2004-05-09-Singing The Lost Chord Within

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Topic: Singing The Lost Chord Within

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



MUSIC: “It Is Well With My Soul”

DATE: May 9, 2004, Mother’s Day

PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, we come to you today with gladness and appreciation in our hearts for it being a day to celebrate motherhood, and for all who are and all who have a mother, we are truly grateful for we experience part of the god force through motherhood and from our mothers in particular. For this You help make men possible, for the female was the preeminent model for which all else flows. For that we are grateful.

And for those who are here, and not here yet, and everyone who is, that we may find a way to establish peace with in our hearts and minds, so that it may established throughout all of creation, primarily on this planet that we currently inhabit, that we may find a way to end aggression and allow peace to finally reign. With You, it finally will.

For that and all else you know to be alive and well within our hearts, and what needs healing, we place before You now and forever, in appreciation, we remain true. Amen.

NEBADONIA: My children, this is Nebadonia, your Mother, the Divine Minister.

Group: Thank you. Welcome. Happy Mother’s Day!

NEBADONIA: I bow to your acknowledgement of me and bestow my acknowledgment as well on you, those of you who minister as my daughters and our sons. This is indeed an auspicious occasion, throughout the realm, that is in appreciation of the feminine attributes and “the handmaiden of the Lord.” The ministry of the nations are in our domain and all the cares and concerns therein. We tend to the field, to the flocks, and to the animals, as well as our mates and children, making certain that the cradle rocks and comfort is given, counsel is bestowed, praise is forthcoming, and generations upon generations rise again to give continued and greater advances in courage and commitment to the Father of us all.

Welcome home. Welcome home all of you, my beloved children, to the loving arms of our universe, where good things happen and joy reigns supreme.

We enjoy your efforts in accessing the many ministering spirits, hosts of space, personalities throughout the galaxy that eagerly attend you and await your acknowledgement of their gifts and counsel.

In this spirit of Family, sharing of the Father’s riches and the feast that sits upon His table, I relinquish you to your exercises and festivities. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: And Tomas, a servant of Our Mother, takes the podium for hosting your gathering. Today our priceless configuration, gathering under the wing of the Mother hen, her chicks once more. Perhaps in the fashion of the format we have evolving before us, this being the week designated as the opportunity to all learn to practice this art, craft, skill, technique of transmitting/receiving, I will call upon Anatolia to align your energies in a meditative state so that your circuits can avail themselves most readily to the prompts that will ensue when and as you are amenable to hearing and responding to their touch.

We will be sensitive today to the opportunities inherent in this kind of sharing. Thus, if and when any of you feel the urge to voice that which appears in your mind as a transmission from the otherness that is in the universe, it is our duty and pleasure to pause for your contribution, and such is the Way. Anatolia, would you proceed?


ANATOLIA: Welcome all to another installment of our proceedings within. It is my pleasure to bring relaxation and reverence to your inner world, for this is where you will meet spirit and where spirit lives. It is with great ponderance of the sacred that I bring you this inner life opportunity. For those of you who are well familiar with the inner life, I encourage you to walk with us so that we may join together in this journey called spirit.

For your benefit and for that of all that you encounter, I am eager to have you relax and, in whatever posture you are sitting, to just let yourself breathe deeply. Breathe in, and exhale any tension, stress or discomfort. Know that by such a release of tension, energy or confusion, you are creating an opportunity for light and energy of the positive nature to replace that that has been exhaled.

I now urge you to picture yourself from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, melting, like the Witch on the Wizard of Oz. Picture yourself relaxing to the extent that you are simply caving in on yourself, slowly and certainly, to where you are just a mass of energy being held in abeyance, hovering just above a flat surface, so that you are not totally absorbed into the surface but you have nevertheless collapsed into one source of energy, hovering. Allow this to happen as I have suggested. [Period of Stillness.]

In this meltdown, or concentration of energy, you will find yourself alive and well and full of grace and reverence for the life that is within, for the life that you are, -- that need not have a body to know its worth and its place in creation, for this is the gift of Life – that which is and can see beyond what a body defines as life, for this is the living essence of your existence, as well as those around you and those well beyond your sight but not beyond your care or perception.

In this ball of energy, imagine yourself in a place that will give you energy and reassurance and vitality for returning to your physical form, aware of your energy source and can reunite with your body to revitalize in this manner. Whether it be an open meadow full of blowing wheat on a sunshiny day, where you feel the warmth of the sun on your being yet a gentle breeze that adds pleasure to the warmth, or whether it be a mountaintop overlooking a valley below, with all shades of green, gray, black, brown with life surround, with soaring birds and cattle and other wildlife below, wherever you choose, know that this is the form that life takes.

But life is not simply form. It is all that enables it to be. It is beyond this realm that you wish to find grace, strength, and refreshment for your soul. When you feel the need (and I suggest when you know that you are in need), practice exercises such as this, that will enable you to realize where your source of energy lies. It is within. It is within the energy field that gives you life and breath and the ability to act. Where this essence comes from is your connection to the eternal, to our Heavenly Parent, to the one Source and Center of all that is.

We could create an interlocking necklace, a rosary if you will, of interconnecting beads of every individual that ever was or ever will be, and imagine what a ball of energy that would create, for that is surely what it is. It is only that some parts of this amalgam of energy of creation does not know it is part of the whole but is off in various locations quarreling, quibbling, and creating havoc within themselves and others. Pray for those to rejoin you in the collective, as this is surely the destination of all that is, to rejoin the whole where peace, tranquillity and triumph truly reign.

I leave you for a time in your resting-place within until such time as Tomas would recall you to studious acquaintance with yourselves and others. I wish you a pleasant and refreshing time within and a wonderful Mother’s Day. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: Behold the voice of the bird in song. Each of you little birds has a song as well. If you in faith allow your voice to rise in the natural song of your soul, you will find yourself singing. This is the essence of the transmitter/receiver – to sing the song of eternity, to play upon the harmony of the universe, to recognize the notes and the chords that rise and fall in the symphony of life. Each note and each personality echo the song of Paradise that sings to us all the siren call to return to our Source, in song and in joy of being.

Let me help you.

Reneau, have you knowledge of your spirit guides? Do you recognize their presence with you? Do you know your personal teachers? Have you seen and felt the influence of your guardian seraphim? Have you had occasion to be amused by the machinations of the midwayers? And can you recognize that you are among many in your ethereal reality? Do you know that you are not alone?


Elena, do you feel the urge to allow your voice to rise up, to bubble up from the depths of your being, to fall as living water from the font of your mouth to refresh your environment, to cool the heat of confusion, to wash the dust of experience, to baptize the world with the Word. Do you have within you the courage to feel the effort that lays upon your lips, willing you to leap into a dimension of faith, which you have in your mind, which you know in your heart, which you have yet to express, by this method? Make it clear, I am told, that we are well aware of your music expressions, and that they indeed do serve as your song. But there are other means of expression that will provide you infinite comfort and reflection, as well as catering to the needs of those whose souls you serve.

Myra, my fellow teacher, have you within you the yearning to extend into the consciousness of those who come to you for constancy and substance of a nature which, while understood as pertinent to this material existence, will sustain them also into those depths of perception which also will teach and nurture their forever aspects -- the double entendre of the Teacher Divine which speaks to the mortal mind as well as the soul? You who have embraced the art of teaching as a career have a sense of ability to teach beyond the apparent, beyond the recognized paradigm of the material realm.

Through your conscious consecration of your own spirit, you will learn to teach the souls of your students even as they are gathering together the information they need to function in the material worlds. Augment their lessons by enlarging their minds such that they are able to become superconscious through the seeds you plant in your teaching efforts. These potentials of greatness lie within you to pass on from our Master Teacher, through you, to his many children in your charge. Be all that you can be, dear Myra.

Esmeralda, glittering jewel of a woman, bent on preparing a table of greatness for all her children. Open your doors now to your celestial children. Invite them into your consciousness and allow them to feel at home within you. Nurture your relationship with those who would come to learn from you, as you are able to learn from them. Allow the wisdom of womanhood to be the hand that rocks the cradle and fraternizes with destiny, not only in the material sense but in the celestial sense as well.

There are many peers within your reach that would delight to work with you in the overcare of those who are brought to you for your ministry. The wisdom that you have within you, through your own experience and the allowing of these others, will be sufficient now to see you through even the mansion worlds themselves. Thus, your service to your fellows is great and merely awaits your opening of the door of those circuits that will give rise to the ministries that are inherent within you. Fear not these responsibilities for you have proven trustworthy.

Dear Men-o-pah, wonderful son and father, brother and teacher, counselor and elder, the ministry of your mind and the fragrance of your soul is a mine of riches. Within you lies the gold and essential ores of all wisdom, all maturity. The gifts given to you through your guidance and reverence for the life that you have taken to yourself as sacred and inducted into your being has given you great riches that you have access to, that you are able to call up at will, that you remain the miner of. Such a wealth of wisdom is not to be taken lightly, but is to be distributed to the world, to those who might benefit from the wealth you hold within your mother lode. When one reaches your age in this life, when one such as yourself assumes the authority of your experience, in harmony with the natural humility of one who has been privileged to see such greatness, will render you invaluable. Cultivate your voice. Cultivate your students. Thus you will cultivate the future.

Paula, precious child, I speak to you not as a little one, but as a dynamic and great energy, a courageous espouser of value. You have found your voice, no doubt. You have been rendered fearless. But your capacities have not yet been tapped. Within you also lies greatness, and your goodness is hidden behind your truths. The marriage of truth and goodness can reveal, in fact, your beauty. Open yourself to the prospects of the potential that lies within you, the music that warbles within your throat that longs to sing those songs that will reveal the beauty On High.

Thoroah, great breath of God, your power presumes to enfold you, as if to release it would be a torrent. Your power is not the same as anger. Fear not the power of the breath of God that is yours for the asking. Your gentleness, as well, Thoroah, will temper your passion, the passion that resides within your heart. The Master, too, was a man of deep feeling, who mastered himself, even his mind, in such a way as he was able to open his mouth and speak the truth to those he met in such a way as to render them each a better person, a more open receptacle of the Spirit of Truth, and a more gracious human being. You have within you these capacities. I encourage you to allow yourself to grow into your own greatness. This mighty breath that is within you is the Father’s gasp to his children. Allow that gasp to be reconfigured through your personality gifts such that it is revealed to your fellows in the gift of song – that song which emanates from your voice as you learn to tap into the spirits who surround you and yearn to use you in service to the greatness of All-That-Is.

Gerdean, dear daughter, you, too, have within you more than you are revealing. I don’t mean in terms of your transmitting skills, which we do appreciate, but in you as a human being, as a transmitter of the Word in those ways which are accessible by and through your own personality. You are good at working through others as you work through me. In this service you allow your own personality to become submerged, but I challenge you to utilize your own voice to transmit those songs from On High which will touch your fellows in ways that you alone can maneuver as a result of your unique path in and through the children of time and space. This potential, lying dormant, is stirring and you feel its urge within. Be not afraid of yourself and your own motivations. We have long known and trusted your intent. You have yet to learn to trust yourself.

Dear Matthew, our sojourner and mouthpiece for many. We acknowledge your gifts that your mouth is ready to present the truths that come from On High as the Word that comes down from Paradise in and through the Eternal Son and His Sons. How great thou art in your desire to serve, and to be of service to a greater range of individuals than have been provided to you thus far. Your ambition is duly noted and your capacity to socialize your ambition has been a clearinghouse for this community -- this community that has learned much about love as a result of your visit here. As the Master “as he passed by” was able to instill much into the hearts and minds of people, so have you and so shall you in the days to come.

And our Maria, who is absent today in being about the Father’s business as she perceives it, it is my pleasure also to acknowledge her gifts and her efforts as I address you, my children, my students in this base of operations. Maria is a child recently born of the spirit and eager as a young child to examine and explore the wonders of life, the treasures of the cosmic reality presented to her in and through her own decisions and largely enhanced through your work with her, simply by opening your hearts and your doors to her personality, so that her spirit can find its expression.

The value of learning to be a transmitter receiver enables you to learn intimately from the actual presence(s) of your many teachers, the many value lessons that are offered in the sundry job descriptions of the personalities that seek to serve you, to seek to serve mankind. Each of us have a gift to offer you, and in conjunction with your gift, we are all enhanced, broadened, and extended from simple and isolated voices, to rise up in our efforts to the heavenly choir. I invite you all to learn this technique for your own sakes and for the sake of those to come.

Have we any takers in the group at this time? Any questions?

Esmeralda: I have been pleased to know that I have Celene, and I have talked to her during the week and I’m sure, because she is who she is, she hears me. I don’t hear anything back from her but I am happier because I know that she is my teacher. Another thing that I’m curious about are the things that I see when I am being Still. During this, I have been seeing like the jigsaw puzzle, the map of the United States broken down into states, and at times, one of the States will jump out and become more prominent than others. I don’t know if there is any significance in anything that I see, but at least I am seeing something.

TOMAS: I have heard you say before that you envision in your meditative states. Your eyes are busy and you see color and form, even to the point of distraction. It occurs to me that you may be one of those who learns to transmit by way of your perception, that you will receive pictures, and the task for you then will be to describe to your hearer your picture such that its interpretation may be made.

The states in the United States, for example, seen as a puzzle, may be a preliminary recognition of a concept that speaks to the idea of “the parts and the whole” and that while each part may stand alone and unique, it is through the combined efforts of these united states that the unity of purpose is revealed.

These vignettes of truth, beauty and goodness can appear in your mind and depend upon your ability to express what you see as a lesson for perception. This would seem to be a skill that is being presented to you as to how your mind works and how your mind can begin to serve in this T/R type capacity. Is this helpful?

Esmeralda: Thank you.

TOMAS: Is this helpful?

Esmeralda: Oh, is this helpful? Yes. I just have so much more. The only time that my eyes have jumped so was the time when Gerdean and I were doing Stillness at the same time and I was unsuccessful because my eyes were jumping. That’s the only time that has happened, but the seeing of whatever I’m seeing has happened for, oh, six or seven years now, and it’s very interesting. It might, as you said, grow into something, but right now I don’t think it would be enough to interest very many people.

TOMAS: This is because you have not experimented and practiced this developing art form in your mind. If you have been experiencing this phenomenon for half dozen years or so, in light of the fact that you were introduced to the concept of Teacher contact perhaps ten years ago, I would venture to say it is a natural evolutionary course of awareness for you to notice. And since you do have such vision, I believe your transmission technique well may be through visualization techniques and teachings. You are very left brained, mechanical in your thought process. The color and picture is a dynamic invasion from the right brain. If you can coordinate those two aspects of your consciousness, your superconsciousness well may emerge from that marriage.

Esmeralda: Possibly Celene and my Thought Adjuster can help me with that.

TOMAS: Without question. And we are all gladdened to see how effective Celene has been in such a short period of time, and how you are glowing in the radiance of her love for you.

Esmeralda: Just knowing her name has been a joy.

TOMAS: Continue. We look forward to your developments and the results of your efforts with spirit.

Elena: I have to say that my main feeling this week was just a real need to pull back from a whole lot of things and take a bit more inward time, and I’m looking forward to this summer as being a time I can do that, and look at things, because I had a pulling to do that. I think I felt a little bit more of a presence, or an openness. I, too, have a tendency to at least converse with Dimitrius during the day, and I’m hoping that that is also taking that which is more positive and opening up the more positive way of communication.

TOMAS: In your case as well, it would seem your work with your personal teacher has been leading you into a greater appreciation of the need for fostering your inner life. It makes a great difference to your consciousness to know that when you go within, you are not going in there to sit in the corner by yourself, but that from inside you are surrounded by assistance and affection that indeed within you are most connected to the life that most satisfies you. This is the way the kingdom of heaven is within you.

The external demands are those disciplines which are provided for your safety and survival as you evolve, but seek ye first the kingdom and all these other things will be added unto you and, in fact, as you establish your priorities, in time the material life will truly be made much easier, for you will be able to see what is important and what is not. It is a process, and remember the Father leads. He will not push you. He will not demand. He lures you so that the steps you take, you take willingly and eagerly.

Elena: Well, I’m eager to progress and I appreciate the help. Thank you.

Reneau: I have a question.


Reneau: I don’t know my personal teacher’s name. Is that forthcoming? How do I find out?

TOMAS: Have you asked your teacher to reveal itself?

Reneau: No.

TOMAS: That would be a good first start.

Reneau: Okay.

TOMAS: Get in the practice right away of investing yourself in your own spiritual development, rather than leaning upon those like myself to provide your answers for you. This way, you will have utilized your own free will to make your growth steps realized. Ask your teacher, and wait for the answer. It may come quickly, it may come slowly, but before you ask me, ask your Teacher.

Reneau: Okay.

TOMAS: And then, introduce us. I am sure we will all enjoy knowing the counselor that is assigned to your personality expression.

Reneau: Me, too.

Men-o-Pah: It’s good to be home with you again, Tomas.

TOMAS: Indeed, my son, it is good to have you here in our midst. It is good to embrace your spirit once more in our accustomed way.

Men-o-Pah: Most of my thoughtful energy has been given to the work-a-day things, but Sundays were free and Paula and I were usually out taking in the beauty of the great Shawnee Forest, and my thoughts were directed toward all of you.

TOMAS: Indeed.

Men-o-Pah: The last Sunday that we were there, I was able to sing again, with all my friends in the old church, and one of these was written by a minister and a composer whose name is Jeffrey O’Hara. He made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1977 and out of that experience came this piece of music. And in the beginning of the piece – there are two special places. In the beginning, he says, “I walked the way that Jesus walked and felt him close to me”. And again, toward the end, “I walked today where Jesus walked and felt his presence.”

TOMAS: This is a gift that you can enjoy any day, my friend. Jesus walks with you every day, and in every situation that you allow him to come with you to be by your side as you go about the Father’s business. He is always with you. It is only for you to remember this and to feelingly experience him. It is true, nonetheless, that when you apply yourself consciously to the song that you sing in his honor, that you become aware of his presence with you as you pass by.

Men-O-Pah: It is so. I know that.


TOMAS: Indeed. It is also so that our time is coming to an end, and I have greatly enjoyed being with you today but I regret that so much of our time was spent listening to my voice instead of the voices that you have to offer. That, however, is something that we can all look forward to, for I have no doubt in my mind that each of you will rise to the occasion and continue your efforts to express that lost chord that resides within you, to harmonize throughout the realm and rise up on angel wings to heaven itself.

Go with God this week and with your celestial helpers as they minister to you as you minister to others, remembering that Jesus also walks with you in the path that you have chosen to follow him.