2002-06-23-Stillness is Precious Time

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Topic: Stillness is Precious Time

Group: Post Falls TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Daniel Megow



AARON (T/R-Daniel): Stillness is precious time wherein you may be in open association with your spirit, that fragment of our Eternal Creator which you will one day fuse with. God is the Source of that spirit which is you and the relationship between your spirit and your soul and your human self can all be in coordination. In that place of stillness with God you may begin to feel that resonance, the tingle, the vibration, if you will.

Your experience of that resonance can be felt at any time of the day or evening. It is that tingle of understanding, knowing that you have grasped something. The resonance that pervades your body in those moments, it is like an exhilaration. This is the resonance that you may tap into with your tone. A single tone is sufficient and two tones or three or four in unison are also sufficient for those moments. It is usually more easily perceptible when more are gathered in the resonance of their harmonized tones and these experiences are wonderful but I remind you that that resonance is Yours. It belongs personally to each of you.

Look for and allow those vibrations of the Father's energy to pervade you with Spirit as often as you can. These are the treasured memories that are so priceless in your personal spiritual evolution. You have grown much in the time we have been together, my friends, and there is so much more yet to come. I love you and it is an honor to have been with you since almost the beginning. This is your devoted brother, Aaron.


Jill: Thank you so much, Aaron. You helped me to get some confirmation of what I experience and always defined it as, "Well, I always know it's True when I get that chill." I always get that chill when something is True. It feels good to know I'm on the right path and I am progressing. Thank you for All your help and love.

AARON: Indeed, those chills are exceptional indicators when you are able to recognize them as such. Be more aware of them when they arrive and strive to be always listening for your Father Fragment's guidance, and one day that vibration will become the whole resonance of the person that is you. Own who you are. You are a divine being in conscious evolution. It is such a gift to be aware of it during the process.