2004-02-29-Water of Life

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Topic: Water of Life

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jansel, Lester, Michael

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, friends. I am Elyon, happy to be in such joyful spirits. Your fondness for one another is a beautiful sight. It assures myself that there is a great future for the inhabitants of Urantia. This tendency to enjoy one another's presence is not the reflection of herd instinct; it is the revelation of spirit communion. The greater the connectivity among you toward all others, the greater the chance for this energy to penetrate others and uplift their beings to release the burdens of life, to find support when the burdens are heavy.


Jesus told you that he is the water of life. He also said you are the salt of the earth. When you receive the living water of Michael, his spirit infusion, it is taken up within you just as water is absorbed into every cell of your being. Vital in all the functions of body, so is Michael in all the functions of your spiritual nature. This living water is fresh and pure; it is clear. It does not come to announce its presence; it arrives to receive you into its presence.

You are the salt of the earth, and salt is a seasoning. It extracts from that around it flavors inherent in its surroundings. When you interface with your fellows you are like salt; you extract from your fellows their good natures. While you may feel you are placing upon them new thought, infusing good energy, you are in reality a catalyst for the drawing out of that energy for the realization of new thought within themselves.

While salt with water makes it a difficult beverage to consume, they do go well together, you and Michael, for there are hearts upon your planet that are frozen in a spiritual sense, and you, like salt, are thawing when in their presence thus allowing the water of Michael, his Spirit of Truth, to move within them to quench their thirst.

While all ascending beings aspire to be like our Creator Son, we know that we are creatures and he is the creator. But we work well with our Son, for we counterbalance in ministry his high spirit attainment with our proximity to terrestrial states of being, you being ever closer than I. It is popular for one to ask what would Jesus do, for it does reveal to you a manner of approach a standard above what may be your inherent actions. But in that phrase is also the realization that the mortal is not Michael. You can ask yourself what would Michael have me do that I may assist in his project of reaching another. This is the stance of the apostle, the coordinated functioning with Michael when you are certain that you are not capable of being as Michael. Until your fusion you will strive to be increasingly like our Sovereign Son, and you will be reminded recurringly of the differences as well. Accept your standing, that while we all desire to be like Michael, there is far greater room for each one of you to be his apostle, to represent Michael, to be that salt which draws the water out of the many beings who seek his presence.

Never let accomplishment or lack thereof stifle your willingness to work for him, for his truth and his goodness. I have with me many friends who wish to make their presences known as well. I will allow for that time.

Jansel (Kirk): This is Jansel, and I would like to share a parable.

I was attending a group called "hear the truth". We were around in a circle and a set of headphones was placed on the first individual. When the headphones were placed on the individual she was told, "Sit in stillness and listen." After a while great joy came to her face. She said, "I've heard the truth! It's so marvelous." This procedure went around the room to just about the last person, and he put on the headphones after stilling himself, and he said, "I don't hear anything." So he asked the group, "What is the truth?" One person said, "Truth is God is a woman." People looked around. That couldn't be so. A great disturbance in the room, and a person said, "No. Christ is a redeemer." It's amazing the hostility that went through the room after such joy. The fellow who couldn't hear anything said, "I know the truth. The truth is the joy. Everybody has their own truth."

I am glad to be among you today. Thank you.

Lester (Ginnie): Good morning, this is Lester. It is truly amazing how you can handle both deep ponderous lessons and also merrymaking. It is important in your development to be able to do this, for we well know that balance is necessary for any kind of health. Make sure that you include in your lives times of levity and merriment, for you well know that all work and no play makes one no fun. Your lightheartedness and your joyousness is also pleasing to the Father. So, I join you today in your celebration and am impressed with your ability to handle both. As you know, I never miss a party, so carry on today in your celebration of each other and in celebration of truth. Thank you.

Michael (Mark): I greet you, this is your brother and your friend, your associate Michael, and I would step into this circuit formed at this time so as to acknowledge and to receive the warm embrace from some of my most steadfast and faithful associates. I choose these words "steadfast" and "faithful" as they are some of the most noble traits the human race can aspire to attain. To be steadfast in your diligent pursuit of your spiritual career and of my spiritual plan for your world is, indeed, the highest service that you, as an individual of your realm, may engage in. To be faith-full insures to me that your center of spirit will dominate your actions and will maintain your connection with me and the Father as we together undertake the upliftment of our world. The fact that you are observed to be steadfast and faithful is a trait of your characters which when in place is a potent force for you in determining your direction at any time in your activities.

You have heard it said that they who are trustworthy in the smaller affairs of this world are also trustworthy in the larger affairs of the kingdom. It is noted in the universal records that you are counted among those who are trustworthy in the smaller affairs, and therefore it naturally becomes that I desire to place my trust in you to be trustworthy in the larger affairs of the outworking of the mandate at hand. This is not something bestowed upon you from my perspective without cause. Each one of you has shown yourselves faith-filled. It is only left to guide and nudge you so that you may be about fulfilling this inner mandate that we both share. I know you are trustworthy, and I bring you the assurance of my trust in you to make you even more steadfast in your position, in your posture, to prepare you for any eventuality.

It is a joy to work with you, my modern day apostles, who seek me and who find me in their diligence, in their faithfulness. No more could I ask of you as individuals than you have already so willingly offered to me. I accept your embrace; I offer you mine from on high. Take my peace with you as you go about into your lives, into our lives together that we may spread the good cheer and the great joy which is about to encompass our world. Thank you, each one, for your contributions to date and in advance of your contributions I know I can expect from you.