2002-11-30-Love Is Present

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Topic: Love is Present

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mother Mary

TR: Amada Reza



Mary: "I am here with you, and I am your guardian and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus. I am happy to have this opportunity to write and convey my love in words, but also know that I am here often, surrounding you with my influence so that you may remain aware of how loved you are.

"Yes, you are going through a rather trying time in your emotional and physical life, but you are discovering an inward strength, which is your faith, that you draw upon to help keep your thoughts and desires pointed in a spiritual direction.


"I wish to speak of faith and how this transforms itself into active love that is visible not only to yourself, but to others as well. When you have applied the truth in your life, over and over again, and are assured that the results from this application produce the same effect, over and over again, this truth becomes in effect as solid knowledge, like a rock. When you are so convinced that the truth at work in your life will perform in the same way, then you may have confidence that you are "covered" by that truth as it comes into play.

"Let me give you an example. You are aware that love between people is the true and lasting value, and that it will endure all the changes and differences that earth plane influences introduce into your lives. Every time someone you love says a hurtful thing - that may seem from a moment's observance that love is no longer in existence - you draw on the knowledge that you have love for this person; that it is deeper than words at that moment, and you understand that love is what the person who is hurting really wants, and has for you.

"Rather than just reacting to that moment, and the hurt in it, you draw on your love to be what remains as the "last thought" in the conversation, which does not even need to be spoken out loud, but it is what you know. As you become more aware of how this love, then, raises you and the other person above the temporary ills of earth life (even if in thought only), you will find that the truth of that love will prevail, and it will never leave you in times of hurt and sadness.

"You will find that love is, indeed, the greater and more enduring influence at work in your life, and you will more and more call upon its real presence in every situation. Faith is yours when you can, without thinking, respond in love to the challenges that arise as you extend yourself into the world. Is it not true that all human souls need and seek love, and that there is only cosmetic differences between how these needs are expressed? As you show your love and faith, you will gain an ability to "see into" the hearts of all people. Differences will begin to become meaningless to the greater truth that love is present, and the real "tender" between you.

"Now, as for exerting yourself into the world - yes, charity must begin at home. Make yourself one of the recipients of this love you possess. When you pray to God to do His Will, and be of service, ask Him to help you see yourself as He sees you: a beloved and beautiful child who is worthy of love, as are all His children. When you are completely convinced of this, through your knowledge and faith in its truth, then you will be ready to receive the gift of loving all, at any time, any place, and you will be unafraid of your light that shines so brightly for all to see.

"Why is this? Because you will know without doubt that love is present, and that it will never leave you for one moment, not in the face of any horror or fear, but will rise to meet you above the darts and arrows that only hurt temporarily. You are then less sensitive to these, and love is able to be the "last thought" for those who hurt to take with them. Such is the power of faith and love.


"I am happy to have been able to write, my dear sister and friend. I am your guardian - never far from your side, Mary, the mother of Jesus."