2004-07-01-Mindfully In The Present

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Topic: Mindfully In the Present

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske

Session 1


Dear one, for a moment let us ponder about what it would be like to have a patient and loving heart, for there are several attributes that belong to it.

A loving and patient heart requires first and foremost for a conscious decision to be made on your part, because this is not something that is automatically bestowed at birth, unless one is genetically pre-disposed thereto.

Once that conscious decision has been made, then the hard work of self-discipline begins, because you will be tested and tried to learn this most difficult lesson.

Mankind is usually bent towards impatience and tempers can flare up unexpectedly. Even these words you can ponder and flesh out in your mind.

To be consciously patient and loving means for you to live in present-centered awareness, lest you ‘slide down the slope’ of impatience.

These present times with all the hastiness and stress to rush here, there and everywhere, are not conducive to the development of patience, and indeed they give rise to much impatience.

The best start of any new day is to allow yourself the gift of first coming to Me in the Silence, and imbibe of My Rest and Peace. Let it suffuse into your very DNA and RNA, and this will repercuss ‘down the line’ via your nervous system.

The more often you do this, the more beneficial this practice becomes. I know that it will take a lot of self-discipline at first, but I tell you that the benefits are enormous, even though they may not at first be apparent.

Your soul-rest increases, your peace of mind increases, and therefore your thinking becomes more peaceful, with greater clarity, and the body feels less stress. In this state, true learning and character building can take place for the important matters, like your desire for a patient and loving heart.

So live mindfully in the present, and the desire of your heart shall be fulfilled.

Session 2

Self-forgetting and Self-surrender.


Dear one, the road to wisdom, true wisdom and discernment, is only to be had, when you travel with Me.

It is in the amount of prayer you offer up for the healing of others, the self-less prayer for others, and the depth of sincerity and the quality of concentration you give in your prayers that you travel the road to wisdom. It is in faith and trust that the Celestial Powers hear your prayer requests, where discernment and insights come, and wisdom appears.

It is through total self-forgetting and self-surrender to the Almighty Power of the Eternal God that wisdom appears and increases each time when you thus engage yourself.

The Father already knows what you need, and therefore only thanksgiving remains. Yet it is altogether proper and indeed becoming more needful that you pray for all the floundering and lost souls that grope around in the darkness of materialism, and seek for soul-satisfaction, and yet will never find it on that level.

Pray for those that their souls may be opened up to find Me already there waiting for them, so the Light of God can begin to shine and nurture their souls, to grow and develop, and that they, too, will begin to realize that their search is over.

All they need is to experience My Unconditional Love for them.

Take many moments in your days to pray for the healing of the planet and her many lost and floundering souls living upon it.

There truly are no lost souls, as they, too, are children of the Most High God. Yet in order to claim their birthright, they need to wake up, so their impoverished souls can be fed, and they, too, will grow into eternal life.

It is up to them to make the connection. However, they need to know that this Gift exists, rather then wallow in fear, superstition and materialism.

I live within each one, and it is My desire that they would desire Me too.

Session 3

There is Never A Vacuum in Love Energy.


Dear one, open your heart more towards a greater understanding, not only of yourself, but of others.

Understanding is another part of self-mastery when you put the reactive self out of the way and try to understand the aching hearts of others. In this manner you begin to more clearly discern and understand their motivations and behaviors.

This is another difficult lesson to master, but it is through understanding of the motivation of others that unconditional love can blossom in your heart.

Selfishness flees when one human heart can speak to another human heart. Words are often not necessary, because of the energy of unconditional love and understanding which flows from your heart and touches another.

Your beloved Jesus was, and is, a prime example of this. He was, and is, a Master in reading the human heart, and He ministered to them as He passed by. Just having been in His presence for a while uplifted many a soul, because He exuded Love.

This Love could truly be cultivated on this needy planet, where true, altruistic unconditional love among humans is very rare indeed. You yourself are needy and in need of being understood.

Pray for more love to emanate from your being. The more love you give away in understanding others, the more love you gain for yourself, as this is reciprocal from on High, for there is never a vacuum in Love energy.

The universe is built on Love and understanding.

Keep coming to Me for further insight and training.

Session 4

Your Inner World Becomes A Sanctuary


Dear one, in time to come you shall experience a new level of growth, while I lead you deeper into yourself.

There are many, many levels to be explored, and this will continue through your many transitions in ‘the hereafter’, where there are many more levels to be had, before you attain fully-fledged spirit status.

There is a vast space intervening between the material and the spiritual. This is called the morontial state of being. Prepare your mind therefore, that this is not the only life you will live. This life is merely the preparatory life, in which, under My directions, you lay the foundations for eternal life.

It is your faith and trust in Me that will make this foundation strong and unshakable.

I know that you are up to this task, because I carry our blueprint, as to what you and I are capable of becoming.

All I ask of you is that you sincerely try to ‘hear’ My instructions more clearly when I provide you with choices. And, dear one, this is by your total free-will choice, that you will turn away from the noises of the outer world and make time for the inner world, to come to Me in the Silence, where I am always waiting for you. Here, where we enjoy each other’s company, so you get to know and trust Me more.

And so I can entice you, and teach you to bring your every-day thoughts to a more spiritual and loving level.

In doing this, your inner world becomes your sanctuary, a bastion of strength build up in faith and trust, in which there is no room for fear or worries.

This is the level I would have you attain in mortal life, a glorious faith, a sublime trust that all is well, because you experience that "Underneath are the Everlasting Arms" which nurture and protect you.

Session 5

Those Who Seek Shall Find.


Dear one, there is an old saying: "Those that wait upon the Lord shall fly with eagles’ wings". This is forever true, for when a soul is safely hidden in the Embrace of the Eternal God, the mortal mind becomes immortal.

This is a growth process in the mind of a human, for where your thoughts are, there you are. It all depends on what you feed yourself with. Is it fast food, without any preparation on your part, or do you select and it prepare it yourself, so your very own essence and energy go into it, together with a lot of planning and forethought?

The digestion begins already with the planning and preparation, because of the love, care and attention to the details to get it just right, because the food needs to nourish and sustain you, to create a healthy body, mind and spirit.

This is your responsibility to create and to look after.

A healthy temple of clean habits and clear thinking greatly aids the development of the soul. The thought process can do three things: One, it either pulls you down to a worse then animal level. Two: It keeps you blocked and stagnant. Three: You develop a constant urge to a more elevated thought process and a willingness to search for answers to the age-long question of why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is there a destiny awaiting me, or, is this all there is?

The number one way thinking belongs to the thoughtless masses that are too lazy to think for their selves and go for instant gratification, and, at times, sordid entertainment.

Those souls shrivel up and die, because of lack of nourishment. Those of the second category allow themselves to be led by the established priesthood, to be spoon fed and brainwashed, although more and more are inclined to think for themselves, because they feel a want for more satisfying nourishment.

The third category actively seeks to discern the why’s, the wherefore’s and the whereto’s of life.

And those who seek shall find, for the Infinite One has given each soul a Fragment of Itself, to help them in their search.

Spirituality is first and foremost a personal matter between a soul and its Maker. It is in this willing and co-operative partnership with God that the soul unfolds.

This is the ultimate victory of living life in the flesh.