2003-08-24-Prison Culture, Energy Skills

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Topic: Prison Culture, Energy Skills

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Preliminaries for joining with the merkaba anchor preceded this session.]

This is Rayson. Welcome to another session! (Greetings to you!) It is good to be here once again with you. The last time we spoke, you had a task to do, and that was to bring questions to the forum. Before we begin that, are there any remaining issues that we need to clean up from last time? If you think of some as we go along, please raise them.

During today’s dialog, we will be speaking about many issues, working on many questions that have been devised by readers and listeners of the group, and these will not be necessarily complete answers, but answers that should pique your curiosity, answers that should make you curious and hungry for more. If that is the case, then please raise your questions again and reissue new questions to our transcriptionist, Agatha. So with that, let us begin addressing these questions.


Agatha: Rayson, of the questions that have been submitted to me, this one begins with a statement:

"There appears to be a new ground swell of developments in the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time programs that are more directly affecting mortals." And the question is, "Is there really a new plateau of Celestial initiated programs or am I mistaken?"

Rayson: No, you are not mistaken. As the events of the Teaching Mission and Correcting time move forward, more and more direct evidence of our participation, at least to those who are receptive to it, and can see them, begin to make their appearance more directly in human activities. Yet, in none of these cases will you find that we will intervene or interfere in human self-will. There has begun a new plateau of activity, and this began some time ago, but you are only now seeing evidence of that around you. All the while, existing, established practices and programs within the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time continue on. These will continue unabated until all participants on Urantia have begun to participate, have had access to these; only then will those activities be curtailed, and still there will be those that continue as new generations of mortals come into the world. The issues of energy are ones that are upon this new plateau. The emerging political awareness of mortals to other options within their political systems is another. The development of the Internet is not our devisement, yet it is certainly well adapted to the processes that we are used to, free and open communication, access to all, restrictions that are few.

Agatha: This is part of the last question:

"What has happened that would support the Celestial’s working at this new plateau of activity?"

Rayson: The conscious awareness of mortals that there are those about them who have their best intentions in mind, and of course this includes the Celestials who are hereabout. The angels have been with you, but this is a conscious project and our participation…[This is Daniel. I am fading off a bit. (Pause to reconnect)] This is Rayson; let us continue. Your populations in educated countries are becoming more aware that old solutions are no longer sufficient. You are emerging as a global community, into a new era, where technology alone is insufficient. Yet your philosophies are not developed enough to interact adequately with the technologies so that they become more "user friendly" to the higher concepts of mortals.

You are seeing a broader openness among religious groups to entertain the concepts of once adversarial relationships with other religions. You are seeing the emergence of a greater consciousness—you may call it the "Christ Consciousness." This is invested in all religions and aiding those religions to adapt themselves to friendly relationships with others, those issues, beliefs, philosophies, concepts, which are common to all. We have been urging this all along, yet the independent thinking of mortals has aided this process greatly. In the end, mortals are learning that there is cooperation and assistance here for them, and that there is more product in cooperation and coordination than there is in opposition. We are most open to assist you with these situations, when you are open. Thank you.

Agatha: "Is there a connection between all the lessons of ‘community’ and the arrival of the Magisterial Son?"

Rayson: Yes, most definitely! Your Magisterial Son, who is coming, must be able to arrive in a situation or an environment that is cooperative. The teaching of community is more than political, it is spiritual, it is in essence the ethos of humanity, living together in peace. Community developments will not work well until your political agendas are set aside. The arrival of a Magisterial Son would be premature without the acceptance by organizations, communities, much as a family member who has gone afar and comes back, decades later—the family "waits" for that individual; so too, there must be family and community "waiting" for the Magisterial Son. More is needed than preparations of temples and rituals and ceremonies; and that is the openness to receive one who has been anticipated. Thank you.

Agatha: I have other questions on the topic of prisons, but I would like to give other group members who are present the chance to ask their questions.

Student: I have a question; it is actually a three-part question that I will present as part of a dialog. Much of what I am learning at present revolves around universal, local and personal energy systems. Much of the material now being presented by both celestial and human authorship, center on revealing the true nature and relationship of these energy systems to our personal energy systems. I’ve observed with the help of others, that for many years now, it has become a common occurrence for people we don’t even know, to single us out of a crowd, and ask for directions, for information about our town or area, or for our opinions about people, places and things to do.

The first part of the question is: Jesus ministered the gospel of the kingdom while "passing by." He was always full of grace and truth. Goodness it seems, is attractive only when it is gracious, and is effective only when it is attractive. Are these chance encounters, or opportunities to minister the gospel?

Rayson: Neither. It is the energy of family; you recognize those who are in sync with you. Yes, it is an opportunity to share the gospel, as you know it, the truth, but in the main, these people know those already. It is an opportunity to recognize commonality among the diverse groups of people you meet in a crowd; it is the awareness that there is a oneness growing among you, that there is this non-verbal, non-measurable, non-empirical energy that grounds you together, that binds you together, which attracts you to each other. It is much like two magnets on a table of beans where you move the magnet around, and soon it is attracted and latches onto the other magnet; it is much like the north and south poles of this magnet. You will find that person, that source in a crowd because you are in synchronous harmony, sympathetic harmony with their energy.

Student: Thank you. You’ve anticipated my second part of this question; I’ll just reiterate it since no one has heard it yet. Do these encounters have to do with the energy systems now being revealed, i.e. rules of attraction pertaining to individual energy vibration levels?

I’ll go ahead and state the final part of the question: Can you offer any suggestions on mastering our skills of observation using our new found "senses" that we can use to help guide us while we "go about doing good?"

Rayson: Trust that this exists; practice it consciously. It is not a test of the universe, but a review or examination of your skill level. You will find this to be great fun and enjoyable, and the people you meet will be wonderful people. Occasionally, you may make a mistake, but in the main, you will not. Your confidence will be greater when you trust the process. It is much as knowing that Christ Michael is about you, his energy pervades this world, it is personal, it is intimate, it is social, it is global, yet it is there for you. And when you recognize this in you and around you, it will assist you to recognize that in and around others, even though they may not have the exact, same belief system as yourself. You will find that this world that you are discovering is benign, it is friendly, it is somewhat like a cordial family, a community of like souls with like interests and like perceptions. Practice this! It is more than a learned skill; it is the exercise of an innate ability. You are seeing the energetic upliftment of mortals who tune into this; it is global, but only some people participate and take part in it. By your conscious willingness to practice it, you will enliven that energy and your capability to expand it more.

If I may continue, you, through your use of mind connection with Nebadonia, Cosmic Mind, can expand this to your greater good in the mundane affairs of your life, whether that is purchasing a car, a home, or applying for a job—trust the process that you are moving forward, and this new network—for truly it is "networking" at its very best—will aid you in your life’s course. Also be attuned to those energies that do not support and uplift you—these you would want to avoid. It is much like going into a business establishment for employment and you find that it is hostile, caustic, and corrosive to you. Avoid these places, even though the rewards materially might be great. Do these answers satisfy your questions? (Yes, thank you very much.)

Student: I have a question. (Certainly.) Some of our physicist researchers have described radiant energy as having as many as three different manifestations, and maybe more. This new energy form has been successfully used by some of them to create "over unity machines" that go back as far as Nikola Tesla. [Ed. Note: An "over unity machine" is one that uses a small amount of energy to produce a greater amount of energy.] These machines have been viewed and performance verified. My question concerns the relationship of this new energy form to those energy forms initiated in Paradise, such as gravity, communication links, etc., or is it a manifestation of cosmic energy in space having to do with ultimatons?

[This is Daniel. We have another being here to assist in this answer.]

Un-named Being: Your question hits upon a tri-fold answer, which can be drawn through one circle, like drawing a scarf through a golden ring, and that is that these energies emanate from the Central Universe; they are manifest through ultimatons, and they are able to—through this medium—are able to work in your three-dimensional space. These are not solely generated in the cosmos, but emanate from the Source where all these come from; they transform themselves in space as they move in and out of your three/four dimensions. You have at hand measurement devices that will aid you in discerning this transformation/transpositioning of these immaterial objects, meaning the ultimaton. You may note that in the turning of a motor on your measurement device, that there is a flash, a bump in the line, yet there is yet another part of that line, which you have not examined thoroughly, and this is where you must explore further and capture, if possible.

Student: Thank you. I have a second question: The earth was proven to be laced by oscillating wave frequencies by Dr. Moray with his Moray Radiant Energy Device. His device when tuned to a "universe" frequency produced 2 kilowatts of power, which lighted 20 different 100-watt light bulbs with no other power input. Can you relate this energy to Universe energy circuits described in the Urantia Book? What frequency ranges might be involved?

Un-named Being: You my friend, are at a point where students ask too many questions! (Much laughter.) But [you] simply must accept that this occurs. And then the question to ask is, "What to do with it?" How do we capture this more thoroughly? Those are truly wonderful questions, and I would be glad to entertain them at a later date, but for now, you have your work cut out for you to simply accept what this scientist has already proven, and to move forward with his work and accomplishments. You too, are on an adventure of your own; you are the most important part of this ingredient, as each of you are; your life is to grow, and through your growth, you will gain insights into the universe. You will find dear son, that your inquisitive nature and your willingness to apply this on a material level, will give you a way of growing intimately in your life’s course. That may sound odd, as you will be dealing with material objects, yet you will be dealing with them in a way where you are working co-creatively, cooperatively, with my team.

We will continue to assist you in your endeavors, as we will the young man whom you have recently visited. We are also working with others. We advise you to maintain your inter-relations, your contacts, your network, as you will be aided in your mind functioning with each other. You, through Universe Mind, will be connected with others in this rather momentous project. Each one of you will be aided in the revelation of the final answer. It is important that you and others of your similar nature—and think of the question and answer that the other young man asked recently—that you are drawn to them and that you share with those of like nature. Yes, this work can fall into evil hands, and for wrong purposes, selfish purposes, that is why we are most eager to work with you, and your fellow men and women who are of like mind, like heart, and like consciousness. We will not provide all your answers, but insights, inklings and revelations at most unusual times.

We ask you to pursue those—these are the signs, symbols and omens, which we will give you. You too, will know through your mind, that you are on the right track—and when you are not. Your time will become much more productive this way. We do not seek to interfere in your work, but to participate co-creatively with you, and this is our first and second commandment in working in agreement with Michael’s Correcting Time, to let you work ahead at your own pace, without interfering with your decisions, even if your decisions may bring your work to a halt or move backwards. You must remain conscious of yourself doing this, and in consciousness with God through your Thought Adjuster, then your actions will be true, and the outcome and assistance to those people who—the children of light who are in this world—will be fulfilled. You will have good ends with all of this. (Thank you!) You are welcome!

Student: Who was speaking here?

[This is Daniel. I gathered it was someone who is like a Power Manager, or has his consciousness at that level. They are not one of the…what I am saying is they are sentient and thoughtful and have a greater decision making capacity.]

Student: Sounds like a technical person or being. (Yes.)

Un-named Being: I wish not to reveal my name to you, as I do not want you to come to my table only, but that you would seek other technical advisors on my/our team, who can be of assistance to you. Remain open. (Thank you.)

New Attendee: I have a question. You mentioned before that to be ready for a Magisterial Son, that humanity would need to take some steps forward in community and willingness to welcome this Son, and my question is, how can we affect that, how can we uplift humanity to be ready for that? What can we do to help with that?

Rayson: You have already done a great deal yourself, in your life’s work, in your efforts to assist the union of religions, those commonalities. You are seeking a commonality with others, as we do. You are open to a larger consciousness. It is important that this community of like-minded individuals be capable—not only capable, but active—in discerning false prophets from those who are not. Times as these bring forth many individuals, who through their ego, or through their psychic development, feel that they are the "chosen one." What can you do? Be discerning. We ask that you discern, we ask that you cooperate with others who are of a like mind, without being over zealous. Yes, every one, every nation, even those godless countries, seek a "savior," someone they can rely on to foist their problem upon, yet this one who comes, will be here to teach, to aid you, to guide you, to advise you. He will not take your problems from you, but he will show you the way, socially, politically, and in community and through your families, how to make your lives more productive and peaceful.

How can you aid these ends? Seek those ends already that you are working on; the ends of community are to aid the growth and development of individual souls, so that they do this on their own, through moral and ethical decisions, through their service to others. How can you do this? By living your life in larger community as you have already sought to do. You have much to share with others about this; you are already seeking a larger community to find like-minded believers without antagonizing others. So too, will the Magisterial Son, seek through this same process. Only those who are in agreement will arise to the occasion. Surely, we do not and he does not seek a mob mentality where everyone living fervently in community beats their breasts and chants hoping to bring the Magisterial Son sooner, for this will surely not work. It is not practical on the level on which he will arise and appear.

You see many things in your communities that do not work; yet you easily see those that do. Support those that do, adapt those practices that Michael has advised you through your papers, in your daily lives and your family lives. To prepare the way, simply prepare yourself. The way is not outside with the Magisterial Son, though that is a means of aiding the Correcting time and the days of light and life to appear; the way is through the individual, and the individual must not look outside or outward for solutions, but to look inward for the solutions, and you become a living part of the solutions. I know that is difficult for you, as your groups tend to look outside. It is a very difficult balancing project that you have before you, to grow inwardly, yet anticipate in the arrival. That is why the means and the time will not be revealed. This too is a winnowing process of those who can support this, sincerely, humbly, without seeking aggrandizement on their part. Jesus did the winnowing, as you know, you have read these passages and know what he did. You have seen this occur also through the Teaching Mission, as many were called, and many fell away. So too, as this free entry period exists, there will be many who will be attracted, and many will fall away. This is a process of the Master teaching the students before his arrival; it is a process by which you grow. We do not support non-growth, or non-discovery, and non-discernment, but growth, discernment and education that lead to fulfillment on your soul level. Thank you for your question.

Student: I have a personal question but I hope that it may be helpful to others as well, and that is, when faced with a challenge either in the work place or in the community, or family, how best do you love someone who displays difficult behavior, with perhaps a negative attitude, or [being] critical, unpleasant, a person who tends to disrupt the harmony of the working group. In the Urantia Papers, I am encouraged to try to understand this person’s motives and inner feelings. I believe this is effective, but I’m wondering if you have any additional suggestions? The Urantia Papers teaches us that God pours out his love on those who are most in need of it, and maybe the least loveable, and I’m struggling with that one.

Rayson: There are several ways to answer this: Take this person aside, outside of your working group, and sincerely approach them in concern and ask them if they are aware of what causes them this agitation to seemingly be aversive to the group, always accepting them, their being. Being argumentative will not be helpful; being confrontational will cause only greater stimulation to them. And there are some, where you may have to advise that their presence and behavior is contrary to the group’s higher good. This may appear to be personal and judgmental but it is also measurable, is it not, in the productive outcomes of their behavior in the group?

On another level, you may see in this person, something within yourself, which you need to love and accept, though [through] its manifestations of disruption, you should not. Try to come to an understanding about this person. Be at peace. We suggest you strive to be the master of your own difficulties that you feel within yourself, due to the agitation of this person. It may be that several of you come to this conclusion about this individual; it may be that your group will need to request this person not to participate. This is a human decision; there are social necessities that you are under, that we are not. You do not live in an ideal world. Compromising the effectiveness of your group by unceasingly accepting the behavior of this individual may compromise the effectiveness; it may be necessary to lovingly ask them not to be present.

These are your decisions, as is your decision to continue to accept them. In any case, you do not understand this person yet, and you do not have the wisdom and mind understanding that your Master had when he came into contact with individuals such as this, and could make such wise, benevolent, loving decisions to act or not to act, with this person. When you are more Morontial, when you have made your transition, you will more thoroughly understand the reasons for this person’s behavior. You may openly question the individual’s sincerity, and you may openly question their intentions for their participation. These are legitimate questions; be sincere and be humble in your asking them. Does this help? (Yes, thank you.)

Student: Rayson, I have another question. (Certainly.) I’ve learned a lot about communities, and we’ve all learned a lot about "intentional communities" through these TeaM groups. It is also interesting that so many of the members of our group have had, or have experience with community building, enrichment or administration. My question is this: These lessons were apparently presented as a kind of template for starting new communities. How relevant is this information to any real opportunities that the members of this group have now, or will be imported to us in the near future, as there seems to be a real sense of urgency underlying the dissemination of this information, and does this have anything to do with events that may occur in the near future?

Rayson: It may seem humorous to you that the answer would be simply, "yes." But let me discuss this with you. Yes, these are applicable now; yes they are applicable in the lives of you who work in community effort. These are not simply ideals, though these do present you with ideal situations, you need to have [them] in mind as you work in your groups towards larger community. Ideals are fine to have, but they are not material for a shelf, but simply must be taken down, examined, and then applied through the means that you have at hand. You work in groups, committees, discussion groups and teams. We hope that you hold these ideals in mind; these are working ideals; these are practical suggestions; they are not platitudes, they are not philosophical sayings, but simply and really, realistic for you to use, and we appeal to you to apply them.

Are they immediate? Yes, they are immediate. We ask that you see this with urgency; you need not scramble about trying to form communities, but you will find through the questions that you asked before, similarities, and commonalities with others. You may ask these individuals whom you find in groups that you have never met before, "Are you interested in community?" That is rather blunt I know, but you understand what I am saying. Eventually the discussion will come around to things of common interest. You will find that there are others who are working diligently as you, to form community. I believe I have missed one part of your question. Would you repeat that part, please?

Student: The last part is, "Does this have anything to do with events that may occur in the near future?

Rayson: Very much so. [Daniel: He says, "That’s all."] (Thank you.) Let us take a few more questions, and then close.

Agatha: While we are on the subject of community, this is a series of questions that were submitted from outside our group, sent by a person who is very much interested in the concepts of community.

"Foremost, I was intrigued with your discussions recently about the status of crime and punishment on our world at present. We have been taught and I believe that the condition of humanity on Urantia is beset with problems stemming from the "liberty without license" that is the hallmark of Lucifer's manifesto, and that criminal behavior -- whether rich or poor, black or white, physical or psychic -- is a reflection of the prisons of the mind. I believe that freedom can only come through the spirit, as Jesus taught. I am told that prisoners are hungrily devouring the Urantia Papers, and this will certainly help the inmates, but what can we do about those "in charge" of prisons? Should private industry take over the task of rehabilitation? It is my perception that for the most part, jailers enjoy having power over prisoners and have no use for compassion. They don't even teach the prisoners to read and write or to have self-respect. Prisoners are not treated any better than -- in fact WORSE than animals in our zoos!

And, are there not tests that could be administered to determine the prisoner's capacity for rehabilitation? And if so, do you think it would be helpful to segregate those who can be rehabilitated from those who cannot?"

Rayson: Your society already has within its capacity the ability to transform your prisons into virtual gardens of humanity, yet these are not applied. This looks a great deal like many of your families, where couples are raising children without investing in them the values of themselves, their society, (the larger culture that upholds the continuance of the family,) of the community and of your nation. There are many within your prisons who are desperately in need of upliftment, yet they are not encouraged to seek out those values and beliefs, which would aid them greatly. This is a large, millions in number "family"—these children are dispossessed of the larger values. It is essential that your systems discern those who have the capacity and those who do not. There are means of truth telling without drugs, which are quite accurate, which can aid individuals and organizations, prisons, to sort those who have the capacity, from those who do not.

There must be the willingness on the part of administrators to discern this, the prisoners as well as their staff. The moral responsibilities of jailers of all rank, from wardens and administrators, down to prison guards is immense; the presence of God fearing, god loving individuals in prisons perpetrating exercise of their ego upon others, is heinous. This is a system that is bereft of much good, yet much good resides in those walls, in those fences, in the minds of the individuals who live there. Opportunity of expression of good is necessary for everyone, inside or out. The question must be asked of each individual, those who work there and those who do not, "What more do you want from life?" Then ask yourselves, "How can I give that to you?" Yes, opposition to these questions are posed in monetary, financial terms, yet it is necessary for moral and humanitarian reasons, to ask them, and apply processes—not over night, but in long term. The resources that are spent doing this will be rewarded many times over. I hope this answers the majority of this large question.

Student: Could you be a little more specific about what you mentioned, the ways of getting at the truth that didn’t involve drugs?

Rayson: Yes, there are…[This is Daniel. I know a lot about this too, so I’m interfering in the answer. This is Daniel, I’ll just tell you what I know. There are cues from the people’s eyes, iris responses, through other body measurements, which indicate when people are telling the truth or not. I think it’s called MAPS; it is a means of measuring the unconscious response to questions through people’s eyes, behavior of the eyes and cannot be manipulated as the polygraph can. It is not just neuro-linguistic in nature, actually observes the widening and narrowing of the iris, but also the response time of that. That’s all I know about it. Rayson was accessing that part of my memory that knew about that. And it’s highly accurate; it is about 95% accurate.]

This is Rayson; let us continue. (Are you ready for another question?) Please, and then let us prepare to close.

Agatha: "Could we not use prison statistics as a lever to encourage reduction of the criminal element by sterilization of AT LEAST the criminally insane?"

Rayson: This is Rayson. Yes, you could. The larger question is, "How could you?" And the answer to that lies within your highly skewed sense of individuality. We have discussed this before at length, I will not be redundant.

[This is Daniel. I’m getting tired. I’m having trouble separating here.]

Agatha: We can save the other questions till later.


Rayson: In all that we have discussed today, dear friends, hold true to the concepts, precepts, and commandments of Christ Michael when he was here in the flesh. Your primary behavior, those soul-deciding moments, come about to you when you decide to love or not to love your fellow brother and sister, and of course, yourself as well. You live on a difficult material world; we ask you simply to love the potential, to love another though their behaviors may be contentious and offensive. We do not expect you to accept those behaviors, but always lay ready to accept the potential to love what lies within. In some it is small; in others it is great. Always appeal to that which is there that can be loved. Guard against your own prejudice against others, for it may be applied to yourself as well.

Blessings to you as you go about your work this week and in the future. I look forward to greeting you once again. Our friends you do not see, will be about visiting you, as is the advance team of the Most Highs for the Magisterial Son. We do not say this is imminent, but eminent — it is obvious that it will occur. Good day. (Thank you, Rayson.)