2004-03-06-Road To Perfection

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Topic: Road To Perfection

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: George Barnard



Teacher: "The striving for perfection can be seen in many different lights. The analogy I like most of all is that of the human participants in the quest of scaling an unknown cloud-shrouded mountain. And depending on their circumstances, inner drives and personalities, they will find a number of different ways to attack this great peak of unknown height.

"Whilst at its slopes merely a semblance of perfection will be found, where with a further climb fusion will be experienced, it is at the pinnacle where the Creator of All will embrace His Perfected Sons and Daughters. Yet the demands of the terrain remains a mystery for all, from moment to moment, from day to day, an exciting adventure.

"In time, perfection may be found. In eternity the Father Creator will be found, inevitably, surely, undoubtedly, if you so prefer to continue the short earthly struggle. And some will view this giant mountain, traipse around it and check out its contours, and perhaps decide to chart the easy way to the summit.

"Others courageously begin their climb into an unknown future at any point at all, and clamber up one steep rock face after another in their seeking the most direct path, despite tenuous footholds and falling rubble that makes their ascend a difficult venture indeed.

"Look back over your travels and compare the many successes to the few failures, and you will know that the Hand of God is purposefully leading you, and it is this purpose I want to discuss. At our level, our status, that (of) being Melchizedek Teachers on hundreds of thousands of planets and more, they are us who in many instances represent the Creator of All in helping you mortals on your way.

"Gifted with mind endowments the extent of which you will find hard to assess or imagine, and having the advantages of untold years of experience and observation, we, and those who serve the Eternal Father beside us in our many schools of learning, have a tremendous advantage over you, who are bodily tied to the earth.

"However, for almost all of us the observation of your human population that teaches us so much generation after generation, rather than "hands on experience" (living a mortal life), is but a poor substitute.

"Words are so easily misunderstood. A picture can tell myriad stories. Living the life of a mortal has no equivalent whatever in the higher realms.

"For us in our realm this tremendous "on the job" experience that you mortals acquire, by living through the day-to-day difficulties, overcoming your innate imperfections, and beating the obstacles placed in your way, is the hard-earned training that has no equal in the Morontial and Spiritual worlds.

"And so, you will advance on your path with a distinct advantage over the angelic forces—a distinct advantage over countless other created entities that all strive to do their very best to fit in with the Father’s Will.

"Thus, my brother, if you take the long-term view of your investment in an earthly life, it will always in the end give you that great advantage over those who never dwelt in the flesh.

"And beyond your earthly life, and with the superior mind endowments you will be granted, you will surely learn to become the greatest of His workers, His ambassadors, His emissaries. In that capacity you will find your second home in one of the millions upon millions of universes, galaxies and star systems that are now forming in the deepest of deep outer space.

"All that we, your Melchizedek Teachers can teach you, we will teach you. And yet, in this faraway, long-term process in your distant future and as Adjuster-fused individuals, your services will be readily searched out and treasured by all.


"I am a Melchizedek belonging to Machiventa’s contingent of the Correcting Time. I’m pleasured to make your acquaintance. I will leave you now. We shall meet again, but until then I send you my love."