2003-05-13-Andite Leader

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Topic: Andite Leader-Ionah

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea, Ionah

TR: George Barnard



George: “This is third time lucky, I guess.”


Andrea: “They were only minor technicalities and not of your doing, or mine. It’s good to be here for you, for the others in the group, and for the wider group with an interest in what we, your planetary helpers can lecture in. This is Andrea. Right now, the one who will address you is the historical one with the (very long) blond hair.”

Ionah: “Greetings, brother. This is Ionah. In your days, names such as I was given have changed, and I would be Jonah, Johan, or John. My name (back) then was Ionah, and I was of pure Andite blood, some six foot six inches tall in your measurements, and with blond hair. Yes.

“You will never come to believe that I performed any of the miracles that are accredited to the magical powers of the great wonderworker, Kontiki Viracocha. Good! Indeed I never was, nor am I now a god, but a pre-finaliter, a mere servant and faithful son of the Creator of all these universes.

“What the rather primitive native Red Man of the environs that are now the Colombian lands saw arrive on the shores of their river beaches, were sixteen large ships that all made the passage across in God’s safe hands. More than eight hundred of us disembarked, with the Andite count of one hundred and thirty-two correct, as you learned in your valued text.

“And with us we brought the Yellow Man, the full-bearded and blond Mediterranean Man, the Black Man, and even those wonderful technicians, builders and workers of the secondary (Sangik) races.

“To you it may well sound like an invasion, and more than eight hundred-and-sixty men, women and children might in time have become an incredible force, but in reality it was a mere trickle, shall we say, compared to the vast numbers that streamed into fertile Western Russia and Europe, made their way to the good Egyptian soils, and those who became the ancestors of your Punjabi friends.

“We were a tiny nation and we were late in our trek to the East, and in the end one might say, we suffered the consequences of the devastation of the islands and the populations in the Pacific Ocean, but most of all the unexpected isolation.

“Much as we thought that additional waves of our kind would follow us, and that we might well have numbered between fifty and one hundred thousand to become economically viable, even retain a strong enough genetic pool as a new nation in the new world, this was not to be.

“Still much was achieved in the medium term, and much of the civilization remained until yesteryear, yet some individual groups returned to ‘primitivism’ and they frequently re-ignited their ongoing hostilities into fully-fledged wars, and for many centuries.

“Indeed, together with the brothers and sisters of my kind, we also brought many slaves of the Sangik races, and still to this day their artistic endeavors are left behind. You will find that sculptures in their images have long been produced by them and have since been rediscovered.

“At this stage, as I now look forward to greater achievement and personality perfection, I also look back on those worthwhile earthly achievements that allowed for greater soul growth of many, because of the spiritual and constitutional ‘upstepping’ of the indigenous American Man.

“This is my moment for shipping out. I thank you my time/distant brother for the love you hold for my midwayer friends and helpers of times past, the Chief and Andrea, who for so long assisted me, my staff and descendants. This is Ionah, wishing you a farewell, untroubled seas, and a bulging sail.”

Andrea: “Back again. How far friendships go!”

George: “Thank you Andrea.”


Long yellow-blond hair is all that I saw, and only for just a moment.

I looked on the Internet for pictures of ‘typically other-than Red Man’ sculptures in the Americas without any luck. But I did find claims of an indigenous Black/Red (Olmec?) and an indigenous Yellow/Red American race on:?

See also: for the previous info on that Andite journey from Japan to the Americas.