2004-06-07-Paths and People

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Topic: Paths and People

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "Pick up the pen and start to write and ‘stand aside’ to allow the flow of the pen to be mine also. It is nice to be back today and to tell you more of what I have to share. Do you have any questions?"


Helen: "Where is my path headed right now?"

Armesh: "Where are you headed next? A fair question and one I am able to answer with some certainty. The time will soon be upon you when everything clicks, when the engine starts to rumble and the steam blows its whistle then you’ll be on your way, steaming down the tracks and knowing where to stop for the platforms.

"In the meantime you must be patient. You are being primed and made ready and though you cannot feel it or see it, much is changing. You feel almost alone, and almost back to how you were before. How could that not be?

"They are waiting but not waiting, since time is here forever. You will be ready. Trust in this, and trust in yourself when you cannot feel the others (spirit guides and companions).

"Keep your system clear and learn what is you, and what is others. Next?"

Helen: "What can you share with me about the 11:11."

Armesh: "The 11:11 is a very important number for many of you right now. It is true that the number of Midwayers from this place is small, but as for the general physical populace of the earth, so for the other realms surrounding this place. By this I mean there are beings from all aspects visiting this place.

"Those in physical form, mainly in the physical; those used to their light-bodies—in the higher realms, and those midway scouts and helpers in the same place again (meaning the visitors visit Earth in as close to their 'natural' form as possible).

"There are many more accepting the wake-up now, and much work is available for those who wish to help.

"You have indeed received this call. The Midwayers you are working with are close cousins to those mentioned within literature you have had access to, but differ in that Earth is not their planet of origin.

"The ones you work with are like yourself, wanderers—the diplomatic corp."