2003-12-08-Self and Personal Control

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Topic: Self and Personal Control

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with such gratitude this evening, for your spiritual unity is touching. What a feeling of comfort and mindal clarity we are sharing this evening. This peace, this feeling of ease is not only acceptable, it is welcomed. While we could dwell in this serene state for all eternity, we must remember that without experiential irritants there is very little growth. Mortal life is most of the time overflowing with these irritants; in fact they call us to action. They call us to seek possibilities. While life agitations cause us growth, we should focus on balance. Balance is not only having growing experiences, but attaining new skills that would aid us in mindal clarity and spirit reception.

Especially at this time of year there seems to be great stress beyond your personal control. From our standpoint we watch the masses gather at various functions seeking to build spirit and goodwill. Then on the other hand this desire seems to add pressure to an already stressed life. Your expectations, your needs, your long sought after dreams seem to dictate your outlook on how life should be lived. What can be controlled and what cannot? What man can control the waves of the sea? At best one can only create more waves. To put effort, energy, time and finances into such thoughts of controlling is a road to frustration and disappointment.

Cast a glance over your history this far and weigh your measure of contentment against disappointment. You can easily see your level of efforts to have control, to exert will. The more disappointment and frustration one feels is one who casts pearls before swine—meaning personal efforts have gone nowhere. With this situation a spiritually fit individual would allow Father’s influence and be open to new doors, but many times our own expectation, our own understanding of right and wrong, our traditions, others opinions influence our perspective and we act from a place of ego instead of spirit. I am not suggesting that you make no effort or even have acceptance of what is. I am merely suggesting that you review your own internal meter that reflects your attitude toward life situations.

To be compelled to be controlling is a vague place within the ego that constantly tells you to strive harder, to appear better. This pressure is spiritual suicide. It is to build up such great expectations in self, with no room for mistakes or any assistance you could receive from On High. You can make effort in the best interest of the whole and allow the results to be Father’s. You can control your own levels of frustration and disappointment by changing your perspective on any given situation. Mortal life is the sea and you are with only a small boat. You can only row your own boat. You can only control your own waves or influence in the sea. You can go with the natural current or you can meet with frustration and disappointment fighting the storms alone.

This week review your relationship with Father. How much are you allowing Him into your life? Is there only limited places He can have influence over while you attempt to control the rest? Where does frustration and disappointment lead individuals to? Take a few moments this week to appreciate the calm sea and rest for when the storms arise.

No questions this evening. Know that I am with growing affection for you each. I am in appreciation of your unique personalities, and yet I am honored to be a part of your collective whole. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.