2004-04-17-Universal Law of Oneness

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Topic: Universal Law of Oneness

Group: S. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Gerahdt

TR: Daniel Raphael



[A guided meditation and merkaba connection preceded the session.]

GERAHDT: Welcome! This is Gerahdt. Thank you for being here today. We have been covering some basic lessons, ones that have been prepared for other groups in the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time. We will continue with this series and today we will discern a subtlety that will give you more ability to separate the wrong path from the one that works.


It has been the teaching philosophy of the Correcting Time of the Melchizedeks to emphasize the positive of the lessons, always to emphasize the positive as that is what is preferred to occupy your mind, rather than fear of the negative. We have taught you that the laws or the workings of the universe complement each other. There is the universal law of "oneness:" The universal law of oneness is more than a rule, more than a guideline. It is more of an operating principle of "inclusion," rather than exclusion. The universe is inclusive: It accepts all that exists, even that which is negative and dark, transitory, impermanent and that which will eventually vanish. We have emphasized the permanent: the permanence of love, the working of right relationship—you could call this love—acceptance, tolerance or lesser subdivisions of inclusion, rather than rejection and intolerance.

There is the oneness of mind, oneness of purpose, always allowing for the inclusion of individual directions where free choice is sovereign. Your will decisions are sovereign; and your decisions are accepted as your choice. And when they are of love and oneness, inclusive, they participate and complement and contribute to the universe, and contribute directly to God the Supreme. For those who have read these lessons before, and have heard them, this may be "old hat," may be pleasantly boring, but we issue them again to new ears, to open minds — a refresher course for review, to examine your many hundreds, if not thousands of decisions every day and the decisions of what to think and what not to think. You perhaps have not gone to that nth degree of examining your thinking in making conscious choices of what to include in your thinking and what not to. We urge you to do this, for then you have consciously, co-creatively, and developmentally engaged with your Thought Adjuster for the amendment of your mortal, earthly life along more constructive lines.

You have created an "openness," and that is also an operating principle of the universe—openness. And so, in curiosity, you are able to express this openness, to examine your thoughts, your universe, your world, your social relationships—all your relationships. The opposite is being closed. Openness and closedness are different in a degree, to the universe principle of inclusion. Openness allows mortal decisions to explore the unknown to that mind, and thus contribute in new ways to the Supreme. Openness allows you, encourages you to express in God-like ways. Even the Gods are curious. Creators are inherently curious. And you as mortal creators are curious. The opposite of openness is to be closed. To be closed is to maintain the circularity of your own thinking within your mind, and this surely is a most finite realm to live in.

There is an interplay between all these: Openness, curiosity, tolerance, tolerance for yourself to think in new ways, tolerance of other people’s thoughts and ways of living and making decisions. If your neighbor were to paint their house an outlandishly vibrant, loud color, would you say that individual is bad? Would you draw a judgment against them? And if you did, what does that say about you? For some, introspection is a closed loop, a place where you don’t go because you get lost. Yet introspection allows you to examine yourself, your thinking, and the best way to do that is with a guide, one who is on the inside, whom you trust—your Thought Adjuster, of course.

We urge you to examine the limitations of your thinking: Ask questions, be curious about yourself. Do I have limited thinking? Do I have limited beliefs? If I do, what are they? Why do I hold them? Where did they come from? What in my living and my being maintains them and continues to support them? And then, once your Thought Adjuster, your psychic-spiritual ministers awaken those issues in your mind, and you sort and sift them and look at them, and answer those questions for each one, then you decide whether you want to keep them or replace them. For surely in the mindal circuits of human minds, the workings of them are such that you need to replace beliefs and thoughts and ways of thinking with other beliefs and ways of thinking that are positive. The way your minds operate, if you remove a belief, it is still there in the registry of your mind and can pop up again when an issue or subject sparks that old belief. Have a new belief, replace your old beliefs and ingrain new ones into your thinking. We suggest that you reframe your life with this new belief, and examine your old beliefs, re-interpreting them with your new beliefs.

Some of you have highly developed spiritual beliefs and ideas in yourself, in your being, yet you continue to act in lesser emotional ways that do not reflect those highly evolved spiritual beliefs. This is an inconsistency, is it not? And applying the universe principle of inclusion into your life, you say, "I accept that. I accept that there is a difference between my spiritual beliefs and my emotional expressions and my emotional thought responses to others and to situations that rankle me. I admit that they rankle me." This admission is not a matter of recanting erroneous ways of thinking, but simply an admission that you do think this way, and lays the foreground, the groundwork for replacing those beliefs with more compatible beliefs, new ways of behaving. So when your neighbor has painted their house with a garish color and you have a negative emotional response that continues and develops day after day and week after week, then that is evidence that your tolerance, your ability to express tolerance, to be tolerant, is less than what your spiritual beliefs would indicate. This is called, "spiritual/emotional maturity," seeking a match between the two. This journey of matching your spiritual development with your emotional responses will continue well into your morontia life. Yes, and it will continue past fusion.

You see, when you are fused that is the thought/belief/commitment that becomes eternal, yet you will continue to have these niggling feelings within yourself about the outer. You will continue to mature, seeking perfect reflection between your spiritual development and your emotional responses. The name and title of emotional responses will change, of course, to reflect your new statuses as you grow through your morontial development. You now have body emotional responses—those responses will still remain with you in the morontial but your body will not be responsive in the same way. It will be more reflected in your morontial energetic body, your aura, so to speak, but it will still be there, just as today you can see someone who becomes very angry, become reddened in the face, their pupils constrict, their blood pressure increases, their heart rate increases, their muscle tension increases. Emotional responses are reflected in your body. In your aura that you have now, these responses are also reflected in the colors and density in your aura; they will also be reflected in your morontial aura as well, and people will as easily see your emotional response in that aura as they now see them in your eyes and your muscles and the color of your skin in this lifetime.

As ancient organisms on this planet, these mechanisms, these demonstrations were much as the demonstrations of your baboons and chimpanzees and other primates and other animals, who demonstrate fierceness to potential enemies. But for the spiritually evolving individual who is striving for maturity and complete match between the spiritual and emotional realms of their lives, these are indications that there is a mismatch. We spoke recently of innocence. Innocence is not fierce. It is reflected however in your aura: If you are not innocent, are you cosmopolitan? sophisticated? worldly? all-knowing of both realms of evil and good? Yes, and these too are reflected in your aura, but as material, mortal, emotional beings, these are not easily reflected to you in your body responses, though if you are able to easily see your aura, these too would be reflected. They would be as though you had presented your diplomatic credentials to the universe in your aura. So this is more difficult for you to examine within yourself.

For you who are here, and those who read these words, we know that you are already on the route, on the path of examining the inner with the outer, the consistency of your spiritual beliefs with your emotional reflections. You can be grateful that you feel some angst or uneasiness in your life when you have these emotional responses—that is recognition on an early level that there is disagreement between your inner selves, between your spiritual beliefs and your emotional responses. And upon request, you will receive direction and instructions how to remove this in your life.

It may be that you will be confronted with further disagreeable relationships; you will repeat old patterns of behavior, which are destructive; you will become unhappy and dissatisfied with your life and seek a life of peace and stillness, satisfaction and fulfillment. A simple state of peace would be a wonderful state of existence for many of you. Do not fear that angst from the outer goading you to positions of peace.

Yes, this is a rather sophisticated lesson today compared to the ones we have given. It is a reminder for you to examine yourself. It is easy to examine others, is it not, to point your finger and say, "Ha ha! You’re a hypocrite. You are not expressing what you truly say you believe." Are you able to use those words for yourself, and rather denigrate yourself and feel guilty about your behavior? We urge you to use this energy to be pleased that you recognize this, and we urge you to have a desire to take on corrective action, to have your emotional responses match what you believe. (Long pause.) One moment, please.

My, you are a peaceful group today! The balmy weather, the cool air coming through the window, the gentle ambient light are peaceful. (Another pause.) Do you have questions at this time?


Student: I have some questions and they really fit this lesson, so I’m glad you had this lesson today. I really believe in trying to keep my thoughts focused on the positive, and keep my emotions lined up with what I believe in this great lesson. I’m struggling in this area due to a lot of information that I have come across that relates to the Correcting Time and the changes that have to happen on this planet, because a lot of people are looking—we have to deal in this physical plane, so I’m looking at the changes that will occur. There are a lot of people that study these things a lot more than I do, that think that we are going to have to have an awful lot of chaos—you know our corrupt financial systems are corrupt, political and economic systems—they say in order to build a new system, the old foundations have to crumble; you can’t build a new godly system on top of a corrupt one. So, this brings up issues of collapse of monetary systems, which what will we use for means of exchange, growing their own food, survival issues. And then I get a lot of turmoil because these are not the positive, happy kind of thoughts that I like to keep my mind focused on, but I’m going to be like the ostrich with my head in the sand, ignoring the physical plane, you know, be so spiritually minded to no earthly good, so if you could give us some insight into how to stay balanced and maybe address some of the survival issues, that would be greatly helpful for me.

GERAHDT: Certainly. And you see the parallel between the destruction of the old beliefs in your mind and the old beliefs in the outer economy and society, and the…

Student: Well I’m living in this physical plane and our systems are all corrupt. You know, the imbalance of commodities, the "have and have-nots" kind of things, so how do…the old order is based on competition and greed and corruption. You can’t build a new government on top of corruption and greed, so to me, this implies that the systems that are running are these corrupt systems—they are not just going to vanish, are they? Like when the money collapses, and we have no means of exchange, people aren’t paying for things, utilities may be shut down—when the money is not there, who’s going to give you groceries for free—things like this, so….

GERAHDT: Certainly, I would be glad to address that. The first step for an individual to do what we suggest, is to recognize that these are fear thoughts. Do you recognize them as that?

Student: I do, but I guess I have trouble finding a balance between being realistic and what’s really going to happen, or …I’ve been naVve most of my life, you know just believe everything will be happy-go-lucky and I don’t like to study these things, but I don’t want to be so naVve that I won’t recognize what’s happening. Like you know, you don’t want to walk out in the middle of the street if there’s a truck coming.

GERAHDT: Certainly. We will address your question on two levels. First is the societal level. You live in a world of huge processes that have incredible social, economic and material inertia. There is also an operant principle of the struggle to continue on in the old way of believing and doing business, which helps maintain that inertia. We will use a parallel of the old Depression Era in the last century, which caught many people unawares. You recall that that economic collapse happened rather suddenly, and the repercussions from October 1929 took a number of years to work out to the last position, before recovery was possible. And during that time people were very fearful. During the process, people with high indebtedness suffered most quickly as the means of income did not equal their indebtedness, whether for mortgages or for stocks that had been leveraged, or even eventually for their utility bills. Those who had no debts or few debts had this process work out over months and years, before it affected them more deeply. There are safeguards that were built into your economy from those lessons.

A similar situation, that paralleled that in many ways, occurred most recently in the last few years of this last decade. You called it the "dot com" collapse. And you have slowly seen the outworking of that, where tens of thousands of jobs have left this state, have disappeared, where tens of thousands of people have had to relocate to accept jobs of lesser pay, lesser benefits. The fortunate have been able to sell their homes and move easily; the less fortunate have had to wait for foreclosure, have taken far lesser jobs. You have seen this process work out slowly in your economy, and this is the arena of the mega affecting the micro, where you are the micro, and the processes that work in the world economy affect you personally.

Those people, who have placed themselves into the financial palms of financial institutions, surely will be squeezed very hard when those institutions place pressure on them. You can expect that "something will happen." You are asking us to tell you how to apply these lessons, these processes of the outer to you individually. We continue to tell you the same advice: "Live your life in ways that brings peace. Live your life making decisions that take you out of the control of other people. Yes, I know you need to live in houses. That is the way this world and this economy, this country, lives. But how deeply in debt you are, for your house, affects how you live.

We will not make decisions for you, as we have said so many times before, and we will continue to advise you to protect yourself. Live simply, make decisions that help you live simply, that help you live at peace. Do your economic decisions make you feel good, make you look better than your neighbor to have a newer car, a bigger car, a bigger house, a bigger swimming pool? You see, many decisions that affect your life are made on the basis [of] ego, your reflective value, compared to others. And what is so slippery about this is that they are made every day in small ways. Do I bring a sandwich to work, or do I eat a $15 lunch? Do I backpack in the mountains, or do I go to Tahiti to live for a few weeks? Examine why you make the decisions that you do.

Place yourself in the future, looking back—let us say that you lost your home, your car was repossessed (tape turned)…and what do you say to your spouse, your children, as you weep at the table, your head held in your hands? "Oh what I would give to have made different decisions two years ago! We were so happy then; we seemed to have had it all, and now today it is so much different." Your question is a deep question, for you are asking a question about the inner life—how to live in peace, rather than live in fear. Living in fear immobilizes your ability to think clearly, to make decisions with reasoned thought, to be dispassionate, yet caring in your decisions.

We are not urging you to hoard, for those decisions are made in fear as well, and nothing is changed. Living as a spend-thrift on your credit, leveraging your equity for more toys, more property, more material goods that reflects great prosperity, really, from this perspective, only shows how impoverished you are spiritually and how you have not applied the truth that you have learned intellectually to your lives emotionally, integrated them within yourself so that one side reflects accurately the other. Oftentimes you live in fear too, because you have placed yourself into a realm of the future, the "what if land". Do you want to live in the "what if land" forever? No, you must withdraw from that. Some people do not own televisions, do not subscribe to the newspaper, yet are fully aware of the major events of their life around them. You see, my friends, you live in a marketing society that markets fear, that markets your hypersensitivity to the world around you, urging you to buy to feel secure.

I have mixed these two lessons of the outer and the inner purposely because you cannot be at peace and accept the fear that is given to you. Make decisions about what you listen to. Make decisions about what media participates in your life. You do not have to be a "Duh, what me worry?" type of person to live consciously, to participate actively in your society and contribute to it. You can be aware, but detached.

There is a tremor among you, and I say "you" as the group—this group and other groups—that we are addressing across this nation that are asking similar questions. You should be conscious that this is occurring because your stirrings come from deep within you, your deeper levels of intuition are shaking you by the coat sleeve, saying, "Wake up! Your world is changing. Find sure ground upon which to stand, live securely, live in peace, and avoid fear." For what will you give your young children for their future if you only give them fear? You can live in this world, but you do not have to be "of it." You could play in the material world, but not be dirty. It all comes from within expressing on the outer. When the outer is reflecting inside yourself as fear, we would suggest you reorient your vision to that which is permanent, that which is truly, eternally, universally real. Concentrate on the positive, think in terms of love and abundance; make decisions that are love-based and abundance-based. Make decisions that lead to those ends.

We are not saying, "Well I’m going to save up my money for ten years and pay off the house." We are saying, make small decisions today that will accomplish the same thing, yet lets you, encourages you to live ten years in peace. Will you be a victor or a victim in the future when things go haywire in your society and in your economy? Really, the victim/victor mentality already exists within you. Who arose from death? Who was the victor? Why did he arise? To give you a new message! How did he do that? What were his origins? And my friends, what are your origins? Who lives within you? Who is your guide? Is it your Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, the companionship of the Christ Spirit, and Nebadonia, your guardian angel, or is it your cultural marketers of fear? You choose what you want to have in your life. We sincerely urge you to apply these lessons in material ways to your life. It pleases us greatly to see you happy and fulfilled, satisfied and content, living a life without fear that allows you to express the love that is deeply held within you, an everlasting well that you can share with others.


We will close now, as these are thoughtful, ponderable things to be present in your consciousness. Your world is changing—will you go the way of your world as well, or not? This is not a doom and gloom message, but one of hope and love and encouragement. We encourage you to co-create your life with your spiritual brothers and sisters with that deep well of love that abides within you. It is permanent. Good day.