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Topic: Connectedness

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Gerahdt

TR: Daniel Raphael



[Guided meditation included as requested for new group members.]

Jo Ann: Knowing we’re all here with a group intention of uniting with our teachers, being part of Michael’s plan for this planet, receiving celestial guidance both individually and as a group. And with that intention set, we begin to relax—relax into the presence of spirit, relax into the freedom from everyday necessities. Just begin now by focusing on your breathing, breathing slow and deep, starting at the belly, very relaxed; breathing in the love of the universe with each breath, for that’s what it is. Each breath refreshes the body with oxygen, and now refreshes the mind as well, breathing in the consciousness of universe abundance and provision. And with each slow, relaxed exhale, breathing away stresses and distractions; breathing in love, breathing away with release. (Pause.)

And as we relax, and breathe in this slow, peaceful way, imagine just opening the energy body in the crown chakra, opening it to universe energy, light and love. And with each breath, feeling that flow down through your energy body, enlightening body mind and spirit. With each breath now, inhaling energy through the crown, exhaling old, stuck energy through the soles of your feet. (Pause.)

Allow that energy to flow through you and around you, filling your energy body, filling the space around you with chi, with universal light energy, love, let it flow on down through your mind, through all the muscles of your body, relaxing your scalp, your throat, neck, shoulders; it filters down in little sparkles, comforting light energy. And let it flow right on down to your fingertips, relaxing and soothing you as it goes; let it flow on down through your heart area, solar plexus, all around your body; let it encompass your digestive system, your hips. Let it relax and nourish all of your bodily functions. You feel it now wrapping your legs, the muscles, skin and bones, in a relaxing, soothing energy, on down, past your knees, calves, feet, even to the very bottoms of your feet, and tips of your toes. You may be more peaceful and relaxed now than you have been for a long, long time. And in this state of relaxation, the creation of a space is made for meeting spirit. Let us each take a few moments now individually, to connect with that Dear Spirit within. (Long pause.)

And now, just solidifying our personal intentions, perhaps something like, "Father, I am here to do your will." In becoming aware of the group, the circle again, and our group intention, feeling from our heart centers, the energy flow around the circle, from heart light to heart light, until we are a circle of light. We feel our spiritual intentions unite in the bright spot in our minds, and that energy flowing around the circle, in the alternate direction, and when all our minds unite, creating a circle of light, a dome of light appears over the group. We have created a sacred space that encompasses the group and more than the group around us, above us and below us. And we invite our Celestial Friends; we acknowledge your presence in this sacred space. And a column of light appears in the center of the circle, uniting us to Universe purpose and circuits. We are now "one" and we are ready to begin. (Pause.)

GERAHDT: Good morning, this is Gerahdt. (Good morning, Gerahdt.) Welcome to the Pueblo group of the Southern Colorado Teaching Mission. We are very pleased with your progress during this absence of two months. We note that you have been conscious of your participation in this energy circuit. We sense your assurance that you are connected, "one" with Michael’s group. We see a nice glowing light in this area, and there are others, individuals, who glow here as well.


Many of you have a conscious relationship with Michael and Nebadonia, and your consciousness is a light that shines forward to many people. We wish you to be conscious of those who are light unto this area as well, though they may not have the awareness of a direct connection to Michael and Nebadonia and the Melchizedeks as you do, still they carry the light. You perhaps see the divisions among yourselves due to the names of religions, yet as we survey this area and see your world here, in Southern Colorado, we do not note those differences, but we see lights of the soul, of the mind, that are brighter while some are less bright; yes, and there are those who have no brightness at all.

As the Magisterial Son approaches the advent of his material arrival, we ask you to be mindful of your connection to others. For you will find, a reaching out will be necessary, upon his arrival. We of the Teaching Mission are preparing you and others to be way-showers to the [archival] material that has been generated through the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission. This effort has a title, and it comes by other titles, other names, in other parts of the world. Many groups will be announcing themselves, when this occurs. And you will find that the responsibilities of finding "oneness" are great. These include your responsibility to be forgetful of your identification with a group identification, name, or ideology. This identification will be strong in many people, and forgetfulness even more so.

Even in [a] group as this, which has only recently begun, you will feel its responsibilities and in some ways, its mission. When his arrival is apparent, then we would imagine—we more than imagine—that you will want to announce your identification, who you are as a group, in subtle ways. We are not asking you to stand on street corners, on Purcell Boulevard and say, "The Teaching Mission is here." Yet this activity, these words, this awareness will be on everyone’s mind, in common conversation. Whereas you now talk of war in foreign countries, we expect that you will talk of this current effort, the wave of peace and light that is brightening around the world. And others will ask you, "How did you become aware of this? How did you know it was coming?" And you will share what you know. You will share the records, the archives; you will tell them how to find them. Your voice of peace, assurance, confidence in Michael’s way, that lead to peace and confidence in your everyday life will be words of comfort to many who are shocked and disoriented.

Could you remain patient with this, if the Magisterial Son did not appear for another twenty years? Some of you will have passed on by then, and that is neither sad nor a glorious occasion—it is simply a passage through a door, as easily as you came into this building—you will leave it as easily. Those of you who remain will have your work to do, and until then, your work is "inner," coming to peace, striving to be "one" with your Thought Adjuster, searching out the peaceful way of life, that is progressive, constructive, yes, and filled with confidence.

That is why your daily times of stillness are so important. Just as you practice this, so do we. Stillness is something that you will do into the eons, as you make the transitions from one life to another in the morontial stage, into the spiritual stage. You will have this time of stillness and it will be more like worship, feeling and being in awe of the Creator. We know that this is most difficult for you to do now, to actually feel the presence of the Creator through the Thought Adjuster in you. Your stillness is a time for stillness of mind, stillness of body, stillness of emotions with the intention of inviting in your Thought Adjuster to communicate with you, to help lead you in the way of your life so that you grow.

This life, this physical life that you have now, is so brief, but it is so richly intense — it is an adventure as though you were in survival school in the wilderness. And if you have done that, you have a sense of how we perceive your lives—intense survival and intense purposeful living to survive not just another night in the cold, in the darkness, but to survive into another life. It begins with your conscious dedication of your will to God’s will that is always followed by the ultimate, eternal leading from the First Source and Center, through your Thought Adjuster, to you.

Some of you have had very bright inklings or insights into your lives, as you moved forward, and this can happen at work, play, sitting down in the morning for breakfast, or during your quiet time at night or in the morning, or whenever you practice it. A sudden distillation of your life, life in the universe, an insight of where you are, and what you have accomplished. Perhaps you have had that sudden "Ah-ha!" when you realized that one drop of wisdom that you just received came from years of experience in relationship with others.

You can rely upon those insights as a planted seed in your consciousness by your Thought Adjuster that awakened and bloomed in your conscious mind. Some of you have them rather frequently, others rarely at all. But know that the seeds of progress, constructive living, loving, learning how to love, care for yourself and care for others in tender, compassionate, loving ways are given to you in the stillness in those times before your mind goes into unconscious dreaming, when your mind is stilled and at peace before you drop off to sleep. In those moments your Thought Adjuster is spreading these seeds in the fertile part of your mind. That is why your conscious dedication of your life becomes the fertile ground. Opening that stillness to your Thought Adjuster is much like opening the fertile seeds in the bag. When you do that, you have prepared your life to receive those seeds of wisdom and insight. Then the work of your life and the work of the Magisterial Son go hand in hand. You have prepared yourself and your life by letting those positive constructive seeds grow — you have prepared your life as a fertile field for the Magisterial Son’s arrival who will plant more seeds for you to nurture.

We know that your infinite journey is past even pondering upon; it is so huge compared to your daily life that the purpose of your life may be more focused if you see preparing your life in preparation for the Magisterial Son’s arrival. Most humans on this planet cannot grasp the measure of your life into the future, into the afterlife. So think in terms of your life and its preparation for a more wise individual’s arrival. You have taken on concepts of living through The Urantia Book, through the Teaching Mission and Correcting Time that are huge, that are difficult for you to get your conscious mind around.

The successes of contemporary religions on your planet are mainly due in large part to the fact that they home in on small parcels of conscious living. That is why the phrase, "What would Jesus say?" "What would Jesus do?" is so important to them; it can be to you too. For every difficult decision that must be made—ethical, moral or social in awareness—consciousness can be applied, can be worked through by applying these words. Thinking of your life’s journey to the time when you will be a finaliter is a wonderful concept that is so difficult to live out. The best way is to take today, just today, as the most important day that you can live in preparation for that afterlife experience.

For some of you, it is easier yet to think of the day in terms of a sequence of small, snap-shot vignettes, a montage of adventures or experiences — traveling to the store, getting to the store, interacting with others—that’s a little picture where you can make decisions about your life. Returning home and interacting with your children before dinner—that too is a little adventure. A little snap-shot of time, that lasts seconds, or maybe an hour or two at most, an opportunity to manage anger or resentment, or some negative emotion of some sort; an opportunity to express patience, love, forbearance, tolerance; an opportunity to share guidance with those who do not yet have the control, the consciousness of making decisions about their life. A moment to be a model to others, not to use that to show off or aggrandize your ego or your behavior, but an opportunity to model who you truly are, a child of God in the family of God, throughout this world—you are all connected—deeply connected!

As your teacher, one of the things I truly hope I can convey to you through the duration of my time with you is your deep abiding connectedness to everyone else. Here you are in Pueblo, Colorado, and you are deeply connected to the people in Montrose and Durango, and all the small towns and communities around here. Now to keep that in mind would wear you down, wouldn’t it? But when you realize as a value, as an orientation, as a perspective, that you are connected to everyone else, and everyone is connected to you, is a very good beginning. More importantly, what value do you place on others? How do you see them? Who are they to you? Are they pawns to be used, moved about as you wish? Or are they individuals to experience, to discover and they to discover and experience you in positive ways?

I am so pleased to be here with you, and you might ask, "Why is that, Gerahdt?" And that is because I get to experience vicariously your living, the important decisions that you make every day. The pace of your activity is much like a fast action film where the motionless times are removed, and all that we see is a blur of activity.

The music that you are playing today speaks to the rhythm that we live—it is paced. Though it is methodical, there is spontaneity, it is deliberate and intentional, it is sincere and earnest, it is the flow of the universe, it is a way of letting go but remaining attached, being one with all but uniquely yourself. Being one with "all," you are a small element of the big, large picture, but structurally important to the integrity of the universe. Your contributions, my contributions, Michael’s contributions—are important to the universe. It is not a matter of the universe being successful and our efforts being successful, for when you think of success, you also must think of failure. And those are not part of the "all," the consciousness of the universe, for it is a process of flow, of becoming—becoming more—becoming a contributing part of God the Supreme—those positive experiences that will always abide and remain in the universe.

I have said my piece today. Are there questions that you would like to ask?


Student: I am wondering if stillness is the path to the Thought Adjuster or praying with thoughts, active thinking, proactive prayer to get to worship; which is more helpful to commune with the Thought Adjuster to discern God’s will?

GERAHDT: The latter prepares your mind and your state of being for the former. Stillness is a time of receiving, of listening in the quietness of your mind. When you pray, you are preparing your mind to receive. Active meditation is a process of preparing yourself to receive, a time for dedicating your energy to your growth and to assist others in their lives. Does that help?

Student: Yes, thank you. And is the stillness in the realm of the super-conscious or the subconscious or….? It seems to me it is in the super-conscious area.

GERAHDT: You are correct—it is that part of the super-conscious, that area of contact above your conscious mind and below that of the Thought adjuster. Constructive, positive living prepares the super-conscious mind to expand, to touch the morontial, [to] open up a portal of consciousness for your Thought Adjuster. The stillness provides the harmonizing effect for that portal to be opened, where you are receptive, allowing your Thought Adjuster to address you.

There have been moments during the past weeks where you have thought of this effort, you have thought of your teacher. Know that I have been with each of you, and many others in this area. You do not need to pray to me—I ask you not to—you simply need to only address me, much as you would address Christ Michael and Nebadonia. I work with the Midwayers and we work with you—my function here is to assist you in more direct material ways of moving forward in constructive, positive ways of living. Each of you has a desire for your life—many desires—your positive desires for living are areas that we can address.


I will close today and doing so ask our meditation guide to bring us into awareness, slowly, to help us continue the peaceful centeredness in which we entered this time together. Thank you. (Thank you.)

Jo Ann: Let us hold our group feeling and intention for a few moments. (Pause.) Let us remember this feeling of peacefulness, this awareness of the presence of spiritual guidance, the sweetness of the experience of spirit. It is a place we never leave. At any time in our lives, we merely focus our intentions and experience that awareness again, and as we prepare to return to normal waking consciousness, perhaps each of us in our hearts and minds, would like to invite spirit to interact with us more frequently with us during the day, would like to set our own will toward that intention of heightened awareness. So now, just beginning to breathe more consciously and energetically, a few deep breaths in and out, a little stretching, inviting spirit back with you into everyday life and awareness, inviting yourself to notice that, that presence and the differences, and the coincidences that appear in your life. Breathe deep, stretch and when you are ready, open your eyes.