2004-04-12-All Dreams Begin As Idea

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Topic: All Dreams Begin as Idea

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Michael

TR: George B.


Opening Prayer

Jim Oh powerful goodness, bountiful Father, merciful God, increase in us that discovers our truest interests. Strengthen our resolutions to perform what that interest dictates. Accept our kind offices to thy other children as the only return within my power for thy continual favor towards me, amen.


JarEl TR George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It is good to be among you once again and to visit. I know that I have told you this before, but I do look forward to coming to this group, always. I look forward to giving you messages, lessons and hope. I know that it is just words that I bring you, but these words hold meaning to you and that meaning has value and that value in time produces results; produces fruit. For all dreams begin with an idea, all hope begins with a thought. The thoughts that I would like to bring to you tonight are the thoughts of peace and unity on your world. These thoughts can be made manifest. These thoughts can occupy your future and present.

The thoughts when put into action can create miracles, which otherwise you thought not possible, but all things are possible and that is the key to thinking positively; to imagine it is real and it will be. Imagine that your world is in peace and it will be. Measure yourself with patience, for your manifestations do not work at lightening speed down here, they take time and effort and patience.

However your manifestations do work and they do multiply. So if you were to gather your friends and each of you thought positively, you could create peace around you and this peace would expand to others until finally the rest of the world has joined with you in unity. This will not work if you continue to think negatively; if you continue to be pessimistic and doubtful of your future. If you hold positive thoughts in your mind and your presence you will bring positive energy around you and in turn project positive energy outward. I know it is very easy to be influenced by all the negative things that have happened on your world. I know that it is painful to see all the pain and destruction that is happening. I know that you worry and that you fear not only for yourself but for your loved ones. Don’t let this fear burden you and overcome you. Don’t let is overtake your life. It will do you no good to hold these negative thoughts in your mind. Replace them with thoughts of goodness and kindness and peace. Replace these negative thoughts with those of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God.

Imagine yourself as brothers and sisters with all the people on earth. It is not enough to imagine but to realize that this is real. Bring yourself to the point that you begin to fully understand and comprehend your place on this world. Do the work in your life to really begin to feel a part of the rest of the world. Many of you feel separated and alone, that is because you have put up barriers in your life that separate you from one another. Take the time to examine your life and to work out problems that you might have. Don’t run away from them, face them, confront them, overcome them, absorb them and deal with them. Once you have done this you will begin to understand your part, your role in this world. You will begin to understand how other things you do matter; all that you are matters even more. However, getting to this point is very difficult for many.

This is the place that you begin to heal, you begin to learn and grow. In order for someone to begin to heal they have to recognize that they have been hurt and injured. Many in this world are in denial. They run away from the problems and challenges of life, hence they are asleep. When they avoid problems in their own life they most likely avoid the greater problems that exists in society.

Therefore they bury themselves with many diversions that help to avoid such problems. In order to fix the problems on this world one has to begin with ones self. Are there any questions?


Lucille JarEl I have a question about all the people who are hungry in this world, what can we do to help others with the hunger problem in this world?

JarEl TR, George. Lucille you do well in helping others. I understand that it seems that you simply cannot do enough, but that is not true. You can only do your part Lucille. In my personal view you have done a lot. For those who will read this transcript, I say again, work with yourself first and only after you have corrected yourself then begin to help others. If helping others at first helps you to ease your pain then by all means do so. There is danger of forgetting to help yourself. Are there any other questions? Before I close tonight I will step aside so that Michael may speak to you.

Michael TR, George. Greetings my children, I come to you with love in my heart for all of you here tonight. As your teacher has instructed you, I too come with thoughts of peace in my mind. The thoughts that I hold in my mind for this world and for you I can already see manifest. The peace in this world I can already see, the healing I can already see. Much of the things that I did on this world I was able to do because I saw it before it happened. You my children, I see you in all of your glory and yet for you there is still a long road ahead. Just imagine and see it with me. When you see this life of yours that is hundreds of miles ahead, you will begin to realize the true nature of your soul. I see the day when you enter my kingdom, when we shall finally embrace, see it with me and it will happen. Good night children.

All Thank you Michael.


JarEl TR, George. This is JarEl, thank you all for coming here tonight, until next time, good night.

All Thank you JarEl.