2004-05-06-Stillness Why You Do What You Do

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Topic: Stillness: Why You Do What You Do

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Unknown



Greetings, this is Aaron. Welcome, my friends, to this gathering of souls this evening. Come into the stillness with me to feel the presence of unity, the common reach toward the Divine. It is this place, where one is focusing on the will of God, that clears your mind from its troubles, where you don’t have to be anything but who you are as you are with God. The world calls to you with daily struggles -- work problems, relationship problems, world problems -- but the Divine calls to you with a simple request and that is to just be in the presence, knowing your worth as a child of God with no other influence involved.


Sometimes you have alternate motives for coming to the silence, such as simply finding peace or shelter; sometimes the motive is to talk to a teacher, to seek guidance from presences other than God; and while these have degrees of value, recognize that when you come with the motive of love for your Maker and the desire to be embraced, then the experience of the stillness has potentials for enlightenment that go deeper than any other motive or reason could accomplish. It is your connecting to God that even brings us into cooperation with you.

So I would encourage you to look at the stillness in terms of God relationship, before you would ever look at the stillness in terms of relationship with a teacher, for when you come with the motive of just loving God and being loved by God then the possibilities are unlimited, and we still are granted the opportunity to communicate with you through that embrace.


What I am alluding to here tonight is your intention. Why you do what you do, and as many of you know, it is your intentions that are even more important than the result of your actions. And believe me, if you intend to seek God and know God you will be granted the ministry of the universe that rallies to his call.

So take the time here for a few moments to seek in the quiet and recognize what you have before you, the grace, the beauty and the majesty that exists with you and for you. I will return in a few minutes, but know this Presence of divinity within you and bask in this with no other reason or motive and let the channels begin to expand for you. I will return shortly. (Pause for a few minutes)

The transmitting and receiving relationship is born out of this coming into union with the Divine, and as you have basked freely for your ten or fifteen or twenty minutes of stillness in your day and you feel yourself coming back into the world, this is the time when you can begin to formulate questions and seek guidance. Know that we do stand ready to aid, although we don’t desire to step in between your relationship to God. Even when you are attempting to communicate in a transmission form with one of your teachers, your Thought-Adjuster is not separated and put aside. This entity is the core of our relationship to one another and by having strengthened your bonds with this Source inside of you, the ability to communicate is strengthened between ourselves.

Recognize, also, that your ability to communicate with someone else, even in the material realm, is strengthened by this common seeking to the Core of divinity within you. This is why I allude to coming into unity this evening, for by strengthening your relationship to the Core, you are then building the relationship with all of us who are involved in this communication process tonight -- human, divine, and celestial.

At this time I would be glad to entertain your thoughts and questions. You are welcome to inquire.


Joli: I’m wondering if you might address why some people might have more fortunate births than others; why do some have more advantages and others do not?

Aaron: Yes, I would endeavor to answer your questions. First, you must understand that what you consider to be advantages may not coincide with how it is seen from the spiritual perspective. And it is the case that your Creators and all the ministry that serve there under are not particularly concerned with the material results of your life, nearly so much as we are concerned with your spiritual evolution. And yet there is a degree of evolution necessary for the highest potential spiritual achievement to occur.

Very much is relative to where your focus is at in your life. Some people would feel disadvantaged because they didn’t have a wealth of money and had to work very hard all their lives just to exist. Others might feel disadvantaged because they didn’t have the opportunity to go to the right school. The concern we have from the spiritual vantage is the extreme poverty that exists outside of the modern world and the inevitable ramifications that will potentially affect every single person on this planet. War and strife will continue to occur when there is such a disparity as this and we are disheartened at the numbers of people who spend virtually all of their existence just trying to be fed. It is exceedingly difficult to focus on spiritual realities when material realities are so bare.

But all in all, I would have you recognize that those who have hard lives, that are facing tough choices and need to struggle to discern what they’re going to do each day are not disadvantaged from a spiritual perspective and the reality is that we are more concerned with those who have everything and their spiritual status than those who struggle to live this life with the various issues, scars, and battles they have faced.

On a more root level, the Lucifer Rebellion has caused much on this planet to go astray from what it would be like on a normal world that hadn’t fallen into rebellion. People hurt other people, people steal from other people, people kill other people, and the snowballing effect creates various difficulties on your world.

I’m not sure if I’m answering specifically enough for you, my friend, but these are some thoughts I have. Is there a further question or clarification you would like?

Joli: No, that was magnificent and I thank you very much. I want to tell you that the phone cut out a few times. But I thank you so much.

Aaron: You’re welcome, and we will make sure that your spiritual circuits will cut out less frequently than your material circuits do.

Joli: Thank you.

Healing, Stillness

Marshall: Hello Aaron, this is Marshall. It’s good to hear your voice. Regarding healing on an individual basis, the deeply ingrained impediments within us, there are those who are performing healing, as channels. Can you comment on this and the benefits for one with faith and trust in Michael and Mother and the Indwelling Thought-Adjuster?

Aaron: Yes, my friend, thank you for your question this evening. The disturbances in your systems are numerous due to several factors on your world, both hereditary and environmental, and let me say to you that bringing peace to one’s body does not occur in an instant except those rare occasions when divinity has expressed itself in unexplainable ways.

I refer back to the stillness practice as a reference to your question about healing, to recognize that the similar factor, in one going into the quiet by one’s self and one having the services of another who would provide service, is the initial feeling of acceptance and calming of one’s being when touched. And whether it is God touching you in the stillness or God touching you through the energy of one of His children, the result is a feeling of being embraced.

The emphasis I would like to share with you this evening is the importance of seeing healing as the result of something rather than being something of substance in and of itself. When one endeavors to serve God or to serve their fellow brothers and sisters, for in doing so they are serving God whether consciously or not, they do, to the extent of their ability to separate themselves from the outcome, become an agent of the energy of God, which is love in its most pure form -- the desire to do good to others. When that is applied to another person, one cannot help but be affected, even those who repel or revolt away from such a touch.

Therefore, the emphasis is ministry. The method is what brings the minister into a place where they can minister. But the ministry itself is the sharing of God with one another. This cannot help but begin to calm the body and to break down certain energy disturbances, and when in the presence of this ministry continuously the transformation can result that brings a body into alignment.

But to take it out of the mystical realm and to bring it into the practical realm I would emphasize that all ministers are doing this, whether it is one who is laying on hands, whether it is one in an office trying to find the cause of another’s discomfort, and whether it is someone who helps another to cross the street, carry their groceries, or to be there to listen. Ministry is all the same and the effect is the same. This is the powerful ability each of your are born with, the ability to be ministers of this energy and regardless of how you do it, the result of doing it will have lasting effects, not only on yourself, but those you reach out to. Is this answering you, my friend?

Marshall: Yes it is. Here’s a follow up. With such selfless healers, or ministers, those who desire truly to be the servers of all, can these individuals who choose to be healers request assistance from Life Carriers or other power directors if they so truly have trust and faith that this is possible?

Aaron: One can request anything they want. Recognize that the spiritual administration perceives what is possible and where the highest level of good can occur and acts accordingly. Certainly when one calls out with the possibility does that signify a willingness to serve, but from the human level there is an inability to see the larger picture, and therefore, the real rallying to your aid and desire to be of service comes by us recognizing your true abilities and what is really possible that you may not even understand from a conscious level.

The emphasis I would make this evening is to recognize whether or not your desire is to heal or your desire is to serve, and you may realize that there is a slight difference. We do not particularly want to encourage you to bring such a status upon yourselves, and there are a lot of efforts of many different types going on on your world under the label of healing. The common factor in all of this is the desire to serve, not the fact of the healing itself, for if you are serving God, you are healing, but if you are trying to heal then your emphasis may not be on serving God.

Therefore we encourage the recognition of service and its importance through the stillness rather than whether or not it is possible to heal at this level or ability, for when the mind is not focused on the possibilities, when the mind is not over active with all the nuances, but focused on what they can do for God and for others, anything is possible and anything can occur, just as it is said that “What a true son desires, and the Father wills, is.” Does this answer you?

Marshall: Aaron that was beautifully answered. That last part is what I was looking for. You have clarified my perception of so called healers. Thank you.

Aaron: You’re welcome, and recognize that regardless of the form that one uses and the multitudes of methods, the sincerity is the overriding factor.

Marshall: Yes, indeed I understand very well what you’re saying. To clarify, it is the wholehearted desire to serve, assuming one is doing stillness and seeking Father in that citadel of the mind where one can find all answers. It is the wholehearted desire to serve. Am I correct?

Aaron: Indeed, you have nailed it.

Marshall: Thank you, my friend.

Mark: So Aaron you’re saying the effectiveness of potentials and possibilities increase when service is directed more toward God’s will than a particular outcome?

Aaron: Yes

Mark: I understand in the morontia life there is only one recognition given and that is supreme service. What is that exactly?

Aaron: What is supreme service?

Mark: How might you characterize that?

Aaron: It is really no different than what I am alluding to tonight in your service mindedness, for when you bring yourself into alignment with God and begin to act upon those impulses which spring forth from that relationship, you begin to see that everything is potential unity and then you begin to look at how you can act and react within this fabric of relationships.

The idea of supreme service is really one manifesting their personality, what God had granted them as a gift of uniqueness, and doing so in relationship to all others. Your ability to transcend self and lose focus on one’s own needs will begin to expand as you ascend, for you become so connected that your trust is so strong that your needs will be met by the free functioning of all beings. Just as you are fulfilling your potentials and serving your role, others are doing likewise. and your support network is there such that when you need something it is already provided. Therefore, there is no concern for you to do anything but be who you were meant to be and this is supreme service. Does this answer you, my friend?

Mark: Yes, thank you so much Aaron and thanks to the Father for your teaching us to be a part of the unified fabric of community here and now in this world as well.

Marshall: So, in essence Aaron, what we can take is that the ultimate as a creature of time and space is (recording cut out for a moment). Is that correct?

Aaron: Yes, I think your understanding is fairly clear.

There is a need on your world to begin to build a fabric like this, that emulates the supreme, to network in such a manner that you begin to develop relationships where you can reach forward and fall back knowing that there are others working for you and with you. And so your fledgling efforts at building communities and relationships and interconnections are not really stabs in the dark as much as you might think sometimes, for as the potential begins to build and the ball is rolling there is a momentum that can occur. This momentum will expand based on your abilities to put yourselves out there in service and to trust that there are others who can help to supplement your needs even as you are supplementing the needs of others.

Yes, in your realm this does not always occur at the level of success that it does in the spiritual, but you will find that as you develop these relationships with one another and begin to act for the betterment of all in relationship to one another that a material shadow of the morontia and spiritual realities can begin to take shape. So I encourage you to begin to manifest yourselves in ways that would create networks and circuitry and relationships.

Marshall: So this networking or support can be with our seen brothers and sisters here, as well as with our unseen brothers and sisters. Is that correct Aaron?

Aaron: Yes, and it is to the degree of your unselfish service, your letting go and letting God, that you will begin to see this take hold. Sometimes risking can push you over the top of the hill, so to speak, and beginning to act with others as if they would act the same way that you would begins to build a degree of cooperation and trust when more people can risk to manifest like this.

Marshall: So faith is truly a critical component here, is it not?

Aaron: Yes.

Marshall: Not just love dominated by love, coordinated by truth and motivated by service, but without the faith factor that’s just sublime hope, correct?

Aaron: You have coordinated this with your revelation and your thoughts do amplify what I am intending to convey.

Marshall: Well it’s beautifully presented Aaron. I have read probably three quarters of your lessons, maybe more, and I’ve noticed the progression and how you come back and state the same lessons, but with a little different translation and it’s interesting to observe your techniques and method of approach.

Aaron: Well indeed your recognition brings satisfaction that my training has been beneficial, for I am merely teaching what I have been taught and this method seems to be satisfactory from the beginnings of ascension and as far as I can see. Thank you for your acknowledgment.


My friends, I must bring this meeting to a close. Your participation has been welcome. The cornerstone, of course, in beginning your efforts to move forward in manifesting your personality in the world, is the stillness, your drawing into embrace with God. As we close this evening, take the time to focus back into the stillness and offer any thanks you may have to the one who truly deserves it. (pause)

It is my pleasure to serve and be with you. I feel camaraderie and a sense of unity with you this evening. Go in peace to manifest these feelings the best you know how in the world around you. Goodnight.