pleased in you, my son. I love you. Michael.

Your tears, my loved one, are the force of the living water of His love. And we laugh and smile and jump with you, yes hopping like the little child delighted to see grandpa, or daddy coming out of the surf, we are that delighted that you allowed yourself the full force of his light to shine within you and surround…..(interruption of car door slamming shut outdoors…. tr stopped)….These last words came from Devina who responded to the tr’s spontaneous tears which turned into smiles and an inner ebullience. The tears were a response to a physical feeling, to a sense of overwhelming light, and to my mental conflict over the idea that “Michael” should be speaking. The idea that “Michael” was speaking to me, through me, just plain speaking at all in any way that I could be hearing, was overwhelming to me, on the order of the impossible. I was filled with self-doubt and fear of manipulation, almost equal to the feelings of love and celebration. There was a brief “war” which love quickly “won,” by Devina’s intervention of reassurance and words of acceptance, as well as my own inner acceptance which came with the image of a child hopping in play and with total exuberant joy. When the tears ceased and turned into joy, I felt pure gratitude. You must be able to tolerate being misunderstood in order to carry on with love. Understanding is so vast an enterprise, that even I do not pretend to understand All. Yet it is a consolation to you that I understand more than your mind, which accepts what I have to say with faith.

Faith alone will take you through the turbulence of misunderstanding that is the white water of harm’s way. Every mind must surrender to the unknown. This can be done with fury and rage, the attempt to control that which can not be controlled, or with love. We advise love, of course, but that is every individual’s human choice.

The inability to tolerate being misunderstood tightens and strengthens the barriers to understanding. It builds the walls of accusation and ridicule. It turns intelligent thought into rigid judgement and condemnation. Even the truth becomes suspect and subject to denials. Every friend you know suffers this malady, the intolerance of misunderstanding. Have compassion and patience toward them and toward yourself.

The only solution to this malady is love. Allow yourself to love. Allow your heart to be filled with our love. Soon the misunderstandings become minor, then minuscule, then they disappear into the tapestry of love. That is not to say that misunderstandings never need to be cleaned up, for sometimes this is a good lesson, a rich source of material for growth, and even, sometimes, the final opening of the door to love; but rather that understanding is an eternal thing, a matter of eternal mastery, and you do not have that kind of time in your lifetime on the planet Urantia, earth. But you can grasp at this understanding with your faith. Faith always opens the heart to allow love to flow through, be that our love or “yours” is not the difference that matters, only that it is love. Whether we are the “motivators” of that love, or you, is not a matter of concern when the primary act of necessity is to love. We, however, will always be there to soothe your fears that to love without being understood is foolish, or dangerous, or not your due. Love carries the understanding that transcends everything you know or fail to know, and, I think you have already had this experience, it is often the only bridge available to you. Love brings joy, into your heart and into the hearts of those who receive your love even as they have failed to understand you, or the source of your love. Stand tall, strong and firm in your present understanding. The rest is god’s to give, yours to learn, ours to encourage. That is all. A collaboration of Alana and Legion There is always a need for a healing center. What you will have to do is examine, each of you, what your talents and capacities are for establishing such a mission project.

You are doing fine. We want to encourage you to continue on the path you have chosen which is to take one step at a time, clean things up one person at a time, looking through our eyes, if you will, upon the scene at hand. Yes, we speak to you when, in the course of your daily contemplation of these matters you ask our advice, our guidance, our “teaching” on the subject. This is the ultimate goal, the ultimate teaching, to listen for the word of god, the direction of love, in everything you do. We will come to you every time you call. We are there every time you ask. Our task is to communicate the Father’s love. Your task is to listen to His message, “love one another as I love thee.” Your goal is to manifest this love and caring in every relationship, and every movement you make, every gesture, every thought, word and deed that contributes to your relationships becoming more loving is a victory, for thee and me.

You struggle, you procrastinate, you “rag on”, but we are not displeased. Continue to practice the stillness and we will tell you each time, “go forth little one, loved one, your path is straight and narrow but encompasses all time and embraces everything.” Love is that wide and that eternal. Your singular, individual, experience of love is troubled by your small scope of understanding. We can widen your sights, you can fling yourself into the depths of horror and we will still be there to show you the light of love. The way of love is the same in the darkness of night’s howling, in the vast echo across frozen mountains, in the simple exchange between a “common” person and an “ordinary” friend. Love is simple. All it requires is choice, the choice to love.

Yes, it is time to post your messages, to allow that expansion into eternity to draw you further toward your destiny, bring into your space, as you call it, those opportunities that you long for, seek, and can fulfill. Do not be afraid. Stand steady and firm on your present course. Take time out, we are not going anywhere. Relax, we can speak to you in many ways. But listen, always listen, for each time you hear and put our words of love into use, you further the planet toward that day of light in life that is your due and your saving grace, your joy. Joy is the natural friend of love. Joy accompanies love like the wake of a boat in which dolphins dance. Even under the most tragic of circumstances, when love is felt, joy is not far behind. It may be a brief glance or spark of light, but it is joy, and you know it.

It is possible that someone will want to create a Melchizadek Gardens, a healing center for growth and grief, a place to relearn the lessons of dance and faith, yoga and strength. But that is not our task with you. We are here to love you into loving yourself. Legion would speak with you. Alfana

My thoughts are heavy on you tonight. Why, my little one? Why do you anticipate stern words, cross purposes maligned? I have no complaint, only encouragement. Yes, each time you breathe me in you feel my presence and you fill your body up with your belief in my goodwill for you. My breathing is yours to practice, lifting up your chest, pulling your body into an alignment closely linked to images of Amazons and tall trees. My boot camp of love is asking only this, 10 minutes a day, strengthen your body. Thank you. Legion.

Tell your husband that what matters is his dedication to the furtherance of the message of god which is love. He is bearing down the right track. His heart is very good, strong, yearning to love.

We do not need to give private messages if these make you uncomfortable. We can work indirectly with each person who reads what you have transmitted and by these words are entered into that stillness, the kingdom within. Good night. Thank you for giving us this time. Alana

Your ego is entitled to take pleasure in a job well done. We have no objections to the ego’s desires, only excesses of indulgence. For example, pride is appropriate for any one who has overcome hurdles, obstacles gargantuan or Swiftian small, and have done well with all the resources at hand. To indulge in pride, to take pride when it is not due, to inherit pride without fulfillment of pride’s role, well, that’s a whole kettle of another fish. (Smile. In fact uproarious giggles! TR can’t believe this is happening.)

To approach this from another sidewalk in life. There are people on your planet who will never see beyond their nose, so to speak. They will never climb mountains, swing from tree branches, eat an apple, walk a mile in your shoes. Should they be deprived of the great blessing of pride in themselves? Yet even they must beware false pride or pride without merit, for they will not know the joy that is their due. Yes, I repeat, the joy that is their due. The same holds true for any other of the many functions and attributes of the ego. You are human beings walking on the planet earth, Urantia, and you must deal with that as human beings do. You are not expected to be god, only a facet of god on earth walking miles and miles in your shoes. When we say we love you, we speak directly to your gem within, the thought adjuster, your stillness place, and to your ego. (TR experiences typing differently on those last three words, “to your ego,” as if the teacher is trying to emphasize without putting things in bold, or overemphasizing the ego so as to give it too great a place in your understanding. It is equal in the sense of they speak to both, and equally necessary.) I think those who read our words coming through your fingers will have understood what you so consciously inserted. Thank you. And your insertion, by the way, was correct.

Love has always been difficult to explain. Why does the ego do some things and not others? Why does the beaten child love the father? The suffering of human kind is equally incomprehensible to me. Perhaps our “egos” mirror each other but through a glass dark entry way. You must turn yourself within, inside out, to even understand to a small degree how much love is “out there” in the universe for thee. Alana

I am showering you with the stars and sprinkles and showers of light that are my love for you. I wash away your sorrow, bless your happiness. I am here to listen to your mind and heart working together with my others and me. Whenever you need a rest, a breather from what you have suddenly seen, or continue to do because love leads you relentlessly, the joy is so pure, take one. Your friends will grow many hearts right before your eyes. Their faces will gather around you to smile. They wish to share their love with you, my “others,” and they want you to know that they enjoyed a good laugh this evening and continue to smile. Devina

Here comes Legion, you say. Here comes Legion as if you have mixed feelings? Your ten minutes today stretched to thirty, did it not? Yes, and as with the stillness, you did not immediately notice that stretch because you were so in joy doing what you were doing? Yes, and you also discovered that the stillness practice was part of your practice of strength? Good, Yes on all three. That gives you 100 per cent. The “boot camp of love” teaches strength as the power of love to do good in this world. It takes a strong mind, body and heart to work with love. The power of love has a force beyond your capacity to imagine, even comprehend. Your body must be fit to tolerate the power…which by the way is joy, too.

You are learning to take direction, to appreciate the direction, and to surrender to interruption with love and without forgetting. Although we will agree that forgetting is the next step for you, is it not? So it is important to understand why one forgets. Your wish to know often stands in the way of love. Your fear of love often stands in the way of knowing. Surrender to a discipline, any discipline, is a surrender to knowing love, which can be found to exist in the most unexpected and strangely encountered places.

Surrender is a complicated word, enough to require a paragraph all it’s own. You hesitate to surrender because of the unknown, and because you fear you will not find love. Such a puzzle. And so you often find yourself going down a rabbit hole into the dark under layers of your earthly experience and often think you are lost until suddenly you have surrendered the idea that you knew which rabbit hole you were in and where you were going. And suddenly, you then, but only then, realize that you did know all along the way that you had faith, faith in this knowing of love, this knowing the way of love, even when in fact you did not know love, or only did to a very small degree. Because following the way of love is an ever widening path, even when you may spend quite some time thinking the way is narrow. Practice surrender, ten minutes a day. You surrender in the practice of stillness. You surrender in the practice of strength. You’ve got that practice (of surrender) covered!

Now to speak to your thought adjuster, your heart of stillness within. We fill that space with everything we have, so much you can not imagine. And that is why it is important still, to give yourself ten minutes a day of stillness practice without the task of transmitting. This you are accomplishing. We mention it so that anyone who may be reading these words, those who transmit and those who don’t will know the importance too. Transmitters must continue their private stillness time for themselves. And those who do not transmit, or do not hear our words, must know how important it is that they allow us to talk to their thought adjusters every day. We are a life line for them as well as you. We keep the machinery of connection in tune. Everyone’s stillness practice is of the utmost importance. That is the privilege that nourishes us, for each time we “speak” with your thought adjuster, we too are spoken to. That is the nature of our love. It flows through All, You will open into that stillness when you “die.” You will surrender to it with a smile, if you can remember, of course. If not, your forgetting will be short lived. Joy is your destination.

So we come back to our discussion of forgetting. It has to do with faith, as well. Have faith and your faith will grow. Stay focused. The fruits of love are many and will remind you, as well. Continue to practice the stillness, the more quiet the pond the more sunlight it reflects for your eye to see. The stillness practice will enhance your memory, for each time you practice you increase your understanding of how to live peacefully with your brothers and sisters and you bring this knowledge of the stillness into your world. It is your only refuge. Keep on.

Thank you.

Session 8

Love and Discipline. “The discipline of love involves focus. Any discipline involves focus, intense focus. Yes it is like putting the needles on the right groove, threading the needle, following the tracks of a squirrel, managing to put the electric pencil, the wand held between your teeth, in the right place. You cannot avoid discipline if you want to accomplish something, for your self, or for others. It is this hard focus, this single minded effort, that takes you through the squeeze box of accomplishment. You are driven on by love, love for the sport, love for the goal, love for what you believe will be the results of this effort. That is why strange bedfellows can be found in the House of Love. Yes, a bit like the Fun House at your carnival; you may see most distorted faces and bodies there. Some because they are distorted by disease and have overcome their limitations by discipline. Some because their faces are distorted by making wrong choices, yet holding to them fast like the boat cuts the edge of the hurricaine. Your worst fanatic experiences a love for the chase. Your torturer has gone through the eye of the hurricaine and, gently presses to extract the last piece of information, the love for that extraction, that “informative result” is real. It often does not matter if the information is correct, the love has transferred to “getting it.”

You are experiencing the vagaries of discipline now. You are not always sure, you doubt, you practice with doubts spilling from your mind. It is only your love that will keep you at this task. Love for the message we have to give you, the information, and love for the results. If you loose track, you are protected by me. I will always be here when you put the needle in the groove. Yes, anyone who reads your “information” must go through their own groove to understand it. You need not worry, they are responsible for themselves, you are responsible for your self.

That is the responsibility of choice. Choice plays the greatest part in your reality. You must choose love. That is the same as “you must forgive him.” Your choice will determine everything. I ask you to choose love long before you have understanding, for understanding grows out of experience, trying, effort, mistakes, staying in the groove until suddenly the groove takes you out of itself into another groove altogether. Each leap is the result of choice and the discipline that choice requires to put it into effect and to enjoy the results.

The fruits of the spirit are many and wonderful. They bring joy, into your heart, into your world. You can know another’s choice by the fruits of their spirit. You can know your own choice by the results of that choice. Does it bring more joy into your heart? If disappointed in the outside results, are you satisfied, happy, joyful with the inner results of your labors? Encourage everyone you know to choose love, and acknowledge every choice to love that you encounter, in yourself, in others. “My others,” said Devina. “Thee,” said Alana. The personal relationship that evolves from the practiced choice to love is an experience of oneness that is difficult to convey in words for it is an experience. The tr used to have a “god daughter” in her care quite often; that child referred to the tr as “my Suzi.” She expressed the relationship rightly; not the possession of something all hers, but the possession of a mutuality, a duality that in spirit was one.

You will notice that many things will "cause" you to "forget," procrastinate, avoid practice. Simply bring yourself back to that center point within which will lead you instantly where you need to go. Always expect joy and love to follow. Well, in your time frame you think it follows your choice. For us, it is always waiting for the choice to be made. That is the value of patience. Knowing that everything is on time in time. We are here, and as soon as you open up to that experience and "keep the faith" under all circumstances by remembering, you experience all the love you think you lost, or thought was missing. That is why we say to you, give love where love is "missing." Everyone deserves the discovery. Their choice from there on is not yours to make, but you can teach that it is better to give than to receive because it feels good, and you know the joy is unending.

Once again I remind you that discipline is not rote. Discipline can take many pathways, hold many deviations from the pattern. What discipline need is practice, and with practice you will know what I have told you is true. As you feel better, as you body begins to hold more power to love, you will begin to experience an inner and outer joy that is unmistakably the fruits of the spirit, our love. If you are not experiencing our joy in you, then go back to your practice of stillness and make the choice to begin again to choose love for ten minutes a day.”

At this point I began to receive thank you notes and encouragement from readers “out there” in the tml cyberspace. Susan Kimsey, who had already given me counsel re tr’ing, wrote this:

This is a beautiful transmission, and I thank you for sharing it. In my early transmissions, I went through an "adjustment period" when I heard from Tarkas, just as you are going through with Legion. Seeing the wonderful love and respect in the interactions I had with Tarkas really helped me grow, as I held a lot of unhealed pain from a difficult divorce that I had gone through. Tarkas gave me a new perspective on masculine energy which was both strong, sure, and vulnerable, all at the same time. At this point, I feel he is one of my best friends, and I love him, dearly. Again, thank you, Susan, for sharing these very personal, and yet very Broadly applicable transmissions. It is so appealing to see how the Teachers counsel a beginning TR, in order to help them overcome all their trepidation's about this very mysterious experience of learning to transmit and receive the words of these much more evolved Teachers.

At the end of our next group meeting, I told a member that if she wanted to ask a personal question, the teachers were available and I would be glad to pose it to them. She immediately said, please ask them why I always have to be first. She was referring to a pattern she had learned in life from her mother, always saying she had to say “I’m sorry,” or make up lovingly, first. Our week was exceptionally difficult, going through a court case in the chaotic atmosphere of Central American justice and the negative atmosphere of the other party. I was interrupted many times, but the teachers consistently picked up where we left off. I did not always manage to write in the name of the teacher who had spoken, but that did not seem to matter either to them, or to me – the teachings are what matter. I definitely had the experience that they were speaking to the group member, me and my husband, the other group members, and the group called “tml.”

Q: Why do I always have to be the first to forgive, the first to reach out with love?

“Would she come first before Jesus? Would she be last in the line of love? Last to be forgiven for her resentments and indignation? Tell your friend that she is forgiven All. Tell your friends that love does not require you to pretend, unless that is in line with god’s will and your own recognition a “little white lie” is the most loving or healing gesture to make in the situation. The fissures that arise between people due to personality “clashes” and individual faults are bridged only by love.”

Subject: First to Forgive

“Jesus was the first to walk across the bridge of troubled waters with love always in his heart. Always. And always he practiced the stillness, the talk with his Father, the conversation within. And that is your task, to keep love always in your heart, as your first focus, your discipline. Love will shape your forgiveness. Let love write the prescription. Do not think you must forgive in any one prescribed way. To be the first to forgive is to be first with yourself, and so as you practice forgiveness it becomes a more joyful task. There is so much joy that comes with forgiveness because there is so much joy in love.”

“Let us start again with Being First to Forgive is Being First with Your Self. Your innermost self, if your goal is to learn the ways of love, is aligned with your “highest” self, us, god the Father and Mother. Reaching out to forgive, however you do it, is a gesture that comes from within and only from within, from the same source and center of love. Anything else is either obedience or the practice of "as if" in order to learn. There is nothing wrong with the practice of “as if.” Imitation is one of the ways to learn. And often it is by repeated imitation that one is lead to discover the “real thing,” the truth that it is better to give than to receive, it is better to forgive than to not forgive, it is more joyful to love than not to love.

Dear friends, do not criticize your inability to immediately forgive, or even your inability to forgive over a longer period of time. The essential thing is to focus on learning how to love which will lead you to how to forgive. Have patience with yourselves. Forgiveness is a complicated matter which has its effect on the person doing the forgiving as well as the person being forgiven. Like the pebble thrown into the pond, the ripples spread outward. Also, like the act of throwing the pebble in the pond, briefly, the stillness is broken up into waves and you do not see the same surface. To set your intention is to raise your arm for throwing. To feel the potential reality of throwing the stone, is disorienting sometimes, raises your fears: Will I be the fool to forgive such an unacceptable recepient of my love? Stated that way, is not the answer simple? Not one of you is an unacceptable recipient of our love. You, my dear one, and your inquiring friend, are thoroughly acceptable recipients of my love. When you can not forgive, can not make the gesture or take the leap into that potential, stand back and enjoy the stillness again. It is from there you will be able to move forward, raise your hand once again, and each time you will come closer to throwing the pebble into the pond to allow the ripples and waves of forgiveness to spread outward to all the edges of that space you call pond, or life on planet Urantia. It is the intention that you must polish. If you can not make the gesture, you can contemplate the intention to make that gesture. Each time you contemplate your intention to forgive, while sitting within your stillness, you will see further, see more deeply into the ways of love, and learn new pathways for expressing love.”

“You are able to forgive because you have already been forgiven by the Father, Michael, Nebadonia, me and my others. That is the importance of the stillness practice. Take your concerns about forgiveness and the act of forgiving into your stillness, where we can speak to you, guide you, shower you with love and forgiveness enough to eventually build your courage to do it one more time; that is, one more time be the first to forgive. No one is keeping score. It is a practice to be the first to forgive, but it is equally a practice to learn how to receive forgiveness, accept foriveness, take in the love that comes with being forgiven. Both sides of the coin matter. The swinging door of love does not discriminate between first and last, it is open to all. You, however, may enjoy coming into love sooner rather than later, yes?”

“Do not allow the small conflicts to outweigh your goal. Your forgiveness can mend a conflict, but it can not mend “as if.” Your forgiveness must be true, for then the full power of love weighs in on the situation. You are impatient with yourself. You are impatient with him. You find it difficult to be so misunderstood. Remember this, forgiveness begins with the intention to forgive. When your forgiveness is complete, has reached its goal of love filling your heart, the joy of love radiating within your mind, then you will notice that all your troubles with this person have evaporated. Your impatience with yourself implies that your forgiveness alone matters. And it does, of course, matter, but so also does his forgivenes, so also must his forgiveness, his intention to forgive, reach fruition. Forgive in your heart. Once that has been accomplished then you will know what to do, and you may not need to do anything more than forgive in your heart. The gestures of forgiveness, the outward manifestations, help smooth the way among you, create happy interactions, but always it is the inner condition that must be true and clear. Without forgiveness in the heart, your gestures will only look good, while the cake will taste bitter. Yes, if your partner or friend wishes to make a gesture of warmth and loving reconciliation, that is good, but do not feel inferior because you can not in good faith do the same. Recall, Jesus was “never in a hurry.” It is not the speed with which you forgive others, but your sincerity that will change your world. Rest in the calm waters of our love and let this wash away your doubts. Your heart would love. Your concern with forgiveness attests to this, can you not trust that your intention is true? There are so many components to the act of forgiveness: your true state of being and acceptance, the other’s true state of being and acceptance, and the true state of being and acceptance of those that interact with you and him. I remind you of the pebble thrown into the pond. Lift the weight of your grief, the burden of misunderstanding, and let it go. Allow the ripples to reach the shores, as they will, naturally.

You grieve your lack of forgiveness because you do not forgive yourself for suffering. Are you to be above the human response to pain, insult or indignity? Allow your emotions to give you the sensitive information about the state of your relationships. Your happy emotions speak of love. Your pained emotions warn you. If you only pay attention to the happy emotions, if you do not listen to the correction of pain, you will only go further into the depths of confusion. Has it not occurred to you that your forgiveness may not be recognized no matter what you do? Take care of your own heart, that is your major concern. That is our major concern, that you learn to love yourself in order that your love can shine before the world. Do not treat your forgiveness like a dog on a leash, pulling and tugging, limiting your range of movement. If the forgiveness in your heart is true, you will be calm wherever you go, unrestricted, welcome. We hold you in the heart of love. We forgive your frustration, your agony of apprehension. Have faith in this, your growth is on time and we are pleased.

You are beginning to understand what we say. Forgive your self. Forgiveness of your self comes first. From that self forgiveness will flow forgiveness outward toward others. It is no different with love. You must allow your heart to fill up with love, some call this self love, some call this the love of god; love flows outward, from deep within, up and out toward others. Forgiveness comes with love, both deep within, up and out toward others. In this sense, when it comes to love and forgiveness, put your self first. Allow this love and forgiveness to come through you. Do not ask your self to pretend. If your gestures are based on your inner intention to love and to forgive, those gestures will serve. If your gestures are based only on your belief that you must, you should behave a certain way, then those gestures will ring hollow in your mind, and in the minds of others. Take to yourself first the task of love. This is a collaboration of Devina, Legion, and Alana.”

After posting this one, I received a most encouraging reply from Fred Harris: “This was excellent! Thanks for sharing. Lighten Life, Fred”

Ripple in still water
Though there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow
Reach out your hand if your cup be empty
If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of man

-Robert Hunter-

Session 9

More on Forgiveness

“You are moving in the right direction. You are almost there. A man can not help from whom he was born. His mother and his father determined that, and he can only grow from that human condition into his greater inheritance, which is the realm of god, the unknown, the vast universes and universal existence. You are learning to forgive your husband for his propensity to expect you to be as his mother. You are learning to forgive a step-son for his propensity to see you as his mother sees you. Men, too, must forgive women shaped by fathers and brothers who struggled alike in the labyrinth of misunderstanding.

Forgiveness lies within, just as you would wander in the labyrinthine garden until happily you finally enter that hidden spot where is the garden bench, so it is with forgiveness, it is at the very center of your family understanding. You must forgive to fully realize the center within, the stillness and peace that surpasses all human understanding and misunderstanding.

Forgiveness is the fabric of love. It is the lubrication between husband and wife. It is your pathway to god. We forgive you in every way. Our contact, our guidance, our presence is forgiving, forgiveness incarnate. Others can not forgive only because they have yet to understand how precious they stand before you and in the eye of god. It can be a matter of communication between yourself and another, wherein “poor” communication creates lack of love and forgiveness, and “good” communication can create the love and forgiveness that you seek. But you must recall that even He who Forgives remains misunderstood and treated as a myth to be used or discarded according to the ways of the world.

Trust that your forgiveness is genuine. You know that it is because you feel the lightness within your self, you see the light filling your mind and heart, you have no barriers, no veils before your friend. Yet do not expect your forgiveness to do the whole job, that is, to be the sole agent of change. You effect change with your forgiveness, but each human being is a free will creature and their choice is theirs alone to make. Your forgiveness allows that choice to be made, if it has not already been done. Go forth into your world with forgiveness in your heart and allow others to walk with you, as we do every moment of the day. Those who step aside or remain behind or go in another direction are to be given the forgiveness of love’s ability to expand over great distances and gaps of understanding. You do not, perhaps, receive the physical blessings of their human presence and interactions, but you have the joy of love in your heart and a peace that does not require anything from the recipients of your love.

There will be more. I am at your service as well as to my mission. Forgiveness is necessary for surrender, the letting go of all that has prevented you from achieving your goal of love, of learning how to love. Forgiveness is essential to discipline, the acceptance of pain, loss, giving up what has been with you for so long, in order to achieve something new, something far beyond what you had previously thought possible. I am Legion, your friend. You will know me better as we go along, and from knowing me will come your understanding of the Him within as well as him who is without. It is with mutual effort that we will come to balance out your feminine beliefs, and realize potentials yet to be discovered. You have a unique opportunity to understand. That is all for now. Proceed to your discipline now. Go to the mat for me. Legion”

Session 10

When I finished the above, I had the distinct impression more was to follow on the same subject. Meanwhile, our days were filled with exhausting legal matters and recovery from the details involved. One morning, resuscitated by the clear sky, sunshine, birds singing, monkeys howling, all the perfection of this paradise we live in, my husband made a beautiful gesture of sexual approach. Caught in the conflicts of my mind, I suddenly felt “crowded,” and knowing absolutely that I was going in the wrong direction, I fled from the room and shut myself up in the bathroom. After a short period of time, he knocked gently on the door and at my bidding opened it slightly. He stood there, naked, beautiful in my eyes, and asked softly, “What’s going on. I feel as if I’ve done something wrong.” I tried to express myself, but made a botch of it, almost inarticulate with emotion. He closed the door. When I came out, he was dressed and proceeding outdoors. My heart was wrent with an emotional tug-of-war. I watched him walk across the porch and down the stairs. About ten or fifteen minutes later, as I stood by the kitchen stove, I saw him returning and still in conflict with incomprehensible feelings, contradictory impulses to reach out to him and to push him away, I began to pray to Legion. That word pray may be slightly misleading. I had no thoughts other than to go into my stillness and pray for Legion to be there to assist me and guide me through these rough waters. I slipped immediately and deeply into the stillness and Legion began to speak to me in the most forgiving words. He explained to me that my husband’s retreat was the wounded boy whose gift of attraction and arousal had been rejected. This explanation is not particularly astounding. It is the way in which it was conveyed that was so forgiving. The feelings that surrounded me were so loving and understanding, that by the time my husband had re-entered our home, my approach to him was soft and welcoming with no need to insist that I be heard first. I knew he needed comfort. I knew comfort would be mine. I had already received enough comfort, forgiveness and understanding in my stillness to sustain me as my husband and fully articulate, I worked this not-uncommon, yet painful experience through to completion, which was the return of loving feelings, mutual understanding and forgiveness, if not arousal. “Thank God for Legion,” said David. My gratitude was increasing.

Session 1

The following came after a morning discussion with my husband, David. We talked about the essential leap of faith required to believe in the teachers, and he asked for more information regarding the dynamics of forgiving oneself.

“I am Legion. We will continue with our lessons on Forgiveness.

Forgiving the Self First. Now you notice that I emphasize Self with a capital S, which is somewhat different from your self. Yet each is unto the other like the breast of the duck, of a certain weight according to the individual and indispensable for flight, the strength to fly. You carry within your “breast” so many wounds of life, weepings that protest your innocence, that carry your guilt and shame, that prompt you to rage at god. Yet you would fly. To set aloft you must lessen the burden on self and Self. You must then breathe in love and breathe love out, as the respirator to one with thickened lungs, and allow love to breathe you. I breathe you in love now. I breathe in your love as you breathe in mine. We are indispensable to each other, one and another. When you can see that, or hear that message, and most importantly however it is done or comes to you, live that message, then you will understand why it is so important to forgive your self, my Self, and All Others.”

“And, of course, you will speak differently once you have forgiven. You will read things differently. You will have a new perspective aligned with the truth of the matter, whatever that concern or issue is. And when you forgive, in your heart, completely, the world will change, especially your world. Your friends will feel the difference. Your partner will benefit from this difference. And we will celebrate your birth day of love with great joy. Sing a song of love. We sing with you. Legion, Alana and My Others.” Devina.

“Yes, I am Legion. Forgiving yourself takes the same leap of faith you offer to me now. You must believe in me, you must believe in your goodness whether your life demonstrates that goodness or reveals your many falls, whether your mother or your father or many others believe in you or not. It is always easier when others believe in you, just as it is easier to have a group of like-minded friends believing in me, but that is not always available, and so you must go on, must go forward with a leap of faith. The essential leap of faith is to believe in the unseen, the unproven. So many incidents and synchronicities may reassure you, give you the feeling of proof, be enough to sustain you in the face of contrary beliefs and accusations, but still, when it comes down to the “nitty-gritty,” all you have is faith.

Now faith, my dear one, is no different than believing in your husband’s love when you are angry, or he appears inscrutable to you. Faith is a sinew that holds the muscle and bone of love together in the face of annihilation. Your world fears its destruction, destruction by its inhabitants is more frightening now than the fears of asteroids and slipping planets. What is necessary now is faith in love, for it is only the energy of love that will overcome the rolling stone of madness, ancient history, and fascination with power and pain.

How to forgive yourself? “Just do it!” That falls a little flat, yes? Yet once you have practiced “as if” you have forgiven your self, that is exactly what happens, you just do it. So we will discuss the practice. I am forever egging you on. Practice the stillness. Stay in that quiet no matter what else you do and no matter the “results.” Practice strengthening your body, no matter if increasing strength appears to take you beyond the need or the desire to forgive your self, as you feel better and better and slip into a power that “forgets” your past weakness or inability to pursue love. Forgiving yourself happens in between the moment of thought, “I will forgive me. I am forgiven.” and the moment of bliss that is Forgiveness. It is a moment of breath, shall we say, an inspiration of love. You can not force it, but you can will it to be so, and in the moment between willing it so and when it is so, you will breathe in what has been always there and waiting, the Father’s love, the Mother’s embrace, Forgiveness. It is this forgiveness that surrounds your planet Urantia and therefore the importance of each individual, one by one, making that choice to believe, to leap with faith into the habits of love and forgiveness, habits that become the practice of spontaneous joy.”

“This is Devina. Listen to the birdsong, so carefree, the product of its breath being shaped by the muscles of the breast and throat, the spontaneous joy of the free bird’s response to sunlight and the day. You have that song within you. Yes, your husband’s Song is true, too. We sing with you, we sing with you. I whisk you away from Legion to say, Take a rest now and enjoy being a woman on planet earth with her man. That is all for now.”

Session 11

The next morning, Legion began:

“The Discipline of Love is the Discipline of Forgiveness. Now and Now and Now. You are beginning to understand that forgiveness is not a singular act, but an unending attitude of understanding in the face of the inexplicable, love in the face of brutality, indifference, rejection. We do not expect you to be like Jesus, willingly going to the cross because he could do no less. You are not required to be the hero, the martyr, a solitary champion of the truth. What we ask of you is daily commitment to communion with the spirit of truth, resting in the hands of god’s love in order to conduct your simple daily tasks, your on going life, in the spirit of goodness and beauty. Goodness is gentle, beauty is more than the pleasure of the eye. Truth is friendly, even when you recognize the consequences of our truth to your world will be so great as to render you speechless with change. Love needs more than words. Love needs commitment, dedication, discipline, daily action, the surrender of your soul to the goodness of god. No soldier will be forgotten by god, yet no soldier need fling himself before “the infidels” and the machinery of human conflict in order to “go to god” or to receive god’s love and forgiveness. Remember this, god loves you and Jesus came to your earth to proclaim this good news to All, even those who could not understand, as some of his disciples did not, even to those who would send him away. God’s love is all-embracing. The Father and the Mother spirit is strong and pliable, specific and all-encompassing, individual and un-differentiated. Love is what is coming. Love is your inheritance. Focus on love and stand tall.”

“My dear one, we celebrated with you last night. Your willingness to give, to respond with more giving, to flow with the joy of giving, was a gift to our “eyes,” and our “senses.” This is the path of truth and sexuality: You love him, say so; You want to enjoy him, do so; Your love and joy create a celebration, celebrate.” Devina

Session 12

TR: Fill out these notes: The teachers role in my marriage. Devina’s consistent reassurance and reminder to enjoy my relationship

TR: I often do not remember what comes through at the time of transmitting. I felt some distress after reading Legion’s statement: “Practice strengthening your body,” (which is one of his programs for me) “no matter if increasing strength appears to take you beyond the need or the desire to forgive your self, as you feel better and better and slip into a power that “forgets” your past weakness or inability to pursue love.” That night, I blurted out to him my fear of arrogance and false pride, “What if I forget, become so strong that I forget I was once weak?”

“This is a common problem on your planet, and so those you revere are brought down, those who lead are mis-led. Again I say to you, practice the stillness. It is this constant communion with god that protects, this constant communion with the thought adjuster within, with me, with all those teachers assembled about you to greet you with their guidance. We are there when you rise. We are there when you fall. Do not fear your power simply because you may fall, or make a mistake as you grow and move forward into greater challenges. Everyone learns from mistakes, both you and those involved with you, even me. The ultimate mistake is to make the wrong choice, that is, to choose consciously to go in the wrong direction, to choose not to do the will of god, which is to love. That mistake is beyond my control, it rests in your hands. But if you refuse to strengthen your faith, to strengthen your ability to express and disseminate or share love, simply because you fear you will make the wrong choice ahead, then you deprive your self and others from god’s joy. The antidote to fear is the stillness. May I say it again? Practice the stillness. There within your quiet circle of love you will discover your potential, understand your growing power, and see the choices that must be made. Stay on the path of stillness practice and you do not need to be afraid. Some “forget” their weaknesses, but you will not, nor will others on your path. The forgetting of weakness is a willful choice to believe in one self above all others and beyond god. To grow in the strength and power of love is to grow in humility and gratitude. Power strengthened by god’s love is always gentle. Power in the absence of god’s love is brutal. Must you fear that you will turn away from god’s love? Must you fear that god will turn away from you? Practice the stillness, there is no fear there, nor forgetting.

We would speak to you now of standing in the stillness, all alone, and unhearing. Of course not one of you is all alone, we are always with you. But unhearing may convince you that we are not there, god does not exist, you are lost and so afraid. Be not ashamed of those moments of doubt and fear. Doubt hammers out your understanding, brings forth your cry for help, that crying softens the shell of your doubting isolation. No one is forgotten in this universe. You will not waver from your course if you listen to me: God is love, the love that awaits you is greater than you can imagine or see, simply tasting a drop of His living water is beyond your comprehension it feels so good. There is enough for all.”

“Give your love freely for it will be always replenished as soon as you turn to me. I am Michael and I have given every soul a taste of me in the spirit of truth. It resides within and will lead you always to my love. You can rest now, setting aside your fear, for I am always with you. We walk together, but you must dare to say that I have given you my hand. For others are waiting to know the same, to feel the trust I have given them within, to know my love is always with them.”

TR: I went through some feelings of doubt, can this really be Michael? I felt the difference, not as dramatically as the first time he “appeared” to me, but still the light was of a different quality and presence, yet I was struggling with doubt. It was clear that is why Michael came in to speak, to set aside fear. He then spoke to me and my husband this “private” message: “Be at peace my brother and sister, you’re dedication is known to me, the fruits of your labors are mine to deliver, the heart of your message is mine to reveal.”

Legion. “Again you have trusted that what is happening to you is real, and again I say to you, you are loved, be at peace, we are at your command. Yes, you may command now, that is, trust that your faith is true and we are always with you. That is all for now.”

“We are one family in spirit, not identity. You see your self as a mother, a sister, a daughter, aunt, cousin, great-aunt, etc. And these blood ties are real, the method of transmitting genes and human life. Then you see yourself as a step-mother, a wife, a mother-in-law, a loved one in many families, families of friends, families of likeminded people, families of ideas. What holds this all together is spirit, the spirit of love and goodwill toward all. This is the family that I would have you understand. In spirit no one is left out. All are members of this family no matter what their genes, their relationships, their ideas.

To enter the realm of the spirit, to enter the spirit family is a choice. You are brought to this choice by experience and by your efforts, your seeking, your will to do good, which is a choice that instantly gives you the feeling of god’s love. God’s love is transmitted to you through your good will and through the gratitude of response to your goodwill. Then you build upon this experience. You choose to do more good. And you gather about you a family of goodwill. These “families”, separate on earth, are joined as one in spirit. It is difficult, sometimes, on earth to recognize this. Each family looks so different from the other, and even the small differences become important to those whose lack of faith, or fear, prevent them from knowing the truth, which is that you are all loved by me. This is Michael.”

“We rejoice in your understanding. It is your growing faith that allows you to receive Michael’s message. Have faith. Disagreement is acceptable in our eyes because it is by various methods of communication that the message leaks through into your world. We are not always heard with clarity. We, too, are misunderstood. Remember this, misunderstanding is not any reason to turn away from the pursuit of truth and love. Everyone’s faith is expressed differently, with passion, with vigor, quietly, softly, some do not express their faith at all, but keep it silently burning in their heart.” Legion and Alana.

“All ways are mine to forgive, and yours to understand. My forgiveness is not the finger of blame, but the opening into my heart. So should it be with you. Open your hearts and give entrance to your families into love.” Michael

“This is not to be misunderstood as an opening for harm’s way to render you blind or fouled. The opening is for love, to allow fellowship and communion, and to extend itself toward those who would ignore love and build their own castles.” Legion.

Session 13

The next day: “To love one another is a challenge. Singing helps: to sing the songs of joy from the past, songs of celebration, to sing the ditties of childhood, to sing the creations of those hoping to send their song to god. Every song has some form of plea for love and understanding, even those that to you are harsh, dissonant, and beyond your ability to comprehend, or even listen. The arts are human prayer, even those works of art that offend have at the heart of them a cry for understanding. Love seeks out every crack in the surface as the rain seeps into the earth to reach the hungry root.

Your families are made up from so many different roots, a veritable forest of confusion can erupt from two, then four, then many. Each one must discover how to live with the many. Some never see the sunlight because they are stunted, but the light reaches them, filtered through the many, and if the small sapling takes that light in, it prospers. That is the importance of sharing love, allowing love to flow from your hands, your eyes, your lips to another. Your mind creates many forms of love and revenge. You must choose which to share, which to bear. Revenge tastes sweet only if you have chosen not to love. Revenge is satisfying only if you have chosen not to feel your connection to love for a moment, for a year, or for all time. Revenge will strike back with the hand of love gone mad, driven into the dark corners of misunderstanding and confusion. Even the clear minded can be confused so as to strike out with revenge if they have lost their connection to love, which is the stillness within. Your minds are active and will need your will, your will to do god’s will, which is love, to keep them moving in the right direction.

Revenge in families is most painful and is usually the mistake of one feeling unloved. You can not change that one’s direction, only they are in charge of that choice, but you can continue to love them from whatever position you hold in relationship to them. This is difficult only when you fear criticism, fear looking the fool, fear and do not trust the power of love. You would withdraw, but I remind you that withdrawal is lack of faith in the power of love. Give with undemanding love and your living water of love will find the parched earth. If the sapling does not grow before your eyes, it will grow. Must you see everything? Are you so greedy for love that you must see the results of your efforts at all times? Or are you willing to love without confirmation that you are so very, very loving?

This is a challenge, this is everyone’s challenge, to give love freely and when or if you feel empty to return to the stillness for your drink, not demand that you be filled by others. Your families, your societies have taught you to look outside for food and drink, but we tell you that the source of love is within. The mother and the father, in a loving family that seeks the healthy growth of its children, will give love by physical touch, mental encouragement, tender mercies. And so it is with the Mother and Father within. The child is dependent upon the physical, but the grown man and woman must learn to stand alone and be able to give without demand. I repeat, the mind learns many patterns of demand in the process of growth, and the mind is active, able to create new demands. Your task is to grow in love’s open hand, love’s free channel run by the sweet center within.” Alana and others.

“I am here always. My death was painful, but no more than that of many others. Do not fear your death, live your life fully without fear, spend your life loving and you will have love as your handmaiden through the corridors of death. There is an agony for some, and I will be there. There is always grief for those leaving earlier than expectations allow, for those left behind, but I will be there. Your life is a letting go, a surrender to the reality of pain and death. Your life is buoyed up by surrender to the reality of love, given strength by surrender to the power of love. If you can believe in me, you can believe in the power of love to transcend all your petty squabbles and major conflicts. Give this to your world and to your future generations, give up your life to love, not the darkness and isolation of sorrow. So many can not find their way out, show them the way. I am with you. Michael.”

TR: This was a very intense experience, filled with light. I was breathing deeply after Michael’s message, as if exhausted.

“My loved one, rest now. Do not demand of yourself what you would not demand of others. Love is gentle. Sometimes, as now, love is overwhelming and “takes your breath away,” but trust that the love you feel within you is not only real, but the greatest gift, the most precious “heart of gold.” He is with you, as am I, and we are pleased.” Devina

TR: I was still breathing deeply, in fact deep breathing was necessary, vital.

“Nurture your self now, and do not ask your self to nurture more than you can handle. One at a time. Many when that opportunity comes and you can step up to the task, but one at a time is sufficient now, my little one.” Legion

Session 14

TR: A day has gone by, with practicing the stillness, glimpses and sound bytes of the teachers, and stillness exercise. I did not feel clear enough to transmit; I was disturbed by the working out of conflict and difference on the tml and did not want to allow my transmissions to become caught up in that emotional turmoil, or bias for my husband. It was a day of feeling a tad isolated from my path, yet it was a beautiful day, one in which I took care of myself. The impulse to leap in and fight David’s battles is present in me. I am aware of it in a new way, with patience, with respect for our separateness while also knowing that we are so united that he can not separate from my sensitivity, nor I from his. The new awareness is to see how he does respond, still himself, with his experience of my sensitivity taken into account. I have often in the past discounted his sensitivity and felt anger, or resentment, or, most tellingly, discounted. The teachers consistently help me find him within, that is, they speak to me in the stillness in such a way that I can understand and love him. Their forgiveness always brings understanding, that is a function of forgiveness. Each time one chooses to forgive, understanding follows so closely as to be right within the center of forgiveness. Love-forgiveness-understanding-love-forgiveness-understanding-love-forgiveness-understanding, a steady heart beat, a rhythmic breath, that even interrupted, catches itself up and breathes on again.

“We are in the present, only in the present. We are always with you. We always will be with you. Yet you can only know us when you enter into the “communion” here and now, in the present. All are members of this spirit family, yet all must choose to enter in order to know, to know beyond doubt, that they belong. The rhythms of this choice, the ripples on the pond, spread out to others as you continue to choose love with regularity, consistency, awareness, patience, humor, and appreciation for the complexities that create opposites that disappear in the flash of understanding that is only in the present. The irony is that we are here always, but only if you choose to know that we are here. Knowing is far more than what you can put down on paper. That is the use of your word “wisdom,” to attempt to define the ineffable quality of knowing god. The external manifestations of love are many and others are always drawn to these. But it is the love within, the love that can not be proved, that drives you to do good and radiates beauty.

Do not fear the vast open space of sharing that you call the tml. And do not expect it to do the whole job. Continue to seek out the stillness within for guidance. These are initial conversations. We have a long road to go together. There is no judge in this quiet room, only the truth and the truth shall set you free. It is truth that god is love. Your faith in this truth will not prevent you from meeting challenges that often appear, at least at first, to be more than you can bear. Faith in love does not set you outside harm’s way. Faith in love gives you the way through Urantia’s problems, dilemmas, conflicts. Faith in love belongs to everyone, so give your faith away, give your love away. Return to the stillness every time you need to restore faith, “fill-up” on love, then go forth and give it all away. Do not demand faith from others. Do not demand love, even loyalty. Demonstrate your love, your faith, your loyalty, above all to god’s will be true, and in god’s truth, which is love, you will find all you need to continue on your path. All pain enters into the realm of love as learning. Lessons blasted out of the mine of life. Love found in the heart of darkness. Turn to the way of light in life, love on earth, and our peace be within you.

You feel the pull of future-past only when you fail to be fully in the present. The present demands your awareness for your heart and mind to stay open to love. Studying the past, fearing or creating your vision of the future, avowing the past, perpetuating the past, fearing change, all these are natural to your patterns of demand for understanding, but true understanding occurs only now, here and now, in the present.

It is the steadiness of love’s presence that brings confidence to your suffering. You are awed by suffering, challenged, humbled, brought to your knees in prayer, but suffering is meaningless without love in the beginning and in the end. Recognize that love takes many forms, and embraces behavior you have no way of knowing or understanding except by faith in love. Your faith can not be bolstered up like an old lady in bed by the ministrations of others. Your faith is your responsibility alone. You may see the demonstrations of the faith of others. You may hear, you may read the stories of others’ faith, sometimes unpalatable to you, sometimes inspirational to you, yet still that is the faith of others, not your own. Your faith is your choice to believe God is Love and God’s Love encompasses All. Choose your faith. Practice the stillness. Allow love to flow through you and give it to others. There is no argument against those three commandments. If others view your statement of faith as foreign, trust that nothing is foreign to love. Your love can pass through the veils of misunderstanding. If others judge your faith, take your wounds into the stillness and return with the fresh radiance of god’s love, which is our love, which is yours. Breathe in love. Breathe out love. Walk through the mystery that love is real, all there is.

Love is the most creative. Love destroys evil from within. Clean your own heart. You can only sweep your own floor, the floor you stand on. You can not sweep two floors at once except by machinery, computers, robots, pushing buttons. Sweeping your own floor, the one you stand on, wherever that may be, can only be done by you.” A collaboration of Legion, Alana, and others.

Session 15

TR: A day or so passed by and I was in retreat, had a spat with my husband, felt leary of participating in a movement to save the world, a tad queazy about tr’ing, especially to presume to transmit Michael was a stretch for me. Met a beautiful lady, recent widow, healing from the loss of her beloved and a happy marriage of rich companionship, brought to our home by a male friend. The four of us spent the afternoon together, talking “god talk,” walking in the gardens. My husband commented that he felt the teachers’ presence all day. These transmissions are often referred to as very personal, yet I continue to feel the teachings are not just for me, but for anyone reading them.

“We are glad to have you back again, not that you have been away except in your own mind where you struggled and wrestled with your negative thoughts - against your self, your husband, people you love who are busy doing their own thing, people you have yet to love, and, of course, us, who you thought to have left you. Enjoy our “return” and the awareness that we never left you. Devina has practically incarnated just to get your attention, to bring you her love so that you could smile again in her presence. Yes, that is correct, she did this, breathe this in, breathe in your understanding that love is nothing to be feared, love is always available.

So you wonder why you turn away? My dear, your patterns of demand are ingrained from birth, they are necessary to survival in your life on Urantia. These are slowly left behind as you grow in your understanding and your awareness of god and god’s love. To know god’s love is a choice, not a demand. To hear us is a surrender, a choice to surrender to god’s will that you should know our love, receive our guidance, be assisted in doing god’s will in your life. You have impatience and fear, a veritable pea soup of misunderstanding in the tureen of your consciousness. You must be gentle toward your lagging consciousness. When you have “turned away” and are “lost” in that thick sadness and anger, savor the longing. It is true that yearning for love, yearning for the truth of love, will bring you out of the “soup.” Love is always waiting to be born in your understanding, the revelation that you call being “born again.” You realize that your fear has been imagined and must be shed. Your fear was given to you by the protective imaginings of parents who would have you live beyond birth into adulthood. You shed fear by allowing love to enter your mind in a new way. Love has been given to you. So has fear. You must renounce that which is not true. Only love is true and only love will lead you directly to the first source and center, which is god.

As a child you think of love as something without, something you begin to choose to give because love has pleasing associations. Slowly you begin to notice that some of your choices to love come from within, from a place different in kind from your mind. You call this place your heart, and because the organ of the heart is so necessary to your truest being, your truest life, that is an apt description of the “place” within from which this love, this spontaneous choice to love, comes. In other words it is not a ‘rational’ choice from the mind, although eventually you come to see it as the only ‘rational’ choice to be found. But of course you know now that ‘place’ is neither the heart, nor the mind. That ‘place’ is the fragment of god within, that gift from god which brings you to him and her embrace. Jesus’ gift of the spirit of truth is the guideline, the guide rope. You grab hold of it and whizz right to the center of it All, Love.

When you can not discern the love, then you have yet to discern the truth. That, my little one, is a description of your belief that you were lost. A belief only, yet beliefs can be so strong as to leave you wandering out there “lost” when always we were right there with you. And so the marvelous “coincidence” of seeing one in whose eyes you saw your love reborn. (TR: A friend brought a visitor to our home, a woman recently widowed.) She was a stranger to you and yet her presence was as familiar as an old shoe. Why? Study this. This was a woman who had nothing to hide. Her sorrow, her loss, was real. You noticed, however, that she did not shy away from expressing her love with strength and straightforwardness. This is a woman who has balance. We are glad you allowed her to be in your presence.

You will learn that all your fears can be handled graciously. Now you imagine walking the tight rope, wobbling, swinging over an abyss, your balance one of holding on to the umbrella of our love with the fierce grip of life and death. You will learn to trust that tight rope is an illusion, that your feet can stand on solid ground, step forth with confidence, carrying love without fear into a hungry world. To move from the tight rope to the solid path is so exciting that you become impatient with set-backs. Trust that every experience is an opportunity to learn, to master love, which is to do god’s will. As you treasure each experience, “good” and “bad,” you expand your embrace. Embrace yourself as well as others. Embrace your growth as well as your weakness. Backsliding is only growth in progress. We are very happy that you have come back to this: the only way is by faith in love, truth, beauty and goodness. We anticipate your growth in this ability that you now have to bring our teachings, our lessons of love, to others. Devina would have a word with you.” Legion and others.

“Think of all others as “my others” and you will have the inspiration to see them through my eyes. I love you and my love celebrates you. Allow my love to be your joy and share that joy with those you meet along your way. Do not worry that your joy is not understood by some or welcomed by some and not others, give what you have to those who will receive. Take time for the stillness now. You will notice that out of your stillness comes your practice of love.” Devina.

Session 16

  • June 23, 2000

TR: This transmission was cloudy. I deleted much of it. My mind fought with the idea that it could be Olfana. My mind insisted that she was busy elsewhere and could not be speaking through me at this time.

“Allow me to begin. The Family of God is the Family of Love, one family only because love has no boundaries, nor blood lines, only god as its first source and center. You begin in a small grouping, the nuclear family being at least three, and you grow from that beginning into the Family of the Universes. Change startles you, frightens you, pleases you, or does not. And so you learn to fear change, or anticipate it, picking the petals of the daisy hoping to get what you want as an answer. Such a gentle child’s game, yet you must continue to choose, yes or no, all your life. Will you choose love? Will you not.

Love changes your life. You make these decisions repeatedly. Even when the choice is to love, you meet and must accept change. It is like a Jackson Pollack painting, so many colors, such seeming chaos, yet the painting is a whole, even dissonant colors “work” and are accepted by the eye contemplating the whole picture. The world is made up of so many colors, so many variations of dark and light. Learning to Love is learning to traverse through this seeming chaos with your eye on the light, that which holds the chaos in balance. Each time you choose to love, or to forgive in love, you achieve a new understanding. Sometimes this feels as if you have made “no progress.” You judge your selves within the limited viewpoint of your short lives, or your momentary disappointments. All are joined by the choice to love. It is yours to make, yours alone.”

Session 17

  • June 24, 2000

The Connected Feeling between You and Others “When there is chaos in your mind, or your emotions pull you into dark thoughts, turn to Christ Michael. Go into the stillness where your longing to love will be connected with our love. Pride can not last very long as you sink into the loving depths of your stillness practice. There is no pride here, only the joint effort to bring you into an understanding that you are loved. If we succeed, we are “happy.” All correction should lead you to this connected feeling, between you and others, between your self and our selves. When you do not feel connected, then you are holding something apart, some grudge, some part of your imagined self is being kept in your treasure box, a jewel you shine for your eyes only, for only you to see your reflection. Love connected to love does not save anything for the morrow, does not set one apart from another. As soon as you feel your self being set apart pray for god’s guidance.

Session 1

  • The Correction of Love

You set your selves apart with pride, shame, guilt, anger. You want so much. But when your wanting takes over it drives you to distraction and separates you from love. Love is not demanding. Love is not subservient. Love is not guilty. Love will turn the tables on you, turn them over to reveal the underside of pride and self importance, but Love will not take away your self respect. Love is always an opportunity to choose to do the will of god. Love is the act of connection, not separation. The correction of love deepens your connection to love, never the opposite.

Session 18

  • Share Your Struggles with Love with Others

As you practice the stillness and thus practice connecting your self to love, practice sitting in the very center of love, you will learn how to approach your fellow companions on earth with calm consideration. Your fears block off your understanding of what you want, which is always love. Stubbornness is the outer shell of fear, you fear you will not get what you want, you fear you will surrender your wants to another. I tell you, fear not to talk with others regarding your struggles to express and connect with love. The direct way is often the best, “Would you share love with me?” Legion

Session 19

  • Focus on Love

“Your efforts to connect with Me are the same every one has trying to connect with their deepest center within, wherein they find some One listening to them, some One willing to speak with them. I am the Listener. I Listen with Love. The Love you experience in my Listening is the Love I Communicate to You at all Times and in All Places. I am Love. I am the Love that Passes through Me to You from the Father and the Mother’s embrace. I am All There Is. I am Allah. I am Buddah. I am You. And I am More than these, for I am the Unifying Force that Holds Everything Together. Focus your attention on Love, that is all I ask, that is your task on earth, your precious Urantia.” “That is Michael speaking to you through me.” (ananda?…arantha?…arch angel?…the TR could not hear the name clearly. Later realize it may have been Machieventa.)

Session 20

  • June 25, 2000

“Do not fear. Do not fear. Do not fear. This is the message of Love. Trust in me. I will not take over your life, although your life will be changed by me, by your faith in me, by your service to the message of love. If I give you guidance, it is still your choice to choose my way. The essential choice is to choose love. Remember me however you will, your remembrance is the golden light of love expressing itself over time, space and eternity.” Again, this is Micahel speaking through another.

“It is your love that matters most now. Your love opens doors to more love passing through you. There is no particular form. In the stillness there is no form, there is only love. You hear us differently. You have many ideas shaped by your remembrance of things past. You celebrate our message in many ways. All celebrations of love count. Celebrate love.” Legion.

“You are seeing things differently, are you not my love? You are looking through the eyes of love. The power of love is far greater than charm or social score-keeping. You have experienced the wonders of forgiveness. Remembering, but forgiving in that remembrance, is to give the past a leg-up to love.

You took His hand in faith. You were like the little child in your receptivity, no judgement, no fear. You allowed love to flow through your awareness, cleansing the mind, sweeping your own floor. What have you discovered? You notice that your anger disappeared. Anger accumulates in dusty corners when you are busy paying attention elsewhere. Your investigation of others, your perusal into their bona fides, your beliefs about what would be good for them, your protests that you are better than others think you to be, all these assessments must be sifted through your consciousness to reveal how you are seen through their eyes. To connect with love, you must be able to connect with how another sees you. To connect with love, you must be able to connect this other viewpoint with how you see yourself. You fit the jagged edges together with the seam of love.

My others are your love reflected back to you, and my love expanded through them. They often speak to you through the eyes of others on the planet Urantia. They speak to you through your willingness to listen to them in the stillness, your willingness to share your stillness time with them, your willingness to open up to the transmission of love.

We would speak to your group, whether it be those reading now what you have been able to convey via your talented fingers, or those who gather with you. You are in a unique position to understand because you have already seen the pitfalls to faith and belief, yet you have faith and you believe. Your beliefs, shaped only by faith, are open to change for you believe in a god of love and truth and you fear no examination. This lack of fear allows you to listen uniquely. You have no need to convince, only to love. You will know what you can handle as each challenge comes your way. You now understand that you need protection, not from the negativity of others, but from the need to take care of the negativity of others. Let them sweep with their own brooms, take to yours.” Devina

“There is an adjustment to be made when you start listening to love. You hear it when you least expect it. It crowds out a lot of noise to which you had become accustomed, if not happily so. Let love show you how to think about these things. You will notice that love does not talk about these things, only does love teach you how to think. Love can shape your mind to see things differently, to see co-operation where there appears to be none, to find truth in the construct of lies, to celebrate joy in a world of chaos. Families of any sort need only focus on the message of love in order to function. This is difficult only because you have love entwined with other functions.” Legion. (TR: This lesson was interrupted.)

Session 21

  • June 26, 2000

“Our task is much greater than you had imagined. More personal, yet more universal. You must work with each other, like the puzzles in which each piece must be placed accurately, you must fit together with others in order to make the picture whole, in order for the picture to show up perfectly, with brilliance of detail. This is not a parlor game, however. This puzzle of love is crucial to your future on Urantia. You can not reach the great or the far away except as you are willing to listen and then communicate what you have heard. Share the lessons that are changing your life. The world is hungry for direction and we are doing our best to give direction to all who will hear. Your conference (Oklahoma) will produce messages of importance, share them with everyone you know. You do not have to reproduce every word and paragraph, send your friends the simple messages, the directions to love and not to fear. You will receive greater energy, your reception will be heightened, by the results of the conference. Everyone will be encouraged.

The human body is a multiple receptor. Your friend (a group member in Costa Rica) is correct, the sensual energy, the sexuality of your body, is designed to reproduce, but also to bring you closer to god. When sexuality is taken as a spiritual direction, a means of bringing you closer to an understanding of the value and dignity of your life on earth, then it is fulfilling its purpose. You have many experiences that lead you away from this understanding, or block this understanding with fear and guilt. These experiences can be overcome with love.

We are eager to cleanse the world of the guilt that abides in the minds of men and women who reject this simple truth: your bodies are designed to receive and to transmit love. Every effort to achieve love is recognized. There is no shame when your attempt has failed. Follow our direction to learn from every wrong turn how to turn again toward love. The direction is simple: practice the stillness within where the living water of love can wash away your pain and render your heart open again to the joys of love shared. It is in the stillness you will find our love lifting you up into the arms of the Father. It is in the stillness that you will know the Mother’s embrace. Each of you gives unto the other your earthly equivalent, but still you must return to the stillness to connect you with us.

When you feel separation from others, reach out your hand as Michael has reached out to you, and say, Share my love. When you feel separated from me, go immediately in to your stillness practice. Go into the stillness and I will be there. Share with me for I have so much to share with you. I am Legion, your friend. I am always your friend and I am here to give you my hand in friendship so that you may know friendship with man. Men and women must learn how to put their hands upon each other’s heart with the sensitivity of ears listening to the still quiet voice within. Teach this delicate dance to others as you learn. My hand of love is upon you. Go now and put your hand upon the heart of the man you would most know on earth, the man with whom you would share your love and your inner thoughts, fears, beliefs, and joys. You can not touch the hearts of all men with your physical hand, for they would not understand, but you can learn from your experience with onem how to understand other men and how to give them love without fear. Each person you meet is an opportunity to enhance the world. When you are unafraid, others will be given the opportunity to feel their own worth, and to be glad.

I am glad for you. You have given me this opportunity to gently lead you into the heart of the relationship with your husband. Trust in me to take you through the corridors of your fear and misunderstanding. The relationship between a man and a woman is vital to an understanding of the world. All relationships provide the opportunity to learn, all relationships must learn to balance out difference, but the relationship between men and women must climb a mountain of difference. The antagonism that has been nurtured by your culture must be lessened.

You no longer avoid me. When you have learned to come willingly and with welcome into the pattern of my love, my male love, you will have made a leap forward into the transmitting of my love toward others. But even greater will be your discovery that I am not alone in my love for you. There are others. And even greater than that you will discover that my energy, my male energy, is always in concert with, backed up by, co-operating with, conjoined with the female. This is the ultimate lesson of sexuality, the two patterns are one. Everyone can discover this miracle.

Love is the conjoiner. In every partnership love brings two patterns together to form a new pattern. This new pattern is love rising upward and outward into the heart of god wherin no identity is separated from the co-creation of love. Every partnership, every relationship, is a ladder to love. Even the most brutal encounter can be transformed by love. We are always there to help, but you must offer your hands to those in need as well, for violence and brutality are created from below, not from above. Your touch of love can change a life forever because you can lead the way to understanding. When you see someone curled up in their corner of darkness, give them love, freely, as our love has come freely to you.

Practice the stillness for yourself, but now I would suggest also that you practice the stillness with some one else (singular, not the group), and I would suggest for you that this be done with your husband. We will discuss your discoveries in your future.” Legion.

“Hello my little one, this is Devina here to encourage you to listen. I am with you on this most intricate journey into the understanding of love between man and woman and god.” Devina.

Session 22

“Everyone is concerned about marriage because every one came from a marriage of one sort or another, even the brutal marriage of two bodies brought together in violence. You would prefer not to think of that latter kind of “marriage.” Not all marriages come from love; yes, not all marriages are “made in heaven.” Biological mating, be it rape or consensual congress, can co-create another human being, which is a sacred function, but not all marriages are sacred. If love could be regulated we would gladly see that done on earth, but you can only regulate fear. Where there is love, there is liberty. Marriage should be understood only as one more form of human relationship, one in which all the lessons of love can be learned if love is at the center of the union.” Legion

“Please allow me to begin. May I begin now that you are convinced I am free to speak with you?” (TR: Yes. I had resisted hearing from Olfana because my mind kept insisting she had to be busy at the Oklahoma conference.) “If you are to realize the full flowering of your garden, you can not allow your old ideas of space and time and the separation created by rules and regulations that have long been failing to help you on Urantia, to continue. The full flowering of Urantia is about to begin. This is a flowering of grand proportion, a swirling dance of light and life, an explosion of color sweeping bright across the universe. It is wondrous to see from my perspective. I welcome each of you into this harmony. The ability to switch partners lovingly without cost to anyone is a lesson yet to be learned among your brothers and sisters on Urantia. The ability to hear from many teachers is a lesson to be learned by you, if you would understand that all are loved equally, and still you are precious to me in your unique manner of being.

The many colors of the garden, when painted by the brush stroke of love, create an image of harmony and light. The many languages and voices of your planet clamor to be heard. We listen with love. Our love translates every cry of pain and confusion into harmony. Transmit our love to others in the language that you know. Language is love received and transmitted. The effort to communicate is the effort of love to reach across from one to another, across the barriers of confusion and ignorance, across the unknown. You learn to speak slowly, then in leaps of understanding you speak sentences and paragraphs, movies and plays, dramas of life. Your understanding encompasses greater numbers of words and ideas until you can “read” the language of others, or “know” their ideas and world-view. When you attempt to go beyond language you enter the realm of love. Consider me one who can speak to many in the language of love that is their own.

I am pleased that you and your group have discovered that the discipline of the stillness practice is clearly the most important task before you. It is within the stillness that you will learn to know the language of love. Tell your other friend (a group member in Costa Rica), again, that she must practice the stillness within. It is only within the stillness of our love for you that you will know you have truth within you as well. It is the truth of our love within that you must learn to trust and allow this love to guide you. In order to practice truth in love “without,” that is between each other, you must first learn to trust in that love from within. Your stillness practice increases your trust. Where there is love is the liberty of love flowing from one to another without hindrance or fear. You are in a unique position to listen to me now because you live in a “foreign land.” You have learned to make allowances, to allow for misunderstanding. It is foolish to think that any one person, or teacher, or god is yours and yours alone. This kind of separative thinking is not a crime, but hardly allows for the voices of nations to get along. Thank you. I must ‘get along’ myself now. Your struggle to hear me has been rewarded. It is a reward to us both.” Olfana

Session 23

“Tell your friend (a group member in Costa Rica) that a soldier of love is welcome in my boot-camp of love and I applaud her for her efforts to follow the path she has chosen. She must, nevertheless, remember that the stillness practice is the greatest discipline. It eventually becomes the background to all choice and is the flexible canvas of love. She fears to ask her questions openly. Her answers are here (in these transmissions) and within (in her stillness practice). How love’s answers come to you is less important than that you receive the message of love and pass it on. The universe welcomes you like a child who stands up under the table and bumps his head. You must shed your language of hate and war, your language of desperation and fear. There is only the language of love here. We will be drumming the beat of love tirelessly to bring that rhythm of love into your heads as a refrain you would never end. As you grow, grow always in love.” Legion

Session 24

  • June 30, 2000

“There is always the struggle between importance and unimportance among you on Urantia. Were you to completely understand just how small your world was, your mind would freeze over. What is important is to do god’s will. Do you choose to do god’s will? If yes, that is what is important, not you. At the same time, each of you has the fragment of god within and that is important. Therefore so are you. How you live your life matters because you carry god within. Do you express god’s will? Or do you choose to cancel god from your menu? You world grows smaller as you lean into god. Strangers become your brothers and sisters. Odd looking fellows across the globe become your brothers and sisters. Your eyes look out upon the skies and you see the vast universe as your home.

We can not make you important, but every smile you extend to others, every message of love you pass on among your neighbors is of such value to us. And so should you value your ability to love. To be satisfied with your simple daily life, causing no harm, has lost the luster it once had among Urantians. To stitch the sampler that will be passed down through the ages saying, “Love thy neighbor.” has become important not for the message but because it was done some many generations ago. Yet the woman who put love in each and every stitch, what about her? Of course you worry about health and economics and making the right decisions and all of these things make a difference to your style of life, but your ability to love, your ability to sustain goodwill is what will be with you when your life on earth comes to its final moments. And these final moments do come, to everyone, no matter how impressive your style. Your dissatisfactions come from training your eyes to see only the outer shell. Contentment is yours within.

Your friend is restless and struggles because he has not accepted that his only task is to quiet his mind and seek the stillness within. Once he achieves this, all other answers will come to him without struggle. His fear is a shield from the path of stillness. His teacher waits for him. There is no hurry on this side. Your friend wants answers about another, but first comes tending to the garden within. What difference does it make if she chooses one thing or another, if he remains unsettled within? She may go and he still will not know the peace he seeks with so much effort. If she stays, he still will not know the effortless peace that he hopes to find in her arms. Love between humans is both the vital necessity that is part of god’s will, and the deceptive palliative that eases the mind away from one’s center within. Tell your friend he is so loved he would laugh at his present state of confusion were he to know and accept the love that awaits him. His desire to do Father’s will is evident and appreciated. Now he might apply that goodwill toward himself. Practice the stillness. There is nothing to fear. Within the stillness is love, the healing love that can wash away his fears and concerns. What is to fear if his teacher loves him? More love? Would he keep his cup half full only because he fears that more love will cause him to feel too good? There is no burden in accepting love.

And now I would speak to you about love. So many fears and demands surround this experience on your world. Love is your companion in life. You are never alone. Your grief of misunderstanding, your wounds of betrayal, your losses and fears, all are as nothing when you turn to the love within that is god the Father and Mother Spirit, your eternal companion throughout the many worlds of existence. Can you not recognize the joy in this? The humor of life is to know that love is everywhere hiding and waiting only for you to pop up and say I am the love I have been seeking! It is better to give than to receive because the love from within is eternal, never ending. You give love and you feel glad, even if your love is not received well, even if the other one can not return love from their center within. What need is there if you have found the source? Following this path you will find many distractions that lead you to think you must have this, that, or the other in order to continue. You need nothing but the love from within. Oh such a leap of faith, you exclaim. How can I jump into the pool of love without assurance I will survive? I say to you, Jump. Leap. Love is the lifeline and the lifeboat and the lifeguard. We will catch you. Come. There is more joy within than you have ever imagined. Leap and you will find your joy without is manifested every day. It is this leap that each person must make on his or her own. The leap that surpasses understanding. The leap that leaves fear and loneliness behind. The leap of Love.

I have been glad to be with you this morning. I thank you for listening. We will meet and speak again.” Legion.

Session 25

  • July 1, 2000
“It is always fear that prevents the breakthrough into love. Fear and its companion doubt. This is where dedication to your choice to do the will of god, which is to love, comes in to play. Each time you feel your self trapped on the distant shores of separation and doubt, concentrate only on that choice you have made to trust in god’s love and to seek god’s guidance. You will find god always there to reassure you. Maybe you won’t immediately turn toward those from whom you have separated yourself, but you will find peace. And when there is peace in your heart, the peace of god’s love, then you will have the courage to reach out again toward those you love. 

Fear that you are on the wrong track, or that you have wasted days and years, is only lack of faith in god’s will for you to be fulfilled. Fear that “time is running out” and you will not satisfy your destiny is the failure to see from the extended viewpoint that is available to you when you rest in god’s loving presence. Giving to others is certainly part of doing god’s will, but giving to your self is god’s will as well. You must give your self the benefit of my love. You must allow yourself to sip from the cup of god’s love. Loving others is the way of god, but if you fail to love your self as you would love others, you will find your self empty and withdrawn, separated from that which you most cherish.

When you are in a state of loving your self, you are relaxed. You do not fear another’s judgement, you do not need to fear giving. When you are loving yourself, you have no need to hurt another, even if that other has attempted to hurt you. You will not be disappointed in others, only filled with compassion for their failure to love themselves and therefore you. The fear on your planet has grown so great it is as a great wall blocking out the sun. Without light one can not see, yet many do see for the light shines from within. This wall will crumble, the cracks are already there and some, seeing the light beyond, laugh at their fear. But when fear has become a national past time, those who can see the light from within must speak out. For some of you the light is very dim, only just beginning to shine within your heart, the cracks in the wall just discovered. And so you must fan the fire, so to speak, focus on that small light and allow it to expand until the heart and mind are filled with the light of god’s love. When your light is bright, then can you become as a search light, a beacon for others. You become the light house in the storm. First tend to your own light, then let your light shine before others.

Are you beginning to understand the importance of small tasks? Wealth and fame, power and significance, pale in comparison to the task of loving one step at a time, daily. You wonder, is such a small voice heard? The voice of one loving is heard throughout the universe.” Legion

Session 26

  • Later, July 1, 2000

“Self-love is not pride, although one can be proud to be a god loving human being. Self-love has no arrogance, except in the adolescence of learning to know god and learning how to love oneself. Self-love gives, but does not empty the purse. Self-love is the discovery of god within. The discovery of self- love includes the recognition that god dwells within every one, and so, self-love gives birth to loving others as well. If self-love were only love for the ego self, you would not have the courage or the strength to love others. The self of self love is nourished from the eternal spring of god’s love. You can not do it alone, and the blessing of life is that you are never alone for god is your indwelling spirit and we are always with you.

It is with self love as well as love for others that you forgive. Every opportunity to forgive is an opportunity for self love, to forgive your self in this other person, to forgive the self this other person is perceiving, to forgive the image of you the other person is revealing. When you can not forgive, you have lost touch with god’s love, you have broken your connection. This is a daily practice. The daily practice of stillness, the daily walk with god, is the daily practice of self love, or the daily practice of forgiveness, which is the love of self and other. Forgiveness lacks nothing. True forgiveness erases the past and eliminates fear of the future. True forgiveness is given to you by god and moves through you as god’s love. Anything less is manipulation, conscious or unconscious, and that which has not truly been forgiven will leap up at you suddenly, a menacing ghost from the past, or a fearful voice of the future. When forgiveness fails, it is only that someone feels unloved by god. Forgiveness can be complete for you, nonetheless, for in forgiveness you surrender your self and the other to god’s love. When both have surrendered to god’s love, the light shines brighter, as two lights shine. When that light shines on others, three and four and many more are affected, and so the light grows. Forgiveness, like love, is contagious. Forgive your self in god’s love and with god’s love forgive others. Human love is always subject to human failures. It is when human love is transfused with god’s love that miracles occur, human miracles of love.” Legion.

Session 27

  • July 2, 2000

“When you fight like children, when you allow your tempers to scream, you are releasing energies that have clogged up your arteries, so to speak. It is important to forgive your self for this outburst and to proceed along the path of love. Do not continue to scold your self. Do not withdraw into the cave of wounds. Isolation enhances understanding when used to practice the stillness, but isolation can feed the flames of wounded self righteous fury. Step out of the circle of your pain and distress and see in the light of others that you need them, you need to bask in their light in order to remember who you are, separate from the small curled up angry being that you have temporarily become. When two fight, they become one nasty ball of confusion. One can unravel the ball. One can knock the ball out of the stadium. Two can agree to embrace and let the anger roll away. To recognize that two have become one in anger is the key; to recognize that your arms are embraced in anger, and can be instantly embraced in love. Simply surrender the anger to us, we will sort it out for you. You find this difficult because you have been taught to study in order to achieve results.

As a child of god you must balance between the child’s innocence, the child’s willingness to obey god’s will without question, and the survival mechanisms, the critical thinking and problem solving, of the adult. There is a discipline to this. It is necessary to discern danger, or to recognize when another’s self interest or fear is designed, intentionally or unintentionally, to ruin you, or defeat your understanding of self love. It is necessary to have tools of survival. Yet the ultimate survival, the true survival, the survival within, is provided through the innocence of love unquestioned. We have compassion for you. This is a difficult balance to walk. And so we recommend the stillness practice, those moments in which you need not walk, only be led deep within, by us, to the heart of the matter. Anger convinces, creates a separation that appears to be real, love washes that appearance away. Still, it is important not to allow the stillness practice to become a form of retreat from others. You are meant to relate to your brothers and sisters on this planet. You are meant to learn to love and this can only be done with others on your sphere, in your realm of existence. Our love is your sustenance, but your love must offer sustenance to others. It is wonderful to enjoy the solitude of our love, to feel so well loved you can imagine needing no other, but our love is not for you to keep alone. Our love is for you to carry forth into the world. We encouraage you.” Legion and Alana.

Since choice appears to you as a matter of cause and effect, you have difficulty comprehending why, as a child of god, you must be born again or rest forever in your sins. Even to be born again is a choice, and a choice that must occur eternally, continually, again and again. That is creativity, choosing. Because creation destroys what came before, and do not think destroy is negative, like murder, creation must continue to create, to choose. The joy of being born into the consciousness of your status as a child of god would seem to end all choice, yet that knowledge is kept alive by choice alone.

We will continue when you are ready to allow such difficult ideas to come through you.

Session 28

  • July 2, 2000 Our small group met, smaller than ever with only three, David, myself and Sandi. The significant event was that for the first time I transmitted Legion, at the end of the meeting, during our stillness practice. Legion, and others as well, encouraged us, spoke to us as having the power to change peoples’ lives for the better, and encouraged us to continue to send Willy our healing love even if he did not attend the meetings. At the end, I could hear Legion and others saying over and over, “This is good.” When I mentioned this after our group ended, Sandi said, “Oh, and I was saying over and over, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

For the past four to five days, David and I were going through some rough waters. I had gone to San Jose. He had discovered porno on the internet. My return brought two separate realities together and we were unable to make loving contact. David had to overcome guilt re his self pleasuring, a guilt that he projected on to my reactions to his clumsy approach toward including me in his porno pleasure. Each time we tried to talk through our difficulties, we got caught up in our separate perceptions and resisted the perception of the other. Our coming together demanded ever ounce of wisdom the teachers gave to us each day.

Session 29

  • July 6, 2000

Resistance to change prevents the full expression of love and gratitude for what you have now. When you hold an attitude of thankfulness, you are able to see clearly and without fear what is good and what needs to change. Thankfulness carries with it the humble acknowledgement that everything you have is in the present, subject to change at any moment, in need of respect. Flexibility is required to maintain integrity. Rigidity, holding on to that which is already past, prevents receptivity, blocks new insights designed to bring your world into the light. After all, what is the past except a series of choices that led you to the present? It is in the nature of choice, free will choice, to create new choices; once you have licked the ice cream cone that pleasurable experience is in the past. True pleasure comes from the full choice, nothing held back, the flexibility of breathing into the experience, nothing stale. Even those aspects of life that are seemingly immutable, always there, unchanging, even such sturdy assumptions are subject to change from within. Refusing to listen to the harbingers of change, the warning signals, the subtle hints of necessity, creates conflict. Even your daily changes and unexpected detours create upsets when you do not have the flexible response required to stay in the present time experience.

The deepest stillness embraces change like a mother watching every nuance of change in her newborn child. Growth is subtle, a delicate interaction of forces and experience which only occur in the present. Without this ever present sensitivity, this present interaction, the mind holds on to illusions and creates new ones, thus change occurs in the fantasy of the mind. War and other crimes against brother and sister occur, ignorant of the consequence to self and other, turning fear into false courage, impenetrable, unresponsive to the needs of the present situation, the real needs of a population, a group, a few, a couple. You are all children of god and therefore joined together by the greatest force of all, love. Love exists, love survives, love lives only in the present. As the mother sees the child’s subjectivity begin to express itself in relationship to her, she knows a blossoming of love. This inter-subjectivity is the link of living love and its absence, the refusal to listen in the present, creates blind acts of injustice and cruelty. The awareness of self and other is necessary to love, it can not flow otherwise. The awareness of self and other must occur in the present, for without that awareness in the present choices are made in the mind only, subject therefore to the stale breath of illusion. Anger with the past is a refusal to live in the present, a refusal to make choices based on the present reality. Fear of the future blinds one to all that is present and available to you for peace and serenity.

You are about to embark on a journey. Travels allow one to practice the stillness and challenge one to respond in the present. Stay alert and aware to everything you encounter. You will have the opportunity to be family to many people. Bring your present state of awareness into this opportunity. Do not fear subjective evaluations. Gladly give your faith an opportunity to shine. Seek that understanding of god’s love and god’s presence in each one you meet. Learn from each child of god. They gather in the name of family. Allow yourself to be welcomed into that family status without fear. Watch and see how this family strives to be loving. Give your love freely. Be curious to know each one. Seek to know how love has shaped each life. Families come together in hope that love will reassure them. Reassure each one that they are loved, by you and by god’s design. Remember to give thanksgiving in remembrance of this, that all are loved equally. Do not allow appearances to prevent you from sharing love. To hear another’s love is no different than to listen to our love; it takes focus, will, a complete devotion to the task. We will be with you. Look for the light, it will be there reflected in everyone’s eyes. Express your joy and thankfulness for god’s love at every opportunity. Keep in tune with me, for I will be ready to remind you to choose the path of love, not fear. You can not know your value to others if you remain hidden from them. You will have many opportunities to express the values you learned from membership in this family. Tolerance, the ability to recognize sameness and diversity with love. Patience, the ability to wait for love to reveal itself. Gratitude, the ability to honor human frailty with love. Joy, the simple celebration of life lived with god’s exuberant love. Give to each member of this family the same gifts you would give to the larger family that you have joined by your free-will choice to do god’s will, which is to love. Choose this family without guilt or obligation, only from the choice to love. Take these lessons with you and read them, in whole or in part, with your help mate. Remember, all are loved by me, by Christ Michael, and all are worthy in our eyes.” Legion

“Grasp the understanding that nothing but love need be brought before the Lord, and nothing but love need be your gift to others. The presence of your love will outshine all temporary enticements. When love shines forth from your eyes, saturates every word and deed, lesser concerns fall away. Have strength in your ability to know God’s love belongs to everyone. Will you share love with me? That is always a graceful beginning.” Devina

Session 30

  • August 5, 2000 – More on Self-love vs self-love

Legion, Alana

Q: Please clarify the self-love that I have understood as important to the ability to love others, and the self-love that becomes blind to others and God’s love.

“It is a matter of independence, or belief in one’s independence, the belief that you can to do it all, be the only one. Self-love, which is the discovery of God Within, is fully cognizant of your interdependence. You can not grow without help. You can not love all alone. Sometimes the joy of love, and the extreme sense of power that can come coursing through the ego-body when one is fully immersed in the flow of God’s love, creates a sensation so grand, so omnipotent and invulnerable, that human beings are tempted to believe such power is theirs to keep, to own, to direct, and to control. This is an illusion. You are not alone. You are never alone. We are always here and God’s love is always available. The key to it all is God’s Love.

My dear one, you encounter this temptation in the process of transmitting. As you grow in your ability, as others open up to asking and wanting to hear, you may imagine sometimes that you are unique, which of course you are, but you may imagine unique with a power that is, in truth, not yours, but God’s to give and yours to receive and transmit. The more you are willing to receive God’s love, which is God’s power, the more you will experience the ability to transmit and to create your life according to God’s will. This may appear to be miraculous, and thus the ego-self is tempted to puff itself up. The true Self, which is to say, the Self that is greater than the ego and lasts longer than the body, knows that God’s will is at work in transmitting, or any other Event of Service. When your ego-self takes over, tries to be the only motivating force, an entirely different scenario begins and entirely different results obtain.

I have said before, the Self-love that I am teaching you is love for the Self that is God Within. I am that I am. Stillness is spending time with that Self. The ego-self of pride and arrogance treats the stillness as a self-reflecting mirror into which the ego can look and preen or frown and complain. The ego-self is driven, not drawn. Even the ego-self that wallows in self-pity or cringes in self-hate and self- desperation is driven by the desire to be as god, to be the center of that ego’s world. If one is willing to acknowledge that even your planet has more than enough egos clamoring all for the same omnipotence and control, then one is likely to begin to let go and recognize that your little ego is very tiny indeed, and not much of a voice among millions. If one is willing to relinquish that illusion and rather than calling out with your one and single voice, instead join with all those who call as one to God, then you will discover God’s power moves through those who love God more than the ego-self. And in that experience, you will know that all those who truly love God are speaking in the same voice.

I have spoken to you before, the ego is constructed for survival in your realm, but if you would love, the ego must surrender to the greater Self Within, the Self that is not visible or knowable except by love.

You are still learning to practice the stillness. You have achieved the ability to transmit, but you must nevertheless cultivate the stillness within at all other times as well. This does not mean that you can not laugh and play or carry on those activities that are common among men and women of your day. What this means is that you will always carry within you our peace. You will always have a consciousness of the stillness no matter what you are doing or where you are. This means that your thoughts, words and deeds will have as a steady background, and be informed by, the stillness. This means that even the most spontaneous acts will flow from stillness and be informed by God’s love.” Legion

“Welcome. I am so happy to be with you this morning. I have been with you each day of your trial of disappointment and distress. I have witnessed your attempt and success at staying within the stillness throughout, but I have longed to speak to you, to give you my faith in your learning to have faith even when your closest associates disappoint you.

You want to know how to continue to trust among those who have proved themselves untrustworthy. There is the trust that walks the cement, that stands on two feet and builds relationships that do not, or do, founder. Then there is the trust that is akin to faith, the trust that extends itself above and beyond the visible, that includes such a big picture, such an understanding of the divine plan, that broken trust is rather like the scratch on a new car, the vehicle is “broken in” but continues to run.

Over a lifetime you collect many scratches. From time to time you wonder if you have caused the scratch, or attracted the scratch due to your lack of driving skills. You imagine that you do not know how to discern who to trust and who not to trust. It is Father’s will that you trust in Him. He will not abandon you as your fellow residents on your planet are wont to do when their wants and needs, their ego-will, take precedence over their commitment or desire to stay true to Father’s will, which is to love one another and be true to that love which He has given unto you. You are enjoined by me to speak with the Father’s love. Father’s love will reveal untruth, disloyalty, deception. The Father’s love does not punish. The Father’s love reveals the darkness by bringing light.

When you confront those who disappoint you by their lack of love or their inability to respect your way of life, speak with the Father’s love, not anger. It is your anger that continues to attract those who would drive your “car” as they see fit. It is wise and important to confront, or to point out the scratch, but when you can do these things without anger, your clarity will introduce light. What the other person does with the light that you are able to bring into their life and being, is strictly up to them. You do not need to follow after them to be sure they “got it.” Nurture your own light seeking. Sometimes you feel alone. Others fail you. But we will not fail you when you turn to us for comfort and love. We have said before that we can not protect you from disappointments, but we can lift you up into the Father’s arms. We will guide you every time you ask and listen. Yes, you are about to make a major change in your life and there are those who would take advantage of your instability. But do not fear. We are with you and all will be well.” Alana

Session 31

  • August 18, 2000 – The Dance of Disappointment

“Yes, this is Alana once again. And I would continue to speak to you about Self-love, self-love, and Family love. The family is made up, of course, of many individuals, at least three, struggling to develop into their mature selves. Yes, even parents are still involved in this struggle. At the same time, these individuals have been born into a grouping that instills in them the idea of loyalty to kin, especially when the family gives comfort. This loyalty is the early understanding of the loyalty-love that we would have you experience toward God, our Father and Mother Spirit.

Early loyalty is based on love and care, safety, and in the most despairing of families, fear. Later in time, each individual differentiates, especially children growing out of early innocence and ignorance. Then loyalty is tested because new ideas and untoward experiences, changing lives, even the development of new families, create situations in which one must decide what one will believe, and what one will stand for as meaningful and valuable. Unless one has developed the power of the stillness, the inclination to consult your Center Within for God’s consul, it is possible to make mistakes from one’s limited viewpoint or defense of old patterns and thus break with family loyalty and stand alone. This division may also occur when one is standing for God’s will, which is to love. In the first situation, one must eventually break down the personal belief system to understand the disloyalty. In the second situation others will break down their belief system in order to turn toward the higher loyalty.

Naturally, in family groups, and most groups resemble families of one sort or another, the separate egos test themselves out against one another, children testing themselves against parents, siblings rivaling to distinguish themselves against one another. Until the ego has established itself as strong enough to withstand the disruptions and disappointments of ordinary life, and to discern the disloyalties that can cause betrayal, it is vulnerable. The strength that goes beyond ego strength is the strength that comes from God’s love. And so we recommend that families teach prayer, the prayer that is stillness and seeking within for God’s love and strength. Children find this stillness even when they are taught word prayer. But the trick, the major challenge, is to learn to consult this confident stillness even when the ego is being required to keep up with the social and developmental challenges that the social world demands. Many mistakes are made along the way and hearts are broken. Disappointment is the river over which God’s love carries you. If you can imagine that life comes to an end and in that end is your greatest disappointment that must be accepted (to leave your earthly life behind), then in your acceptance you will find stillness and peace and the will to go on with God’s joy. So it is with even your small disappointments. Stillness and peace can be found if you will go within and watch from within that quiet loving place the dance of disappointment.” Alana

“I will give you an example: you tense up your muscles at times when your mind has “locked up” surrounding an issue that is unresolved for you. Carrying the stillness within you, is to bring the relaxation you now feel speaking with me into those moments, those habits of tension and worry. Your tension is a form of intention, a focus that is intended to serve you and designed by the ego function in life. The focus of faith is upon the ease with which God loves you. Our Father’s love does not need tension in order to create clarity. God’s love is clarity, of mind and heart. We would have you relaxed in your Heart Room. Love takes all tension of whatever kind and surrenders to joy, joy in the light that shines upon your world and surrounds your very being. Ease your tensions into God’s love at every opportunity.” Legion

Session 32

  • August 28, 2000


“I am here. I am listening. I understand.

You want to be alone. This is the cry of the human person crowded. I leave you alone now, for a moment.

There. You have renewed your personal energy, you have swept your own floor. I thank you for making your needs clear.

Now, if you are ready, I will say more. Your life seems to be moving at a rapid pace, emotionally, spiritually. Your mind is being challenged almost twenty-four hours a day. You sink into sleep hungry for oblivion, yet wake, your mind already searching out those spots you wish to clean. We are always there, with something to say. Your husband is always there, with something to say. You feel the need to be strong, but not yet comfortable with that discipline, that routine, you resist. You want to be alone, alone with your body, alone with your mind.

This paradoxical resistance toward that which you know is good for you is the product of demand. Your mind has been trained by demand. It is your “pattern of demand.” You slip into that mode quite easily, so smoothly in fact that it is not always easy for your fellows to know when you are feeling pressured, or thinking you are without choice. Free will is yours, always has been yours, yet you have not always understood your choices as free. They have appeared to you to be a response to demands or expectations. Often you have imagined these demands and expectations, sometimes you continue to imagine these demands and expectations, and this creates in you a resistance, even a resentment, and you want to be alone so that you do not reveal your anger. You have been trained to be a “good” girl, one who meets “the standards.” You have accumulated many failures, driven by what you called impulse, addiction, fear, hesitation. This is your banquet of life and now you assess it.

Assessment is the hidden judgement. One looks at life with the harsh eye of condemnation and demand, expectations unfulfilled. I would encourage you to simply look at life through the eyes of love. See where your choices have been informed by love, and where you have learned that without love you were “lost.” You are “lost” now and wish to be alone in order to “find” yourself again. We understand the demands your choices place upon you. Sometimes this puts you in a state of readiness, and sometimes this puts you in a state of defense.

You recall the days when you wept and yearned to feel comforted. You were “all alone,” yet you called out. Do you understand this? To become comfortable with our presence, or with the continued presence of others, you must exercise your free will and this is best exercised with love if you would have joy in your world. We are satisfied that you are learning how to verbalize your needs, and make your choices with love and clarity.

You can not take on another’s burden; each must always carry their load. You seek to give, and that is well, but you must also give attention to yourself.

You are used to living by demand. You are equally accustomed to imagining failure. You must allow for choice to have many consequences, which of course lead to more choices. When your choice is guided by love, there is no hurry. Even under the most pressing of circumstances, you will move with the calm serenity of one who knows that she is protected by love. When you are protected by love, you understand a force is behind you in all your joys and disappointments, a force that will comfort and give strength as needed, a force that will celebrate your daily life.”

Session 33

  • September 6, 2000

Legion-Family Love

The greatest challenge is to love each individual member of the family uniquely, as you wish to be loved, and yet to include them as part of the commonality. There are some you can love easily. Your vibrations synchronize with their vibrations. Your unique sentiments and interests balance out their interests and sentiments, or mix well, and blend. But what about those who rub you the wrong way? Or simply do not show any interest in you? Or those you can not understand? How to love them? You do not grasp their unique loveable qualities and you find no hook to hang your love upon. Now you are faced with loving without reward.

The gift of love that is given to you by God allows you to love and therein lie all rewards. The birth family is unique because these are people you relate to, because you are related to them throughout your life. You have the opportunity over a span of years to discover that your love runs deeper than surface disagreements or differences, and deeper than your inability to understand.

Suppose your brother is one who speaks, walks, dresses differently. Speaks, walks, dresses in a manner that irritates you, or causes you discomfort. You have customs in place to accommodate that: you can disown, disinherit, divorce, excommunicate. Exercising this right of association, or to dis-associate when one chooses, is a vital option if you are to have fee will. Yet you are enjoined to love one another as God loves you.

You can love from afar, but the real stretch is to love with acceptance. Love is a pattern of acceptance, contains within its many qualities, acceptance. Anything less is not love. You may not choose to live in the same manner or style, but you accept that they do. The subtle thing about acceptance is that love creeps in, and sometimes floods. Once you have given up your insistence that others must fit, you may discover that you love the mis-fit.

Now comes strength of character. If you have rejected someone, it is not surprising to discover that others do too. When you join others in this reaction, you entertain a certain comraderie, albeit based on negative overtones. But if you go along practicing the stillness, practicing love, practicing acceptance, lo and behold, suddenly you find that you have slipped out of that club of rejection and must stand alone, accepting this odd person without company. It is even possible that this person shows no interest in you, offers no reward for all your acceptance and love. It is tempting then to retreat.

The true reward is the discovery that you have grown. You are no longer your self, you have expanded into the Self.

Now you turn toward your former club and discover that you have many criticisms of that group, that narrow-minded crowd. You may find that you need to move into new circles of friends and intimates in order to continue to grow. This is certainly all right. One does not stand still in life, although it is wise to move forward without burning the bridge behind you. There is only one bridge over troubled waters, and that is the bridge of love, God’s love. The bridge of love remains in tact no matter where you go. If it did not, you would not be able to go forward, there would be no bridge to stand on, to traverse. Now you discover mercy and grace. To leave one another with love, requires mercy and grace. Of course this must include forgiveness, for even the best of partings require some forgiveness to assure the loss is healed by love.

And so you traverse your bridge, you pass through life, with some close to you, physically, intellectually, emotionally. And some quite distant, in fact they may become only a memory. The true life, that is, the life dedicated to God’s love and the spirit of truth will carry those memories in your heart and mind with love.

Session 34

  • September 10, 2000
Love is God’s Power

I am Tarkeem. I have walked in your shoes many times. I understand what it is to fail, to misunderstand, to loose sight of God. My learning can be “boiled down” to this: learn to love. Love is the only means for survival. Yes, it is possible to beg, borrow and steal one’s way through life. There is no criticism for animal survival, and unfortunately on your planet too many are forced to survive in this manner, hunted and hunting. But even these poor unfortunate souls may know love.

The first law of love is prayer. Any individual put into circumstances beyond their control, learns to pray. Some, of course, due to the twisting of the mind, may eagerly ask for revenge, or blindly ask to be made more powerful than others in order to satisfy the animal drive for survival. But the deepest prayer is for the well being of All, and that includes the ability To Give and To Receive Love.

What is the basic prayer of life? That all living beings may co habit the land with peace and serenity. With plenty. With joy. When a mother caresses her new born child, her very touch is a prayer.

When you see love in another’s eyes, in the eyes of a father for his daughter, in the eyes of a son for his mother, you are seeing a prayer in action. Love can not be explained because it does not follow the rational laws of supply and demand, or material manifestation. Love is the energy that makes all things alive with potential for God’s joy. Love always supplicates to God. Love does not concern itself with judgement or death. Love accepts. To live a life of love is to live a life of prayerful attention. To live a life of prayer is to live a life of loving attention. Prayer makes all things gentle. Love makes all things strong. When love pours forth from your inner being, you are being led by the spirit of truth and guided by God.

The first law of love is fairness. There are no second laws of love, nor third, for love is all of one vibration, one source, one energy. Yet love contains within itself many characteristics that can be seen or isolated by the mind into separate categories: prayer, fairness, kind and gentle behavior, direct and “cutting through the bull shit” behavior, compassion, understanding. Still, love is only one thing, and that is love. It can not be counterfeited. It can be avoided, but that does not diminish, nor dilute love’s power. Love is the one ingredient of the universe that your scientists will never be able to isolate and pin down or give a symbol formula. Love is beyond the human mind capacity to explain. And once a man, or woman, has slipped into the stream of love, the ability to do good in the world, the ability to accomplish great tasks, the ability to reach out, and to communicate is expanded one-hundred fold and more, because love is God’s power.

Session 35

  • October 28, 2000

My dear one, you are having a crisis of faith. Oh my beloved, you must know your faith is true. Loss of faith is that feeling of needing to find something that, in truth is not lost. That is to say, I am real. I love you. You are loved and we will guide you.

Your mind will create many thought patterns, wrong turns, regrets, confusion. None of these matter if you turn your mind to the direction of God. When you stay on course, when you follow that beam of light that ever leads you on, you will notice, as happens in the heart room, that all your fears fall away.

Again, let us repeat this lesson, you see more clearly. You see through the eyes of God, through God’s loving heart, you see with love and you accept that which you can not change nor resist, and you make the changes that are yours to decide. Trust your intuition, your sweet soft knowing that wells up within when you seek God’s guidance. It is God’s will that you change. That you change every day toward more love in your heart and more love expressed with joy. Your way right now is to be easy, there is no need for you to suffer as you move inexorably toward that which you are intended to do. Our intentions do not waver. We will use your talents for communicating God’s love anywhere.

Session 36

  • November 3, 2000

The limitlessness that derives from the limits of discipline; there are many ways to “make love.”

My understanding of faith is now that there is a Spirit of Faith, faith is spirit, the spirit of love, and those who carry that faith, demonstrate that faith in the spirit of their interactions with others. They are fair to themselves and others. They love.

Legion : The Spirit of Fairness is my gift to you. My lessons of discipline are valueless without fairness and love. That is the truth. Fairness and love must accompany all disciplines, otherwise they are valueless in the ultimate sense. Your armies are disciplined to kill, yet some armies are infused with the stream of love, God’s truth is known to them, if only dimly through the scrims of many acts and prefaces of the human play. Such armies do not rape and pillage, but lift up and repair. When an army approaches only with the idea of territorial procurement, the conquering hordes will ruin a society and replace it with their own. The saving grace is that God’s saving grace is carried within the heart and will inevitably over time return to the surface, become visible in the light of a new dawning, what your friends call “a new age.” It is our plan that this resurfacing of your society, the rising up of love, not the plaster-of-paris coating, will end war as you know it. That is the true form of social security. All evil intentions promise social security. We deliver it. Eternally.

I am Legion. I am your compatriot and partner in life. I walk with you. I talk with you. I am your husband’s best friend. When I take you by surprise, sit down, if you can type, do so, if not, write or draw or simply start talking to your trusted and beloved David.

Alana : This is Alana. Spend your morning making love today. This is the special awakening of a relationship, awakening into the partnership of love, as well, awakening to God’s presence in your love. Allow the Father and Mother to embrace you as you tenderly embrace each other. Recognize me in you, Legion in him, and us in each of you. I will be with you, my Susan, I am yours for eternity. I will always love you. I bring the Mother Spirit to you as the Father stands by. Receive Her in everything I say. Learn her ways by watching mine. She will come to you, that is my promise, and you will know Her absolutely. We have a plan. We are very pleased. We will find a place for you. Do not fear.

Do this writing every day and your crisis of faith shall be lessened. This is the most important link to your communion with us. Give this to yourself. Give this to your husband. When transmitting by voice becomes a burden, turn to this, we will be here. David may miss my personal voice, but I will love him in other ways that will satisfy. Relax. Your service is meant to bring you joy, not suffering.

Do not fear, “being late” is only a time framed criticism from that “unworthy” spot. We have placed that spot in the heart room, yes? We have blown love upon it. You do not need to listen to that voice any more. You do not need to be bowed down by its endless litany of fault. Finding fault emerges every time you change. Do you remember? I said, you will carve your change out of granite so smooth you can not see the fault lines with your naked eye. With God’s eye we will cut the line clean and God’s beauty will emerge, splendid, unformed and uninformed by fear, formed by the clear straight arrow of love. It matters not that you have not accomplished those outward manifestations of God’s directives. That is for others to do. Your achievements will stand on their own before Our Mother. She loves you, this you know. She loves you without reserve. Your soul shines with her radiance. Allow your soft steps to tread the path of your own awakening. They will be seen, the path followed. Is that not enough of a legacy? Others will pass your wisdom and love down to those who follow them. Do not fear. Your mistakes will be healed.

Devina : Do this writing of our communion every day. Before you allow the voices of your planet to enter, allow my words to guide you, every day. I will open the windows of your heart and let the light shine in, completing the loving task of watching over you in the night. Be not afraid, my dove, my blessed one, I am here. Devina

Legion : I would have a few words to describe my immense pride and joy in your discoveries about the discipline of love, the discipline of joy. Love is not rooted on earth, but in heaven above. Our Father gives you this love. Our Mother blesses this love.

It is time for David to write every day. He would write a book, but first he must write his sermons, his brief blessings of learning, lessons brought to him each day. Yes, he understands correctly the spirit of fairness and the limitlessness of love. Let him tell the world of his consciousness what he has learned. We are his audience, he needs no other. My blessings upon you, my dear one. I thank you. Mother and Father thank you. Alana and Devina thank you. Michael above all thanks you. We are so privileged to speak, by your surrender. Yes, Tar-al-hakim is here as well. He smiles with pleasure at the opening you have given him so far. Thank you. Legion.

Session 37

  • November 7, 2000

TR : You have said, Devina, that you would give a special transmission for the members of the group while I am absent. I fear that I will not be able to keep my commitment to them during my travels. I know I will think of them, but I may not always put them first, and I may not always want to send them transcripts even when teaching mission computers are available.

Devina : I will honor your physical needs at all times. Do not fear. You will discover that your travels will be far easier than you imagine. We will be with you.

I will speak to you about faith in the absence of hope. I will speak to you about love’s power to transmit God’s presence without the symbols, or the transcripts. Humans have been dependent upon the written gospels for their remembrance. It is time to remember because your heart knows it must remember, because you have faith, and because you have chosen to be one of God’s messengers. Not just an audience, but a participant in the blessings of this universe created by Michael, loved by God the Father, and the Mother Spirit.

You can not avoid demonstrating your faith to this group. You will send them your love by every means…computer, letter, and by that invisible transmission of love that is ours to you and to them, by that same means will your love be transmitted to them. I will speak to you about how they might structure their meetings in your absence, and the absence of their beloved manager. They will learn from this experience that they can not depend upon you or anyone else; they must practice, do the work, enter the stillness, create the heart room, on their own. Yes, we will be there to speak to them if they can hear. But most importantly, we will be there and all they need to do is have faith and their hearts will be filled.

It is the dependency upon books and teachers and priests and cuddlers that must be broken. Humans, even members of your group, often rebel against such dependency, yet they cry out it at the thought of loosing your skills, to your own desire for growth. Those who have rebelled against authority will learn where authority truly resides, within. Those who weep to think they have been forgotten or abandoned will learn that they have abandoned their true self, the love of God within. Those who come to the group because they love God and love to absorb God’s love for them, will continue to do just that, enter the stillness, create the heart room, love and be loved, and then go forth to share this.

Many experiences await you. Look forward with the same joy you have for your ability to transmit our love. You will fill yourself many times over. You will bring to those you love many times the love you have given them in the past. You deserve this experience. It has been given to you because you will eagerly, with your beloved partner, make use of it by expanding your own abilities, and by sharing the love you receive with all who come to you with the will to know God’s love and do His will. Thank you. There will be more.

Session 38

  • November 8, 2000

TR : What about faith in the absence of hope?

Legion : Your faith must be grounded in something greater than hope, or disappointment, or despair. Your faith must be an open hearted commitment to know God and to be willing to receive God’s love and then give it away. If your faith is based solely on hope, you find yourself lost and afraid when nothing appears to be the way you had hoped it would be. God can not guarantee you an easy ride. God’s love will always be available to you when you ask. His love is what leads you on. God’s love takes you through your trials and troubles, lifts you up from the grave into the arms of the Mother Spirit, may heal you, may transform your life into the bliss of certainty in God’s love, but his love does not interfere with your free will choice.

TR : Do you have more to say about our group member’s “kernal of resistance?”

Devina : (She speaks both to S and to “you,” meaning any member of the group, myself, or anyone reading this.) Resistance is a habit, not a solid immovable thing. Resistance is her mind in rebellion against that which is new, fulfilling, and filled with love. She believes that she should have joy and happiness. She fears that she does not deserve this.

You can not bear to think that you would have to change everything in order to have the love and joy of which we speak. It requires letting go of the old ways, and the old relationships of love and hate. It requires letting go of the conviction that you have done nothing to warrant unhappiness; this belief renders you victim to the hopelessness that wipes out faith. That is why it is so important to disconnect your faith from the childhood longing to make wishes and have them fulfilled by magic.

When your faith is grounded in true communion with God you will have His love and joy within your heart even when your choices demand that you suffer consequences you might prefer to avoid.

There is a certain amount of surprise in store for you when you follow God’s way. You are loyal to God, to the path of righteousness and love, but you can not determine exactly how others will respond to your stand. When it is possible to interfere with the outcome of a negative free will choice that may have serious consequences to your life, we do. But this is not something one can rely upon without paying your dues; that is, you must dedicate yourself to the doing of God’s will. You have escaped death many times. You know this because you can feel the near-miss quality to those experiences in which, while dedicated to your path toward God, you nevertheless wandered into situations that were above your head. You were alert, paying attention, but too many things can come at one time. It takes your absolute faith in God to allow us to interfere.

Session 39

  • November 9, 2000

Legion : You can not know the free will choice another may make. You can observe and then place before us for observation your conclusions, but the free will choice is inviolate. It is, of course, one of the first things human beings take away from one they have condemned. It is one of the first things parents begin to modify, even control, for the well being of the growing infant.

Free choice is a given, learning how to make a free choice is your task. The responsibility to learn is yours. The responsibility to teach is ours. It is a joint activity; we have been enjoined by the Father and the Mother Spirit to work together for the preservation of your planet. There is no hurry. I repeat, there is no hurry in the sense that you understand the fear-rushed-society in which you live. Leaders will raise the flag for peace, call you to their side, but first must come the willingness to eliminate fear from your consciousness, from the global consciousness. Fear perpetuates hate, betrayal, and deprivation.

It is fearless to stand alone against judgement, but in that you must see the necessity for love, comfort and mercy. If you stand alone, you must know God’s love, truth, comfort, mercy, compassion and fairness. Faith is your kindergarten. You first learn it by imitation. Then you discover that you can study faith, incorporate your faith, make it your own. As you choose faith by your considered free will choice, you enter into a divine arrangement. You will know God’s love and you will love him. This will lead inevitably to giving God’s love away, sharing it with others as an eternal source of comfort and joy. You are unafraid – unafraid of loosing God’s love, unafraid of dispersing it to everyone, friend and enemy alike.

You do not throw away your mind in the ecstasy of God’s love. You are human. You are meant to have a mind and you are designed to think.

TR : I became distracted by outside influences. Lost my focus on what Legion was saying. Devina came in and spoke to me about this.

Devina : The mind can become distracted. You are preoccupied now with other matters. You felt a moment of guilt. This was erased immediately by light. Once you realized guilt had not taken hold, you allowed that light into your mind as well as your body and heart. This is the light that guides. This is the light that washes away your “sins.” This is the light that cleanses you. This is the light that fills your mind with loving thought.

And then you heard me.

I tell you that Legion is near. Can you not feel him? He will continue to instruct you in the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. He does not loose track of what he wishes to impart. You are not lost to him. When you return, he will be there and he will speak to you of these matters: fear, doubt and betrayal. Forgiveness as well, but this I too will enter into the construction.

Place forgiveness in the center of your heart room, my love. Blow love upon your forgiveness, allow it to expand.

Love that self in you, that Self in God, that takes no revenge and feels mercy.

Yes, we will be with you, my dear. I speak for myself, Alana, Legion, Tarkeem, and all my others. We are here listening to each step of growth that leads you ever deeper into love, both human and divine. God’s blessing is joy.

Alana : I welcome you into my heart room, my friend.

Feel all your friends here with you, blowing love upon your forgiveness, expanding their comfort and mercy with you.

“There is no hurry,” means, the first step is always the stillness. My friend has asked, What is the purpose of my life?

The purpose of any life is to live it fully with joy, love and caring for those about you, and for yourself. Your friend worries that she enjoys her life too much, that she is perhaps not good enough or does not meet the standards of the Christian life that she was taught as a child, even as she rebelled against the strictures that such a “Christian life” represented. No. She is living her life well. She brings service to everyone she meets. If she will take a moment to assess this attitude of service, she will discover that her value in life, her dedication to life, is commensurate to that of any one more formally dedicated to God. She has made mistakes. Who has not?

Now she wonders, I am of such an age that my life should take on a direction, reveal a greater purpose. What greater purpose is there, than to love? Your friend brings happiness to the hearts of her friends, and to the hearts of those who encounter her in their daily lives. What greater purpose is there than to bring happiness, God’s happiness, into the world?

Does she think she is spreading God’s happiness? Does she pray to bring God’s happiness into the world? Does it matter that she does not express her natural goodwill in the language of religion?

Tell your friend, God’s will is the will of one who does not wish to cause harm. God’s will is the will of one who seeks to help others and give them what joy they are able to receive. Does she need to know any more? If so, it will be shown to her, just as she has followed that still small voice within that guided her to where she is now. She has been confused at times, still her intention has always been to love and to treat everyone with kindness and care. She is one of those who does not think in negative terms. To achieve this in your world, battered and bruised as your world can be, is an achievement that pleases God.

Tell her to practice the stillness. This is where she will find comfort. She knows the purity of experience that comes through the discipline of the body and the mastery of sport, but she would do well to follow my instruction to practice the stillness. Every morning, every evening, go to the center within, the deepest center within her heart, rest there quietly without thought or demand, and simply listen. There she will find her purpose fulfilled, her new direction brought forth.

There is no need for her to struggle about this. She does not need to worry or indulge in the anxiety of her parents. They were taught another way. She has known form an early age that her guidance is within and that she need only be true to that guidance. True purpose is being true to oneself as manifested within the loving embrace of God. Many will tell her that she should do this, or ought to have done that, but I say to her that she is fulfilling her purpose, now, in her daily dedication to the manifestation of God’s love as it has been given to her to know.

She does not always think that she deserves her joy. Why not? This is the competitive and comparative mistake made on your world. “So-and-so deserves what he or she got. So-and-so does not deserve to get what he got. She is better than I am. He is worse.” God does not engage in such comparisons. Each person creates a life out of free will choice. When a mistaken choice leads to darkness and despair, all one need do is choose God and follow that sweet purity that the God-choice brings to you. Even in the prison of your mind, or the prisons of your world, you will find that God brings comfort and joy.

There are many ways to live a life, many purposes to be fulfilled. But the one purpose that embraces all, is the desire to love God and to share God’s love, God’s joy, with others. Your friend has this capacity to share love and joy with others.

Your friend will want to know what is the purpose of the stillness? To access God, like the purpose of life, to know God’s joy, to share God’s love, to give and receive love. Tell her the Mother Spirit listens to her inner life and lives within her heart in the liquid form of love ingested by the breath. Tell your friend, the Mother Spirit asks, “Breathe with Me.” And when your friend calls for me, I will be there, as Michael’s love, Jesus’ mind, is always there when any deeply yearning soul turns to Him in prayer, the hopeful attitude, the certain faith, calling to God’s love.

You friend will want to know that the stillness is a time to listen – eventually, with devotion. It is not a time of thought, although thoughts may be delivered unto her in words and pictures. It is not a time for schedules and tasks to be considered, examined, categorized. It is not a time to list your losses, or debit your mistakes. The stillness is your time for God to come into your life in a conscious way.

Do not doubt the joy that comes to you in the stillness of God’s love. That joy is real. Your friend know this joy, but she attributes it to other things, other methods, other causes. The stillness practice demands nothing of you, only to listen and all shall be given unto you.

There is no wasted time on earth, unless you are not learning, unless you refuse to learn. The purpose of life is to learn, to learn to love, to learn to share God’s joy in your existence, to learn to express God’s will in your life, which is to love. Time is not wasted even during periods in your life when nothing seems to be happening, no movement seems to be taking place. You are learning how to be still. Your friend does not turn away from learning; she has always remained open to learning how to love and she grows in her capacity to love even today.

Your friend has the capacity to tell the truth, to confront and accept truth with integrity. She has the capacity for friendship and loyalty-love. Should she die today, her life would stand fulfilled, be looked upon with favor by God.

It is her tenderness that touches; tenderness is the sinew of her immense strength. She may swagger to the table, but she will tenderly offer the first morsel to the one most in need. Forgiveness is hers; forgiveness comes to her from the Mother Spirit and from God the Father of us all. She does not need to hang her head in shame, for she is loved. She does not need to search for greater meaning; her life is meaning enough, her life breathes in, and breathes out, love. She would do more. She will do more and that will be acknowledged as a gift, but I say again, she has done enough to receive God’s favor.

Tell your friend, to practice the stillness is to listen.

Session 40

  • Devina

I am very angry, very angry. Please help me with this. My anger gets between me and David. It is as if I do not take responsibility for my friendship with Monica and Willy, but put it on David that because of his friendship with Willy, I can not bring things to a head. Then I get angry with David, as I did at his mother’s funeral, and think of him as a wimp, a man who does not confront the ugly truth with those who claim to love him. Sometimes I think he can be conned by almost anyone who sucks up to him. Please help me with this anger.

Do you think you can escape being responsible for your anger? You are growing in strength, but you still draw back from speaking truthfully. You reveal all to David because you trust that relationship and you know he will not leave you. With others, you imagine you can stand alone, yet you truthfully know that you need and want others in your life. Some friends must be allowed to leave you. This is not a diminishment of who you are, but simply the way of things on your world. Even here we say “good-bye” to those who are led to another place to learn.

Your anger has two parts, that which is related to yourself and that which is related to David. Let us examine the second first: You want to know that you can count on David to protect you and take care of you. What if you can not? Would you leave him? Or is it your task to take care of yourself and protect yourself from those who would use you and take advantage of your good nature? We will leave that question to be answered by you.

Now then, let us look at your anger with yourself. You diminish yourself by blaming and accusing; you call yourself a wimp, you call yourself a coward. It is true that social niceties prevent one often from saying directly what needs to be said. You are required to discover the truth that needs to be said, and then to learn how to say this truth through the avenue of love. Allow us to help you. Speak through God’s tongue.

If you must stay away from your “friends” for awhile in order to settle your emotions and find the words, that is no weakness. You do not need to stir up a hornet’s nest. It is better to allow your mind to study the situation and ascertain the most productive means of expressing it.

When this has been accomplished, then take your thoughts, your idea of how to approach the subject, to David. Dig out his fears and weaknesses around speaking to these “friends.” You, too, may have fears that still need to be addressed. Once the two of you can look each other in the eye and say without fear and doubt that you are prepared to address the hidden agenda in your relationship with these friends, then take us with you and do so, directly, simply, truthfully.

You fear the fall out. You fear what? That they will no longer be friendly to you? That they will “bad-mouth” you around town? What is the substance of this fear? Will you loose anything if, indeed, these friends turn out to be “friends” in appearance only? Will you suffer any more than you have already suffered if words are said against you in the community? Why are you now so distressed? No one escapes your life without having been misunderstood by someone. No one escapes your life without some scars of disappointment and loss.

Your anger is a symptom of two things: a truth that must be confronted and can not be avoided, and an avoidance of love. You are loved by me. You are loved by David. Must you be loved by everyone?

Truth confronted allows you to release yourself to love. Truth avoided will lead you away from love.

Session 41

  • November 24, 2000

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I received a cyber-card from a former friend. I am reluctant to respond to it in any way because I do not trust this person. Yet, I am drawn to achieving what might be called “a higher purpose,” which is to forgive and to attempt further communication with the intent of clearing up the past and moving on. I would like your help, Devina, because I continue to harbor negative thoughts regarding this person, and often I let these thoughts spill out to others.

Devina : Your friend, for I ask you if it is really possible for you to call this person “a former friend,” is attempting to reach out to you. Awkwardly, perhaps, since she fails to acknowledge the widening gap between you, still she has reached out. So let us look at this first.

It is Thanksgiving Day you say. A day for giving thanks. What happens when you give thanks…for anything? Usually you have an attitude of surrender to joy and the sense of a blessing having been bestowed upon you in one form or another. A gift. A lucky break. Relief. Survival.

There is no better gift than a friend. If this “former” person in your life was contemplating giving thanks to her friends on this day, it is reasonable to think that she thought about sending this cyber-note to you, and considered whether to send it, or not to send it. Yet she did send it.

So you can trust that the gesture came from some higher purpose within her self.

If you are lead to a higher purpose, and she is lead to a higher purpose, what do you need to fear? You do not need to trust her for anything more than this gesture acknowledging that you are a part of her life whether you see her or not, whether you speak to her or not, whether you trust her or not.

I think you are asking, “Must I respond?”

You have already responded by turning to me. You can send this person well wishes in your heart. Have you included her in the heart room? You might consider placing her in the next group heart room and ask Alana or Legion to blow love upon her, and to blow love upon your negative thoughts and feelings. I, of course, do that now, although it may be more appropriate to say that I am brushing you with my wings of love.

Trust is a very delicate thing on your planet. Each of you has many reasons not to trust anyone else. Betrayal began early in your lives, even if you had “good” parents, as opposed to “bad” parents. Your world betrayed you before you were born. So truly, trust can not rest on the shoulders of any human being a gratis.

Trust is earned. Trust is also granted, and trust is extended, sometimes without sufficient reason, or without having thoroughly examined whether or not the other person should indeed be trusted. To have your trust betrayed hurts, but this does not justify refusing to trust at all, or never again.

Trust that your friend is trying to communicate something beneficial. Do not dig too deeply into the message in order to find out if she is being truthful or straightforward. Simply grant her the “good” impulse.

Now you can contemplate how that good impulse makes you feel. (Small smile.)

Good. When you see her next, even across the way from where you are sitting, or driving, or walking, you can grant her that small smile.

Do you need to trust her in order to extend that small smile? (No.)

Of course not. It is the same small gesture that you feel trusting enough to offer a stranger. A “former friend” may really be only a new stranger to you; that is, you knew her once, and then you discovered that you did not know her, or at least not in the way that you had understood.

I have said, you must allow some friends to leave you, allow them to go to other places to learn what they need to learn without you. You also must allow some friends to leave you, so that you, too, may learn what you need to learn without that friend. Long-term friendships provide many lessons, just as the long-term marriage, and the long-term relationship between parents and children and brothers and sisters. But this does not mean that short-term friendships, or short-term marriages, or short-term relationships between siblings (relationships cut off by death or separation) are less valuable, or contain shallow lessons.

It is difficult to trust again if someone has spoken ill of you behind your back, or thrown a dagger into your heart, metaphorically speaking. So do not trust, but do not allow your lack of trust to get in the way of speaking with love. If you say only, “Hello,” say it with love. And if you say nothing at all, think with love.

The stillness practice is the opportunity to train your mind to think with love, to think thoughts within the embrace of love, to saturate your mind and heart with love. From this practice, eventually, you must practice outside the stillness; that is, practice thinking loving thoughts even when confronted with that which is less than desirable in your life or on your planet. Practice speaking with love and allowing your tongue to learn the mannerisms of love.

Mastery of thought and speech is part of the mastery of God’s will being your will. Deeds always follow thought. Practice thinking love. Practice saying love. You will find that doing and feeling love comes easier.

Back to your “former friend,” your new stranger. May we say a prayer of thanks-giving that she provided this opportunity for us to talk about love? May we say a prayer of thanks-giving that she made a gesture of good will? May we say a prayer of thanks-giving that you have, even now, eliminated some of the negativity that weighs down your heart and soul?

Do not be afraid. You are loved, and we are thankful, together, for the love that we share. It does not hurt to know that your loving thoughts are transmitted now, and your former friend, your new stranger, is benefiting from the kindness.

Blessings upon you, Susan. Sit and enjoy the love that is pouring down upon you now.

Session 42

Legion : How to trust your self. Practice the stillness every day and you will learn. The stillness is a place where you can bring every thought you hold and all will be heard. It is a place where you can bring every feeling you ever felt and they will be embraced with love. A place where every deed, every fear, every doubt is bathed in the light of Our Father’s love and forgiveness. The stillness is where you can be renewed and given strength to go back out into the world and risk trust…risk trusting others, risk trusting yourself. If you fail, if you are betrayed, we will be with you. And in being with you, we will lead you ever toward love, the love that embraces all disappointment and sorrow, the love that gives you joy. Listen. Let us lead you out of the darkness of fear and into the light of love.

If you have difficulty, let your negative thoughts “spill out” here, in the stillness, and we will help you. With renewed strength, you may then begin, once again, to undertake the discipline of allowing only love to “spill out” from your mouth.

Still, do not confuse speaking out, or speaking the truth, with speaking ill of another; bring your confusion to the stillness and we will help you to discern the difference. In this case, you do not speak ill of her, you speak the truth, but perhaps you need to consider whether you need to speak of her at all. Silence can be stillness-love maintained in conversation with others. Silence can carry the love-infused gift of the stillness.

Session 43

  • November 25, 2000

Legion : There is no reason to defend your self. What is there to defend about love? Every defense is a betrayal of love, whether you are defending yourself, or another. Love is the only thing that can not be defended, can not be fought for and won.

Love does not die. Love does not evaporate. If you do not feel love, you must go deeper into the stillness and it will be there. Even when another has withdrawn their love, which is to say they have withdrawn their loving words and actions, you can yet go into the stillness and love will be there: God’s love and all love you have ever known will be there.

Love stands alone as the one reality. When you are secure in this knowledge, you will notice that you do not need to say much, and what you choose to say is love. Even speaking the “awful truth,” or the “unwanted diagnosis,” can be said with love so as to be received, not denied or defended against:“You are going to die, and I will be with you.” “You have made a mistake, and we will learn how to correct this together.”

Session 44

  • December 12, 2000

Tarkim : Fairness in love. Fairness balances all the qualities in love; among these, beauty, joy, loyalty, compassion, courage, truth, harmony, forgiveness and mercy. To be fair is to listen. No voice is lost in the cry for love. At your human level, fairness must sometimes be limited, or circumscribed by the human limitations of your civilization and social structure. You reach for fairness. You plead for fairness. But you must accept the consequences of being human and living on your planet, where all is not necessarily fair. Still, there is the fairness of God’s love. God’s love embraces everyone equally.