2003-11-12-Turmoil On Urantia

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Topic: Turmoil on Urantia

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Rayson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Daniel: Come to center, please. Become settled by beginning to work on the outside and work towards the inside. Start releasing tension in the various parts of your body, whether it’s your feet or your head; just begin and work it out. See that energy, that tension flow out of your feet and into the ground. And as you see this tension flow from you, see also, the energy that flows through the pole that is in you, that energy spike that emanates from the top of your head and out through your base charka, into the center of the earth; it flows in to you and out of you, so that you become a clear and open conduit of universe energy. Focus your energy and your thoughts on this process… (Pause)… and when you are ready, let us begin to build the merkaba.

Imagine your energy pole working up and meeting at a north point and at a south point, with all the other energies of all the other individuals here. These are lines of longitude and they are gold in color, so that the energy flows around and around in a circle. And when we do this, we have begun building a merkaba; and in the middle of this circle is another energy pole, that of the merkaba shaft. And its flow is from earth center, through the earth, the sun, through the middle of Nebadon, the Milky Way, and to universe center. And as we are in a circle, let us imagine and build lines of latitude, from the south pole to the north pole, with our alignment of bodies being the equator. And now we condition this merkaba with the assistance of our Celestial Teachers and Guardian Angels and all other beings of Light who are here with us, to condition this energy to be of the Father, the First Source and Center, Michael, and Nebadonia. [Doorbell interruption.] Let us hold and maintain the merkaba right now. (Pause) So, we have the lines of longitude and the lines of latitude, and the central axis of the merkaba.

Now let us build the heart line, the energy that travels through our heart, out our left foot to earth center, back up to our person on our left, so that as this line moves, it moves up and down much like a sewing machine needle—up and down, up and down—down to center, up through the next person, across and down, and so on, so that this pinkish line moves in a clockwise manner around this circle of friends. This is the heart line energy. We should feel much calming with this, a connectedness with our partners here, a sharing of the universe energy of the heart’s intention—the heart line. This makes us one with this energy. We know peace, contentment, and at-oneness with this line.

Now let us add one more line of energy, the mind line. It’s color is kind of a neon bluish-green color—it moves from mind to mind in a counter-clockwise manner around the circle of you here, entering the left temple of your head, through it, out your right temple and to the person on your right, into their left temple. It moves at a much faster rate than the heart line. With this line we may associate ourselves with the function and purpose and will of Nebadonia—universe mind, cosmic mind—associated with Infinite Spirit’s function and purpose in the universe. And so we tap into all parts of the universe, into the Trinity, into our Creator, Michael and his partner, Nebadonia.

Now let us take time individually to declare our intentions for being here. Ask yourself, Why am I here? What is my intention for being here? So declare that, each of you, please, to yourselves. (Pause) And now check your level of sincerity. What is your commitment to this intention? What is it that is your will? Let’s take a few moments now to be at peace in the merkaba, and with the merkaba’s energy, you may direct it’s energy to those who need help, whether it is physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health, prosperity, or divine order in some process that they are going through, whether it’s the sale or purchase of a house, or adoption of a child or whatever it may be. (Long pause) A few more moments.

Our unseen friends are ready! And he says, "It is I, Michael, here with you today."


Michael: Welcome, my friends! Welcome to this familiar setting. It is so wonderful to be welcomed so warmly, so genuinely to a hospitable, gentle and kind environment of loving individuals. I know that you have your own problems, but for now, set them aside, let us be in oneness now in these moments, during this afternoon. I know that many of you have genuine, heart-felt, heart-rending thoughts and feelings about the turmoil in your world. And we know that this turmoil is not limited to one nation, but virtually pandemic on your world. There is much cause for concern on your part; and there is much concern on our part as well.

When you become concerned, and perhaps feel alone and isolated as though there is no support, or no one who cares about you or your society, or the injustices and the turmoil and the wars that exist on your planet, and that this affects you personally in your social and spiritual equilibrium, please call on me! I am but your voice away; I am here and my spirit is, yes, "rampant" on your planet. I am not ever far from you. Since my ascension and the bestowal of my sovereignty over Nebadon, my spirit fills this entire planet; wherever there is conscious thought, I am there, and I am just a thought away from you.

And it is not as though I am going to solve all your problems, for I will not—and you know the reasons already why I will not—but that you are a powerful force of centeredness, and in this union that we have, that I have with you individually, our centeredness can become a way of life, a way of thought, a way of acting in your world. You have a much more powerful influence than anyone in your government, or the nation, or corporation would ever think you have. You have seen many studies on the affects of prayer. Know dear friends, that I am active in those prayers. And know that when three or four, (or three or four million) of you join together, whether it is simultaneously on the Internet for prayer about some world topic, know that I am there, powerfully to help unite your voices. It is as though each one of you were a small merkaba, which of course, you are—and that through my influence, all your merkaba energies as individuals are united together, and shared where your prayer is directed to go. Unselfish, kind, benevolent, generous prayer, is always the most effective. And in these times, it is efficacious, it works! You know that your world will not be healed by divine intervention, but only through mortal-divine co-creation. Our joint participation is essential for healing your planet. We know that you cannot do it alone, for your planet has progressed in darkness to the point where it cannot go back by itself, but must have our assistance more directly than ever before.

You will not see miracles happen, but you will see miraculous events seem to transpire—they are not one-and-the-same. You have concerns about your country going to war, unilaterally, upon a country that has had many difficulties. This too, can be healed; this too can be resolved through unexpected events. You do not know what is "divine order," though perhaps you have a good idea. We will not dictate what is "divine order" in these events, but you have a good idea what that might be. So my friends, do not cease your prayers, or in your concerns about those who are less fortunate, and who are unaware of us, for keep up the prayers, the vigil, and the maintenance of your own personal spiritual integrity.

Let us pause a few moments for you to collect your thoughts and to organize your energies for some purpose, which you may want to express between yourself and me. (Long pause) As you look out into the world and direct your prayers that way, also do not be forgetful of your own life. Do not be forgetful that your lives are lives of learning, where each day and each moment and each situation brings you a situation for growth. Growth, meaning an opportunity for making conscious decisions about some event that also has a soul-fulfilling, or soul-shriveling affect. I know that your intention is to grow; it is not that you invite turmoil and difficulties into your life in order to grow, but that these come naturally to you. Some of you may pray, "Oh, Father God, take this burden from me!" But my friends on other planets, pray, "Father, give me burdens as these, to learn from."

I know that your final rewards, and final destination as agondonter Finaliters, is a long ways away but if you could maintain in your consciousness, this relatedness to that end and to your immediate life, you will infuse your life with more enthusiasm and inner direction, almost unconsciously for the way you live and the decisions you make, and the outcomes that come your way. While societies may shrivel and die, it is the individual who is the worthy recipient of spiritual growth, and it is earned.

So, my friends, my brothers and sisters in the flesh, your decisions, your directions, your intentions, are vital. And I ask that you examine your life to ensure that they are consistent among all the spheres of your activities, in the direction you are going towards me and the First Source and Center. Organize your lives so that they are consistent. You will find that when you do so, those laggardly, lazy, backward places in your life will begin to grow and begin to become organized and express love in your life in ways you have not seen before. You are the guardian of your life; you are the way-shower through your decisions. You have a responsibility as mind over your life to manage your lives constructively, to unleash the potential that exists within you to do good, and to grow responsibly, and to grow lovingly, for yourself and for others. Give service to yourself in loving, genuine, earnest ways first and then you can be of greater service to others.

I take great joy in your presence here today! I feel a camaraderie with you that is exhilarating. You are my family. Know that I love you deeply and that my care for you is always present. Good day. (Group: Thank you, Michael!)

Daniel: Let’s take a little, quiet break here and wait for Rayson to speak to us. He has some things to say too. (Pause)

Rayson: Good afternoon students, this is Rayson. He’s a hard act to follow! And He’s my hero! [With tears all around.]

So Daniel has had a bit of a hiatus, a little time off, a time of respite and withdrawal. This is good. There is always time to relax, must be, for this too is growth-inspiring. And it is not as though I were not here and present for you, for I was, and I am, and will be. In weeks to come, I would like to continue our discussion and dialog on community. It is not that we are "beating a dead horse," so to speak, in trying to go in places where it cannot, but that really, quite literally, there is so much to say that a lifetime is ever too short to express it all. So we will give you more lessons in the future. Today is a "free day." It is not that I am going to dismiss the class now and everybody go on holiday, but that this is a time to ask some questions that you’ve been wanting to ask. And of course, I reserve the privilege of saying, "No, I can’t answer that." That may sound awfully protective, but there are some things that are better not shared. However, do not let that deter you from asking your questions.


Student: I have a question. (Certainly.) Regarding the phenomenon of remote viewing, if any of us who are involved in the Teaching Mission were to study this and learn it, would it be beneficial to the Teaching Mission process?

Rayson: It could be. We will… [Daniel: He’s making a "funny" out of CIA, something about Celestials and Intelligent Americans…or something.] Yes, it would be helpful, though I daresay that many of you already have the capacity of remote viewing. Whether it is seeing a broken part in your engine of your car, or seeing your child at daycare, or seeing a broken part in the wall, such as Daniel and Jim were discussing just before the session, or whether it is something else. Remote viewing is a very real capability in most of you. It is a skill that can be enhanced and improved with practice. Many of you already experience remote viewing, though you do not recognize it as such.

The first step in remote viewing skill development is to recognize that you "see something," and then attempt to validate that. I use as example the discussion between Daniel and Jim, where a plumbing shower pipe had been removed from the shower and unscrewed from the wall fitting, and then replaced. At the time that it was tightened, it was not known that it had been tightened too much. And in tightening it too much, the threads had split inside the fitting, so that water would leak inside the wall when the shower was used. Daniel "saw" the split threads the next day when he began to think about the work he had done on it the day before. The owner of the house also "saw" the split threads in a dream right before waking. Upon removal of the piece, surly enough, the threads were split and it would have leaked every time the shower was used. The leaking water would have rotted out the wall at the bottom. This is an example of remote viewing. This is being clairvoyant (that is the old word for it.) Many of you have this ability. Many of you—almost all of you—have experienced it in your life already. It is a parallel sense for one of your five senses. There is the ability to be clairvoyant or use remote viewing as in real time. There is the capability also to "see" events that occur at a future time. This is what you call being prescient. I am going afield, I think, so have I gone far enough to answer your question?

Student: I guess I was wondering if we could experience, like those of us who are not doing the TRing, if we could experience your presence and your teachings in a multi-dimensional way, if we were familiar with that process, if it was to really be where you are, or experience you in more ways?

Rayson: More tangible ways?

Student: Multi-sensory, I guess.

Rayson: Then would this be of use to you or the Teaching Mission?

Student: That’s what I was wondering—if we did that, would it be helpful?

Rayson: In a broad answer, yes. We are concerned though, that individuals would become more interested in the phenomena of the process, rather than the desired ends of the process. There is a tendency for "great escapism" among many mortals on this planet, to wish that they were in another place. The great use of consciousness-altering drugs, whether it is alcohol or hallucinogenics, is an example of this. We encourage you to grow in many ways, even in your sensory perceptions, and we would counsel you to condition this for your highest and greatest good. Other questions?

Student: When you say you are "with us" throughout the week and in our daily lives, could you be a little more specific? How are you "with us?"

Rayson: Well, it is not as though I am Tinker Bell sitting on your shoulder. (I knew that!) But I am with you in consciousness, meaning that when you "feel" my consciousness, my presence, you would awaken to that in your awareness. And this answers in part, the question of the young woman who asked the previous question. This is an expanded awareness process. You can feel my presence at times, and you may jerk your head up and say, "Oh! Rayson is here," and then address me. And this is truly an occurrence; it is energy that you feel that is non-empirical, yet you know that I am here. The same with your brother, Christ Michael, though his energy is so pervasive that it is a continuous stream of "presence" on his part. And some of you become so familiar with this that you no longer recognize it as "present," though it is. When I am with you, I am with you in consciousness. I travel about your planet as well, as a morontial entity. There are millions of us here, as you know, and so it is a frequent coming and going. I think there is more to your question, though, is there not?

Student: Yes, I was looking at the people who want to begin the TR process, and communicating, writing—automatic writing—speaking. When we feel your presence, we can begin talking to you?

Rayson: Yes, exactly! (Thank you.) Also, I am contactable through consciousness. Perhaps I am not here and you think or say aloud, "Rayson, may I speak with you?" And through the circuits that have been reconnected, I become aware of your request, and can be "present" (and I would put that in quotes), be "present" with you for conversation, even though I may be in another location. Yes, you can initiate your contact to TR or discuss with me or Michael or Nebadonia, or any other of the benevolent creatures of Light that work for Michael. We are available. You can initiate this on your own, or you can become aware of our presence with you, and that is initiation as well. It is best developed through the unhesitating, unprejudiced acceptance that this is possible, and that you can do it and it is doable, and it is experiential on your part. It may take some coaxing, as in automatic writing, and the coaxing usually involves a question. And then a release of your conscious thought of what you think "ought to be said," and release it so that you hear what is "really being said." This is perhaps more easily done in writing, as you can write an opening sentence to yourself that begins, "I am listening to a Celestial Teacher talk to me and this Celestial Teacher is saying," and then you kind of go off and whatever comes into your consciousness you write down. It is a fact that there are only a very few people who cannot do this. There are more people who can do this than cannot. (Thank you. That is what I was looking for.)

Student: Rayson, I am interested in knowing whether you employ the process of "reflectivity" in these communications, and are the merkabas that are established on this planet, are they used in conjunction with this at all?

Rayson: To answer the first part of your question, no, reflectivity is not used in this process. It is "encircuited energy," meaning that your consciousness is part of a circuit, that you are "in touch" and it is much like if you look at the metaphor of an antique telephone central office where the operators plug and unplug connections. Your conscious thought to plug into it is all it takes to make the connection, and you’re encircuited at that time.

For the second part of your question, the merkabas are energy centers that are established through conscious dedication on the part of mortals and angels. When these anchors of energy are in place, the energy that flows through them can be directed by conscious thought towards the ends that you direct. That is why we ask you to examine your intent and your sincerity for connecting to that energy source so that it is used in benevolent, beneficent ways. (Thank you, that’s very helpful.)

Student: I had a question as well. And this question you may have already answered today, probably, but I was just wondering if you could…I don’t know if you could give me an answer for me specifically, but it seems that at times that I am not totally in tune with the Father’s will, and I would just want to know how to more easily let the Father’s will in my life, work through me? If there is something that you could just clue me into…again, it’s probably a review, but I would sure appreciate it. Thank you.

Rayson: Certainly. That’s a very good question. I think the operant work/word for you, (excuse the Freudian pun there,) is "work." It is, "How can I best have the Father’s will work through me?" And as you know, work takes effort; therefore, you must make an effort for the Father’s will to be known in your life. That effort is to explore opportunities, explore possibilities. When you recognize that something is coming along in your life and you do not know whether you should engage it or not, engage it! And probe it! Discern whether it is helpful for you. If it is helpful and positive and it opens up and leads you forward, then follow that way. And if it closes down, then cease your probing and your work in that area. This is a fairly universal way of discovering the Father’s will in your life.

However, if you sit home and do nothing, and pray and pray and pray and meditate, and are in such earnestness about discovering the Father’s will, you probably will have great difficulty in discerning that way. For as you know, the Father’s will is a will of work, a will of effort. It takes effort and work to understand and to know the Father’s will. You may meditate and receive an "Ah- ha," and if you do nothing with that "Ah-ha," then it is for nothing. You must know, too, that when you cease exploring in your life, you are shutting down the avenues that the angels may work with you and through you and around you. So stay active, go out, be among your fellows. When you look for work and someone says, "Over here," then go and find out. If someone says, "I have work but you don’t have the skills and are not qualified" and they reject you, then go to another location. This is why the monastic life has some benefit, but it is not separate from your world. It may seem "other worldly" but must continue to be of service in the outer world. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.

Student: Rayson, when Jesus was on our planet during his bestowal, for the people that he met that didn’t believe in him or turned away from him, was their survival jeopardized by that?

Rayson: Yes. Remember, there is no choice in ignorance, but only in awareness and knowledge. If you were presented with a truth and you turned away from it, then you were "informed" and you become responsible for your decision. A decision not to act is a decision. A decision to participate is a decision.

Student: So if we share our knowledge of the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission with others and they turn it down, does that still affect their life’s course because it was their choice?

Rayson: Yes. But realize, too, the great generosity of Michael and that because of conditions on your planet, everyone gets a "second look" at the situation after they pass from this life. They will be given full knowledge and full awareness on the morontial plane to make an informed decision, and what effect it will have. (Oh, good! Thank you.) Also realize that not all paths to the Father are the same; that what appeals to you may not appeal to a Hindu; what appeals to a Hindu may not appeal to an atheist, and so on. But if they can discern or see some grain of truth in what they are told, they become more responsible for rejecting that grain of truth. (Thank you.) Certainly.

Student: Are you allowed to give any kind of a progress report on the Teaching Mission?

Rayson: Certainly. (Student: Oh, I’d enjoy that!) It is thriving! It is growing well. And yes, there are those who get excited and have their own way of presenting it, which may lead others astray, but none-the-less it is going through a tremendous expansion and growth. We are most pleased with the dispersement of information through the Internet. This provides a forum for much discussion, discernment, choosing and thought. Much of it is thought provoking; much of it is satisfying and heart filling. It provides a real experiential way of experiencing the sifting of individuals, of their will, and how they interpret the will and their connection to Michael and with the Holy Father.

You are doing well. You are doing extremely well in discerning the ways that are right and the ways that are not; the ways that are productive and the ways that are not; the ways of ego and the ways of Michael. Continue this, but do not judge your brothers or sisters for having a different view, for then you would fall into the same egotistical trap. But love them; bless them as they go on their way, wherever that might be and however that might be, for they too are given a larger chance, an opportunity to review their lives and what they have seen and what they have said about the Teaching Mission and their relationship to Christ Michael and to God. Be generous with them, but be firm in your decisions about your own life of how you would go, and which way you will go, and whether it is of Michael’s way or your own ego. Try to discern the difference between your ego’s participation and of Michael’s. So, what is WWMD? …(pause)… What Would Michael Do? (Group laughing) This may seem like a comic question, and it is used a lot by other sectors of religion. We ask you truly to examine your own lives, your angers, your bitterness, your resentments, your jealousies—whether they are big or small, whether they rage and bother you greatly, or whether they just nag at you. Examine these things. They are little tugs on your elbow, much like the tugs of my consciousness when I am around you, when you go, "Oh, Rayson is here!" And you would say, "Oh! I am angry again! Hum, what does that tell me?" or, "I am spiteful" or "resentful."—any of the negative emotional states. Those are little clues, little tugs on your elbow, saying, "This is not the way! This is not what Michael would do." But at that time, that moment, that instant, you can ask Michael to help you see how He would see it. And soon you will begin to see how Michael would see it. It may be disquieting, it may shake your reality of how you’ve seen your world for so many decades, but his view of your life and your situation is clear.

It is most difficult, even for Celestials who have completed many schools on the mansion worlds, to see life, the universe, as Michael sees it. His perspective is so immense, so multi-dimensional, and so complete, that we do not know how He knows what He knows so well! But He knows you that well. And we ask you to seek his assistance to view clearly your life, your thoughts, your feelings, as He perceives them. Then you will seek clarity. And if you cannot, then join with one you trust—another mortal who you trust and respect—and ask them how they perceive your thoughts and feelings. Do this only with individuals who you trust will care for you, and care about how you feel, even if they are erroneous.

Student: You scared me for a minute—I thought WWMD meant asking, "What does He drive!" [Note: Refers to a tongue-in-cheek newspaper article about which SUV would Jesus drive?]

Student: And since we’re moving in this direction, do you have an overview of the Correcting Time that you would be allowed to share?

Rayson: Yes, most gladly. I am authorized to say far more than I think you were prepared for. The Correcting Time is going quite well. It is a developmental scheme as we have said many times. It is only developmental; it does not operate on a temporal mode; it does not have a time line, but a developmental scheme or schedule. (And I am reluctant to say even "schedule" because there is the great interplay of all elements.) Your world is now in much disarray. Almost in every nation throughout your world there is something going on that is unsettling. And some of it—a lot of it—is very good. There can never be change in a staid environment, an environment that is static. This world of yours is now in great agitation—this is good. It causes much thought provoking examination by individuals, and of course, you know that individuals are truly responsible for the conduct of their nations, whether they participate or not. These changes, this Correcting Time, has created an opportunity for much greater participation by citizens in their own governments. This is just one facet.

You are seeing your world in much turmoil also due to climate changes. Your concerns are almost at a point of neuroses; but you need not be neurotic about realities of your weather, for the weather of your world has been far more extreme in the past than you are aware of. The droughts that you experience now with three or four or five years are really miniscule compared with the centuries-long droughts that have occurred in some parts of the world.

Likewise, when glaciers recede or glaciers grow, they cause tremendous change in the environment. This too is much different now than in the past. You must recall or remember or think that your world now is coming off of the last glacial era. Your world has not gotten to the point of being between glacial eras. Let that sink in a bit. It means that your world is warming; it means that this has been going on for many hundreds if not thousands of years, and it will continue on for centuries into the future. Your world may see that there is an interim period between eras of glaciation that could be a hundred thousand years long. Anyone who lives during that era would think that their world has always been that way. So, too, you think of your world as always being this way, of having glaciers that once ran many hundreds of miles out to sea, and now they are only tens-of-miles long.

How does this connect with the Correcting Time? This is a wonderful opportunity for your technologies to learn how to conserve water, how to live stingily on the resources that you have, whether it is water or petrol or any of the other limited products. It is this particular time in your world that the Correcting Time has occurred, the most opportune time for great change, with a great number of souls on your planet. This is a very productive time for soul growth for individuals and for the planet. The Correcting Time is doing very well; it is now invested in almost all spheres of human activity on your planet, in all nations. There is almost no human activity that is not involved, is not impregnated with these Correcting time changes. You can anticipate more agitation and difficulties in areas of human activity and endeavor before they begin to settle. Yet some areas are already beginning to show promise of settling. We will not disclose what those are at this time, but let you wonder what they are and hope for them to increase in all areas of human activity.

Student: Rayson, along with the lines of where Urantia is concerned, are you at liberty to disclose how the rest of the planets are faring in the Correcting Time as well?

Rayson: I can give you generalized answers. There are many planets that are doing far better and are far more advanced, but of course, that reflects the state of their existence and organization, planetary organization during the time of quarantine and afterwards. The state of the quarantined planets is reflective of their status and their situation during the quarantine. Those planets, which were more disorganized, are of course, slower to recover, as is Urantia. No planet is as close to, has as many opportunities for self-destruction, however as your planet. The whims of individuals and small groups of individuals can change the course and development of your whole planet. This self-destructive bent of your species is beyond our comprehension. People in the same communities injure their own people; people in the same nation injure and kill their own people. There is a perverse bent toward mutual annihilation that is symptomatic of a civilization in decline. The will of the ego is so strong, so detrimental, yet shows such potential to assist the individual in great growth. Thank you for your question. (You’re welcome.)

Student: I have a question. What can we as individuals do to aid in the Correcting Time?

Rayson: One is doing just what you did, right now, is becoming a conscious volunteer, an assistant co-creator with Michael in the Correcting Time. Your willingness is immense. Then as you go out to seek what is the Father’s will in your life you may find opportunities that will aid you, will assist you in guiding you towards areas that will uplift, or help uplift, your planet. You may think that these are miniscule and unimportant, yet it is the contributions of individuals that make the difference, ever so small they may be. Do not ever underestimate your conscious, willing, loving, participation in the Correcting Time; don’t underestimate its effect towards the long-term goals. We need your help; we need your assistance and your willing participation. Willing to be led, willing to be guided, willing to assist in ways that may be unexpected, and willing to lead are ways of helping your planet and this world and it’s civilizations. The key is to remain open and to explore ways that come to you, which may engage you or not. Thank you for your question. Does that answer it?

Student: Yes, and one other comment: As one individual, I want to relay how honored and how privileged I feel to be here, working with you. And I think I speak for all of us. It is a great honor to work with our unseen friends in that we truly wish to be of service in whatever way we can.

Rayson: And then you will. Thank you! Last questions?

Student: Recently here, we used the anchor and opened a bubble on it, and put a person in there for healing. I guess I’m just curious, is that an okay, legitimate use for that and would there be a way to use that same kind of energy for healing without an anchor?

Rayson: Yes, if you see yourself as an anchor, and visualize your own small merkaba energy, you can do this by yourself. You can connect, of course, to any merkaba on the planet, and use that merkaba energy and direct it towards the ends that you see necessary. You can visualize the individual in the merkaba, that is one way, but you can also visualize them where they are in their life, working minute to minute, living day to day with the energy in them and surrounding them. This has a very powerful effect on all of their life; it is much like the difference of being immersed in water and drinking water. You can immerse the individual in water, and yes, the body will absorb water from the outside in, but if you give them a glass of water, you will have that water diffused and infused throughout the entirety of their body. So too, it is with the merkaba energy; when you direct it’s use to an individual in their living situation, whether they are living in a hospital bed, or whether they are, let’s say, an active mom at home, chasing children around from home to school and activity to activity, maintaining a family and a home; wherever they are, that energy is with them, they are more than immersed in it, it fills them. If this does not satisfy your question, please ask again.

Student: We pulled kind of a bubble off the anchor, and it was such a unique experience, the feeling of the energy. I just wondered if I had to establish an anchor at my own house to have that available when I work with people for healing? The energy, it was amazing!


Rayson: Good! It is good that you feel this; it makes it more real to you. The spirituality that you live with Michael co-creatively is much more powerful in your life and in your mind when you are able to experience more of it in recognizable ways. To answer your question, if the bubble works, then use it. You do not have to have a merkaba in your home, but you can make the connection from this merkaba to any place on the planet, just as powerfully as though you were here.

Well, my friends…I feel like we are in a "group hug" situation right now…(Group agreement!)…It is wonderful to have our heart lines connected, and to know that our wills are joined through the mind line with Nebadonia and the Infinite Spirit, knowing that "right will" is always expressed "rightly," and it is done according to the Father’s will. Blessings to you this week and always as you go forward. May the feeling that you have now, be generated in your life every moment henceforth, that you may live in consciousness of your divine brotherhood with Christ Michael, and that his loving ways are with you; that his loving presence may always work through you when you so grant that wish and that will. Blessings to you, my friends. Know that I respect you so much and that your willingness to participate in this on Sunday afternoon is very enjoyable, but I respect you even more greatly when you carry it forward and use this energy, these thoughts, these intentions in your every waking moment in the future. And should you lapse in memory, we know that you will come around again and know this connection. God bless you; I bless you; know that Michael is here and blesses you, and anoints you with this wonderful fountain of energy. Good day.

Group: Thank you, Rayson; thank you, Michael and thank you to all of our unseen friends. We love you all!

[We ended this session by combining our prayers and energy to send to Eric and JoiLin.]