2003-10-04-The Great Mystery Of The Ages

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Topic: The Great Mystery of the Ages

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael

TR: Lytske, Sandy Montee

Session 1


Still your mind even more, and let no outward sensations intrude upon it.

Be still, and know that I AM your God.

From within the deepest depth of your soul do I speak, ‘I am your Beloved,

even as you are My beloved’.

I am that special Bequest from the Eternal Creator, a Fragment of Himself

that will lead you to return to the Center of all things.

During our age-long journey, you will become Me, and I will become you,

as in exchange for eternal life, you will offer Me the now progressing

personality endowment the Father bestowed upon you at birth.

Upon completion of our journey, and when we finally stand before the Father,

neither My Gift to you, nor your gift to Me, will ultimately be recognized.

No indeed, for you and I will have become as one.

Together, the mortal and the Divine, will succeed in realizing the Great Mystery

of the Ages: You as Me, and I as you.

This promise I hold out to you; that we have embarked on a most wonderful,

exceptional, and delightful journey.

I shall lead you along a unique path of inspired learning and enriching experiences.

I desire that you will have a most complete training, and should the terrain be rugged,

know then that this will be what I want to experience with you,

as you and I together shall overcome all obstacles.

For the path of most learning is the path of learning to love, of loving to learn,

and of loving life in the glorification of the Maker of all.

I will teach you to listen for directions from within whenever you need to make a decision,

although you will always retain the freedom of choosing as you will.

And yet I implore you to let us decide together, for in this manner you will create

more harmony and balance in your life, whilst ever remaining conscious

of the promise you made to Me: 'Your will be done, not mine'.

You see, My beloved, I gave you free will, but you made up your mind to give it

back to Me, so My choice for your life, since I carry our divine blueprint,

became your choice.

Your life will thus become a God-led life. Think about and ponder this

Co-Creative partnership with your Beloved within.

I offer My total devotion to you.

Please award Me yours, as well.

Session 2

51-Safe In The Citadel Of My Soul.


Dear one, the answer to the question that resides in your mind:

Peace of Strength, and Strength of Peace,

is no more and no less than precisely the Peace you gain when you turn within,

and come to Me.

When your Peace in Me grows, and your confidence grows,

as with each time you turn within, the feeling grows, also,

that you are accepted by Me, just the way you are, and with all your human frailties.

Thus your confidence will grow stronger in this inner Peace.

This inner Peace is a gift of the Creator, which He bestows upon all sincere seekers

who feel a need to connect with the source of their existence.

So when you feel out of sorts, it is time to go within, and to find that inner stability

you can only have with Me.

In times to come, you will be amazed by how much stronger,

and how much more peaceful you will become because of your coming to Me

in the Silence, and for you to be filled with peace, until we are so much together

that My Strength and My Peace will have become fully yours.

And your soul will have become unassailable by the things of the world,

so nothing can disturb the peace of your mind.

Then you can truly say: "What can man do unto me, for I am safe in the citadel

of my soul, my spirit is safe in the Lord. I stand on a rock of Faith,

and winds of adversity have no influence on me."

This is the day, the Creator makes, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Darkness flees, depression flees.

And only Joy remains.

Session 3

Feel, Experience, Use This Newness . . .


Dear one, the Bounties of Heaven are available to each sincere soul who will ask for serenity and peace to pervade the heart, soul and mind. It literally saturates all the cells in the body and brings a deep healing to the DNA structure.

Pray continually for more love and compassion toward self and others, and these gifts shall be given to you.

But you need to ask for it to become more real to you, that it is truly happening, and for you to sense and feel this ‘new energy’ course through your total being. Follow it intently with your mind, and become aware of its flow.

You can ‘tune in’ at any time, and so be refreshed in the busiest of your days. Allow this to happen more and more, so this ‘new’ compassionate love can flow in abundance, healing you and others around you.

Allow all old negativity to flow away as this new feeling takes a greater hold in your heart, thereby diminishing the stress of daily living.

Feel this newness, experience this newness, use this newness, and keep it replenished in your daily coming to Me in the Silence of your heart, allowing the renewal of your spirit to unabatedly go on.

In total love and forgiveness, see old error patterns cleansed, and old forgotten issues that arise from the darkest recesses of your mind leaving you, to disappear into ‘nothingness’, where everything gets recycled into a greater and more exalted usefulness by the Eternal Creator.

Give praise and thanks to the Creator, and I shall reflect back an increasing Joy into your being, and you shall know that you, too, are a most beloved child of the Infinite Creator.

Session 4

THIS WONDERFUL NEWS. A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 81.


Dear one, the Great Truth is that all God’s children have the One Source of being. This Source is infinite in abundance and desires all good things for His offspring.

Yet herein lies the great dilemma; the wide gulf that exists between humans, for they see themselves as separate from each other, and totally unconnected at the Source.

Knowledge of this Great Truth was lost by humans during the Lucifer Rebellion, and you need not go far to see the effects of this loss, for it is all around you.

However, and this is the Wonderful News; this separation is no more. It has ended, and it gives all of mankind the opportunity to reconnect. And in order to make this happen, the Creator gave each human a tiny Fragment of Himself to indwell them.

As well, your Master Jesus sent you His Spirit of Truth some two thousand years ago, helping mankind to more easily discern the reality of their very being.

At the same time, the Creator Mother Spirit sent Her Comforting Presence in the form of the Holy Spirit.

So, dear one, your planet is not as deprived of celestial care as it may seem. In fact, this wayward and darkened planet is being coaxed along.

Yet it always, in all ways, depends on the free will of its inhabitants. And the sooner each one of you awakens, the sooner great changes can be brought about in the hearts of all individuals.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for each person to turn within, and imbibe of the Essence of their God Fragment – this Pilot Light – to help them feel connected, and to allow the self to be steeped in this Heavenly Fragrance.

Session 5

I AM THE KNOWING A Thought Adjuster Speaks – 91.


I Am Your All Knowing.

Dear one, a soul is truly blessed when it senses, and then becomes fully aware of the Love and the heavenly Overcare of the Creator.

Take more time in your day to stop and enjoy this. Such a great feeling of security can sweep through you and overtake you. And thus you begin to feel accepted just the way you are. Loneliness will disperse, never to return, as you make more room within yourself to receive this Love.

In order to create a larger capacity therefor, you need to eliminate all negative self-talk, guilt, long-standing un-forgiveness, and more, and realize where these weeds of self-rejection are.

Because you and all humans are the beloved mortal offspring of the Creator, who are each given a chance to, by your own free will, return to the Eternal Home.

This planet is riddled with the plague of negativity towards self and others. This is one reason why love does not flow free from one to the other. There are all sorts of obstacles in the way.

But love is like a river of living water that needs to flow. It can also become a stagnant, putrid pool of self-hate, self-guilt, and of harboring ill will toward others.

When getting even for perceived wrongs, you will find that all kinds of maladies will manifest in the physical body. In this way, the ills of the inner world go unrecognized at their root-source, and remedies in the outer world are sought and trusted to remedy the problem.

But I tell you that this drives the problem only deeper into the inner world.

Dear one, the only way to prevent physical problems is to learn and address first the inner obstructions in the mind and thought-stream.

Come into My Healing Presence, and ask Me for My council.

For I am your All Knowing, Who indwells you.

Session 6

THE GARDEN OF YOUR SOUL. A Thought Adjuster Speaks - 102


To allow the Love of God to flow unhindered through you, and unconditionally onto others, takes insight and perseverance in coming to Me, your Still Small Voice within, so I can teach you.

You need to remember that you are not alone in this most important lesson I would have you learn.

In mastering this lesson, you automatically gain a greater understanding, how other souls struggle to attain the same level, for no one is exempt.

For each level you attain, there will always be new challenges ahead, new victories over self to be won, so you truly develop a stalwart, dependable character, that gains mastery over self and can subdue the impulses of resentment and hastiness of the tongue. Impatience is a spirit poison. Root it out. It is a tenacious weed that grows in the mind of humankind.

See to it that you don’t neglect this. Search yourself, as all souls must learn for themselves where they fall short in exhibiting the divine attributes of truth, beauty and goodness, which most often lie undiscovered and unused in the minds of mortals.

You all truly are so rich and wealthy in abundance of Gifts of the Spirit for the wellness and healing of yourselves, each other, and ultimately the planet.

Mortals have been given a beautiful garden in the form of their soul. It is up to each individual what shall be planted and cultivated, to raise this beautiful soul through nurturing and praise of the Master Gardener, Who knows all the seeds planted in them, but gave each gardener the freedom and responsibility to root out the weeds of fear, anger, envy, jealousy, suspicion and intolerance.

So the flowers of truth, beauty and goodness cultivated through love and understanding can come to full bloom in a variety of fragrances and colors, to the joy and satisfaction of its owner.

Allow Me to help you cultivate the garden of your soul.

Session 7



Dear one, in times to come you will be re-reading My words to afresh give you comfort and insight. And you will then marvel how it was possible that in the Stillness you perceived My words.

I am with you always and in all ways. Even though you may pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit, ultimately we all work together as One to bring about the Creator’s Will. Spirit energy and gravity lives and moves in and through everything, for without it, there would be no life to express or grow.

I desire for you to clearly understand this.

You will meet myriad spirit beings in the life hereafter. They all live to express the Will of God, Who reigns supreme throughout all the universes of space.

All the universes team with the various orders of the descending Sons and Daughters of God, and the ascending sons and daughters of God. Each one is known to God and equal in His eyes.

Mortals are the lowest of will creatures that have been given the great gift of free will choice in self-expression on the way to Paradise, and as they climb the age-long ascension ladder.

Mortal men and women get untold choices as to how they shall purport themselves in this journey of the ages. Character flaws will be looked at and overcome, all the while learning to do the Will of the Perfect Being awaiting their arrival on Paradise when they finally attain perfection.

Glories shall unfold before your wondering gazes, tones and color unheard of and unseen. It is the Unconditional Love of the Eternal Creator that makes all this possible.

And I know whereof I speak, as I, your Mighty Indweller, hail from Paradise in the form of a Fragment of God known to you as the Still Small Voice.

I volunteered to guide you on your way Home.

Session 8

Idaho, US of A, January 26, 2004. Christ Michael. Subject: "Commune with the Father."


Sandy: "There is a feeling of much, wonderful energy all around me."

Christ Michael: "It is I, Christ Michael. I come to you this evening to talk about the love the Father has for his many children who live on planet earth. His love is unconditional and it is truly boundless.

"Your birth and existence, and that of all other creatures that live, is possible only because of His great love. Only our Father can give you, His treasured children, eternal life through the spirit that lives within you. With this life comes the opportunity to become as one with Him in creature perfection. You are given the chance to work toward the total perfection that only He knows.

"He delights in the growth of all your souls as you strive to reach out and come closer to Him in this magnificent opportunity of time/space reality. He looks upon His children with great pride and notices the intentions of each one of you to do His Will, as you let His light shine through, and as you share His love with others around you.

"As he gives you all His love, there is plenty left for you to share freely among all your brothers and sisters. Trust in His unending love for you and go about your days in happiness. The Father prepares a home for you in Heaven, a place of many mansions. He also celebrates as you live and learn while here on earth in the brief period that is your lifetime.

"He wants nothing more than for you to allow Him to be a treasured Companion with you in your daily journeys, no matter how humble a person you might consider yourself to be, no matter how mundane-a-journey you might think yourself to be on. Imagine Him to be the kind and loving Father who always has your watch-care first and foremost in His all-knowing mind.

"He has showered you with the gift of magnificent universe vistas, lights up your world with the moon and stars at night, the glorious sunshine in daytime. What many other great blessings he bestows upon you! And He asks for nothing more in return than for you to realize that He loves and cares for you.

"Be in communion with our Father, and He will carry the burdens for you, furnish the nourishment for your body and soul and share all of creation with you, His precious children. I will leave you with these thoughts, yet I will never be far from any of you who hear these words. I am your Brother Michael."