2004-06-06-Revelation Of Monjoronson's Presence, Archive Request

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Topic: Revelation of Monjoronson's Presence, Archive Request

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Rayson, Machiventa

TR: Daniel Raphael



RAYSON: Good afternoon, this is Rayson. (Group welcome.) Thank you for your presence here today. This will be a brief session, simply based upon your questions and the answers we give. Would you like to begin with any unfinished business that we have started in weeks past, in the form of questions that you may have?


Student: I have a question of whether there is any distinction between the universal energy that we think of such as material or electromagnetic energy and universal spiritual energy? Are these one and the same, or is there some distinction between them?

RAYSON: Yes, there are distinctions between them. The material, dimensional universe that you know is universe energy that has come into slower vibration. It is what you might call, "a condensate" of universe energy. It has come into being through the will of mind action of the Creator. This does not mean that universe energy does not enter and exit in material form through the subatomic levels. Universe energy is the energy that underlies the operation of the universe. It is in you, it is in spirit energy, but spirit energy is of a much higher vibration. It is impossible for you to conceive of a being such as an angel or Nebadonia, as being a "being of energy" that was created, made manifest by thought and will. It is more than an extension of the Creator’s mind, for these beings have their individuality, they are personalized, yet even known personalized spirit is manifest universe energy at a high vibration, without personal aspects.

Universe energy is manipulable, malleable through will and consciousness. That is why you as material beings of the lower levels of development, who have intention, must be careful —cautious as to the use of your intentions, conscious or otherwise, [and] with the use of your will, conscious or otherwise. That is why we have repeatedly said that it is essential that you remain material captives of the planet, for without training in the use of your mind, consciousness and will, you are quite dangerous. You would harm others and yourself without thought of consequence or even having had done it. I hope this answers your question.

Student: Thank you very much.

Student: Sondjah said that in order to be selected to TR, that one must be compatible, earnest, sincere, co-creative and that there were further things like genetic predisposition necessary. A member of the teaching mission group said that it was necessary for one to have either an advanced or supreme adjuster in order to TR. Is that valid?

RAYSON: No, with no intention to cause any argumentation with the other opinion. This is a skill, an ability, as we have shared before, [between] higher regions of your mind—superconscious mind—and the lower levels of your morontial existence. The participation of your Thought Adjuster aids your own growth and in your mortal experience and also aids in your soul growth and the development of your morontial abilities. Your Thought Adjuster is not a standby, not a passerby, or a bystander in the events of your life, but is thoroughly integrated and integral to your growth on the levels that you wish to grow in your soul and in your spirit. Being sincere and earnest with good intention, these experiences as a TR can greatly aid your growth.

Student: Here’s another question I had. Concerning the recent announcement asking us to orchestrate a global prayer day, asking for forgiveness for the world’s evil, I can understand how this prayer helps us as individuals to move forward in our spiritual growth, but I am having difficulty with the concept that this will affect the coming of Monjoronson or the way in which our universe parents give forth their forgiveness and mercy. Is it a matter of the numbers of people that are ready for higher truth that will permit Monjoronson to be here?

RAYSON: It is a matter of development rather than time elapsed. We have brought this to your consciousness so that you can consciously invoke your forgiveness. Can you forgive all the religious doctrines, the promulgation of doctrine in churches that have inhibited individuals? You know there is a huge population of what you call "lapsed Catholics," and this can be applied to many conservative religions, for the anger they hold for their religions, which have inhibited their growth on many levels, needs to be dissolved.

You would not want to walk into a den of lions until they have been fed, would you? (Giggles from the group.) Once they are satiated, then you can walk among them easily as they sleep and doze with full tummies. This is the situation of Monjoronson’s approach to your planet. The food you need to ingest is forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, tolerance, patience, love, kindness, more patience, more tolerance, more forgiveness. When enough people have their tummies full of these wonderful virtues, Monjoronson’s approach will come. (Student: That seems like it will take eons!) His preparations are timely for your world. You do not know all the forecasts, which he is aware of for your planet. It is timely that he be here, and it is developmentally wise on your part to aid his approach through exercises of forgiveness.

The necessity of a united effort of forgiveness is to make a stream of consciousness in race mind that is everlasting that remains as a vibration upon your world. You see what your united efforts for peace have brought to your world, and though you are consumed by the affairs in the Middle East at this time, your world as a whole is far more peaceful than it was twenty or thirty years ago. We continue to aid you to upstep the race mind of your species. Conscious thought held daily by everyone will have an immense effect upon those who are unaware.

Think of the forgiveness that the various races will need to exercise for their subjugation by dominant nationalities. This is an immense thing to examine. Think of the Chinese who were decimated by the Japanese in Nanking. Think of the people left in Japan after America decimated its land. When you look at the history of your people, your nation, over those of weaker, less technologically developed peoples, all of you have blood on your hands as a race. Think of the forgiveness the native populations have for those who colonized their lands. Yet, you, the dominant people, have much to forgive within yourselves. The act of forgiveness is for the victim and for the aggressor. When you realize that you have been an aggressor, and you feel great shame and guilt, it is necessary for you to receive forgiveness; it is necessary for you to forgive yourself; it is necessary for those who are dominated to be asked to forgive those who dominated them. The realities of forgiveness are multiple. This is not a simple equation, but one that is multilevel with each act of harm.

Forgiveness of Christ Michael, as Jesus, was manifold on many levels of consciousness. In his act of sacrifice, he dominated Satan, Lucifer, Caligastia, not because he wanted to, but because he had to, because they were unwilling to ask for forgiveness. Were you to be an executor of the estate of this planet, how would you feel in the demise of those individuals? Would you be proud of what you did? Or would you be remorseful in having had to do this necessary thing? Think upon these things; it will make your forgiveness of others easier, and to ask for forgiveness easier. Thank you for your question. (Student: That was interesting and enlightening. Thank you, Rayson.)

Student: That was such a powerful lesson; I thought about forgiving world leaders. It kind of hit me upside the head, I mean I’ve got to not be super-critical or really negative—I’d have to forgive Bush and Chaney and Rumsfeld and Stalin, Nkrumah and Mugabe. [Ed. The last two, African dictators/tyrants from Ghana and Zimbabwe.] Wow! I’ve never thought about extending forgiving that far! I’ve been blessed with some very positive experiences of forgiveness, but it seems to me there is always another layer to go, and I thought that was so helpful that we cannot be part of a peaceful environment as long as we have any remnant of resentment or condemnation, I guess was one of the terms—would you care to elaborate on that?

RAYSON: You have said enough.

Student: This is kind of a tricky question to ask: There are several statements that have been made that Monjoronson is already here and has already had contact with humans in some areas of the planet. Has he ever taken on an identity of a human, one that has a history on our planet in terms of a name, education, career, and prior accomplishments—that sort of thing? [This is Daniel: Would you repeat that last part, please?] Has Monjoronson ever taken on an identity of a human being in terms of having a name, a history of education, career, prior accomplishments, etc.?

RAYSON: Thank you for the clarity of your curiosity question. The answer truly is only as important as you interact with him when he arrives. He will make himself known to you, you who are open to his presence and welcoming of him. You will know him, about him, of him when he is there with you.

Student: I asked that question because there is a situation right now where there is someone who suggests that he is Monjoronson, but is going by another name, and it seems to be causing some questioning among members about whether it really is Monjoronson or just somebody who’s deluded or is an impersonator, as there has been in the past and as there may be more of in the near future.

RAYSON: Truly, my friends, when you meet an individual who suggests that they are Monjoronson, although going by another name, and you ask them, "Are you Monjoronson, are you the emissary, the Avonal Son that Michael has said would come?" And my friends, you will know, when he answers. If there are doubts, that is because there should be. Monjoronson is not a "cat and mouse" kind of individual; he is a personality of eminence, a great presence, honesty, authority, he is revealing of himself, completely at your level when he wishes. There will be no guessing necessary on your part. And if he wishes you not to know, then you will not know. (Thank you.)

Now my friends, we have a guest! He wore his party hat. (Student: Is he going to stay for our bar-be-cue?) He’s ready to bar-be-cue! (He’s welcome.)

MACHIVENTA: Good afternoon, my friends, this is Machiventa. It is about time that you have decided to have a party! You have been working hard, revealing great truths, becoming more curious about spirit and the advancement of your world and how you can participate. So it is time to "lighten up." Relax, let the light shine around you and from within you, outward to your friends and to us. We are here to be with you this afternoon as you enjoy yourselves, each other, us and we enjoy you. You perhaps could have more of these social occasions, for you learn that life is not just work. As my friends have told me, "All work and no play makes Mac a dull fellow!" (Much laughter.) So we too, on occasion have a bar-be-cue of light, what you would feast upon as you do at the Fourth of July when the fireworks are in display—this is our bar-be-cue, this is our party time when lights gather and lights emanate and we see the universe in ways which you do not see.

I do ask of you a favor: As you have been asked to do with the archives—and by the way, we are all very pleased with your progress—you can be proud of your efforts and in a few years, you will be even more pleased with your accomplishments. Now, I suggest, while you have this digital empire building, that you offer a family album to be included in the archives. These party occasions make for good times to gather around with smiling faces, your beings filled with energy and to capture that and place it in the archives. (Student: You mean a photo?) Exactly. For my friends, not all of you will be here forever; think of the decades and centuries ahead when these archival registers will be available to many people, many places, and they will wonder as you wonder about the beginnings of the Teaching Mission in New Zealand—who were those people? What were their names? What did they look like? Where did they meet? How often? Who was the TR? Who was the recorder, the transcriptionist? How did this begin? Where are those photos now, you may wonder, or are there any at all?

Think of your palaeontology, your archaeologists—paleo-archaeologists—who look back and try to find the old roots of human kind, their tools, their food, the remnants of clothing—who were they? Wouldn’t it be exciting that there would be a cache of history available to you to answer your questions? You are reaching into the future; you have no idea—let alone little comprehension—as to the appreciation of work that you have done, which will be applauded by those, generations from now. Make it easy for them. This does not have to be elaborate; it would be helpful to have one from each group, perhaps.


As your Planetary Prince, enjoy your afternoon. Good day. (Thank you.)