2004-06-30-Earth Changes

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Topic: Earth Changes

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "The Earth herself undergoes many changes at this time.

"Her orbit is oscillating different to previously. She has many higher frequencies of energies that are directed to her and channeled through the many healers and receivers upon this world, and through the points that allow direct access into her core in the same way human have chakras.

"These points are moving. They are no longer located in the same places they were just a few decades ago.

"Some are opening up violently in the manner that human chakras can, causing eruptions of bodily fluids, belching and rumblings. This is all natural within humans and many of you may find at these times that many of these things happen to yourselves.

"The areas of your stomach seem to churn constantly and make emissions of sound, gas or liquid. Do not be ashamed of these. It is the function of your chakras moving in time with the extra energies available now to you on this planet.

"The planet herself is in birth, she is giving birth as she births herself.

"And times of this will be gentle, times of this will be violent. Don’t judge either of these as being better than, as both have their necessity within the way of the universe and that methods at our disposal for introducing new frequencies into an area, into a consciousness.

"She does need a gentle midwife, and it is the responsibility of the human race to assist in this.

"They are mainly the supernatural beings, as you call them, the earth entities, the spirits of the elements, that perform the actual birth, but the more haze and fog around the earth as this happens, the harder her labour.

"By removing the fog and density from your own minds and your own bodies, you assist in a small way, until resonance has become assistance and triggers others to do the same.

"You can help make this time easier for her if you choose, and most that are reading this today have made that choice already.

"For those as beautiful as yourselves, however hard you struggle, know that it will all work. Know that your own birthing may seem long at times, it may seem fraught, you may not even believe that this is what is occurring, but each of you are being prepared, are being assisted in removing the damping around your systems so that you may resonate with the full being of who you are.

"You will merge with higher aspects of yourselves, parts that have retained knowledge and experience from previous situations within which you have found yourselves, and once that merge has occurred, then you will begin to merge with the highest aspects of yourselves; areas which have been worked upon, yet not completed in previous times, moving your own evolution through your acts of service to others.

"Of course this evolution is a small step in the continued steps of evolution that continue for all time, taking Eternity, yet an instant.

"Time becomes irrelevant and All that Is, is Now. Outside of the thread of time that describes your current perception of an entire map."


Guernsey, UK,