2001-02-08-Cryptic Message

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Topic: Cryptic Message

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Unknown

TR: JoiLin



Mary: My sense is that those within our soul family, for the past few years, have been tested and given opportunities to choose. Things are being realigned and tweaked according to free will choices made and perhaps yet to be made.

Father Michael keeps mentioning timing, so I asked the first question, silently:

Mary: Am I to wait for Steve to choose or align with his soul? Is that the lesson I have been oblivious to?

Answer: The winds of fortune and the winds of war both have within them the same kernel of life giving energy. It all depends upon the receptivity of those that catch the cross-currents.

Mary: Is that answer for [my friend] David?

Answer: Double blind studies are often skewed making it seem (the result) other than what it is.

Mary: Is it in everyone's highest and greatest good that we share this with David?

Answer: He who seeks will find. He who looks will not.

Mary: Are you aligned with our Creator Universe Father Michael and the LIGHT?

Answer: First let the seeker make himself known. Wait until the veil has been lifted for more.